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Auto Insurance quotes - Car Auto Insurance

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HOW TO find out the cheapest car insurance?


HOW TO  find out about the cheapest car insurance?Have you ever thought what would happen if your favorite vehicle in an accident ?How to maintain or reduce the risk as well as a result of the accident ?Car insurance is a special type of insurance for the car , where the risk is likely to occur on vehicles transferred to the insurance company .In the selection of vehicle insurance , the things to consider is your financial strength , the services rendered by insurers and the costs and burdens that are available in the agreement with the insurance company .As with other insurance products , auto insurance requires you to pay a premium at any given period of time in exchange for a policy that ensures the protection .The protection provided by each insurance product will vary , as well as features and amenities . Before you make your application make sure that car insurance is the best option for your situation and in accordance with your wishes .As in general the many benefits provided by an insurance product , the more noticeable it is the best product . Just as in car insurance , there are a variety of benefits , protection , features and facilities provided by the insurance companies , emergency services , legal liability to third parties , accident , theft , fire , car replacement , riot protection , tow truck , medical expenses , ambulance , accident compensation , and natural disasters .Each of these features , most can be added if you add the value of the premium you pay , but would it be something you want in your financial elements and advantages as well as other conditions .To find out about the cheapest car insurance and more reliable insurance you can see a comparison of online and its application in Auto insurance quote online with practical and Free !Car insurance premiumsYou will always wonder how insurance companies calculate the premium amount charged to you each year ?And of course you also want to know whether the exact value of the premium you pay it is quite equivalent to the protection provided . For the calculation of car insurance premiums , provided some of the major factors that affect the amount of premium paid each year .In addition to the advantage or protection of features or additional extension may be requested in an insurance policy , Cubic Centimetres ( CC ) , the assembly , the type and the type of car that is insured also affect the amount of the premium . Logically insurance companies will raise premium rates if your car is a high CC , because they feel would be prone to accidents in sports cars ; then the older the vehicle the more frequently occurring problem in your vehicle ; kinds and types usually affect the price of the vehicle so that it will affect the price premium as well .Because indirectly , insurance companies will require compensation high enough to insure a car that has a high risk in terms of filing a claim . The purpose of the use of such individual or a company car , equipment ( accessories ) Additionally, and of course No Claim Bonus and the amount of coverage desired for the car insurance , are the main factors that affect the amount of the premium .information1 . Products auto insurance policy consists of2 state protection of the motor vehicle as you see fit :a) Comprehensive ( comprehensive or all- risk) : risk guarantee against loss / damage part (partial Loss ) and overall ( total loss ) , which is caused by all risks to the extent not excluded under the policyb ).. see the link above[...]

When You Require Auto Insurance Urgently


When You Require Auto Insurance Urgently Lately, I often get the brochures about the various kinds of insurance with the tantalizing promise any benefit when we follow. Marketing they often call asking me to become members. Because I know to require insurance claim procedure is quite complicated and difficult so I like to reject it. But when my friend offered and explained I got interested. I want to ask how good insurance? For what things are really necessary insured because I was offered a variety of insurance like health insurance, children's education to a motor vehicle? And what procedures should be considered?Thank you in advance for the answerAnswer:Basically, insurance is a financial product that has a function to provide financial protection against the risk / disaster that may occur. There are two things we have to underline here, the Protection of finance and risk. The definition of financial protection that insurance provides compensation or redress if there is a risk. What is meant by risk / accident that is covered by insurance events such as death, accident, disability, fire, etc..So, to answer whether or not we need insurance and what insurance is needed, should take a look at the risk of what might happen and how large are the financial consequences. For example, you are a family head who support his wife and children. If you die, your wife and kids would lose income. This means you need a life insurance so that in case of disaster, then the insurance will provide compensation to the children and wife to replace the temporary living. But if you're still single and have no dependents or debts, then there is no financial effect is great if you die, this means you do not need life insurance.Life insurance has many variants to attract customers. Is the simplest type of term life insurance where your funds will be forfeited if not disaster. Actually, such insurance is the most beneficial to customers, because the premiums are cheap and do not have to worry if the insurance company went bankrupt in the future. But unfortunately a lot of customers who are not interested because of the money forfeited if no claim.There is also a life insurance investment plus a variety of forms as well as education insurance, pension insurance, and so forth. Essentially the same, plus insurance investment. The only difference is the intended use of investment funds, whether the investment is for the cost of children's education or for retirement later.The same principle with insurance such as home and vehicle insurance. If you have your vehicle was damaged by an accident or stolen, whether it will affect your finances. If yes, then you need car insurance. Vice versa if you feel it is not important or problematic to use private money for the damage to the vehicle, then you do not have vehicle insurance.Insurance as an umbrella that can protect you in the rain. He only used as a precaution only. If it rains it will be used, if it is not raining it is unused. However, unused or not, you still have to buy the umbrella. So before deciding whether to buy an umbrella or not, consider whether the day will be rainy or sunny-bright it seems. Have a problem if it rained, or it does not matter a bit wet. Same with insurance, first consider how big is the risk occurs. And will it be problematic if there is a risk, meaning that the risk can be borne alone, or be supported by insurance.What is good insurance? Ie insurance that suits your needs. If you find it difficult to save regularly, select a course of education that could force insurers to set aside funds for future children. But if you already have your own education funding plan, term life insurance will be better for you. For health insurance, try to learn the rules the company where you work, that is sufficient, then the insurance is no longer needed. In addition, as a Muslim, sharia choose. Because of Takaful free from usury and gambling elements are very strong in conventional insurance.Some things you should pay attention to when buying insurance. Fo[...]

Auto insurance Cheat


Auto insurance Cheat The light turns green. You drive forward. Suddenly your world slams sideways, and an airbag punches you in the face.Someone ran the red light and broadsided you. Now what?Don't say anything, and, for heaven's sake, don't sign anything.And if the other guy's insurance company sends over a claims adjuster the next day? Don't talk to him either.Insurance claims adjusters are trained to sniff out fraud. Some say they're also trained to mess with your head by:Trying to get you to settle immediately (one company sends adjusters to accident scenes to offer checks on the spot).Tricking you into compromising your case.Coercing you to use a "preferred" repair shop.Offering less than fair replacement value if the car is totaled."Insurance companies didn't get to be $15 billion and $20 billion (companies) because they give money away," says John Smith of Morgan Hubble Smith Insurance, based in Columbus, Ohio.Let me be clear: This is not a "how to scam the system" column, and I'm not saying that claims adjusters are all a bunch of crooks. But their job is to settle a case as quickly and inexpensively as possible. It's your job to make sure you get a fair shake. Here's how:Watch your mouthSmith suggests this tactic, beginning at the scene: "Just shut up.""People talk too much. Your best advice is to make sure everyone is OK and then say nothing," says Smith, who's been in the insurance industry for 27 years.You've just been in an accident. You may be dizzy with adrenaline, purple with fury or injured and not aware of it. The first words that come out of your mouth might not be the smartest ones.Claims adjusters love to hear things like:Apologies. "I'm so sorry" may come out automatically, but it might be construed as admitting fault.Hyperbole. "He was at least a minute late on the red light!" Witnesses or a red-light camera may say otherwise, undermining your credibility.Remarks about whiplash or about your old car being ready for the junk heap anyway. These nervous jokes can be used against you.Too much information. Don't say the accident occurred on the same day you lost your job and broke up with your girlfriend.Winter Park, Fla., attorney Shane Fischer tells of one young numbskull who hit an elderly woman's car and jumped out to apologize. He shouldn't have smoked pot before driving, and he was soooo sorry that he'd texted his girlfriend while behind the wheel.Don't offer too much information to paramedics or emergency room personnel either. A New York bicyclist I'll call "Schwinn" was hit by a drunken driver but made the mistake of saying he'd had some beers with friends earlier that evening.The other guy's insurance adjuster was willing to risk a trial because he knew a jury might be disgusted with both parties. Thus the final settlement was "significantly reduced" due to Schwinn's mention of beer, according to New York City attorney Oscar Michelen.Michelen's firm regularly represents insurance companies. He often sees cases compromised by people "making statements they did not have to make or making them inappropriately."You have the right not to incriminate yourself. So clam up. Tell the police and/or medical personnel only the absolute basics, lest a claims adjuster use your words against you later.Don't be afraid to speak upIn the 1980s, I was driving on a one-way street when a guy suddenly veered across all four lanes. I hit the brakes and flung my right arm across my daughter, who was belted into the passenger seat.There was no way to avoid hitting the other car. Neither the driver nor his female passenger were injured. My daughter and I were shaken but unharmed. Or so I thought.The next morning I ached. By lunchtime my shoulder was on fire. At the end of the day, I couldn't raise my right arm. Yet I almost didn't report the injury, fearing that I'd be perceived as a fraud."Honest people seem to be the ones who are afraid to speak up," says Penny Gusner, a consumer analyst at an adjuster[...]

How Choosing a car insurance Logically


How Choosing a car insurance is not easy. Especially in the midst of fierce competition today. Almost all insurance companies have vehicle insurance products. Stay prospective customers to choose which one decent take. Therefore below we present some criteria so that no one choose:1.Prospective customers do not dwell on the cheap premium rates. Because, in today's competition, many insurance companies slam prices, offers cheap premium rates. Though not necessarily a guarantee of service.2.See the insurance package offered. For example extensive warranties to how much. Therefore, extensive collateral should be adjusted with the desire and ability to prospective customers.3.See also the network of insurance companies concerned. For example how many have a branch office or how many partners have a garage, so that there is a claim did not wait long to repair the vehicle or vehicles reported missing.4.Could be asked first ease, facility or what added value can be obtained when purchasing policy in the company. For example, if there is a tow truck, car replacement or hotline services, mechanic services, ambulances and so forth. And, last but not least is easy to make changes and the ease in question.5.Consider also the insurance company's bonafides. Do not get so there is a claim, the workshop did not have a partner. Therefore, many insurance companies claim they are the best. Whereas financial condition was very severe. In addition to those mentioned above, there are several factors that should be considered in the process of selecting an insurance company, including in selecting products. The thing to keep in mind that in choosing a private insurance company, then that should be considered in general are the three factors.First, the financial strength (security). Second, the service (service). And third, the cost or burden. The financial strength of insurance related to the company's financial ability to fulfill its promise if the situation requires. It is important to know, because not a few insurance companies are looking at the flashy exterior. For example storey building, a vehicle that good directors. But when there claims from customers, the company can not pay.In assessing the financial strength of these there are several benchmarks that need attention.a.Assets and liabilities. This can be seen from the financial balance sheet is published in the newspaper. See also, whether the investment is planted in the current or longterm. In terms of liability (ability to pay off liabilities) will look at the balance sheet, how the debts by reinsurers, how he fulfilled his obligation to pay claims, and so forth.Indicators of net liabilities include equity (own capital) divided by net premiums `` (net premiums) of at least 50%. Capital is divided into `gross` premiums (gross premiums) of at least 20%. Limit the level of solvency, as seen from its own capital divided by net premiums of at least 10% and investment funds technical reserves divided by a minimum of 100%.b.Underwriting Policy. On the balance sheet and annual report will be seen that the insurance is still a profit, or profit growth. This means underwiting policy was good.c.Underwriters him. Insurance has personnel qualified or not. It is known from the profile of companies that includes the underwriters him.Services (service) is the mirror the extent to which human resources at the company's qualified or not. Moreover, insurance companies are selling a service, so excellent service is the key. For example, the extent to which the speed of service in both the policy issue especially in the payment of compensation or claim.In addition, about the service can actually be felt by the customer. Is this insurance company was absolutely the best service for its customers.In this connection should also be questioned, whether this insurance company in reinsurance mereasuransikan class safety. This can be seen from its annual report. It is important to note, because if the company is not backed up b[...]

Advantages of one day auto insurance


Advantages of one day auto insurance The British government was illegal to drive on public roads in 1930. Since then, the law has changed in this regard, very little. Auto insurance is still needed, and of course the U.S. is similar to the law. Almost every state in the United States has done the compulsory insurance. In the UK a person has third party insurance against damage or loss, at least. Third party cover if you cause injury. You pay for the damage caused to you and the rest of the vehicle and other persons in an accident.

Although not required to have a third party, fire and theft is a very good idea. This is especially true of a nice car that could be chosen by the thieves. Car models that are the oldest fire hazard may also want to have a blanket over them. With any third party fire and theft protection obtained with the same third party fire and theft protection. You do not have to worry if your vehicle is stolen, your insurance company will pay you replacement value. The same is true if your car catches fire.

The more expensive the insurance is to make complete. Almost all of this is covered by insurance. The damage is still involved. You can cause an accident and the insurance company pays to repair the car. Although it is the third most expensive is usually necessary to increase the price if you can afford it. Most of the time, if you pay the installments, the bank requires you to make insurance coverage. Another thing that is generally used in short-term car insurance. This declaration must be done to bring short period of time insurance. You can get the most out of a single insurance policy of 28 days.

It 'the perfect disc just bought the car, or when you lend your car to a friend. Maybe you need to use the van for a few days to move the house. When you buy a short term car insurance will protect you from an accident without having to spend a lot of money. Even if the coverage is usually extended, it is cheaper than replacing the annual policy, borrowed a car.

Another good thing about auto insurance in the short term is that it can prevent any claim of annual passes and the political ruin of the money you save with a discount of any claims. This discount can add hundreds of pounds. If you have had your no claims rule in place for five years or more can save 65% of your bill. Why ruin the chances of the savings by taking unnecessary risks.

When someone wants to borrow the car make sure to buy short-term car insurance, and do not take claims discount intact. Perhaps the family is coming to town to visit, and they need to use the vehicle, while I'm here. Use one day and the insurance covers the car. You could add up to big savings when it comes to compensation claims can not reduce

How to get one day car insurance for your vehicle


Nowadays it is possible to get one day car insurance for your vehicle. This is especially nice when you buy a new car. Instead of having to leave your new car behind for a day or two, until you can get long term insurance on it, you can purchase short term that just lasts a day or two. This will allow you to drive the car home right away and give you time to get more permanent insurance cover.

One day car insurance actually has many uses and it is easy to purchase. All you need to do is go online or make a phone call. You will have to answer a few questions about your driving record and other pertinent information. It is really easy to take care of this online. You can even use a debit or credit card to pay for the purchase. You can let the insurance company know in advance if you want or you can contact them when you need it.

There are a few rules usually, that may apply. In most cases you will have to be at least 25 years old and have been driving for a certain number of years. You may have to have a driving record that is pretty clean, no marks or very few marks. Sometimes insurance companies will not allow certain cars. Ones that you may have difficulty with are cars with modifications. The insurance companies are in control of these rules and some may have different rules. These requirements are all about limiting the risk to the company, while making the process of getting cover as simple as possible.

Some of the best times to use one day car insurance are when your relatives are coming for a visit and will need to use your car, when you need to borrow someone's car for a day or two, when you go on holiday and want someone to help you drive.

Usually one day car insurance is comprehensive cover and will cover just about any eventuality. It will cover your vehicle and the other vehicles that may be in an accident with you. It will cover everyone's injuries and it will pay for theft of the vehicle. This is a good way to keep your annual policy low. When you have a no claim discount on your regular insurance it will not be affected if you put in the claim on one day insurance. Since your no claim discount can add up to as much as 65% discount it is nothing you want to risk losing.

Car insurance is mandatory in the UK and the US. Every vehicle on public roadways must be insured. It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been driving. There are no exclusions. Make sure you have insurance on your new vehicle when you drive it home. You can purchase one day car insurance for a day or a month. There are a limited number of days that you are allowed to get short term car insurance, however. If you want to save some money then you really should contact an insurance agency and check the prices of the short term insurance.

Insurance is good coverage on their car


Everyone needs a good coverage on their car. This is known as auto insurance or French, auto backup. Differently there. In addition, different people will be charged in different ways a number of factors. Finding the right coverage is easy.

It is illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle. Some people may try to run outside. This is a bad idea, because getting caught would end up costing more in legal fees. There is some very affordable coverage, but must first decide which type is most ideal.

The cheapest type is a liability. This is the simplest. It only covers damage done nothing of the vehicle. Do not pay for the damage made the car insured. Payment for injury or medical expenses can be scarce.

At the other end of the spectrum is Umbrella Insurance. That kind of covers all accidents. Not surprisingly, the most expensive.

There are other things to consider beyond the costs and the environment. Some regions have a high rate of auto theft. In this scenario a person wants to protect that. A person may also want coverage against theft if they have a sound system or an expensive luxury car.

The prices are not only different in terms of insurance, but also about who is to get insured. Agencies to periodically check the driving records and people who are at high risk will be charged more. Some things can be done for them cheaply.

One of the high-risk drivers, which is a great bonus for new drivers. This is only because of their inexperience, and that the agency has no previous record to assess their driving skills. Other people who have high insurance premiums are the people who are caught driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol are the people who have received a lot of tickets.

There are ways for these people to lower their rates. One way is to take lessons to improve your driving skills while driving. Most young drivers can reduce their prices to get good grades. This is because students who are in higher grades were found to be more responsible drivers.

There are a number of different forms of insurance. One way is becoming very popular is to go online and get a free estimate. In this way, does not take much time to get a number of different estimates.

Car Insurance for Low cost but high advantage


Car Insurance for Low cost but high advantage In today's economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. Many people look at the car cover as a necessary evil. The state requires you to wear it, but it may seem that if you get something in return. The trend may be looking for a cheap car insurance and pay as little as possible for her. The reality is that you may have to buy more coverage rather than less.

Chances are you will be involved in an accident. It does not matter how good a driver you are, because there are many others on the road, it is not. Any number of distractions can cause someone to lose focus for just a few seconds, which is all you need to make a mistake that could be critical. Almost everyone will be involved in at least one event a point in their lives, and often it will be more than one.

If you are responsible for the death or injury to others, you will pay. It will not make a difference why the accident happened, or what event caused the loss of control, if the accident happens to be your fault, you are responsible. This liability could amount to thousands of dollars.

You could lose everything if you have adequate coverage. A simple Fender Bender could easily be covered with basic protection. However, if you are responsible for an incident involving several vehicles, or for injuries or deaths that result, insurance coverage may be exhausted and have to come to rest.

Your coverage also protects against events beyond their control, like an animal running in front of your car, or damage to your vehicle while in a park or the street. Acts of nature such as hailstorms, tornadoes, floods may also result in a loss for you. By protecting against all odds you can be ready if something were to happen.

Accidents happen, regardless of their best efforts to prevent, the key is to be prepared for the necessary protection to cover possible situations. Buying insurance, so you can pay to make sure you are not left in ruins due to a simple mistake or miscalculation or action of another person. Cheaper is not always better.

See how easy it is to find low cost ins policies today. You can get details about the pros and cons of investing in a cheap car insurance now

Cheapest Auto insurance you can afford


Cheapest Auto insurance you can afford If you are young and have a car, get it guaranteed to be a nightmare. Young drivers perceived as high risk drivers because of their inexperience behind the wheel and because of their premiums are sky high. Some youth are lucky to have parents who are willing to ensure their car for them can save them thousands of pounds in insurance each year. Others on hand will have to swallow the bitter pill and pay their own insurance. Or worse, choose to drive without insurance at all.

The average price of young male driver insurance is £ 4000 a year and a young female pilot at about 2000 pounds, so if you have secured your vehicle is important to find the cheapest deal out there. What opportunities do you offer depends on how much you are young and the price of the car, but also what kind of vehicle you own. So it is important to make sure you have the right car for the best deals. If you are between 17-18 years and cost between £ 600 and car £ 10,000, these are the five cars you should choose the best offer of insurance:

1. The new Ford Ka is the cheapest car to convince young drivers. The average altitude is about 1650 pounds a year. Old Ford Ka models is the second cheapest car insurance for young people, the average cost of £ 1780. For an older model in just 300 pounds, but the 2011 model costs from € 7400.

2. Peugeot 107 is the cheapest car to carry out the third 17-18 years at a cost of £ 1,994 per year. And buying a used from a dealer you should expect to pay around £ 2600 for a 2006 model. Interestingly, the same car as the Citroën C1, but £ 300 cheaper than the Citroen to secure.

Third fourth cheapest car to insure is tiny Daewoo Matiz, which is essentially a city car. The average cost of insurance was quoted at £ 2258.

4th But if you want something cooler than what was previously mentioned, the new Mini One be just the thing. Insurance costs average £ 2269 and a 2003 model will cost around £ 2500 for a dealer.

So if you have to pay for your car insurance yourself, be sure to choose a car you can afford to maintain and perhaps try one of the above. To see the new and the old model Ford Ka, Kent is an area where you will find several dealers.

Amy Sawyer is a branch of online marketing is investigating



3 BEST AUTO INSURANCE BY REVIEWS number 1 Amica Mutual Auto InsuranceReviewers say Amica Mutual is the best auto insurance -- if you qualify. Customers say Amica is very picky about its clients, shying away from those who pose much risk. Drivers who've had several accidents or tickets will probably have better luck with a huge company like State Farm, experts say. But State Farm -- like the vast majority of auto insurers -- gets lower ratings than Amica for price and customer satisfaction. Reviewers and customers say Amica offers the total package: great car insurance rates, helpful customer service, hassle-free claims and long-term stability. Amica is America's oldest mutual auto insurer and is named an accredited business at the Better Business Bureau with an A-plus rating. Although Amica has scattered regional offices, it does most of its business over the phone. One other insurance company, USAA, gets similarly superb ratings, but it's open only to military families.J.D. Power and Associates provides the best overview of Amica Mutual, rating it (and 33 other companies) on 15 measures based on large consumer surveys. also compares Amica with 21 other companies based on reliable surveys, but the report is only available to subscribers. The Better Business Bureau rates Amica's trustworthiness, and the New York State Insurance Department ranks it against 39 other auto insurers based on customer complaints filed there. We found plenty of consumer reviews at, positive and negative. Amica earns an "OK to buy" rating at the website Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies, but the site gives only vague information about how that rating is calculated -- and no information about who runs the site.Pros * Outstanding customer service * Pays claims promptly * Low prices * Better Business Bureau accreditation * Serves all states except HawaiiCons * Very picky about clients, reviewers say * Few local agents1. J.D. Power & AssociatesAmica Mutual ranks at or near the top of every J.D. Power and Associates insurance survey. Customers give it high marks for price, claims and service, but Amica does lose points in the local-agent category as it does most of its business over the phone.Review: Insurance Ratings, Editors of J.D. Power and Associates2. ConsumerReports.orgDetails/SubscribeAmica Mutual is one of 22 car-insurance companies rated in this most recent survey. Editors rank the companies from best to worst based on a survey of 28,241 people who filed claims with their auto insurers between January 2006 and June 2009.Review: Auto Insurer Ratings, Editors of, Oct. 20103. Better Business BureauAmica Mutual has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 1957, and it earns the highest grade of A-plus on its trustworthiness. This report includes general information about the 23 Better Business Bureau complaints filed against Amica within the past three years and how Amica handled them.Review: BBB Business Review Reliability Report for Amica Mutual Insurance Company, Editors of Better Business Bureau4. New York State Insurance DepartmentAmica Mutual is one of three auto insurers that have topped this chart for four years running. The chart shows the number of complaints that New York regulators have upheld against 40 major auto insurers, relative to their size.Review: 2010 Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints, Editors of New York State Insurance Department5. Epinions.comAmica earns an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars from more than 40 consumers here. It gets a lot of 5-star ratings full of praise, but several reviewers say they've had claims problems and rate hikes, and that Amica found them too risky to cover.Review: Amica -- Auto, Contributors to Epinions.com6. Fight Bad-faith [...]

Filing Insurance Car does not have to bother


"Now Filing Insurance Car does not have to bother anymore ....Inevitably, a prolonged economic crisis that happened, it was feltdifficult by almost all sectors of business activity. This condition is becoming increasingly difficult, if companies have to bear the risks that may occur on the assets supporting activities. Therefore, now is the right to transfer this risk to the insurance company as a guarantor risk. But choosing a car insurance is sometimes tricky.You are looking for and confused in choosing car insurance?, Maybe a little tips below can be considered not forget I attach information / quote for car insurance can be the mother / father learned:Guide1. Quality:Make sure the first insurance that will diipilih including insurance categories that have got prediket Best General Insurance, Indonesian Best Brand Award, Indonsian Customer Satisfaction Award. Because with this certification are clearly indicates that this insurance is reliable, trustworthy, and proven claim responsibility in serving customers.2. Cost Own Risk (Own Risk):Sometimes bulak and forth to the garage insurance is also something that makes lazy customers, let alone implement some insurance claim with the payment system OR (Own Risk) or the risk itself that on average there are 100,000 .- based per incident, per impact, and so of course it makes you burdened with having to spend a lot of claims to pay OR if often bulak insurance and forth to the garage that is not necessarily the result of a job shop in customer satisfaction because done by a mock workshop or non-authorized. Sometimes the paint stripes Betong make your car's body image as if it had tremendous impact this would make the value of your car sales slump. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. It's good for a very busy and lazy bulak back to the workshop should select the insurance that insurance can receive 1 (one) time only claim but a collection of some conflict / collisions in different events, so maybe in a year just 1 time to garage adequate insurance and pay only once OR your car's body back smoothly because done by a reliable repair shop or authorized repair shop (authorized). Cost-effective and efficient.3. Claim Process:As to the insurance claim process should be examined first, there are some car insurance which time the customer receives the claim should be straightforward once it is in fact this is must wait surveyornya ready lah, sometimes have to argue was the first time surveyed. Not yet at times it took several days just to wait for SPK (Work Order) issued by the insurance company for the repair shop could fix our car. Things like this sometimes customers feel ignored and a lot of time tebuang just to wait for a paper / letter. Leave a process like this is already old, you should select an insurance claim when an uncomplicated, quick less than 30 minutes SPK is in your hands so you stay menenetukan when to shop insurance.4. Work:Many insurance that applies some cheap rate, but what if the workshop is not qualified associates alias mock and not satisfying the customer. Sometimes paint your car look even striped Betong make your car's body image as if it had tremendous impact this would make the value of your car sales slump. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. Pay attention to this and select the insurance with a trusted partner workshops and official (authorized). Remember that your vehicle is a valuable asset, do not Sepelekan using dubious insurance services only because of the difference a few dollars only premium price5. Spare Parts (Spare Parts):Spare parts are an important part in your car, make sure the insurance guarantees that use original spare parts and warranty. Be carefu[...]



AUTO INSURANCE IN AUSTRALIA Several overseas companies have been circling the Australian market, but Progessive's entry represents by far the biggest headache for the local companies.Separately, insurance underwriters cited climate change as the most important issue confronting the industry.In South Australia, Third Party Personal insurance from the Motor Accident Commission is included in the licence registration fee for people over 16. A similar scheme applies in Western Australia.In Victoria, Third Party Personal insurance from the Transport Accident Commission is similarly included, through a levy, in the vehicle registration fee.In New South Wales, Compulsory Third Party Insurance (commonly known as CTP Insurance) is a mandatory requirement and each individual car must be insured or the vehicle will not be considered legal. Therefore, a motorist cannot drive the vehicle until it is insured. A 'Green Slip' another name CTP Insurance is commonly known by due to the colour of the pages the form is printed on, must be obtained through one of the seven main insurers in New South Wales.Profitability collapsed last year after companies such as Suncorp-Metway and Insurance Australia Group had large payouts for a string of natural disasters, including bushfires and heavy storms.At the same time, the global financial crisis caused earnings from insurers' investment portfolios to collapse, causing a drain on capital reserves.Home insurance premiums are under the most pressure to rise, with rates projected to jump by about 9 per cent over the next year, according to the latest JPMorgan Deloitte general insurance industry survey.House insurance premiums increased 10 per cent last year as insurers sought to reverse years of heavy discounting.Car insurance premium rises are expected to match last year's 5 per cent increase.The large number of payouts in recent years, including the more than $1 billion paid out in the wake of the Victorian bushfires, had insurers rethinking the cost of cover, said JPMorgan insurance research analyst Siddharth Parameswaran.''The rate increases that have been pushed through are largely a reflection of re-estimation of how much these events cost and how frequently they are likely to occur,'' said Mr Parameswaran, one of the co-authors of the report.Natural disaster payouts since 2007 of nearly $4.3 billion are more than twice the 20-year average.Mr Parameswaran said the price increases marked ''a real turn'' in the insurance cycle after underwriters were locked in a discounting war for most of the past 10 years.Elsewhere, compulsory third-party car insurance premiums in NSW are expected to increase by 10 per cent, rounding off the second year of double-digit gains, while Queensland motorists will be hardest hit with prices expected to soar by as much as 15 per cent, mostly due to more generous benefits.While prices are tipped to run up, gains are likely to be tempered by competition in personal insurance, particularly among internet-based companies.US company Progressive Direct has recently entered the Australian market, looking to snare a slice of the nation's $9 billion car insurance market with internet-only selling.In Queensland, CTP is a mandatory part of registration for a vehicle. There is choice of insurer but price is government controlled in a tight band.These state based third party insurance schemes usually cover only personal injury liability. Comprehensive vehicle insurance is sold separately to cover property damage and cover can be for events such as fire, theft, collision and other property damage.Progressive Direct Insurance Co. [00649] believes there is an opening in Australia's sophisticated insurance landscape for it to explore the online-service motor insurance segment.Progressive Di[...]



HOW DO YOU GET MONEY FROM AUTO INSURANCE You will receive the fair market value for your vehicle. An insurance company is only required to compensate you at the fair market value. This may be more or less than is still owed on a vehicle if it is still under a finance note The amount still owed on any finance note has no bearing on the current market value of your vehicle. The easiest way for a layman to determine the fair market value is simply to look around at other similar or preferably same type vehicles currently for sale in your area. Look for same type vehicle with similar options, similar mileage and wear. After finding several vehicles for sale, determine the average sale price of those found. You will generally find that the amount offered will be near that average. Should your offer be less, then you should negotiate the settlement price with the adjuster. Adjusters are not paid to haggle with anyone. They are paid to follow their states Insurance laws and adjust claims fairly.HOW DO YOU GET MONEY FROM AUTO INSURANCE Never what you owe or what it will cost you to replace it. So the answer to the problem is GAP insurance! Small amount to pay for peace of mind that pays you the difference between loan/cost and adjusters appraisals, (which start at the bottom, wholesale)The haggling is what the adjuster is paid to do, not to be fair, but to save the insurance company the most they can, they are not your pals! Wife rear ended, she's ok totalled car retail $20,000, offered $15,500HOW DO YOU GET MONEY FROM AUTO INSURANCE You should get ACV (actual cash value)Do your homework before settling with the adjuster. Check newspaper ads, dealers etc., to see what a car like yours, similar condition and like mileage is worth in your area. Have 3 or 4 bona-fide local examples to take with you and show the adjuster.A new car should not be a problem unless you have over-financed.Some folks borrow more than the vehicle is worth to pay off an old one and you are what is termed to be "upside-down", meaning you owe more on the vehicle than its worth. If this is your situation and the car is totalled, you will be paid off the value of the vehicle but not what you over-financed.HOW DO YOU GET MONEY FROM AUTO INSURANCE Having been in this situation in WVa, the insurance people have a standrd which is used. Usually it involves the the NADA book value. The low value - a certain amount if the the engine milege is 100,000 or more = settlement. My experiance was not good as I did not receive enough to pay the vehicle loan principle, even though the loan was for less that the purchase price.AnswerHOW DO YOU GET MONEY FROM AUTO INSURANCE Ok. So I have just been told by the Claims Agent that my car it totaled. In my case to repair the damage would cost $3500. The value of my vehicle was only $4200. If it cost more than 70% of the total car value to fix, it is considered totaled.So now I have two things to do. 1)Check the value of my car for myself. 2) Locate what it would cost to replace my exact car in the market today.For the first item I will use these three websites and take the best results to use as a basis for determining what I will expect to get paid from my Insurance Agency.,, and Be sure to include your milage and all your vehicle features before caculating a price with these sites. Also, always use the RETAIL price that they generate because that is what you will have to pay to replace your car in the open market.The second item takes a little more leg work. But thankfully for the internet this process is now a lot easier. Use the website This will allow you to locate your specific car to see what people are actually selling it for. Most often is w[...]



AUTO INSURANCE COVERAGE IN SOMEONE ELSE'S CAR As a general rule and with permissive use. The liability, uninsured motorist and medical portions of your Personal Auto insurance policy will follow you and provide coverage for you when operating another personal vehicle. In some cases certain property coverage may also follow you. Your Personal auto Policy will "Not" follow you for operation of a hired business or commercial use vehicle. If the "personal" use vehicle being driven has adequate active coverage then that policy is customarily treated as primary and any coverage the driver has is secondary or excess in the event damages exceed the limits of the vehicle owner's insurance policy. In the event that the vehicle being driven is discovered to have inadequate or no coverage at all, then the applicable portions of the drivers own active auto policy will invoke and act in lieu of primary coverage.The degree of coverage beyond the above that may invoke are dependent on various factors such as the reason for driving the other vehicle, loaners, rentals or replacement status vehicles and other local or state regulationsI am an auto insurance adjuster and the quickest answer to your question is - "it depends on the Owner of the vehicle's policy language". Most auto insurance policies WILL in fact cover ANY driver of the insured vehicle, UNLESS that driver has been previously excluded from the policy or UNLESS the driver has STOLEN the vehicle. This would have to be proved with a copy of a theft report filed by the owner. Now, most of the time this is the case - but NOT in all states, and NOT on all policies. I urge you to call your agent BEFORE you drive a friend's car or BEFORE you let a friend drive yours.Here are more answers and opinions from other FAQ Farmers: * The insurance will only cover you if you are listed under their insurance with the car owner. * I had to find this out in a hard way. They will, if the car owner has given you permission to drive. But if not, they won't and I fell into the second case. * A good rule of thumb is that 'insurance follows the vehicle' as far as coverage is concerned. The policy in force on the vehicle involved in a loss will cover the damage to the vehicle itself and provide the liability limits if other parties are involved. This does assume that you had the owner's PERMISSION to drive the vehicle involved. * A lot also depends on the state. I'm insured through Progressive, in Texas - my policy specifically states that anybody that I allow to drive my vehicle is covered. At the same time, my policy will cover me in somebody else's vehicle (with the same coverages that I carry), and also cover any new car for 30 days, to allow time for me to give them the car information. They tend to be a lot more liberal than most companies though. And I don't carry collision anyway (my car is 15-years-old with 165k miles, not worth it), just theft, uninsured motorist and liability.A car not the driver is insured under comprehensive insurance. for the car to be insured in the case of an acident there are stipulations placed on who can drive the car relating to driver age,experience, driving record etc. this may vary from policy to policy.AnswerGenerally not. While you're an insured driver, it's your vehicle that's specified in your auto policy. As such, the policy covers only your auto.AnswerNo. The person who owns the car and has it insured will be responsible through their insurance. However, they can take you to small claims court for the amount they had to pay and will win the case.AnswerAs with most questions like this, it depends. Specifically:1. Auto insurance follows the vehicle. So, if you're driving your friend's car and rear-e[...]



An AIG bankruptcy filing did not hinge on the resolution of these contracts, thus there could not have been a game of chicken. Details (greatly simplied but still quite wordy): This story is set in November of 2008, but to understand it we have to go back two months earlier - to September. In September 2008 the clearing price of mortgage-backed securities implied a high rate of mortgage default with low recovery on foreclosed property - a decline in real estate values such as never seen before. Observers were still debating whether prices were correctly forecasting widespread defaults or whether prices were merely depressed due to illiquidity. For institutions levered to real estate the distinction was very important because it meant the difference between short-term liquidity problems and long run insolvency which would force bankruptcyTo understand liquidity problems, we need to understand collateral. In order to minimize credit risk to each other, financial institutions ask for collateral from each other. As trades slowly move up or down in value, cash and securities flow between institutions so that everyone owes each other approximately nothing and the effects of a sudden bankruptcy are much smaller than they otherwise would be. Having collateral in hand means not having to worry about why your counterparty's trades are marking down so low - you are 100% insured by the collateral and if prices rebound you'll just give it back. And if your counterparty goes bankrupt you won't take a loss. Lehman was long real estate and, due to falling prices and having to post collateral, come September they ran out of cash. Regulators shopped them to other banks whose traders pored over Lehman's books and concluded "the company is insolvent, not just illiquid" so "goodnight Lehman Bros". AIG was in the same boat as Lehman however AIG is an insurance company - this opened up three problems. (1) Banks are usually regulated by federal entities like the Fed and the SEC, so they all fit into similar frameworks nationwide. However insurance companies are only regulated by states. States are not particularly great at regulating because they are small and every state does things differently. (As a side note for fans of health care reform, regulating insurance companies at the federal level and creating national competition is the single most important reform needed. Lack of this in the so-called reform bills is proof that the legislation is all about creating health care entitlement without any real reform.) You can't just call in JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs to tell you what to do here because a bank can't really analyze an insurance company over a weekend. (2) Next, the ratings agencies had assigned AIG their highest rating, AAA, meaning that people who didn't want to do a lot of their own credit analysis, but didn't want to take any risk of default, were the sort of people who bought AIG bonds - that is to say, AIG bonds were largely being held in accounts that were presumed to be taking no risk by their owners. If you go back to news stories from September 2008 you will find many shrill voices invoking the spectre of systemic melt-down, but those voices tend to come from holders of AIG bonds, not random investors worried about "the system". (3) As an insurance company the general public was very broadly exposed to AIG in pensions, annuities, home insurance, etc... and these people aren't holding any collateral at all, but would account for a lot of votes at the polls come November. So, because of these three complications, the same politicians who let Lehman go under decided, at about the same time, to bail out AIG. Now, there are lots of ways to do a b[...]



Dealing factors with your auto insurance premium First of all, you must know that a lot of factors are present when you are dealing with your auto insurance premium. Car insurance is needed before you are even able to pick up your car from the dealership, when you have to take a loan out for the purchase of it. You must show proof of insurance to the dealer you bought the car from and then it will be released to you. You should know what these factors are so that you will have more freedom in dealing with the costs of your auto insurance. If you know the things that can keep your premium down, you can work on some points of improvement or maintenance. This will eventually reduce expenses of your insurance. Loads of savings can also be expected.

An auto insurance provider evaluates the premium of one person by the risk that is associated with him or her. This includes specific details of a policyholder including his or her level risk. Specific information like age, nature of work, educational attainment, civil status, and residence are all factors that are being evaluated. In the East Coast, minimum requirements for auto insurance may differ from other people in the West Coast. This may even differ significantly between states.

If you are driving a second-hand or pre-owned car, there might be some implications to it.

An owned car that costs less than $2000 will have good insurance if it has coverage for bodily injury and coverage under liability or property damage. If you are at fault in an accident, you will be able to claim benefits. Undoubtedly, this will be good because you will be saved from a lot of financial burdens. Of course, without one you will surely get a huge cut from your bank account. It may even get you bankrupt. It will even be better when you are involved in a large-scale accident.

Collision deductibles are also important to be safe in the pocket. However, you also need to qualify this. If the amount that you shell out on your collision deductible is a lot more than the worth of the vehicle itself, then it is not a good investment. When other sources of incidents like hail and vandalism are considered, you might go for a comprehensive deductible. These are actually two very important differences between them. Collision deductibles can be claimed when you are at fault while comprehensive deductible solves your costs even though you are not at fault.

You can save a lot more if you know these things. For best measure, be sure to check online to see the best insurance premiums.

To have your car adequately insured you do not need to waste time, efforts and gas visiting all the insurance companies in your area personally. All you need to do is to browse online and find several car insurance quote comparison websites. To use such tool as car insurance quotes comparison website you should know your car coverage needs. There is an online form you need to fill out so as to get information from different insurance companies. As a rule you are required to provide your commercial car model, year, capacity and make. You can choose your quote provided by a trusted insurance company providing services in your area.Dealing factors with your auto insurance premium



Auto insurance in America covering liability for injuries and property damage done to others is compulsory in most states, though enforcement of the requirement varies from state to state. The state of New Hampshire, for example, does not require motorists to carry liability insurance (the ballpark model), while in Virginia residents must pay the state a $500 annual fee per vehicle if they choose not to buy liability insurance. Penalties for not purchasing auto insurance vary by state, but often involve a substantial fine, license and/or registration suspension or revocation, as well as possible jail time in some states. Usually, the minimum required by law is third party insurance to protect third parties against the financial consequences of loss, damage or injury caused by a vehicle.Some states, such as North Carolina, require that a driver hold liability insurance before a license can be issued.Arizona Department of Transportation Research Project Manager John Semmens has recommended that car insurers issue license plates, and that they be held responsible for the full cost of injuries and property damages caused by their licensees under the Disneyland model. Plates would expire at the end of the insurance coverage period, and licensees would need to return their plates to their insurance office to receive a refund on their premiums. Vehicles driving without insurance would thus be easy to spot because they would not have license plates, or the plates would be past the marked expiration date.[edit] Coverage levelsVehicle insurance can cover some or all of the following items: * The insured party * The insured vehicle * Third parties (car and people) * Third party, fire and theft * In some jurisdictions coverage for injuries to persons riding in the insured vehicle is available without regard to fault in the auto accident (No Fault Auto Insurance)Different policies specify the circumstances under which each item is covered. For example, a vehicle can be insured against theft, fire damage, or accident damage independently.[edit] ExcessAn excess payment, also known as a deductible, is the fixed contribution you must pay each time your car is repaired through your Auto insurance in America policy. Normally the payment is made directly to the accident repair "garage" (the term "garage" refers to an establishment where vehicles are serviced and repaired) when you collect the car. If one's car is declared to be a "write off" or "total loss"("write off" is commonly used in motor insurance to describe a vehicle the worth of which is less than the cost of repair), the insurance company will deduct the excess agreed on the policy from the settlement payment it makes to you.If the accident was the other driver's fault, and this is accepted by the third party's insurer, you'll be able to reclaim your excess payment from the other person's insurance company.Compulsory excessA compulsory excess is the minimum excess payment your insurer will accept on your insurance policy. Minimum excesses vary according to your personal details, driving record and insurance company.Voluntary excessTo reduce your insurance premium, you may offer to pay a higher excess than the compulsory excess demanded by your insurance company. Your voluntary excess is the extra amount over and above the compulsory excess that you agree to pay in the event of a claim on the policy. As a bigger excess reduces the financial risk carried by your insurer, your insurer is able to offer you a significantly lower premium.Basis of premium chargesMain article: auto insurance risk selectionDepending on the jurisdiction, the insu[...]



Compare auto insurance in allstate As we know every person never expect disaster, but the unfortunate reality always comes unexpectedly and can not be avoided, so the solutions needed to anticipate the risks and reduce the impact of catastrophe losses that have occurred. Along with the increasing trend of traffic and crime measures on the highway, it also increases the likelihood of accident involving your car, from the relatively mild such as knock, scratch, pencongkelan rearview mirror, until the weight of such collisions, motor vehicle theft and even robbery .Inevitably, a prolonged economic crisis that happened, felt difficult by almost all sectors of business activity. This condition becomes increasingly difficult, if the company had to bear the risks that might occur on the assets supporting activities. Therefore, now is the time to transfer risk to the insurance company as a guarantor risk. But compare auto insurance in usa n choosing a car insurance sometimes tricky.You're looking for and confused choosing car insurance?, Maybe these tips can be a bit under consideration do not forget I enclose information / quote for car insurance can be the mother / father learned:1. Quality:Compare auto insurance in allstateMake sure first that will diipilih insurance including insurance categories have received prediket Best General Insurance, Indonesian Best Brand Award, Indonsian Customer Satisfaction Award. Because with this certification clearly shows that the insurance is reliable, trustworthy, and proven responsibility in serving the customer claim.2. Cost Own Risk (Own Risk):Compare auto insurance in allstateSometimes back and forth to the repair shop insurance is also something that makes lazy customers, especially some of the insurance claim the system to apply to the payment of fees OR (Own Risk) or the risk itself is an average of Rp 100,000 .- one based on per event, per collision, and so of course it makes you be much burdened with the cost claim to pay OR if frequent back and forth to the shop insurance, not necessarily satisfying the customer's machine shop work done by the workshop for the mock or non-authorized. Sometimes the paint striped body image Betong make your car as if it had tremendous impact this would make your car selling points decline. Although the customer can complain to the insurance, but how long the loss of your time wasted. It's good for a very busy and lazy Bulak insurance back to the workshop should select an insurance can receive 1 (one) claim it but a collection of some of the impact / collision events within different, so maybe in a year enough time to 1 garage insurance and pay a one time OR your car body back smoothly because the garage was done by a trusted or authorized repair shop (authorized). Save and efficient.3. Claim Process:Compare auto insurance in allstateAs to the insurance claim process should be examined first, there are several car insurance when the customer receives the claim so convoluted it is to have it ready lah lah surveyornya wait, sometimes have to argue is the first survey. Yet sometimes take a few days just to wait for SPK (Work Warrant) issued the insurance to the repair shop could fix our cars. Things like this sometimes customers feel ignored and a lot of time to wait tebuang just a piece of paper / letter. Leave a process like this is already old, you should select an insurance claim is not complicated as fast less than 30 minutes of PRS was in your hands so you stay in the shop when menenetukan insurance.4. Work:Compare auto insurance in allstateMany are applying some insurance rates cheap, but [...]



Compare car insurance It is always a great idea to compare auto insurance in order to find the most suitable insurer21st Century Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A+" (Superior) About Drive from ProgressiveGMAC Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A-" (Excellent) About GMACInfinity Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A" (Excellent) About InfinityBristol West Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A+" (Superior) About Bristol WestUnitrin Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A" (Excellent) About UnitrinYet, we also found many insurance firms in which high commissions convert into lofty rates, with no increase in service quality," J. Robert claimed. "Great online insure rates as well as good service might be found in case consumers take the time to compare companies."FindingsConsumer Federation of America reviewed commission data from the twenty most popular writers of insurance for both individual passenger insurance policy as well as homeowners insurance. This sum commission information combined regular commissions and dependent commissions (paid after policies are sold and based on special sales or on profitability goals).The report compared sum commissions with cost, insurer profitability and service quality according to grievance data and consumer contentment indices. Consumer Federation of America (CFA) found that:1. Insurance companies having lower commissions often have lower charges. This is not always the situation, so consumers have to shop cautiously.2. There is no evidence that paying higher fees to an agent or broker derives either better service or higher customer satisfaction. Actually, there appears to be no correlation between the amount of commission disbursed and the value of service supplied.3. Some insurers propose high-quality deals. Other insurance providers have rates that are almost always high.In less competitive businesses, some insurers may be tempted to attract market share by offering higher fees to agents or to brokers with higher costs and, sometimes, higher gains for the insurance provider. Credit insurance is one area where this kind of `reverse competition` is particularly frequent.Instructions for CustomersWe propose several tips for customers when shopping for web insure:1. Shop around! This study revealed that monthly payment charges usually ascend with commissions, though this isn`t always correct. Consumers should be sure to get quotes from several of the lowest premium insurance companies, including the direct writers of insurance that typically don`t disburse commissions.2. Consumers don`t need to disburse more to get excellent service. Some of the companies with the most excellent service records have low prices and low or no commissions. It is worthwhile to shop among the firms which have the lowest prices and the highest customer contentment/lowest complaint ratios.3. In order to get information about insure policy rates, check state cost information guides. Most of the states have cost information guides. Regularly, customers are able to download these guides from the country`s insurance department site.4. In order to receive grievance information on insurance providers, check in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners` web-site, Be cautious with going to just a single insurance agent or broker for web insurance, even if that insurance agent represents several insurance firms. Customers must be aware that some agents who represent more than one insurance provider might put the customer in a higher priced insurance company with larger commissions even if the customer meets the requireme[...]

Auto Insurance in France


Auto insurance is legally required in FranceAuto insurance is a legal requirement in France, as it is in Britain. Make no mistake about this, because not having Auto insurance is an offence punishable by six months in prison, and that is not the ideal way to spend your holiday or new life in France! However, although there is a lot of conflicting information out there about Auto insurance in France, it isn't as complicated as it may at first appear, and you can take heart from the fact that millions of Brits have already managed to sort it out satisfactorily.Auto insurance optionsThere are a number of options open to the British driver who wishes to drive in France. The best way forward depends very much on individual circumstances and requirements, and depends to some considerable degree on whether or not you are a resident of France, of another European Union country, or of a non EU country. Auto hire in FranceIf you are a short term visitor only, then you may find that a simple Auto hire agreement is the most straightforward solution for you. Auto hire firms may offer special deals, and rates are usually competitive and reasonable. The advantage of doing this is that the Auto is easily available from your point of arrival in France, and can be dropped off at your point of departure, and you do not have to worry about insurance or “controle techniques” or complex registration processes! Auto insurance through Auto hire firms in France differs as it does in the UK. It would always be best to hire the Auto through a reputable company, check what fully comprehensive insurance actually covers, and look into the costs of paying extra for collision damage waiver which may not be included initially.Long-term solution for your Auto insurance in FranceIf, however, you are going to be in France for long periods of time, or on a very regular or permanent basis you will need to take the bull by the horns and finds a long term solution.Auto insurance for residents of Non European Union CountriesIf you are resident of a non EU country such as Canada or the USA, you can take advantage of a great system known as the TT scheme. Citroën run one such scheme, in which you receive a Auto under temporary ownership at a very low price. Tax, insurance etc. is all taken care of for you, and you can use the Auto for a minimum of 17 days and a maximum of 180. The Autos are fitted with easily recognisable plates, so you are unlikely to get any hassle from the police.Auto insurance in France using your existing Auto insurance companyThe easiest way to insure your Auto in France if you are still resident in the UK, is to contact your existing Auto insurance company, to extend your UK policy to cover France. Usually Autos are covered for third party in EU countries, but it would be advisable to increase cover to fully comprehensive. It would be well worth looking into the breakdown insurance that is offered too, as many offer an excellent package with English speaking assistance provided. Check the options on offer as some Auto insurance companies include everything in one package, while others offer a cheaper initial deal but leave out important cover. It would be worth making sure that the cover includes road-side assistance, replacement parts cover and providing over-night accommodation when necessary. Some will get your Auto back to the UK, others won’t.Green card systemIf you have an English registered vehicle which you wish to drive in France, you may wish to take out a Green Card .This is not an insurance policy in itself, but[...]

California Department of Insurance Contact Information


California Department of Insurance Contact Information The California Department of Insurance is responsible for enforcing many of the insurance-related laws of the state. We are foremost a consumer protection agency. Our number one priority is to protect insurance consumers by regulating the industry’s practices and encouraging a healthy marketplace, which is one of the largest in the world.
Consumer Inquiries and Assistance
Consumer Communications Bureau
300 South Spring Street,

South Tower
Los Angeles, CA 90013
800-927-HELP (4357)
Out-of-State Caller

Producer Licensing Bureau
California Department of Insurance
320 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814

Sacramento Office

Fraud Division
California Department of Insurance
9342 Tech Center Drive
Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95826
Phone: 916-854-5760
Fax: 916-255-3202

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Auto Insurance in California


Auto Insurance in California for more visit California Department of Insurance This California auto insurance company comparison chart is meant as a guide only.Be sure and get several quotes, before buying auto insurance. There are many bogus marketing claims.Auto Insurance in California 21st Century Insurance Company (AIG)Woodland Hills, CA1-800-870-82128741999Merged with AIG auto insuranceAAA - American Automobile AssociationRefuse to say - no "About"none1998Must enter ZIP14AllstateNorthbrook, IL1-866-621-69009951997#1 in negative comments13,900California State Automobile AssociationSan Francisco, CAnone1996Must enter ZIPEastwood InsuranceAnaheim Hills, CA1-800-468-LESS1999Nor. Cal.Esurance (White Mountains Insurance Group)San Francisco, CA(Bermuda)1-800-378-7262200065Farmer's Insurance Group (Zurich Financial Services)Los Angeles, CAnone1,0791997Must enter ZIP544Geico (Berkshire Hathaway)Chevy Chase, MD1-800-861-83803581997Many TV ads1,130Mercury General Corp.1,099Uses many namesCalifornia Automobile Insurance CompanyNo websiteMercury Insurance CompanyLos Angeles, CA (PDF)1-800-956-372819988Mercury Casualty CompanyLos Angeles, CA1-800-431-6654no websiteNationwide Auto InsuranceColumbus, OH (contact)1-877-669-68772221997"A few days"315Progressive Auto InsuranceMayfield Village, OH1-800-776-473745419981,990Safeco InsuranceSeattle, WA1-800-903-06791912007446State Farm Auto InsuranceBloomington, ILnone1,370Must enter ZIP1,980The General Auto Insurance (General Automobile Insurance Services)Nashville, TN1-866-519-74221998Many TV adsAllstate seems to be the worst, regarding negative comments on the web.Progressive and State Farm also have many negative comments.California Auto Insurance Quote Information(for online quote comparison purposes, liability-only for simplification)Form Info Required Quote InfoEnteredLow income neighborhoods pay much moreExpect to be spammed senselessExpensive neighborhoods pay much lessYoung drivers pay much more - more accidentsMale drivers pay much more - more wildSingle drivers pay much moreExperienced drivers pay far lessAccident drivers pay more, esp. if youngDrivers with traffic tickets pay moreHomeowners pay much less - more responsibleSUV drivers pay more than compact driversModels with high accident rates pay moreHigh mileage drivers pay more"Paid for" results in paying lessIn almost EVERY case, you must give ALL your personal information FIRST, or you cannot proceed. This is unfortunate, because at any point, if you don't like the subsequent questions (some are too personal), and decide to stop, they ALREADY have your personal information, so that they can spam you senseless with emails and phone calls.That's why I don't do this, except with a throwaway email address, and false information. I refuse to become their relentlessly targeted pigeon, before I have reviewed all my other alternatives. I prefer the "soft" sell.Disclaimer:Many web pages claim a "List of California Auto Insurance Companies", yet not a single one actually has a list.That's why I made this summary page - an actual list of the top California Auto Insurance Companies.The above data was summarized from each company website listed above.The author is not perfect, and errors can occur.This California auto insurance company comparison chart is meant as a guide only.Be sure and get several quotes, before buying auto insurance. There are many bogus marketing claims.My personal thought: An innovative company might want to supply a "Quick Est[...]

Lowering Your Auto Insurance Costs


Vehicle insurance - a cost we all must bear if we want to drive. But you might be surprised at
how varied the rates for car insurance can be in your area. Definitely shop around for your car
insurance. Don’t just go with the first agent you speak with.
Now, thanks to the internet, you can shop around right from the comfort of home. Go ahead and
get at least three price quotes from different kinds of insurance companies.
If you’re in the market for a new car, call to see how much it will cost to insure in the first place.
Having a car alarm and other anti-theft devices can help lower your costs.

Always ask about discounts. Don’t be shy. Companies expect this!
What’s my cost if I have a $500 deductible? (Increasing your deductible from $200 to $500
could reduce your collision and comprehensive coverage cost by as much as 30 percent.)
How about a $1,000 deductible? Going to a $1,000 deductible can save you 40 percent or
more. (Now if you don’t keep at least this much in the bank, don’t choose this option!)
If your car is worth less than 10 times the annual insurance premium, purchasing extra
coverage may not be cost effective. That’s one great thing about owning an old car!
My credit rating is excellent. I always pay my bills on time.
What if we insure more than 1 car with your company?
I haven’t had an accident in more than three years…
I haven’t had a traffic ticket in three years…
I’ve taken a driver’s training course.
My car has an anti-theft device.
I don’t put a lot of mileage on my car in a year’s time.
I carpool.
My car has air bags.
My car is quipped with anti-lock brakes.
I have daytime running lights.
I’m a student driver with good grades.
Since I have both auto and home coverage with you, do I qualify for a discount?
I’m a college student away from home…
I’ve been a long time customer…
My mom and dad use your company…
Do you offer any other discounts? Some companies offer reduced rates to drivers who get
insurance through a group plan from their employers and other professional groups. It can’t hurt
to ask.
Not every company will offer the same discounts. Compare the final prices the various
companies offer you. It pays to shop around for your car insurance!

How To Choose The Right Body Shop


You don’t want to fool around when choosing a mechanic for your car. Keep an ear open for
recommendations and warnings when your friends and family have car troubles. If you know
beforehand of a body shop you feel comfortable with, you won’t need to make a rushed or
incomplete decision when you need one.
Ask friends and associates for their recommendations. I stay in touch with homeschooling
families. They’re often part of a larger group that can share recommendations for mechanics
they’ve felt were honest and reputable

Check with your local Better Business Bureau regarding the reputation of a particular body
shop. Ask about the number of complaints, if there were any, and how the complaints were
resolved. Don’t be too anxious if there were some complaints. No one pleases everybody, and
there are some people you can’t satisfy no matter what. But if you see a pattern of the same
kinds of problems, beware.
Next, pay a visit to the shop and ask if they handle your vehicle make and model. Check to see
how long they’ve been in business. What kind of feel do you get about the place? Are you
treated with courtesy? Does the staff behave professionally?
You don’t need to “white glove test” the place, but it should be neat, and organized. Also, times
are a’changin’, and modern equipment is an absolute must.
Sometimes, vehicle manufacturers recommend specific repair procedures and tools for the
repair of their vehicles. Ask if the shop is trained in these procedures and has the necessary
Are there any civic and community service awards hanging on the walls? It’s a nice touch. Do
you see diplomas or certificates of competence? You want a technically competent staff.
Look around the place. What kinds of vehicles seem to be in the repair stage? Does everything
look like it’s being handled professionally? Don’t be shy about talking to folks in the waiting
room to see they’ve tried the shop before and how pleased they are with the service they’ve
received in the past.
My number one suggestion is to ask around and see where others have had satisfactory car
repair work done. Even if you’re feeling stressed and in a hurry, ask at least 15 people. That
way, you’re likely to get the same place mentioned more than once. A little time spent on the
basics can save you a load of trouble in the long run. And once you find mechanic you trust,
your car’s future looks a lot brighter.

Getting The Best Automotive Service


Just as clear communication between you and your doctor can equal better care for your body,
communicating carefully with your mechanic means the best care for your body of your car!
When you think about it, you know your car better than anyone else. You drive it every day and
know how it feels and sounds when everything is right. So don't ignore its warning signals. If
something doesn’t feel quite right, get your car checked out.
The following tips should help you along the way:

“Preventative Medicine”
Follow the recommended service schedules.
Keep a log of all repairs and service.
Check your car for:
 unusual sounds
 odors
 drips
 leaks
 smoke
 warning lights
 changes in acceleration
 changes in engine performance
 changes in gas mileage
 changes in fluid levels
 worn tires, belts, hoses.
 difficulty in handling, braking, steering
 unusual vibrations
When there is a problem…
 Write the information/symptoms down to give to your repairman.
 When did the problem first start?
 Exactly when does the problem occur?
 Is it constant or does it occur now and again?
 Does the problem happen when the vehicle is cold or after the engine has
warmed up?
 Is the problem noticeable when you accelerate? When you brake?
 At all speeds? When shifting?
Remember to let the technician diagnose and recommend a remedy, even if you think you
already know what the problem is. Plus, it’s important not to demand an on-the-spot diagnosis.
The technician needs to thoroughly examine the vehicle before knowing what’s really going on.
Stay involved. And don’t be shy about asking as many questions as you need to understand
the problem. Mechanical terminology can be confusing to the layperson.
Ask for simple definitions of technical terms you’re not familiar with.
It’s hard to be patient, as most of us feel completely incapacitated without our vehicles. Make
sure you ask to be called and informed of the problem, recommended action, and costs
BEFORE work begins.
Before you leave, ask about labor rates, guarantees, and what methods of payment are
Leave a telephone number where you can be called.
The information you share with your auto technician will enable him to more easily locate the
problem, diagnose it, and repair any damage. Then you and your car will be on the road again!