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Preview: Hands up for Fashion Collaboration

Hands up for Fashion Collaboration

Updated: 2014-10-01T21:32:31.512-07:00


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The new company teris safari is pushing high. Party and event fashionist Marc Baier just registered his first company called tetris safari, which promotes young designer and small fashion brands in Vienna. The concept is to set up their fashion shows and events in already existing locations to save money and get the right public. The company will just be run by himself and is promoted with flyering and internet promotion. So watch out! The first fashion event will be launched with a cooperation with the brand Blue Pigeon. Hands up, Pigeons out....

Converse is jumping high...



The brand with the most classical sneakers, everybody had when he was young and now again, not only in one color but in at least 3, what reminds me that I need a new pair again. Having huge success all over the world already anyway, they now got Carlos Diez, the long bearded spanish designer got into their boat. He created a collection for them recently, which is distributed in selected shops in Barcelona like Kwatra in Boulevard Rosa & in Born. Go there it's worth seeing the collection of monster, of whom a big picture in the store is displayed:)

Another thing is that the Vice president of global design of Nike John Hoke just quit and went to Converse. Read more...
So hands up for Converse; they are jumping high, higher......

Shops promoting Shops; finally they start loosing their uptightness


Finally they start loosing their uptightness. I looked at some cool shoes at Lurdes Bergada the other day and I was wondering how much they were, so I looked down at the little sign below the mannequin. There were prices for the shirt, the jeans but where were the fucking shoes. Ahhhh I had to look further down than I saw that there was now price but they wrote a little note where to get the shoes. So even between shops they start cooperations and not this uptightness as it used to be. Thumbs up for that. Now the shops start realizing that it is about interactivity....


Adidas is going fast...



Just walking down Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, I came across the Adidas store and saw that they are having a new cooperation on. It's Porsche Design, the German car brand well known for their huge sunnys, just designed a mobile phone and now they are cooperating with Adidas. That's quite cool. Their stuff is more going in the direction of elegant sports wear for the older sophisticated generation as we saw with Stella McCartney. For my sense I think it's a bit lame, but I don't think I am their target. They have a driving, tennis, golf and running section. I would take the driving one that's where they are the fastest and maybe there is a Adidas Porsche which I could image as a retro one in frog green and everywhere the Adidas flower...uhhhhlalalalalalala


Bernhard Willhelm for nails



Another funny Bernhard Wilhelm collaboration together  with Uslu Airlines was the launch of a nail polish line. It was anounced at the end of November 2007 and is available in three colours: 
  • gold-metalic aka knock knocke
  • Blue-metallic aka royal airforce
  • red-metallic aka heliport de paris
So get your nails clean for the new fashion nail polish. Hands up!!!

Pump it up!



They are back! The most classic Reebocks are going in a second round. The shoe, with which Dee Brown won the Slam Dunk title in 1991 for the Celtics, is coming back in cooperation with the New Yorker sneaker label Alife. This time the shoe will released covered in neon-orange, neon-yellow and white totally in tennisball felt and is limited on 48 pairs. The project called "The Ball Out" is hand made and just distributed by Alife. I met the guys at BBB quite arrogant slamers but still I need their schoes....

Don't spice up your life


More seen with a smile than a serious collaboration was at the beginning of November 2007 the Victoria Secret fashion show in LA. The Spice Girls presented their new CD "Greatest Hits" with a show as trashy as usual, the only difference being that you could spot a smile on the lips of Victoria Beckham. The extremly special special edition of the CD is only available in Victoria Secret shops. If I would be a girl, this would put me off from going to any Victory secret stores l at least till this campaign is over. The Spice Girl fans might go there and buy the CD, but they can't identify themselves with the brand, so this cooperation is fucked. Dear Spice Girls the final enemy has defeated you a long time ago and you won't get a new live. Sorry ladies: Game over....

Marimekko: The master of controversy collaboration



"Collaboration is the buzz word at the minute, especially for the finnish designer Marimekko, who will launch a campaign for H&M and Manolo Blahnik in spring 2008. Being two completely in different price ranges operating brands, you will ask yourself "are these collaborations of advantage for every participating party?" For sure the typical H&M customer will celebrate the announcement of the collaboration of the swedish brand with Marimekko and when they hear that he launches an campaign for "Sex in the City star" Manolo Blahnik at the same time they will be even more happy. Juhuuuu.... On the other hand the Manolo Blahnik costumer mostly doesn't shop at H&M, but they will associate the cooperation with charity: little kids should be able to afford him one time as well, the sophisticated Manola lady will think. Without any doubts I think that these collaborations are an enormous jump for Marimekko, showing that he can design for both luxury and premium brands. Don't you think that will make him more attractive on the market and he will be the one to throw the biggest party from all of them? Go Marimekko go...I wanna rock your party....Lalalalalaaaaaaaaa

Adidas, Adidas, Adidas


Adidas: the brand living from cooperations? Starting with their retro design in the early eighties with the hip hop gurus Run DMC on board and the till now most sold sneaker ever, made the brand more powerful. I bet you had at least one pair as well and jumped around in the club to banging hiphop beats!? Till now the hip hop urban street wear is represented by hip hop stars, like Missy Elliot, having her "Respect me" collection on, being renewed every season. This cooperation makes the brand strong having someone from the music industry to lead a big series of Adidas products. Adidas is more intelligent than I thought having so much variety in their cooperation. Nike on the other hand are dumb cause they are not getting design support from anyyyyyyyyyyy famous fashionists or icons. Of course it has famous athletes making advertisements for them and role models wearing their sportswear, but no designer jumped in the boat and put his hands up for them. To sad to be true I would say, that is the reason why the "Just do it" guys are far behind with sales, image and so on and they are still not getting it and stick stiff to their plan. Even brands like Puma get Alexander McQueen to design sneakers for them tuning their image. Stella McCartney designed a collection for Adidas having a huge impact on the image and changing it completely. She created a sportswear line being elegant and sexy on the couture basis, having a gym kit, which is to nice to go running in the forest with, but to present it in gyms and dance studios. I already saw some nice MILFs running on the street, you just wanna run after them. "rrrrrrrrr" Yohji Yamamoto is another name on the list, which created a complete change in brand perception of Adidas. The Y-3 series is soooo extreme nice I just bought red funky retro sneakers the other day.Nevertheless the real athletes are far out out sight. This is the huge different between Nike and Adidas, ranking the brand with collaboration advantage well used number one. Nike you don't get it: A cooperation in the sportswear industry as well leads to completely new brand image. Little suggestion to the Nike fraction: "Boys just do it!" or all your guys will leave like head designer John Hoke.[...]

Flood the stores...


I only know soooooo little people who could gather some pieces of their collection. Even I never got anything and that pisses me of. Ahhhhhhhhh......

The thing Karl dindn't like about the collaboration never changed, the quantity produced was never sufficient. Is H&M afraid not to sell all when they produce more or do they just always want to be in the media for being sold out within hours.That is just so ridiculous guys, but even more ridiculous is that all people are running there like little dogs. So people wake up: "They just want to promote themselves, not do anything good for you." Producing designer clothes for cheap is one nice thing, but producing them in quantities that only a few percent of the people really being interested in the clothes are able to buy them is the other thing. "This is snobbery, crated by anti-snobbery", Karl Lagerfeld called it and I agree.

The upcoming spring the finnish fashionist Marimekko will design some of his freaky 80's style clothes for Hennes & Mauritz. Funny that in the same time a collection of him for Manolo Bhlanik will be released. Did it happen per accident or is there another McGuyver trick behind it?

H&M and its Collaborations


November 2005 H&M had someone new to cooperate with. It was the up-coming designer Stella McCartney, and again the collection was sold out in record time. The same shit every time, nobody got anything. That just sucks. From now on every november there was a new collaboration launch between H&M and a designer. 2006 Viktor & Rolf were the suprise. "It's a great opportunity to communicate our vision with such a large audience of H&M devotee", the designers Viktor & Rolf said. They choose the topic wedding and designed wedding dresses and suits. It was actually really nice cut and I wanted to get a suit as well, but I don't have to tell you what happend...

In March 2007 Madonna the diva number one was announced to design her own collection. Hands up, tits out Madonna is coming. "Madonna has an impressive feel for fashion and trends", stated Margareta van den Bosch regarding the collaboration, which was sexy as hell. Roberto Cavalli was the man november 2007, with his glam and tiger patterns he got into press, but I didn't even try to to go there...Eat yourself but not me!

Fuck You!


"We both had the same idea independently", Karl Lagerfeld said and as everybody expected, his modern and elegant collection was sold out within hours. So everybody was happy. No, only the H&M assholes were, not even Karl was, because he wanted to design a collection affordable for everybody. Though it was affordable for everybody, it was produced in such little quantity that most people couldn't even get hold of one single piece. "I find it embarrassing that H&M let down so many people", were his word as he anounced that he would never work with H&M again. So he was politely saying: Fuck You! Yeah Karl give it to them... 


Karl was the first to jump...


H&M really gets them all. It's unbelievable that the mass market brand of the older days with a low image got them all: Karl, Stella, Madonna, Roberto. That changed the brand and its image completely. H&M started the most famous series of cooperations between a low-class brand and a high-class designer in november 2004, when they first got Karl Lagerfeld into their boat. 



There is no doubt about amazing work can be produced by working solo, but the benefits of combining forces in today's society becoming more and more apparent. So put your hands up. Collaborations tend to change or improve the image of the connecting forces. What would Lennon be without McChartney? Where would H&M stand today without its collaborations with nameous designers? Do they cooperate to benefit us or to benefit their marketing and promotion concepts? Do they try to fuck us? What I can already tell you some of them do! Watch yourself!



First of all at this point I wanna say "HI" to all of you guys and girls reading my blog. I'm SuperSonic and as I'm extreme into Fashion and quite like the idea of researching news and infos on the internet I realized the new digital media of blogging and the way to present facts in a more easy and relaxed way. I came across a few bloggs before, some cool, some wiered and some just shit ones. So I decided to also jump into the boat and see what I can do with my blogg skills. The coolest bloggs I came across and I really would recommend: 
I decided to write about Fashion collaboration, because Collaborations tend to change or improve the image of the connecting forces. So why are they all fix and foxing with each other?