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Autumn leaves.

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Ponder ponder..


Assalamualaikum all..
Salam Ramadhan to readers.. (: Sorry I havent been posting much.Im handing in my dissertation in less than two weeks. =S freaking nervous..

I just want to share what I learned from my kasihh..He always say things that made me think and interpret.

You know how you get jealous with your partner's ex-es or talk about how your past relationships don't work. You will tend to relay all the bad traits that the exes possess..your thoughts will mostly be focused on bad memories and to an extent..hatred for the person.

Let me tell you this, you were once in love with the person. your partner were once in love with the person. And the longer the duration the relationship went, the more reason to believe that you actually once clicked with the person well.

What I am trying to say here is, be or your partner may have differences with the exes that leads to the eventual breakup,but exes definitely got your/partner's attention,they definitely made you happy.. if not,you wouldn't be with them. That or you/partner had a poor judgement on your own happiness? 3 months of poor judgement? 6? a year? got engaged??? Was your partner wrong about you too then? =S

There are reasons why exes are in the past,but if the topic of 'why did you break up?' comes up, and if you HAVE to talk about it..then think too about why the person make you smile..

They're not bad people..

I used to hate all my boyfriends exes..but now I know it's just pure insecurity..and yes girls do feel that alot..but don't let it get to're with him now ryt?you're all that matters to're the one he wants.unless he secretly still in love w his ex then...______(since it's the holy month, im not going to finish the sentence)

I hope everyone's doing good..(: Fasting is soooooo lama here in the UK..But at least you will refrain urself from doing bad for longer ryt? 
Hope everyone's going to have a blessed Ramadhan insyaAllah.. 


United Kingdom


Assalamualaikum all..

So I'm going to leave the UK for good in less than two months!!FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY,MY CINTA..YEAYY!!
Good food,old friends,carsss,tax-free..and unemployment! whoop. =D

It's nice to finally get back to Brunei for..ever.but you know what..

I'm going to miss everything here,DEFINITELY.
honestly,I'm sad to leave..the freedom of living have housemates..the ever changing trains..
The joy of getting out of bed anytime during the weekend.The racewalking to Uni when I snooze the alarm,slipped into another dream,n waking up panic looking at the time.
In short,the freedom of doing anything I want.

Time fly by so fasttt...this is my 4th year of being in the really has been that long that I'm away from my family.

Well at least,my childhood dream of studying in the UK is fulfilled. And I achieve it with lotsa new friends and vast variety of experiences.

I am sooooo grateful to have the chance to be here..and experience everything.Alhamdulillah..

Things aren't going to be the same at home than since when I left to study abroad for the first time. But Allah is the best planner.Always. Insya Allah,those in store for me will be for my own good.

I need to go back to study! Literature review pleaseee..

Have a nice day everyone.


si nine




nobody's perfect. So I guess in finding someone to be with,you'd just have to find for one who fills your most important needs with flaws that you can accept.


Top of the world!


Men of my life..

Who kept reminding me that education is who provides me with anything I ever need to study well.

and of course my DEARLY BELOVED LATE DADDY..who taught me how to love,to be compassionate,to put family first above everything else..he protects me from all the bad things,and he is the best..Al-Fatihah.('=

my other half..time will tell.

who are the men of YOUR life? (:


Akmal Yusra UK trip


Monday sushi-ing with the sheffields.Nice to have two beloveds beside me.Akmal and BabysisterTuesday- Akmal's Graduation DayHamiz getting motivation and rukayya being sexy!That's mai boi!Wednesday- Bicester VillageYatah ganya tu yang dibali..cos we ran out of things to buy (or money to spend)Thursday- Sushi-ing (again) with the housematesFriday- Ole-ole shopping for colleagues and familiesSteady si akmal yusra membali cukulit!Saturday- Balik brunei..more like,24hr transit in brunei to unpack uk stuffs and pack for thailand.So that summarises cinta's final UK duration as a student! (: like..abiss..that's more! awesome oh? A pretty busy week, I came back from madrid and it felt like I never left, because the walkabouts and lack of sleep continues..huhuhu. The activity was shopping.everyday.come back home and start packing everything into boxes and then COD..We barely have quality times with each other which is sad plus it was our 17th.Im not complaining--we're together 24/7 since he arrived! I just wish that we weren't so busy keeping up with schedules so to be able to catch the times we lost being apart.(:Maybe some other time? Im just happy that we're still together when he came. 6 months is a long time and there's another 6 months endure..InsyaAllah the next time I meet him after 6 months,we're still one.Razan23Razan23[...]

Use somebody.


Assalamualaikum all..

What a hectic easter break so far..lotsa travelling,lotsa money spent. I'll properly update once I'm settled with everything. (:

Just a thought I'd like to share something that has been on my mind for a few days now..Have you ever feel like you deserve more? What do you do to about it?

Start giving less (or stop giving altogether) in hopes for realisation or do you have a direct conversation on it?

To give, always means sacrificing..Of course you can't measure sacrifices..but don't you wish to be appreciated or acknowledged somehow? not that you want an equal give and take..but when it's none, you can feel that your chest just wants to explode..

Mothers are an exception..they just give without asking for any in return. Maybe in a few years time,I'll learn to fully give. (:


El madridasss..


Weehuuu!! guess who got a new camera charger and has charged her camera battery and started taking pictures of everything?

Earth hour..


For 704 was crazily funny and awfully lame!!!!!! =DSome were caught on video..I'll post em up if I have the time to edit them.Assalamualaikum all...So we joined earth hour this year with irony mindsets of the housemates.we had our laptops on..kekeke.Lights were off 10 minutes late..and switched on 10 minutes after. so that's 8.40 - 9.40 pm!Playing big two..bubur kacang-ing to kill time...It got crazier when the lights were back on.. the boys were playing with melted started with kimin dipping his finger and kept it there for the wax cool. yes.loud screaming happened.The other two then just pour the wax onto their hands. * laughing now as I recall their reactions when the hot wax touched their skin*It was another awsome night with the housemates. and again, inda buat kraja.It was the night of DAYLIGHT SAVING as well..most of us didnt get enough sleep as we're playing badminton the next day.kekeke.Razan23[...]

pasal aku encem.



There ain't nobody who can comfort me..


title="YouTube video player" width="400" height="300" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">

Curly Fries Dinner


Assalamualaikum all..This is an entry of random pictures.hehe. enjoy!Here are pictures during my awesomely fun Food Flavour module last week..Ada durian! one knows what type of fruit it is except me. And I don't even eat it,so I cat tell the class how it taste like..haha. The lecturer told the class that it smells like dead cat but tasted sweet. lol.The numbered cups contains different flavour.. and we need to record what each of em taste like and rate the intensity of the taste. there's one bitter taste which i find very light but my other friend can't stand it as it is too strong for her.Our experience in food tasting as we grow plays an important role in our taste. I cant' stand spicy food because I'm not exposed to them much as I was growing up.My other friends consider food without spiciness as tasteless. how is tongue trickling considered taste? lol.704 PANCAKE weekend! lol. 3 boys in the kitchen working those pans off..! The pancakes weren't all this colour.hehehe. This is just the first few outcomes. The rest nyaman. keke.promise.Seafood Starter platter..nyaman! The Oriental's.This is anthony rasiman sigar razorres.hehehhee..I decided to join the housemates on their 'shopping spree'. We shopped for a pair of gloves. that's it. =.="CHOP and WOK lunch stop after an hour of badminton last sunday. I had medium noodles,chicken breast cooked pad thai style.For the price,and taste,I wouldn't go there unless I crave for noodles berabis. I dun think it's £6 worth. Will prefer YumYum over this place.But it's okay..What I spent my money on this month. UDNYC was a gift from my sister and that gal was an exchange belated gift with Hazimah Hanis.I think my next make-up shopping would be in May..I got april allowances allocation for my trip to madrid and spring shoes/clothes! nyum!Razan23[...]

All England Badminton Championship 2011 (:


Assalamualaikum all..Few pictures from the event..It was definitely an awesome weekend even with just few people around to watch it with.SIOK SIOK SIOKKK!The Japanese WD who lost to their fellow alliance(unseeded) in semis..Lee Yong Dae!!! My dream of taking picture with him came true after all!! =') My favourite XD player from Korea! Took picture with Lee Hyo Jung the year before.We were sitting right beside malaysian supporters during the semi-finals.. Pretty awesome night with lotsa sing along and cheering for malaysian players.Anastascia Russikh,russian XD player paired up with Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia,lost to Thailand pair in semi finals. =( but lawa nevertheless..Saturday, after the semi-finals match..Awesome place for a romantic night.They finally got the lights and water running. Sayaaang..lets go dating2 here..There's a big screen TV in front of the fountain as well.. (:Malaysian MD came second to Denmark's..Lee Chong Wei, MS Champion for the 2nd time! Wee~Treat empty tummies to wagamama.nyummehs[...]

heart earmuffs!


Which would you rather feel..

Having upfront honest truth or finding out you've been lied to?

on a random note,

I had too much of sweet stuffs today! SAGO and GULAB JANUM...


gu-chi-ing next month?






Brunight '11


5th March 2011 - Money is the root of all evil.



Birthday gift from Hazimah Hanis Haji Hamzah.weee!

really had a good time with hanis especially and my sis.siok siok siok!


MADPaintball 2k11!


Assalamualaikum all..

As usual for the 4 years in a row..preparing foods for paintball! =D


MDP 2k11 posters!

26th February 2011- The day is here!

(image) Alhamdulillah everything was a success.Great job Kimin and team!




my first time with foundation.and using more than two eyeshadow colours.cheek is still a total fail.
baru belajar okay! =p

lima belas cinta!


modern genome based biosciences.blegh.


Assalamualaikum all..

for the sake of updating and a reason not to read journals =.="

Chilling at starbucks..

On the tram in sheffield.
proper pictures from cousin soon.

The HOT sister yang I love.

damn fair..even if i soak myself in bleach for hours,you'd still be way putihhhhhh..sett.

Hijab all round!


Someone asked me the reason why I wear hijab, and as I began explaining my reasons throughout the years that I started having them on constantly, least most of the times..I cringed.

My reasons changed with time..and it got me thinking that maybe it's better to just follow what's mentioned in the Quran, because it is for the best of us.and as to finding out/realising why we need to do will come across sooner or later..

I am very grateful to be brought up by parents who taught me well..they constantly do their best to shape me to be a good muslim. and started off with obeying the parents.

But now it goes down to..this thing your doing,is it going to please Allah or the people around you (who btw are merely creations by Allah) ?

This life we're to the hereafter. is . . . nothing.
one grain of sand over the whole area of the world.
a drop of water over the oceans combined.
that one piece of needle in the haystack.

And I have a LOT to learn from what I've just typed.

during those times when I decided to not wear hijabs because of silly reasons like hassle in the fitting room, or sweaty hijabs during sport is a no-no,etc..
i've completely dropped my priority..
i pushed the guilty thoughts to the back of my head and get on with it..
unacceptable.but done over n over.

sudahtah kan kejar dunia.sementara saja tu bahh..!!

what's a tiny mini 5 minute praying time in this world compare to the unlimited years of rewards in the hereafter..?

let this be a reminder to me and to you readers.
tetapkan iman and perbetulkan niat..




(image) teach me how to contour the cheeks.

time in hands..


messing around with cs5.
adjusting to what looks nice from my eyes..

my awesome 22nd bday from housemate *loves*
ze fine boy eez mine.


shopping spree?



My happy therapy