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Between health and wealth which one will we choose first? If we are the rich guy and we have everything but we have some severe illness, so what is the benefits of that all? On the other hand if we don’t have a lot of money, we live just enough but we a

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SNS or social network service is mostly common used by people around the world. Facebook, twitter, foursquare, myspace, friendster and many more are SNS known around the world. is also SNS that made of China. Still young but have break the boundaries in China even in the Asia. has a great target that will be IPO at Nasdaq on 2013. Now shares at secondary market. offers an angel investation to the people who interesting invest to
Some companies that use angel investment method to develop their company are microsoft, facebook, Baidu, Yahoo, Google.

Now you have a great opportunity to invest on the newbie Company that use big company method to grow up. Take this once in a lifetime chance!
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What Should You Do?


When we thinking what should we done in the next years without money we will done nothing.
We need to earn some money to be survive in these days world. many questions come to our selves how to make some money to make our success in the next days.

Men Do Shop


Be a fashionable men is a must now a days. For most of men in the world wearing a jacket paired with a basic blue jeans is a cool way to attract women around him. Or maybe wearing a suit to the party can steal women attention. Now I would like to share to you about many thing that man can buy and wear it to look better than he looks like now.

One more thing that ShopWiki give to you as a man is you can buy a fit pant just for you or maybe you would like to give it as a present to your friend or boy friend. There is a lot of model and style that ShopWiki can provide to you. Some of major style of man pants are: Cuffs, Straight legs, tapered legs, flared pants, and baggy pants. Cuffs are a mature and polished look.. Straight legs always look good and flatter the most heights and builds. Skinny guys can get away with tapered legs. Flared pants only work on jeans and only on tall guys. Baggy pants are rarely a good idea unless you have your own rap label.

But if always attending a formal occasion you should buy suits here in ShopWiki. A classic suit is fit for man that more conservative and don't follow fashion trends. But Jacket style in the single button suit is the trendiest style these days. You also can choose double breasted or maybe single.
About the fabric, wool and cotton are good. Dark color is the best choice for your first suit. After all suit will be look good if the size is right. So you should have accurate measurement to have a fit suit for you.

If suit is too formal to you, so other choice is shirt-tie combination. You can flex your color and print muscle when combining dress shirts and ties. The basic rule to combine shirt and tie is balance. You can mix prints on ties and shirts, as long as they're not the same size. (In other words, small dots with large stripes are okay, but large stripes with large dots are a bad match.)

There is still much more Men Stuffs you can see and learn about wearing and pairing and also caring it that address your style here just in ShopWiki. Happy Shopping Day.


Great Way to Shopping Over the Internet


Now a day there is a place that we can find in the internet where we can easily shop and find out much of great stuff that we need in our great life. ShopWiki is the place you should go to find all your need with great price. It's very revolutionary where you can find everything that you need such as automotive stuffs, books, movies, food & beverages, kid stuffs, wedding stuffs, home & garden stuffs and much more. you just need to go to ShopWiki and everything you need is there.
If you need to modify your ordinary home into extraordinary so you need to come to ShopWiki. You can easily find your needs to expresses your taste into tour dream home. You can change your home into an apartment or a mansion for you and your family. And there is much you can do with your garden here in ShopWiki.

Of course you need a hose if you have a garden so you can shower you lovely flowers everyday. Here in ShopWiki you can find any type of hoses you like such as flat, coiled, drip, and commercial hose. there are vinyl and rubber material hose, and there is a 100' long and 5/8" width hose.

There is also stuff for you to enjoy the sun shine in your garden and maybe make some outdoor party with your family. We all know we don't want to use heavy stuff there. So you just come to ShopWiki and search your need to make a party and enjoy the day with your family. ShopWiki provide food and drink service stuff that make in unbreakable stuff and it's light to carry. You also can decorate your out door space with your own accent like paper lanterns, decorative pillows, outdoor sculptures, candles, and much more. You can through your outdoor activities by keep healthy with Patio umbrellas, sunblock, citronella candles to keep away bugs, bugs traps, and patio heaters that can extend your outdoor season earlier in the spring and later in the fall. After protecting your body you can have fun by playing frisbees, your kids can play in kiddie pools, and you can dancing salsa where you can find that all stuff in ShopWiki.

Bird baths can make your garden looks natural. There is pedestal bath which is elevated bath makes it easy to see bird, ground level baths, and hanging baths. You can make a dripper in your birth bath to attract bird to come and you can find that all stuff in ShopWiki.

Hedge trimmer can be used to cut shrubs or hedge in your garden where you can find it at ShopWiki. All you need is there with other equipment. So just come and visit ShopWiki and you will find everything that you need.
Good Luck..

Become Pro Medical Assistan


If you need to continue your education and you do not have time to attend traditional school with strict time that make you fail to done your another important duty you can pay attention to this just for a moment.
Medical Assistant Schools is the name of this school. You can study just at your own home by online in the internet just for 6-8 weeks to become a Medical Assistant. You can have more time if you need more time to done your study because there are no deadlines or time limits. One more thing is the Medical Assistant training program is very affordable. This Medical Assistant Schools is the certificated school so you will be able to have a greater opportunity job and of course greater income that you dream of.
The reason you should choose
Medical Assistant as your future career opportunity beside it's designed and reviewed by professionals, no traditional classrooms at strict timings, easy online learning, save time, money and resources, flexible program schedule, no hindrance to daily schedule, 6-8 weeks programs, and certificated are medical assistant employment is projected to grow much faster than average, ranking medical assisting among the fastest growing occupations over the next decade. One of the school that established and designed to created Medical Assistant is St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. Just visit St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants website and you can find out much more information about the school at



Basic Info HIV-AIDS


HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV means virus that invade human immune body. This HIV infected human will become AIDS when the immune reach low level. AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV become AIDS when people living with HIV's immune drop down. When a person is infected with the virus, s/he is HIV (+). It can take 2-10 years for that person to become a full-blown case of aids. Meanwhile that person may be absolutely healthy and show no symptoms even s/he may now know s/he is infected. But when the immune system is down because of the HIV so the people will have opportunistic infections. This opportunistic infections cause HIV people death. [...]



Everybody knows if we would like to verified our PayPal account, so we need to input our personal account.
With PayPal is a virtual account where we will easily done such a many things over the internet just from our own house. You can send money, received money, buy goods online, make online business and payment through PayPal. You also can be donated by people from PayPal. With all of this benefits I guarantee you dream to have your own PayPal account.
One question is do you have guts to input your credit or debit card in to your virtual account? If you ask me I will answer in scary that I will not put my personal account to my PayPal. But now there is easy way to become PayPal verified. You can buy a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) which is easy to apply and cheap plus we do not need to input our non virtual personal account, so it's so safe for us.
There are many sites that sell VCC. One site that is already trusted over the Indonesian Country is vccmurah. If you interesting to have your own PayPal account and it's verified just visit vccmurah and order VCC now.
Good Luck.(image)



A free source and provide to us a lot of things that we can done there is called The Freebie Source. Freebies and free offers you can have just in here in The Freebie Source that brings the best Freebies, product sample, and stuff that is free and much more you can have just in one site.

If you would like buy something and you need to try it before you buy it, you just visit Free Samples at Freebies and you can choose your need there. Until now Freebies have Free sample of fruit snacks, Free diaper samples, pantene samples, Frikies cat food samples, and much more. You can find out these Free Samples in The Freebie Source.

You can give a new decoration in your house with a useful stuff and it is totally free. Various Free Stuff in The Freebies. Babysitter will take care of your children at home or if you need housesistter, petsistter, and nanny you can search in Free Stuff. HDTV, and software to protect your children from pornography also available here.

Checking and saving account, make surveys that pay you, and search for scholarship are several things you can find in Student Freebies.

All of that free stuffs above are summarized in a weekly newsletter and totally free! sent to your email. Don't wait too long. just visit The Freebies and get all of your need for free.(image)

Easy and cheap but exclusive


Have you ever go traveling to the south of the earth? If not so you should go and before you go I think you could get some information about places around the south of the earth. Australia is a continent placed in south of the earth. It is a great country with many great places which is suitable for us to traveling. One of the greatest place in Australia is Tasmania Island. This is a place that you should think to go to satisfy your desire for traveling. It is easy to go to Tasmania Island if you using the convenience of Cheaperthanhotels. Cheaperthanhotels provide such as Hobart Hotels, Launceston Hotels,Devonport Hotels for accommodation and place to live when you are in Tasmania Island. Cheaperthanhotels will give you lowest rates guaranteed and you can pay when you arrived there. If you are planning to stay in Devonport you can visit places that are popular in Devonport like Central Devonport, Sails On Port Sorell Boutique, Barclay Motor Inn Devonport, Tranquilles Devonport, Hawley Beach, Hawley House. And there are Penny Royal Leisure Inn, Colonial On Elizabeth Launceston, Quest Launceston, Batman Fawker Inn, Auldington Launceston in Launceston City. Hobart is one of the oldest capital city in Australia. Hobart has a degree of history and have a number of fine older buildings. There is Derwent River at the heart of Hobart city and Mount Wellington rises above in spectacular glory. HobartHobart Such a many things you can do here in Hobart, like: Sullivan's Cove, the waterfront area, is a delightful spot to begin exploring the city. Here you'll find Parliament House and the old sandstone warehouses of Salamanca Place.Nearby is the historic Theatre Royal, Australia's oldest continually operating theatre.There are many historic buildings on nearby Battery Point and a walk up Kelly's Steps from Salamanca Place is also rewarding. Arthur's Circus is a settlement of quaint and charming workers' cottages.The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is home to a variety of native and exotic plants.There is an excellent collection of colonial art and natural history at the nearby Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.The Old Hobart Gaol in Campbell Street will take you back in time, especially if you opt for the Ghost Tour.For a variety of fine restaurants, head to Salamanca Place or Elizabeth St in North Hobart.For those who like a flutter, Australia's first casino at Wrest Point may beckon.For an interactive look at life in Australia in the last century, check out Time Warp House Australia is also home to the world's only monotremes, the platypus and the echidna. Monotreme, basically, means 'one hole'. They have only one orifice for all bodily functions - waste removal and reproduction - which really isn't the greatest of designs. Nor is the Tasmanian devil when it comes to responsible child rearing. The female gives birth to between 30 and 40 tiny 'devils' but only has 4 nipples on offer, so it's survival of the fittest or quickest!Come and journey with your beloved family using the convenience of Cheaperthanhotels services.DiscoverTasmania Island [...]

Must Read Before Buy PS3


Playing game in a console is a great activities not just for children and teenagers but also for everybody. There are a lot of game console published by different companies, for example Sony. Sony now have launched the third generation of PlayStation with it's advantage compare to PlayStation 2. With only around $400 will already can take home a new PS3 wich is has a 40GB hard drive space. There is also PS3 with 60GB and 80GB hard drive capacity and of course a little higer money you would spend to have it. If you interest to buy PS3 with 60GB hard drive space you have to pay around $450 to $500 and around $550 to $600 for 80GB hard drive space. The PS3 controller is a modified from the older version wich has motion sensor, wireless and is wi-fi and bluetooth compatible. Up to four controllers can be connected at once.This console havemuch great fiture that's why you should have it. Some of the great fiture are 1080p HDTV compability, the graphics is better than PS2, plays DVDs, blu-ray discs and CDs, compactflash, SD/MMC chips and memory sticks compatible.If we talk about PS3 games we will satisfied with many gnere of game avaliable for us to play. there is action games, adventure games, arcade games, simulator games, puzzle games, strategic games, sport games. Rige Racer 7, Call of Duty 3, Resistance: Fall of Man, NHL 2K7, Madden NFL 07, Tony Hawk's Project 8, NBA 2k7, Tiger Wood PGA Tour 07, Genji: Days of the blade, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom are the top rate PS3 games these days. So if you would like to try those games you should play it in PS3 console game.For accessories matters PS3 will let you improve the look and structure by giving you 4 basics accessories. PS3 controller Charge Base, PS3 System Stacker, PS3 Dual Charge AC Adapter, and PS3 Chillstream are four of PS3 accessories.With PS3 Controller Charge Base you can recharge your controllers by hooking it up to the system. Ps3 System Stacker corrects the shortcoming by forming a little ramada over your console. You can pile on a DVD player, speakers or a bag of Doritos without worrying about slippage. PS3 Dual Charge AC Adapter will double your charging capabilities which lets you plug in your PS3 controllers and get them ready to go in short order. PS3 Chillstream skin is equipped with cooling mechanisms that ease your han sweat. Now you can buy PS3 and have enough information about the feature, avaliable games, and accessories. Good Luck to You...[...]

2009-01-31T01:55:29.322-08:00 is a site for shopping from the internet. It is the trusted site in the internet to make online deal buying. in we will find all famous store in one website so we can easily shopping here.

We can find clothing, kid stuff, electronic stuff, shoes, handbag, make up, fragrances, furniture, house ware, and many more.

the most hot stuff right now is a big clearance sale. in the clearance sale we can find clothes clearance sale, shoes clearance sale, electronic clearance sale, white sale, kid stuff clearance sale, new music on sale now!, storage clearance sale, and many more.
just come and visit clearance sale now and find out your dream stuff in big sale.(image)

Don’t Let it Sleep a long day, Give it Some Drill


Give your brain some practises to keep your mind sharp are as important as they are for your body so when you get older it still can work properly. There are lots of researches how to exercise our brain until we can have some suggestions to keep our mind sharp. Below this are some of those suggestions:

· Reduce stress and you can reduce probability of stroke

· Get plenty of social interaction, sleep and regular physical exercise

· Challenge yourself with activities by try a crossword puzzle, take a class, or build something

· Create to-do lists to help you remember appointments and activities.

· When learning something new, make sure you are not distracted. Give it your full attention, and use all of your senses to become familiar with it.

· Break an activity into multiple steps, and stretch it out over several days. For example, take a few days to learn how to program a new electronic device.

· Go over in your head what it is you want to remember, and be habitual in your tasks. Put things in the same place, for example.

Ok, don’t waste time and don’t let until your brain stop to activities, give your brain some drill.


Pollution impact Lungs


If there is a question said is there any relation between lungs and pollution so I would like to tell you, yes there is. In fact that air pollution really bad for the entire respiratory tract. Mucus membranes can seriously irritating because of air pollution. Children, the elderly, and people with heart and lungs chronic disease are particularly at risk for respiratory problems.

One of the air pollutants is ozone (a component of smog). Now a days, ozone become failed to protect the public. Recent research suggests that ozone can extremely dangerous, and in sensitive individuals it might even hasten their death. This common pollutant can impair the entire respiratory tract. The world can limit particulates in the air by tighter standards.

Smoke from vehicles and production facility contribute almost 90% air pollution. So if we would like to reduce pollution and if we would like to breath healthier we must get involved to reduce pollution and we can start from ourself.




(image) On Friday in Balige we can visit traditional Market that placed near by the Toba Lake.
All people from the villages in Tobba Samosir come to buy their need because the market will bw opened again next Friday.(image)

Toba View


The Toba Lake in North Sumatra viewed from Lumban Silintong, Balige, Toba Samosir at afternoon..

How Great The Lord creation



Not only from Parapat we can view Toba Lake but also we can view from another side of Toba Lake.
Come and visit Balige to see directly Toba Lake from the other side..(image)

Save Your Heart by Keep Active & Drink


Keeping physically active and drinking in moderation is the formula for reduce heart disease attack. There’s a fact that people who didn't drink and weren't physically active had a 30% to 49% higher risk of developing heart disease than people who drank, exercised or did both.
Being physically active was associated with a significantly lower risk for fatal heart disease and dying from any other cause compared with being physically inactive among both men and women. In addition, drinking was associated with a lower risk of fatal heart disease than not drinking. Moderate drinking reduced the risk of death among men and women. However, among heavy drinkers the risk of dying was similar to non-drinkers, the researchers found. Among people who were physical active, those who didn't drink had a 30% to 31% higher risk of fatal heart disease compared with moderate drinkers. However, among people who didn't drink but had a moderate or high level of physical activity, their risk of fatal heart disease was reduced up to 33 % compared to those who didn’t exercise or drink.

People who had at least one drink a week and were physically active had a 44% to 50% lower risk of dying from heart disease than those who were physically inactive and didn't drink.
Moreover, people who were physically active and had a drink a week had up to a 33% lower risk of dying from any cause.

"Physical activity and a moderate alcohol intake can lower the risk of fatal heart disease and all-cause mortality. But neither physical activity alone nor alcohol intake can completely reverse the increased risk associated with physical inactivity and alcohol abstention. Thus, both physical activity and alcohol intake are important to lower the risk of fatal heart disease and all-cause mortality," the researchers concluded.

Moderate alcohol intake reduces the risk of heart disease. Moderate physical activity does so, too, and even more powerfully. Combine the two, and the benefits are additive.
Practices that promote health are most powerful when combined into an overall pattern of healthful living.

You can reduce your risk of heart disease and premature death from any cause, dramatically by combing regular physical activity with not just moderate alcohol intake, but a healthful dietary pattern, effective management of stress, avoidance of tobacco, and adequate sleep of course.

So what do you think? Drink or not? Does physical activity or not? It’s all up to you.

Bottled Water Trend


Bottled water is everywhere these days. Bottled water is convenient, and compared to high-sugar, high-calorie choices, it's a good choice. Most of us could walk across a parking lot or pushed a stroller down the street without a bottle of water in our hands in the past time. It doesn't seem that way anymore these day.
Some of bottled waters users cite quality as the reason for buying. Quite simply, they say it's better than what's coming out of their tap. But water safety experts say that, except in isolated situations, this simply isn't true.
With the exception of a few isolated pockets of truly bad drinking water, most municipal systems and most bottled water sources are fairly equal in terms of contaminants and other health and safety issues.
While contaminants found in some municipal sources won't bother the average person, some may be affected. Pregnant women, babies, the elderly, people who are immune-compromised, cancer patients, or those on long-term steroidal use may benefit from choosing certain bottled waters over their particular tap water.
Right now only one bottled Water Company reports being approved for immuno-suppressed patients.
Check the label, to make sure the water is put through some filtration before being bottled, or at least there’s a state certification that the water is meeting certain standards of purity. No matter how pure the source is, contamination can also occur at the bottling plant, so certifications are vital.
Sometimes, bottled water can also give you something municipal water can't. A case in point is fluoridation -- the process of adding the chemical fluoride to municipal water systems to help protect teeth. But not everyone agrees it's helpful or even safe -- and that's where bottled water can help everyone get what they want. If your tap water is fluoridated and you don't want it, you can get bottled water that is not fluoridated, if your water system isn't fluoridated but you want it, get fluoridated bottled water. It's all about giving consumers choices.
Magnesium deficiency has reached a level such that a measurable increase in sudden death has been reported in regions with the lowest water magnesium levels. A lack of magnesium is a heart disease risk factor we cannot ignore. But just drinking bottled water even mineral water is no guarantee you'll get your magnesium boost. You have to read the label. Your water "should contain at least 250 milligrams total dissolved solids (TDS), an indication of its mineral content. You can also eat magnesium-rich foods. Peanuts, broccoli, tofu, sweet potatoes – all are rich sources of magnesium. You don't have to get it from water.
Finally, there is one more, perhaps ultimate, reason some people choose bottled water over tap: It's a taste thing. Like those of us who can tell Coke from Sarsi, he says, some can tell tap from bottled water -- and even detect differences among the bottled brands. If you can satisfy your palette and do your body good by drinking water, then why not spend the money you would spend on soft drinks on fine bottled water?

But it’s all up to you to make the decision.(image)

Is it safe to traveling when you’re pregnant?


Most of pregnant women can travel safely unless she having complications with her pregnancy. One thing that you should do when you’re planning to take a trip is check with your doctor to be sure it’s safe for you to travel.
These some tips that will keep you safe and comfortable during pregnancy when travel:
· Wear comfortable, loose clothing, and comfortable shoes
· Take a pillow from home and some snacks that satisfy you or some other things to make you more comfortable
· If you’re driving, stop to get up and stretch often and take plenty of bathroom breaks
· Always take your prenatal records with you in the road
· Travel during the second trimester is usually most comfortable because the morning sickness has passed and the fatigue of the third trimester is still ahead.

I hope some of these tips will make you safer when travel and you can share this knowledge to other people who is pregnant and going to have a journey.(image)

Men responsibility in pregnancy


After trying to have baby for several years and a family still don’t have a baby, it’s not only because of woman’s health problem but maybe the man’s problem too. So, good health is important for both moms and dads to be. Here are a few pre-pregnancy suggestions for would be dads:
· Do a general check up by visit your doctor
· Talk to your doctor about any medications you are taking, to determine if any of them may affect fertility
· Get plenty of sleep, zinc, and vitamin E. also maintain a health diet
· No smoking
· stop drinking
· don’t use illegal drugs
· avoid bicycling
· practice good testicular health by avoid immersion in hot water (hot tubs or spas)

Let’s Create a Green and Healthy Home


There are a lot of things you can do to create a green and healthy home these days. Once protect the environment meant separating paper from plastic in your recycling bin and buying organic greens that you carried home in a reusable tote.Global warming and soaring energy costs are some of environmental concern we have in our front page news almost every day. Conserving natural resources whenever and however we can means we are living in ecofriendly life. In this case, we are changing our lifestyle to help save the planet. These changes will keep our family healthy too.Going green doesn’t have to mean expensive investments like nontoxic paints, solar panels, and sustainable wood flooring. “Simple changes in your everyday life are all it takes to make your home a healthier, safer, greener place to be. But don't forget that human beings are creatures of habit, and change takes time. Begin with small steps. For example, make a commitment to change just one habit every month,” Expert says.Green home is about turn the home by simple changes. There are some tips on how you can turn your home sweet home into home green home: Save EnergyTurn off the lights when it doesn’t need. You can install movement sensors so lights only activate when needed. Another way is to install automatic timers for lights frequently left blazing in empty rooms.Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs that just use a quarter of the electricity of regular incandescent bulbs.Set cooling and heating temperatures correctly. Be sure to close the fridge and freezer doors. Leaving them open for just a few extra seconds wastes a lot of energy. Set your fridge temperature at around 20 degrees Celsius and set freezers at minus 3 to keep things nice and frosty. Get an electronic thermostat so your furnace heats your home to a lower temperature while the family sleeps and returns it to a toastier temperature before you get out of bed. In the winter, set your thermostat at 25 degrees in the day and 28 degrees at night. In the summer, keep it at 25. Water heaters work most efficiently between 50 and 60 degrees.Get Electronic appliances unplugged including TVs, computers, and CD players can consume almost as much energy when in standby mode as they do during the relatively small amount of time they're being used.Use appliances efficiently. For example: turn on the washing machine after it’s fully loaded, use the air-dry function on your dishwasher, preheat your oven only when necessary.Open blinds, drapes, and shutters to let solar energy warm and brighten your home naturally by let the sun shine. It’s the cheapest and most environmentally sound heat and light source.Plug, insulate, replace, repair, caulk, or seal to make your home as leak proof as possible and watch your utility bills drop. Clean the AirNever let anyone smoke in your home. “It’s like inviting diesel bus into your living room,” expert says. Cigarettes are full of toxic chemicals, and second hands smoke exposure can cause cancer.Live plants can act as natural air filters if you grow it at your home, and some plants are particularly effective absorbers of harmful pollutants emitted from carpets, furniture, and electronic equipment. So clean your indoor air and ”green” your living space by filling your home with spider plants, Boston ferns, rubber plants, and palm trees.Shun Toxic ProductsChoose non toxic cleaners. Find eco friendly alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners, which can cause health problems and pollute the environment as well. Baki[...]