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The Powell Family

Updated: 2015-09-16T22:08:57.167-07:00


Colby's First Birthday


**I know, so late!!! Obviously I am VERY behind on the Blog, I have so many posts almost done, I have just never put them live. Slowly I am getting caught up since every year I print the Blog into a Book for the kiddos.February 4th 2011Colby Brent Powell My 1 Year OldTraditionsSince both of our babies had to be induced. We called the night before they were born one of our "Last Suppers". Since we knew it may be awhile before we had another yummy meal. So to keep tradition going, every year on the eve of their Birthdays we go to that same restaurant we went to on the night before they joined our family. Colby's restaurant is Red Robin "Yum!!!"Birthday MorningColby loved running through the streamers :)Colby Bear, Colby BearWhat Do You See?I See My First Birthday, Waiting For MePARTY TIME!!!Some people think we are wacky for remembering so many moments.Until he was about 6 months old every Thursday night at 7:01 pm we told him Happy Birthday, 1 week, 2 week etc. And every month up to his first birthday, we had a tiny party on the 4th of every month. Call us crazy, but having to struggle with infertility for so long to have our precious babies, definitely changes you in more ways than you can imagine.. Every little moment has been an "Amazing moment for us"Exact moment our precious Colby was born 1 Year ago.February 4th 20117:01 pmTime for Presents!!CAKE TIME!!! Colby Brent Powell 1 Years Old Photo-shoot Cake Smash PhotoshootCute ComparisonKaedyn & ColbyMy Sweet BabiesAnother similar picture.Love It!!![...]

An Amazing Recovery


WoW we thought Life was Wild before Brentie's Injury... Hmmm!!!!Dishes-Laundry-More Dishes, there really is no end is sight :)During these past few weeks our precious little Colby has been talking up a storm and is now putting several words together too. My favorite has got to be "More Shows Please" Thank You Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :) For putting a smile on my sweet babies face, so that Mama has a minute to throw a load of laundry in the wash.There has been a lot of healing Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally these past two weeks since I have done an update. I can hardly believe this saturday will mark 3 weeks since the accident. My Brentie is truly a walking miracle, and daily (more like every moment) I am aware of just how precious life is and having full use of our bodies as well. Again we are so thankful that considering what a horrible accident this was, his injuries were the best case possible. His strong, young and healthy body has really taken over and allowed him to heal much quicker and better than we imagined. Brent went back to work part time a week after the accident. And this week is back into the swing of things full time.Powell Pediatric Dentistry is growing stronger and bigger each day.Yeah!!! For Dr Powell's great determination..As for his back he will continue to wear the brace for at least 7 more weeks I think.He has a follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon soon.Below are some pictures of the healing process of his face, hand, and leg.September 10, 2011Colby in his mini recliner hanging out with daddy. He sure misses his snuggle & wrestling time.Finally that handsome smile :)And the hairiest I have ever seen Brent. September 12, 2011Today he got the sutures out of his handsome face. There was a total of 44 from inside his ear down to his chin. The doctors are leaving the sutures in his wrist and thigh another week. September 16, 2011He shaved... That beard was driving him crazy.September 20th 2011Getting the stitches out of his wrist and thigh.There were about 50 sutures in each. September 22, 2011Looking good BabeFinally convinced him to take a day off today from surgery cases, but he will be back working in the OR tomorrow morning. He sure makes me laugh.... After I get the kiddos down for their naps today I sit down for a chat with Brent and he says to me "Life is so hard right now, I can't decide if I should watch a movie or take a nap" Gotta love the optimism.[...]

Update #2 on Brentie


A continued thank you for all the prayers for his quick recovery, phone calls, emails and messages. In the past few days many things have happened, so I thought I would share another update on how Brent is recovering. On Monday when we were able to unwrap the bandages on Brent's wrist several of the stitches came out and he was continuing to feel an intense yet different pain and the numbness. His left leg was feeling okay, not too much pain but the stitches and the skin surrounding it just didn't look right. We made many calls on that relaxing Labor day holiday and were able to make an appointment for first thing Tuesday morning with a group of specialists. Long story short they did not like how his leg looked, parts of the injury were not stitched all the way, the irritation of the skin surrounding the wound & parts of the wound were turning black etc, and for his hand it was obvious with the stitches falling out that repairs needed to be done. They did agree that his face was repaired quite well in the Emergency Room by the Oral Surgeon, but there were a few spots that looked infected and several bumps that would leave larger scars. Since there was a Plastic Surgeon in the practice, it would be a wise choice to have all the stitches on his face re-done as well to minimize the amount of scarring early on. It was agreed by all to take Brent into surgery later that evening and have all of the stitches taken out of his left thigh, left wrist and right side of his face and to re-do everything. So I took Brent home so he could rest for a bit and then took him back to the surgery center at 4:30pm for his surgery. At about 6:00 I said my "see ya laters" to Brent and was told it would be about a 1 hour  surgery and they would call me as soon as he was in recovery and waking up.So 3 1/2 hours later I finally received a phone call from the anesthesiologist saying they should be finishing up the surgery in about 30 minutes. Finally I could relax a little bit, knowing that he was okay. Around 10:15 he was done in surgery and brought to recovery, and I was able to bring a very sleepy, uncomfortable and in pain hubby home at midnight.So the report from the doctors was that, It took them over an hour just to prep and clean out all of the wounds. The nurses said they irrigated and flushed everything over and over to make sure they got everything. His face was in pretty good shape, but his wrist was infected and full of debris they took a culture in case anything comes up, and his thigh was also very irritated/infected and still full of debris (gravel, dirt, oil etc.) These doctors are amazing, I am so thankful for their patience and willingness to not rush and to repair his body to the most perfect condition possible. I know it's hard not to wonder why things were not cleaned and done completley correctly the first time in the Emergency Room trauma, but in reality the ER's job is to stabliize the patient and that's exactly what they did. I am just glad that Brent and I are smart, and in-tune to follow those feelings, that he NEEDED to be seen again. Had we not followed those feelings the Doctors said  that within a few days he would have been back in the Emergency Room with infections. They also mentioned that while repairing his wrist that another reason for the intense pain besides the infection was that his artery had been cut. I cannot say it enough how thankful I am that we have this outcome considering what a horrible situation it was. All three injuries were near major arteries, so it is a total blessing that nothing more disastrous happened. His fractured vertebrae is achy and uncomfortable but he is coping well with wearing the brace. We are happy to know that his Doctors have given him the okay to be back at work on Monday the 12th with a half day. And that afternoon he should be getting his stitches out. Below are a few before and after shots for Brent's comparision. Obviously we do not have pictures of what his injuries initially looke[...]

Update on Brent's Injuries


First of all thank you so much for all the prayers, phone calls and txt messages we have received from our many friends and families. What a frightening 2 days this has been, we have been overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, and physically. This has been a very traumatic experience, but we are trying to cope, adjust and heal as well as we can as a little family. We are just so thankful that Brent survived this traumatic accident and all of his many injuries, even though they are severe they can all be fixed. Below is a summary of the incident that Brent put together so that everyone is aware of what really happened.Thank you all for your support and prayers. Here is an update on what happened and how I am doing. I was helping my father in law cut some overgrown trees. We were sectioning one tree. I was about 20 feet up with the chainsaw. When the top half of the tree fell the lower half was like a slingshot and threw me from the tree.I landed on my back and have a compression fracture in my T7 Vertebrae. It is a break that is not normally associated with paralysis as the spinal cord is still intact, However, I am wearing a back brace that helps my posture to prevent me from becoming future hunch back. I will be in the brace for about 8-10 weeks. No surgery is necessary at this time.The Chainsaw cut into my left thigh about 6 inches across and 2 inches deep but did not completely sever the muscle, major arteries, or nerves. It went through the skin two layers of fascia and partially through my quad. Each layer was sutured. I still have full movement in my leg and foot on that side.I also have about 6 deep cuts from the chainsaw on my left wrist and thumb from just below the nail bed down to my wrist. I have some numbness in my thumb, which is hopefully temporary,  I have an appointment with the hand specialist on Tuesday.I have a laceration that is about 5 inches long on my right cheek that goes from my ear/earlobe down to my chin.  It almost follows the contour of the body of the mandible just above the bone. My hope is that it will heal with minimal scarring. I am not sure if this is from the chainsaw or if it was hooked on a tree branch on the way down. It cut partially through the masseter muscle, the fascia, and of course the skin. Each layer was sutured. I am fortunate that it did not communicate with the inside of my mouth and the nerve appears to be intact. I have both sensation and full use of my facial muscles on that side of my face.  (Meaning I can smile frown have facial expressions)All things considered the result of this accident was the best-case scenario as compared to what might have been.Again thank so much for your kind thoughts and prayers. We are doing okay and the initial shock of the accident is beginning to settle a little. Doctors suggest that I take some time to heal. I am going to take this next week off of work until the stitches are removed. Then I will see how things are going. I hope that I can be back to seeing patients by next Monday the 12th.  As a family we are living hour by hour, and hoping once these first few days are past us, then hopefully things will just get better and better.Love Brent, Kiley, Kaedyn & ColbyMy dad was able to take this picture for me of Brent being transferred from Clovis Community Hosp. to the Trauma Center at Fresno Community Hospital. Once the incident happened it was about 3 "Long" hours before I was able to see him. It was a very long and painful 13 hours in the trauma center for Brent. But we were able to be released around mindight to go home.I was so thankful to be able to meet Brent in trauma, but so sad to see all of his injuries. It took about 4 hours for the Doctors to repair his face, leg and wrist. Along with all of the Doctors and Nurses I was completely amazed and relieved at how well they were able to repair this handsome face. Compared to how torn open his right side of his face was, this 1st picture I took for him amazes me.A quic[...]

So Many Updates


Where have the months gone, we have had so many fun events happen in our family. Colby turned 1, Kiley turned 31 eeeeekk.... The Grand Opening of Powell Pediatric Dentistry, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day... One of these days I hope to have the opportunity to add my great pictures of these events to the Blog.. Since I have been printing this Blog into a book for the kiddos to enjoy. For now really old news is all I can give ya :)

Catch-Up on February


Our Precious KaedynKisses A few days before Colby's first Birthday he was on the moveWalking the long Hallway*Go Colby Go*He is also into everything as quick as possible too.Ex.. Throwing diapers into the toilet :(Climbing Up step-stools.Seriously Colby!!!He did this in about 5 secondsThe many LOOKS of KAEDYN BROOKStill loving this strawberry hat.  A special friend made this for her when she was born.Bug Hunting..Attempting Colby's 12 month photo of Growing with MonkeyKeyword "ATTEMPTING"Crazy boy trying to do flips out of the chairDrum Roll Please.......The sign is up..Ding Ding...2 Tiny Teeth, Coming Up..Happy Valentine's Day 2011Gotta Love the "Heart Shaped Pizza"Fun Flashback****Colby's 1st Valentine's Day last yearSo much for even newborn clothes fitting.He was sooo tiny.Colby trying the shirt on this yearGotta Love the BELLY shirt :)[...]

Feeling Crafty


Feeling CraftyIt's about 8:30 on a Saturday night & I am picking out Colby's clothes, for church early the next morning. And I realize that all his church shirts are either Dirty or too small. So any normal crafty mama would rather take 30 minutes for a craft project vs. a load of laundry :) right?So here it is aSuper Cute Tie OnesieIt actually took less than 15 minutes.Love It....I tried to do a little Matchy Match with Daddy!Here is the Website for the TutorialGotta laugh @ the name[...]

Updates, Updates, Updates


So much has happened in our lives over the past 6 months. It is very fair to say that life has been Busy
Our blog is the easiest way for me to record & share with our family and friends what our lives have been like. Get ready for plenty of updates. So far I have Kaedyn's 3rd Birthday Piggy Party, January, Pics from our Beautiful Home in Oregon that we sold, & arriving at our new home in Clovis, CA, November & December 

Those of you not completely familiar with Blogs, to look at older entries, click the link older posts on the bottom right hand corner of the page and it will take you there

Kaedyn's 3rd Birthday


A Piggy PartyAt Kaedyn's Pig PenPart of the Party InvitationThe Birthday GirlThe Party Planner/CatererThe FoodThe MenuPiggy Themed FoodBagel Dogs, (aka pigs in a blanket) Piggy Tail Pasta SaladPig on a Stick (Salami & Breadsticks)Pig Ears (Pork Rinds) eekkk..Chocolate covered Bacon, "It was actually yummy"Additional non-themed FoodHot Artichoke &Spinach DipBlackberries & GrapesHummusThe DecorationsPig Blowouts & Piggy Tail CupsThe CupcakesLove the Excitement!The Party Guests & The Piggy Guests[...]

Let the Celebration's Begin


Let the Celebration's BeginJanuary 24th 2008, is a date that Brentie & I refer to as "Our Last Supper" all alone.On this date we were living in Cleveland OH, I was a week overdue with Kaedyn & was being induced that evening & the Doctor told me to eat a yummy filling dinner. What better place than IHOP for some Yummy French Toast.So every year it's now our tradition to take Kaedyn to IHOP on January 24th to Celebrate the eve of her arrival.Yummy Birthday SundaeSweet StoryWhile finishing our dinner this year a really nice lady came up to our table and told us "what a Beautiful Little Family we had" moments like that always melt my heart when complete strangers say something that makes you feel so happy. Anyways she basically said enjoy these precious younger years because our precious little one's grow up so fast. Then she handed Kaedyn &Colby each $1.00 just because she thought they were so cute and sweet. Kaedyn obviously responded with a huge Thank You, and was so excited for a Birthday dollar. When the lady heard that she quickly grabbed her purse and handed Kaedyn  $5.00 bill & told her to have a very happy Birthday and said goodnight..Is that just the sweetest thing every :)Last night as a 2 Year Old...Mmmmm...Delicious Sprinkled Donuts for BreakfastAnother Sweet Tradition2 Dozen Pink Roses from DaddyHappy BirthdayMy Adorable Little 3 Year OldHer 1st Trip to Chuck E. Cheese for a Birthday LunchShe has been begging to go, so glad to make her wish come true!Sooo Excited to Dance with Chuck E.[...]



Happy New Year2011Colby @ 11 Months OldHe is talking away.Mama, Dada, Thank You, Flower, Luv YouI Love this little crazy haired baby"PoP"Goes the 1st Tiny ToothColby sure is curious!!!!Who Me?So Silly...Ta Da!!!What Talent...Just imagine the silly noise coming out of his mouth :)Colby is sooo Adorable!!!I Love these PicturesFuture Face of Baby GapKaedyn the ExplorerKaedyn is starting gymnastics again.She loved it so much while we were in Bend, ORSo I am so excited we are a little more settled finally so we can get her involved in such super fun activities.Loving all the fun Leotards we bought[...]

We Have Arrived, "Clovis, CA"


Another Move..As many of our fellow Dental students have also experienced not too many things turn out as you plan, especially when it comes to buying out another Doctor when his practice is for sale. We absolutely loved Bend, OR, the people, the dental practice, our church, the weather everything that this Beautiful place has to offer.But once again when it came time to buy the 2 practices the purchase price was drastically higher than what was initially agreed. It was a "Huge" risk that we were not willing to take. So within a matter of 2 months we sold our home and made a choice to start from scratch and build our own practice Powell Pediatric Dentistry in Fresno, CA. Our time in Bend, OR was a wonderful 16 months and we wouldn't trade it for anything. Even though the practice purchase didn't happen the experience, education & growth Brent gained by working there is "Priceless"16 months ago I never thought we would be ordering another ABF or even moving Again.Well Here it goes...The Beauty has ArrivedYes, that's snow in OctoberIt may have slowed us down since we were packing Octover 26th, 27th, 28th, & 29th till about 3 :00 am each dayWhile trying to pack & prepare for our move Brent was still working for the Pediatric Practice here in Bend & Redmond, OR.Someone had to bring home the "Bacon" to cover all these moving expensesIt sure was a Beautiful & Calm SnowI am going to miss this Beautiful Place"WoW"Let's hope Brent's packing job makes it to Clovis.Clovis, CA we have arrivedSo we bought another Home it was a model so we were waiting a few days for the driveway to be laid.So for a few days we stayed with my parents. We arrived in CA on November 1st and the next day Brent was already off to work for a Pediatric Dental Surgery center  in Visalia, CA. It's about an hour commute and will be working there while we build Powell Pediatric DentistryArriving at another new home.This is a little hard for me to accept since both Brent &I grew up in the same home our entire life.And my sweet little Kaedyn is already on Home #6 (including a hotel stay for almost 2 months)I Love our Matching Outfits :)Carrying the sweet little Princess over the threshold into her new homeHanging out on the Beautiful "Hard"wood floors.Our new couches won't be arriving for about 2 months.Ouchy!!! Here's to come achy bones.[...]

Our Home in Bend Oregon


Saying Goodbye to our Beautiful Home in Bend, OregonWe were so Grateful that it sold in less than 2 weeks, but still so sad to Move :(We Loved all the Space4 Bedrooms & 2.5 Bath3,407 sqftHuge 3 Car Garage/Part RV garage & Shop AreaThe main reason Brent had to buy this home :)Gorgeous Home Fenced & Backs To Common Area In River Rim With Park & Walking Trails.Slate Entry,Vlted Great Room W/Hardwd Flrs In The Kitchen,Dining & Hallway.Gourmet Kitch W/Granite Counters,S/S Appl. Alderwood Cabinets W/Under/Over Lighting.Mstr W/His/Hers Closet,Bathrm W/Soaking Tub & Dbl Sinks. Large Bonus Rm Off Master. EntrywayOffice/StudyMost Amazing Kitchen Ever!!!!Family RoomKaedyn Brook's Precious Pink RoomSaying goodbye to another adorable BedroomThe kiddos rooms were huge, I sure am going to miss all the space.Sweet Baby Colby's BedroomSo sad, he will not be growing up in the home that he was brought home to.Kiddos BathroomMaster BedroomMaster BathroomLove, Love, LoveThe 600 sq ft addition off of the MasterHalf Scroopbooking/Craft room for me,  Half exercise room for BrentThe Laundry RoomLoved all the Storage.....The Gorgeous Common Area Behind Our Home[...]

The Month of December


Old Town Clovis Christmas ParadeAs you can see the kiddos had a blast.They actually did, the photos just don't show it...Wow the weather sure was warmer than we have been used to for the last 7 Christmas Parades. Last year in Bend, OR in was in the teens.. And most years it was completely freezing in Cleveland, OHColby Bear's,Say What? Face :)A favorite bedtime activity(Clean) panties on the head.They think they are so funny, & they just laugh at each other.Colby's 1st Waffle. Still no teeth yet, gotta use those gumsSo Serious & So ExcitedWe had two fun Christmas Parties this Year. Yeah more times to see Santa ClauseKaedyn Was a Huge Fan...Colby Was NOT...Once Again at another PartyKaedyn Loved Him...Colby did NOT...Sunday OutfitsSweet Little Colby's First DecemberDo You Here What I Here?Gotta Love the Colby Funny FacesThe Yummy FoodAt The Powell Family Christmas PartyChristmas Eve Christmas PajamasKaedyn was so Excited this year for the traditions.Everyone got a new pair of PJ's & an Ornament.And she was so sweet writing a note to Santa, putting out the Cookies and Cocoa & sprinkling tiny carrots for his Reindeer. She made sure they were all tiny carrots so the Reindeer didn't choke if they ate them too fast :)Christmas MorningMerry ChristmasHappy New YearIt's the Most Wonderful Time of the YearEvery night we must say these words to one another.It's Kaedyn's Rule....[...]

The Month of November


Colby is 9 months oldHe is on the move and into everything.Very cute & very curiousWords he knows, Mama, Dada, Thank You, Love You & FlowerAlways getting into something, or more like getting stuck...Adorable Kaedyn BrookYippy Snow in Clovis CA?Hail Balls, that's as good as it gets here. Glad it snowed a bit before we moved from Bend, ORKaedyn's gonna miss it...[...]

The Month of October


A Look Back at the Month of OctoberOld News is still Good News, Right?Well when your kiddos are this darn cute it sure isColby Brent turns 8 months old"Speed Crawler"Loving one of our last day's at the Park, without jackets.So Sad :(Does this face look familiar to anyone, when their own kiddos don't want to leave the park.Sweet Little Kaedyn could play all day.The very next day, the weather changed..Time to Bundle Up.PreciousQuite Possibly The cutest Food Network StarLook Out Fancy Nancy...Here comes Kaedyn Brook...Lipstick & hairspray, is there a better way to spend the day?Whoot Whoot!!!First Date Night since Colby was Born.Only took 8 MonthsFamily Trip to the Farm & Pumpkin PatchAs many of our friends out there know Buy - ins or Buy - Outs can be tricky, complicated, overpriced the list can go on and on. So we made the decision to move on, from Bend, OR. November 1st 2010 we are moving to Clovis, CA & building our own practice in Fresno, CA Look out World, here comesPowell Pediatric DentistryWe Loved, Loved, Loved our 15 months in Bend, OR.Great Friends, Gorgeous Weather, & Our Beautiful Home.I am totally bummed about moving again from another beautiful home. Literally 1 week after I put the final decorating/painting touches on our home we made the decision to move.Geez, it's getting hard making a home perfect for someone else. Oh well that's the way we roll.My Next post will be about our home, since I never had a chance to even Blog about it when we purchased it.Final Day @ Pediatric Dental AssociatesBend/Redmond OregonKaedyn giving Daddy one final check-up before we moveColby's 1st HalloweenCutest Little BearLove Our Little Hippo too..I Want Candy!!![...]



Updates - Updates - Updates

I have so many fun updates to share, below is a Look back at the Month of September. As a lot of you know so much has changed in the past few months, keep checking back for more new updates.

*** On a serious note there is a very important post I have felt I needed to share for many months in regards to Kaedyns Febrile Seizure. 
In case you didn't read it a few weeks ago, please click Here.
Hugs, Kiley & Family

The Month of September


A look Back at the Month of SeptemberColby Brent @ 7 Months OldMelt My HeartI Love when they sleep like thisHappy 33rd Birthday BrentieThe Most delicious Andes Mint CupcakesBrent's Birthday Dinner Out to Baldy's BBQ (hot spot in Bend)According to Kaedyn it's also known as Caillou!!!Just another Monday Morning, enjoying her Oatmeal with her Purple Shades onBuilding her TowersIt's Official.....We are Moving to Clovis, CAMore info to come soonLot's to do1. Sell a Home2. Buy a Home3. Build our PracticePlus try to enjoy all the fun Holidays coming upHalloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, January Kaedyn turns 3, February Colby turns 1, March Kiley turns 31 eeeekkk..Enjoying all the Beauty of Bend, Oregon before we move "Again"[...]

A Look back @ the Month of August


Raspberry Picking in Bend,ORRaspberry picking has been a family tradition since moving to Ohio over 6 Years. We were so excited to meet an amazing friend in Oregon who has her own Raspberry farm right in her back yard."Yummy"         Gorgeous & Delicious BerriesKaedyn adored all of the fun animals too.Happy 6 Month's Colby BrentColby has Perfected the Art of Sitting UpGotta Love these Special MomentsKaedyn reading to ColbyColby's 1st Taste of Licorice "Yummy""Flashback"A Fun look at Kaedyn with her first taste of Licorice Loving the Swing"Wild Story"So the other day I am upstairs paying Bills, it's Super Windy outside & I am watching the huge pine trees sway back and forth, one specific tree about 30 feet away from my window is really rocking.  A few minutes I get one of those nervous feelings & decide to go check on the napping kiddos. Well a few minutes later I go back to my office, & the tree is gone. "WoW" look at the pictures below. I sure am thankful it snapped to the left instead of the right, which would have crashed right through my office.Little ArtistSilly GirlSo Kaedyn asked if she could put a few crackers in her bowl.I just Love her idea of a Few..."Overflowing Bowl"Empty BagGotta Love the Cozy Coupe Static[...]

Febrile Seizure


FYI - writing and sharing this right now makes me cry and worry, but it has been on my mind for months that I needed to share this with everyone, it's just one more situation that we can prepare ourselves for when an emergency happens. A few months back we had quite a scary experience with our precious little Kaedyn. On August 1st, while we were in Clovis, CA on a business trip, Kaedyn woke up Saturday morning with a temperature of 101 deg. Like usual I gave her tylenol and within a little bit she was back to her happy and perky self. As the day went on the temperature was up and down. The next morning was Sunday, she woke up with a 100 temp. So I gave her more tylenol.  Around 3:00 I checked her temp it was 99.7 so I was debating if she needed more tylenol. She was getting ready to take a little nap, so I put her on the potty for a few minutes, and was planning to give her some tylenol when she was all done. Those who know my Kaedyn, know that she could read books on the potty for hours. After a few minutes, she asked if I would bring her one more book, and I agreed. Just as I was walking in the bathroom, and I showed her the new book, she looked at me a little funny. So I knelt down next to the potty, to tell her about the book, and she just looked at me with this blank stare, and I said kaedyn look at this book, it's so cute. Within a few seconds she fell backward off the potty and I caught her in my arms. (Immediately I thought this is one of those fever seizures, but had no idea what to do). I just held her as I yelled for Brent. Her eyes were open, and she was staring right through me. Brent came in, put cool water on her, and nothing happened. Brent took Kaedyn and laid her on the floor, and I called 911. At this point it's been about 5 minutes and my sweet little kaedyn is still not responding, is turning Blue and had very shallow breathing, if any at all. This was a horrible situation, I thought my little girl was gone.At this point, my Mom takes Colby, my Dad is on the phone with 911, Brent is in the back room with Kaedyn and I am waiting outside for the ambulance. All I could do was pray. I don't want to share everything that I experienced while praying to our Heavenly Father, but I know he was with us and our precious little Kaedyn. I felt his Love surrounding me and I new that whatever happened at this point that my precious little Kaedyn was in his arms, and that he Loved her and he was holding her. When the ambulance arrived, Kaedyn was now conscious and trying to talk and stand up, but couldn't do either, she didn't know who Brent or I was, she was mumbling and nothing made sense. I rode in the ambulance and Brent followed us in the car. Her temperature was now 104. So in a matter of 15 minutes it rose from 99.7 to 104. At the hospital they had to run all types of painful tests (poor baby). She tried so hard to be brave, but was so sick and exhauseted. Once there she finally knew that I was her Mommy and could say it, but still couldn't say anything else. Finally after several hours she recognized Brent and was talking like usual. We were at the hospital from about 4:00 - 11:00 pm. During this time she was asleep, but they were constanly waking her up to take more tests. Within 36 hours Kaedyn was full of energy & super happy. In the past few months, she has gotten several fevers, so you can bet this Mama, knows to stay calm, but am on "High Alert"There is so much more I could share about this evening, but the most important inf[...]

The Month of July


Ta Da....At 5 months 2 daysColby is sitting up all by himself.We always put Colby to Bed on his Back, but I would say he is Officially a Tummy Sleeper Now.Every morning this is how I find him. :)Oh Those Special Little Loves "So Sweet"Colby's First try of Rice CerealKaedyn Loved having Colby join us at the TableEvery Morning Kaedyn invites Colby to hang out in her Bed & she reads him a Story.We sure Love this Special Time they share.Colby is On The Move.I left him on his play-mat, and checked back about 30 seconds later,And he was on "Roll"Pioneer DayColby's First Try of Baby FoodWe figured we would him start with something almost all babies love.Sweet PotatoesA Little Sweet, but not as Yummy as something Fruity.Below is a pretty Funny recap in Pictures of how this experience went.Oh the Torture has EndedKaedyn has no Idea this is what she looks like in the morning After she enjoys her first big bite piece of Toast with "Jelly"Sure make me Smile in the Morning.Kaedyn Loving her Story & Music Time @ The LibraryCute Little Kaedyn Brook*Sensitive Tummies Do Not Look*This has to be one of The Hugest BlowoutsThat explains Colby's sudden Mood Change.Extremely Cranky to Incredibly HappyThank Goodness this one happened when Brent was home.[...]

Happy 10 Year Anniversary


Happy Anniversary To Us!10 Years of MarriageJuly 14th 2000 - Married in the Fresno CA Temple2001- Living in CA, Both working & Going to School2002 - Living in CA, Both working & Going to School2003 - Moved to Cleveland, OH. Brent started Dental School, and we bought our 1st Home2004 - Brent's 2nd Year of Dental School, Renovating Our 1st Home in Ohio2005 -  Brent's 3rd Year of Dental School, & started working as an Organ & Tissue Recovery Tech. I started Catering for the Jewish Synagogue & Specialty Chefs2006 - Brent's 4th Year of Dental School, I was still catering for the Synagogue & Specialty Chefs2007 - Huge Year for Us. Sold Our 1st Home, and Bought our 2nd.Brent graduated from Case School of Dental Medicine, I received my Bachelors Degree from Eastern Oregon University Online. Our 3 years of struggling with Infertility Ended this Year, Yeah we were Pregnant again.2008 - Welcomed Our Precious Little Girl Kaedyn to the World2009 - Brent graduated from the Pediatric Dental Residency Program in Cleveland OHMoved to Bend, Oregon to become an Associate in a Pediatric Dental Practice2010 - Welcomed Our Precious Little Boy Colby to the WorldSo Many #'s8 Homes (including 1 Hotel for a Month, ahhhh)4 Wards3 Degrees 2 for Brent & 1 for Kiley, plus I became a certified Clinical & Administrative medical assist.2 Adorable ChildrenMany Happy Moments..Many Trials...Many Tears...Many Blessings...And Many More Happy Years for Everyone...[...]

Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary


Not what we had in mind for Our 10 Year Anniversary,But with 2 Little One's, This is Exactly what our Little Family NeededWe took our First Trip to PortlandCompared to our cute Small Town of Bend, Oregon.We spent a few days in "The Big City"Some cute Pictures from our Pee Pee Stop BreakKaedyn & Colby having a Little Dance PartyWhoo ~ WhooWe Spent the day at the Portland ZooNow that's an Anniversary GiftBrentie taking Diaper Duty on a Park BenchBest Way Ever to End the NightThis trip would not have been Complete without a Visit to IKEA[...]

Colby Turns 5 Months & The 4th of July


July 2010Colby turned 5 Months old on the 4th of JulyHappy 5 Months ColbyHe is one Happy Baby Boy, Full of Smiles, Giggles, & CutenessHe is Sleeping about 9 hours at Night, eats and then usually sleeps 3 - 4 more hours.And has 2 pretty good naps during the day.Yippy, lets keep this up Colby.Happy 4th of JulyWe Loved being all Matchy Matchy at Church Today        So as You can see below Kaedyn was terribly Afraid of the Fireworks this year. Colby was napping & Kaedyn was laying on the couch watching Caillou while Brent and I felt like total Losers setting off 100 Fireworks by ourselves until the 6 year old little neighbor boy decided to join us.Well I am very glad I don't have pictures from the rest of the night, since it was not as pretty as we were hoping for. Anyways here in Bend there is a huge mountain "Pilot Butte" and every year they do a huge firework display from on top. Well on our way there we here a tiny "Burp" come from one of the little kiddos and then a few seconds later kaedyn says "Oh no Mom I Barfed". Well our 4th of July BBQ was now all over Kaedyn :(Change of plans we headed back home, bathed the babies and put them to bed.[...]

June 2010


Two Silly MonkeysI Love their matching jammies.So Sweet!!!Cool Dude ColbyKaedyn Loves Picking out her own outfitsAnd of course all the accessories too.Kaedyn's 1st try with Watercolors.She Loved them!!Happy Father's Day BrentieLoving her new Piggy TailsHandsome Little ColbySporting his 1st necktieMama giving Colby KissesColby would rather give Puppy KissesKaedyn's Beautiful "Complete" Moon(Her exact Words)[...]