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The Rachel Berry Blog

Updated: 2018-02-24T08:37:28.299-08:00


{Jentry's Senior Pictures! }


Exactly how did this happen so fast? 
Yet it's here and graduation is in a few shorts months.
 Here are a few of his senior pictures taken by the amazing Carly Carlson.


{Easter Wool Felt Ball Garlands}


Oh, how I love the color combinations of these garlands! :) 
Link to shop is over on the right!

{ I'm Early For St. Patrick's Day! Felt Ball Garlands :)


So, I'm a little early this year, better early than late right? Shop link over on the right!

And a couple kids room garlands! :)


{ New Halloween Garland Sets For Sale In The Shop! }


These cute Garland Sets are live in my ETSY SHOP, they are ready to ship!
Happy Halloween Shopping!

{ Wool Felt Ball Garlands For Sale }


I've started a little side business for myself. Well, actually it's so I can help contribute to our family of 8's finances.
We would LOVE to get out of debt and build a home of our own. So Felt balls is what I'm doing right now and I so hope and pray that it takes off. I/we really need this to work. I will be selling 100% Wool Felt Ball Garlands and some holiday banners as well.

Here are a few that I have made. All are available to purchase in my (Click Here Etsy Shop) or you can find my Etsy shop widget over on the right hand of your screen. :) ALL Felt Ball Garlands are $15.00 for a 6.5-7 foot Garland.
The colors are more vibrant than the photos show. I took these pics with my sad cell phone. I also have some Fall & Christmas Garlands ready to post as well. Just need to get the pictures up. :)


{ Ledger Turns 1! }


 So he went and turned 1 on me. It's okay really, i'm really liking this bigger grown up baby stage. He's more independent on his own and less dependent on me. It's a win, win for both of us! I had great ideas about doing his 1 yr shoot but he was less than cooperative, so we really only got 1 shot of him that was semi-decent and he wouldn't wear the headdress I had made. He's a little stinker but I love his guts!


{ Ledger at 11 Months }



{ Planked Bathroom Ceiling }


Did I ever mention that we planked our bathroom ceiling?
Mostly likely not.
Anywho, we have 1 bathroom in this house of 8 people. That's right I said 8. Yes, this bathroom most days is like Grand Central Station. I kid you not. We so need another bath or maybe we just need to move.
I say move, what? did I just say that out loud?
Anyway, focus Rachel! This bathroom used to be part of a porch. This old farm house never had an actual bathroom until the 1960's. They had used an outhouse up this point. I'm so envisioning an episode of Alaska the Last Frontier right now.

The ceilings are SUPER low and the bathroom is VERY small. In fact to make the bathroom even smaller, when we moved in there was a wall with a door in the middle of the bathroom separating the sink from the tub & toilet. We removed the wall and door and put in a new sink vanity and tile etc. But that left a nasty line in the ceiling where the stud was from the wall So the only thing I could come up with to hide the ceiling and all it's imperfections was to plank it.
Here are the before pics:

We used some leftover wood pieces (very thin wood might I add, as to not add to much bulk to the ceiling- the ceiling is low enough as it is) from my husbands work. So this project cost us PENNIES we used some nails (air nailer) and a dab of wood glue here and there. We have since painted the planks white with some leftover paint we had and I LOVE IT. It's holding up great, even with all of us who shower on a daily basis.
We also want to trim out the ceiling but are on hold as we may be doing a major remodel of the bathroom all together. We want to remove the tub and put in a walk in shower. That means new tile, new floor etc...

I promise to take some after pictures here soon.
We are still working on a few things like a light fixture, you would think we could get that one up, but no......
I'll post some updates soon!

Chat with ya later!(image)

{ Sleeping Arrangements? }


This is what becomes of a baby when he puts himself to sleep.
funny little kiddo.....

It's like a teeny tiny baby prison..... Lol!

{ Ledger At 10 Months }


 Sigh.... Another month.... 
He rides his Y Bike like a little madman!


{ Valentines 2015 }


We made quick and easy Valentines this year for school.
Addison wanted gum, Corbin whoopee cushions.
I was more than happy to oblige!
All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for the Internet & Pinterest!
Here are Addison's:

I can't for the life of me find where I got the printable at, I'll keep looking and post it when I find it!
The gumballs I found in bulk on eBay.

And Corbin's:

Here is where I found the printable for Corbin's: HERE
The Whoopee cushions I found on Amazon for cheap, they were a HUGE hit!


{ Ledger At 9 Months }


On February 16, 2015 Ledger does the whole HOW BIG IS LEDGER with his hands raised in the air. It's pretty darn cute. He also said MAMA!!! I'll take that win!
He also learned to shake his head NO. It's his new favorite thing, and boy does he ever know what he does and doesn't' like. 
He lets me know for sure with just a shake of his head!
On 2.19.15 he took on clapping. 


{ Brinley's 13th Birthday }


And, then we got to celebrate Miss Brinley's 13th Birthday!
She was more than happy to become an official teenage.
I have 3 teenagers in the house, pray for me.
No, really Brinley is a happy girl.
And you know what they say, happy girls are the prettiest!
She's super responsible.
She's an over achiever.
She's a 4.0 student.
She's an awesome helper.
She had 3 Birthday requests:
A washi tape banner for her cake, She made it. :)
A rainbow cake, I made it.
Paper straws, I bought it.
She's so easy to please.
Happy 13th Brinley Girl! We love you bunches!


{ Jentry's 17th Birthday }


I have this oldest child.
He hates to have his picture taken. So I'm holding myself back from post an actual photo of him.
He turned 17 on January 13th. 
When did my little boy become this, this man?
We've had our trials but he's becoming a great young man.
We like him alot! ;)
Happy Birthday Jentry, we love you!
And in case any of you were wondering, there's chocolate cake hiding under there. 
And yes, it was delish.....


{ Ledger At 8 Months }


This monkey got his 6th tooth on 1.10.15 & the 7th on 1.11.15.
He waved bye bye to his dad officially on 1.20.15
Says dada ALL the time. Why is it, that they say dada first? Aren't I the one caring for his every living need 24/7? I'm just saying. 
I Love this little soul to no end......


{ His "Other" Mother }


This photo was taken with my cell phone, it's not the best quality, it was taken in the bathroom of all places but, I absolutely LOVE IT!
Ledger LOVES his big sister Brinley.
I joke she's his other mom (she secretly loves it). 
She's so patient with him and the bond they have is frankly quite awesome.


{ Christmas 2014 }


We had a great Christmas, my older kids were kind to Santa Claus in their wish lists, the younger 2 still believe Santa has deep pockets and can supply any toy they desire.
Luckily, we pull the Santa doesn't give really expensive gifts.
We played with Chalk Boards, Lego's, Video Games, Fashion Plates, Model Car Engines, & Activity Tables.
All and all Christmas 2014 was a complete success.
The boys rounded off the day by going and watching They Hobbit at the Movie Theater.
Christmas 2014 was pretty dang awesome!


{ December Ledger Snapshots }


Yes, I have 5 other kiddos...
Yes, this blog has a mass of Ledger overload at the moment.
Yes, he is the only one that will sit still long enough for photos.
And yes, he and I are the only ones home during the day.
Hence la' photo of la' Ledger overload.... :)


{ Ledger at 7 Months Old }


Little man keeps growing. He has 2 teeth at this point and loves to do the combat carl crawl.
He's growing up too fast might I add.....
 Photo taken 12.7.15


{ J&K go to Fall Ball }


Jentry went to Fall Ball with his friend Katelyn last November, how is it that I have children old enough to go to such events as these? 
Don't blink, high school goes by sooooo much faster then the toddler/younger years. 
He is just ending his Junior year this year and is preparing for his Senior year which he doesn't like to talk about. He said it's going too fast for him and he is going to miss all of his friends once graduation hits. It will be here before we know it!


{ Back Post- Ledger At 6 Months }


 I can't believe this cute little man has been here for 6 months already.                          He's finally at that super fun stage where their little personality is here                                    and he knows how to use it. Here are 6 facts about Ledger:1. He's spoiled. 2. He still likes to combat crawl. 3. We've nicknamed in Carl as in Combat Carl... 4. He still won't take a pacifier or bottle. 5. His hair is finally starting to come back in. 6. He is loved by EVERYONE. :) Happy 6 month birthday love!enough with the pictures mom, I have other things to do......11.7.2014[...]

{ Back Post- Random November Memories }


This post is as random as you can get! So here we go.....We ended October by painting some pumpkins.My Mr. and Parker have been building us a Barn Shed. She's done now and is pretty saweet!I put up my sparse Thanksgiving decor....we do a lot of this....The picture is fuzzy but I love the interaction of these two.A little FHEWe had Family Home Evening. Brinley was in charge of our lesson. Corbin and Addison acted out the Good Samaritan story. Hence the stache' :).[...]

{ Addison Turns 7! }


Of course with it being Halloween, it's also our Addison's birthday!
She is beginning to love the perks having her birthday the same day as a major holiday.
Parties at school, junk food for a good majority of the day and everyone dresses up!
Life couldn't be any better for a kid who's 7 don't ya think!

 And you can't forget to count your candy haul!
I remember doing this as a kid as well! Somethings never change..


{ Back Post- Halloween 2014 }


Halloween was low key. Addison turned 7 this past Halloween and we had our annual Trunk-Or-Treat and then came home. It was cold and rainy and we were frankly d.o.n.e.I made Addison's Owl Wings from thrift store finds well- Wool pants, skirts, shirts & one Wool trench coat to be exact and I actually made 2 sets of wings. One for her and another for her cute little friend Lyndie. I will post a picture of her facing the camera but she has yet to put her Costume on again.Costume in progress.....Corbin was dying to be a Star Wars Storm Trooper so we borrowed a trooper from our friends. Thanks P & N! Ledger was a Pirate Owl. My awesome friend Kim made Ledger's hat as well as an owl hat for Addison. She is super amazing.... For the main part of his costume I just took 2 long sleeve onesies and layered them (the top one I cut the arms off). I then took 2 scrap sheets of felt in red and brown and cut out scallops then hot glued them together and glued them to the chest of the top onesie. The baby legs I ordered from eBay. Paired with some Pirate themed leather Robeez he was set for Halloween!Oh how I love this little face![...]