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Preview: Latest News from RUBY-ON-RAILS

Latest News from Ruby-On-Rails

Latest News from Ruby-On-Rails

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Monitoring Background Jobs in Ruby’s Resque

Wed, 15 May 2013 13:45:00 EDT

Here at AppNeta, we get to see a lot about how people build their web applications. From simple PHP scripts to heavily service-oriented Java clouds to monolithic Django apps, everybody’s product is architected a little differently. We’re still out to trace everything, and today I want to talk how to get visibility into an important component of any complex system: the messaging queue. Specifically, let’s look at how to trace a job from Rails using Resque.

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Instrumenting Ruby on Rails with TraceView

Fri, 03 May 2013 11:00:00 EDT

Things are moving fast for the Ruby language instrumentation in TraceView. We already support tracing of memcache-client, memcached, dalli, mongo, moped, mongoid, mongomapper, cassandra, ActiveRecord (postgres, mysql, mysql2) plus more. Most recently we added support for Rack and Resque tracing. Installing TraceView consists of two parts: 1) installing the system daemon on your host and 2) installing the Ruby gem in your application. Why a system daemon? TraceView uses a system daemon to collect instrumentation from sources beyond application code such as host metrics, Apache or Resque. The system daemon is installed with two commands that can be pasted into your shell. An account specific version of these commands are available in your TraceView dashboard once you create an account. (Under Settings; App Configuration; Trace New Hosts).

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Salesforce's Heroku Acquisition Redefines Cloud Computing

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 01:38:00 EST created the legitimate SaaS market on its own. Along with VMWare, it is also perceived as one of the leaders in the dawning era of Cloud Computing. So when Salesforce does something, I think it behooves all of the industry to pay attention. Note: This is not a commercial. No one's paid me to say this. Heck, I've never even met Marc Benioff. But I do believe its commitment to the Ruby programming language and the multitenant programming approach, demonstrated through its Heroku acquisition over the week-end, is something to be taken seriously. Heroku has only 30 employees, but was launched three years ago with a big idea: to change the way developers think about PaaS. It incorporates Ruby to deliver a multitenant approach that eliminates the need for virtual machines. Kick that thinking up to a higher level, ie to the enterprise buyer level, it means that companies can adapt public-cloud solutions with the knowledge that their data can't touch (or be touched by) anyone else's data. There are certainly technical arguments to be made in an attempt to render this a non-issue, and multitenant development is more complex than single-tenant (aka multi-instance). But the marketing argument will trump the technical argument in the end, I believe. Salesforce is already talking about Heroku as delivering a "Cloud 2" platform; whether this particular argument sticks or not, this general message will win. The Ruby community must be happy, too. The language made its first notable appearance during Ajax-mania a few years ago, but with a major announcement such as this of its potential for Cloud, the sky's the limit.

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Ruby on Rails Storms Toward Cloud Computing

Mon, 05 Apr 2010 16:00:00 EDT

Ruby on Rails is a rapid application development platform that in just a few short years has come to be the default choice for open-source developers creating public web and departmental applications. Although Twitter is the highest profile user, there are thousands of developers using Ruby on Rails (and its JVM version, JRuby) to create departmental and enterprise applications on enterprise clouds. In this session we'll talk about the architecture and benefits of a Rails-based Platform-as-a-Service built on Enterprise Cloud infrastructure, and how it can help developers directly access and manage IT resources for their application development and deployment needs.

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Avnet Buys Bell Micro

Fri, 02 Apr 2010 23:15:00 EDT

Avnet is going to buy $3 billion-a-year fellow distributor Bell Microproducts for $252 million cash, $7 a share, a 30% premium, and assume Bell’s $342 million debt, making the deal worth about $594 million. It wants Bell’s Latin American business and its storage franchise. The Latin American market, 17% of Bell’s business, is supposed to grow by 8.4% a year over the next five years. It also figures it can cross-sell. Bell handles server and IT infrastructure as well as storage. Figure synergies of $50 million–$60 million and integration costs of $20 million–$30 million. Avnet raised its Q3 outlook from 53 cents–61 cents to 60 cents–66 cents on revenues of $4.45 billion–$4.7 billion.

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Symplified CEO to Present at Cloud Expo East

Fri, 26 Mar 2010 03:30:00 EDT

Although there’s much talk about securing cloud computing environments at the infrastructure layer, that’s really the tip of the iceberg. The bigger challenge facing organizations is controlling user access and enforcing security policies across the cloud to Software as a Service applications (SaaS). Unlike the past, when user identities and access control could be managed within the enterprise network, enterprises that deploy SaaS must manage user access to applications that reside outside the firewall. Access control and identity management have always been a difficult problems to solve; with the disappearing perimeter it has become even more complicated. In his session at the 5th International Cloud Expo, Eric Olden, Founder & CEO of Symplified, will cover the technical and organizational challenges that must be addressed to manage how enterprises control provisioning, access, authentication, single sign-on, auditing, compliance and integration of enterprise systems to cloud-based services.

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A is for Application, J is for Jacked

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 11:00:00 EST

Almost every day now, there seems to be a report about some ‘important’ system getting breached or some credit cards/identities being stolen or insecure infrastructures getting exposed with schools, universities, municipalities, states and even entire countries being the latest victims. The recent 7Safe UK Security Breach Investigations Report stated, “86% of all attacks, a weakness in a web interface was exploited” and in his blog last week, Jeremiah Grossman wrote about the discrepancy in security spending verses the types of attacks that occur. He breaks down the numbers to show that most of the security spending goes to perimeter defense like firewalls and says, ‘Organizations spend their IT security dollars protecting themselves from yesterday’s attacks, at the network/infrastructure layer, while overlooking today’s real threats.’

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New Online Marketing Option For Small Businesses

Mon, 04 Jan 2010 08:03:00 EST

Global small businesses can use local business listings on the Internet as a yellow page alternative and to be more easily located by mobile local consumers. Internet based Local business listings are free through the major search engines and display in search results, as well as on mobile devices. The additional benefits include adding coupons, offers, discounts, photos, videos while changing them anytime. - something you cannot do with your yellow page ad.

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Bah Humbug Unless New Year’s Resolutions Are Put Into Perspective

Tue, 29 Dec 2009 02:45:00 EST

A goal is a desired outcome to be achieved by the resolve to fulfill a resolution to define and commit to a process that will result in success. When the resolution is the process of trust, support and caring, there is no place for fear, anger and guilt.

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Callidus Expands Cloud Computing Footprint

Mon, 21 Dec 2009 23:30:00 EST

Following Dreamforce, Mark Smith, CEO and EVP at Ventana Research, commented on Commissions Manager in the Ventana Research Blog that, "The two solutions Callidus Plan Communicator and Commissions Manager help organizations off-board from using dedicated spreadsheets onto a solution that uses software designed for the process and for management to ensure accurate and fair commission and incentives are paid. I believe this is the type of support that especially mid-size organizations with 15 up to 100 sales representatives on compensation plans need to automate this process. The solution [...] will meet the majority of mid-sized organizations that have defined products and services with set commission rates and accelerators(1)."

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Continuous Integration in Cloud Computing

Thu, 17 Dec 2009 14:00:00 EST

Continuous Integration topic launched today on Ulitzer. Continuous integration describes a set of software engineering practices that speed up the delivery of software by decreasing integration times. Ulitzer is a "new media" social journalism platform that revolutionizes how we create, deliver, and consume content on the Web. Ulitzer authors can get started with their first article in a few minutes and may start a new "Topic" on any subject or write a story and post it both to their Ulitzer author page and to any existing Ulitzer topic.

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Citrix XenServer Helps Rankin County Go Virtual

Sun, 13 Dec 2009 14:30:00 EST

Citrix Systems, Inc. announced that Rankin County, which ranks among the top 10 percent of fastest-growing U.S. counties, has deployed Citrix XenServer to upgrade, consolidate and maintain the county's server infrastructure. XenServer is an open and powerful server virtualization solution that helps reduce datacenter costs by transforming static and complex datacenter environments into more dynamic, easy to manage IT service delivery centers. The IT team for Rankin County, Mississippi serves more than 20 departments across disparate locations. Technology support across the county includes the 911 emergency call center, police officers on patrol and county government officials. Running out of space in the county's server room and faced with aging hardware, Rankin County needed a way to make room for more servers to support the county's IT needs while maintaining services around the clock. In response, the Rankin County Board of Supervisors funded a virtualization project that uses Citrix XenServer to provide a way to upgrade and update mission-critical server applications without any service outages or downtime.

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Migrating from UNIX / RISC to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Wed, 09 Dec 2009 17:15:00 EST

Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on Intel® processor-based servers helps your customers reduce TCO, while providing a better foundation for growth. This white paper provides a guide to planning and conducting a strategic and successful transition.

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Mobile Phone with Integrated Car Key

Tue, 01 Dec 2009 04:30:00 EST

Mobile phone with integrated car key has been announced by Nissan, NTT DOCOMO and Sharp

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Get Time Tracker Source Code in SproutCore

Fri, 20 Nov 2009 15:45:00 EST

Bruz Marzolf is writing a series of blog posts implementing a simple time tracking app in various client-side rich web app frameworks. He just finished his example in SproutCore and including some source code.

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4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo Starts Today

Mon, 02 Nov 2009 08:10:00 EST

A round-up of the wide range of important issues and timely topics due to be discussed by over 130 industry experts at SYS-CON's 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, opening today at the Santa Clara Convention Center, November 2-4, 2009. From Building Scalable and Extensible RIAs in the Cloud to Yahoo! Cloud @ Internet Scale.

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Accelerating Innovation with Yahoo! Cloud Serving

Tue, 27 Oct 2009 17:30:00 EDT

Yahoo! Cloud Serving Platform provides technology to build, test, deploy, run, and manage web services in the Yahoo! Cloud. The architecture of cloud services can differ significantly from traditional application models and, as such, implementing cloud applications can require a fundamental shift in application-design thought processes. Surendra Reddy will further elaborate on Yahoo! Cloud Serving Platform architecture and how it leverages virtualization technologies to simplify and automate our service delivery.

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Rhomobile to Exhibit at Cloud Computing Conference & Expo

Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:00:00 EDT

SYS-CON Events announced today that Rhomobile, a provider of the Rhodes open source mobile application development framework for enterprise mobility, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 4th International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, which will take place on November 2 - 4, 2009, Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, California.

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The First Mobile Ruby

Tue, 22 Sep 2009 21:53:00 EDT

Our open source framework Rhodes contains the first implementation of Ruby for every major smartphone operating system: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. The primary benefits of the Rhodes framework are: the productivity and portability enabled by writing interfaces in HTML once (and compiling to native smartphone apps), access to device capabilities from a [...]

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Present Customer Successes with Context

Tue, 15 Sep 2009 08:15:00 EDT

Facts are dry. Facts are without the context of the how, why and what. Facts that fly in the face of what prospects believe or “know” won’t get you any traction in your marketing. Even if they’re brilliant. Unless you use them as evidence behind a compelling story. Your prospects won't engage with standalone feeds and speeds. Without context, there's no story. And with no story it's hard for your prospects to believe that what you say is credible.

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Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud Service Goes Live

Fri, 28 Aug 2009 16:00:00 EDT

To recap, my original definition of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is as a method for partitioning a public computing utility such as EC2 into quarantined virtual infrastructure. A VPC may encapsulate multiple local and remote resources to appear as a single homogeneous computing environment bridging the ability to securely utilize remote resources as part of an seamless global compute infrastructure. A core component of a VPC is a virtual private network (VPN) and or a virtual LAN (Vlan) in which some of the links between nodes are encrypted and carried by virtual switches.

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Cloud Standards Sought ASAP

Wed, 26 Aug 2009 11:45:00 EDT

Like so many others, The Open Group has been busy for the past year figuring out our place in the cloud. With the great work already being done by industry groups like the Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum, CloudCamp and the Cloud Security Alliance, we have given great thought and consideration to how we can best add value to this evolving area. [Disclosure: The Open Group is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.] The growth in cloud computing has resulted in a diverse array of technical capabilities, and companies of all sizes are trying to understand how to take advantage of them in their business operations. We saw this as an opportunity to bring both vendors and end-users together with an eye toward providing guidance for adopting and implementing cloud computing in a way that helps ensure that organizations get the business benefits promised by these new capabilities.

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Obama’s ‘Greener Dollar’ Creates a State Lottery

Tue, 18 Aug 2009 07:30:00 EDT

With the economic crisis looming over the globe, can the Energy industry help produce a ‘Greener’ world, or will their attempts sink profits lower creating a collapse in the system?

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Even Faster Web Sites

Wed, 22 Jul 2009 10:00:00 EDT

Sebastopol, CA – Performance is critical to the success of any web site, and yet today’s web applications push browsers to their limits with increasing amounts of rich content and heavy use of Ajax. In his newest book, Even Faster Web Sites, (O’Reilly, US $34.99), Steve Souders, web performance evangelist at Google and former Chief [...] No related posts.

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Do You Trust Google More Than You Trust Your Wife?

Tue, 21 Jul 2009 23:45:00 EDT

The latest Twitter controversy surrounding the blog, the hacker and the cloud vendor isn’t disturbing – just inevitable. By now anybody with an iota of interest in cloud computing will know what this story is about. Many people are probably damning Google for their ” lack of security.” But hang on here. Aren’t people being quite cavalier with their data? The other day I refused to give my own partner my PIN… but as I write, it’s happily stored somewhere as a draft on GMail. That really doesn’t make sense.

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How to Generate Boxscores with Ruby from Live MLB Data

Mon, 20 Jul 2009 17:15:00 EDT

As an avid baseball fan, I’ve always been interested in the statistics that surround baseball. More so than in any other sport, baseball is a game ruled by statistics. In this post, I will describe a program that I wrote in the Ruby language to generate box scores for any Major Leage Baseball(MLB) game by using the live XML data provided by MLB. Ruby makes it easy to do using plain Ruby along with just a few libraries.

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Yahoo & Microsoft Reportedly Close to Now-or-Never Deal

Mon, 20 Jul 2009 10:45:00 EDT

A search and online advertising deal between Yahoo and Microsoft is imminent - unless of course it's blown off course again, according to Yahoo know-it-all All Things Digital, the Dow Jones blog. Under the circumstances blogger Kara Swisher isn't guaranteeing a deal will happen though she hears one could be announced this week. If the companies don't emerge with an agreement this time, they're reportedly unlikely to try again.

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Adobe's User Community, Turkish Spammers and Internet Terrorists

Mon, 13 Jul 2009 19:45:00 EDT

Last week I wrote about the Internet being infested by Turkish spammers. One of the comments left on the same subject said "It's really sad. I had to implement a 'country by IP address' filter for a client's site in order to present users from a couple selected countries with specifically different options on a couple pages. The spammers ruin it for everybody." I personally think the entire country of Turkey should be isolated from the International community until they learn to police themselves and educate their mountain animal spammers.

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EuRuKo and Device Capabilities

Mon, 11 May 2009 11:24:00 EDT

Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the superb European Ruby Conference in Barcelona.   It was fascinating seeing the enthusiasm of the audience for Ruby and the technologies presented.  I also got to talk to several attendees about their own Ruby efforts.   The most interesting chats that I had were reminders of how device [...]

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Aptana Journal Launched on Ulitzer

Wed, 08 Apr 2009 04:15:00 EDT

Aptana Journal launched today on Ulitzer. Aptana Studio is a complete web development environment that combines powerful authoring tools with a collection of online hosting and collaboration services that help you and your team do more, at The editor of Aptana Journal, Kevin Hakman is Director of Evangelism for Aptana, Inc., makers of the popular Aptana Studio web development suite. As early as 2001 Kevin was pioneering AJAX web applications via General Interface, a full AJAX development and GUI toolkit which he co-founded, and later sold to TIBCO Software in 2004. Kevin is a contributor to AJAXWorld Magazine, and has spoken at numerous AJAX industry events.

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Announcing Memopal Cloud Search

Mon, 09 Feb 2009 15:15:00 EST

Memopal announces the release of ‘Memopal Cloud Search’, the new tool that simplifies and speeds up online file search. Searching dozens and dozens of folders in your remote archive to find the document you need out of hundreds of thousands of other files may be difficult and time consuming.

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GNU Sues Cisco

Tue, 16 Dec 2008 19:00:00 EST

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has sued Cisco for copyright infringement. It says Cisco’s Linksys division uses GNU code and won’t honor the GPL 2 and LGPL 2 and 2.1 licenses that the GNU software’s distributed under and give customers the source code to the Cisco-modified embedded firmware that would of course let users in turn modify the software. FSF wants the profits that Cisco’s made off of Linksys’ allegedly offending widgetry, damages on top of that doubtlessly tidy sum, and an injunction.

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Amazon SimpleDB Hits Public Beta

Fri, 05 Dec 2008 08:30:00 EST

After spending a year in private beta, Amazon's SimpleDB has been pushed into what the company calls "unlimited public beta." Any developer or business can now sign up and start using the web service. As a come-on, for the next six months or so Amazon will be offering a free monthly usage tier good for 25 machine hours, 1GB of data transfer in and out, and 1GB of storage.

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New Relic Announces Support for Ruby on Rails Release 2.2

Thu, 04 Dec 2008 10:24:00 EST

"Ruby on Rails is always evolving and has over the past five years gone through some fifty-plus public releases," said David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Rails and member of the Rails Core Team. "Rails developers need the supporting ecosystem to keep up with that evolution. New Relic is proving that they're willing to do just that by being quick to ensure compatibility with Rails 2.2."

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1105 Media Cancels "Virtualization Live" Conference Due to Recession, It Says

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 11:30:00 EST

This is the sentence that screams "We don't get it, we don't get it, someone please help us, we don't get it!" Hello my friends at 1105 Media, hello there! There have not been "print issues " or "print magazines" or print anything for the past five years in technology media. IDG does not do print; CMP does not do print; SYS-CON does not do print.

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Keynote Systems Opens Cloud Infrastructure

Wed, 22 Oct 2008 03:00:00 EDT

Keynote Systems has announced it will open its cloud infrastructure, offering any Web team concerned with their end users' experience free access to KITE (Keynote Interactive Testing Environment), Keynote's product for testing and analyzing the performance of Web applications across the Internet cloud. Thus, KITE becomes the gateway into Keynote's global test & measurement infrastructure.

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AJAX in Ruby on Rails with Prototype,

Sun, 05 Oct 2008 15:45:00 EDT

This tutorial deals with AJAX implementation in Ruby on Rails 2. While I was learning RoR, I had lot of issues of properly having AJAX implementation in my projects. This tutorial is for those people out there. In this tutorial, I`ll just show some very simple Animation Implementations in RoR.

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TechTarget Gets Caught Spying on SYS-CON Media

Thu, 02 Oct 2008 18:00:00 EDT

SYS-CON Events' sales team replied to Scott Kelly's exhibitor inquiry, but when they never heard back from Scott, they decided to do a little Googling and here is what they found out. Mr Kelly is actually the 'Director of Product Management at TechTarget,' a technology media company that is struggling to produce a competitive show (with no luck) and compete with AJAX World RIA Conference & Expo. No wonder TechTarget is in pitiful shape as a competitor of SYS-CON Events. Look at the actions of their senior management - they can't even spy on their competitors, forget about putting together a show. :- ))

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Cloud Computing Expo - Confessions of Sergey Brin

Sun, 21 Sep 2008 01:00:00 EDT

Google co-founder Sergey Brin started a personal blog Thursday, beginning with the revelation that he has a genetic predisposition to Parkinson’s, the nasty incurable disease that has crippled Michael Fox, the actor. Brin’s mother’s got it and so has her aunt but cases of familial Parkinson’s are quite rare, Brin says, confessing that he never bought the idea that it was hereditary.

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Appcelerator Named "Platinum Sponsor" of AJAX World Conference & Expo

Mon, 15 Sep 2008 14:20:00 EDT

Appcelerator is an open source software company specializing in products and services for rapid rich Internet application (RIA) and SOA-based services development. The Appcelerator Platform SDKs enable developers to develop rich Ajax and DHTML applications using cross-browser widgets, a unique Web Expression Language and other open standards-based languages like HTML and CSS - without the use of Javascript. Appcelerator supports most languages, including Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Python and Perl.

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Virtualization - Puma Uncaged

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 17:15:00 EDT

AMD has announced its next-generation Centrino-chasing notebook platform Puma, touting it as delivering the 'ultimate HD visual performance' as well as increased energy efficiency. It's depending on the widgetry to fix some of its $4.3 billion in losses accumulated during the last six quarters.

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RadRails 1.0 for Aptana Studio Is Out

Thu, 13 Mar 2008 07:30:00 EDT

'It has been a long time coming and includes a lot of new features and polish,' said Chris Wiiliams, who runs the RadRails project. 'We're especially proud of the progress we've made here at Aptana since we took over the project. RadRails 0.7.2 users will definitely want to check out this new release - it offers a more stable environment, full Rails 2.0 support, support for JRuby, and a boatload of new features.'

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Ruby on Rails Bible Coming Soon

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 16:45:00 EST

The book will cover Rails 2.0. Major chapters or sections will cover topics such as models, views, controllers, plug-ins, deploying with Capistrano, testing a Rails application, and using Prototype and Scriptaculous. The application developed in the walk-through chapters is a Web 2.0 application that can be used by a group of users to share information about a collection of books. It will include implementation of features such as content tagging, reviews, and ratings.

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ELC and FiveRuns to Deliver Ruby on Rails Applications

Tue, 25 Dec 2007 17:30:00 EST

ELC Technologies and FiveRuns have formed a strategic partnership to provide business-critical, enterprise-class Ruby on Rails applications for global companies. Working together, ELC and FiveRuns will enable organizations to develop robust enterprise applications, monitor application performance, and help IT executives manage and integrate open source Rails resources.

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FiveRuns and Brightbox Announce Partnership for Ruby on Rails Hosting and Management Services in UK

Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:00:00 EST

FiveRuns and Brightbox announced a strategic partnership to provide an exclusive, bundled offering including FiveRuns RM-Manage Rails application monitoring software with Brightbox?s virtualized server solutions for Rails applications.

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Testing in Ruby on Rails

Tue, 11 Sep 2007 10:45:00 EDT

You've just finished writing your Ruby on Rails application, your test suite tests your models and controllers in depth, but you still can't tell from your tests if your RJS responses are functioning properly, or if a JavaScript error is happening in the browser, which means that your tests can still be improved. In this talk, the speaker will outline some options you have for testing your AJAX-powered Ruby on Rails application from both the client and server sides. The speaker will show examples illustrating how to test your RJS calls from the server-side with the use of some Rails plugins, and how to test the same calls in the client-side using with Selenium, a tool that allows you to write automated web application UI tests using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser.

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Paul Levy of Ruby On Gears

Tue, 21 Aug 2007 09:00:00 EDT

SOA Conference 2007 East

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Microsoft Distributes Pre-Alpha Code of IronRuby for Silverlight

Sat, 28 Jul 2007 08:45:00 EDT

Microsoft has sent out pre-alpha code of IronRuby, its version of the Ruby language that will let developers write .NET programs in, well, Ruby and suggestively IE and the Safari browser programs using the soon-to-be Adobe Flash-like Silverlight 1.1. IronRuby will go to the RubyForge repository late next month under Microsoft's Permissive License so developers can tinker with the IronRuby code. When it hits RubyForge anybody will be able to contribute to the code though initially any contributions are limited to the libraries. IronRuby will eventually be integrated with Visual Studio.

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Ruby on Gears Will Exhibit at the Enterprise Open Source Conference & Expo This Week

Sun, 24 Jun 2007 20:45:00 EDT

Ruby on Gears is a content plus framework built in 100% Ruby on top of the popular Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Gears provides a turn-key user & administration environment suitable for CRM, Project Management, Document Management, Corporate Intranets, Expert Systems, Vertical Search Engines, Social Information Networks, Corporate Blogging, Public websites and as core code for custom development projects.

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Ruby on Rails Won't Make It in 2007 and Forget About AJAX

Thu, 08 Feb 2007 08:15:00 EST

Open sourcing Java won't matter - it's a non-event. Ruby and Ruby on Rails won't make it in 2007 either. I still do not see a compelling reason to switch. AJAX hype is stronger than I thought mainly because of the life support offered by frameworks like GWT. But still, I'm not going to recommend enterprise IT shops make any serious investments in AJAX.

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