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My little dancing queen


Yesterday Eden had a dance performance at the city park.  Every summer in Grace, there is a get together at the park where they serve dinner, have some great local entertainment, and show a movie.  Every year that we have been here so far, I think it has rained on that blessed day.  It was so warm during the day, but when we got to the park last night, the clouds looked threatening.  Sure enough, before Eden was supposed to perform, the rain started coming down HARD. 

We sat in it for a while, but then decided to head for the car.  We waited it out, and sure enough, it only lasted about 10 minutes.  We were able to go back out and watch our sweet little girl perform her dance.  She looked so darling and grown-up!

At the end of her dance, she tried to give us a wink, but it looked more like a blink with both eyes=)  I just love this little girl more than I can even express.  She is so sweet and brings so much joy to our family.  She has such a big spirit, and is so kind and loving to everyone.  I'm so grateful everyday that I got the privilege to be her mom. 

Happy 4th!


On the 4th, we had our annual Carter Family Reunion at my mom and dad's house in the canyon.  We were able to go to it this year.  It wasn't as big as it has been in years past because everyone is so spread out now.  My Aunt Marsha has 8 kids, but only 1 of them lives even remotely close.  It was fun to see some of my cousins though.  I'm one of the younger cousins though, so I was the only one there with a baby.  My mom always works so hard to make everything perfect for the reunion.  I admire her ability to get so much done and she has so much energy!  My dad smoked some ribs and brats, and the food was oh so good. 

Later that night, Clint and I took the kids to Midway to watch the fireworks at Memorial Hill.  The fireworks are so close and the kids laid on top of the van while they watched the fireworks exploding right over their heads.  It was great, and Ivy LOVED the fireworks!  She kept screaming with joy everytime they would go off. 

I love the 4th of July and I am so grateful for all the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our awesome country.  I feel so blessed to have a grandma, a grandpa, 2 brothers, and a husband who have served our country in the military.  My heart is so full of love and respect everytime we sing our National Anthem, or when I see our flag billowing in the breeze.  I am so grateful to have all the many freedoms we enjoy because of others who were willing to sacrifice.  We are so blessed.

Ivy looking cute in her red, white and blue

Clint played us some songs on my uncle Ned's guitar

Me and my sweet baby

Summer Fun Stuff


We have done some fun things so far this summer.  This week we have been at my mom and dad's house.  We came down last Thursday so I could run the Wasatch Back Ragnar over the weekend.  You can see the details of the race on my other blog: Monday we went to Lagoon with my brother's kids.  My kids had a blast riding on the roller coasters.  This is the first time they have been on a full-size real life roller coaster and they LOVED it!  Eden was so brave and wanted to go on every ride.  Owen was a little more reserved, but he loved the old roller coaster.Yesterday we celebrated my dad's 63rd birthday.  My dad is awesome.  He is such a great dad, grandpa, and I am so grateful for all that he does for me and my family.   He was able to come home early from work and do his favorite thing ever...sit on his couch and watch World Cup Soccer!  I love papa Ju!Today we went with my mom to the newly remodeled Monte L. Bean Life Science museum at BYU.  It was pretty cool.  The kids loved all the great exhibits.  Ivy especially loved the animals.  She kept pointing at them and yelling. [...]

To My Soccer Girls


I got a comment on my post from yesterday from one of my soccer girls, Alli. I didn't mention them on my list of people I miss and am so grateful to. So here's to you, my soccer team... I loved every minute of coaching you girls. You made my coaching experience one I will never ever forget. I miss you tons, and I know I am going to miss coaching you this next year. You were such a strength to me during the season when Clint left. Being able to come to practice everyday helped me forget how sad I was after he left, and just being with you guys made me happy. I wish all of you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. Especially all of you seniors. I know you will all do great things. Keep doing fitness fun and running the six flags magic vomit, just for me! I love you girls....HONESTLY!

I Miss You Burley!


This week's blog post is dedicated to...Burley, Idaho! We moved from our lovely home in Burley in October to live with my parents while Clint is deployed. I miss my home, my friends, my ward, and everything about Burley (except for the somewhat incessant wind). We had so many wonderful memories in our home.Eden's dinosaur birthday cake. I made the horse cake for Clint a month before to practice for Eden's cake. I know Clint's cake looks like a cake for a 2 year old, but Clint likes horses okay!We moved to Burley in July 2008 when Clint was assigned to teach seminary at Burley High School. Our baby boy Owen was born a few months later in September. The kids loved living there and they had so many good friends. Eden and her best buddy, Bridger Duncan, were inseparable. I've never seen kids so young be so connected. The day we moved from Burley, Bridger gave Eden a teddy bear and said, "Eden, this is Bridger Bear. Whenever you get sad or miss me, just give him a hug." I couldn't help but cry, especially when Tiffanie, Bridger's mom, told me how Bridger cried all day long the day his little friend left. I miss my friend Tiffanie too. I became friends with her when I was called to be the Primary secretary while she was the President. She was always there for me, especially when Clint left for Iraq. She would always invite me over for dinner and let me be a part of her family. She is such an amazing example to me of a wonderful mother and of someone who is so willing to serve others. I miss her so much!BRIDGER and EDENEden's preschool friendsWe had such an amazing ward in Burley. The day we moved in, we had a stream of non-stop visitors just coming by to bring us food and introduce themselves. Our neighbor Paul, came over and mowed our lawn and weeded the garden. Our friends Lex and Rachelle helped us get wood for the winter, among many many other things. Maryann Clayton was like a mother to me. I love and miss her so much. As well as Karla Ward, Judy Zollinger, Michelle Thornton, Krista Gammon, and so many others. I've never known so many amazing, good, incredibly awesome people in one area. Everyone in our ward was my friend. I love and miss them all.I also miss my friends in town. We lived out in the country, but I had some amazing friends that lived in town. I first met Ashley Wray when we were both at the Health Department getting our babies their shots. Then we kept meeting each other at the park, the library, etc. (Burley isn't very big). She invited me to a girl's lunch she was having at her house, and that's how I got introduced to all the amazing girls that became my friends. So thank you Ashley! She is one of my best friends. She also watched my kids everyday during the soccer season while Clint was gone. Some of the girls that became my good friends are Alyssa, Ericka, Amie, Marci, Jess, Jenn, Adele, and of course Megi Jones. Ericka, Ashley and Me after running a very cold 5K in May.Megi Jones is one of my very best friends. She was my assistant coach for the soccer team this past season. She is so amazing. The girls absolutely loved her and I could never have made it through the season without her. She took over for several practices and games since Clint left right in the middle of the season. I miss her so much. She is so easy to talk to and she has been such a support to me on the soccer field and off. She was always offering to take care of my kids for me, and was just more than willing to help out anytime. She is also one of the most patriotic people I know. I love and miss her tons! Megi and MeSo just a recap. To all my friends in Burley.... I love and miss you all. Thank you for making our 2 years in Burley a wonderful experience that we will NEVER forget! We probably won't be back in Burley since Clint will get reassigned somewhere else to teach when he gets back, but we will always remember you. There are many people that I love and miss that I [...]

A Whole Year!


Wow, it's pretty pathetic that my last post was exactly a whole year ago! One of my goals is to keep my blog updated once a week. I hope I don't let myself down. Now that I basically have no stress and nothing going on in my life right now, it shouldn't be too hard, right? I guess I'll start out by providing a recap of the last year.1) We put our house up for sale in August. (p.s. it still hasn't sold)2) Clint left for Camp Shelby, Mississippi on August 21st. He was there until September 17th, when he left for Iraq. He will be in Iraq for 1 year.3) I went out to Mississippi to see Clint for a few days before he left the country. My mom and dad watched the kids for us.4) My soccer team did AWESOME and took 3rd in our district. This was my second year coaching them, and they went from a no-win season, to winning 4 games, to taking 3rd. I was pretty proud of them.5) Eden started preschool.6) Owen decided he wanted to be a superhero.7) I moved down to Provo Canyon with my parents in October so I wouldn't have to be alone while Clint was gone.8) We went to visit my brother Tony and his family in Kansas over Thanksgiving.All the cousins(Sydney, Dru, Owen, Evelyn, Dante, Eden, Elena, Nic)Tony and new baby Dru9) Christmas was awesome, except for the fact that Clint wasn't here with us.10) My brother Julio's family is living in the cabin by my parent's house until they leave for South Korea in February.Elena, Evelyn, and Nic celebrating Ev's 7th birthday[...]

A New Year!


Well, another year has come and gone. Here are a few pics from our wonderful Christmas morning. We decided to spend Christmas morning at our own house, then go and visit family afterwards. It was so much fun for the kids to wake up and see the toys. When they first saw them, Eden just started giggling, and Owen took off running, and fell on his face in the process. I wish I would have caught their first reaction on camera. The kids got a play kitchen with play food, and a little trampoline. They also got some fun toys from grandmas and grandpas, and aunts, uncles and cousins. We had so much fun visiting Clint's parents the afternoon of Christmas Day, and then visiting my parents at New Years. Now we are ready to see what great things 2010 has to offer!Christmas morning before the mayhem Where's Owen?! Oh, there he is in his new camoflauge pajamas!Eden in her new pajamas Eden and Owen giving me a tickle torture. Jimmie, Lexie, Eden, Me, Owen and grandpa Steve at the American West Heritage Center in Logan. On Christmas Day, Grandpa Steve harnessed up the big Clydesdale horses and we got pulled along behind in the sled. The kids loved it! Owen in his cowboy boots, reading a horse book. He likes to ride EVERYTHING! He rides rocking horses, my little ponies, dinosaurs, couch cushions, our dog Cole, our cats, toy cars, etc. He is definitely a little cowboy.[...]

Juglone hands and my new RIDE


So it's been awhile, but I figured it was time for a post since a few exciting things have happened recently. We have 2 black walnut trees lining our driveway, and since I love walnuts, I thought, "hey, let's gather them up...won't that be fun!" So we gathered, and we gathered, and we gathered some more, and we ended up with about 4 large boxes full of black walnuts. The black walnut itself is actually encased in a green hull that has to be removed. The hull is pretty difficult to remove and it contains a dye called juglone. It stains REALLY bad, so you want to be sure to wear gloves while un-husking the walnuts. I actually wore gloves, but when I rinsed the walnuts, another step to the precarious process of harvesting black walnuts, I did not wear gloves (genious, I know), so this is what my hands have looked like for the past 2 weeks.Some of our many walnuts- unhuskedOn Monday we purchased a new vehicle! it is a 2006 Pontiac Montana SV6, and I love it! It even has a built-in DVD player (which Eden and Owen love). For a 2006, it had pretty low miles--34,800, and we got a super sweet deal. Now we get to take it to California to see Julio for Thanksgiving, and mom and dad can ride with us too. I'm pretty stoked about it. Here are a few pics of the kids at Halloween. Eden was a ghost, and Owen was a little pumpkin. Eden was not too excited about wearing her pillowcase because she thought it was going to mess up her face paint. Owen is walking all over the place now, and he really gets around. He likes to run off while we are at church and finds a sick satisfaction in hiding from me. He has quite the personality. Well, that's all I feel like writing right now. Here are a few pictures of my beautiful babies.[...]

My Soccer Girls


(image) Whoa! It's been a long time since I posted anything. Oh well, that's life. I just wanted to post a picture of my soccer team. We are missing a few Varsity players because JV was playing at the time the picture was taken, and several of our Varsity players play JV as well. Soccer is going good, except for the first few weeks when I had to cut 7 girls, and I got the flu and puked at my parent's meeting.

Owen just turned one, and Eden turned 3 a month ago. They have tons of fun with my soccer girls and the girls absolutely adore them. The night before our first game, we had a team party. I took Eden with me. The girls had some music going and were dancing. Eden was dancing with them, and the music suddenly turned off. Eden stops dancing and yells, "I need words!"



I don't really feel like writing much because it's getting late, and I have soccer practice tomorrow at 6:15 am, which means I have to leave my house by 5:55. One of the hardest things for me is waking up. I don't know why, but I really detest waking up. If I had no self-control, I could have 5 hour naps during the day no problem, but as I understand, it's not good to sleep longer than needful. (However, I have done it before...before I had kids that is!) Anyways, I just thought I would post a few pictures.:

Clint and I at a military ball. Clint is wearing his stylish Cavalry stetson. There were some other guys wearing theirs, and I have to say that I am not a big fan of the large hat (although I rather like sombreros), but I still think Clint looks good.

Cole and Gus are inseparable. In fact, they share a dog house, and Cole even cleans behind Gus's ears. (kinda weird!)


Eden and my sister Ana. Aren't they cute!


Eden and I at the ranch near Soda Springs.


Owen's first haircut. I must say, although it was a little crooked in places, he looks pretty dashing.


I thought I would take a picture of me and Owen to see if we looked a lot alike when I didn't have any make-up on. I guess we kind of do, if you removed my teeth.





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Sorry there hasn't been any posts for the last few months. Life just got a little busy. I've started off-season training with my soccer team. The kids, yardwork, my church calling, and all that fun stuff keeps me busy, but happy. Here is a little video clip of Eden speaking in Edenese to Owen.

6 months old!


(image) I figured it was time for another post. I am really so bad at this. When I have some free time though, I would rather be doing other things than sitting at the computer. Well, nothing too new has happened lately. I just read a friend's blog that was in our student ward in Logan. She has a good friend whose husband was just recently killed in Iraq. There was a nice tribute to him on the news. He has a wife and 2 small boys. It made me very sad, especially since my brother Julio is in Iraq right now, and Clint is scheduled to be deployed (probably to Afghanistan) in October 2010. I just really appreciate those men and women who so willingly sacrifice to serve our country.
On a lighter note, Owen's 6 month old birthday was yesterday. We didn't really do anything to celebrate, but say, "Whoa, Owen's 6 months old today," but it was still a special day. Especially since it got up to 60 degrees here in the great state of Idaho!

(image) I always love the month of March. My birthday is March 18th, and when I was growing up, March was MY month. I basically tried to celebrate my birthday everyday of the month. Also, my favorite holiday was always St. Patrick's Day because it was the day before my REAL birthday, and my favorite color was green. I still like March, but I try not to celebrate my birthday everyday. I don't want to see too greedy or self-centered. I usually just stick to the week of my birthday.

Riding in Style


So I'm doing pretty good because this is my second post in a week! I remembered that I wanted to write about our experience with "the runaway horse." The other day, a neighbor stopped by the house and said that our black horse was walking down the road. Apparently he had escaped. The worst part about it was that:
a) Clint was still at work,
b) the horse isn't even ours. Clint is just riding it for this guy during the winter to give it some exercise and get used to being ridden, and
c) the road he was walking down is a busier road with lots of big trucks that go really fast.

I had no idea what to do, so I called Clint at work, had the seminary principal get him out of class, and asked him what to do. He said to take a halter and go and catch him! Yeah right. I've never caught a horse before. Besides, what was I supposed to do when I did catch him. I would be in a car, with 2 kids, and a horse being dragged out the window.

Well, I got in the car, took off down and road, and looked all over for the horse. He was no where to be found! To make a long story short, school got over, I went to get Clint, and we both searched all over for him. We actually found him about a mile from our house, in a neighbor's backyard. Our neighbor had apparently caught him for us, and put him in his corral with his other horses. Well, since school had just got out, Clint was still in his suit and tie. However, he mounted the horse, bareback, and started riding home! You can only imagine the looks he got, in his nice slacks, shoes, white shirt, and tie, riding a horse down the road bareback! Here's a picture for your viewing enjoyment. (image)

I also wanted to put a picture on here of our little thumbsucking Owen. Ever since he was teeny tiny, he has been a thumbsucker. I think it is pretty cute, and it is also handy because he can easily soothe himself. He is also a cuddler (which I just love!)(image)

Here is another picture of our happy little guy!(image)



Yes, that is the name by which I will now be known. Just last week, I interviewed for the head girl's soccer coach position here at Burley High School, and I got the job! I'm pretty excited. It will be a good challenge, considering the fact that they didn't do so well last season. I plan on whipping these girls into shape, and making them lean, mean, winning machines! It will also be interesting to try and juggle being a full-time mom, and a Varsity soccer coach. I guess I am definitely what you could call a "soccer mom!" Well, that is the biggest news of late.Also, we got a few inches of snow last night and today, which is pretty much a first since our freak snowstorm that we had in October. We also had some pretty weird fog going on (an inversion of sorts), that lasted for several days. It made the air really humid, and we had a bunch of ice crystals all over our trees and our horse (yes, our horse). It was actually pretty cool looking. Here is the big willow tree in our backyard.Here is a picture of my little Eden, the baker extraordinaire. I taught her the fine art of licking the cake batter off the spoon! I think she sucked on that spoon for over an hour, trying to get every last morsel of goodness. And here is our good dog, Cole. No, he is not dead, he is just taking a nap. He is a border collie that we acquired from my brother and sister-in-law. He is a great dog, and we love having him around. I'm kind of a sucker for animals, and I let him in a lot because he has such a sad look on his face when he sees us all having a good time in the house. He gets along really well with the cats. In fact, Eden is always picking up the cats and trying to make them ride on Cole. She says, "Gus-gus, want ride Cole?" I also enjoy taking Cole when I go running. I hook his leash to my waist, and we take off. Since he has so much energy, I end up almost sprinting for 3 miles straight. It has definitely helped me improve my time!One of Eden's latest things is that she always says, "Mom, watch this." And she doesn't stop saying it until I see what it is that she wants me to watch. Usually it is something silly like kicking her leg in the air, or doing some silly dance. She also says it to Clint. The only difference is that she calls him "Clint". The other day she said, "Clint, watch this!" When he looked at her, she was looking around trying to find something clever that she could show him. It was pretty humorous. Here is a little video clip of our darling Owen. He is almost 5 months old, and he is such a smiler. He smiles at everyone, and he loves to laugh. He is a sweet, sensitive little guy, and if you frown at him or startle him, he is so sensitive, that he pouts out his lower lip, and starts to cry. I told my mom that he reminds me of me when I was a baby. She was like, "How do you know, you didn't know you when you were a baby." I guess that's true, but he does remind me of me. He also loves to be held and cuddled. allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />[...]



Well, it's a brand new year, so I thought I would start it off by updating my blog a bit. The holidays were a bit busy, so now I have some time to do other things. My father-in-law is a great guy, and he came up with the idea of a 'bucket list' for 2009 (great movie by the way). Not that he plans on kicking the bucket this year, but it is just sort of a list of things he wants to accomplish. He gave us the challenge of filling out our own bucket lists. There are different cateogories; physical goals, professional goals, personal achievement, learn a new skill, form a new habit, regenerate a dormant talent, etc. Clint and I had fun filling one out for ourselves. Some of my goals include having a once a month service day with our family, making friends with someone new, planting and cultivating a garden, taking Clint to the top of Mt. Timpanogos, becoming proficient with a shotgun, reading scriptures for at least 20 minutes each day, taking up drawing again, having an Edward's family outing, etc. Anyways, I'm pretty excited to see what this new year will bring. 2008 was an awesome and eventful year for our family. We were very blessed. Here are a few recent pictures of the kids:
(image) Eden and cats. As you can see, Eden is a deep sleeper.

(image) We love the cats, but they can really be annoying sometimes.

(image) Owen at 3 months

(image) family picture at mom and dad Edwards' new home in Smithfield.

Sorry blog followers


This post goes out to all of you who check (or stalk) our blog, and have been saddened by my lack of posting. This is the first update I have done in almost 2 months! Yikes! I'm a slacker I know, but I just have other things that keep me busy at the moment (like a little person named Eden, and another one named Owen). I felt the need to update our blog however, considering the events that have transpired recently. Our little Owen was blessed yesterday at church. This is actually our second try at having him blessed. The first blessing date was set for October 12th, but oddly enough, we happened to have over 2 feet of snowfall that day, and church was cancelled. So we set the date for yesterday. We had Clint's family here, minus Jimmie, Kandy and Lexie who are in Pennslyvania. We also had my family here, minus Julio, Emily, Nic, Tony, Amy, Sydney, and Dante. Here are some pictures of our snow (that is all melted now), and some of the blessing. Four generations of good-looking guys! The Abrahamic Covenant at work. As you can see, Owen looks very dashing in his white tuxedo (thanks to Derek and Keli Andersen). However, shortly after arriving at church, I was conducting Primary and my mom held up Owen and there was a large poop stain on his cute little white tuxedoed bum. Don't worry though Keli, my mom washed it out, and Ana took it home and threw it in the dryer, and was back in time for the blessing, so all was good!Also, call me crazy, but Eden was an angel for Halloween. I know that it's kind of an oxymoron to be an angel for Halloween, but I thought it would bring some Holiday joy to the otherwise dark and spooky holiday. She made a pretty cute angel too, but I don't think anyone can top my brother Tony's Buddy the Elf costume!I also thoroughly enjoy the next pictures. The first one is of Eden reading to Owen, and the next ones are of Owen getting a face painting job. Yes, I let my 2 year old paint the baby. Not intentionally of course. That's what I get for leaving her alone with paint for 2 seconds. It was pretty funny though. Wielding a brush And finally, for those of you who are reading our blog, let's be honest, who does Owen look like the most, Sara or Clint? Baby Sara and brother Tony Sara Clint [...]



Well I finally found some time to update my blog. A lot has happened since my last post about a month ago. We now have 2 kids, so life is a little more hectic these days. Right now I am sitting downstairs at the computer with little Owen asleep in my lap, and Eden is upstairs watching Cinderella. The big news is that we had our new little baby boy, Owen David Edwards two weeks ago, on September 3rd. He was born at 8:12 am, weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz, and was 19 1/2 inches long. I had to have a c-section, but I am recovering nicely. Here is a picture of me a few days before giving birth. Clint holding the new addition to our family. "Whew," he says, "it's a boy!" You can almost see the relief in his face.Here I am with my new little son. This is the first time I got to hold him after coming out of the recovery room. My spinal anesthesia was wearing off, and I was starting to be able to feel my legs again. (And the pain from the incision in my stomach!)Home at last! Eden missed us. She had fun playing with grandma Rodriguez for a few days though.Eden and OwenSome more new additions to the family. My mom brought up these kittens for us when she came to help out with Owen. Their names are Gus-gus and Dot-dot (Eden helped name them.) Owen had jaundice pretty bad, and his bilirubin was 18 (which is quite high), so we had to have him on the portable lights for a while, which is why he looks like he is glowing (either that or he is just really innocent and pure)[...]



It has been almost 2 months since my last post. Yikes! The reason being that we just recently got our internet set up. Quite a bit has happened lately. I'll start from the top:1. Clint turned 30 on July 17th. He actually just said today that he will be 50 before Eden leaves home. I was like, "Actually math whiz, you will only be 46. Stop being so dramatic." We had my mom up visiting us during his birthday, so she watched Eden while we went to a movie. The reason my mom was visiting leads me to #2.2. We moved into our new home in Burley, Idaho on July 14th! My mom came up to help us clean, organize and unpack. The house is great. It has 3 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bathroom, a bedroom and an office downstairs, a built-in fish tank, a large screen TV, a large garden, and lots and lots of land! We love it. Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.3. Clint left for Fort Knox, Kentucky on July 26th. He had to go to an Army Scout Platoon Leader's Course for 2 1/2 weeks. During the time he was gone, I went down south to visit my parents. While I was there, we celebrated Eden's 2nd birthday on August 2nd. I guess that means it was her golden birthday! I found it ironic that while we were celebrating her birthday, Clint was at Fort Knox which is where she was born! Well, I thought I would be creative, so I made her a barbie birthday cake. Just don't tell Eden that the Barbie in her cake had to have her feet amputated at the ankle so she would fit in the cake. (Don't worry, it was just a dollar store Barbie!) Eden and her cousins, Elena, Nic, and Evelyn at her birthday party.4. We also did some other fun things while we were visiting grandma and grandpa. We went to see my sister Ana where she works at Deer Valley, and she took us on a tram ride. Eden also got her hair cut by Allie, and we also got to visit Eden's other grandma and grandpa in Logan, and have a good-bye party for Clint's brother Jimmie, his wife Kandy, and their little girl Lexie. They will be going to Pennsylvania for 2 years so Jimmie can go to PA school (Physician's Assistant). We will miss them a lot! Eden saying good-bye to cousin Lexie.5. Finally the last bit of news. I am only about 2 1/2 weeks away from having our baby boy. We are super excited, and we will be sure to post pictures of him when he gets here![...]

El Salvador


(image) We've been home from our trip to El Salvador for about a week now, so I figured it was time to post a few pics. Things have been pretty crazy lately. We are trying to get everything in order so that we can move to Burley. We put on offer on a house yesterday, so we will see how that turns out. Anyways, we had an incredible time in El Salvador (my father's homeland). My whole family went and there were 16 of us in all. We rented a big bus to drive us around while we were there. The first few days of our trip were spent at the DeCameron, an all-inclusive resort right by the ocean. It was exactly what you would think a tropical vacation should be. The biggest decisions we had to make were: go swimming in the ocean, go swimming in the pool, drink pina coladas by the pool, go get a massage, eat, take a nap, or read by the pool. It was awesome! Clint also earned the title of "Mister DeCameron", but we won't go into the details of that. If you want to know more, ask Clint (or shall we call him "Shakira!")

(image) We also went to Guatemala and Honduras while we were there. We stayed in Copan, Honduras, and visited the Copan ruins, which are ancient Mayan ruins.


Some other highlights of our trip included visiting one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world, Coatepeque Lake, going to church in Santa Ana, visiting Chalchuapa, the birthplace of my grandma Rodriguez, and a big family reunion with all my dad's cousins and aunts and uncles. It was so great getting to know family that I have never met before. My dad's uncle Nayo and his wife Mima, were so kind and planned the whole trip for us. My dad's aunts are amazing too, and it was sad to leave them when we had to go. It was an awesome trip, and luckily no one got too sick. My mom found out when we got home that she has a ruptured disc in her neck and pneumonia, but she was a trooper the whole trip even though she was in a lot of pain. Well, that about sums it vacation ever!(image)



For those of you dying to know out there, we finally found out where we will be going. Like I said on a previous post, Clint got hired as a full-time seminary teacher about 4 weeks ago, and just yesterday we found out where! We have been waiting anxiously to hear, and we now know that we are going to...Burley, Idaho! We will be moving there sometime in the middle of June. We are excited for this new change in our lives. I know this is where we are supposed to be. It should be an adventure!

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1. Where did you meet? Clint and I met at the gym. He was flexing his gigantic muscles in the mirror, and I thought, “Wow, what a hunk!” Not really, but we did meet in the gym. We were actually in the same student ward at Utah State University in Logan, but the first time we talked to each other was at Academy Fitness where I worked, and he worked out. He recognized me from church when I was coming in to work one day. He was a good conversationalist and we hit it off nicely. I thought it strange too that every time I came into work after that, he was there working out. Hmmm… coincidence. I think not!2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? I don’t remember exactly what I thought, but I do remember thinking, “he has no hair.” Luckily he has a good-shaped head. I also recall the first time I heard him play the guitar. He invited me up the canyon with some friends for a campfire cookout. He pulled out his guitar and started playing, "Here without you" by 3 Doors Down. That is my all-time favorite song, and when I heard him play it and sing it, I was smitten. To this very day, that is "our song." It's true what they say, guys with guitars get the chicks.3. Do you remember what he was wearing? I don't remember what he was wearing when we first met, but I do remember a church activity that I went to shortly after we met. He was there and he was throwing the football around with his friends. He was wearing a blue sweater that matched his eyes, and accentuated his musculature.4. Where was the first time you kissed this person? We went for a walk and he took me to this nature park that was pretty close to where I lived in Logan, but it was hidden and not many people knew about it. There was a bridge that crossed over the river, and we stopped on the bridge to talk. School was almost done for the semester, and I was leaving to go home for the summer in a day or so. I said something like, “It’s a shame when you meet someone and start to like them, then just have to leave.” He said, “what do you mean?” I was like, “Duh!”, but I didn’t say that, I just said, “you know… like how we just started hanging out and now we have to leave for the summer.” “Ohhh...”, he said, after a moment of clarity. Then he took off his ball cap and kissed me.5. How did he ask you out? Well, he never really asked me out, but I remember going home for the summer, and he said he would call me. I didn’t hear from him for almost a week. So I decided I would take matters into my own hands, and I called him. He says now that he was just about to call me when I called him, but I like to think that I was the one that got the ball rolling. After that we called each other frequently.6. Where did you go for your first date? We went to the ranch where Clint worked for the summer for his uncle. It was up near Soda Springs, Idaho. He invited me up for the weekend. Our first date would probably be stopping at Subway to get some grub, then he took me up to a beautiful scenic spot, and we had a little picnic. We also rode horses that weekend, went down the river, went to Lava Hot Springs, and finally had dinner at his grandad’s house in Malad with his family.7. How long did you know this person before you became a couple? Ummm…probably a few months. We don’t like to waste any time. Actually it was just the right time for both of us. We started dating in May 2004, got engaged 4 months later, and were married 3 months after that. We were both read y to move on and[...]

Spring has Sprung (I hope!)


Finally we have a warm day. Yesterday was pretty decent, but today the high is supposed to be in the 70s! That's warmer than we ever kept our house during the winter! Whoa! Well, it's been a great day. Eden and I took some lunch to Clint out at the seminary building, and we all sat outside on a blanket and enjoyed our little picnic, while we watched the baseball team practice. Clint and Eden are now taking a nap, and I'm wondering, "Hey, why am I not taking a nap too?" Well, I have started packing up a few things here and there. We don't know where Clint will be teaching seminary, but we will find out soon, and then it's "adios Blackfoot, Idaho!"
(image) Pregnant Sara, 20 weeks along (halfway there!)

I thought I would leave you with a tip from your friendly neighborhood dietitian. Did you know that 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate has almost 10 times the antioxidant power of 1/2 cup of broccoli! Now I'm not telling you to skip the broccoli and load up on chocolate, but I just thought it was interesting. Also, cocoa and chocolate may also have beneficial effects on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, increasing blood flow in the brain, and keeping skin healthy. Great news eh! (image)



So this week has probably been one that both Clint and I will remember for the rest of our lives. It is the most life-changing week of all weeks. Just yesterday, we found out that we are going to be having a BOY!! I can't tell you how happy Clint is about that! I could hear him exhale a sigh of relief during the ultrasound. He would have been happy with a girl too, but I think he just wanted to make sure that we got at least one boy for him to do guy stuff with. I'm way excited to have a boy. I think it will be great fun. I'm pretty sure he'll be an athlete, and I can't wait to go to all his sporting events. (and Eden's too!) I'll be able to relive my glory days through my children! (image) Profile of our baby boy

The second piece of good news we got was today. I'll just give a little update before I share this news. So Clint has been student teaching for the Seminary program for the church at Snake River High School (up here in Blackfoot) for the past school year. Throughout the school year, he has had to have many different interviews and evaluations to determine if he would be a good seminary teacher. We have had an interview in our home with a man from Salt Lake, and a few weeks later we had an interview with a general authority, Elder Sheldon F. Child. Clint has also had many different people come to observe and critique him on his lessons. It is an extremely LONG process to hire a seminary teacher. Anyways, today was the day that we found out whether or not Clint would be hired on full-time as a seminary teacher. We have been anxiously awaiting this day since August of last year. Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep last night, and I was so anxious all day today. We drove to Pocatello to meet with Brother Egan, Clint's boss, at 11:30 this morning. He proceeded to tell us that out of about 50-60 eligible teachers, they were only able to hire 21.... and Clint was one of those 21!!!!!!!! We are so excited to finally have a career, and a salary, and we just feel so completely blessed. We don't know where the job will be yet, but we will find out in a few weeks. We just want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts on our behalf. What a great day!!!!

The Dancing Sensation!


So, in the previous post I wrote about Eden's love for music and dancing. Tonight she was feeling in the mood to groove, so I thought I would capture it on film. Take a look! She's got the moves!
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(More than) 8 Things about Eden


Eden has been tagged, which I didn't really know what meant, but after reading Amy and Tony's blog, I guess that I just write a few fun facts about Eden for your reading enjoyment, and for those of you who don't get to see her often.

1. Eden was born at Fort Knox, Kentucky on August 2, 2006. She was born C-section because she was breech. She did not want to conform to the norm, and she has been that way ever since.

2. Eden's full name is Eden Rose Edwards. My dad likes to call her E.R. I was flipping through a baby name book and came across the name Eden. I've always thought it was a pretty name, so I went with it. For her middle name, I thought of something beautiful that must have been in the Garden of Eden, and "Rose" seemed more appropriate than "Forbidden Fruit."

3. One of Eden's first words was "ashes", as in "ashes, ashes, we all fall down!" She spins in a circle as she says it, although it sounds a lot more like, "asses."

4. Eden loves to be outside. Everytime I ask her if she wants to go outside, she runs and grabs her shoes and tries to put them on. No matter how cold it is, she wants to be outside. When I bring her in after more than an hour of being out, she cries and cries and tries to open the door and go out again.

5. She is very bow-legged, which was not a huge surprise to us since Clint and I are both bow-legged people. When I ran track at William Penn, someone once told me that bow-legged people are fast runners, so maybe she will be a track star.

6. She loves nursery. The first time I took her there, she walked right in, and didn't even notice I had left. She wasn't even 18 months old yet.

7. Eden is NOT shy. She will go up to anyone and lift up her arms for them to pick her up. Nice, but sometimes a little frightening for mom. She loves everyone and has since she was just a wee baby.

8. She is a picky eater, and she would probably rather do anything but eat. She likes oatmeal, pancakes, french toast, and most breakfast foods, but after breakfast, it's a chore to get her to eat. She does love milk though, and jelly beans.

9. Eden is a very independent individual. She can entertain herself for hours on end. She loves to look at books, and for those of you who have heard her laugh, she has the most contagious laugh ever.

10. She loves to dance, and listen to bluegrass music (takes after her dad). Anytime she hears music, she starts to groove, and I must say she is a pretty good dancer (takes after her mom. However, Clint would beg to differ!) Sometimes she will even dance when there is no music at all (kinda weird!)

11. Eden is lively, energetic, and will one day be a great soccer player. Watch for her during the Women's World Cup in about 18-20 years!