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Preview: Girls will be Girls

Girls will be Girls

Bring on the men, cheers to the women, say hi to life!

Updated: 2017-11-29T20:33:20.177+08:00


The more you want it, the less likely you're going to get it...


celebrate good times.... c'mon!

This has been true for the past few months really. It always seems that the more I want it, the less likely I'm actually going to get it. Being indecisive at times hurts the decision-making process too. But well, at long last, everything is hopefully coming to an end. Less worrying about the output, now all we need to focus is on the input. Money, money..... money! Haha. :p

As again I believe, "Tomorrow will be a better day". And it surely is turning out to be so! Oh, I'm so happy! Haha.

Vote for your Favourite Seafood Recipes!


Oh I love cooking, which is why during my time out at home, I'd usually spend it by sniffing around for other people's recipes and try to make some modifications of my own. Haha. So, if you're into seafood recipes, I'm sure you're going to love the top five recipes listed at the chef's cook off at 2008!

Personally, I favour the "Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots" by Chef Tafari Campbelleven from Maryland, even though the other dishes such as the "Colorado Striped Bass Panzanella", "Texas Gulf Shrimp", "Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice" and "Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet" do look extremely delicious too.

Well, the reason I chose the recipe is because I love fish, and I can't really take shrimps, especially if it's the key ingredient in a dish. But if I were to cook this dish, I would most probably change the type of fish to ones that are more easily obtained here locally, perhaps salmon? Haha. Would love to try it out! Besides using domestic seafood is certainly going to be more fresh. And that's important especially when we're cooking seafood.

So if you're interested in delicious seafood recipes, why not visit the site and vote for your favourite recipe? You stand a chance to win a trip to New Orleans! Prize package includes two Southwest Airline roundtrip tickets, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and more! So come on and vote...


Lack of responsibility


Some people are just not cut for any duties that requires any sort of responsibility. How can you arrange me for an appointment when the person whom I'm supposed to meet isn't around?? What is wrong with these people?

Need a knock on the head to clear up some spider webs inside? Fancy calling yourself a senior executive when you can't even handle such a trivial basic things! How did you even get hired in the first place?

Find out if you're crazy or normal


I believe everyone has their own signature quirks that define their personality. But then again, the thing about quirks is that, most of it is just a matter of perspective. Some may see the behaviour as something odd, while some as plain ordinary.

So if you have been getting odd stares from people whom you may or may not know, perhaps it's time to see if you have one of those strings of weird characteristics. Yeah, to see if Are You Normal or Nuts? But hey, that aside, maybe it's just nothing at all. Maybe some will actually find the quirkiness cute! As I've said before, it's just a matter of personal opinion.

Head over to Reader's Digest's Are You Normal or Nuts? article, and you can have a fair idea of whether or not your quirkiness is just something cute or requires professional attention. I actually think I have this thing in me about using things till they become all worn out before getting any brand new ones. This is especially true for my sandals and my hair clips. From what I've read here, "...if you value things merely for their utility, then your example may prove something profound: You are normal, and the rest of us, in our mad materialist dash, are, well, mad." Oh, so true! Why waste when you can still use them? I don't think that is quirky, ain't it?

And there's one more oddity about me is that, I tend to have this feeling of jumping off tall buildings, especially off a balcony or something. It's written here in Reader's Digest Psychology Articles that it's just a fear of heights. Just like this case here, "I'm afraid to go to high places, like tall bridges or even the balcony at church. And it's not because I'm afraid I'll fall -- it's because I'm afraid I'll jump! I don't want to kill myself, but I do want to experience that sense of flying or floating." So it's not like I want to kill myself or something, it's just that inner subconscious self speaking because it's terrified of heights.

And if you're up for some laughs, why not head over to Reader's Digest Laughs to lighten up the mood on this Monday eh? Go read something funny and laugh about it!


Being taken advantage


Stop making yourselves look or even sound so desperate.
You know we're much better than that. So why bother lowering our standards, and in the midst of it, throwing your integrity to the dumps just for a few hundred?

We set the rules and they play the game. It doesn't matter if we're still a young organization. We're not cocky, we're not snobbish, but we have to protect our own interest. Allowing ourselves to be taken advantage by all those suckers out there is the last thing that I wish to be happening to us. I want us to win this game, but not at the expense of getting pushed around.

Please... think before you make any decision.

Flirt your way to make Victory Hair


Everyone flirts when they meet someone they are attracted to. It's just a very natural, or some even say, a rather subconscious effort to gain the interest and attention of the person whom you're after. So, it's all good that you should express your liking through flirting. Get creative, but at the same time, remember to be yourself. As first impression is always or most often judged by one's physical attributes, be constantly prepared with a hair to impress!

And if you're wondering how Victory Hair can be yours? Simple. Look into the mirror and check out your mane. Just run your fingers wildly through your hair with the fabulous Extreme Style by VO5 products, and voila! the first step towards Victory Hair is achieved!

Now that you're looking all drop-dead gorgeous with your wild mane, go look for your special someone and start flirting away. Treat your special someone to a nice, light meal and work your magic from there. A chat or two later, and before you know it, your hair gets all messed up in a wild, wild date and Victory Hair is achieved!

But then again, the thing about flirting is that, it's all about practice, practice, practice! So how about playing the Ultimate Flirting Championship to brush up on your flirting skills eh? Can you out-flirt your opponents? This simple flirting game is really fun and it has sure got my funny bones all tickled. Haha. So come on and try it!



He's coming back...!!!


Superboyfriend is coming home today!!

Haha. Finally!
The long wait is over. The loneliness is no more. I will have Superboyfriend with me in no time!
Wonder how much weight has he gained over the past week. With home-cooked foodie all day long, 3 meals a day from his mum, I hope he doesn't come back with an extra flab on his tummy. Haha! :p

Counting down to 8pm. Tick tock tick tock. Hurry!
Gotta get ready to drive down to pick him up. Can't stop smiling... *super grin*

Benefit from Cisco Certification


With major companies on a retrenchment roll and fresh graduates entering the market with barely sufficient practical skills, just how do you stay competitive when it comes to job hunting? This is especially true if you're in the IT line. With constantly evolving technology and day-to-day discoveries, those working in IT must always equip themselves - much like how medical doctors do - with the latest skills in the industry.

And even if you're not exactly in a field that is devoted to IT, being computer literate is a key skill that will definitely make you more immensely marketable. Therefore, getting the Cisco certification will indeed boost your chances in getting the job you desire, and most definitely a job that pays much better and holds higher regard. Advancing your career today is a must, and to do so, Cisco certification can come in really handy.

You can join other IT professionals in this fabulous social learning community to enhance and advance your career in IT. Through the Cisco Learning Network, you can browse technical content and share insights, ideas, opinions and knowledge with the network. What's more, you can even get timely news pieces and knowledgeable perspectives from experts on technology, IT and of course, networking.

So what are you waiting for? Come participate in this very exciting network to discover how Cisco can help you advance in your career!


Finally I'm reading again...



Yes, finally... 'Angels & Demons' after a three, four year hiatus.
I've never touched a book since Da Vinci Code, and it's only right that Angels & Demons would be my first choice. The book has been with me since it initially hit the market probably a few years back, and I've never actually got the time to read it.

Now that Superboyfriend is holidaying in his hometown, it's all about me, me, ME! So, time to indulge! Haha. I'm surprised how interested I still am in reading, and under just a few hours here and there, I'm already halfway through. Very interesting stuff, Angels & Demons. Hopefully the movie will be just as good :p

Oh, Monday... please hurry! Haha.

You call that a pick-up line?


There was once when an anonymous guy randomly called me up and started rambling away about how he liked my work and that he's interested to know more about what I can do. Well since he could possibly be a potential client, I decided to go along with the conversation even though the guy does sound kind of strange and his voice somehow made me unsettled.

After some initial questions about my work, the man however shifted his attention away from work to personal questions. He paused and said, "Maybe we can go out and meet to discuss about your work. I love your work..." and started breathing heavily over the phone. You know, the kind of breathing that exudes such pretentious sexiness that screams "PERVERT!" in all directions. Puzzled and very much disturbed by the intrusion into my privacy, I decided that this guy isn't serious about my work after all and had merely wanted to throw me a bunch of stupid pick-up lines. Next thing I did, I 'sayonara'-ed him and with a touch of a button on my mobile, the pervert was gone. Man, you call that a pick-up line? And to think people would actually stoop to using such methods to get a girl. Get a life, jerk! Absolutely no Victory Hair for you.

Oh, and you might just want to brush up on your flirting skills a little bit, pervert. I'm sure you won't make it past the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game. If you haven't tried it out, why not go test yourself on your own flirting abilities and see how you rank? It's really fun! Just click on the widget below to play.





Haha. Yes, then the world will be a much more beautiful day.
Then I can travel to which ever place I want, eat what ever I want, and laze around till the sun goes down! Haha. *jumping happily*

And with regards to how things are going at the moment, I believe I won't have to wait till I grow grey strands to see the above come true. Haha. Keeping my fingers crossed, of course! *continues jumping happily!* :p

Are you financially fit?


With the price increase in every single item on the market, including basic commodities such as oil, rice, sugar and poultry, it's no wonder that everyone is feeling the pinch of a thinner wallet. Many big corporations have already started their retrenchment regime to cut down on the cost for salary payout of workers.

As everyone is gearing up for the worst of the economic depression, are you financially fit to withstand it all? If you have never been one who has a habit of saving money, it's really high time that you start adopting such measures to help you deal with the tightening situation.

And with the fuel increase and all, you should really consider whether or not you're still capable of maintaining a vehicle. I mean, seriously... if you don't think you can stomach the increase, perhaps it's really time to free the highway and hit the public transportation AND stop complaining after that. Besides that, you can also try cutting down on eating out and start cooking more at home. It's so much more healthier that way, both for you and your financial health!


However, if you are facing problems handling the financial matters in your life, it would be really helpful for you to visit They have this Bills IQ test to help you measure your state of financial health. You should try it out as it's really fast, easy and best of all, it's FREE! also offers this really useful Resource Center where you can actually learn to deal with the financial problem in your life through its many articles, guidance, and etc. They can really help with matters such as Debt help, Debt relief, Debt consolidation and Consolidate debt.

And if you're one who's at risk in facing Credit card debt, or even Bankruptcy, you could really use some Credit counseling at Financial problems in your life can be managed. All you need is the right help.


Which brand of washing machine is the preferred choice?



Erm, this is a relatively straightforward and simple post all ritey. Haha. I actually have plans to get a brand new washing machine and would like to know if anyone out there can help me identify a good brand to buy. Preferably an automatic top loader that does not go beyond the RM800 mark.

I know of brands such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic but I'm not entirely sure about their differences. Any recommendations? *grins*

Are you game enough for the Ultimate Flirting Championship?


Flirting undeniably needs a certain amount of skills and of course, looks. I mean, you can't be seriously flirting in your baggy PJs and messy morning look, can you? So besides natural smooth-talking skills to boost your chances, having the right looks for the right occasion at the right place counts too!

As for me, I wouldn't exactly say I'm a flirtatious person since I'm already attached to *ahem* my Superboyfriend. But I would understand standard non-verbal flirting gestures to include playing with your hairdo, sensually biting your lips, baiting your target with eye contact and lowering your gaze. Those moves get stereotyped so much in the media these days that when you see girls doing just that, you'll know what she's up to right away.

I, for one would think that getting it right is just a matter of one simple gesture, besides the oh-so-perfect hairdo to suit the occasion, of course. That one gesture is... SMILE! When you smile, you naturally brighten up people's day. So girls, laugh more, smile more and your cheerful disposition will most certainly attract the right interest from others.

How about this huh? Victory Hair with the smile...

Since we're into flirting now, why not try your hand at Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship? You can just play this game through the widget that I've provided in this post. And if you're really into this championship, you can even grab this widget and put it on your blogs! Have fun...



DO NOT work with this company because they don't pay!



DO NOT work or be associated in any manner with this company, ME Translation Services located in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya.

This certain man who goes by the name of Yusmy, who in fact runs a one man show for his company, is unreliable and DOES NOT PAY for freelancing work. Please steer clear from this man and this company if you are being approached to help out on any writing job.

If you are reading this as a client who is looking for companies that provide copywriting, translation and web services, PLEASE DO NOT go for ME Translation Services. The man knows nothing about all those services and will most likely mark up his charges to cover his costs in hiring another freelancer to work on your job.

His shitty website already speaks volume for what kind of lousy, dated website design services or even writing services he could possibly provide. Makes you kinda wonder why such shitty shithole companies do exist and clutter up the business arena in the first place.

Oh, I know... because with shit companies like these, people like me actually stand a chance at winning a bigger client base! I believe the truth will prevail in the end. And there will be judgment day.

Disclaimer: This piece of warning is written with reference to my own personal experience with this company and may or may not be applicable to anyone else who may come in contact with this company. The choice to heed or ignore this warning is absolutely your own right and I shall have no part or be held responsible for any outcome of your decision. Good luck!

Fashionable Maternity Wear from Crave


Most of the time, people would associate pregnancy with shapeless grandma clothings that are designed for one purpose alone -- that is to hide your body changes and all those supposedly unflattering curves from the rest of the world. But times have changed and I reckon women who are pregnant these days should actually celebrate their curves with beautiful maternity wear and to actually feel really proud of their lovely curves.

To accommodate such needs, you can always rely on Crave to deliver the most fashionable Maternity Clothes that are specially designed and created to suit all shapes at each stage of pregnancy in sizes 8 to 20. This is the lifestyle maternity wear that will keep you in fashion with a myriad of designs to choose from. With all of Crave's selections boasting of quality, comfort and the latest in fashion, I seriously cannot help but admire all the beautiful maternity dresses they have in store.

If you're shopping for maternity dresses online, get ready to be bowled over by Crave's absolutely gorgeous Baby Doll Dress, Sundress, Ruffle Dress, Collared Wrap Dress, even my personal favourite, the Jersey Dress that looked so classy! So your imagination's the limit as there are just so many different range of Maternity Dresses available here. In fact, some of them are so beautifully designed, they look nothing like a common maternity wear! Amazing...

I believe with Crave's fashionable Maternity Wear, every women who are going through pregnancy will feel proud of their new curves and the way they look throughout the entire nine months! Best of all, their clothings are also designed to provide a sense of support for your bump.

Ranging from maternity dresses , tops, shirts, tunics, trousers, maternity jeans, cardigans, fine knitwear, jumpers, maternity evening wear, and even office tailoring including business maternity suits to make up your daily selections, you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Some people just have a weird taste in fashion


I know fashion is a really subjective thing, and something that I'd probably see as beautiful may not look the same in someone else's eyes. And I understand that. But I just find it a little hard to accept that there are some people who would actually go on a crazy spending spree to buy weird plasticky bags that serve no sense of high fashion or even practical use as they are simply just too hard, too PVC-like and bulky to carry around.

I love bags, especially totes. And to see a tote like that is so truly... *ahem*... a pain in the a$$, OMG. Why would someone waste RM600 for 3 of those horrendous looking things? Mind you, they are from a branded label bought from one of the boutique stores in Pavilion and another in the Gardens.

(image) This is the brand that's responsible... Nice angle. :p

WHY?? With all the money you have, girl... you can easily afford something that looks so much better than that! And I would never even think of buying those plastic totes for any price at all. Seriously, I could've easily picked out something (or anything!) that looks a lot nicer for that amount of money spent.

But like I said earlier, fashion is indeed a very subjective thing. Sigh...

Get paid to try and start earning every day!


Interested to earn money by just spending a little time in front of your computer right from the comforts of your home? What's better, you get paid to try products and services you can personally choose! If you're all set to earn money by taking surveys and testing products, Get Paid to Try is a FREE site that pays its members to do just that. They will show you the offers and you get to choose the ones you want!


And you instantly get rewarded a $20 bonus just for signing up and completing 10 simple tasks! Just 10 minutes of your time to complete the quick and simple sign up. No sweat, really. And by completing those 10 simple tasks, you will receive free offers, paid surveys and sweepstakes entries from all those great websites!

Best of all, you get paid within 48 hours via PayPal each time you complete a survey or product testing. Talk about fast money eh? Haha. I'm all smiling now. Don't worry, as there is no purchase necessary, and no credit card required. Just as simple as that. It sure is really interesting to discover a site that offers such a great and not to mention, convenient way of earning money online.

I will definitely be using this site to get paid trying products I like. And I'm going back there right now, as there are 107 offers waiting for me! Click here to begin now if you're interested to start making money this instant. All you need to do is to complete their simple sign up, wait for the surveys on your email and start getting paid!


Getting drunk on Coca-Cola


*hic... hic....!*
Superhero Baby3, stop drinking so much Coke!

Zookoda - free tool to help drive traffic into your blog!


Most bloggers blog to be heard, which is why traffic is naturally most essential to get your voice heard across the legions of people in the world. You want to drive traffic into your blog. But how do you do it? How do you drive in new traffic to your blog whilst at the same time getting your existing fan base to keep reading and staying tuned to your new posts?

Well, here comes every bloggers' dream tool... Zookoda!
Now I'm sure you must be wondering what this tool does right?
In short, Zookoda is an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers. Yes, it's for all of us in the blogging community!

Zookoda enables you to send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your latest blog posts directly into your visitors inbox. Oh...and did I mention that -- it’s all FREE?! Haha.

Amazing isn't it? Here's a free application that can help you with your traffic and readership with so many customizable features. Basically, through Zookoda, I can manage my email newsletter subscribers, enhance my blog with custom newsletter subscription forms, design attractive newsletters that match my pinkish blog design, view real-time reports of the subscriptions... and more!

But best of all, you can now not only reach your readers through email, Zookoda allows you to access mobile phone users by emailing blog content in text format! Sounds absolutely wonderful! Haha.

Even for those who may find computer applications a little hard to handle, Zookoda is relatively easy to use and friendly as well. Go ahead and check it out today! I'm sure you will find Zookoda very useful indeed.


I will only treat you good when you are useful to me


Hands up people if you're guilty of doing just that.

Even if you are one such person, I will not blame you entirely but it would certainly help to make it less bruising for another to bear if you're more subtle and tactful when dealing with it. I understand that people make use of another for certain benefits and I accept it. But as everyone has emotions, and to be discarded like I'm some annoying dirt when I'm no longer useful is not something that can easily be swallowed and be done with.

I used to have this associate that I got acquainted with about a couple of years ago. And at that time, he struggled with an enormous challenge that required my help, and more accurately, a team's help to accomplish. I could still remember how he treated everyone well and was a willing person when asked for help, advice and such.

Seeing how badly he needed to get through the challenge in his life, all of us helped him well -- and thankfully he succeeded. After the challenge, I decided to move on in my life, and we lost contact for 2 whole years. Just the other day, we crossed path again. But this time around, what offended me so much was his ridiculous pretense and total disregard of my existence right in front of him.


He walked with such air of arrogance that he would've stepped on some dog poop because he was walking with his head so high up. Such snobbish son of a b!tch indeed. You think you could even be half of what you are today if it weren't for our help?! Unappreciative bastard.

Dungeon Runners' amazing bling gnome


Exciting online video games always interest me, particular those that can be downloaded for free! Yes, I'm a sucker when it comes to free goodies. So naturally I got really excited when I heard about this brand new game, Dungeon Runners, an online multiplayer action role-playing game that transports you to an exciting realm of magic, adventure, giant monsters, and icky things!


In this cool online video game, players get to explore dark dangerous dungeons, go on battle with monsters that vomit! and make great discoveries such as incredible weapons and artifacts. And in the game, players can obtain a magical Bling Gnome, a pet of sort or a helper gnome that runs around in the game, following your character and picking up all the gold dropped on the ground automatically. This way, you can focus on your game without having to worry about missing out on any gold!

Even more cool is, the gnome can also be told to pick up dropped items that aren't rare and eat them up. And guess what? He then converts them, or rather poops out gold as a reward, right there and then. So instead of having cluttering your inventory with all those items and selling them later on, the bling gnome will help you save time!

Look, gosh. I even have a gnome here which I've not exactly 'dressed' up in bling blings, but rather to be standing right next to a monstrous gemstone ring and holding on to a huge diamond necklace. Ain't he cute? Too bad this gnome of mine can't poop gold. Haha.

So if you're interested to play this super cool online role-playing game, why not download and play it for free just like what I did!


When it's Monday and I'm not working...


Ahh....there's always this really good feeling when you know it's Monday and...


And I'm relishing every moment of it! Gosh, I'm so evil.

Now mommies can earn money from home too!


Long gone are the days of traditional women, staying at home, looking after their children and waiting for their hubby to bring home the money. These days, most women I believe have long moved towards maintaining all bridges that leads to any forms of potential side income even when they are taking care of the household and family at home.

Which is why, more and more women are turning towards working from home - from setting up online businesses to starting their own blogs. Mommy bloggers can now learn to make more money from the comforts of their home through mediums such as SocialSpark, essentially a blog marketing tool providing means to help bloggers from all background around the world to obtain monetary rewards for their writing contributions.

So if you're a stay-home mom who can afford to churn out some free time after doing all the routine household chores, why not spend just a little time expressing your thoughts and writing reviews as a means of helping out with the family income. With the price increase for most items in the market, I'm sure it would really help if you can have some extra few hundreds at hand to get through the month.

Mommy bloggers can also sign up for SocialSpark's mailing list now to get updated with all the latest news. Now with SocialSpark, mommies can work from home, raise your children and make some money!


When money just isn't enough


...who to blame?

Do you blame the people for raising the price of every single item in the market - from flour, rice, poultry, the ais kosong kurang ais at your next door mamak or nasi lemak sold at the makeshift nasi lemak stall manned by this old makcik right opposite your condo?

Or do you blame your boss for not giving you a long overdue pay rise you think you deserved 5 years ago?

Or do you simply point your fingers at the government in a single accusation to sum up all miseries or situations now currently hitting everyone hard on the pockets?


I'd say, when money just isn't enough, stop blaming on others. Maybe it's really time to make that change in your life.

Not enough money?
Go get some part-time jobs like these to make some extra cash. Sell off your big cars and trade it in for a smaller, more fuel economical one. Stop frequenting expensive restaurants and start learning to cook at home.

And it's really not funny anymore if you're an adult having a need to borrow money from others. Learn how to manage your own finances. It's never too late if you decide to start today.