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Storage for my Girls' Kikay Stuff


Having three girls/toddlers also means having more than two hands full of clips, headbands, ponytail holders and whatever thing that can hold, curl, tie, hold back and style their hair. And we're not yet talking about sunnies, earrings, bracelets, etc., yet! I posted in my groups of newlyweds and moms, asking for suggestions on how to store these things, especially headbands. I'm so glad I got a few ideas here and there, and thought how it would work best with how I organize things. There was the idea to stack headbands by looking for a cylindrical container, jazz it up and have the bands be on top of the other. I liked that but I feared that it would still be messy if it were standing up. Plus the cylindrical containers I thought of were oatmeal and Planters--oatmeal is good but I'd need at least two or three of them and thats a lot of oatmeal. Having that much Planters too would mean too much junk food! Then the husby and I went to Greenbelt yesterday and I just had to go to the Japanese Home Center where everything was either PhP88, 66 or 99. I saw some baskets that I knew could hold headbands. What I didn't expect was that they were a little too big. Anyway, I didn't want to waste the baskets, so I thought of tying a ribbon (thats all I had at home) taut, to make sure that if I hang the hairbands, it will not droop. Since I was already in the mood to fix things, I decided to fix the clips as well. I had existing baskets with bigger divisions and bought a few more from Japan Home. Gathering the ideas I got, I had this gift/decor ribbon, an extra from the ribbons I used for our wedding game almost seven years ago. Most of the ideas from the net used grossgrain and although I love grossgrain ribbon, I just decided to use this purple-wired ribbon. I just clipped all the clips, organized them into clips, small clamps and even smaller clips.The inspiration I got from was that the clipped ribbons were to be bounded on a canvass board then hung. I preferred everything in boxes so I just rolled them and put inside one of the dividers in the baskets. All (actually not all as I still have to search for others as I'm sure there are a lot more lying around the house!) the clips, clamps and other headbands in baskets....They're stack-able too!Not perfect but it can do in small spaces :)All together.. I need at least one more of the headband basket as the one on the extreme right is just a shoebox that I used for now...Next up - all the toys! Wish me luck - that I dont get tempted to just throw everything away out of frustration! Hehehe :)[...]

Excellent Customer Service, please!


I’m guessing that our stars are not aligned this week as Adrian and I have had to face several customer service issues. I do not know if people have just become passive and dismissive when it comes to doing their job well, if there is an increase in the “bahala na” attitude and for that, it really pisses us off. My first case – dealing with UPS. They are supposed to be a global company with a worldwide reach. So asking them to pick up items from Sioux Falls, SD, USA should not be a problem, right? Our request for a rush pick up was not even acted upon as 29 days from our request, our items were still in SD when I thought that they were already in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! To think that this was going to be our first transaction with them! Adrian’s case – He brought our car to the service to have the bumper repainted (due to a bumper change), a second time. Upon checking, the colour matching was still wrong, and worse, it wasn’t finished well. It looked like it was rushed and the “bahala na; baka hindi naman mapansin” attitude seemed to prevail from the service technicians. To think that the car has been there for two weeks already, not counting the first time we had it fixed. Then I don’t want to elaborate on the lawyer that had a defeating attitude on our air-tight case... And the bank’s new policy on deposits that signatories have to sign/endorse each and every check for deposit (what if we had collections nationwide? We have to send the check to Manila to be signed/endorsed??)… And another bank’s customer service hotline that doesn’t seemed to be literally “hot” as we were passed several times, just for someone to understand our problem! All these happened in less than a week! I have been in the service industry for many years and have “retired” to help the family businesses which are still service-oriented, albeit offering a different product altogether. I have always made sure that my clients are happy, informed (on anything! Whether there may be delays or advances) and satisfied. I keep on wondering why these customer service issues happen to ME – am I supposed to “understand” these things? Is it an opportunity to correct the person who made the error? Am I supposed to practice extreme patience and hope that it will correct itself? Anyone who knows me and has worked with me knows very well that I do not take these things lightly. Susugod ako kung kailangang sumogod. If I need to send a compliant email to the Head of customer relations, copy furnish the President, I will. Several times I have raised my voice and I always thought it to be justified. If you were a friend or a colleague that I had raised my voice to, you’ll know its just temporary and I’ll be sugary sweet and toasting the next glass of wine to your name the next time we meet. Customer service’s basic tenant is to be able to do your job right and that is to make sure that your clients’ expectations are set and the products are delivered. I believe that all relationships are service/client oriented and this is not limited to the service industries. It applies to basic, everyday, interchangeable, relationships. For example, employee and employer – employee is the “client” of the employer when the employer makes sure that the employee gets his wages on time and has a comfortable workplace. The employer is the client when the employee makes sure that he works well and gives revenues to the employer. Parent and child: The child is the “client” when the parent makes sure that his needs are met, his is put into excellent schools; Parent is the “client” when the child makes sure that he is obedient and studies well, to please his parents. My point is, service and excellent service should be ingrained in each and every one of us. I suppose it should come down to one’s respect for others. If one had respect for the well being of our ”customers” on a day-to-day, on all relationships, then there will be less complaints. Its just sad and disapp[...]



Bags or shoes? I think every woman is addicted to one or both! When my friends at Bolso Manila asked what was my 5 essential pairs, it was so difficult to just limit the list to five. Buying shoes is always a "necessary" thing - I want jellies as its rainy season... I want sandals as its sunny.... I need new flipflops as we're going to the beach... I wear black pumps to office everyday, I cant have just 2 pairs!... I dont have flats, all my pairs are at least 3 inches!.... So on and so forth...

Anyway, just to answer the five "essential pairs", here goes my list :)I know its super incomplete!

1) Black pumps - essential for work (especially those in the corporate world) and can take one from day to night. Ideally around 3 inches (or more!) -- "power heels", hehe

2) Flats - I prefer those with at least half an inch in height. Being a mom to toddlers, running after them in heels might just cause injury to the Mommy!

3) Strappy sandals - if one would like to feel sexy this would be it. Can be low (perfect for those after-pedicure sessions) or high (can be worn at a night out or just because!)

4) Nude, skin tone heels - long legs. No need to explain further.

5) Wedges - Because heels can be tiring... and if you're invited to a garden party, there will be no fear of sinking!

How about you? Or *horror* I wonder what my girls would answer in a few years when faced with the same question?? :)

Gaya gaya


Adrian's carino is to give names or taglines to everyone. He has already started to ingrain this personality to our daughters by having them answer to this line that goes, "Ang nanay mong....?" which should be replied as "Mataba!" (Of course the little innocent Elissa and Katrisse do not fully understand yet what that means...

So this, supposed funny, exchange happens throughout the day, any day, whenever Daddy Adrian remembers to say it out and if the girls are around.

One fine evening, as I was on the computer, I saw Katrisse peering over Lia's crib who seemed to be chanting, "ang nanay mong...? ang nanay mong...? ang nanay mong...?"

Surprised Mommy Karla had to ask Katrisse "are you saying that to Lia?"

"Yes," Katrisse says.

"And what did Lia say?", I ask.


I think I need to talk to Adrian about this!!!

Can you count like that??


It is Elissa's Linggo ng Wika and they have been encouraged to speak in the national language, learn songs in Filipino and yesterday, played Filipino games in school. Yaya Miriam asked me to have Elissa count in Filipino as she seems to have a different set of numbers... So I told her "Eli, lets count! Isa....."

Elissa (with a smirk on her face): "Isa.... Tico... Benny.... Dora...."

Um, I didn't realize that Dora and friends could be numbers!

Katrisse and Doggie



Katrisse and Doggie


Doggie is a stuffed toy dog puppet that Ninang Faith gave Katrisse on her second birthday. Katrisse fell in love with Doggie from the start and she never left home or slept without her (yes, Doggie is claimed to be a girl). Just to know how much she loves Doggie, here are some anecdotes:One night, while praying before going to bed, Katrisse says : “God bless, Daddy, Mommy, Ate Elissa, Katrisse, Baby Lia, Doggie, Yaya Miriam,....” (now we know the hierarchy in the family)One morning before leaving for school, she goes in the room and kisses her Dad and says “bye, Daddy”, then “bye Mommy” (kisses Mommy Karla), then goes around the bed, finds Doggie at the foot of the bed, “bye Doggie *mwah*” ... Gives Doggie a short but sweet peck :)Katrisse claims to be the Mommy of “baby” Doggie. In fact, she even puts Doggie in the stroller and walks her around. Adventures of Doggie One afternoon the girls went with Poppop to the farm. They stayed in the house in the farm and when it was time to go home, Doggie was left behind. Katrisse was insistent that they fetch Doggie so Poppop had to turn back and pick her up. On the flight back home from the US, Elissa and Katrisse travelled only with Wawa. They left Doggie in the airplane and had to ask the ground crew to get in touch with the plane crew to find Doggie. Thankfully he was found. Doggie was left behind one Sunday in Ayala Hillside and Mommy Karla had asked Finina to bring Doggie to Alabang with Auntie Finina. Thinking that Katrisse did not look for Doggie, she did not rush that it be brought home. However, when it was time to sleep, Katrisse was looking for Doggie saying “I want my Doggie, Mommy... I miss Doggie” then buries her face in her hands then starts sobbing, over and over again... Needless to say, Daddy Adrian and Mommy Doggie drove to Finina’s house at almost 10PM, just to bring Doggie home. The next day, Elissa and Katrisse went with Poppop and Wawa to Greenhills and ate at Savory Chicken. Because she placed Doggie on the chair, they all forgot Doggie and went home. Although Katrisse wasn’t crying that night, she was continually “chanting” “I miss Doggie.... I want to fetch Doggie...” to sleep. Daddy and Mommy had to make the trip to Greenhills the next day which made Katrisse very happy. In just a year, Doggie has probably done more than the average teddy bear. On road trips and airplane rides, parties and doctor’s visits, grocery and mall hoppings, in school and even in church, she has been Katrisse’s constant companion almost on a daily basis. I don’t know how long will Mommy and Daddy keep on “rescuing Doggie” from the lost and found but one thing’s for sure – she is well loved. [...]

Growing Up


Mommy Karla: Katrisse, do you want to be a doctor?

Katrisse: No!

Mommy Karla: What do you want to be?

Katrisse: A mom!


Im Not Alone!


Elissa, at 4, has already started to reason out. This was her conversation with her Ninang, just last Sunday:

Ninang Yssa: Eli! Come on! Let's dress up na for mass!

Elissa: *pout* No! I am not going to mass!

Ninang Yssa: Whaaat? come on! Wowo and Mamita are going to mass! Auntie Bea, Auntie Guia, Ate Luz, and Ninang are all going to mass! We will leave you alone here sige ka.

Elissa: Mmmmno. I won't be alone.*holds up Mr. Rabbit* Because Mr. Rabbit will be with me, also Pikachu, and chicken, and..(names all the stuffed toys she was playing with over the weekend) I will not be alone. I will not go to mass.

And the Ninang just stared :D

I can actually imagine Yssa now.. hehehe...

Magic Word


I had a conversation with Katrisse (she just turned two at this time) which went like this:

Katrisse - "Mommy open!!!" (her bottle)
Karla - "What's the magic word?"
Katrisse - "Hocus Pocus!"

Oo nga naman. Magic yun eh!

Funny Faces


Kids just know what to say at the right time.

My pregnancy with Amelia was quite stressful. To make a long story short, I was just out of my comfort zone, Amelia was going to be delivered prematurely and Adrian was just not around when I give birth.

One time, I was in an 'emotional state' when 2y.o. Katrisse went up to me and said, "I'm here, Mom. Its ok' :')

And at another time, Elissa came up to me and said, "Mom, I'll make a funny face! " (to make me happy) then she and Katrisse just made several funny faces....

Needless to say, it made me much better :)

Resurrected Blog!


Because it is the Easter season, I have decided to revive my blog and to immortalize the things that my daughters are going through, especially their witty one liners. These are stories that you enjoy saying at that moment and it would be nice to read them, years later, when they're all grown up. Plus, the last time I revived this blog was when I gave birth to Katrisse... Now that we have an addition to our family, Amelia Marie, I think it is high time for me to start this again, at least just for the kids...

Hopefully, you'll see more posts the coming days ;)

US Trip 2009 - SC



We stopped by colonial Charleston, South Carolina to see the sights and to eat authentic "Sou Food" or Southern Food... We took the scenic bus tour to see the place and to have an appreciation of the architecture of the place. The iron grill works were amazing! The streets are quite narrow, typical of your old towns...

US Trip 2009 - DC, VA



From visiting family in Vermont (Adrian's brother and family) and New Jersey (my Aunt and Uncles), we start our road trip down to Florida.

We arrived in Washington DC at night, and being Super Bowl Sunday, the streets were almost deserted. We walked through the Mall that night and the morning after (we just had to say Hi to Lincoln first!) then we decided to go to Mount Vernon, Washington's mansion in Virginia.

US Trip 2009



Adrian and I left the girls and went to the US, mainly to attend a conference in Orlando, Florida and squeezed some vacation time in as well.

Twas a fun, fun trip, highlighted by the road trip we did from Boston, up to Vermont, passing through New Jersey to visit family (and gain poundage with all the food we ate!), then down to Washington DC and Virginia, passing though Charleston South Carolina and finally arriving at Orlando!

This album is just the first leg of our trip...

January-February 2009

Our US Trip


Adrian and I just came back from a 3-week, "working-vacation" from the US. Adrian wanted to attend the exhibit and conference on POS Systems in Orlando, Florida and I "tagged-along". We didn't bring the kids as we would have a HARD time taking care of them, in the winter and all, and with the road trip that we did, I cannot imagine being able to do all of that with the kids in tow.

It was a fund trip and for me, it was a different experience. My family usually travels by plane, landing in each city and exploring the city by foot or be local means. May it be subway, train, bus or foot, we traveled that way in the US and in our Europe trips (of course, most US trips had relatives driving or lent their cars for us). Adrian, on the other hand, enjoys the sights by driving, may the places be miles and miles away. And that was how we did our US trip - we probably drove most of the states in the East Coast, from Boston, MA to Vermont and down to Orlando, FL.

We were hardly idle for this trip and I felt a little bitin as we were not able to spend ample time for everything that we wanted to do. But it was a fun, fun trip :)

For a starter,

Christmas Lunch 2008



The Christmas Lunch tradition was not broken this year as the Fiders all met up in Lola Mila's house in Matahimik. The kids have grown slightly older but with the new addition of my girls and Joey (whom I fondly call "Toto Jose"), it seems that Christmas is really the season for the children

Christmas Eve 2008



Before I post the October-November pictures, I suppose I need to post the more recent happenings :)

It was a "red" Christmas eve at Rosemont Gardens in Tagaytay with the Santoses. Made even more special with Tita Tess, who came home to spend the holidays in Manila/Tagaytay with family.

Elissa's UN Day Presentation



This was Elissa's first foray into school presentations. I think she was still a bit shy but excellent job for her as kept her stage presence for the whole song :)

Toddlers Unlimited
October 2008

Elissa's UN Day



I've been amiss... Haven't posted so I better start somewhere :)

Sharing with you some pictures of Elissa (and Kat!) during her UN day at school. She was asked to wear any national costume and I, grateful that there is SM where I could buy cheap costumes, dressed her as a Puerto Rican! Complete with the colorful ruffles... A big bow for a headband, instead of fruits for her hair, seemed cute enough...

Since it was also close to halloween, the kids did some trick or treating at the nearby stores... We had a good "global buffet" after where we were asked to bring food native to one's country as potluck. We brought sapin sapin, something just as colorful as Elissa's dress :) (too bad I didn't take photos of the yummy food!)

October 2008
Toddlers Unlimited, Alabang

Rosemont Gardens



For those who are looking for a venue to hold a wedding, party or any social event in the Tagaytay area, we would like to offer Rosemont Gardens. It is conveniently located along the General Aguinaldo Highway, at Alfonso, Cavite, almost a stone’s throw away from Splendido and about ten minutes away from Caleruega.

At Rosemont Gardens, guests can enjoy the fresh Tagaytay air and stroll along the gardens that have a picturesque view of the Taal lake. The covered reception area can fit 100 to 150 guests and may spillover to the gardens, should you have more.

It also has a three-bedroom house where you or your guests can stay for overnight (or more!) accommodations.

For inquiries, you may call Karla Fider-Santos at 0917-8527528 (Globe), 0922-8680116 (Sun), (02)3480116 (mobile landline) or email at

Directions: Take Aguinaldo Highway going towards Batangas. You will pass the rotunda and Mendez. We are about 1.1kms from the arc of Alfonso, Cavite, right across Ridgewood Heights, on the left side. If you pass Splendido, you already passed it. It is the house with the brown gate, yellowish beige wall.

*Thanks to Claire, Nelson and Cybs for some pictures

Care to blog-hop?


Yssa posted at her Multiply her latest webcamming session with my girls... Check it out!

Care to blog-hop?


Yssa posted at her Multiply her latest webcamming session with my girls... Check it out!

A Baking Weekend


One thing that I look forward to when I have my own kitchen is to be able to bake goodies with my girls and for my girls. (Okay, the husby can also have some, hehehe)... One weekend, with all the eggs the we gave to my folks, I decided to bake. Yssa suggested that I make cupcakes (with her tried and tested super yummy and sinfully rich recipe) and I'd have Elissa help by putting on the sprinkles...Cupcakes while cooling It's actually nice to have Elissa do this as aside from it being an activity that would help enhance her fine motor skills and improve concentration ... its definitely a bonding moment for us I hope that we do this more often... With Katrisse, perhaps? Eli.... want to taste?Finished cupcakes with Elissa's sprinkes Papasa na bang Nigella Lawson? Hehehe... [...]

A Baking Weekend


One thing that I look forward to when I have my own kitchen is to be able to bake goodies with my girls and for my girls. (Okay, the husby can also have some, hehehe)... One weekend, with all the eggs the we gave to my folks, I decided to bake. Yssa suggested that I make cupcakes (with her tried and tested super yummy and sinfully rich recipe) and I'd have Elissa help by putting on the sprinkles...Cupcakes while cooling It's actually nice to have Elissa do this as aside from it being an activity that would help enhance her fine motor skills and improve concentration ... its definitely a bonding moment for us I hope that we do this more often... With Katrisse, perhaps? Eli.... want to taste?Finished cupcakes with Elissa's sprinkes Papasa na bang Nigella Lawson? Hehehe... [...]