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Preview: Cory and Kinley + 2

Cory... Kinley...Tanner... Kate... Lydia.

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hey friends! Long time no see! or blog...


  The kids and I went to Idaho this summer... it was fun, we hit up Bear World, the fishing pond, the grandparents, Cafe Rio, and Pop even took us down the river!  Halloween has come and gone as well... imagine that. Despite the Jedi appearance in the picture, Tanner assembled a spy costume for himself, and Kate and Lydia went at lady bugs. We went to my friend's neighborhood and loaded up on more candy than Cory could eat...We went to a really cute apple orchard down in Illinois... this is a picture of the best, and I mean BEST!!! apple pie I have ever eaten. I wish we had just bought a whole pie. Yum... I am not kidding. Like, I need a minute kind of yum. For Christmas this year, we were supposed fly to Idaho on a Thursday, but thanks to "Winter Storm Draco" (when did we start naming those?) our flight was cancelled... but fortunately we were able to get out on Saturday! So in the mean time, Cory, Tanner, and Kate played in the snow and built a snowman. Unfortunately, our kind neighbor and his drunk friends have since peed on the poor snowman. So cool! But it was nice to have a few days to "stay"cation and regroup as a family.  When we finally got out, we were very excited! Everyone did great on the plane...While in Idaho, someone had her first Christmas! This little girl is so dang cute! Some other crazy kids got to go skiing...  We had a great time out there! Always... thanks everyone! some day maybe we will live closer to all these peeps we love out there. Until then, we are enjoying Wisconsin! Thanks for stopping by! See ya soon![...]

Real update! Pictures and all!


You missed us? Oh, that is so nice, I missed you too. Some happenings of late... Cory graduated! Yay! It is nice to be done with school, I would show you a picture, but most of those are on the parents' cameras. Sorry, I feel your disappointment! It was a nice long day, thanks to Leigh for babysitting during the luncheon! Anyway, we miss the old Minnesota crowd, hope you are all well! So a few weeks after graduation, we moved to Janesville, WI! We are enjoying it here. Yes, it is the very Janesville that Paul Ryan is from, isn't that exciting?  I have a new Mani/Pedi friend. Kate can't take a serious picture, but she is a fan! Like mother like daughter...  I turned old, yes it is true... I took the kids on a little trip to Idaho on my own... to my huge relief, all went well! I will post more on this another time... too many pictures! and this sweet little baby has gone from this... to this! Crazy! She is already 6 months, and getting ready to crawl! So sad, she is awesome, we all love her a little too much... Kate is in a dance class and loves it... they are learning a kitty dance and it is too cute. (yes, she has this much sass) Tanner's first day of 1st grade! We lucked out and he got into the same class as a little boy from our ward! and they are good friends, so that extra lucky. and here is the fall here in Wisconsin. We went to Holy Hill on Saturday, it was a beautiful day! I wish Marianne was still in Milwaukee because we would have done this with you! Anyway, Holy Hill is a basilica that is on a tall hill...This was the view from the top! Such pretty colors! Well, there you go... some pictures... we (as in I) will try to get back into the swing of life. It has been a little harder to pick it all back up after Lydi-bug joined us. But it is life and a constant work in progress, so bear with me! Hope you are all well, and until next time... Peace out.[...]

Still here...


Here is now Wisconsin... I'm working on it. :)

Now a family of 5!


Wow! April 1st already! You may think we no longer exist, but we do! Much to your relief I am sure! Well, we added to the family last week, her name is Lydia Jane, and she was a blue ribbon baby weighing in at 9 lbs, 8 oz. and 22 inches.

I am not sure where she was hiding in me, because they had told me they thought she would be around 7 lbs! We think she should have been around 8 1/2 lbs because she was quite swollen from all the fluids they had pumped in me! And that is where she has stayed post hospital! But we were fortunate enough to have Nana come and help out for a week! Kate would call Cory and I "Nana" on accident after she left, it was pretty funny, the kids are missing her!

(image) Tanner is smitten...

Kate has staked her claim...

So, we are partial, but we think she is pretty, and awesome! But mostly pretty awesome! So we will get back to the updates soon... After all, we did have thanksgiving, Christmas, a trip to Idaho, Kate's birthday, and Cory's birthday... Just to mention a few things! But until then, happy April fools day, and I hope you found someone to fool! ;)

Catching up to Halloween...


Well, we have some fun friends and we all found ourselves father/husbandless one beautiful Saturday, so we took the opportunity to go apple picking. It was lots of fun. they had pumpkins and apples, toys, free ballon animals from a clown, apple cider pressing demonstations with yummy samples, and tons more. Lots of fun. Thanks Leigh and kiddos!

(image) (image)

We found some leaves, and by some I mean a crazy amount! The kids had a great time, and did I mention it was 82 degrees that day? Yeah, we have had an AMAZING fall!


We carved our pumpkins... Kate did NOT want to have an orange pumpkin... apparently it is so last season. But they loved gutting, designing, and carving their pumpkins!


On to Halloween... Tanner was a little guy riding an ostrich, kids kept calling it a turkey and it seriously annoyed him... and Kate was an owl. It was not easy to get a picture of her, sorry.


Tanner was a sweet brother and held her hand for the costume parade... you can catch a glimpse of Grace behind them, she was a seriously cute ballerina. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

(image) This is how Kate ended the party... Tanner had won a bag of cookies at a different party for his awesome costume and stood in front of the announcers at the ward party waiting to win... when he didn't he was very confused and was certain that they had made a mistake. I told him they wanted to let someone else have a turn winning. He was good with that.

(image) Anyway, lots of fun! Happy November... can you believe it?

What was that? Tanner started school over a month ago?


Oh, sorry. He is loving it though. His class has already been assigned a new teacher, but they took a week to transition. So, that was nice. Kate misses him while he is gone, but she not so secretly loves having control of everything. The second day of school Tanner came home and told me about a little girl he had helped with her backpack. He was trying to remember her name, and finally just said "You know, the one with the good looking face?" I was trying to keep my laughter from him. It was too funny. He still tells me stories about her almost everyday, but we know her name now. And yes, she is cute.

Before his first day...


After his first day...

(image) Aside from his glummy, I am too cool for school appearance, he really does enjoy it. I am glad he has somewhere to go a few hours everyday to do fun and educational things that I don't have to come up with or clean up after, I just get to experience the pride and joy of the end results!

A few things we've done...


We went to a Twins Game! It was fun, Cory is actually at another one right now with Tanner because if you can't tell from the pictures, Tanner really liked it... Kate wasn't as big of a fan... this is saying something, because this little beauty doesn't just fall asleep!Tanner and his first Major League hot dog... Also, we went to the Minnesota Zoo again with Sam and Alisha a few weeks ago... Tanner of course loved the John Deere tractorMy little chicky laid an egg! I am so proud! Lovin the bears... And really? That is just gross. Anyway, the rest has been somewhat forgotten, Cory and Tanner went to a preseason Vikings game. Tanner thought the football was cool, but I guess it was so loud in the stadium he wouldn't take his hands off of his ears. It was a memory either way! But the little man starts school this week, so we will keep you posted! Ha ha... no pun intended.[...]

Book Giveaway!!!


Over on A Reader's Review... she is giving away an autographed book for freebie!!! Go sign up, you have until tomorrow! There is a link to the left, to the left... everything you own, I mean the link is to the left...

Lumberjack Days in Stillwater...


We went to the Lumberjack Days that are held in Stillwater last weekend with some friends... it rained all morning, so quite a lot of the festivities were postponed, but it cleared up and heated up after lunch... we saw an old school fire truck... the side says something about fire and brimstone, the Vulcan Krewe... kinda funny... We watched the bridge lift to let the boats pass...Checked out a yummy candy store that Trish worked at in high school... this lady was making cookies and cream fudge... it smelled SO GOOD!Kate trying to steal candy...This was an old mill they converted in to offices and shops... We hit up some great mexican at Nacho Mama's... it was seriously tiny in there and the waitress kinda forgot how to be efficient, but I really liked my food!I had the baked enchilada... the other half was really good when I got home too... the thing was huge!Cory had tacos... they were deep fried upon the waitress' suggestion... He said they were great but he wouldn't deep fry them next time... We hit up the teddy bear park after lunch to run the kids energy out... that is a massive granite teddy bear... the kids loved it.They have a lot of old time advertisements still on buildings, it made me laugh that the gum had a "purity package"...This mill is a famous Stillwater landmark... Tanner loved watching the police dog demonstration...The lumberjack demonstrations... they raced up and down these posts, the guy on the right touched the post 4 times with his feet on the way down... crazy!!!This kid is the son of the guy with the microphone... he was dang good at the log rolling...On the way home, Trish and Andrew took us by their favorite ice cream shop... This was the kiddie size... again, what is with the monsterous scoops around here? Sam was kind enough to put that cup on top, yes it is full of ice cream! But it was good, well, what I was able to consume... I can't vouch for the rest, but I would assume it tasted the same. Kate crashed before we made it to get ice cream... I guess that she had fun!I thought Stillwater was a really cute little town, it was settled before Minnesota was a territory, so it is kinda old... Lumberjack Days didn't quite live up to my expectations, but it was fun to get out and see another part of Minnesota and hang out with some awesome friends! So I am trying to figure out tomorrow's plans... I think it will be a little more low key, we are getting tired. Anyway, enjoy your last few weeks of summer, we will be posting pictures of apple picking and football games before you know it![...]

Saturday Ventures...


We have been surprising Tanner with our Saturday activities, last week we went to the Air Expo at Fort Snelling on Saturday. It was cool, Tanner has been obsessed with fighter jets since he found a book about them in the library. He liked them before, but now it is love. He rambles random facts off all the time, and I just pretend whatever he is saying is correct, because I usually don't know what he is talking about... oh well, I also don't remember what all of these planes were, if you know, you should hang out with Tanner!This was an F-16 or 15 or something... I think...This was a hopper plane from 1941 or 43, I would never have flown in it! Those brave men!!!Shiny cool plane...This plane was HUGE!!! Seriously huge! Don't believe me?Well, this is us under it!After, we got kids meals at McDonalds, yes we had breakfast there the day before, what can I say, we are fans!Then the next surprise was Minnehaha Falls... We walked down the path to the bottom and followed the stream a bit... the kids stopped to contemplate life...Rented one of these fun surrey bikes! Very fun! Totally worth it! Mom, if you ever come see us, we will do this!This is a replica on Longfellow's home in Boston, only 2/3rds the size... He has a famous poem called The Song of Hiawatha... it is about an indian warrior and his love... Hiawatha and Minnehaha. The road behind the house is Hiawatha... I guess where Minnehaha and Hiawatha meet is a good place to build a replica of his home! Ha! And I know this will excite everyone, but the Metrodome's roof is up again! I know you have all missed it!Can you tell it is humid here right now? Our heat wave should be over tomorrow. They say that our dew point and temperature combinations lately have been worse than the Amazons. Cool. Sign me up for another week.Anyway, Tanner thinks we have the best surprises ever! We will take it! We need to be cool as long as we can! Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying summer, it is flying by![...]

Random Fact About Last Friday...


We had a visitor! Our very favoritest Pop came into town! He was passing through on one of his business trips and decided to stay the night with us! So we took him to the Stonearch Bridge on Thursday night (apparently our favorite thing to do...)Then it rained like it was the last time it would rain ever on Friday, so we went to McDonald's for breakfast...Kate drank that entire smoothie by herself!It didn't quit, so we picked up some umbrellas from Target (I know, kinda silly we didn't actually own any)...Found some look-alikes of the kids in the dollar bins...and went to the Conservatory...Tanner with a great, big, huge leafy...Tanner trying to see the snapping turtle... or fishing for it with his nose...Then we had to take Pop back to the airport to send him home to Nana... We were so sad after you left that Cory took us out to drowned our sorrows in some really good ice cream... Tanner ate every last drop... So did Kate, even though this kiddie scoop was the size of her head... Thanks for stopping to see us! We hope you fly though here again soon! Maybe we will have nice weather instead of the 100+ and relentless humidity when we moved in, and the torrential downpour of rain this time... We love you![...]

Saturday, in the park, oh, I think it was the 4th of July...


Well, it was the week after, but it was fun all the same. This past Saturday, we had a lot of fun. We spent the whole day together as a little family. First, we went to the Mill City Farmer's Market downtown Minneapolis. But we wanted to walk across the Stonearch Bridge, so we parked on the other side. This is our journey across... Then we made it over to the farmers market and found some lambs and chickens to pet... of course, my kids didn't want in on that action.But they had beautiful flowers... and we even took a new family portrait... it was on the mirrored side of the Guthrie, the kids had great time with it!This was the area that went to the Mill City Museum's doors... but that is where you stopped because the government shut down closed the museum... There were tons of fun vendors, one guy even had a loom and was weaving really awesome tapestry things, others just had awesome food displays... just tons of stuff, lots to see!food..I want to paint these...Then we ventured back to the bridge and explored a bit... but Kate wasn't very happy to leave...Do you like her tights? It was 90 something and very humid, but the little girl wouldn't leave without the tights, they painfully don't even match.Under the bridge... (mom, this is when I was talking to you...) These are entrances to tunnels that run under the city... as well as ruins of some of the mills and the train loading areas...Kate cheered up again for her daddy...We went home to cool off and have some lunch, then we headed back out to the Chain of Lakes downtown. We mostly hung out at Lake Harriette... I think I want to be a sailor now, these sail boats looked so fun! I want to paint these clouds too... those building in the distance are awesome, they look like...this up close... very cute, great atmosphere...Then came Tanner's surprise...Inspite of the picture, he loved it... they still run one of the old streetcars on 1 mile of track. It was really fun... They gave you an original token from back in the day as your pass to board, you put it in the little box thing as you got on. Then they drove you down one way, back and down the other, then back again. They told you the history of the streetcar operations and stuff, it was short, but sweet! Look at their cute hats! Then as we were leaving, I found our future house, it was even for sale. Cory picked out a different one, but we know wives always get their way! Ha, I can only imagine how much this thing costs! Sorry that was so long, but it was a fun day! We will probably do it again sometime! [...]

Our happenings...


So I should catch up on a few of our adventures...A few weeks ago we went to see Cars 2, the theater near us is only $5 if you go before 11:30, so we did. Tanner liked it, but he keeps talking about the american spy car that was killed. It was a little more James Bond and politically laced than I thought it should be, but it was alright. Anyway, we had lunch, then headed to the Como Zoo, Sorry, not many pictures from the zoo, but Kate would say "those big yucky fish"... a girl after my own heart, and phobias.We have been swimming at the gym, a lot. Just trying to stay cool... Then we went to Lake Johanna last Saturday (4th of July weekend). It was lots of messy sandy fun. Tanner was desperately trying to catch a minnow, but they evaded his cunning attempts. He looks like he is posing. Too funny. I think we will go back. It was great. Well, until Tanner's beach ball blew out into the middle of the lake and ruined his day forever. oh well.On the 4th, we went strawberry picking again because we had run out. It was fun. They were awesome again.It was fun to get out into the country again...On our way back we drove over to the Afton Alps ski resort nearby... the have like 18 chairlifts or something, but it would appear that they just have one for every run...Later we had a neighborhood barbeque... The kids got nasty sandy again.and on to the fireworks...We went downtown Minneapolis, to the Stonearch Bridge over the Mississippi. Lots of people, but lots of fun. This is how the kids watched the fireworks...You can see this bridge glowing behind us in the picture above. It is the bridge that collapsed a few years ago... don't know if you remember... anyway, it was lit up in red, white, and blue. It looked cool. You can't tell from my picture, sorry. But that big brown box of a building in the background is Cory's school. We have been trying to get out and do things every Saturday, so I will try to get to yesterday's activities soon. Anyway, we just want to enjoy what Minnesota has to offer in the summer! If you have anything you think we should hit, let me know, I will add it to the list! As always, thanks for stopping by![...]

no buckles here...


Sorry friends, it's not buckles. It is bows. Yay Leigh! But you are right too Jennie, I do enjoy a good flip flop, often on a daily basis. So good job, thanks for guessing!

Random Fact Friday...


I love shoes. LOVE. SHOES. You wouldn't know it by the pitiful display gracing the floor of my closet, but someday the shoes will return... hopefully a new wardrobe will show up around the same time... anyway, my dad likes to tease me about the number of shoes I had when I got married. Shoes are actually something Cory and I bonded over. His affection is more for Jordans, but a shoe is a shoe. After sorting and purging, I moved out of my parents house with 35 pairs or something... I know there are serious addicts in the world with hundreds of pairs of shoes, I fortunately have never reached such levels, nor do I have to room... all the same, I like them. And over the years of purchasing shoes I have noticed a trend. I am drawn to a certain embellishment on shoes... can you guess what it is?

It's not feet...


I don't mind feet, my apologies to those who do. Codee, you do know me so well! I HATE fish. I know, hate is a strong word, but as far as this is concerned, it is not strong enough! Yuck, yuck, yuck! That is why I have as much of me out of the water that I can, which seems to be the head and the foot. I have a tendency to hyperventilate in deep fish infested water. So why would I even get in? Well, the answer is pride. When these darn boys I know egg me on, I cave. So then, after a solemn oath from the driver to get me out of the water as quickly as possible, I get in and lay flat as a board on the surface. Then I don't fall. Not for anything. If I am going down, it is on my own terms. Good thing I don't go boating very often, it is truly an exhausting experience, emotionally and physically. Ha! So my apologies to Ali for trying to drowned her in Hawaii, and thanks to my dad for coming to rescue me, and blame to my mom for the phobia.

the end.

Random Fact Friday...


There are things in life that can stand in our way, and prevent us from doing other things that perhaps we do want to do. Now there aren't many things I truly hate to do in this world, but public speaking, cleaning the bathroom, sleeping in a tent, and laundry could very well be on the list... while there really isn't anything I enjoy about public speaking or sleeping in a tent, I do like to use a clean restroom and wear clean clothes.

So now I give you a picture... what about this picture do you think could be on the list of things I hate? I know this is a vague question, but take a guess!

The adventures of picking...


We went strawberry picking yesterday... it was really fun. The strawberries are divine. I think we will probably go again because we have eaten half of our 6 lbs of strawberries. We are having waffles with strawberries and fresh whipped cream tonight for dinner. I love fresh whipped cream. LOVE. IT. Anyway, here are the cutest kids in the whole world... please notice that Kate is on her tip toes. She is my favorite little girl ever.


The kids going at the berries...


It was really nice out, Kate was getting a little sweaty...

(image) Then after our strawberry donuts, Kate decided to take up extreme strawberry wall climbing...


She has another new picking talent...


This was her response to me taking the picture...

(image) "Oh mom, I am so embarrassed that you took that picture!"

I love my kids! We definitely have our moments, but I think that are awesome (90% of the time)! We are going to have a hot one today, so we will be running the A/C full force, and probably be going to the pool! Stay cool!

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!


Way to go friends. Cory and I met on a chairlift. We were both instructors and there were no lessons so we all went out for a run and Cory and I ended up on the lift together. It went so well that he offered me a ride home where he then threatened to drive my side of the car into a telephone pole. Things were going well, it turned out that he had chemistry right after me with the same teacher, so we "studied" together and then went skiing at night. I passed the class, Cory repeated it. Ha ha. Anyway, there you have it. Good job.

Random Fact Friday...


I eat my words... a lot. Everytime I say I definitely am/am not going to do something, the opposite usually happens. For example... after Cory's internship in New York, we decided that in the future, we would keep ourselves west of the Mississippi, unless the $$ was good. Well, I now live like 2 miles east of the Mississippi (nice huh?)and let's just say our names are on the bottom of the checks, not in the recipient line. Also, when I was younger, I said I would never get married... well, that obviously happened, and I have 2 kids to show for it. So you would think that I would learn my lesson about putting something definite on myself, but I haven't. Oh well. I guess my opinions are firm, until they change. Such is life right?

So for my random question...

Do you know where I was when I met my husband?

Once upon a time...


Tanner gave himself a haircut...
(image) Well, Cory let him do it again.

(image) Then he helped him finish it up.
(image) It'll be great for summer...whenever it feels like showing up.

You know me so well...


While chalk was a very close guess, my medium was watercolor.

As for my majors, it all started in biology, then I went to interior design, then I went to architecture, then back to biology, then I had Tanner and art was the nearest thing I had to graduation. I had been taking art classes the whole time, so it wrapped up into a nice little package. I have clusters (a mini minor...I don't know who made that up, but whatever) in chemistry, family science, and architecture. Nice huh? Jack of all trade, master of none. Oh well, I think I mentioned I have a short attention span.

As for where my paintings are hanging... you are right about my parents, and my grandparents. But my in-laws do not, and I do not. My teacher is the third, she has one in her studio.

So, how exciting. Enjoy your Monday, and thanks for stopping by!

Random Fact Friday...


I went to college. I finished college. I had many majors in college. What can I say, I had many interests. In the end I graduated with a degree in art. I quite enjoy creating things, and designing things, and building things. It works out for me to just make the whole thing up considering I don't have the attention span to read directions. Embrace who you are and run with it... that's my motto. So today's question might be easy for some of you.

What was my main medium in school?

Bonus question... Can you guess 2 of my other majors? (Hint: There were 4 total)

Bonus question #2... There are only 3 people in the whole world that have my art hanging up. (pathetic, I know) Do you know who?

Get a hang of this...


Tanner and Kate got new bikes for their birthdays! (okay, they got them for Tanner's birthday, but whatever.)

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Cory woke up a few weeks ago and realized with horror that Tanner couldn't ride without training wheels, so they went outside and figured it out. He is doing pretty well, but on occassion he gets going a little fast... (image)

You would have thought he died the way he reacted, but if it doesn't kill you it will only make you stronger, right? We'll see the next time he crashes...

Kate likes to take her babies for rides. They are usually shoveled through the handlebars. She is getting better at pedaling, but we still end up pushing her around. Oh, someday...(image) We have been enjoying our summer here so far, mostly because we have an air conditioner. We will clue you in to the other fun things we are up to sometime! Until then... have a good one.

Drum roll please...


4 1/2 kids, 4 1/2. Like my dad said, it would have been more, but I was taught to share, and we did run out. So I will give it to Crystal because she was only off by half of a pie.

As for Jennie, 8 really? But you were spot on with the #1 favorite dessert. Raspberry cheesecake it is. And really, you know, life is always better with a coke in hand. So you did it Jennie, you won a pumpkin pie, made special by me. It is just too bad that you live so far away... I guess I will just have to eat it for you! Ha ha!

Until next time.