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{Life is Sweet}

{ life is sweet }

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Christmas tree hunt 2011!


We had a fun time finding our christmas tree this year and we found it in record time due to the two little girls that started crying because of the cold 5 minutes into our journey :) haha... we are sand babies... not snow bunnies :)Daddy and his girls.... my favorite sight.going to get our tree we picked out once the girls are snuggled up in the car again :)2 minute before this picture there were tears streaming down her face because she was cold...can you spy a cute little girl in the back window?we have literally taken a different vehicle every year!! shawn has commitment issues with his cars :) the final product.... makes me smile.maddie was being so sweet to mia... she was teaching her how to bake :) the girls were so excited to go see santa and they both just hopped right up and they held hands the whole time!! i think it was comforting to them :) precious! Maddie asked for a bike and Mia asked for a pink blanket :) [...]

Thanksgiving in Elko!!


We went to Elko this year for thanksgiving and had a fun time with the Fam!! The girls Loved playing with all of Grandma's fun toys :)


Mia slept through thanksgiving dinner....



Mia rocking all of Grandma's jewelry :)

{ Halloween 2011 }


We had a fun Halloween this year.... the girls wanted to be princesses again!!!My cute little princesses... a "pink" one and a "Tangled" one :) they were very excited to be able to wear makeup and have sparkles EVERYWHERE!!! Maddie did not want a wig because she was the Rapunzel after her hair got chopped off :) PERFECT!!Trick or Treating at my door...Mia was kind of shy at first getting candy... then she got the hang of it... she was collecting as much as she could get her hands on :) and then she found our candy to hand out and she started fist fulling it in.. with this face i have a hard time saying no :) hahaShawn was Flynn Rider for Halloween ... a request from maddie :)Cute princess friends!!Pony Rides at the trunk or treat!Mia wasted from so much fun and sugar!!! This is not the first time we have found her curled up somewhere all tuckered out :)[...]

Disneyland !!


we got the chance to go to Disneyland with Shawn's family!! we had so much fun playing one day at california adventure and the another day at the main park :) Maddie and Mia LOVED playing with their cousins and how lucky they are to play with them at the happiest place on earth!!maddie's glitter tattoo next to her new sparkling ears :) Daddy took her the day before disneyland to get her ears pierced!! Shawn dropped me and my mom off to shop while they were supposed to go to the park... once we were out of the car shawn asked the girls what they wanted to do and maddie answered "go get my ears pierced!!" the deal has been she needed to sleep in her own bed all night all the time... she has been good to consistantly do it so shawn said okay!!! when they picked us up from shopping maddie held her hair back and asked me if she looked different in anyway :) haha... I was SHOCKED!!! and happy that shawn got to take her for that experience :) she didn't flinch a bit and picked out the biggest pair of diamonds offered (that's my girl :)yummy treats....another yummy treat :)taking pictures while stuck on a ride...shawn took maddie on splash mountain and they both came off wet and shivering.... then we went on again and came of soaking!!! shawn DEFINITELY got the worst of it being in front :) hard to see in this picture, but he is dripping wet with squishy water filled shoes... and it was the 2nd ride of the day :) oops!!Fun times with the cute kiddos!!maddie was such a brave girl to try all the scary rides.... she went on tower of terror with me and i was freaking out and then i was feeling guilty that i took her on it!!! she was so excited to go and then on the ride her little face was freaked out and after i asked her if she liked it and she got all quiet and said no.. it lifted me out of my seat!!... the next day she told me she wanted to go on it again but with daddy.. not me! i think she sensed me freaking out!! and then we took her on space mountain for the first time and it was decorated for halloween.. a little scarier than usual and she was a little scared on that one too... but she loved thunder mountaina and matterhorn!! what a dare devil 4 year old!! :) mia on the other hand loved winnie the pooh :)[...]

Random few..


Dear Grandmas,
we have NOT been good about taking pictures.... i am putting my camera in my purse right now. Next post should be better :) Love you and i hope these quench your warner girl thirst for a week or so :)


maddie with her bestie Addie :) and Addie's little sister too!!


We went to the st george marathon to cheer on a friend!! we walked the mayors walk before and maddie was proud of finishing her "own" race!


my halloween bats !! i like this new addition to my halloween decor!! they are fabric and i put them on with Liquid starch !! when halloween is over you just peel off and wipe away the residue with a wash cloth :)

My Maddie...


i am so PROUD of my little maddie!! she is such a sweet little girl with such a sweet spirit :) each day i get to know her a little better and i feel so lucky that this beautiful little lady was sent to me !!!a few things about Maddie (age 4)....- she has a FUN personality and ATTITUDE :)-she just started preschool and LOVES it!!-she started dance too and wants to go everyday... (sadly we have to wait a whole week in between classes )-she is an AWESOME big sister... she really watches over mia and is soooo excited when mia wakes up from her nap so she can have her little friend with her :)- she has a thing for tucking in her shirt at the moment... {drives me a little crazy sometimes}- is a fish in the pool... can swim NO problem with no help and has swam to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve her dive toys!!!- gets embarassed when talking about boys she likes :)- loves soup... haha... she will honestly finish an entire can of progresso by herself!!- maddie is a HAM!! she is super theatrical and when she hears music she will interperet accordingly ...- has been in my stroller on a walk almost everyday for 4 1/2 years!!- asks to paint her toenails and finger nails daily!!!- bites her toenails... eeewwww!!- tells me i look hot when i have gotten dressed up :) thanks mads!- one day i told maddie that my dad used to pay me a nickel for swiming laps in the pool (an extremely good idea for wearing kids out!!) and maddie asked if she could?... yeah sure!! have at it.. i will pay you 1 nickel for each short lap you swim. she continued to swim 20 LAPS!!!! wow.. she definately earned her 20 nickels :)- still likes to come sleep in our bed at night but she is currently working on this and getting much better...- loves to take baths- says the most amazing prayers... so heartfelt and different each day.- ...and there is so much more but these are just a few that instantly came to my mind :)LOVES her daddy!!they get super silly together :) shawn is the BEST dad ever and i lvoe to see the girls run to him when coming home from work!!one of maddies more... "colorful" outfits!! she looks like she belongs in florida :) of maddie's first days of preschool.... as you can see the tucked in shirt strikes again!what would i do without this girl in my life?!!! she is soooo much fun and brings so much joy to our house!![...]

My Little Mia....



This is what my cutie pie looks like on a daily basis :).. haha!! panties and boots! somehow we always end up here at the end of the day :)


Stealing Brownies!!

{ Fun Facts about Mia right now }

- Mia is 2 1/2
- she LOVES to mimic her older sister
- she loves any stuffed animal
- can do a killer booty shake...
- is still my squishy baby.. so fun to cuddle!!
- loves to talk at all times and has 1 volume.... LOUD! does get shy when strangers talk to her :)
- pees & poops in the potty!! and not many accidents!! yay!
- still sleeps in her crib because i can't bear to mess with her WONDERFUL sleeping habits... she goes to bed easily and still takes 2-3 hr naps :) happy mommy!!
- favorite foods are apple juice, watermelon, cantaloupe, any fruit, peanuts, chicken nuggets, lemonade, PIZZA, popsicles, pez, waffles, and pretty much she is not a picky eater :)
- she is a funny friend... always making us laugh!!
-she loves to play dress up, babies, barbies...
- 99% of the time she wakes up a happy girl... and then there is the 1% when she wakes up and buries her head
because she is MAD and doesn't want ANYTHING :)
- maddie hardly lets her choose the movies but when she does get to pick its often coraline or Tangled
- is a great swimmer and will swim anywhere in the pool with floaties
- is miss independent
-her vocabulary is amazing!
-gives sweet puckered lips kisses
- cannot put into words how cute she really is and the joy she brings to our lives :)

Cali trip 2011!!


Off to Grandmas house again!! and as usual we wore ourselves out!!! we spend 2 weeks using every minute wisely so we can get in the most fun possible :) love love love the time spent with my mama !! Airplane ride ... first year i had to buy 3 tickets!!!! it was fun to have an entire row to ourselves :) maddie loves the jetblue tvs!! Disneyland day.... and a chuck-e-cheese night :) and we visited our friends again... they are like family :) Grandmas hats :) they LOVE to try on my moms vintage hats!! LOVE mia's eyes in this one !! [...]

Date night with Maddie !!


I have been wanting to do something special with Maddie just the two of us... so i decided i would take her to her 1st play at Tuachan to see The Little Mermaid!! She was super excited to go!! we got dressed up and maddie looks for ANY reason to wear make up and i always say no so tonight i said YES!! i did her eyeshadow.. glitter.. lipstick and a little mascara :) and here are some pix of our date ....i let maddie choose the restaurant and looks like i have trained her well because she picked MY favorite too!! Pizza Factory! YUM...then we had an hour to kill since maddie was super anxious to leave on our date so i thought i would let her get her nails done... (really just a polish change :) .. she was beaming she felt so special :)... then she wanted me to get mine done too... it's way more fun when someone does it with you..the final product!My little mermaid :)wating for the show to begin!maddie with her kids treat! i got one too because i knew that mia would want a special cup when she saw maddie's :) the play was AMAZING!!! there were tons of special effects and maddie was at the edge of her seat for the first half!! the second half she got a little tired .. she kept pointing to the exit with no words she was so tired!.. i cant blame her though.. it was 11:45 when the play was over!!and needless to say this is what happened instantly when we got in the car ...Worn out from all the FUN!![...]

What we've been up to....


campouts on the trampoline with daddy:) Shawn took us to kanab on a job with him the other night... we got a room and had fun swimming and just being together !!Dinner at a mexican food restaurant in Kanab... YUM!this is what entertains our daughter while out to eat.... i'm sure the waitress loves to clean up the 20 empty sugar packets off the table and floor :) Gymnastics!!! Maddie looks forward to her class every week!!here are some of the baby quilts i've done recently and all you have to do to get one is have a baby... easy enough, right?! :)and while i sew... maddie wants to "sew" too!!! she cuts up fabric and wraps it around her to make 'outfits' :) isn't she the cutest slutty bride you ever saw?!! "sew" proud :)future clothes designer?... :)[...]

Zion and Fathers Day!


went to zion this past weekend to hang with the folks :)... shawn had to work so i just headed up alone with the girls ... we had a BLAST!!nothing makes me happier than watching my girls play HAPPILY together :) spending time at the campground was definately the highlight of their trip! they had fun searching for lizards, "nice" bugs, playing in the freezing cold river, splashing in the WARM blow up pool, eating ice cream, reading books, making smores, and playing in our huge new tent ( brand new from a garage sale... $20 HOLLA!! thanks mom and pop!)obviously worn out !! she slept for about 2 1/2 hrs in our arms... to the bus... to this nice bed on top of the table... to the bus... to the campsite!!! Wow! LOVE this girl and her BRIGHT eyes :)kinda made the colors whacked on this one ... my little dolly!grandpa was having fun pouring FREEZING cold water on Mia .. but she was a good sport about it , haha!HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! 2011LOVE this view :) ... DARLING GIRLS... and 1 seriously SEXY husband that looks like he belongs on a 1970's farm ... (side note: his entire outfit came out of his grandpa's closet)[...]

it's all about the little things...


things i LOVE about Mia right now.....1. is such a talker and has only one volume.... LOUD!2. sleeps in till 9 am :)3. still takes her 2-3 hr nap4. wakes up with the messiest bed head each morning5. is super snuggly6. at the store she will sing at the TOP of her lungs and when i tell her to be quieter she says with her hands in the air " but i'm just singin' " ... and this is said in the softest most angelic voice :) haha7. does EXSACTLY what maddie does8. says she wants things "so bad" again she melts me with her cute phrases... this girl knows how to work me :)9. goes pee pee in the potty for a "nerm" aka gummy worm :)10. loves all bugs and calls them "nice bugs" . once maddie stomped on a bug that she was playing with and talking to and she freaked out crying that maddie had stepped on her "nice bug" when maddie took her foot off the bug was totally dead but mia told me that "no he's not dead.. he's a nice bug" and continued playing with him :) so sweet!11. loves to swim, ride bikes with maddie, help daddy, pick out her own clothes and shoes, wear big girl panties, pee in her big girl panties, dress up, and be wrapped up like a baby so mommy can pretend she still has a newborn :)12. says "o-tay" for okay :)LOVE THIS LITTLE SASSY GIRL!!!playing at mcdonalds...this mornings bed head :)maddie helping with my project... she is very good at glazing :)after their friend Sione's party... i think they played hard!!Mr. Maddie :)[...]

fun at grandma's..


We went down to California to go to my cousins wedding and shawn's sis. baby blessing :) and of course i have NO pictures of these but i do have pictures of the rest of the trip :) on Monday after our fun weekend of being with both our families i sent my cute little husband on his way so that i could spend another week in cali with my mom and my niece and nephew :)..... why not right?! My mom was watching my neice and nephew while my brother and sister in law went to italy :) the kids had so much fun playing with each other and all of grandma's fun toys!!Aiden's baseball game :)....went to the movies to see Rio....of course we ate at Ruby's Diner :) mmmm..... and my kids LOVE cherries!!!we went on walks in the mornings and fed the ducks and went to the park...and my FAVORITE was going to the beach 2 times :)... maddie loved playing by the water and Mia just wanted to sit by me up on the sand :) we also had fun playing legos.... swimming.... chuck-e-cheese....bedtime stories...and just being at grandma's house :)[...]

Mother's Day



My sweet babies and me on Mother's day!! i am the luckiest mom alive to be able to take care of these little darlin's :)


that morning i woke up to find handmade cards and beautiful hand picked flowers from my mom's backyard :) LOVED them!!


My cute mom with 4 of her 6 grandkids :) she is the BEST mom and grandma ever!!! i love her more than she knows!!

Easter weekend!!!


We had such a fun eventful easter weekend :) friends, easter eggs, candy, bike riding, yard sale, and all the stuff in between :) my camera was always close at hand and grandma should be very proud !!it started off when my friend anna came down to play with us in st. George!!! this is maddie's oldest friend ... maddie and addie used to lay on a blanket together not knowing yet that they would be besties :) and now mia and izze each have a little playmate too!! here they are causing a ruckus in old navy :) makes for a cute picture though!!!yes... once spring/summer hits this is what i do alot of!!!! i become a scholar ..... the only way i get some good reading in is if i have some good warm sun to go with it!! and as you can see i am teaching my daughter about the good things in life :)isn't she a diva?!My friend and i decided to put on a little easter egg hunt this year with neighbors :) special friends.....Maddie showing me one of her many pictrues drawn of the easter to get the loot!!!mia was so cute!!! at first she got one egg and ran to show me.. i said you can get more :) so she went back and then was happy with the piece of candy she grabbed.... again i said you can keep going and thats when she started to get the hang of things.... here she is getting every piece she can before somebody else :)i love this little girl!!! sigh.....the two most ADORABLE people in my life!!! .enjoying her hard work......can't get enough of this face!!!!recently we took maddie's pedals and training wheels off her bike so she could use it as a glider and learn to balance... after a couple of weeks we tried her on a friends bike that still had it's pedals and she hopped right on and peddled away with NO help at all!!she has been a two wheeler girl ever since!!! proud parent!!Easter Morning!!! the girls found their hidden baskets and then headed to mom and dads bed to open the goods!! holidays are so much more fun when you are making them special for somebody else!!!Easter dresses....These girls LOVE their daddy as you can see :)the cherry on top of our fun weekend was a sleepover in the front room!! we got out the air matress and the girls loved playing trampoline on it :) then every single toy they owned came to the sleepover including some candy nerds that were in the bed in the morning...shawn used the leaf blower to blow up the matress and then this is what we did with it watching nim's island and eating popcorn and LOTS and LOTS of snuggling!!!!{LIFE IS SWEET}[...]

what a day!!!!


My husband has been in charge of a bunch of foreclosures lately and that includes getting rid of all the leftover items in a house... that is where we have been getting all this CRAP to sell at our awesome yard sales :) so this past saturday we were able to unload our garage yet again to make another $500 dolla- holla!!! and all of it (with the exception of a few clothing items) came out of his foreclosures!!! wahoo!! here is the lot of goods....a wee bit closer....maddie made $22 selling cookies!! and she was only selling for about an hour :) my cookie selling little russian is making more money per hour than most college students :) and then this happened and was just the cherry on top of a relaxing (i say this with as much sarcasim as possible) day..............oh the horror............ahhhhh!!! it's even worse from the side..........don't cry laura.. don't freak out... it's only hair!!! i am so in LOVE with maddie's cute little bob and i have so much fun doing her hair every day!! they are my little dolls and i was sooooo sad when i saw the damage!!! all i could think was we need to get this fixed as soon as possible!!!Daddy on the other hand thought it as CUTE.... haha! right! she totally looked like one of the little orphans on the movie Annie!!! :) so off the fantastic sams and we did what we could.....i guess it could have been worse... but lets be honest.. it could have gone a lot better too if my four year old would have kept her sticky mitts off those scissors !!![...]

lost & found


so i lost my camera about a week ago and i could not find it anywhere!!! anyway yesterday i woke up and i had a dream that i found my camera in my beach bag. i thought what the heck i will check it out.... yep! there it was! i thought it was so weird :) anyway so now i plan to take lots more pictures...

went to 25 main for dinner one night and the girls LOVED their cupcakes !!YUM!

Sleepy Babies :) we don't really sleep that good when they are in our bed but how can you say no when you wake up to this ?!!! it won't last forever ...right?

{ hope that holds you off for a few days Mom }

St. Patty's Day!!!!


I don't normally go all out for this holiday... but this year i thought we would do a few fun and novel things :)

(image) so we started off our day with Rainbow waffles .....

(image) and then maddie LOVES to bake with me so we made rainbow cupcakes :).....

(image) and then finished our day with green pizza :) i think the girls had fun.... or maybe i had the most fun :)

RaNDoM moments are the {BEST} ...


I LOVE my two little beauties!!! they are so much fun and i feel so lucky to be able to fill my days with moments like these :) sigh.... doesn't get much better than this :)

(image) Just in case you've missed the important part of this picture... just look at how my 4 year old has developed boobies that are larger than mine :) haha!

(image) and then they are so precious when they fall asleep.... and i LOVE that my girls sleep in all of shawns old soccer jerseys (thanks Grandma Dianne for saving them all those years :)...

(image) Maddie has been begging me to get down my wedding dress... it was in the attic boxed up all nicely and she was dying to get her sticky hands all over it !! she changes her mind from time to time to wanting to get married and have a baby to wanting to stay at home with me forever :) sweet girl!

(image) and since i was sure i wouldn't be able to find Mia if i attempted to put it on her i opted to sit her right on top and she was thrilled to feel apart of the party ....


bedtime stories?


(image) the other night we went into the girls room to read before bed and this is what ended up happening :) They LOVE to watch tv on shawns phone .... so here they are watching a good wholesome (haha) episode of spongebob... or as Mia would call it spah bum :) Love them... they even picked out matching jammies for themselves :)

More catch up pictures...


Here are some more pictures of fun things we have been up to :)My {SWEET} little mia :) she was ready to go get the mail :)Trying on grandma's vintage hats....maddie had all sorts of winning poses :) haha!My Birthday Lunch at pizza factory... they give you a free pizza in the shape of your age on your birthday .... thank you Anna for that most wonderful information !! it was delicious!!Maddie tried on her blessing dress... still fits! actually much better now than the day she was drowning in it!!early to rise for our huge garage sale!!! my friends Darice and Janell came down and brought all their bunches of stuff to add to mine and we sold a grand total of about 1,000 dollars!!!! money money money!! theni of course went shopping that night :)My 2 beautiful little valentines girls :) we spent the day going to the movies (gnomeo and juliet) and then came home and had a nice dinner in that night :)[...]

Hello Kitty Birthday !!


This year Maddie and Mia wanted a Hello Kitty Birthday party!!! i was thrilled to do it since there is Tons of fun things out there that are hello kitty :) i had so much fun making the cake this year... i tried fondant for the top and then made the hello kitty cake bites for each cupcake ... i thought they turned out pretty cute :)the party was fun and girly ... we did face painting ate lunch, did a prize walk, pinned the bow on hello kitty, and cracked open a pinata!! the girls loved all their new toys and i love my yearly picture of them with their dad :) i can't believe my babies are 2 and 4!!!![...]

can't get enough cali!!!!


we just can't get enough california... and i figure while my girls are not in school we might as well live it up right?!! so we headed down for a week before all of our birthdays :) and of course we did our usual shopping.. and i am a sucker for disneyland now that my girls LOVE it.. so we had to go there too :) It was so nice to go to disneyland in february!! there was nobody there and we walked right onto most rides :) the best!!! the only bummer was there were a few rides closed for repairs including splash mountain :( so sad!! but maddie had fun going on some of the big girl rides that she is recently tall enough for !! yay!! thunder mountain was so much fun with her!!!grandma let them each pick a prize and maddie knew right away what she wanted when she saw the umbrellas :) just like mary poppins! mia picked a dumbo baby but when maddie went to get her umbrella she stuck her hands out to recieve hers :) she obviously didn't understand that she had already picked her prize.. grandma was a sucker and ended up getting her a mini one too :) haha!and as if we didn't have enough junk food at disneyland... maddie wanted mcdonalds for dinner and we thought we would just go out with a bang :) they had a pajama party picnic in the living room with happy meals and a movie :) what a fun day!!!and off to chuckee cheese!!! we went to chuckee cheese with my brother and his kids :) the kids had fun spending way too many tokens and just playing with their cousins:) grandma even brought valentine surprises to have a little valentine party :)mia was emily's little shadow!! they went on this ride a bunch of times.. mia was mesmorized :)we always have too much fun at grandma's house... and maddie is already asking to go back :)[...]



If you see me today, wish me a happy birthday!

my precious baby...


on sunday the kids were watching a movie after church and before i knew it this is what i found :) a tired little baby sleeping on top of our hard coffee table looking just {PRECIOUS}...