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The Photo Blogger's Equivalent to Non-Verbal Communication... and why we moved our blog



for the last 1,084 days, our blogger photo blog has been the perfect tool for the telling of our story; it was simple, free, and it was the space where you, our friends & our family, offered the most valuable gift you possess: your attention & a wonderfully elaborate conversation.

then, about a year ago, carlie & i began asking a new question, with the aim of bringing more value to you, our friends & our family...

what is the promise we are making as the gabriel.ryan. brand?

it is commonly known that in communication, most of the exchange that takes place in a conversation is actually non-verbal: facial reactions, hand motions, tone. so, it was in asking the question "what is the promise we are making..." that we discovered the answer would be found if we could properly answer another question: "how should we make that promise?"

we learned the value we bring to the market place as a husband and wife wedding photographer boutique is not simply the content of our conversation: the photos and ideas we love to share. we learned the value of our story, of our brand, is both the product we deliver as well as the way we deliver that product.

with that in mind, we began discussing the re-invention of our blog. and, after countless emails, a handful of fights, numerous mini-victories, and the aid of an incredible team of people over at into the darkroom, we are excited to share the new arena for this conversation to continue.

so, we urge you to update us in your favorite bookmarks, and stop by our new blog. we can't wait to continue the conversation!! come tell us what you think.

the new url is see you there...

Thank God for Northern California - Emily and Pablo


it seemed as if God had opened the flood gates of His favor upon the east bay of san francisco, with nothing but greens and purples and golden light pouring down from the skies and dancing up from the, i am not exaggerating... it was magical. and no, not like gob-and-the-aztec-tomb-magical, but REAL magic. add to that, two incredibly personal and beautiful people, and the joy of my job as a wedding photographer nearly stopped me in my tracks.but, you've heard it a million times before. and the answer is, YES, we are truly blessed by our clients. so, for this post i would like to share [and hopefully, emily you don't mind me sharing], the words of our client and our friend, emily.just days after returning from shooting emily and pablo's engagement in northern california, we received a hand-written thank you note. as if the gift of their friendship weren't enough, emily & pablo's gratefulness is truly touching. i slipped the card out of the envelope and it read:Dear Carlie & Gabriel,Thank you both so much for coming up to Nor. Cal. for our pictures... Pablo & I had SO much fun! I was amazed at how fluidly you two operated & worked together. Gabriel, the way you silently scoped out the area, with a big smile on your face, says so much about your passion for what you do... & I loved it every time you said, "killer," because I knew that you were really happy with a picture :) And Carlie, you guided Pablo & I so well! We never felt out of place or awkward and that's all thanks to your direction & placement of our hair, smiles, and poses. Together, you guys are AMAZING! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!You guys ROCKED it!XOXO,E&, emily... YOU guys rocked it!!view our portfolio. contact your local southern california wedding photographer.[...]

Topless Dreams


ask any artist, any olympic athlete, any agent of change how she started her journey, and i guarantee you, if she is the real deal, that she started her journey with the end in mind, with a vision in her head, of what the view would look like from the top. she most definitely did not start out without at least an inkling of her vision... what things might look like once she completed her course. in comparison, ask most people how they go about their days, and though i don't doubt most people's passion & intention to be successful and live a more fulfilled life, i do have a hunch that most of us would fail to be able to clearly articulate the view from the top of the hill we are climbing.

that's what i mean by topless dreams... not sure exactly where you were going with it, but i urge you to continue the conversation with me.

1960's psychologist maxwell maltz studied how the human brain accomplishes tasks. and i believe his findings might help us lead a more purposeful & accomplished life.

in short, he compares our mind to a torpedo. when a torpedo is set in motion, it zig-zags forward until it intercepts its target. if the target moves, the torpedo course corrects and zigs. if the torpedo gets off track, it course corrects again and zags. hence, with the coordinates of the target always in mind, the torpedo's only aim is towards the final outcome - its target. how important is it to KNOW the target BEFORE the torpedo is set in motion?

we are much the same. the only difference; we are already en route. we are en route to our destination, whether we have a clear picture of our destination or not, and whether that destination stays constant or changes sporadically.

ironically though, i believe our destination is not the most important piece of the equation; the journey itself is. that said, without a set destination, we are merely wandering aimlessly, instigated and propelled by whatever calls our attention at the moment, as opposed to actually being on a purposeful journey... the kind of journey that causes other people to watch in awe.

in his e-book Zen to Done, leo babauta talks about the importance of finding your passion. start there, and i agree with the author, the steps required on your journey will become clear.

i propose living a life immersed in the journey. but to do so, you must... i must... first create the vision of the final outcome.

so, the next time you are about to ask a question on a forum, or you find yourself perusing the internet for information to complete a project or task, or you feel the urge to splurge on the latest gear, ask yourself to what purpose am i aiming? you may just find that the questions you have been asking all along, have been the wrong questions. and if you have the courage to take a bite of humble pie, i implore you to course correct, and zag back in sync with your vision of the future. my hunch is, your journey will be much more enjoyable.


p.s. and because every post is better with a photo, here's a teaser from our latest engagement shoot in laguna canyon, styled by the oh-so fabulous event sylist, carissa of jl designs.
view our portfolio. contact your local southern california wedding photographer.

Three Weeks is Too Long Not to Blog


view our portfolio. contact your local southern california wedding photographer.

That Oozing Floating Ever-Present Kind of Love - Jodie and Nathan


well, what do you guys do on the weekends? what do you do with your spare time? i continued typing in response to a chain of back-and-forth email as jodie and i really tried to articulate how we might best style her engagement shoot. simply put, jodie & nathan, and carlie & i, were looking for the uniqueness in their story.and ironically enough, we found jodie & nathan's uniqueness in the simplicity of a cup of coffee. it turns out most saturdays, jodie & nathan follow a special tradition: first coffee, then breakfast, then they ride their's nothing extravagant, thinking of a cup of joe and some scrambled eggs, but isn't that the kind of place where relationship REALLY happens? isn't that the kind of place where story lives?for jodie & nathan the answer is a resounding YES! love could be found in the way he ordered their drinks. love oozed out of them as they sat in the grass outside the coffee shop. and love floated across the channel as i just sat and watched two people enjoy the simplicity of the afternoon.i feel like thank you is never enough for the joy our clients bring us. and despite my fear of seeming selfish for my next sentence, i must take this moment to say how much i love my own wife. carlie, i pray that you forgive me for devaluing the simple moments in life. i love you.and jodie & nathan, thank you for sharing your story with us. you have transformed me in the simplest and most profound way.enjoy.the.story.view our portfolio. contact gabriel.ryan.photographers..and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.[...]

Perfection Was Never the Aim


rather than quickly offering the baited response, carlie and i pause, look at each other, and take a short breath through our teeth...

...well, believe it or not, we don't take THAT many photos of him... and then we proceed into a well versed and rehearsed dialogue offering an irrational explanation as to why we don't take more photos of our baby boy, when in fact, we had committed to capturing at least one... JUST ONE... intentional image of our little lincoln roe, each day for the first 100 days of his life in this world.

less than 30 days in, and we dropped our commitment.

now, i understand that it is not the end of the world. we will take many many MANY photographs of lincoln as he grows. and up until now, we actually have taken quite a few photographs. but no, that's not the point.

we failed to see through on our commitment.

and along with about 95% of the 304,059,724 americans who made new years resolutions, and finally found their excuses by valentines day, we dropped the ball.


...and i love this part.

perfection was never the aim.

so what do we do? we take more pictures of our son today. we live the life we are in now, and we don't allow perfection to the gift out of the present.


view our portfolio. contact gabriel.ryan.photographers..

and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.

The Perfect Engagement Shoot - Melanie and Jason


you guys up for it?, i asked through the small sliver-like opening of their driver-side window, rain dancing off our cars in the parking lot.jason nodded his head in agreement and anticipation with melanie leaning over from the passenger side. i parked my car, grabbed my gear and my umbrella, and we started shooting.i am always in awe, though not usually until after the fact, of how creative the Master Storyteller can turn an unfortunate change of events, something completely out of my control, into something truly remarkable... and all He asks, is that i lean into it.though i can't take much of the credit on this one. the day of melanie and jason's engagement shoot, the weather picked up momentum throughout the day, until we found ourselves in the parking lot of the lab, in costa mesa, watching sheets of rain pour down on our shoot location. and it was melanie and jason who saw opportunity to pursue something unique that rainy day. so, with their willingness to get a little wet, their excitement to capture something special, and their confidence in my leadership to guide them, we started shooting...we found nooks & crannys, shot under trees & umbrellas, through corridors man made & natural... and finally, as it subsided just enough, under the soft rhythm of the rain itself.the first half of the images below are some of my favorites ever, and not because of the rain... nor because of the setting or the wardrobe... and not because i feel like i am God's gift to photography [because i am definitely not]. these are some of my favorites because melanie and jason are just the kind of people we feel blessed to come across in our work; the kind of people that find themselves no matter the setting.we can't wait for your big day, and are so thankful we will be there to capture it. oh yeah... and thanks for the sprinkles.enjoy.the.story.view our portfolio. contact gabriel.ryan.photographers..and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.[...]

This Is How We Do It - Image Processing


a core value here at gabriel.ryan.photographers. is setting clear expectations for our clients and delivering the goods on time, every time, exactly as promised... and with a smile. simply put, we make promises to our clients and we aim to follow up on each of those promises.and though most of what we do, the actual work of owning a wedding photographer studio, is social; connecting with new people and getting to know them... there is still a very tangible need: delivering remarkable photographs.for that aim, every image we present to you goes through a very specific artistic process. first, we capture the raw image. second, we create a proof of each image. third, we refine a select few that have been chosen to be hung on your wall or shared in your wedding simply as i can share, but no simpler, here's an overview of how we do it here, at gabriel.ryan.photographers..::THE CAPTURE::.nothing can compare to a well-crafted image. as photographers and student's of our craft, we first focus to capture quality images... in camera. we define a well-crafted image to blend a great moment with the right light, great composition, and proper exposure. even though you will never see one of these raw images in your custom gallery, or on our website, it serves as the foundation for what defines our style here at gabriel.ryan.photographers..::THE PROOFS::.what is a proof? well, first, the "proofs" are simply a set of well-crafted images that we have been further processed, to refine exposure, contrast, and tone. after we have culled through the raw images from a shoot, we promise delivery of your proofs quickly, but without sacrificing quality. for weddings, we can turnaround proofs in 6-8 weeks. and, for engagements, the turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. it takes time to refine each image, but considering the debut of your proofs will be the first time you see your wedding images, we want to make sure they look great.the first time you see ALL of the photos from your wedding, you will be browsing through your own custom online gallery. and, we also include a disc of the hi-resolution proofs in all of our collections, unless otherwise specified, which are delivered WITH the wedding book. these proofs are a great way to archive ALL of the images from your wedding and engagement..::THE SIGNATURE EDIT::.for a select few, the artistic process continues. if an image is going to be shared in your wedding book, maybe you plan to frame & hang an image in your home, or even send a few fine art prints to your parents as a thank you gift, we want those images to look their absolute best. basically, any image will receive this special attention that is either: ordered through your online gallery to be printed, OR is selected to be a part of the story in your custom wedding book.for this final step in the process, carlie [aka our empress of style] will open up each image individually, adding that signature gabriel.ryan. flare you have found on our website & blog, or in our custom books. though other photographers might disagree, we want to give you the digital copies of these fully-edited images, too... which is why we wait to deliver your disc of images with your wedding book... that you might have ALL of the final edits on disc.we get asked all the time what do you actually do to your images and what do we get if we book you. at the end of the day, we revel in the responsibility to tell your story through our lens. and we can't wait for the day when that package arrives in the mail, with the gabriel.ryan. signature, and you open a box full of memories to be cherished forever..::UPDATE::.p.s. we use a combination of our own custom lightroom presets, tra's totally rad photoshop actions, and kevin kubota's magic sharp, when processing our raw images to produce each client's set of proofs, and to achieve o[...]

Finding a Tree in the OC - Amy and Shayne


the two of them looked overhead, at the canopy of branches that seemed to stretch from one horizon to the other, and chuckled to each other. amy could not have been happier; we had found her "big ol' tree."in emailing back and forth about wedding plans, amy mentioned that her invitations would have an oak tree motif and she really wanted a woodsy look for her engagement photos. we set the date and location. but, as the day approached, and due to the rain, many of the local parks were closed, including our location for the shoot.fortunately, for every missed opportunity, one just as great seems to appear.we had dismissed one of the local wilderness parks, having shot their before, and looking for something unique to offer shayne and amy. but, with the scarcity of open trails, still recovering from the passing storms, we headed for the local park, praying that they might be open......and, sure enough, they were. not only were they open, but the winter storms [thanks to the glorious climate here in southern california] had given birth to a blanket of green foliage, sprouting up from the once dry earth, transforming the entire park.needless to say, amy was thrilled. the following images tell the story. thank you shayne and amy, for the invitation to photograph your wedding, and amy... i am so glad we found you your tree.view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.[...]

Dingy Driving 101 - Colleen and Jason


carlie graced off the back of "reverence," camera in hand, into the boat, giving me the go-ahead to hit the throttle and pull away towards the horizon as the sun began to fall. i felt a little like james bond, motoring at the edge of the harbor; the chaotic industry of society behind me, and the unrestricted open ocean at the tip of my i began to drift off into my own macho-romantic fantasy, carlie began calling out orders to colleen and jason across the water, and... like a splash of cold water, woke me from my day dream.although we typically divide the engagements and weddings on our calendar, with carlie & i taking on separate shoots since the restructuring of our studio and brand, carlie & i couldn't pass up this experience together.colleen and jason had not only invited us to play a role in the telling of their story, by hiring us to photograph their wedding this spring, they also invited us onto their [forgive me, jason if i am wrong on the numbers] 58 foot sailboat named reverence, to shoot their engagement. and what started as a casual portrait shoot on board, quickly turned into a testing practice of my sea-legs and my ability not only to navigate a dingy, but to navigate a dingy as carlie shot from on board that dingy, capturing colleen and jason aboard reverence, from across the aquas gap. i immediately went from james bond, to steven spielberg, using motion to help capture the story of colleen and jason's engagement.for the tequila, the music, and the company, colleen & jason, carlie & i thank you. we are thrilled to play even a small role during this part of your journey, but even more so, to get to know the two of you.enjoy.the.story.view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.[...]

They said our life would never be the same...


...and "they" were right.

the "they" that had 4 kids of their own. the "they" that never wanted to have children of their own. the "they" that were in the thick of it. the "they" that loved us dearly. and the "they" that happened to be in line with us at the grocery store.

it didn't matter who "they" were, they all said the same thing.

case in point; up until now, i have never had to change my shirt 30 minutes into the start of the day as a result of regurgitated soy powder and prune juice. up until now, i have never kept my fingernails manicured for the specific purpose of avoiding the unnecessarily accidental collection of poo-poo. neither, up until now, have i laughed so hard at somebody who was crying so hard.

maybe its to mask the frustration. maybe its because God has given me just a bit of insight into how He must see us. whatever it is, every once in a while [more like... 3 or 4 or 5 times a day], lincoln will begin to express his opinion. his face begins to shift hue, followed by a lower lip that begins to curl downward, and finally... the release. the release of all that tension, all that stress... his opinion. and the release comes in the form of a seizure of wails, uncontrolled and sporadic.

and for some reason, whatever it is, i laugh. not at him. not with him. but, because of him. lincoln, not his birth, not simply his arrival into our family, but lincoln himself, brings me joy.

he turned 3 months yesterday, and after a long day celebrating life and family together, he had to let go of just a little bit of stress ;)



view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.

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This Is How We Do It - Custom Books - part 1


albums hold photographs. books tell of the most rewarding parts of doing what we do here at gabriel.ryan.photographers. is telling stories. and we like to think, that should we continue to hone our craft and tell each story in its own unique light, as artists... no, as passionately intentional story tellers... that the stories we tell will live much longer lives then we ourselves will live. that 100 years from now, some 20-something young girl will crack open one of our custom books, and ask her mother to share the story of her great-grandparents when they were her's about a lot more than just pictures.the weight of that responsibility enlivens us; it gives passion and importance to not only what we do here, but also HOW we do it here.from how we shoot each wedding, to how we select the images for our client's wedding book pre-design, to the quality we expect from our vendors that artfully craft each book into the final product: a living breathing story.we would like to share, in part 2, a little more about how we do it here, but we couldn't without sharing our perspective first.enjoy.the.story..::UPDATE::.p.s. we use pro dpi to print our pages, and leather craftsmen to hand-craft our books.view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.[...]

Teachers Pet - Stacy and Kevin


they were there for the sole purpose of checking out other people. but neither of them was interested, in physical appearance; at least, not on the surface. rather, they looked deeper into their subjects... to bones, to ligaments, to muscle tissue. stacy and kevin met in anatomy class.

stacy was the TA. kevin was one of the students. and when stacy found herself quizzing kevin, after mutual friends had talked about setting the two up, it turned from being strictly educational inquisition to a little something more.

now, with that anatomy class 4 years behind them, stacy and kevin pulled two large hand-crafted skateboards out of the back of kevin's truck, and rushed down to the boardwalk to catch the sunset, beach-side on their boards.

since stacy and kevin had found us online, this was my first time connecting with them in person, and i must say the pleasure was all mine. stacy and kevin, thank you... we look forward to fall, and the wonderful responsibility gabriel.ryan.photographers. will play in the telling of your story, as you tie the knot in september.


view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.

and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.

Real Love Simple - Jenny and Clement


she glanced down at the earth beneath her, and smiled to herself. then, with the sun tucked behind the skyline of the foothills, jenny rose, grabbed his, and the three of us walked.

the simplicity that life can offer, when we choose to embrace it, is pretty remarkable. jenny and clement walking along the path; the sporadic rhythm of my shutter. it was almost too easy. but great photographs should be... not because of the technical mastery or the artist behind the lens, but because the story playing out, because the reflection in the lens, is real. simple.

jenny and clement, we can't express enough, how great it was to start our year off by getting to know the two of you just a bit more. and we look forward to your big day, just a few months out. until then...


view the portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.

and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow us on twitter.

Reflection in a Quiet House


the citrus scent of murphy's lingers in the air as i relax on the couch, feet propped on our ottoman, laptop across my legs. i turn off all the noise: pandora, the tv... everything. and, i let the sounds of the outside world slowly seep into the living room. a late afternoon garbage truck makes his round, the driver surely anxious to complete his route before heading home to his family for the weekend. a muffled conversation between neighbors perks up, inarticulate but nonetheless there. but from inside our home... silence.

for the past week, carlie and lincoln have been a short flight, or a long drive, away. and though it's nice to have a quiet household and studio, in which to focus, work, and even gain some introspection, i miss my little family.

the 7:30am wake up call; lincoln's rhythmic cry alerting me he has woken from his rest and is ready to spend time with daddy. the conversations about ideas both carlie and i have, and working the creative process together. even sitting down to watch some mindless reality tv... i miss it all.

though it goes without saying, i think it is important to say. i love my wife. i love my son. and in the middle of a crazy world, a world with garbage trucks and muffled conversations, i am thankful that the heart of my story, that my heart, is part of those two incredible people.

Wedding Favorites 2009


[1] to clarify our primary aim, in life, and [2] to develop a specific strategy with our business, that might add value to the market place and serve our primary aim.there you have it. or rather, there i have it. for what value does a goal, or resolution, or my favorite... a commitment have, if not written down and spoken aloud?so, as we turn the corner of a new decade, gabriel.ryan.photographers. is blessed by the story we have created thusfar, but as we must... as our heart calls... we look forward. we strive to the same time, while we couldn't be more excited for 2010 and 2011 and 2012, we couldn't be more thankful for 2009. and, after a much needed 3-week holiday, we return to the blog scene with some of our favorite photographs from 2009, and with the aim of blogging more frequently for what is certain to be another great [...]

A Christmas Story


sitting at my keyboard, atop the kitchen table, in the dimly lit room, i lift the steaming cup to my lips. across the room, the mini-twinkle lights of the tree provide the only source of light, glowing the room as only Christmas lights can do. and the stockings sit at attention, surely stuffed with good things to be had and thanks to be felt.

i love Christmas. don't you?

it's early, and the sun is just making its way up, when i decided to steal lincoln from his crib, giving mommy an uninterrupted couple of hours rest before the day really began. but i couldn't keep him to myself very long. i think grandparents have this extra special sense, maybe a 7th sense, that alerts them to the nearby awake and cuddly infant. and sure enough, only moments after setting into the rocker, whispering to lincoln the itinerary for the big day, pap swooped down from upstairs, like one of those great big owls that seem to fly without uttering a sound. he swooped down, asked for lincoln, and returned to his nest with his grandson.

so, i poured myself a cup of coffee, and though i usually take it black, spontaneously decided to add a bit of flavored vanilla creamer to celebrate in the quiet room. with love, and regret, and thanks, and peace, and hope, and peace [and yes, they typically play out in that particular order] i sat down at my keyboard, atop the kitchen table, in the dimly lit room, and i lifted the steaming cup to my lips.

professional[Christmas]iPhonetography by gabriel.ryan.

Rocking the Beach Cities in Los Angeles - Alex and Ben


i had been wondering when winter, or even fall for that matter, might actually show up. although it was nice for summer to lazily hang out into the later months of the year, i'll have to admit... i was looking for a chance to wear that new faux leather jacket, anxiously hanging in the hall closet.when out of nowhere, the clouds rolled in, and the floodgates of heaven were released: torrential downpour upon southern california. so, i happily broke out my flannel pj's and my new faux leather jacket, looking forward to a couple of days on the couch eating chili.the only downside to the late entrance of some actual weather, was it's untimely arrival. smack in the middle of what was supposed to be an entire week of rain, alexandra and ben had scheduled their engagement shoot in palos verdes. with few-to-no days left on our calendar, available for shoots, this year, it looked as if we might have had to push the shoot back, which neither of us wanted to do.the morning of their scheduled shoot, i expected to roll out of bed to the same pitter-patter that had greeted me first thing on the previous few days, when instead, a beam of light slapped me across the face and proclaimed... it's GO time!!needless to say, i was thrilled to shoot alex & ben's engagement. they were thrilled just the same. and though the air was brisk, we stopped at nothing to ensure the shoot would be a success.alex... ben... we can't wait for the big day next year! enjoy the holidays being engaged!! and merry Christmas!!!ben said he likes shadows. and shadows said they like ben.alex staying warm.the foam looked like snow... and was about as cold.but the cold was no match for ben... or alex.rock.on.view my portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow me on twitter.[...]



Hana is one of my best friends. I just love her. She is incredibly passionate about life and every time I'm around her I feel so blessed to call her a friend.

Hana is starting a new exciting chapter in her life and wanted to have some updated photos of herself. hope you enjoy...





Hana makes the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. She made button rings and delicate gold necklaces for the girls at my baby shower. I am so proud of her!



For Better, For Worse - Lindsay and Jos


i don't typically know, within the first sentence of a client meeting, whether or not a couple is the right fit for our studio, but not so with lindsay and jos. they came bearing a joyful persona and ideas for the engagement over.needless to say, lindsay and jos will melt your heart... like the way a stick of butter slowly softens when left out on the counter... well, you get what i mean.and despite our little run-in with the authorities at The Ritz Carlton in laguna niguel, we managed [at least i believe] to tell a story with their engagement photos.i'll just let the photos do the talkin......don't tell me you're still waiting for it?!?! i'm sorry but photos can't actually "talk." i hope you enjoy them regardless ;)view my portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow me on twitter.[...]

How do I know when it's time to quit my day job?


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one of the most common questions to cross my inbox, facebook, and twitter feed, is some form of the following:

how do i know when i am ready to make the jump, from being a part-time photographer to a full-time professional? basically... can i quit my day job?

well... not that i'm any certified expert, but i have quit my day job to follow my dream of being an entrepreneur and a photographer [and yes, in that particular order], and i've been invited to interview regarding the seemingly elusive subject.

in fact, i was so good at quitting my day job that i did it... twice ;)

so, if you find yourself day-dreaming of life as a full-time photographer, from your cubicle chair, check out my interview with dane sanders TODAY @ 4PM PST. just make sure to turn the volume down on your desktop... you wouldn't want your boss to catch you.

here's the link to the live-stream:

stop by. i'd love to continue the conversation...

Stormy Clouds Make Nicer Soft Boxes Than Rainy Clouds


i peeled my left eye open first, to begin to alert my senses, anticipating the cry of our newborn. typically lincoln's grunts and squeaks float through the tiny hallway separating our two rooms at about 7:30, before he decides to finally let us have it, around 8am.thinking of how excellent of a father i would be, should i be there for my infant son the moment he needed me, i had no more time to ponder the thought before i let the soothing drone of the fan lead me back to sleep.sure enough, 8 o'clock on the nose, lincoln let us know he was ready to start the day.jumping from our bed, i quickly put on my uggs, a hoodie, and a bit of guilt for missing my internal patriarchal clue, and swept into lincoln's room for a morning cuddle was at the moment that i was drawing lincoln from his crib that i noticed the pitter patter of rain from outside, and thought how fortunate it was that we made our little outing yesterday. otherwise, who knows when we would have had the time AND weather on our side to shoot a couple images of our own little, thank you Lord, for not only urging us to take the quick outing yesterday, but also for providing those glorious football-field soft-boxes in the sky for our shoot.enjoy.the.holidays.mommy and lincoln.daddy and favorite.our new photographer friends, carrie sandoval and brittany woodall from baby as art, might say the best way to keep a newborn sleeping for a shoot is with a warm room and white noise... although, the cold air and crisp breeze seemed to ironically send lincoln off to la-la land, despite our best efforts to wake him.and alas... we busted out the ol' tripod and self-timer for a couple photographs of our new family unit. we are the davis'.view my portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow me on twitter.[...]

When is the last time YOU got on the other side of the camera


it's 3am, and you decided to opt out of opening Old Navy with the hordes of turkey-drunk bleary-eyed bargain-hunters, and stop by my li'l ol' blog instead.

i'm honored.

really... even if it happens to be a few hours later and your sitting in front of your computer, watching football with a turkey sandwich next to your keyboard, i am honored.

carlie & i have so much to be thankful for, most obviously, the birth of our son, lincoln.

so... inspired by a thankful heart, and our new friend jodi anne, i thought it would be of value to a handful of you, specifically my wedding photographer friends, to share my skills and experience.

  • first off, although you & i can both take a mean self-portrait, capable of winning awards across state lines, we really want a few great photographs of ourselves, and preferably not showing our forearm extended to the sky, when marketing our services online.
  • second, we crave the assurance that we are on the right track with our business... or at least, that we are going in the right direction.

so, my photographer friends... here is my black friday answer...

contact me before the clock strikes midnight tonight, and type in BLACKFRIDAY in the "referred by" box, and we'll work out the details for a personal editorial-style-photo-shoot[slash]business-consult. what exactly do you get?

.::. 1 hour on-location editorial-style photo shoot
.::. a disc of all the hi-res digital proofs, including...
.::. 10 images of your choice to be re-touched for your marketing efforts
.::. coffee for 1 hour directly following the shoot, to discuss whatever questions you have related to your business as a wedding photographer

.::. the investment: $500

so, when do you want to schedule your shoot/consult?


It's Never Too Late to Take Wedding Photos - Jodi and Frasier


after weeks of emailing back & forth, the weekend was upon us. and though it had been years since their wedding, jodi was just as excited, as any bride, to pose for my camera. she rested in the coat of his arms, confident in her self and in their love.i just can't say enough about jodi! armed with her joyful & passionate spirit, she embraces life as a loving mother & wife. she also happens to be a professional photographer [which is always an honor and privelege], based out of las vegas. so, when she contacted me for a potential photo-shoot, i was immediately excited!after a few emails we realized 1 photo-shoot wouldn't be enough, so we actually made a weekend out of it, and completed 3 different shoots: a family shoot, a marketing shoot for her own photo business, and a day after shoot.when it came to the day after shoot, i was thrilled. i have heard similar stories all too often... of a friend of a friend, who was disappointed with her wedding photographer, or the photographs themselves, or simply the experience, and it was all too late to correct. or is it?though it had been years since their wedding, jodi & frasier were just as excited, as any bride & groom, to pose for my camera. and i am honored to help take them back, and enjoy their story.p.s. thank you kristin at the treasured petal, for providing this incredible bouquet. your floral work is always stunning.and, much thanks to the incredibly talented stylist, tiffany patton, for rocking out on jodi's hair & makeup.custom gallery featuring ALL their photographs: Jodi-Anne-Photo-Galleryview my portfolio. contact gabriel & carlie.and, if you want to stay current on all things current with the gabriel.ryan. story follow me on twitter.[...]