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It took me 3 years to reach here and this blog is almost reaching the end of life. It's a farewell here today and I look forward to the next 3 years here. See you!

Baby Isaac


Little Isaac, baby boy of Teongheng and Laiyee.

MRT @ 745pm


A rather empty train, guess everyone left at 6pm!

Nov 2009


From one mosque to another


Walking from Sultan Mosque to Malabar Mosque.This is quite an interesting route, recommended for tourist.Lot's of shophouse with food stalls, retailers and nostalgic alley.Corridor commonly know as the 5 foot way.The Malabar mosque.

Best of Taiwan Part 3


Groceries @ Danshui.Reading @ Taiwan National MuseumOld house beside Yuanshan MRT station.Destiny lots. Bao An temple. Each piece explains your destiny, marriage, wealth, luck...depending on what you have ask for.Reflection of roof @ Bao An temple.Dusk from Yuanshan MRT platform.Running @ XimendingRed House @ XimendingEmpty Ad Space @ XimendingWaiting for the light to turn Green.

Megan October 09


We are in the stage of turning from a baby to a young toddler. We are able toWalk with supportManage to call, mum mum, pa pa, na na etcStart to interact with niuniu.Banquet fit for a Queen. Perfect finger coordination.The entire family love DURIAN.Three me Two.From Yakult to Nutri Soy.Our little playground.Falling...Sitting in a car seat = DislikeTeeth on the upper and lower gum + a little

Best of Taiwan 2009 :: Part 2


A plot of land could be own by a no. of people. Seen here a marker, stating the boundary.Offerings in a temple. There are no sales person around. You drop the cash into the box and help yourself with one.Huge wall murals.Packed ingredients for steamboat.Mascot for Kaoshiung World GamesThe bus driver name is shown at the back together with the contact of the bus company.Signage at a local nite

Valencia Turns TWO


Valencia turns 2. Valencia @ new born | at 1.Megan shares the joy! That's the 2 of them, taken in Jan 08.Gals tends to look like their daddy!The oldest and youngest met at the party. That's Valencia, great grandmother. I reckon they are at least 86 years apart!from the same"template"See you at 3!

Best of Taiwan 2009 :: Part 1


Bits and pieces, some are interesting, others are unique to Taiwan.A "Thank You" Ad in the Fast Rail station.Fast Rail cabin.High contrast between first class and economy class. A faithful dog stand guard...Banner from a local volunteer group. It says, Good Citizen, bring your dog shit and rubbish home!There's a funeral parlor in the residential area. The hearse is parked across the road. Imagine

Peter Funch : Babel Tales


Place your tripod in one spot, snap images of people doing the same activity or with something in common. That's what Peter Funch did in New York. At a first glance, it looks as it's a stage event but its actually a painstaking montage process. Below is my favorite. More on V1 gallery. Peter Funch Website.



Deepavali decor at Serangoon Road, Little India. The celebration is also known as Diwali or color of lights. Read more.Decor stretches all the way to Towner Road.

Durain Connection


We love durians.

27025 shots


No, I did not shoot 27k+ pics in this trip. That's my total shutter counts since the D90 is purchased. 11 days and 23G of images, took me almost 3 weeks to process. Every trip is a challenge, trying to get the most out of each and every day. In a foreign country, you are constantly bombarded with new sight. Somehow each and every building seems so unique. Even the old man on a bicycle looks



This year ARTSingapore features a new section, Asia International Photography Fair (AIPF 2009). The main objective of AIPF is to showcase photography as a mainstream artform. Was expecting to view works from photographers in this region, yet most are from USA. Sealey Brandt, the only photographer from Singapore, specialize in B&W portraiture.Walking into another section, featuring lots of

Taiwan Day 11


Day 11: Taiwan to SingaporeLeaving Ximending. Crew setting up another outdoor activity for Elva.Came with 1 luggage and going back with 4!A fleet of Taxi at the Airport.Travel with baby = front row seats!High altitude diaper change.Figuring out how to fit everything into the cab!

Taiwan Day 10


Day 10: TaipeiDestination: National Palace Museum.Transferring to the red line, heading to Shilin Station.Some of best scenery can be seen from the train.Each station have their uniqueness and characteristics. Walk to the main road and board either Red30, 255, 304 to the National Palace Museum.The bus journey is around 15mins and cost NT$15.Walk through a Chih-shan Garden before entering the

Taiwan Day 9


Day 9: TaipeiAnother hot and cloudless day. Heading across the street, walking towards Taipei Station.Another historical building, The Red House. Currently use as a performing art center. Walk towards the new extension where they feature design products from budding artist and designer.Crossing the road toward FE21 building. One of the biggest billboard ads on a building.A local market in the

Taiwan Day 8


The Ximending Station greets us again. Our gateway to the other parts of Taipei. The area looks pretty deserted in the morning as compared to the buzzling night scene.Was suppose to head to Yuanshan station on the red line but ended up at Nanshijiao, the last station on the yellow line.Chance brought me here, might as well explore the area and have lunch. Was greeted with row after rows of

Taiwan Day 7


Day Seven: Taoyuan (Furano) to TaipeiHome stay are great as it offers a rural experience, away from our busy lifestyle. Look for this plaque that certifies the setup as an official home stay in Taiwan.The sheep motifs are everywhere.Walking down slope, you get a glimpse of the main building. Our room is the 2nd a-shaped roof from the left.Further down, surrounded by bamboo, there is a huge

Taiwan Day 6


Day Six: Taoyuan (Furano)Furano Homestay, located at Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation, in Fuxin Township is about an hour drive from Taipei or Taoyuan. We spend an entire day 6 here. It's a bit cooler up on the mountain but the morning sun is still pretty hot. Late September is the low period and we are the only guest here. Petty bright at 7am and there isn't a single stuff around. Views

Taiwan Day 5


Day Five: Kaohsiung - Taoyuan A last glance at the spectacular view from our hotel room. We are heading up north to the homestay.鐵路便當. A must try if you are in Taiwan or Japan. Forget about packing fast food onto trains. There are always vendors selling these packed meals. A typical Taiwanese pack include rice, vegatable, pork/chicken and braised egg.Meal from 7-11.From the train station.Topping

Taiwan Day 4


Day Four: KaohsiungView of the Splendor hotel from the adjacent road.Bicycle available for rental along the street, next to the warf. There are a number of cyclist tracks. From here you will be able to cycle northward to the Love river. Next to the Splendor hotel is Singuang ferry wharf.Cycling is a huge activity in Taiwan. Two big names are Giant and Merida.Cyclist stretches as far as the eyes

Taiwan Day 3


Day 3: TainanWe headed North to Xuejia (學甲) township in Tainan. A quiet town with a population of 20+K. At times, there is not even a single vehicle on the road.A retro traffic light with a road sign (success road)Part of a 三合院. A traditional house in the form of a U shape. Most of these old houses have been demolished to make way for new housing.At a local market.The sun sets as we leave Tainan

Taiwan Day 2


Day 2: KaohsiungThe Splendor hotel (occupies 37-70 floor in the Tuntex Tower) is the 2nd tallest building in Taiwan, ranked 21th is the world. Our view at 64 floor. Rather foggy early in the morning. Not sure if its pollution. The view faces South with the port (basin no.5) situated on the left.Another view (North West facing) from the cafe.Street scene around the city.All the windows are caged