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Apple devices (iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod) and computers (Mac), software running on them (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS), Apple the company and news, rumors, opinions and analysis pertaining to the company from Cupertino.

Your Apple ][ Source


The number one resource on Reddit for Apple ][, Apple II, or even Apple 2... however you spell it.

Apple-related news, commentary, and discussion


This subreddit is for the serious discussion of Apple business and technology news. For more informal Apple discussions, head over to r/apple.

Apple Keynote, September 2016 | Event Megathread


Hello /r/Apple and welcome to the event megathread for the Apple Keynote, September 2016.

Feel free to play along at home with Apple Keynote Bingo Pro.

Click here to view the pre-event megathread.

Plan for Today

Here is how today will work:

  • Submissions to /r/Apple will be restricted when the event begins (10am PST).
  • Everybody will then be directed to use the event megathread which will appear in /r/Apple when the event begins.
  • A post-event megathread will appear when the event concludes and the restriction on submissions will be lifted.

The pre-event, event, and post-event megathreads are to discuss what's happening.

Please note that posts and comments will be actively monitored and we will be removing duplicate threads and spam.

Live Updates

We are trialling Reddit Live for this event which will run for at least the duration of the event.

View the Reddit Live thread here

If you would like to become a contributor please check out this post.

Beta Discussion As a reminder, we do not allow bug discussion on beta releases. This is mainly because betas are expected to have a lot of bugs - that's why they're beta. If you'd like to discuss the betas, feel free to hop over to our friends at /r/iOSBeta , /r/OSXBeta , and /r/watchOSBeta.

Other Resources

Have a resource to add? Message the moderators.

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"Its just works...with dongles and adapter cables" -Apple 2016


You need a dongle to use your iPhone 7 with your old earbuds. You can't charge your phone from your new MacBook Pro without a special USB-c/lightning cable. You need a dongle to plug just about anything in to the MacBook Pro.

Technology is supposed to simplify your life and solve existing problems. Not cause more headaches.

Apple is a complete mess right now. I have to play out usage scenarios with their new products. "What if I got to bobs house and want to play some of my music on his stereo, I'll need to bring an adapter!" "What if im at work and I want to charge my phone through my laptop, better not forget the special cable!"

Wtf Apple?

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Apple Keynote, October 2016 | Event Megathread


Hello again /r/apple!

The keynote has started, please tune in to watch the livestream here or follow our Reddit Live thread

Feel free to play along at home with Keynote Bingo.

May Macs be ever in your favor!

The submissions are now locked and will stay that way until the event is over. In the mean time, please use this very megathread to discuss what’s being shown.

There will be another megathread after the event ends, where you’ll be able to voice your opinions and thoughts and reactions about the whole thing.

Please be advised that we will be removing duplicated self-posts about what’s in the keynote and keeping it all in the megathread. This rule will be relaxed as soon as we stop seeing initial massive traffic and chatter.

As another reminder, we also don’t allow discussions about beta software. So if Apple releases something during the event and it’s not final, please use /r/iOSBeta, /r/OSXBeta or /r/watchOSBeta to submit bugs.

Now, without further ado, please enjoy the keynote!

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Apple wants me to pay $100 to continue publishing my (free) Safari extension (Reddit Enhancement Suite)


MEGA EDIT: Please read before asking questions, as most things people asking me are repeats: Q: Can't you just distribute the extension yourself? A: I already do. However, it seems from Apple's email to all Safari extension developers that we must pay to continue supporting our extensions and providing updates. A couple of users have linked to articles that give confusing information about whether or not this is really the case. here is one of them, which confusingly states that the developer of a popular extension will pay the fee "to ensure that his extension will still be available for El Capitan users." From another article, it seems that perhaps I could still "release" RES on my own without paying apple - but auto update functionality would go away. This is pretty much a dealbreaker for any browser extension that interacts with a website, as websites change somewhat often, and a developer definitely can't count on people to update their extensions manually. If in fact this is all a result of a poorly worded email, then I will be thrilled that all Apple is "guilty of" here is doing a crappy job with the email they sent me. Here's the relevant text of Apple's email to me which leads me to believe I must pay the fee to continue giving people updates to RES: You can continue building Safari extensions and bring your creativity to other Apple platforms by joining the Apple Developer Program. Join today to provide updates to your current extensions, build new extensions, and submit your extensions to the new Safari Extensions Gallery for OS X El Capitan. (joining the program is what costs $100 per year) Q: It's to keep spammers out, idiot. A: That's not really a question. Also, there's no real evidence that that's why they're doing this. Furthermore, it's worth way more than $100 to get malware/spam installed into many users' browsers. $100 isn't much of a deterrent. I don't think that's really the reason. It seems the real reason is just that they've consolidated their 3 separate developer programs (iOS / OSX / Safari Extensions) for simplicity's sake, but not properly thought about how that might upset / affect people who were only interested in building Safari Extensions (which was previously free) and not the other two. Q: You can't come up with $100? What are you poor or something? A: I'm far less concerned about my own ability to come up with $100 than I am about developers in general being shut out from the system over this. Not everyone has the user base that RES has. Q: But you get a lot of stuff for that $100 per year. What are you complaining about? A: Safari (on Desktop) is a browser with just 5% market share, and paying $100 just to build extensions for it doesn't seem wise, especially when people expect extensions to be free. Apple announced Swift was open source, and then makes this move that I feel hurts open source developers. Sure, the iOS SDK and Xcode are great, and probably worth $100 -- but only to people who are going to develop iOS or OSX applications. I'm not, so those have no value to me. Q: Why do you think Apple is doing this? Do you really think they're trying to hurt extension devs? A: I honestly think they just didn't think about it too much. I think they made a business decision to consolidate their developer programs - one that generally makes sense - and it didn't occur to them that people who are only developing extensions might be upset about this. That, or the articles above are correct and the email I got was just misleading / poorly written. Q: If I give you $100 does this problem go away? A: My goal here, although I very much appreciate people's generous offers to help pay for it, is to raise awareness and hopefully get more open source developers to politely provide feedback to Apple t[...]

Apple Keynote, September 2016 | Post-Event Megathread


What a ride. We saw a premature tweet from Apple that was swiftly removed, a new Apple Watch, two new iPhone models, the birth of a new front-facing camera meme, the smart move of Phil running off stage after dropping the price of AirPods, and the innovative and courageous move of switching left and right. Who played along at home with Apple Keynote Bingo Pro? Click here to view the pre-event megathread. Click here to view the event megathread. Live Updates Our Reddit Live for this event is now closed. Thanks to the /r/Apple community members who stepped up to help the mod team by posting updates. You did a great job. We had over 8000 viewers at peak times. Let us know what you think of this new trial. Would you like to see us use Reddit Live for future events? View the Reddit Live thread here Thoughts? Reactions? Let's discuss! As a note, submissions are now allowed. Please check /new before submitting because duplicate posts will be removed. At a Glance Source: The Guardian iPhone Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones since the first version launched in 2007. New latest – the iPhone 7 – will wake when lifted up, use Siri to voice activate apps, add contextual predictive typing and include a new version of Maps that allows taxi or hotel bookings from inside the app. There are two new black options, one gloss and one matt, and the new iPhone is water and dust resistant. The display is 25% brighter. iPhone 7 has a 4.7” retina screen and the iPhone 7 Plus a 5.5” retina HD screen. The camera on the iPhone 7 has a better flash, improved lens, image stabilisation, high speed 12MP camera and can capture raw image files. The iPhone 7 Plus has the same wide angle camera but also has a second telephoto camera on the back. A new feature uses machine learning to identify people, and then apply depth of field to the background. iPhone 7 will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB starting at $640, and iPhone 7 Plus in 32GB, 128GB 256GB from $769. Pre-orders open 9 September and they ship on 16 September. AirPods The daily challenge of untangling Apple’s white earphones will become a thing of the past; Apple announced AirPods, wireless white earphones that can also still be used to take phone calls. Beats also launched the Solo 3 Wireless headphones and two further models. AirPods will ship in late October for $159. Apple Watch The new version of Apple Watch will be waterproof to 5om depth, allowing a new range of apps that track swim performance including lap time. It has a new, two-times brighter screen, a faster dual-core processor, a white ceramic case option and built-in GPS, which allows better tracking for running and sports apps, including a new Nike+ version of the AppleWatch available in late October. The new ‘series 2’ Apple Watch will be priced at $369, while series 1 will be dropped to $269 but gain the faster processor of the new watch. Game apps Tim Cook introduced Shigeru Miyamoto, now creative fellow at Nintendo and one of the world’s most respected and best loved video game creators, who announced a new Mario game app. Super Mario Run follows a familiar running platform game format and includes a new battle mode called Toad Relay, in which friends can compete across the internet. A version of Pokemon Go is launching for the Apple Watch. Niantic founder John Hanke said Pokemon Go players have so far walked 4.6bn kilometres. submitted by /u/cosr to r/apple [link] [comments][...]

[Humor] Apple 2010 vs Apple 2016


Apple 2010: "There's an app for that"

Apple 2016: "There's an adaptor for that"

submitted by /u/uglykido to r/apple
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Images of apple wearables confirmed


There's not much time now before the announcement, and some pictures of the apple wearables have leaked. These are confirmed as having come from Apple. 1. 2. (apple logo clearly visible) 3. (showing range of colors) 4. (hinting at a future google glass competitor?)

EDIT: My sincere thanks to the two (not one, but two) kind and anonymous redditors who have sent me the gift of gold. I'm just glad to be able to share the latest Apple leaks with you nice people.

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Apple Keynote, October 2016 | Post-Event Megathread


Hello again /r/apple!

The keynote has now ended – thank you for being with us and following our Reddit Live thread.

We have three event-related posting rules.

#1. Post-Event Megathread

Please use this very thread to discuss your thoughts and feelings about what you saw during the keynote. Any duplicate self-posts will be ruthlessly removed.

#2. Pre-order Megathread →

Please use the pre-order megathread to post your preorder choices, discuss what you want to buy or should get or share anything else about preorders. Any other post about pre-orders and shipping will be removed.

#3. As another reminder, we also don’t allow discussions about beta software. So if Apple releases something during the event and it’s not final, please use /r/iOSBeta, /r/OSXBeta or /r/watchOSBeta to submit bugs.

Let’s keep the subreddit clean and tidy so please report posts breaking those 3 rules!

Rule #1 will be relaxed as soon as we stop seeing initial massive traffic and chatter. We don’t want to have 25 exact copies of the same post on the frontpage.

Now, how was the keynote? Did you like the speakers and diversity shown by Apple? What about the computers and devices? Share your opinions and thoughts below!

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PSA: Apple pulled narwhal (and others) from the app store for NSFW content


All reddit clients, except the official one were pulled from the App Store because of "NSFW" content. Source:

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Where to report Apple Store experience?


Does anyone know where one can provide feedback on experiences in an Apple Store?

Today I had a terrible and very embarrassing experience while purchasing a new case for my iPad at the Santa Monica Promenade Store. I scanned the barcode of the box with EasyPay, used TouchID to process my payment, and proceeded to leave the store as I normally do. Upon reaching the door, I was grabbed by three people: two of which were security and one was undercover Apple loss prevention (I assume, he flashed a loss prevention badge). I would have been fine if they had calmly approached me and asked for proof of purchase, but instead they aggressively pulled me me back into the store with both arms and publicly accused me of shoplifting.

Understanding that Apple has to prevent theft (which I am in complete support of, having worked retail to get me through college), there has to be a better protocol these employees can follow. They caused a scene with me at the center of it, and when I pulled up my receipt on my phone to show that I had indeed purchased the case, I only received a "Finish your purchase in the store next time" before walking away. I had completed my purchase, and would have appreciated an apology for the misunderstanding!

I hope this is an isolated incident and that Apple doesn't condone this kind of approach. It was embarrassing being treated like a criminal in front of other customers and Apple employees. I won't be shopping at that store anymore, and will probably stop using EasyPay altogether. Which is a shame because it's such a neat tool but I really want to avoid that treatment again.

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Apple Special Event - 9/9/14 - Live Updates


Welcome to the official reddit live updates thread for Apple’s special event! This is intended for people who are working, in school, etc and cannot watch the live event, so please upvote for visibility!


  • 2 new iPhone models: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • iPhone 6 is 4.7", iPhone 6 Plus is 5.5".
  • Power button on right side.
  • A8 chip - 13% smaller chip, 25% faster CPU, 50% faster GPU, 50% more energy efficient than A7.
  • Battery a little better on the iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus has amazing battery life.
  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE) - make calls over LTE internet instead of using minutes.
  • Camera is still 8MP... but there are lots of improvements to stabilization and other things. More details will come about this later... trying to keep up with things being that the stream is sketchy today.
  • NFC beam built into both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • New leather and silicone cases.
  • iPhone 6 - 16GB - $199, 64GB - $299, 128GB - $399
  • Preorders start Friday the 12th, ships on the 19th
  • Available September 19th.
  • iPhone 6 Plus - 16GB - $299, 64GB - $399, 128GB - $499
  • iPhone 5c 8GB - now free, 5s now starting at $99


  • iOS 8 will be available September 17th.

Apple Pay

  • Pay via NFC.
  • Take a picture of your card and import it to Passbook.
  • Cashiers won't see any of your info... credit card number, name, etc.
  • Suspend payments using Find My iPhone.
  • Apple working with retailers to build Apple Pay into shopping apps.

Apple Watch

  • Stainless steel, sapphire coated display with Retina.
  • Lots of different bands to choose from.
  • Tap watches together to share information.
  • Apple S1 chip.
  • Personalize appearances and capabilities of device.
  • Siri
  • Will work with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 & 6 Plus.
  • Apple Pay compatibile.
  • Starts at $349 and will be available early 2015.

If you have a question or suggestion for me directly, please tweet me because I cannot keep up with private messages on reddit… and I have a separate device dedicated to Twitter in case the stream goes down and to answer questions.

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Apple Keynote Begins at 10 AM PDT


View the Live Keynote

The keynote will stream live from the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at 10 AM PDT. The event can stream from Safari on OS X 10.6.8 or later, iOS version 6.0 or later, and from any second or third generation Apple TV version 5.0.2 or later.

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Update: I was the one falsely accused of shoplifting at an Apple Store earlier this month.


Hey everyone,

I thought I'd give everyone an update on what came out of my situation earlier this month, when security personnel falsely accused me of shoplifting at the Santa Monica Apple Store.

First, I'd like to thank everyone who gave advice and support. I had no idea my post would have blown up like that; truthfully I thought I'd get a phone number or two, or an email address, and that would be that.

After receiving the direction you all provided, I did manage to speak with a case manager at Customer Relations with Apple corporate shortly after I posted here. She got on the ball immediately, took thorough notes about what happened, and promised to make this right.

However, it seems like even Customer Relations couldn't get the store to cooperate. After nearly 4 weeks of back and forth phone calls, the case manager informed me today that she had to close out my case. The best she could explain as far as a resolution was that the store promised that they were looking into the matter, but that's as much as she could do.

I believe the Santa Monica store has no intention of resolving this matter. They swept me under the rug the first time, and every time the case manager tried to get us on a conference call, they were never available.

If they hadn't lost my business already, they certainly have now, and I will be returning the case in question to the store tomorrow. I can't in good conscience let them keep the revenue that came from that incident.

Again, thank you to everyone who provided support and advice a few weeks ago. Apple's Customer Relations department and the store itself may have let me down, but you all didn't!

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Steve Jobs has been gone for over 5 years now and here's a video of him talking about Apple's previous misdirection that took 5 years to notice.


In another comment I was reminded about a video where Steve Jobs talks about why Apple previously started failing before bringing him back to the company.

It's this video, Steve Jobs at CAUSE 98 Conference. Quote starts at 29:43:

"What happened at Apple, to be honest, over the years was... the goal used to be to make the best computers in the world. And.. that was goal 1. Goal 2, we got from Hewlett-Packard actually which was "we have to make a profit". Because if we don't make a profit we can't do goal 1. So, yeah, I mean we enjoyed making a profit, but the purpose of making a profit was so we can make the best computers in the world. Along the way somewhere those two got reversed. The goal is to make a lot of money and well, if we have to make some good computers well OK we'll do that... 'cause we can make a lot of money doing that. And, it's very subtle.. it's very subtle at first, but it turns out it's everything. That one little subtle flip... takes 5 years to see it.. but that one little subtle flip in 5 years means everything."

Edit: Transcription edits

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Was there ever an Apple announcement followed by positivity?


Back then when Steve Jobs, it was all the same over this sub.

iPad was:

  • Just a fucking big iPhone!

  • Just a copy of the other tablets on the market! Apple has lost its touch for innovation!

  • They killed Flash? WTF they're thinking? Flash is everywhere!

  • Worst. Announcement. Ever.

  • I'm done with Apple.

The first Macbook Retina was:

  • They killed the CD drive? WTF? CDs are everywhere!

  • No Ethernet port? What the heck is wrong with Apple? Did they lose their minds?

  • Retina? Seriously? That is all you have done in 1 year? Apple has lost its touch for innovation!

  • Worst. Announcement. Ever.

  • I'm done with Apple.

It is always the same thing, will you ever learn?

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Apple's new iPhone(s) Reaction Thread


What are your thoughts on everything that just happened? Seemed that the rumors were spot on this year, at least.

List of everything big that came out of today's event credit to theverge.

I was personally surprised by the new M7 chip. But I like that Apple is taking that step as well.

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Starting with iOS 9.3, Apple will encrypt iCloud data against user device's passcode


If you have 2FA enabled, starting with iOS 9.3, Apple will encrypt iCloud data against user device's passcode.

submitted by /u/vista980622 to r/apple
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Apple, please allow us to remove our 3rd party email addresses from our Apple ID accounts and let us our iCloud emails as the primary Apple ID addresses.


This isn't a problem if you sign up for a new Apple ID, but if you had an existing ID and signed up an iCloud email later, you cannot make the iCloud email the primary one.

EDIT: Those that agree, please submit your feedback to Apple here .

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Apple iPhone Pre-Order Megathread


Discuss your Pre-Order of the new iPhone.

Please if you share your screenshot, blur your order number for privacy sakes. If it is not blurred, expect it to be removed.

Thank you, /r/Apple Mods

Megathread about Apple's Upgrade Program -

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Duolingo was just chosen by Apple as iPhone App of the Year! I'm the co-founder and I just wanted to share :)


We provide free language education for the world, and we're super excited that Apple endorsed our movement in this way.

Here's a link to Best of 2013 collection.

And a link to Duolingo's iTunes page.

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You've held out long enough Apple; it's time to launch 4K support for the Apple TV and iTunes


New TV app was recently released to the masses. 4K/5K displays partnering with LG. Last-year's iPhone shoots 4K (albeit 30fps). Not to mention the price of 4K TV's are dropping faster than stocks in the '08 recession.

Apple; quietly update (read - no event) the Apple TV with 4K support sometime in January. I would bet $$ all those new 4K TV owners will still flock in masses to get their hands on one.

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