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Good Golly Miss Blondie

A smart, natural blonde...if there really is such a thing.

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I've Moved.....


To wordpress that is!!!!!! Woo hoo...i finally took the plunge and switched so please update your google readers or whatever, b/c i wont be here anymore!! Don't worry though the domain is the same and there will still be the same great content!! haha!!Okay, what are you waiting for?? Get a move on....I'll see you over there!!

Friendship Rules


Did you know that there were rules to friendships? Apparently I didn't read that chapter in the book about life because I suck! Had I known I would've tried to follow along with the rules a little better, ie kiss your ass. But because I don't kiss anyones ass or allow people to walk all over me.....i failed in the friendship department.Now onto the rules that I was so stupidly unaware of: Answer

Staying in the Ring


Yup. You read right. I'm not going anywhere...suckas! You're stuck with me. In all seriousness, after i wrote my last post about Throwing in the Towel I felt better. It always feels so much better to just get it off my chest and write all my thoughts down. I woke up today feeling better and decided not to quit my blog. After all, where else can I bitch and moan and not give a crap. I love

Throwing in the Towel


I feel like someone's sitting on my chest. For real. Tears keep streaming down my face and I can't seem to make them stop. I'm emotionally drained. I feel like my soul has been through the ringer. I'm having some very personal issues right now and its such a tough time for me. Actually, most of this summer has been a tough time for me. Just when you need people the most, they split. Too

What Kind of Blogger Am I??


Lately I've been doing a lot of "bloggy" soul searching. I'm trying to find my niche. I am not a review blogger. Yes i love doing reviews and giveaways but I also want content on my blog. I am not a mommy blogger. Yes I am a mom and I blog but I don't want to be categorized as such. When I first started this blog, I wanted to be a humor blog. I wanted to be funny and crass and blunt and

Thank You Senator Kennedy


Today I was lucky enough to witness history. Not only myself but my son too. And even though it may not mean anything to him now, in the future it will. It was one of those unforgettable once in a lifetime moments.Yesterday Senator Ted Kennedy passed away in the early morning hours. Ted Kennedy did a lot for our state of Massachusetts. Whether you are democrat, republican, liberal, or even

$100 GC to Dick's Sporting Goods


With fall right around the corner you know what that means.... Fall sports. My son will be playing soccer in the fall and basketball in the early winter. So with sports you need to have equipment. And what better place to get all your sporting good needs than at Dick's Sporting Goods. They don't only have sports equipment, they also have exercise equipment and stuff for the whole family. I

Chicken Pox in 2009??


When you watch this video notice how I purposely pronounce my "R"s. I find it hilarious that after 3 drinks I pronounce them. Oh and I have NO idea what was on TV behind me. It was left on Nickelodeon or something.

Ingenious Ideas


As one of the Ingenious LeadHers I am still in need of your amazing ideas. Its only for two weeks and I need all the help I can get. Remember its $10,000 for teachers charity and an iRobot product for you if you come up with the winning idea!!No idea is too big or too small. Think about what you wish you had to make a task more simple. No Robots is the only rule. There is no right or wrong

Thank You Showtime


Last night I fell asleep on the couch watching Big Brother After Dark which airs on Showtime on the east coast from midnight to 3 am. I'm not sure what time I fell asleep but I do know what time I woke up.3:36am.I was woken up by the sound of my seven year olds voice standing next to the couch. "Mommy what are you watching?" Think about the time of day it is. I open my eyes and glance over

That's Ingenious Challenge!!


Ok, so remember when a couple weeks ago I was invited to attend an iRobot summit and I wouldn't tell you what it was about?? Well now I can.For three weeks I am part of a team of bloggers participating in an Ingenious Challenge. The winner of the challenge gets to donate $10,000 towards a teachers charity, Donors Choose. I can't even express to you how excited I am to be a part of this. So,

Battle with PMDD


What is PMDD? Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a severe form of premenstrual syndrome. Basically think of your PMS and multiply it by like 600. Yes, its really that bad. I had post-partum depression really bad after I had Hunter and as a result, I now suffer from PMDD. So, for 3 to 5 days two weeks before I get Aunt Flo I get extreme emotions. Whether it be anger, crying, depressed,

The Real Miss Blondie Please Stand Up


I wanted to share with you all a short video of Miss Blondie introducing herself to all of you....This is raw, and uncensored and completely REAL. No one in the blogosphere has experienced this yet.

Ode to BlogHer '09


So my friend Greg over at Telling Dad, unfortunately wasn't at BlogHer '09 but of course heard all the buzz and couldn't control himself from singing the events. He is one of the only dads on the MomDot forum and we truly *heart* him over there.Here is your warning: go pee right now, even if you don't think you have to. Grab a kleenex to wipe your tears from laughing so hard.Oh, and the

BlogHer 09- Would I do it Again?


I'm not so sure. Not to say that I didn't have an incredible time meeting with some of my favorite bloggers and the connections I made but the conference itself? Not my thing. I didn't attend any classes but only because I didn't want to. I personally don't think I need some self-proclaimed blogging guru to tell me how to blog. I blog for me. And I blog the way I want to blog. Besides I belong to

Winners, Winners.....


All winners have already claimed their prizes!! Congrats everyone!!Peace Love Mom Tee #87 bluevioletBaseball Activity Book #6 cstironkatPiggy Paint #42 Jessilyn82Kinesys Sunblock #74 Heather,Ouchies Bandainds #16 susan,

iRobot Summit


A couple days ago I was lucky enough to get a chance to go to the iRobot Summit here in Boston. I was one of 9 bloggers chosen to participate in a "That's Ingenious" Challenge in which iRobot (they make the Roomba) and mom bloggers are partnering up to innovate and give back . I'm not going to tell you just yet what it was all about, but you'll all have the opportunity to contribute. I'll tell

Eden Fantasy's- Review #4


*This post contains adult look around and send your kiddos into the other room!!*As if you couldn't already tell I have a "thing" for Eden Fantasys. Let me admit, that before Eden Fantasy's came knocking on my door, i only owned one vibrator. Yes, just one! Can you believe that? A 20-something single woman with only one sex toy. Through these reviews I have become a lot more

Bake Me A Wish- Review and Giveaway


You could say I have a sweet tooth but that would be a lie. An obsession with sweets sounds a little more honest. I'm really not a big cake person, never have been. I never eat cake at birthday parties because I just don't think they taste all that good. But really, have you ever had a delicious birthday cake from a supermarket? Don't kid yourself. So, when I was given the opportunity to try a

BlogHer Video Fashion Show


I've decided to show off my BlogHer dresses to you all in a little different way. What better than a video fashion show!! I'm so excited for BlogHer next week and I absolutely LOVE my dresses! Enjoy!

I Need Your Votes!!


Okay guys Momdot's JVC Everio Camcorder Giveaway contest ends tomorrow, Friday so I need all your support...please!!! Head over here and Vote for me #6!!!!I'm losing and I really need your help to win this!!You can still get 5 extra entries into ANY giveaway here on my blog if you vote for me.

Travel Nurse


I recently came across this website for travel nurses and thought it sounded good, so I wanted to share it with you all. I always wished that I could be a travel nurse but being a mom I just can't do it. I've worked with plenty of travel nurses over the past 6 years and they always rave about the opportunities they get.About them:Travel nurses or allied healthcare professionals, are in great

I Swear I'm Not Obsessed


I do not own a laptop or a netbook or a blackberry or even an iPhone. Call me behind the times whatever but I do have a desktop. So the past couple days, I went down to the Cape(Cod) to visit my mother at her beach house and she doesn't have a computer down there or anything. So what should be a couple nice relaxing days by the beach is nothing of the sort.I was losing my damn mind. I was having

Casio Exilim Digital Camera


Taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do. I am by no means a great photographer at all. But I love taking pictures anyways, just to capture all of life's moments. And since I'm no professional, I look for camera's that can help me take amazing photographs. Casio's high speed Exilim digital camera does just that.I can't even tell you how thrilled I was to get a chance to review Casio's

Get to know my partner!


As you know by now, I am part of Momdot's Amazing Blogger Race. Now we are partnered up and I'd like to introduce you all to my wicked awesome partner Brandy from Not So Average Mama1.What is your middle name? ugh..Meredith 2 How old were you when you lost your virginity? 18yrs 3 Do you like one of your kids more than the other? no, they all have special qualities that I love 4 Is your husband