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How to Have a Baby

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Signs of Pregnancy


While carrying Baby Bunny #1 and Baby Bunny #2, I tried to interpret every possible thing going on with my body as being signs of pregnancy...or, after I knew I was expecting, I interpreting everything as having its roots in being pregnant. A bit much, right? Other than the clinical pregnancy symptoms I talked about in my last post, there are just some signs of pregnancy that seem to be universal(image)

Alternatives to Reglan for Pregnancy


Alternatives to Reglan Because of the allergic and dystonic reactions I suffered because of ingesting Reglan, I had to turn to other options to control my motility and digestive issues. The first medicine I took for this, while in the hospital a couple months before my Reglan experince, was Phenergan, which I took as an injection in my IV line. It didn't make me sick, per se, but it did cause (image)

Mama Bunny and Reglan


Mama Bunny and Reglan Reglan can be a very powerful and fast acting medicine. I was prescribed Reglan for motility and digestive issues while pregnant with Baby Bunny #2. I started taking it when I was around 3.5-4 months pregnant, after having taken different medicines beforehand that my OBGYN didn't consider to be as effective. I was prescribed Reglan on a Friday. After my doctor's (image)

Reglan for Tummy Troubles


When I was busily brewing Baby Bunny #2, I became quite ill. In fact, I spent almost a full week in the hospital while they tried to figure out how to get me to stop losing everything I ingested. While on IVs, I was given Phenergan and then Zofran. After some additional time on Zofran post-hospital, my OBGYN decided it wasn't doing enough for me and placed me on Reglan. I believe that Reglan (image)

Relactate with Me


Nursing moms can run into lactation issues for any number of reasons. With Baby Bunny #1, I had mastitis, then oral surgery, then bleeding/chafing while pumping issues. I managed to bounce back from each and she never had to use formula, although we did use about 100oz of donor milk to supplement through the mastitis and oral surgery issues. With Baby Bunny #2, it has been an entirely different (image)

Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy symptoms are the absolute hardest thing to detect, aren't they? When I got pregnant with Baby Bunny #1, I was tracking every last little thing that happened with my body – and almost any of them could have been pregnancy symptoms. Some of the more promising were: 12 DPO or 14 DPO Spotting 15 DPO or 17 DPO Sore Bbs 15 DPO or 17 DPO Constant Hunger Of course, the cycle, where all of (image)

A Year?


It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since I really got into the thick of my last pregnancy - you know, the hospital stays, ER visits, more specialists than friends, and what the heck moments. I've promised you a look at some areas that I experienced - Reglan do WHAT? - so you could learn from my, uh, issues, and with so many things going on, I never delivered. Bad, Mama Bunny.  Bad. (image)

I'm Baaaa-aaack!


Have you missed me, dear readers?I have missed you! And boy, what a long 5 months it has been since we last conversed!The highlights:~Went on maternity leave early because of preterm labor~Had a baby - Jeffrey Brent, 7/19/10, 7 lbs 8 oz~Incorporated nephew and niece into household - nephew for a few months, niece for the summer~Cate went to day camp 1/2 days, 2 days a week~Cate started preschool (image)

Baby 2.0


Hi, everyone!Just wanted to take a moment to share our good news: we will be welcoming a new baby into our family in late June/early July. We're very excited and think that having less then 2 years between our kiddos will work out quite nicely.You'll be hearing more about Baby 2.0 on three of my blogs. ~At Breakfast at Tiffany's, I'll be talking about time management and goal management and (image)

New Year, New Posts!


Hi, friends!/ Have you missed me?  As devoted as I was to this blog for so long, I've missed you all terribly.  But a few things really sidetracked me from posting here regularly in 2009: Being a new mom is time consuming to the max! Job and family drama is psychologically draining, not to mention a time suck. But I'll be back here and posting regularly in 2010!  I still have lots to say on the (image)

Baby Bunny Turns 1!


Can you believe my Baby Bunny, who we waited so long to hold in our arms, turned a year old today?? I can’t, either!