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Brad and me, in our younger days...


I stole this clip from Lacey. It totally reminded me of Brad and me, when I had blonde hair and he had hair! Check it out! (B taught me all the dance moves I know!)

10 things I'm happy for...


1. I am happy that my Christmas decorations and trees are up and sparkly!


I am happy that Brad makes me laugh every single day and sometimes at my expense. Also that he was willing to come to the SYTYCD concert with me because he knew how much I wanted to go!


I am happy that my girls are so fun! Lily has a huge imagination and tells me each day who she is going to be and why. (ex: Ariel,Belle, Jasmine, Ella (her cousin), Sahara (Jasmine's horse), a kitty named Sara, etc.) Not only do we have to call her by these names, she acts out the character and refuses to respond to her own name. Averi loves to be silly unless someone is watching and then she shys away and won't look at anyone!

4. I am happy for my job as a dance instructor. I truly love the girls (and a couple 3 yr. old boys) that I get to teach. It's great practice to hang out with the teens and their crazy moods, since all I have is girls of my own.


I am happy for my sister. Angie has really become my truest friend in life. I love her dearly.

6. I am happy for the Christmas spirit. It seriously makes me feel joyful, kind and more forgiving.

7. I am happy for my laugh! I know this one sounds weird, but seriously sometimes when I hear myself laugh loud, I laugh even harder at the sound! I sometimes don't even realize how loud I am, until I'm notified by someone else. ( namely B).

8. I am happy for my home and neighborhood. I love where I live and my house. They say that home is where the heart is and I believe this. I love that there are tons of young kids around and my children have tons of friends to play with.

9. I am happy for Christ's gospel and LDS Church. I seriously can't imagine my life or family without it.

10. I am happy that Clara smiles at me all day! :)

Go figure... I belong in the 80's.


You Belong in 1980


Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.



(image) Averi and Lily made ghosts out of garbage sacks and they were so excited to hang them in our tree.

(image) Averi decided that Clara needed a hairdo, so this is what she created on Clara. Funny, huh!

I love fall! From the fresh crisp air to the beautiful colored leaves to Brad's excitement of football season to decorating pumpkins, it's all great! I know that I haven't been so good (ever) at updating my blog, but.... oh well! Here's for the effort! :) Clara is now almost 5 months old and not to toot my own horn, but cute as a button! She smiles relentlessly and is so happy all the time. I'm so in love with her that I can't stop kissing her! Lilia is hilarious! She is 3 going on 10! She loves High School Musical, princesses, dress ups and telling others what to do and say! I am constantly amazed at her imagination and creativity. Averi is loving kindergarten, which is such a relief to me! I went to volunteer for the class' pumpkin patch field trip. I was able to ride the bus with Averi and be in charge of her group. I loved that Averi loved having me there! Brad is currently enjoying the utes football season and he can't wait for basketball season to start. He loves Coach Boilen (sp?)! I on the other hand and happy that life is getting somewhat back to normal, since having Clara. I love being a mom and teaching dance. I'm so grateful for both my roles in life.



Well, Averi started kindergarten this week,Lilia started Preschool, and dance started for everyone! All in all it's been truly an eventful week. First, let me tell you about Averi's first day. She woke up at 7am, dressed and ready for school. Averi was so excited she ran in front of me, because I was walking to slow to the bus stop. Truth be told, I was nervous that we'd have a scene at the bus stop, but being ever so brave, Averi held Darian's (our 6th grade neighbor) hand and marched over to the bus. I was so proud of her for getting on the bus and not even a look back or sad face. At this point, I ran down the hill to my car, where I jumped in to follow the bus to school. Granted, I didn't realize how many other crazy kindergarten moms there were out there, so the four way stop was absolutely nuts! Because of this set back, I was unable to see Averi get off the bus. :( So, being so anxious I ran around to the back of the school to make sure she made it to her class lineup. There she was so cute and obedient! Upon seeing me, Averi asked, "Mom, did you run all the way here?", in total disbelief. I told her I drove and she drew a sigh of relief. As the teacher came to escort them into the classroom, Averi yelled "Bye Mom, bye mom, bye mom..." until she was completely out of sight. I was so proud of her! Now, coming home off the bus was a totally different story, but let's stick to the positive!
Lilia was so excited to start preschool, there was no hesitation on her part. She marched right in the the preschool like she owned the place, saying hello to everyone in her path. It was surreal to me for a moment, being so different from Averi's first day at preschool (holding for dear life on my leg and crying). After I talked to her teacher and Lily made her marshmallow tower, she was off to find the barbies that Averi had told her about, hugging me on the way, saying, "See you later, Mom." The preschool teacher looked at me in amazement and then smiling said, "Wow, that was easy." I chuckled to myself and drove peacefully home.
Upon all this reflection, it makes me think about my life. It seems like yesterday that I had Averi, two hours ago that I had Lily and two minutes ago that I had Clara (well, Clara's is like every minute, because it's still fresh.) Time really does fly and I realized that I need to take it in stride. I need to relax a little and enjoy this moment, because I'll never have this moment again. Upon one of my birthdays, two of my friends, (Rita and Becky) gave me a wooden sign with a quote. I hung this sign in my kitchen so I'd see it everyday to remind me. "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."



Pictures of Clara


Clara is the sweetest baby ever! I love her so much, I can't stop kissing her! During the first 4-6 weeks, she had reflux, but since we've gotten her on some medicine, things have gotten much better. Clara is actually sleeping more than 1-2 hours at a time. Clara rarely cries, unless she is hungry and enjoys looking around and being held. I'm so happy that she is part of our family!

I am happy for my party of five!


Just to let everyone know, I am very happy to have a new little addition to our family! Clara is so perfect and I love her so much. But, regarding the last post, that was done by Brad, though he loves to write as if he is me. He was so excited to post on the blog about Clara, but I didn't know he would try to write as if he were me. But, all the things that he wrote are true! I love being a mother and it was a painful delivery. We just had our first night home and though it was sleepless, it didn't go that bad. Averi loves Clara and wants to hold her all the time, which is nice. Lily just stares at her and is very whiny, but hopefully the phase won't last long. Clara is so sweet! It will be fun and eventful life with my three princesses!

Greetings from our new house of 5....



Hello all. It's me Allie and I'm so happy to be posting on the blog about my new precious daughter. What a wonderful experience motherhood is. I feel so blessed to bring such a special person into this world. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husbland that shares all of these experiences with me and is such a stud! We had such a wonderful day on Monday night on through to Tuesday afternoon. We arrived at the hospital about 10:30 Monday night and by Tuesday at 12:30pm I was screaming like no one's business.
Everything was good, broke my water around 9:00 and got the drugs that lasted until about 30 minutes prior to bringing Clara into the world. They tried another dose about 12:45pm but by that time it was too late and at 1:04 it was all over.
Clara Lea Short is doing great!

Baby update...


I had my 36 week appointment today. Things are looking good. I'm dilated to a 1. I had my series of steroid shots last week. This is to protect the baby's lungs and help them develop faster in case of premature birth. I'm still contracting, but mostly at nights after a really long day. The doctor has put me on part bed rest, which really means nothing to me, but I do my best. Otherwise, things are looking good and we are getting ready for this baby. A name for her still eludes Brad and me. Averi wanted the name "Sarah" for awhile. Lily tells me the baby in my tummy is named "babysitter". She is pretty funny about the baby. Anyway... I'll keep you posted for those that actually read my blog, on how things are going. If I last two more weeks, it would be ideal. But, who knows, maybe I'll go to term and surprise everyone! :)

Our afternoon excursion....


This is Averi and Lily being silly on the car ride there! :)

Here are some pictures of out outing to Temple Square. It was a beautiful day!
Brad was looking for an artistic shot!

The Fam!

Averi and Lily loved smelling the flowers, but Lil loved it a little too much. I say for her to be gentle and she would say that she would and then tear off the petals, so flower smelling ended right then. :(

We had a great time! The girls loved running around the water fountains and being silly! It was a great day!

My darling funny girls...



So, with only about 6 weeks to go, my physical and emotional stamina are becoming greatly depleted. I pray every night that God will grant me with patience and tolerance for the next day and ask for forgiveness for my temper for the current day. The other day I was taking Averi to dance and she was having, let's say, a moment. My patience became paper thin as I almost fell apart in the lobby of the dance studio in front of a crowd of moms. One darling Mom approached me after all was said and done, and asked me if I was Ok. Then she proceeded to tell me that she hopes that none of her children will ever remember the 9 months of her pregnancy. As I thought about this comment later, I realized that I needed to try harder to be a better Mom, even when I have struggled in this pregnancy. I don't want Averi (not discussing Lily, because she doesn't have a clue.) to think that I'm a mean tired Mom, who can't play games, laugh, hug and enjoy the moment, without getting frustrated and tired. So, from that point on this became my goal. I'll admit some days are better than others, but the thought and desire is always in my heart. So, here are some of the things that I've really enjoyed about my girls lately.

1. Today Averi asked me if clouds were like cotton balls. I said "Yes, they are fluffy and light." Averi said, "But we'd fall through them, wouldn't we?" I said, "Yes, that airplanes fly through clouds all the time." Then, she proceeds to tell me, "But, care bears can walk and drive on clouds and they don't fall through!"

2. Lily has to wear a princess dress everyday and to bed every night. Sometimes they are princess dresses that I have brought for the girls, other times she has created her own version. For example, she has found some of my slips and puts them on up to her armpits then asks me for a "crocodile", which is a hair clip, in which she clips the excess of the slip to make it a dress, then proceeds to tell me that she is Princess Analise.

3. It's 1:20am and I hear Averi and Lily talking in their room. I'm hoping that they will go back to sleep, when the conversation turns. Lily says to Averi, "It's morning, let's go wake up Daddy." Averi replys, "Ok, let's go."

4. Lily asks me to take down the crib in the baby's room and move her bed back in there.

5. Averi has a new word, which I'm not sure where she learned it. But, everything now is "freaky!"

I love them so much and don't know what I'd do without them. Each day, no matter how crazy, I thank God for them and that I'm so blessed to be their mother.



HEre are the disney princess on ice pictures, long over due...

Disney Prinesses....


While Brad was out of town a couple of weekends ago, I took my girls to Disney Princesses on Ice. Karisa came with us, with Sierra and Mia. I couldn't believe how much my girls enjoyed this experience. When they woke up that day, it was like Christmas morning! They were so excited, smiling and jumping around as we ate breakfast and got ready to leave. Karisa had seen on the news that many little girls were going to the performance in princess dresses, so of course that is what we did. Averi chose to be Snow White and Lily chose to be Belle. Sierra chose to be Sleeping Beauty. We purchased suite tickets and ironically no one else did, so we had the suite all to ourselves! It was great! We purchased the girls ariel wands, in which they held almost the entire time, frozen, watching the princesses skate. They loved it! Lily did great until a huge dragon came out during the Sleeping Beauty part and spit fire that lighted a zig zag across the ice. Needless to say she didn't like that part at all. (pictures to come, having problem with uploading them.)

Charlie Cooper...


B and I went to visit Charlie Cooper tonight. I had been previously banned from reading Charlie's blog, but last night I couldn't resist. I happened upon Whitney's blog entry on Charlie and since I was already crying, I figured what the heck. After reading about Charlie's status, I really wanted to go see him. As we arrived at Primary's, Angel was there, but not Rob. She filled us in on his new feeding tube through his tummy and why Charlie was so aggitated right at that moment. He was whimpering/crying and arching his back a bit. They had woken him up, because his heart rate had gotten low. Angel, the wonderful mother that she is, smiled upon her son with such love and hope that I began to cry. I apologized for emotional state. It's just amazing how amazing Angel and Rob are. It's also amazing at how strong little Charlie is to go through all this. My heart and prayers are with that little family! I have so much admiration for their strength. May God shine down on them and bless little Charlie Cooper.

Things that I'm grateful for this week....


1. Asking Lily what we should name the baby and she saying very plainly, "BIG GIRL BABY".
2. Going out with Brad on Friday night to dinner and IKEA.
3. While driving on Friday night with Brad, singing and laughing our heads off to clasic 90s songs.
4. Having great parents who are willing to watch my girls on Friday night.
5. Enjoying Young Women's on Tuesday night as we decorated another girl's door for her birthday.
6. My big fat belly! (I just have to laugh when others ask me, like they can't believe how big I am, when I am due and then to reply that i'm due in June and see the look and thought on their face of, "But, she's so big, she's about to pop!") Though this is sometimes painful to experience, I'm grateful that I'm pregnant.
7. People that love me, even when I'm totally disgusting looking. (Hair, clothes, no make-up, etc.)
8. To go to dinner with good friends and laugh.
9. Averi, when she does her funny silly dance, with her eyes half shut, lips pursed and shakes her hips! It makes me laugh everytime.
10. Lily, when she has to sleep only in her diaper, but wears a snow hat to bed too!

So You Think You Can Dance... these women can!!


I love these women!! These are some of my best childhood friends. We decided to have a night out with a little excerise and a lot of laughing/having fun! We met at the Groove dance studio, where I taught them a hip hopish dance! Boy, where they "bustin' a move"! 30 something moms, with moves to kill and hips that rock! It was a lot of fun!

My 2 loves!!


My two wonderful girls!! I love these two crazy monkeys more than I can say. They fill my day with laughter, madness, silliness, love and craziness! I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm so grateful for them in my life and how they have molded me to who I am today. I'm excited to have another princess to enjoy soon.
Averi is my sensitive sweetheart. She is so kind to everyone, even when others aren't that kind to her. She feels so deeply and hates to disappoint anyone. Her preschool teacher told me that she has never heard or seen Averi be mean or naughty to any of her classmates. She askes me questions about life that show me how deeply she thinks about life and all that is around her. She is the best big sister, Lily or I could have ever asked for. She is a wonderful helper too! Averi loves to clean with me, play on the computer, dress up, dance, draw and color and wrestle with her Dadddy. I love her so much!
Lily is my little bundle of happiness! She is a fun seeker and loves to smile and laugh! She talks constantly, even when we can't understand her. I call her my little "Jabberwakie"! She is little, but has a huge personality and determination. Lily loves to dress up as Belle, play barbies and poly pockets, go to her dance class and eat cookies! Sometimes I tell her that she is so sweet that I'm going to eat her! I love her so much!



Since it is Love Month, I thought that I'd make some tributes to those that I love. First, at foremost is Brad. I know that he'll think that I'm cheesy, but he knew what I was when he picked me up! Brad and I have been married for over 7 years now and I love him more than ever! He is the best husband, friend and father I could have asked for. We are opposites in many ways, but one thing that we have in common and enjoy together is laughter. He makes me laugh so hard sometimes and we get each others jokes. I'm so grateful that he is in my life and become such a part of me. I truly appreciate him and all he does for me and our little family! B, I love you.

What a cutie!
I found this picture and showed my mom. I said, see if you can find Brad. When she found him, she laughed so hard! He hasn't changed much since then and still shares the same expression many times.
Our engagement picture.



About Brad and I:
How long have you been together? Since the summer of 1999

How long did you date? About a year.

How old is he? 31 (He's a youngin')

Who eats more? It depends on the meal. But, being prego I'm sure I'm winning!

Who said "I love you" first? I think Brad, but I don't remember.

Who is taller? Brad

Who sings better? It a toss up! Brad thinks he's a base!

Who is smarter? Well, if you ask me... it's ME! But, Brad thinks he's pretty smart and who can blame him... he married me!

Who does the laundry? Me.

Who does the dishes? Mostly me, but at night Brad helps out.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We used to switch depending if I was pregnant and needs better access to the bathroom, but ever since Lily I've stayed on the right side.

Who pays the bills? Brad.

Who mows the lawn? Brad

Who cooks dinner? Me. Unless we are talking about when I'm at dance and he fixes the girls mac n' cheese or ramon noodles.

Who is more stubborn? Brad silently! Sometimes, me vocally.

Who kissed who first? Brad kissed me, but boy was I waiting a long time for it. I guess it's good to be patient for a good thing!

Who asked who out? Brad asked me in high school, because he thought I was hot! After his mission, again because he knew I was hot and then after my mission because I was hot!

Who proposed? Brad, he did a great job!

Who is more sensitive? Me

Who has more friends? Me

Who has more siblings? Me

Who wears the pants in the relationship? Both, we each have a leg in them!

Who are you tagging? Every single person on my blogging list. Look to the right … if you see your name, YOU’RE IT! Seriously, I'm checking your blogs!

It's official!!


The ultrasound was done yesterday and it's official.... We are having another little girl! At first Brad and I just laughed when we found out. Three little monkeys, instead of two, we thought! But, we are truly grateful to have this new little princess join us and her crazy sisters! The baby was healthly and all the right stuff was seen on the screen, which was quite a relief to me. Now the challenge is thinking up a name. Brad and I don't see eye to eye on very many. Brad wants to name her "Butch" and keep her hair short, so maybe she will want to play baseball, but I'm sure her sisters will get the best of her and before you know it she'll be dressing up as a princess and dancing around in no time!

Our first sleding trip...



Here is a picture of Lily and Brad after going down the hill one time. Lily didn't want to go sleding anymore after this. She only wanted to eat the snow.

Blogging may not be my thing.....


Sorry for those readers, who periodically enter my blog to see absolutely nothing! I lately have no desire to blog. Hopefully, the desire will return somewhere down the road. As for now, I'll keep my blog going in hopes of better entries in the future!
As for my life. It's about the same. A ton of dance, now that we are getting close to competition season. I started to play tennis once a week and I am loving it! It is so thrilling and fun to do something that you used to love to do so much. I'm extremely tired, hence the pregancy. My girls are great! Averi is loving preschool and dance. She can't wait for soccer season to start again. Lilia is a crazy, funloving 2 yr. old. She loves to laugh, go to dance and play barbies. Brad is in a competition with his brothers and dad is loose weight by April. We are going to be finding out shortly the sex of the baby. I will for sure post when this happens. So farwell until then!

I am Mariane Dashwood...(somewhat)


href="" target="_blank">(image)
I took this quiz, because I have read all of Jane Austen's works. If you are a Jane Austen fanatic like me, go ahead and click on the link on the picture.

My abstract mind...


OK, I look at this picture and at times see my life in it. Is that scary? The other day I was talking to my Mom about coloring with Averi. I told my Mom that Averi liked to color the appropriate colors that coordinated with the picture. I myself, like to close my eyes and pick a crayon and color the first space I see with it, whether it coordinates or not. This at times has disturbed Averi and she has let me know many times that Cinderella's dress is suppose to be blue, not a rainbow of colors. As I told this to my Mom, she laughed and told me that Averi needed to go color with Aunt Angie, who is the epitome of exactness. I told my Mom that I wanted Averi to know that there was no right or wrong way of coloring or viewing things and therefore it was OK to color however you wanted.
Well, today I was over at my Mom's house helping her unload boxes of books, when I ran across an old coloring book. I opened it up and found pictures of little girls colored with purple faces, orange hands and green feet. In an instant I realized that it was my old coloring book from when I was little. In astonishment, I realized that I did this same procedure of coloring since I was little.
So, I started to think that the way I color had a lot to do with the way I viewed my life and my reality. (Because again, I believe that reality is very different for everyone.) Maybe I like to call is orderly chaos! To everyone else, my life might be little out of control (even to me a lot of times!) But, things are accomplished not always in the normal way, just as the colors of the pictures. And when things are not always working out orderly I'm glad that I have my "black and white" husband to help me set things straight! I think that everyone should sit down with a box of crayons and a white sheet of paper and see what they create. The whole process might tell a lot about oneself. So, to all those abstract personalities out there, here's a little shout out!!

What happened to me...


Ok...ok... I know .... I know... Where have I been and what happened to my blog. It is lacking, I will admit. Things got kind of crazy these last couple of weeks. With holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, dance, etc, I let my blog slip. But, here is a list of my top ten experiences since I last wrote...

1. Seeing my girls on a Free Pony ride. Lilia wouldn't get off. Averi thought that "Free Pony Ride" meant "Three Pony Rides", since she says the number three, like "free". Boy, was she disappointed.

2. Going to dinner at the Dodo and seeing the movie "Hairspray" (which I absolutely loved!) for our anniversary!

3. Watching Lilia opening her birthday presents and laughing so hard with Quincey, from the Little Einsteins, while he sings "Daba Daba..."

4. Watching Brad do his triatholon. He did so well and looked great doing it! I am very proud of him and all that he accomplished! When he puts his mind to something, he gives 100%!

5. Moving my parents into their new home! Boy, this has been a long time coming! It is great to finally get them somewhat settled.

6. Dance registration! It was a great night and very successful! I'm really looking forward to this coming dance year!

7. Grandpa Short's funeral. It was a wonderful tribute to him. Brad gave the grave dedication.

8. Reading Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse! Some of the best books I have ever read! Love them and can't get them out of my head! ( I wonder would I pick an Edward or Jacob?)

9. Going to Arizona with Brad, where we went to a DiamondBack's game, rented Nacho Libre, saw Ocean's 13, played miniature golf, go garts, eating at the Cheese Cake Factory, watching Brad eat a blue snow cone and having blue lips, teeth and tongue for the rest of the night out, and laughing so hard my tummy hurt!

10. Coming home and seeing my girls in the morning, when they woke up! Smelling their hair and morning breath and wanting to squeeze and hug them all day long!