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def: What you get when an engineer becomes a mama and tries to fix what's not broken

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46 Days In


February is halfway over and here's how 2012 has been so far.

  • I have learned that I love getting on the elliptical first thing in the morning.  10 to 15 minutes really wakes me up and jumps my metabolism for the day. Up until last week, I've been doing a mile a day during the week (weekends don't count because I never. stop. moving.).  Little man and I both had the sinus crud last week.
  • I re-taught myself how to crochet and have made three dishcloths.  I found some fun yarn at Hobby Lobby last weekend and plan on making it into a pair of slippers.
  • Up until three weeks ago when we started remodeling our other bathroom (the one with the tub), I was getting in a weekly really good long bath full of candles and magazines and epsom salts.  So relaxing!  We should have the bathroom back this weekend and I plan to make good use of the new tub with the sloped back.
  • I got a new hairstyle!  I now have long bangs and LOVE them!  Even my husband is still commenting on them weeks after the fact!
  • Essie nail polish has a new color out called Armed and Ready.  It's not's not's not has some copper and red flakes in it that only stand out in the's totally different than anything else I've worn before and I've rocked it a few times already.
  • I've baked bread every other weekend and have kept our little family in homemade bread this year.  How many additives and preservatives have we NOT consumed because I have this great recipe that's really only about 15 minutes hands on that yields two loaves at a time?  Worth it? Totally!
Edited to add - I've lost four pounds so far!

2012 - so far, so good.  Let's keep rolling with it!

Living with Food Allergies


We had no idea the turn our lives would take when we learned that K had food allergies.  He also has asthma and eczema, so the trio can make each other worse.  There have been several food allergy deaths already this year and the foundations that support families with food allergies have been active in reminding parents to be their child's advocate.  I sat up at daycare yesterday for an hour visiting with the lady who makes the lunches and the director.  We reviewed K's allergies, the signs of a reaction, the action plan, and the ultimate goal of having K integrated with the class as close to normal as possible.

This evening he ate a new kind of tater tot.  The label was good...there wasn't anything in the bag that should have elicited a reaction, but it did.  He developed hives around his mouth and terrible stomach cramps.  This is the kid that has such a high pain tolerance that he needed a dedicated pain management team at the hospital.  So if he said that pain was bad, it was bad.  Those two symptoms alone put him on the edge between needing benadryl and needing an epi-pen.  We dosed him the highest level of benadryl we could and watched.  Within 5 minutes the hives had faded about 50% and the stomach pain couldn't compete with an episode of Pocoyo.  We're here two hours later and he's mostly saying that his stomach doesn't hurt. If I press him hard, he says it hurts a little.  I'm not sure what to believe.  At 4 years old, it depends on what the truth is, what's on tv, what he's playing with, and if he's on a roll of saying yes or no repetitively.

It's a life of always worrying...watching...waiting.  Every itch. Every cough.  Every pain.  It's hard to imagine what it's like to not worry every day about your child having a life threatening reaction.  And his stuttering has been much more pronounced the past few days.  I think we need a calm weekend to veg out and watch movies.



Here are some photos from K's spica cast time.  In all of the years the pediatric orthopedist has been doing this, K is only the second child to have a bone separate *after* being set and casted like that.  The surgeon had already set a few femurs earlier that day and had set many since then.  He really understands that this kid isn't about statistics so he goes above and beyond now with him to ensure that everything is healing properly.The first cast - it goes up on to his ribcage and was positioned in more a "sitting" position than the second cast.  I don't really have many photos of the second cast - I was doing to document what I did.  And honestly, I really don't miss any photos - part of me is glad I took the few I did so that he can see when he's older, but I honestly don't really want to dwell on these.His couch set up. This is a photo of the second cast - it's definitely more of a "lay down" position and still came up onto his ribs.  We were stressed every time he ate - if he choked, we had no access for the heimlich.The final cast coming off in mid-November.  That tool in the foreground used vibrations to "cut" the cast.  They made a cut on both sides and then the middle.  They said it was the cleanest cast they ever saw after that long of a time on a 3 year old!  Starting to pull the top half of the cast off.  K was coming a little unglued.  He was tired of the cast but was scared to lose it at the same time.  It was his safety.Lifting it off of him. And there's the top half!  Held it up for him to see (through his tears).No more tears!  Feeling sassy that he was out of the cast.  The tape over the scars wouldn't come lose until we got home and had a double bath.  He grew about 2 to 3 inches while he was in the cast.[...]



Having a child with food allergies complicates the childcare situation.  You have to have a place that is alert to contaminations, understands allergies, and is willing to address reactions with swift action.  Home daycares are out of the question because carpet irritates K's asthma.  My husband and I are not comfortable with a nanny (no accountability).  So, when the only childcare we had found out in West Texas decided that they did not want K in their system anymore because we, the parents, were "trouble makers" after only attending four days, then we knew we were in trouble.  We spent a year looking at places out there.  It's an oil boom town - there is not exactly an abundance of established centers and most families out there have stay-at-home moms.   We looked all over for somewhere else to take K-man but if they were any good, they had a 6 month waiting list.  If they had an opening, you didn't want to be there and it was easy to see why they weren't full.  One extreme or the other.  

The daycare that did that to us also happened to be part of a private school that ran PreK thru 12th grade.  Up until this, we had planned to enroll K in a private school in the hopes that they would be more attentive to his allergies.  Smaller class sizes and lower student to teacher ratios should equal more attention to individual student needs, right?  Well, what about when you're the squeaky wheel?  What happens when you have an issue or a need and they don't want to address it?  What if they don't want to change to accommodate and decide that you are a "trouble maker" - a "dissenter"?  They can kick you out and leave you without any back up.  So, we are reviewing the options for K when first grade rolls around.  He can stay where he is through kindergarten.  In the meantime, we're praying he grows out of the allergies which still include all dairy, peanuts, and eggs.

This year


This year...

  • Will be fun, damnit!
  • I plan to exercise on a schedule and develop a routine
  • I will have a bigger garden because I enjoy it
  • those potatoes will grow and the asparagus will be big enough to harvest
  • I'm taking up crocheting, which I learned as a little girl from my grandmother, and I want to be able to crochet at least one pair of slippers
  • I will take the time to indulge in hot baths instead of quick showers
  • We will have a family pass to the local pool and we'll use it all summer
  • I will try a new hairstyle
  • I'm going to learn how to use iPhoto on this Mac so that I can finally download all of the photos off the camera
  • I think I'll try those funky nail polish colors I've always been so afraid of.  
I'll keep you posted.



Seems like every blog has the obligatory end of year post.  I haven't written in so long that it seems like a good time to wrap up the old to kick this thing off again. I cannot say that I am sad to see 2011 gone.  Not that I don't appreciate the time I've been given, but wow...this past year was a challenge.  The last time I wrote on here, I resigned from my job in North Texas, took a new job in West Texas, and split up the family by leaving my husband and son here so that I could start the job and house hunting out west.  I worked during the week and came "home" on the weekends.  The initial plan was that this would run about six weeks and then they'd be out there with me.  It lasted two months, then we bought a house, they came out there, then the only childcare we had fell through, and they had to come back to north Texas where we thankfully had not sold our original house.   I stayed out there another month looking for alternatives for childcare, but I'll explain more about that in another post.  I ended up quitting my new job, coming back, and starting another job here in the metroplex in August. On September 26th, I got a phone call from daycare.  Kelton had an accident at school on the slide and it turns out his femur fractured with rotation.  There's so much more to tell about what happened and why it happened, but in the end - it happened.  We held his hands while he was on full morphine doses while they put him traction to take him to the children's hospital downtown.  He screamed, we cried, he cried.  We patted his sweet little head as he dozed off before being wheeled back to surgery to have the leg set and be put in a spica cast.  He was cast from his toes up to his ribs.  He screamed in pain for eight days before an x-ray revealed that the fracture had re-opened and that he would need surgery to put pins in to hold the bone together.  He developed PTSD and an associated stutter that kept a very advanced speaker unable to finish a sentence.  He was in the second cast for a little over six weeks.  Our lives slowed to a crawl and our sense of joy shriveled up as well.  My husband and I worked part time shifts at our jobs (that thankfully accommodated us very well) in order that one of us would be with him at all times.  He couldn't move...he couldn't sit up...he wore diapers...he itched...he ached...he stuttered...he slept on two pillows with one under his side to prevent bed sores...he had back spasms...he wasn't hungry...he was cranky...and desolate at times...and we wondered if he was permanently changed.  In mid-November, the cast came off.  It took two weeks for the stuttering to slowly fade - it's only occasionally now but it's still there.  He still sleeps in our bedroom on his own little bed next to ours because to sleep by himself is something he fears so much.   A week ago, he took his first steps without a limp.  There are two scars on his leg above his knee where the pins were inserted.  They will have to come out sometime this summer.  We have this pending sense hanging over us - we know it's coming - another surgery - more pain - will he be okay?We learned who our friends are this year...the real ones.  The ones who support you when you make hard decisions that aren't best for your career or financially but are best for your family.  They are the same ones who call to check on you when your whole world grinds to a halt because your daily existence is about pain management for your child.  They understand the simple happiness in being able to see your food allergic child have his first (small) birthday party at home - with a limp and a smile. We learned that even though it sounds horrible - ain't nobody going to take care of you but you.  I think we're bitter from this year.  I know we're bitter.  Bu[...]

Moving, Cleaning, and The Urn


We're moving (new job) and I am in the process of cleaning out closets.  I don't want to move clutter - I hate clutter.  It's such a feeling of relief and zen when you have a closet cleaned out, the extra space in sight, the order of things in their place - it almost makes me want to light a cigarette, only I don't smoke.

Today's task is the hall closet.  I have put it off for over a week now after putting it at the top of my daily list.  Inevitably every morning I rise, take K-man to daycare, come back home, consult my list, and find something else to do other than face that catasphrophe at the end of the hall.  Today's calling is to tackle this job and get it off my conscience.

Out of this spectacle of disorder, there are piles for the following:

  • To Save
  • For the Hubby to inspect and decide to keep or toss
  • Trash
  • Set out on the curb and let someone else take it because it's still perfectly usable (extra iron anyone?)
  • The Urn
Yes, we have an urn.  It  was a wedding present.  Someone bought it for us off of one of the wedding registries.  We didn't register for it, I promise.  How it got on there is one of those mysteries that will never be solved.  Nevertheless, we have an urn. It was at our engagement party with flowers in it.  Very pretty and kind of creepy.  The urn has spent the last five years in the hall closet - hidden but not forgotten.  So, my question is, what do you do with an urn that you have no intention of using for ashes?  Should I set it out in the "Set out on the curb" pile?  Do you donate an urn?  You can't really re-gift it - that's creepier than getting it for a wedding present (I think).  And really, I don't want it moving with us although it has developed a sort of celebrity status in our list of all things odd.

Candy dish, anyone?

Christmas season with a 3 year old - Update 1


It's been a while BlogLand.  I read everyone else's blogs every weekday but can't seem to find fodder for mine.  Or maybe I'm just really lazy and it's easier to read someone else's wit and humor.  Anyways, here's a quick insight into our lives -

I have hormonies running rampant in my body today. So I went to bed an hour earlier last night but woke up two hours earlier this morning because the fricking sheet was wrapped all the way around my body and pissed me off as I was trying to get out of bed at 4AM to go pee. *sigh* So I was awake after that – rage keeps me from sleeping.

We went and totally spoiled K-man on his birthday. Hubby got him a gun that goes “tat tat tat atat tat tat atat” – loudly. I got him a game that connects to the tv and makes him run in place on a pad – Mama makes sure the boy wears off some of that energy.

We went to the local Christmas on Main Saturday afternoon – suck-o-matic, seriously. And now K wants nothing to do with Santa. We’re going to try getting his picture at Bass Pro with Santa there...maybe that might work? I dunno. He just keeps asking about Santa’s truck (Fed-Ex). Way to go, me, now I have to explain why Santa’s truck is still hanging around after Christmas.

I tried a new bread recipe for no-knead dough. It was successful – if you call something that you can use in self defense and break a tooth on “successful”.

K has a little Christmas tree in his room now. I let him pick it out. It’s electric blue with multi-color lights on it and red shatterproof ball ornaments. It’s “festive”....kind of like “hooker on 6th street” festive, but hey, who’s judging?

I also found these cute little window cling decorations for the window in the living room. A painstaking 10 minutes of positioning the damn things so that Frosty the Snowman had snowflakes all perfectly around him, and 30 seconds later, Frosty ain’t got no hands and his eyes have been plucked out. Thank you, son.

I played Christmas music for dinner on Friday evening and started hearing whining and “I don’t wanna listen to Christmas music”. In all of my essence of Christmas perfection, I said, “Mama wants to listen to Christmas music so suck it up and eat your chicken nuggets! We’re going to be cheery!!”. Ah yes...reason #587 why I’m not getting a mother of the year award.

The nativity scene underneath the Christmas tree got ran over by a 3 year old’s John Deere truck careening wildly out of control. The wise men look like the Virgin Mary flashed them some boobage – wide eyes and laying on the floor. Baby Jesus still looks serene, though, so all is good.



Another fruitful meeting, another obvious exercise in mindless doodling.  Today's creation = the iList.  (as copied off of the bottom of the legal size sheet I was supposed to be engrossed in)


What can you add to the iList?

Conversation with Hubby - 1


Hubby took K-man to daycare this morning and then went back to the house to get his work truck. Before he left, he switched out the laundry loads. His question to me at lunch? “Why is there a plastic cow in the dryer?”

Me, “Because it doesn’t have an off button and it was driving me flipping nuts. It won’t shut up!”

Him, “So you stuck it in the dryer?”

Me, “Yup. And I slammed the door closed on it, and then closed the door to the wash room.”

Him, “Did that make you feel better?”

Me, “A little. I hate that cow.”

Him, “hmmm...hormones, huh?”

Dinner Idea


I was crammed for time last week after work and needed a quick and easy dinner - and it had to be dairy free - so I came up with this.

Mexican Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  • One Rotisserie Chicken
  • One can of pinto beans, mostly drained (do not rinse)
  • One package of Uncle Ben's brown rice 90 second microwave packet
  • Your favorite salsa or picante
  • One package of Bib Lettuce
Heat about a tablespoon of olive oil in a skillet while shredding half of the chicken.  Add the meat to the skillet and heat through for a few minutes.  Heat the rice in the microwave.  Add the can of beans and heat for another minute or two.   I added a little pepper and season salt at this point.  Add the rice and about a 1/3 cup of salsa/picante.  Stir to mix thoroughly and heat through.

Wash the lettuce leaves and keep in tact.  Serve by allowing each person to fill his/her own lettuce leaf with the chicken mixture.  Top with shredded cheese, sour cream, and/or more salsa/picante. 

My husband and I ate our fill of this and still had enough leftovers to make a dinner for me the next evening.  K-man didn't touch the stuff.  *sigh* 

Phone Photo Friday


I'm totally stealing this idea from Joanna's blog. I have no shame. 

This week's recap in photos...

Helped "Da" purchase copious amounts of plastic storage boxes in order to organize our closets.  What you don't see in this photo are all of the plastic bins K-man pulled off of the lower shelves.  I'm sure the wals-marts loves to see us coming in the front doors.

Discovered that I have reached a new level in "mindless doodling" while on the phone at work. 

Found a photo from a vacation we took a few months prior to our first wedding anniversary.  We were so rested and weighed so much less. Little did we know that at that very moment our house was flooding with water, in August, in Texas.  We would find that out about five days later.  Thus began our whirlwind adventures of home remodeling, mold prevention, and the eventual leap into pregnancy and parenthood.

I became Red Cross certified in CPR, AED, and First Aid this week. 

Ready to Pluck some Tailfeathers


Every morning this week, I have been awaked by the sound of a bird singing.  It's not on my iPhone and it's not on my alarm clock.  It is a real bird, who, every morning at 6:00, perches himself (herself?) somewhere on my front porch and commences to sing a little three-note diddy - at maximum volume - repetitively.  It wakes me up, wakes my husband up, and more importantly, wakes our 2 year old up - and this is one week that we have been sleeping in - or at least trying to.  This bird is walking on the proverbial thin ice. 

Watch it, birdie!  You woke up the wrong mama!

Spoke Too Soon


I found a bad one.  Lunch today is/was Kashi's Chicken Florentine.


 really really icky. 



The Free Dictionary defines endeavoring as "A conscientious or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt".  Well then, I am still endeavoring to lose weight.  As I have said before on this blog, I am a sucker.  Show me a commercial and I'll usually decide that I need it.  Whatever IT is.  Jack Lalane's juicer?  Check!  Got it at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon.  I use it regulary to make juice for my little sidekick - it is one of the few ways I can get vegetables down him.Space Saver Bags?  Check!  Bought them at Target.  Used them to compact and store pillows, blankets, and quilts.  Half of them lost their seal and fluffed right back up.Giant ZipLoc bags?  Check!  Bought them after the Space Saver Bags failed.  Now I put it in a giant ZipLoc bag, fold it up, and sit on it to get all the air out while fumbling with the ziploc portion to close the bag.  They have, however, been a success.The latest thing that got my attention?  Jenny Craig.  Because, after all, if people on tv can do it, I can too, right?  *crickets chirping* I said, Right???    After reading their website I was even further enamored with the idea of signing up, eating what someone told me too, and waking up ten weeks later with twenty fewer pounds.  Unfortunately, the independent reviews I read took the sparkle off the stone.  One of my favorite recipe sites is  It ranks right up there with  They had a great review of several diet options out there including Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem.  At the end of the review, they sat down and looked at (and tasted) some of the frozen meal options available from the grocery store, and gave the highest ratings to Kashi.  So, rather than fork over a bunch of money to Jenny Craig and settle for some crappy food, I decided to try some things on my own.Breakfast has taken some ideas from Hungry Girl's 200 under 200 cookbook.  Have you heard of this?  I borrowed it from a friend and love having some things to eat for breakfast that are super easy, not eggs, and are low on calories.  My recent adaptation has been half a toasted whole grain English muffin (75 calories) with one ounce of fat free cream cheese (30 calories), a teaspoon of avocado (no idea how many calories), and three slices of roma tomato with salt and pepper.  I love this!  It feels so indulgent with all of that cream cheese (one ounce is a lot on half a muffin!).  For lunch, I have been having a Kashi frozen meal.  These are so freaking good, 300 calories or less, full of protein, and a hefty serving of fiber.  Sorry, don't mean to sound like a commercial, but I'm really impressed.  Lunch today was the Pesto Pasta Primavera - soooo good and pesto-y, the pasta was al dente, the peas were fresh and popped when you bit them. I'll be having more of these for lunch.  My downfall so far, though, is dinner.  That's tough.  My goal is salads for dinner this week - we'll see what happens.What are your favorite foods that don't break the calorie bank?[...]

The Itchies


Last week was the opening of dove hunting here in Texas, and the company I work for hosted a dove hunt on opening day at the company ranch.  Sounds fancy, huh?  It was hot...really hot...the kind of still hot that comes right before a bunch of thunderstorms.  I grabbed one of the girls from the office and, like a good friend, begged and pleaded until she finally relented and got her to go out there with me.  We were the only two women shooters.Despite the heat, things appeared to be going well.  The vehicle was well equipped with guns, shells, water, and snack (all the important stuff).  We grabbed our gear and found a little spot by a water hole and waited.Nice vest, huh?Double checking the action to make sure it wasn't sticky.All went well.  We waited. We sweated.  We shot.  We killed a few birds.  We ate dinner courtesy of a chuck wagon gang.  We went home tired, happy, and wet from the thunderstorms that eventually blew through.The next day red spots started appearing on us.  That evening, we itched.  And we have been itching for over a week now.  The reason?  These.That's a chigger - under a microscope. Apparently where we were, there were hundreds of these - and they found us.  Damn.[...]

Because nothing says sexy like...


Fire Retardant Clothing.  The company I work for is having to comply with OSHA standards which means we all have to wear our FRC when on location.  Lovely, no?

The Boys Rest


This was taken a while back when both of my guys weren't feeling very well.  It makes me all mushy to see such sweetness.



Hubster has been fighting an acute sinus infection for several months now.  He's on another antibiotic again and can hardly sleep due to the drainage at night that wakes him up coughing.  On the way into work this morning, I was mentally reaching for anything that might help him.  He does the netti pot, but that seems to make the drainage worse.  He has a nose spray that helps a little.  But what kept popping up in my mind and nagging at me is the fact that he's on a high dose of cholesterol medicine (has been for a year) and is several months late in getting his blood work done to see if he can go on a lower dose. 

I googled his med (Lescol XL) this morning and found that it has a rare side effect (3%-5%) of causing acute sinus infections (sinusitis).  That's exactly what he has!  To the point where he had to go to the hospital for it one night.  He's also subsequently been put on blood pressure medication. I'm really wondering if this cholesterol med has taken a toll on his system and is causing these other issues.  His cholesterol doctor has seemed pretty open to some of the odd side effects he has had on the other cholesterol meds, so I'm hoping that she'll be open to the possibility that Lescol may be causing these other issues. 

Prescription meds can really be a damned if you do and damned if you don't kind of thing.  And that's frustrating.

How to eat a popsicle


Sometimes Popsicles are best when licked off the table.

And sometimes they're best when sucked off your t-shirt.

My Office Anomaly


I should name this plant that I have in my office.  It's too ugly to really like but having had it for so long, it's become kind of a conversation piece.  People stop in my doorway and say "What is THAT?"  Maybe I should name it That Plant....T.P. 

Sorry - have to specificy - That Plant shares a pot with a ponytail plant.  I don't think the ponytail plant is too happy with me.

Those look like roots close up - I wonder if it was outside if it would take root wherever it hit the ground.

In Focus


I'm about 12 pounds heavier right now than I was before I got pregnant with K-man.  I can look in the mirror in the morning, know I need to lose the rest of this weight, but be relatively content with how I look for work.  Make-up is pretty good, hair is brushed and flat iron (or curly depending on the day), business casual clothes for work that work with my figure, and my 36-D boobs are covered (even if means perpetually tugging at my camisole for the day).  Every now and then I'll snap a photo of me with either hubby or K-man and if I hold my head just right and don't get a full-on body shot, I'm okay with how I look.  This past weekend we had a family reunion and thanks to F@cebook and a camera happy cousin, there's a photo of me posted along with the rest of the family.  And...I'm frickin' ugly.  My face was puffy, my double chin was hanging out and cat-calling to anyone who would listen, and that blue halter top that looked cute on in the mirror looked like a circus freak in the photo.  I can't give any feedback on my stomach because thankfully I was holding something in front of me while talking to my mother.  Right now, my self esteem took a nose dive into the sh!tter.

I've been working out since the beginning of April.  I've lost a little weight but seen more results in my body shape (lost 3" off my waist).  And now?  I'm wondering why the hell I even try.  Stupid camera. 



Coupon Time!

Children's Place is having a 4th of July sale.  Save 20% on any order over $50 using code JULY4TH.  I just ordered 9 pieces of clothing (shirts, shorts, and jeans) and it came out to $7.38 each (including shipping and tax!).  

We'll be setting up a pool in our backyard for the weekend, and I'll make allergy-free cupcakes for the little guy (the big guy will eat them, too).  All other cooking will be limited to grilling or crockpotting.  What are your plans for the 4th?

Monday Mumblings


I have several things to write about but none of them warrant a post of their own, and since I'm still sleep deprived these are Monday Mumblings instead of Musings.I took a cue from Jaci on controlling how much stuff our kids have and decluttered K-man's room yesterday.  A full trash bag of diapers he had outgrown went out the door for donation, a full trash bag of toys he no longer plays with went out the door for donation (this was after 2 trash bags of donations a few weeks ago), and 2 trash bags of toys and a box of books went into the closet where they will be sequestered for a minimum of 3 weeks.  And do you know what?  He still has plenty of toys and books to play with.  His room is no longer cluttered - niether is our living room.  And he finally sat down and played with Mr. Potato-head for longer than one minute.  I think it was because he can actually concentrate on one toy without having umpteen others distracting him.  I like this.  When we finally open the closet door to review what's in there, we'll be swapping toys - he won't get them all back at once anymore.K had some interesting time-outs this weekend.   There was a lot of crying and kicking and screaming and lying flat on the floor.  I think this is the epitome of having a  two-year old.  He is having to understand the consequences of his actions and that's important but dang it, I just want to pick up my baby and cover him in kisses.  It's six weeks in the making but I am almost finished with a re-do of my bedside table.  It hasn't been hard or complicated, it's just that I'm doing it when I have a free moment and it's not a gazillion degrees outside.  We live in Texas - It's June - It's a gazillion degrees outside every day.  The only thing I have left to do is antique glaze the last shelf and then seal it all.  I'll post pictures when it's all finished.My garden is barely alive.  Do you know what moles eat?  They eat grubworms.  Do you know what attracts grubworms?  Compost. Can you guess what I piled 3" high in my garden?  Yuppers, compost.  I hate moles.  They and the tunnels they dig have killed most of the garden and an apricot tree.  The only good thing left is the watermelon vine with two melons on it.  Hubby and I exterminated the inside and outside of the house yesterday.  I had it up to HERE with the six legged creatures invading our house.  I also cleaned all of the utensils in all of the kitchen drawers with bleach and then wiped down the drawers with peppermint and eucalyptus oils to ward off anymore visitors.  The kitchen smelled really good from the oils.  I cooked up some bacon yesterday evening to make a mess of green beans.  K-man finally decided to try a bit of bacon...and then he had several bites because wonders of wonders, bacon is good!  Hubby and I high-fived...bacan will help put fat back on the little boy since he lost a few pounds last week being sick.  The kicker?  Within about 20 minutes of eating the bacon, he broke out in eczema.  Looks like we found another food intolerance - we'll add it to the list.  I had highlights added to my hair and had bangs cut in it.  I'm liking it...except for this [...]

Father's Day & Golf Gloves


In honor of what happens when you leave Dad home at nap time with his unsuspecting little boy and a golf bag to clean out...