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Comment on Review in New Socialist by jklifer

Fri, 20 Feb 2009 03:13:40 +0000

It is war for war's sake! The Vietnam "experience" was viewed by many as a sort of a "training war." War is assumed to be inevitable.

Comment on Afghanistan: The Right War? by Ansarul Haque

Sun, 15 Feb 2009 02:30:19 +0000

Afghan war on the part of America is quite an unjust war. It is to destroy a country, a nation, a civilization with no reasonable ground at all. You can not punish milions of people for the sake of one man only. President Bush is a war criminal and rightly awarded with throwing of shoes. He shall surely suffer in the world as well as in the after world for his henious crime against humanity.

Comment on The Other Quagmire: An interview with Sonali Kolhatkar by admin

Sun, 14 Sep 2008 23:12:11 +0000

In response to Fatima Mojaddidy: The Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is a very important part of Afghan history, one which James and I include in our book. Indeed, it is a crucial part of the history we document because it is the Cold War in essence, fought on Afghan soil. Our book and our activism naturally focuses more on current US policy for two reasons: We are American and want to hold US policy makers accountable - we have little power over the Russian government. And secondly, the current situation is one where we can actually affect change, wouldn't you agree? The Soviet occupation is now over, to be replaced by a US/NATO occupation. One cannot change the past but one can attempt to affect the present and the future. As for Malalai Joya - in my conversations with her, she often talks about the Soviet occupation - after all, she herself became a refugee, along with her whole family, and, like you, lost family members to the Soviet atrocities. The same is true for a majority of RAWA members, who choose to live in Afghanistan and carry on a struggle for peace and human rights instead of living comfortably in other countries like the US, etc. Many of them and their families became refugees in Pakistan or Iran during the Soviet occupation. Many lost family members too. They cannot and do not deny the horrors of the Soviet era. RAWA was among the first political groups that organized against the Soviet occupation - they participated in the nation-wide jihad against the Soviets too. Meena, their founder, was murdered by Hekmatyar's men, in cahoots with the Khad. So, I don't think you can accuse RAWA of being pro-Soviet. They have paid for their opposition to the Soviets with the blood of their leader. There are admittedly many leftist organizations in the US who try to paint the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan as a good thing - these are organizations trapped in some sectarian fantasy of Soviet-style socialism as a panacea for the world's ills. I have personally debated many of them and do not subscribe to their views. Respectfully, Sonali Kolhatkar

Comment on The Other Quagmire: An interview with Sonali Kolhatkar by Rupali Shornali Pothocharini

Mon, 01 Sep 2008 17:36:02 +0000

I think US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has resulted in unreported/suppressed ever-increasing civilian casualties in both countries. Recently, the NATO troops have inflicted heavy losses on innocent civilians. It has resulted in deep anger on majority of the neutral population. If Cheney and Bush think that military annihilation is the only solution for America's geopolitical stranglehold on someonelse's backyard then they are dead wrong. They should think twice before they leap. In reality they have already leaped into uncertainty.Only time will say if they have gutted themselves in a raging inferno or not. The Russians found out soon that they had hit a quicksand aided by US stingers and the CIA-ISI-backed barbarian Taliban in the 80s. The quagmire was to deadly for the Russians to feel optimistic. The irony is that the CIA-ISI created mutant chimera Taliban is now America's biggest enemy. Americans and Karzai should look for honorable exit before the ghosts of hanged Najibullah haunt them in their nightmares. With a deteriorating global political scenario in the backdrop of a unilateral forcefully US-corpofascism imposed pseudodemocracy or military-backed fascist juntas in many countries the US is now the least trusted or respected country it used to be. The corpofascists are so powerful that they have even been able to buy off and silence a once balanced media that that didn't hesitate to point out major flaws in US foreign policy. It would be wrong for the NATO alliance to believe that Russia will now sit still to let events unfold on it's own. The Russian penetration into Georgia is just the beginning of more to follow. America's adventurism and megalomaniac global designs will prove too costly for the overstretched US economy to bear. The US should remember that other emerging economies too have strategic interests to acquire global resources worldwide. And hey too won't hesitate t use force like the Americans to do so.

Comment on The Other Quagmire: An interview with Sonali Kolhatkar by Fatima Mojaddidy

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 22:47:17 +0000

Yeah I remember Afghanistan, the Taliban, Hamid Karzai and Buzkashi (NOT some "weird" game Afghans play involving a goat carcass!) I remember a lot more than that though cause I refuse to have a selective memory to serve any ideological agenda. I remember December of 1979, yeah remember that Sonali? Or did you conveniently forget about decade long Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and the 2.5 million Afghans killed by the Soviets? How can you so conveniently forget to stress the significance of that decade of death, war and destruction that lead us to where we are at today? Afghanistan's pain and suffering did not start with the Taliban or after 9/11. I also remember the Khalqis, Parchamis, Sholais and RAWA's Maoist roots. Just like I remember the radicals and extremists funded and trained by the ISI through CIA support and who became today's terrorists. 180+ innocent civilians from my family were rounded up and executed overnight by Afghan communists before the Soviets invaded. I will not forget that. I will also not forget the first day Hekmatyar's rockets fell on the city of Kabul and its civilians, our windows shattering and our neighbors screaming in agony cause they got hit. See the thing is Sonali, unlike the American right wing corporate run mainstream media AND unlike the left wing communist run so-called independent media in this country, I REMEMBER IT ALL. And I will speak as much TRUTH as I know in my lifetime about it. I also have some questions for you, in the name of freedom of speech and holding the press and journalists accountable, I would like you to answer them for me. Why does MalalaI Joya not mention anything about 2.5 million dead during the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan? Why does she fail to call out former communist criminals sitting next to the former mujahideen criminals in the same corrupt Kabul government? Why does RAWA deny it's Maoist roots and launch smearing campaigns against other Afghan women leaders like Seema Samar? You acknowledge the building resistance against the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan while labeling the resistance against the Soviets as simply purchased by CIA money. What makes you think that the resistance against the Soviets was any less real or valid? Don't you realize that if the people of Afghanistan are rising up now after 30 years of war, suffering, devastation and death, that we would not have risen up then? I saw the resistance emerge as a young child and grew up seeing it get corrupted along the way by the ISI, CIA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, France, etc. Where were you during this time? I saw my uncle shot in the head when I was 5 in our house by an undercover communist agent. How many family members have you lost due to war in your lifetime?

Comment on The Other Quagmire: An interview with Sonali Kolhatkar by stefan lindgren

Fri, 30 May 2008 06:08:33 +0000

Dear Sonali and Jaames. Thank You for what You are doing. It inspires us. Yesterday around 2 000 stockholmers protested against the visit om Condoleezza Rice, one of the "brains" behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is not an accident that many of the involved (Khalilzad, Karzai, Rice etc) come from the oil industry, where Afghanistan is supposed to play a minor role as transit country and therefore is allowed by the occupants to sink into the narco-quagmire. On june 7-8th there will be a huge peace congress on Afghanistan in Hannover, Germany. All friends of Afghanistan get there. Unite! Be inspired by the many courageous americans. Like Jesse Ventura in Larry King show: "I want someone I can respect. I want someone who will understand that going to war is really a simple decision. You know how simple it should be, Larry? A war is justified if you're willing to send your son. If you're not willing to send your son, then how do you send someone else's? See, our problem with this current war in Iraq is that we're being governed by the chicken hawks."

Comment on The Other Quagmire: An interview with Sonali Kolhatkar by Gullajan "Ahmadzai"

Thu, 28 Feb 2008 12:06:02 +0000

Dear accept my honesty and dedicate special salamoona to the personal of rawa and special to those who are publishing this comments.i have readed above comment which you have talked about iraq and afghanistan warload while focused on afghanistan was more than iraq. i want to give some important message to you that nowadays american's want to concentrate on to afghanistan issue because afghanistan have a strategic situtation in asia while as many people saying that afghanistan is the heart of central asia. american's know that they dont have near country with iraq to to targeted it because only iran near to iraq so afghanistan also have a huge border with iran if america want to control iraq from afghanistan i 100% say that they will control it from afghaisntan as well and there are afghanistan have also border with pakistan so american's and NATO want to opreration in waziristan therefore they wnat to out there forcese from iraq and give full concentrate to afghanistan and from there they put soldiers in waziristan.

Comment on Review on Winnipeg Free Press by Marjorie Stewart

Mon, 26 Mar 2007 19:44:33 +0000

I am somewhat disappointed by the treatment of the burka issue outlined in the first review. In my search for authentic voices for women in Iraq, I found the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq. One of the illustrations shows the courageous president of that group, Yanar Mohammed, setting fire to a burka. Women from that organisation are very clear on their attitude to the burka. They see it as a tool of misogynist Islamist oppression. Recent events in the Quebec election illustrate how the hijab issue is used by cultural relativists to support misogynist Islamist culture. I am equally unimpressed by the prevailing fashion for "western" women to wear clothing probably meant to please concupiscent males.

Comment on Sonali and Jim on Democracy Now! by Veena Gokhale

Wed, 01 Nov 2006 07:28:46 +0000

This article, and other's like it, really demonstrate one thig very clearly to me: mainstream Amercian media (including some mainstream Canadian media) are going along with the republican line on Afganistan too easily. What are they afraid of? We know mainstream media today are a very capitalistic enterprise but there must be more journalists with a conscience and investigative skills out there, surely. Where are they hiding? Critical, indepth, balanced reporting on Afganistan is sorely lacking. (Obviously not absent but very miminal.) If the media cannot bell the cat, who will?

Comment on Arrange an interview or speaking event by Richard

Mon, 25 Sep 2006 02:26:13 +0000

Hey guys!! Great meeting you today at the dinner and then the talk you gave tonight at Kings College was just amazing. I am off to the bookstore tommorrow to get your book (I forgot to bring $$ tonight with me...) and am planning on setting up a monthly donation to your organization. Keep in touch. All the best.