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my fish is your fish

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Service No. 65


Boarded bus 65 at Lower Delta Road en-route to Sunshine Plaza in Prinsep to get poster printed for presentation tomorrow. It's one of those double decker buses so I took a seat on that faced sideways and across  from me to my right was this fit Caucasian chick in her early 20's who was seated on a front facing seat and she was leaning against the window, engrossed with her phone. After two



Lately, I have been wondering if I appear to be too superficial or shallow to the people around me. Well, the answer is yes - judging by my reactions and what I have posting. Am I doing it intentionally? Definitely. I must have turned a blind eye to the complexity and intricacies of life. Either I am weary of having to think deeply into something, or simply because time does not permit. Having

Human Feelings and Such


It's difficult to get to the heart of things when one is deeply upset. When I tried to explain my way through whilst being deep hurt, upset, and mad, I just couldn't express my points well enough, or why I was mad, what caused it, and what is it that I want to make myself feel better. I may think that I am frustrated because of lack of attention, but is it really why I am frustrated? I may say

Great Weekend, Terrible Monday


The weekend has been swell with tons of programs and activities lined up since Friday evening.My weekend began with a farewell for the TnT Sentosa group as we know it at T.G.I.F (JOTIC). The group is being dismantled and split as our current leader, Titus, shall be starting TnT Singapore cell at his home as Friday night.This is perfectly justifiable, for anybody who has tried coming to JB from

Life is like what?


I remember fondly, some time ago when the sentosa cell went to kukup for a retreat for our tired souls. The smell of dead fishes and sounds of creaky stilts were brilliant therapy for our weathered spirits.The group of us sat down in the living hall and started discussing something about either God or what song to sing on the karaoke later, I cannot really recall because my body and soul was as

Lunar New Year 2011 (3rd and 4th of February)


Rarely do I have the opportunity to write, especially so during the festive period. I am now on graveyard shift duties due to a shortage of staff in the last minute. The night is especially quiet except for the vehicles coming to and from the street. Just the perfect opportunity for me to write something.My Chinese New Year has been good actually, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly though I should



I have to try hard not to fall back to my old ways.Every once in a while as I walk along the long and winding road of life, I discover something new and fresh, a turning point somewhat, be it an idea or a realisation - an energetic push to do more that I wouldn't usually, becomes my little treats in life to get me going at a quicker and more enjoyable pace.As I get older, I find it increasingly

The final scene that made me wept.


I'm sorry but I don't want to be an Emperor - that's not my business - I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.We all want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room



I call it crumbs because the time that I have left to actually write something is like the bits at the bottom of a bag of chips.The view has never changed here huh. I've starred at this damn old template page for a long-ass time, ever since I was in SHATEC in '05. Wow. And this place where I type my post hasn't changed at all either. This is the result of short blasts of farts of information and

An Entry


To get rid of that KL post which makes my home page look damn long.I feel so sad that I actually am blogging solely for that reason.We've come a long way.



We got into an apartment and put on some HK police movie on TV. I broke out cheddar cheese ruffles, a 1.5 litre bottle of coke, and a 3/4 pounder from Wendy's, ready to blow our tastebuds out of our minds.There were only warm orangered lights glowing just brightly enough to make out the faces of people.We broke out the block of dried weed seemingly wrapped lazily in aluminium foil. I held it in

Thank You For The Music


I have tendered my resignation as Assistant General Manager of Rose Cottage Hotel.

Sense and Scent


Perfumes and scent. Times and places.Such curious things, aren't they? They must have been made solely for the purpose to stir up our minds.Even the gentlest waft of the scent of each and every perfume I come across as I become of age, I am able associate it with a person I knew who wore the same thing.In a flash, it brings me right back to the exact time and place and stuff we were doing

It happens to you and you know it.


I remember how elated I was the moment my driving license and probation sticker was handed to me. I remember the excitement I could barely contain the day I was rostered on as a drummer for Sunday service. I remember my eager anticipation on the first day I went for classes in SHATEC for my Diploma in Hotel Management. I remember how euphoric I felt while drunk and behaving intimately with a

KL City


I am one who never was fond of the life in the big city; the uppity folks, the constant human / vehicular congestions, the madmen at the wheel, and the lifestyle of moving your ass as quickly as you can wherever you can whenever. KL, to me, was like this ambiguous patch of unknown we like to call the capital of Malaysia. It's as though I know it, yet I do not know it, y'know, like this person



Rose Cottage Hotel


The Managing Directors Dr Ker and Mrs Ker, the Branch Managers, the Technician, and I at a meeting at Boss's home.

The subconscious is not a place for the weak.


I was at an operating theatre, but unlike the ones we see in Gray's Anatomy, it's a run down theatre from the 80's, with white tiles that have turned a shade of yellow and all. I remember seeing discarded syringes, blood stained cotton pads, and those turquoise green curtains that you push around to shield strewn on the floor in a mess, there was an operating table to the left corner of the



Hi.I wonder, if there is much more to life, than this? No, much more than what alpha course teaches us.Going through the banes of life, day by day, hour by hour... What else? Is there nothing more?




Making Sense


A lot of sense.



Remember how awesome riding a bicycle was? Yeah, I didn't think so.

And today's weather is...


HELL ON EARTHthese madarin oranges are so good they're badass, like when i eat them with my perspiration dripping into them whilst i peel the skin in one single motion.

Most Helpful



Amusing Duck


Strong sense for playing"Open it's buttocks..."There is no reason to resist buying an amusing duck for nieces and nephews.