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Zero To 99



Well, fuck. The 'Ships turn in something a little different this time, but with all the rock intact. These tunes circle in my head all day. The little solo from Radical Amazement pops in my head when I turn corners into hallways. The amazing melody from the chorus on Let It Rest For A Little While almost brings tears to my eyes. And, Meddle... Holy shit, Meddle.

Jar of Jam Ton of Bricks


(picture coming)

A lovely side project by the name of Cosmos. This one was a real grower, but it has delivered quite nicely. Fantastic melodies on this one.

Jellyfish Reflector & Cheyenne 7"


(picture coming)

I made a trip up to the Southgate House last week and visited the famed Shake It Records in Cincinnati. Thanks to them, I have filled some (two) gaps in my collection. The Cincinnati/Newport area is beautiful and I see myself living there sooner than later.

Elephant Jokes


(picture coming)

This album is quite possibly Bob's best ever. Never stop listening to it.

Hold On Hope



Record Store Day release, including the tracks from the US CD version of the EP, PLUS the fantastic Plugs For The Program EP for the first time on vinyl.

Only one thing to say...

(not the one from China)

Alien Lanes



In these sad times, when I don't understand where my life is supposed to go or what I'm supposed to be and my days get darker and darker, finally having Alien Lanes on vinyl offers a small glimpse of light. Maybe things will be OK one day.




This album is a motherfucking monster. The Circus Devils have really hit their stride in the last few albums and it seems they've found their sound. This record has everything you could ever want from a CD LP. It's haunting, creepy, epic, dark, and more than anything it fucking rocks real fucking hard. Bob's melody-making is absolute tops and the Tobias bros only know how to out-do themselves. Six stars.

The Planets Are Blasted



Wow Bob Wow. Brown Submarine floored me... and somehow this one is even better! 'Dorothy's A Planet' is just the perfect remake, 'Keep Me Down' is the best new one and 'Sight On Sight' is one of those songs that only Bob can write/make work. The sequencing on this is a homerun, my favorite transition being 'Catherine From Mid-October' into 'Headache Revolution.' The whole album is an incredible trip. I can barely imagine what Zero To 99 will bring...

The Crawling Distance



This album has made me shed more than a couple of tears. There's so much here, a lot of emotion and a strong sense of jubilation. It hits you deep but it makes you smile and pump your fist at the same time. These songs will be glorious live, specially my obvious favorite 'No Island.'

Headache Revolution



The title song first surfaced as an online video that came with the Isolation Drills TVT site. Bob selected a song from one of his many notebooks and played it on his guitar. This recording later made it on to Suitcase 2 and now the Spaceships have done a masterful full band version. This version first melted faces live on the Brown Submarine tour.

This 7" is very special to me because the b-sides rock so fucking hard. Each one a different sound and side of the band, these songs really show how the Ships are a versatile rock machine. 'Dementia Is Rising' gets your head banging right from the start, when it's just an acoustic guitar and Bob's pissed off delivery. 'Take That Off (And Put This On)' let's you know that whatever else you are listening to is crap, and my favorite of the bunch, '7 Is The Hot Noose' has my favorite Bob lyrics in a while.

The Butler Stands For All Of Us



This single is fucking classic.







It's like chasing something into a dark abandoned building and running past mirrors and seeing in them something chasing you, while high

Circus Devils are my favorite band of all time


Eat 6



Another awesome all-collage issue, featuring the artwork for the next Boston Spaceships album. Lots of good stuff in this one. Hopefully I'll be able to get one of the nice prints Bob's going to be doing in the next few months.

Picked this up in Nashville.

Brown Submarine



This album is fucking perfect! I am so damn fired up for the October shows. I can't waste much time talking about BS - BS, gotta go back to listening to it.




You Satisfy Me 7"



The first single off the as-of-yet-not-critically-acclaimed Brown Submarine, Boston Spaceships' debut LP. Bob sings, Slushy handles the strings, J-Moen drums. I've so far heard this track, Winston's Atomic Bird and Go For The Exit, creating an insatiable thirst for this new album. The b-side, Impossible Octopus, is You Satisfy Me played as the Devil would, backwards. I dig it, especially the end (which would be the beginning of You Satisfy Me).

Eat 5: The Dogshit Chronicles



Bob takes on prose. I've only read the first couple of stories and they are hilarious. The man can really do no wrong.

"Well, what's the problem then?"

South EP



What can be said about Carbon Whales that hasn't already been said? I love how the the songs on both sides mesh together. These songs fucking rock, especially "The Jeep." Fuck is that song good! I hope the Spaceships cover it live.

Winston's Atomic Bird




Boston Spaceships Live!



Join me, will you?

Sponic Magazine #3



This is a 7" magazine with a 7" single featuring One Track Record by Nightwalker. The magazine has an extensive interview with Jade Radar, the real genius behind Nightwalker, who accuses Bob and GBV of stealing his method of songwriting.

Get Out Of My Stations



What a perfect fucking EP.

And how about THAT SIDE:

01. Dusty Bushworms
02. Spring Tiger
03. Blue Moon Fruit

Delicious pie.

Dayton, Ohio-19 Something and 5



Perhaps the saddest B side ever pressed. Perhaps the greatest 7" of all time.

Coming Soon #1


Let's all re-joice!

07/15/08 Carbon Whales - South EP (HJRR17)

07/15/08 EAT 5 - The Dogshit Chronicles

08/05/08 Boston Spaceships - You Satisfy Me b/w Impossible Octopus 7" single (HJRR18)

08/06/08 Town of Mirrors : The Reassembled Imagery of Robert Pollard (Fantagraphics Books)

09/02/08 Boston Spaceships - Brown Submarine (GBVI-3)

09/15/08 EAT 6

10/31/08 Circus Devils - Ataxia (HJRR19)