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Eucharist Orchids

My orchids are mostly phalaenopsis (novelty type) and dendrobiums (horn types)

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Parent Plants of My Hybrids 3


Parent Plants of My Hybrids 3This is the third set of photographs showing both parents of my new hybridsR1001 P Premata Rosmah Mansor x P Jessie LeeR1002 P Penang Jewel x P Permata Rosmah MansorR1003 P Jessie Lee x P Ivy Lee Yong SinR1004 P Ang Ai Hue x P cornu-cervi 'Red'R1005 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Poh Ee HuatR1008 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Ang Chee YangR1009 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Ang Chee YangR1010 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Robert Ang R1011 P Permata Rosmah Mansor sibR1012 P Ang Ai Hue x P cornu-cervi 'Red'R1015 P Jessie Ang x P Permata Rosmah Mansor R1016 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Tan Lee MoyR1017 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P bellina 'Blue' R1020 P Jessie Lee x P Permata Rosmah MansorR1021 P Penang Ruby x P Jessie Lee \R1022 P Tay Kok Chye x P cornu-cervi 'Red'R1023 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Penang Ruby R1024 P cornu-cervi' Red' x P Permata Rosmah MansorR1028 P Penang Ruby sibR1030 P Permata Rosmah Mansor sibR1032  P Zheng Min Etching x P Lee Wai FunR1036 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Jessie LeeR1039 P Tay Kok Chye x P Adeline AngR1041 P Jessie Lee x P Tay Kok ChyeR1042 P Jessie Lee x P Permata Rosmah Mansor R1042 P Jessie Ang x P Permata Rosmah MansorR1047 P Jessie Lee x P Permata Rosmah MansorR1048 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P Permata Rosmah MansorR1051 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Jessie AngR1054 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P Tan lee MoyR1055 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P Hazel LeeR1058 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P violacea 'Malaysia'R1062 P Hazel Lee x P Nanya ChatchomR1063 P Jessie Lee x P Tay Kok ChyeR1054 P Jessie Lee SibR1065 P violacea 'Malaysia' x P cornu-cervi 'Red'R1067 (Michael Chamorro x Valentinii} x P Permata Rosmah Mansor R1076 P Dragon Tree Eagle x P Permata Rosmah Mansor R1011 P Ang Ai Hue x P Michael Chamorro[...]

Parent Plants of my New Hybrids


Parent Plants of my New Hybrids 2This is the second part of my new hybrids showing its parentage. Most of them are still in its flaskR902 (P Ang Ai Hue x P Ipoh Super Star)R908 (P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Jessie Lee)R913 (Jessie Ang x P Taiping Ruby 'Stripe')R915 P Tay Kok Chye x P Ang Ai Hue 'Dark Red')R946 (P Ang Chee Yang x P Jessie Lee)R955 (Jessie Ang x P Permata Rosmah Mansor)R958 (P Lee Wai Fun x P amboinensis 'Nicole')R962 (P Soo Sim x P Jessie Lee) R964 (P Jessie Lee x P Adeline Ang)R969 (P Jessie Lee x P Adeline Ang)R997 (P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Alysa Kate Burns)R979 (P amboinensis 'Nicole' x P Permata Rosmah Mansor)R983 (P Jessie Lee x P Joy Musical Notation)R984 (P Permata Rosmah mansor x P Ang Chee Yang)R985  (P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Penang Ruby)R986 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P amboinensis 'Nicole' R995 (P Ang Ai Hue x P cornu-cervi Red) \R977 (P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P Alyssa Kates Burns) R999 (P Poh Ee Huat x P Zheng Min Etching)[...]

New Hybrids Registered in the Month of July


New Hybrids registered in the month of JulyPhalaenopsis Juliet Shyeh( Phalaenopsis Jessie Lee x Phalaenopsis  Yungho Gelb Canary)The flower of this hybrid measures 5.5cm x 5cm. The petals and sepals have a base white colour in the center and greenish-yellow at its tips. Sparsebrown markings are quite distinct around the column.Both column and lip are white. The side-lopes are also white with a patch of yellow at its tips. This hybrid naming right was donated to Jewel (JohoreWomen’s League) in Johore Baru and was auctioned atRM17,000. This is one of two which I donated to raise fundsduring their high tea charity function on the 15 March ‘14Catasetum Helen Lim                                  (Catasetum Jessie Ang x Catasetum Penang)  Flowers measure 8cm x 8 cm. The petals,    sepals and lip are chilli red in colour.      Column is light pink.This hybrid naming right  was donated to Jewel (Johore Women’s  league)  in Johor Baru and was auctioned at  RM16,130 This is the other of two which I donated to raise funds during their high tea charity function on 15 March ‘14.[...]

Mother Plants of My Hybrids


PARENT PLANTS OF MY HYBRIDSR887 P Ang Ai Hue x P cornu-cervi 'Red' (P Chuah Poh Guek)I have over the years propagated over 1000 new hybrids and many who buy my plants or flasks are unable to visualize what they are buying unless they know my hybrids well. In the past, I have produced photos of my hybrid parentage but most of them are not exactly the same plant as in the photograph. To clarify what I just said, if I use R274 P Jessie as one of the parent plant for a crossing I may not use the photograph of that particular R274 as I have like three hundred R274 in my collection. The last year or so I have indexed each and every plant with a running index number together with its photograph and when I do a crossing I note the index number so that I can refer to it and have the exact parent for each of my new hybrid. I have therefore reproduced photographs of my new hybrids below so that it is easier for my friends to identify what they buy.These new hybrids are available in flasks. Email me at for availabilty and quotationsR935 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P Tung Kam SengR930 P Zheng Min Etching x P Permata Rosmah MansorR941 P cornu-cervi 'Red' x P Tay Kok Chye P947 P Jessie Ang x P Adeline AngR954 P amboinensis 'Nicole' SibR956 P Jessie Ang x P Permata Rosmah MansorR959 P Permata Rosmah Mansor x P bellina R960 P Robert Ang x P Permata Rosmah MansorR968 P Penang Ruby x P Hazel LeeR975 P Zheng Min Etching x P Jessie Lee[...]



Recycling Rain WaterWater is one of the the most essential requirement in orchid cultivation. Ipoh has a very high rainfall index and instead of allowing the water from the rain to run into the drains, I have configured my roof (total area exceeding 15000 sq feet) to slope in such a way as to allow all the rain runoff to flow into 2 holding concrete tanks. One 10'X15'X6' tank on ground level can hold about 900 cu ft of water and another 20'X20'x6' below ground level can hold 2400 cu ft of water. I also introduced fresh water fish into the larger tank in order to make the water more alkaline which is more suitable for my orchids. The fish not only produce nitrogen to cut down my fertilser cost but also provide a source of protein for my family and friends. If you have been following my facebook, you will see on many occasions, talapia from my farm is one of the items in our menu. In this tank alone I can rear more than 300 fishes ..... patins, talapia, sultan fish and African catfish. My patins are more than 5 kilos each and one of my African catfish weights more than 8 kilos. I use high protein pellets as feed for my fish and in a month I buy about 6 bags (20 kilos/bag).  This produces a lot of waste by the fish and I use a 1/2 hp  submersible  pump to filter the water in a 40ft long trench. I use old nets from my orchid sheds as filter medium.. The medium is washed every week or so and the sludge or effluent is used to fertilise my vegetable and bonsai plants. To keep my pond oxygenated, I aerate it with a 1/2 hp blower. Both my submersible pump and blower work 24 hours daily.I use a 2 HP  pump to deliver water to my sprinkler system. I have a system of valves which can be turned on and off or used manually if needed. My next project is to construct a system of 4 inch PVC pipes where the pond water is piped through and filtered  and I intend to grow my vegetable in 4" spaced holes drilled into the pipes to grow them hydrophonically. I have the dream but alas my time is limited.[...]

New Hybrids Registered in the Month of Febuary


NEW HYBRIDS REGISTEREDPhalaenopsis Tiffany ChengThe flower measures 5.5 x 5.5 cm in size. Petals and sepals are red in colour with fine yellow concentric lines . The column is white and the side lopes are also white with yellow edges. The lip is red. This hybrid is named after my grand daughter born in September last year.Phalaenopsis Tung Kum Seng A showy hybrid with the characteristic red colour from its pollen parent P Tan lee Moy. Flower measures 6 x 6cm in size. Petals and sepals are solid purplish red in colour. The column is pink and side-lopes white with yellow tips. The lip is dark red. This hybrid is named after my uncle iwho lives in Kuala Lumpur to commemorate his birthday which falls on 31st December 2013.Phalaenopsis Chong Lee HarThe flower measures 6 x 6 cm in size. Petals and sepals are dark red in colour with close light yellow concentric lines. The column is white and side-lopes also white with yellow edges. The lip is of a different tone of red. This hybrid is named after Jessie's classmate and good friend who has migrated to England many years back.[...]



New hybrids registered for the month of November. Phalaenopsis E.L.A. Benz(Phal Michael Chamorro x Phal Valentinii)This star-shaped flower measures 3 x 3.5 cm. Petals and sepals are chilli red in colour. The column is light yellow and the side-lopes are of a darker yellow colour. The lip is pink.This hybrid was donated to ICM Ministry (International Care Ministry) as a blind auction to raise funds for the poor in the Phillippines in a banquet held on the 10 October 2013 in Hongkong. The naming rights for this hybrid drew 40 bids and was finally won by Me Michael Benz with a bid of HKD40,000. For further information please go to the following Chin Peng Sung(Phal Goh Chin Chye x Phal Penang Ruby)When I attended my Uncle Peng Sung's birthday dinner in Kuala Lumpur, I was so embarassed as I was not inform of this happy occasion and went empty handed. Although he said that our presence is more important than our present, we felt that 75 years of age is a very significant year and as such Jessie and I decided to quietly register and orchid in his name for what he represents. The bold red colour of this orchid hybrid shows his strong character, always campaigning for truth, honour, and righteous conduct. Its has been my greatest pleasure to have an uncle such as he for his caring advice and guidance.God will bless him with many more birthdays to come.This showy orchid hybrid, round in shape, measures 6x6 cm Petals and sepals are chilly red (Tan Lee Moy type of red) with a fine greenish lining along the edges. The column is white and side-lopes are yellow whilst the lip is pink.[...]



New Hybrid Registered in July 2013

Phalaenopsis Ivan Lee Hoe Yinn
(Phalaenopsis Jessie Lee x Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Etching)

The flower measures 6 x 6 cm. Petals and sepals are dark red in colour with fine pink concentric broken lines. The column is white and side-lopes white with yellow tips. The lip is red. This showy hybrid is registered in the name of Jessie's nephew.

My New Hybrids Registered in the Month of September


 New hybrids registered in the month of August.Phalaenopsis Rachel Rui Qi Ang(Phalaenopsis Eleanor Loh x Phalaenopsis Soo Kee)The flower measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 cm. Petals and sepals are white in colour with thick reddish-pink broken circular tesselations. The column is white and side-lopes yellow. The lip is reddish-pink in colour. This hybrid is registered in the name of my niece ( My brother's only daughter) Phalaenopsis Joel Zhu En Ang(Phalaenopsis Billy Wang x Phalaenopsis Yungho Gelb Canary)Flower measures 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 cm. Petals and sepals are yellow in colour with some white around the column. Side-lopes are yellow and column and lip are both white in colour. This hybrid is registered in the name of my nephew. (My brother's youngest son)Phalaenopsis Joshua Zhu Ci Ang (Phalaenopsis Jessie Lee x Phalaenopsis amboinensis)Flower measures 5 x 5 cm. Petals and sepals have a base yellow-green colour with thick brown broken circular lines more concentrated nearer the column. Side-lopes are yellow and column and lip are both white in colour. This hybrid is registered in the name of my nephew ( My brother's eldest son) Phalaenopsis Rochelle Vandyke(Phalaenopsis Penang Jewel x Phalaenopsis Billy Wang)The flower measures 5 x 5 cm. Petals and sepals are white with a greenish tinge towards the tips.The side-lopes are yellow and column and lip are both white in colour. This hybrid is registered in the name of my friend Terry's daughter whom I knew since  childhood.Phalaenopsis Singapore Ruby(Phalaenopsis Ipoh Wonder x Phalaenopsis Tan Lee Moy)Flower measures 4 x 4 cm. Petals and sepals are dark chilli-red in colour. The column is white and side-lopes are yellow whilst the lip is red in colour. As I am a Singaporean I want to honour my country by registering an orchid befitting its status. There is a Phaleanopsis Penang Ruby, Taiping Ruby, Ipoh Ruby,and Singapore Ruby stands out both in form and colour.[...]

My New Hybrids Registered with RHS (June 2012- June 2013)



Coconut Husk Chips


Coconut Husk Chips As a Media. I use all kinds of media for my orchids - charcoal, fernroot, oil palm shells, wood, moss, polystyrene chips, artificial sponge chips - and I found coconut husk chips to be most suitable. Apart from being the cheapest, compared with all other types of media, it's water retention quality and light weight makes it very suitable for me as I have thousands of seedlings and matured plants to be planted. You can refer to this site for further information nregarding coconut husk chips : bought pre-cut chips from Sri Lanka, Thailand and recently Malaysia but found that most of the chips are cut too fine. It is alright for pots up to 4 inch but if you want to use it for pots from 6 to 10 inch, they tend to retain too much water causing the roots to rot. I tried sourcing for bigger chips but just cannot find them. I then decided to make my own cutter. After discussing with one of my friends from Singapore, who is a mechanical engineer, I designed a cutter made with local materials. I bought a chopper made from spring steel (Spring absorbers from cars) which is really sharp. I then sharpened it until its like a razor. I also bought a pair of right angled stainless steel brackets with pre-drilled holes. I aligned the hole in the bracket and made a mark on the chopper after which a hole of the same size is drilled into the chopper. The chopper is attached to the brackets by a bolt and nut. This gives me the mechanical advantage in turning the chopper into a kind of guillotine to give me enought strength to cut the relatively hard coconut husk with ease into any size I want. Using coconut husk chips as a media is good, provided certain rules are observed:1) The chips have to be soaked in water for a few days. This is to ensure that excess salt in the husks are dissolved in the process. As most coconut trees thrive well in saline coastal areas, the intake of salt is present in all parts of the coconut and this have to be reduced by soaking in water.2) Watering have to be controlled. The husk must be given a dry period and must not be wet all the time or else it will decompose very quickly. Once it is dry completely, watering, even in excess, will not allow the dry chips to  absorb the water competely. 3) Coconut husks decompose with time and it should be changed within a year to get the best out of it.4) The orchid plant shoud be secured with a string when planted with coconut chips. Any excessive watering will make the chips float and this will dislodge the plant eventually.5) The chips should be washed out periodically to prevent excessive builtd-up of chemical fertilizer. A thorough wash with lots of water and then allowed to dry should do the trick.6) Coconut chips provide an ideal place for snails and slugs to hide. A periodical sprinkle of snail pallets (metaldehyde) will solve the problem.Root growth is goodSee how well my plants grow in coconut husk chips[...]

New Hybrids October 2012


New Registered Hybrids

October 2012

 A magnificient hybrid with Penang Jewel as the seed carrier with Penang Violacea . The flower measures 41/2 x 41/2 cm in size. Petals are white with a tinge of green around the edges. Side-lopes are yellow and lip and column are white in colour. This orchid is registered to commemorate the wedding of a good friend's daughter AnnMarie Soohoo. White signifies purity, love and happiness.

Phalanopsis Hazel Lee

(image) This chilli-red coloured orchid signify strength, confidence, resourcefulness,ability, and love , characteristics appropriately representative of a good friend Hazel Lee Soohoo . The flower measures 4 x 4 cm and  petals and sepals are dark chilli red in colour an improved characteristic from P Tan Lee Moy. Side- lopes are orange and lips dark chilli-red.

R312 P Ang Ai Hue


Phalaenopsis Ang Ai Hue (R312)One of my more sucessful hybrid is R312 ( P. cornu-cervi x P. Valentinii "Red") . This hybrid is named after my sister, Ang Ai Hue and produces a variety of colours, the most popular of which is the solid red as showed in the photograph above. My most recent sale of a plant was transacted at RM650. Others have been sold at between RM150 to RM350.As stated in my previous blog, I have a deep passion for P. cornu-cervi and its hybrids.  I have more than 2000 mature plants in my farm and many thousands more in flasks. The seed pod of P. cornu-cervi will take between 6 to 10 months for it to ripen and just a seed may produce a few thousand seedlings.Typical Seed Pod of a cornu-cervi hybridThe most common way to grow cornu-cervi is to tie it to a piece of wood or better still fern root slab. They should also be watered twice a day especially when there is no rain and fertilized with a high nitrogen fertilizer.,The roots of P. cornu-cervi are normally thick and extend out of the pot.  As the saying goes the orchid plant is as healthy as it's roots and when the roots start to rot, the health of the plant deteriorates. To prevent the root from rotting from over fertilizing and watering, I grow them in relatively larger pots without any media like how Vandas are grown. The only difference is that the roots are carefully placed into the pots through a hole which I cut at the topmost part of the pot with the plant outside. I secure it with some cord to keep it in place.Once the roots harden and starts to grow, the plant will become healthier and start to produce flower spikes. I water it generously twice a day  and fertilise it with a 20;20;20 mix of 10 gms to  4.5 liters of water every five days. Fungicide and insecticides are used  twice every month..The pots are hung vertically on BRC nettings to save space and this also makes watering and spraying easier. To grow a show quality plant into a prize winning show plant will take at least 5 years for it to produce at least 10-15 spikes. Occasionally a higher P:K mixture is used to promote spiking.For more photographs go to this link in my facebook (Robert Ang) under New Blooms June 2012 (cornu-cervi & hybrids)[...]

New Registered Hybrids


NEW REGISTERED HYBRIDSDENDROBIUM DOREEN LEE DEN DOREEN LEE ( Den Penang Little Magic x Den canaliculatum).  This miniature hybrid produces a relatively long spray in relation to its size. The colours are varied with different hues of brown, yellow, purple and blue. This hybrid was donated by the originator as a prize for the 50th. ACS Class of 61-63 Golden Reunion  Dinner lucky draw held on 18 November 2011 at the Tanglin Club. The lucky winner was John Lee who opted to have this hybrid registered in his wife's name.PHALAENOPSIS LEE WAI FUN.. This hybrid produces all red or orange flowers measuring 4-5cm in size.  Named after the originator's sister-in-law to commemorate her birthday.DEN THERESA SEBASTIANA hybrid from Den Robert Ang and Den Lee Chak Kin which characteristics of Den Robert Ang are more prominant, with its dark red color, than the latter.  This hybrid was donated by the originator for auction at the fund raising dinner organised by the Rotary Club of Johor Baru on the 4th March 2012TRICHOCIDIUM LEE WAI QEENA hybrid from two very old plants - old not in age but old because  Onc. Josephine was done way before I was born -  producing some magnificient blooms. This hybrid is named aftre the originator's wife.PHAL CATALINA MULANAXAbout 10 years ago, I visited a freind Jeff Mulanax, an orchidist in California. His daughter had a pet cockerel and when we were talking about orchids, she casually asked me if I could register an orchid in her name. On my affirmation she wrote her name on a piece of paper and gave it to me. As time passed, I totally forgot about this incident when one day she appeared in Ipoh with her parents and she reminded me if I had already registered  an orchid in her name.  By now she has blossomed into a pretty lady of 17 yrs and this hybrid was chosen in honor of her persistence.PHALAENOPSIS LULA BLUE CHAMORRONamed after the originator's grand daughter, a joy that one cannot express in words.  A prayer from many answered.  A precious gift from the Almighty God.  After two boys, my daughter Valerie was hesitant in having another baby. What happens if it's another boy? This hybrid with a parent plant named after her father was chosen by the family to named after Lula. Flower is small and star shaped but color is bold and full of character. [...]

New Blooms Febuary 2012 (Part 1)


THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY(Blooms for the month of Febuary 2012) - Part 1I have been so busy with my farm, orchid shows, POS blog and facebook that I have received many complaints that I have not updated my blog for a long time. This is true and my sincere apologies to all orchiidists for my shortcomings. As there will not be any big shows until April, I better feature some of the orchids that have bloomed in my farm this month.Some are showy but some are a great disappointment, a common feature that besets all hybridisers. but nevertheless I am showing them for the benefits of those who have bought seedlings or flasks from me. R10 (P. Amboinosa x P. amboinensis)R14 P Michael ChamorroR18 (P Goh Chin Chye)P Tan Lee Moy x P Hsu Li-shiang R74 P Adeline Ang (P amboinensis x P Joy Musical Notation)R155 P Soo Ngor (P Gladys Fang x P violacea 'Alba')R174 P amboinensis sibR229 (P Penang Ruby)R231 P Penang Ruby x P Soo KeeR233 P Poh Ee Huat(P Tan Lee Moy x P violacea 'Malaysia') R237 P Jessie Ang(P Tan Lee Moy x P amboinensis ) [...]

New Blooms for Febuary 2012 (Part 3)


THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY.New blooms for Febuary 2012 (Part 3)Novelty phalaenopsis comes in many shapes and colours. Some are round and star star shaped. Others are white, green. yellow, red. orange and now blue. My favourites are the red round ones but nothing can beat the cornu-cervi hybrids which are star shaped. As you can see from the recent blooms a high proportion is the star-shaped ones. I still have, in flasks and pods, the chattaladae hybrids.R350 PTan Cheng San 'Red' x P talibaniiR386 P Tan Cheng San x P cornu-cerviR354 P cornu-cervi x Su-an CricketR362 P Billy Wang x P Sogo ManagerR380 P Tan Lee Moy x P Penang RubyR381 P Michael Chamorro x P Eleanor LohR392 P Eleanor Loh x P Ang Ai Hue 'Dark Red'R414 P Tan Lee Moy x P Eleanor LohR417 P Micheal Chamorro x P Tan Cheng SanR422 P Michael Chamorro x P Valentinii 'Red'R436 P Tan Lee Moy x P Eleanor LohR443 P Valentinii (P violacea 'Alba' x P cornu-cervi 'Alba')R446 P Barbara Chamorro R451 (P Tan Lee Moy x P Ang Ai Hue)R449 P Ang Chee Yang (P Tan Lee Moy x P Penang Ruby) R469 P Penang Ruby x P Goh Chin Chye R474 P Michael Chamorro x P cornu-cerviR493 P Goh Chin Chye x P Poh Ee HuatR523 P Tan Lee Moy x P Kuok Perk Harn [...]

New Blooms for Febuary 2012 (Part 2)


THE GOOD THE BAD THE UGLYNew Blooms for Febuary 2012 (Part 2)The beauty of seed propagation is that you will get a wide variety of shapes and colours from just one seed pod. In some cases, all siblings may be radically different from one another. Just look at R274 P Jessie Lee and you will know what I mean.R274 P Jessie Lee (P Penang Ruby x P amboinensis) R277 P Billy Wang sibR312 P cornu-cervi 'Talibanii' x P Valentinii 'Red' R318 P amboinensis 'Nicole'R318 P cornu-cervi 'Talibanii' x P cornu cervi #1 R332 P Tosh Chamorro(P Valentinii x P Valerie Ang)R335 P Ang Hue Choo(P violacea 'Malaysia' x P Tan Cheng San)[...]



TOLUMNIAToumnia, a genus in the Orchidacae family, commonly known as Equitant or miniature oncidium has always been a group of orchids that I am passionately interested in. I first collected about 200 plants from Kok Tai in Sungai Petani amd subsequently from growers like Mr. Ong in Juru, Butterworth and lately from Genting Orchids. Growing Tolumnia has always been a challenge for me as many died before it could be established. One hobbyist, Ah Wai, an expert in the growing of Tolumnia, was champion for many years and it is a wonder how the plants can grow so healthy with blooms that consists of 30-50 flowers.I started seed propagation many years back and with the help of Mr. Low Kok Keong, a fellow Vice President of Perak Orchid Society, I managed to propagate thousands of seedlings, the most notable of which I named after my wife, Lee Wai Qeen.For stud I use Tolu Maggie Khoo #5, Tolu Golden Sunset, Tolu Ralf Yogi and many hybrids from Genting Orchids.Growing Tolumnia is easy and the trick is not to overwater the plant. It grows well tied to a piece of wood or better still a piece of fern root. Tolumnia planted in pots will grow well if the watering is controlled and grown under a plastic cover. It prefers organic fertilizers rather than chemical fertilizers and a systemic fungicide is used once a week.Tolu Ralg YogiTolu Golden SunsetFor more photographs please go to my facebook[...]

Unique gift for your loved ones


THE MOST UNIQUE GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONESI have been hybridizing orchids for sometime now and many have asked me to register an orchid as a unique gift maybe to a spouse, a parent, a sibling or a loved one to commemorate a birthday. The birthday celebration / party will be over at the end of the day but this birthday momento of an orchid registered under the name of the birthday person will be preserved forever. I have even been asked to register an orchid as a memorial to a dearly departed friend or person and again, this person's name will be preserved in the name of an orchid in eternity eg. Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana. The deceased will be gone but his / her registered orchid lives forever and be known worldwide in the orchid circle.An orchid is registered in the name of a dignitary or head of State visiting Singapore and it is a an honour akin to a knighthood bestored to the visitor. Thus we have Dendrobium Queen Elizebeth .On my part I have so many named for the reasons stated above.Phalaenopsis Nanya Chatchom was named as a birthday giftDendrobium Helen Lum was named after a friend's wifePhalaenoposis Eric Simon was named in remembrance of a dearly departed friendDendrobium Muhyiddin Yassin was named after the Deputy Prime Minister Malaysia when he officially opened the Hari Peladang in Sungai Siput in 2010It is a rare honour to have an orchid named after someone you love and nothing can be more unique than this. When I visited The Garden Festival 2006 in Singapore, our Singapore singer, Miss Sun was honoured with a white orchid, Dendrobium Stefanie Sun, a hybrid by the Singapore Botanical Garden. There was a air of importance during the elaborate ceremony during the presentation and it was a proud moment for her as I could see her happily beaming from ear to ear.In most of my society's activities and shows, I have been the official hybridiser and presenter, naming an orchid after a dignatory. I am very happy and satisfied with this arrangment as I have so many unnamed hybrids of very high show quality and it not only bring honour to the person named but aslo indirectly honour me in the process.Also one of our society's activity is to teach our members how to select good stud plants for seed propagation and the process of flasking, and growing and eventually naming the orchid after someone. Henceforth, it is what makes orchid growing more passionate and meaningful than just growing it for the sake of growing and collection.[...]

New Blooms from my farm (July)


New Blooms from my hybridsThe last few months have been busy months for me and I just cannot find the time to update my blog. A lot of my hybrids are in bloom and I am not sure what fertilizer I have used to cause it to do so. Maybe its the unusual hot and dry weather that is prevalent at this time of the year or it is the numerous types of fertilizers I have been using that I just cannot pinpoint the exact one.I have uploaded a few in my blog and if you want to view the rest please go to my facebook .... euchristorkid..... which will also have my code number and hybrid names.Phal Valentinii 'Alba' Jessie Lee Phal Tosh Chamorro R239 P cornu cervi f Talibanii x Valentinii R458 Phal Robert AngR238 Phal Nicholas ZhaoR229 Phal Penang Ruby R237 Phal Jessie LeeR74 Phal Adeline AngR447 Phal Rosmah Mansor (P Taiping Ruby x Tan Lee Moy)R458 P Robert AngP Su-An Cricket[...]

New Hybrids for April



I just registered two new hybrids.

First, Phal. Mem. Eric Simon is a cross between my very expensive Phal. Penang Violacea and a green variety of Phal. Billy Wang. I consider it expensive not because I paid a lot for it but contrary, someone offered to buy it for RM3,000. As expected this hybrid produced a form which has the best characteristic from the two parent plants i.e a good form and a greenish color. This very showy hybrid has been registered in memory of my good friend, Eric Simon who passed away recently. He was a committee member of the Selangor Orchid and a Distinguished Associate of OSSEA for the Ferderal Territory. The author of two books, one on orchids and the other on bougainvillas. A staunch supporter of Perak Orchid Society, he would come as a judge for our shows, without fail. He can best be remember for his good sense of humor. My wife, Jessie during a recent show was chatting with him and suddenly she asked for his name when she couldn't recall it. He replied and said "Wah, such good friends and you can forget my name JENNY". His contributions will be remembered and his name will live forever in an orchid named after him.

(image) The next hybrid is a cross between Phal. Penang Ruby and Phal. Soo Kee. Also a very showy hybrid with large flowers and is named after my friend Nanya from Thailand who visited my farm last month.

The flower measures 4.5 x4.5 cm and the color from Phal Penang Ruby is very dominant here.

New Registered Hybrids


New Registered HybridsPhalaenopsis Ang Chee Yang (R447)(Phal. Penang Ruby x Phal. Tan Lee Moy)This hybrid was named after my younger brother Raymond Ang to commemorate his 56th birthday.Most of my hybrids with Phal. Tan Lee Moy as one of its parents, its genetic characteristics are more dominant but in this hybrid, Phal. Penang Ruby characteristics appear to be more dominant. The colour of its petals and sepals are violet red with faint concentric lines like Phal. Penang Ruby rather than chilli red. Flower measures 4cmx5cm in size. The column is white, side-lopes bright yellow and lip dark red in colour.Phalaenopsis Tay Kok Chye (R436 & R414)(Phal. Tan Lee Moy x Phal. Eleanor Loh) This magnificient hybrid was registered on 7 March 2011 tocommemorate my brother-in-law, Kok Chye's 60th. birthday.Flower measures 4.5cm x 4.5 cm. Petals and sepals are chilli red in colour and faint darker concentric lines can be seen if viewed closely. The column is light pink and side-lopes are yellow in colour. The lip is violet /red.Phalaenopsis Permata Rosmah Mansor (R477)(Phal. Taiping Ruby x Phal. Tan Lee Moy)Another fantastic hybrid from my stud plant Phal. Tan Lee Moy. This hybrid as named after the wife of Malaysia Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak and presented to her at the National Book Award Gala Dinner in December 2010.Flower measures 4.5 x 4.5cm in size. Sepals and petals are solid chilli red, a characteristic in many of my hybrids with Phal. Tan Lee Moy as one of its parent. Column is white and side-lopes are yellow. Lip is violet red with a bit of white at its tip.Tolumnia Lee Wai Qeen. (R321)(Tolumnia Ole x Tolumnia Maggie Khoo Seangtee)Fifth hybrid named after my wife, Jessie Lee. This hybrid is outstanding because of the size of its skirt (lip), measuring 2.5cm x 3.5cm is about the biggest I have ever seen. The flower measures 4cm x 3.5cm. Petals and sepals are dark brown with white edges. The background colour of the lip is light pink with brown spots, larger in the center and finer towards the outer edges. The column and side-lopes are light pink.[...]

New Hybrids


NEW HYBRIDSPhalaenopsis Barbara Chamorro - This hybrid, a second generation Tan Lee Moy, still maintains the bright chilli red colour. Named after Michael Chamorro's mum or my daughter's mother-in-law, the flower measures 4cm x 4cm with a clean chilli red colour. The column is white, side-lopes yellow and lip chilli red. It is a very attractive flower.Phalaenopsis Robert AngFinally an orchid named after myself. I have been quite fastidious in choosing an orchid for myself. I think this is about the best hybrid I have ever done. The colour, shape, size and general appearance is about perfect. This hybrid is 75 percent P. Penang Ruby. I have about 7 P. Penang Ruby as stud plant and this hybrid is by far better than any of my P. Penang Ruby in terms of shape and colour. Dendrobium Muhyuddin YassinThis very beautiful hybrid , Den . Muhyuddin Yassin named after the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj Mohd Yassin was presented to him on the 5th August 2010 during the opening ceremony of Hari Peladang Penternak or Farmer's Day celebrated from 5th to 8th August 2010 at Ladang Infoternak, Sungai Siput, PerakThe hybrid measuring 6.5cm x 3cm with upright sepals of three twists is dark reddish brown in colour. The dark colouration comes from Den. Black Spider whose genes dominated that of the other parent plant, Den. Ong-Ang Ai Boon which has yellow flowers. All of this hybrid that bloomed have no yellow colouration and almost all are dark brown to black in colour.Brassocatanthe Jessie AngThis hybrid named after my wife is quite interesting as bloom from one parent plant is yellow and the other red. Quite a number of this hybrid has bloomed and some are yellow, some red and some in between. I have chosen this reddish orange one for the registration. A very showy plant .[...]

New Blooms (P cornu-cervi 'Chattaladae'



R447 P cornu-cervi fma. chattaladae

There are a lot of orchid nurseries in Thailand selling this specie and many of my friends who bought the thumbpots found out later that they (image) have been cheated. Many turned out to be normal P cornu-cervi with its bars and all and those who are luckier may get a P thalebanii instead. P cornu-(image) cervi fma. chattaladae is only found in Northern Thailand around Chiengmai and it's quite rare. I suspect that the Thai growers cross P cornu cervi 'chattaladae' with a darker form of P cornu-cervi (maybe thalebanii) and if you are lucky you will get a few red form plants, otherwise you will end up with one that looks like thalebanii.

I bought a few mature plants from a nursery in Chiengmai in late 2007 and when it bloomed, I managed to pollinate and propagated about 200 plants from a seed pod.

Three of the siblings flowered recently and out of the three one of them is quite dark red in color.
I have in my farm, many forms of P cornu cervi eg alba form, thalebanii, 4n, langkawi variety, Sabah variety, and normal Malaysian variety.

(image) Phal cornu-cervi 'Thalebanii'




R332 P Valentinii 'Red' x P Valerie Ang
Pollinated on 29 May 2006, two plants bloomed in late January. The two blooms show a distinct difference in color and design. P Valerie Ang is a hybrid from P Hsu Li-Shian. The spots and yellow background in the first bloom come from P amboinensis and the red from the other, comes from P George Vasques , the two parents of P Hsu Li Shian.
A very interesting hybrid and I am waiting for some more plants to bloom to see what more surprises it has in store for me.