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Preview: Church of Klugman

Church of Klugman

This is a brand new religion - a religion worshiping a man who is a legend, a myth, who brings a new social conscience to our troubled times. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Church of Klugman!

Updated: 2014-09-30T22:52:55.373-07:00


Closing the Church


Yes, it's been awhile since we've posted...and that's part of the problem.

We love Jack - and are happy he has access to his contracts.

However, our lives are becoming increasingly busy, and quite frankly...we haven't put out the blog Klugman fans deserve.

So, we are going to be closing down this blog - we will, however, stay active on Twitter.

Maybe we'll use Tumblr.

But we have to go. Bye!

Jack Talks Punk! (And Other Stuff)


Jack in 1983. He's sexier than Raymond Burr.

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Legal News About Jack


Unfortunately, Universal seemed to want to rip off Jack, and he's fighting back.

Way to go - nobody messes with Jack Klugman.


Sorry Ladies...


....but Jack's newly married. Congratulations!

(Of course, you could always check out Mike Sterling or the Blog THIS, Pal guy. They're both really nice)

The Links of Genius


(image) This is what happens when you fold an Einstein shirt.

This blog says so.

It must be true.

Brand New Klugman News!


First, we apologize for not being around so much - we're busy. Plus, it's been cold and snowy here at the Church.

As you can read and watch, Jack is not exactly an intellectual lightweight. That's why we love him.

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Happy New Year! Follow Us!


Hello, fellow Klugman addicts!

First, happy 2008 - may the New Year bring you plenty of steak and bourbon.

Also, you can follow us on the micro-blogging thing Twitter - our home page can be located at

Enjoy, and let's party!

Twelve Angry Men


A Klugman Classic is now part of the film registry.

Also, have a good new year. We'll try to be here to welcome in 2008.

A Holiday Wish For You



Jack Klugman Groups on Facebook


We are considering joining Facebook, and know that there are groups you can join.

Does anyone know if there is a Jack Klugman group on Facebook?


Days of Wine & Roses


This is a really good film - even though Jack has a secondary role, he is really good in it.

Jack Lemmon (the poor man's Tony Randall) and Lee Remick are a couple who drink a lot. Jack sets them straight. It's a good movie, and not only can you buy the DVD, but you can download it. (We have a widget in our sidebar, so you can download. We're still learning how to blog, so we apologize if it's tough for you).

So check it out for yourself.

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Jack-mas!


That's right - this year, make Christmas a Klugman-esque celebration!

Buy and ask for this stuff for Jackmas!

Promote your love of Jack with this t-shirt!

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Enjoy your bourbon (to accompany your steak) with this coffee mug!

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Hey, it's Jack Klugman and Dean Martin!

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So here's some stuff to buy and give - and have yourself a Klugman Christmas!

We're Back - With Presents


Unfortunately, things at work took a very long time to finish, and so we could not hijack our employer's Internet to post stuff.

However, we also took time to begin putting together an store - click here and you can order all sorts of Klugman stuff.

We borrowed the idea from Gordon at Blog This, Pal. He's a cute guy. We'd date him if he was a woman.

(We'll be better about posting - at least once a week. Honest).

Here's some pictures of Jack at a book signing.

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We Need Jack on TV!


(image) First, we are on Twitter and MySpace, if you are into those kind of things.

However, we at the Church of Klugman have checked out the new fall season, and we don't like the new shows.

No Jack Klugman.

Grey's Anatomy - basically, instead of McDreamy and McSteamy, we should have McKlugman and McRandall. Patrick Dempsey is kind of a wussy. We need Jack!

Two And A Half Men - OK, Charlie Sheen channels Klugman, but he's a poor substitute.

Same with Chris Noth on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

But the more we watch, the more we realize that we need Jack, now more than ever. (And no, Mike Sterling, Jack Benny is not a substitute.)

Although we think the new Bionic Woman is kind of cute and hot. She should date the Blog THIS, Pal! guy

RIP Brett Somers


No blog or Twitter today - sad news

Jack in "The Velvet Alley"


Thanks to Byrd59 for posting these files on YouTube. More Steak & Bourbon!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight

With Rod Serling writing and co-starring Art Carney, it's almost the 1950's equivalent of "fan fiction".

Please explain "fan fiction" because we do not get it.

Twitter Poll


Although we are currently working through The Velvet Alley on YouTube, we are thinking of also getting an account on Twitter. However, we want to accommodate our fellow Jack Klugman fans, so here is a poll. Please vote accordingly.

Thanks for voting - we are going to have coffee cake now.

Until You Tube Works


For some reason, You Tube will not play on our computer. (We have fast Internet, so it is not like we are connecting on Dial-Up).

So until we can post "The Velvet Alley", here's a site of Jack news thanks to a fan.

(By the way, who wants pot roast & cola?)

Easing Your Confusion and An Apology


First, a sincere apology for our posting - things have been quite busy here. We will have some Klugman videos up within the next few weeks, thanks to one of our readers. We apologize for not being as present as we should, because - like you - we love Jack.

Since we haven't done one of these kind of posts in awhile, here we go.

(image) This is Jack Klugman - noted actor, comedian, and spokesman for early treatment of oral cancer. He is best known for playing Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple He is a great guy, an excellent actor, and someone who is worthy of worship. Hence, we created the "Church of Klugman" in his honor.(image)

This is Vic Tayback - another noted character actor. He is best known for playing Mel, the wacky cook on Alice, and played some dumb guys on The Monkees. To our knowledge, he is OK, but he's no Jack - he's not even Al "Sexy Boy" Molinaro. However, there is someone who will create a church for him. We think he and Jack may have been at the same celebrity roast, but are not sure.

For the person who e-mailed us confused about Tayback vs. Jack - we hope this helps. Otherwise, we will try to keep more up-to-date.

Thank you for reading. Now, it's time for pie and coffee!!!!

LOL Klugman



Not Jack, But an Incredible Simulation


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The Word Is Spreading!


We at the Church of Klugman appreciate the fact that the church's word is spreading like peanut butter on toast.

First, news of the second season of the Odd Couple on DVD.

Next, an actual promo.

It is good being Jack. Now if only it could get us some "play", as the teenagers like to say.

Jack Sings and Other Things


First, thanks to Roger and Gordon for being our Myspace friends. You can be our friend, too.

Also, here's a clip with Jack singing:

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Finally, just to let you know - we do not approve of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It's not funny. It's as simple as that.

MySpace Fun


First, thanks to Roger for being our friend - you can be our friend at MySpace.

We are also getting a lot of e-mails from young women. Are these real young women?

If not, please let us know. We do not need more naughty spam.

It's not what Jack would want.

Big News For Everyone


First, an explanation about this blog - I started this blog when I was working a dull temp job, and had a spiritual revelation.

That revelation - Jack Klugman is our hero. He is our conscience. He represents the best of humanity. Which is why I started this blog.

Anyway, we now have a myspace page - Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

That is all.