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Classified Ads - The Benefits of Advertising For Free


Classified ads are as popular now as they where 30 years ago. There is something about classified ads that people get drawn to and read. Placing classified ads is also popular due to the cost of doing so. In fact in a lot of cases, placing a classified ad can be free. Time has moved on now and the internet is now one of the biggest platforms for classified ads. Across the world, there are a number of classified ad sites that allow you post ads for either a small fee or for free. In fact, the most reputable classified ads allow you to submit your article free of charge.

The benefits of placing a classified ad, is that you don't have to write reams and reams of text, in fact you can normally get away with three or four lines. The other benefit of classified ads is that they have the potential to bring traffic to your website, free of charge. Search engines are always indexing classified ad sites because the content is always fresh. By submitting an ad with your URL, you will find that Google will get to your website quicker and that you will find your site within their index much faster than traditional methods.

By writing a number of classified ads, you can be assured that you will see a growth in your traffic throughput. The more adverts you write, the more traffic you will get to your website.
Ads don't just have to be used for getting traffic to your website, in fact they can be used for just about anything. You can even use them for an announcement, like you are getting married. The best thing to do is start looking through classified ad websites to see the best ways of writing ads.

Tim Redman personally invites you to submit your classified ads free of charge to Writing and submitting articles is a great way of increasing site traffic and sales. To start posting adverts free of charge, sign up for a free account at


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There is something about classified ads that they remain popular now as they were 30 years back. Classified ads never failed to get people attention and this is probably due to people hunger for information.

Back then, you can only find classified ads on the newspaper or a magazine. With the advance of technology, it can be said that internet is now the biggest platforms for classified ads. Not only that you can post your ads for free, your ads now can reach almost every household in every corner of the world. If you paid for your online classified ads, you can reach your customer even further because your ads will be more visible than the free one.

Advertiser like classified ads because they do not have to write a long articles about their business. In fact they can do it just by writing few lines only. Since these ads can reach almost every household in the world, you can simply get free traffic just by writing few sentences. It is also one of the powerful and quicker way to get your site indexed by search engine because the search engine love classified ads site because the content is always fresh.

There are few reputable and popular classified ads sites such as USFreeAds, GumTree, Craiglist or even on your local online newspaper. But there is up coming classified ads site that really got my attention and it is called Featuringdotcom.

The cool thing about this site is that it seems to have everything. Not only you can place your ads there but Featuringdotcom also have other features such as:

1) Blog - you can get free blog account once you have registered as member
2) Keyword research tool
3) In house pay-per click program
4) Keyword alert - Featuringdotcom alert system will sends you a daily email containing new classified ads containing keywords that you specify.
5) In-house affiliate program - you can make money just by referring new members to the site.
6) In-house social bookmarking service
7) and much, much more!

All in all, Featuringdotcom does look like a good classified ads site that have everything, and if you are someone who is interested in placing classified ads and do everything in one place, it might be worth giving this a try.

To find out more about Featuringdotcom Click Here Now

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