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The Mission Blog is up & running...




Thomas... I want to start a mission blog for this handsome missionary. I'm having a hard time getting it going. I come in here, sit down... and can't seem to start it. I'm thinking I must need to introduce him first...My sister said it so well back in June, 7 months later and I still can't seem to put it all into words. This is Thomas. Almost 20 years ago, I bundled up this precious baby and placed him in the arms of the woman who would deliver him to his parents. I had never felt pain like that before. It was literally like having my heart ripped out of my chest. I've never cried so hard. Never hurt so much.I knew I had made the right decision. I knew I had picked the people who were suppose to be his parents. Even knowing that, the pain didn't go away.Over the next handful of years I got older. I'd like to say I matured, but those of you who know me, know that isn't true.I got married to a great man. Had 4 beautiful babies, that I have been known to show off on this very blog. I love my family. I often felt like I had it all. Everything I had wanted. But even in all of that, I had a hole in my heart. A hole the size of a precious little boy.I spent every one of his birthdays with my blinds shut, and closed off from most people. Every year it was a particularly hard day to get through. We had decided not to tell our kids about him until they were old enough to understand. I made him a birthday cake, and every year without knowing, my little family helped me celebrate his birthday.My sisters would send me flowers just to let me know that they loved me and that they loved and missed him too.I missed him and thought about him constantly, of course, but milestones were always harder.I cried the day he would've gone to kindergarten. I would always check out the kids on my nephews soccer team. Thinking that he must be close by. I wondered about him starting Jr. High. How adolescence was treating him. On his 16th birthday I couldn't help but think about him driving a car, and was he safe while driving that car? What did he look like? Was he tall? On the day of my nephews graduation I had a bit of a nervous breakdown, just thinking that he could be there. And if not there, in another auditorium graduating.After he turned 18, I went down to the adoption offices and gave them all of my updated information. It had been a closed adoption and I was told that when he was 18 he could look for me if he chose to. I went home and waited for a call. It never came. Not for a year.For those of you who are LDS, you'll understand this. As his 19th birthday approached I had to assume that he was getting ready to leave on a mission. If he hadn't contacted me by then, I needed to come to grips with the fact that he had a family and didn't need me. Which is of course what I wanted for him. I'm just selfish and wanted to know him too.As his birthday came closer I tried to talk myself into being ok without knowing him. I wasn't successful, but I was trying.4 days before his 19th birthday I got a call from my neighbor and good friend. She insisted that I go to her house. We had to talk. To make a somewhat complicated story shorter I'll summarize.A woman had gone to my friends husbands office in searchfinancial advice. After talking some and working together for a while, my friends husband realized that I was her sons BirthMom. I know it sounds unreal, but it's true. He knew she had 4 children, 1 boy, all adopted. My friends husband also knew that he shared a birthday with the baby I placed. When she was filling out paper work he noticed his birthday. It all matched up.She asked him not to say anything to me. Thomas' parents actually already knew where I was and wanted to wait for Thomas to be ready to meet me.He decided he was ready.My friend and her husband set it all up with Thomas' Mom.The very next day I was in my friends office waiting to meet the baby I hadn't seen in 19 years.He walked into the office with his Mom. I took a deep breath and turned around, and there h[...]



Wow... It's been a LONG time!
So much has happened, so much to catch up on. Let's see if I can...

Stay tuned...



I remember you were laughing, we were so in love, we were so in loveand the band played songs that we had never heard, but we danced anyway...We never understood the words, but we sang ohhhlalalalalala... and We Danced Anyway...As I sat and watched a video of a young lady trying to sing this song, to keep from crying, as her sister shaved her head I was overcome with emotion. Little Tiffanie, is fighting the fight of her life and in all of that she finds beauty and laughter... I have so much to learn.She has a cancer that attacks the muscles. I'd love to pretend that I remember what it was called, or could pronounce it, but I can't.I know Tiff through my sister and her kids. She used to dance at the same studio they did. She was one of the "big kids" at the studio. At least that is how I thought of her when Hanna and Morgan were 8 and 6. I loved to watch my nieces perform, and I loved when we got the chance to see Tiffanie and Lindsey dance. They were just amazing. Tiff was just a little ball of energy on stage you couldn't help but notice and love her.I think you all know how I feel about cancer. It terrifies and angers me. It's funny how you view things once you're a Mom. You put yourself into the Mom position and try to imagine watching your child go through such a horrible ordeal. It's heart wrenching really. Then you see this sweet girl,( she's 21 and not technically a little girl anymore) and it rips your heart right out. She has a wisdom in her eyes that I'm sure comes with all she's been through. This is her second fight with this cancer. She was diagnosed the first time when she was just 6 months old. She fought hard, and not only recovered she became strong. Muscular cancer didn't stop her from becoming an AMAZING dancer. I learned last night she was the president of the "Rebellettes" cheer squad at Dixie college. She was teaching dance, and had gone with a group to China to teach dance over there. 20 years later that cancer is back, and trying it's best to break her. But she's not just giving up, she is truly amazing.Tiff brings happiness to everyone around her. I can personally attest to that. She doesn't know me. I was just another one of the adults at the dance performances, but she brought me happiness. Even in just a simple way. Being able to watch her dance and perform, brought a smile to my face.Watching her last night brought tears to my eyes. She's still just as beautiful, even sans her gorgeous hair. Even skinny and somewhat frail, she smiles just as bright. Her legs are both casted now, apparently her calf muscles have taken quite a beating. She was still up and around and hugging friends and laughing. She is the model of hope and faith.My point to all my ramblings is how you never know how you affect people. Last night I was privileged enough to sit with 800 people who know and love Tiffanie. 800 people showed up to show their love and support for her! She has touched so many lives. I have no idea how many people were family or her BFF's, or were like me and knew her as a friend of a friend. But everyone there has been touched by Miss Tiffanie. Everyone there paid to get in, and paid for "Dancers against Cancer" shirts, and went through and bid on donated items, all to help Tiff. And, we were all happy to do so. Close to every dance studio in the County turned out to perform, So You Think You Can Dance finalists came to perform, Odyssey Dance from Salt Lake was there, "Afterglow" was there and performed songs for Tiff. It was an all out amazing experience. I got to again, watch my beautiful nieces perform, (now they are the "big kids" at the studio). They are amazing little dancers too, I never get tired of watching them dance.I can say with most confidence, there wasn't a dry eye in the place when Tiffanie got up at the end to give her very heartfelt Thanks for the love and support.I am so grateful for this little girl, and that I had a chance to witness the precious display last night. I'm so grateful that I got to[...]

AnOtHeR UpDaTe...


Another update on my Mom for the family...

So, Robin went back to work yesterday. It was a very long day, and she was exhausted when she got home. But, she made it through okay. She's getting a ride with a lady from work for this first week, which I was glad to hear!
I guess when she filled out the roll in her class the aide had to come back into the classroom to ask what she had written.
Her writing is much better than it was, but still not great.
Around her condo she doesn't tend to get dizzy, but it was a different matter at school. She was dizzy while trying to walk through campus and tried to stay close to something to hold onto. She still feels the vertigo is a problem. We are hoping it goes away completely and soon.
She said she felt like her speech was okay during class. After school (when she tired) her speech was slurred, and she had trouble finding the words she wanted a few times.
I try to not let that freak me out, but it's not easy. ;)
Considering her stroke was only a few weeks ago, I think she's doing great!

On the bright side, her laundry is all caught up, her house is spotless, and her fridge is stocked... THANKS SO MUCH AUNT PAULINE!
I don't know what we would have done without you! You definitely made life a ton easier for Kari and I these last few weeks! I just found out that Aunt Pauline was on her way out of town again just as she got home.... So thanks even more for sacrificing your time at home to get ready for your next trip!

WeLL cRaP...


So I had a few funnies, I wanted to post on here. Ya know, my kids doing crazy things, Sammy losing a tooth, Oh and Scotty and his new "going green" lawn mower. (it's one of those old motor~less push mowers) But alas, the camera with pictures of these funny things was lost at the zoo today.
Well, Crap!

Trying to Think Straight...


I'm just posting on here because it's a central location for the family...

My Mom is home. Aunt Pauline is there with her.
She's doing better everyday.

She did have a minor stroke.
They did go ahead and send her home from the hospital because there was nothing more they could do for her. Dr. Corry also felt it was better to get her home around her own things so she could start to "rehab". The Vertigo seems to be there still, but she is getting more steady on her feet.
The problem I see is that she thinks she's okay and walking straight, when in reality she's tipping over. She hasn't had a fall yet, we stay pretty close by. (Even when she says she's fine and pushes us away.) Actually she doesn't push me away because she knows I'm even more stubborn than she is! Thankfully Pauline is with her and I doubt she will give in either. ;)

She seems to be eating better and keeping food down, so that is a HUGE improvement from a week ago. The CT scan and the MRI from last week were both fairly normal. Dr. Corry just said the CT scan showed some signs of her age. She didn't find that amusing. He thinks they will run another MRI again in a week to see what they find then.
She has found that writing is a bit of a problem. She has already started to practice and I'm sure it will come back soon.

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers, they mean alot!
And for all the visits.
I'll try and keep you posted here. Call anytime if you have questions.

Eating Healthy...


I LOVE to cook. I love to read new cookbooks, love trying new food, love making new food. Oh, and I LOVE to watch food network, and tend to get obsessed with some of their shows.
Due to the fact that I am still holding extra weight from too long ago to admit... (and Brookies pregnancy didn't help). I need to drop some stinkin' weight. And my love for food isn't helping my big butt disease. Unfortunately my work out routine isn't cuttin' it either. So, enter my new favorite cookbooks...
The Biggest Loser Family Cookbook, and the Clean Eating magazine. I heart them!
Very Yummy and good for you meals!
Woo Hoo!
I will be sharing these fabulous recipes with you on my recipe blog... at

Happy Eating kids!
I just posted my new favorite Fish Tacos recipe. It was delish!

Mommy Time Out...


(image) So, I have clearly become a total and complete slacker. I know this is no shock to any of you. I love to blog, I love the people I have met because of my blog. I am out of things to say...
Okay so that last statement isn't true. It's NEVER been true. :) But, I have felt as if I have lost control of my kids, and I don't really care for the raving lunatic I have become.
So, I have taken a break. I have read at least 10 books since the Christmas break. A few were fabulous, and some not so. I have worked out, (not as much as I should) but still worked out. I've played mindless games on facebook, which I'm embarrassed to say I enjoy. :) I have hung out with my kids and husband as much as possible. I have tried a number of new fun recipes, which is one of my favorite things to do. I have played nurse maid to sick kids, and then been sick myself. In fact the last time my husband came home from a trip we were all laying around in the living room, sleeping bags and all. Everyone was feeling under the weather so we took a few days off to watch movies, eat soup, and cough on each other.
I am ready for Spring, and to enter the "outter world" again. Hibernation is hopefully over...

I hEaRt ChArLeStOn...


The Jail... it just happens to be voted "The Most Haunted Building in Charleston"Considering how "haunted" the city is suppose to be, that's saying something!I just couldn't get enough of the gorgeous historic homes!They were so amazing!We got to go on a Ghost Tour of the city.It was so much fun, we visited a few graveyards, and heard some spooky stories.I just loved the city. I am far from a "city girl" but Charleston is intoxicating. I have completely fallen in love with the city. The history just seemed to suck you in. It was so amazing! I would so love to go back, again and again.Great Vacation, thanks Scotty and thanks Norm and Laurel! It was so great![...]

OvEr the RiVeR and ThRu the WoOds....


I'm not sure why my stinkin' pictures ALWAYS post out of order! I even double checked, and still when I posted they went crazy. Crap!To GrAnDmA & GrAnDpA's hOuSe We gO...The day after we got to Seneca, Grandpa, Daddy, and Sam went to Atlantato pick up Auntie Katie from the airport.So, Grandma and I took the girls to see Santa.Brookie was so funny she ran right up to Santa and hugged him. Then, it was as if she went into a coma, because she wouldn't even look at him for the rest of the visit.The best part was that Avery (who is 8) still doesn't like Santa. When she was little she had a nervous breakdown when we went to see him. EVERY YEAR!So, now that she's a "big girl" she pretends to like him... ya know until she's staring him in the face and then she won't have anything to do with him.I had to talk her into sitting by Savannah in the picture. She's hilarious!We were looking for something to keep the kids from dying of boredom at the mall. Thank goodness there was this cute little train riding thru it.I thought the older girls wouldn't be too happy about having to ride the baby train with their baby sister. I think they secretly loved it too!This was one amazing mall! We spent a good part of the day here, and didn't see a half of it. And, of course because my pictures posted funky...this is Miss Brookie on the plane. She was a fun bundle of energy THAT DIDN'T DOZE OFF ONCE! Yep not once from Utah to South Carolina!She's lucky she's cute!!We had so much fun in South Carolina, and the little we saw of Georgia was fabulous too! [...]

So much to post... and so little time!


I have SO much to post!December flew by in a flash... I'm still not sure where the whole month went!Now here we are into a new month and a new year...But first I need to post all the fun stuff we've been up to.We went sight seeing around Seneca, South Carolina. Gorgeous!The girls and I got to see Santa at the Mall of Georgia.Avery built a fabulous snowman in our front yard... in the dark! Savannah turned 11!! And, her crazy Mom took her and her stinky friendsto the movies. She picked the Princess and the Frog for her Birthday Movie. Yes, she's 11! I love her!After a crazy Birthday her Mom was lame and just bought a cake. But we did all love it.So, busy busy December... we did also happen to Celebrate Christmas.More to come, I'm still unpacking and getting laundry under control.[...]

What to do...


These are my stinky kids. Aren't they cute?Yeah, well looks can be deceiving...They are particularly stinky lately. What to do?Do you ever wonder as a Mom, if you're doing things right? How to teach them? How to show them how to become responsible, and respectful? Do you ever wonder if the whole generation is incapable of respect? How to handle yourself, when things don't go according to plan? Do you ever wonder those things, or is it just me? Lately I have had a harder time with these questions. Or more importantly, the answers to these questions.During this time of year, I get so excited to watch cozy Christmas movies with just the tree lights on. I plan on all the fun season friendly treats I'm going to make, and what cute neighbor gifts I can have the kids deliver. I love to drive around and look at all the beautifully decorated homes. I love even more to drive around and mock the tacky decorations! I like to plan out the fun Holiday Season activities with the kids. This has not been one of those years. I couldn't find the Christmas Spirit if I was hit over the head with it. I officially have the naughty kids in the neighborhood. I have also officially won my spot in the crazy White Trash Mom hall of fame. I had to chase a kid across my neighbors lawn/snow bank, to grab him by his coat and drag him home. My kids have a medical condition... their ears block out the sound of my voice and they CANNOT LISTEN to me. Cannot listen to their Mom... nope not at all. I have officially turned into a nag, I have to repeat myself, and repeat myself, and repeat.... and repeat. In fact I've decided I get more results when I have conversations with the wall. Lately however, the blatant disregard for my opinions and requests is NOTHING compared to what those stinkers have been throwing at me. And I mean literally throwing at me!So in light of the events that have transpired in the Alger home, I AM NOT IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. I'm not feeling it. I'm feeling like I have rotten kids, and I have failed as a Mom. How exactly do you bake cookies and listen to Christmas music when you just want your kids to be in bed asleep so there are no more knock down drag out fights that you have to physically break up? How do you teach your kids about the real meaning of The Season, when there is NO peace in the home? No really I'm asking... So, what do I do? How do I be a good Mom. Right now, I honestly have NO idea. I never had any illusions about being a great Mom. I knew I wasn't, but I thought I could at least handle my kids. I don't put up with crap. I really don't, so why do they act as if they were living in a lawless half way house before showing up on my doorstep?Okay really, I need some guidance here. Since it's not really kosher to beat them into submission, I'm out of ideas. Help, from MommyGrinch...Oh and Merry Christmas [...]

Averys Big Day!


Miss Avery Lyn had her Special Day November 29th.
She was so precious (if only that lasted)
Congrats Avery we love you tons!



Yes... This is my Brookie.
Yes.... we have had ANOTHER broken limb in our home!
Yes... I DID make her wait overnight before I took her in!
Yes... Once again, I SUCK and have officially WON the
Mother of the Year award!

She is alright now, and her hot pink cast is now in the trash. We are even done with the splint. Thank Goodness. She's still a little timid about her arm, and she is now using her left hand more than her right. She's always used her right hand more, but now she might just be a lefty like her big brother Sammy!
Now I know there is only a few weeks left in this year, but it would be REALLY nice if we could go the rest of this year with NO MORE broken freaking bones. Oh, and my Christmas wish is to learn how to decide it's time to go to the ER, instead of waiting until 4 am before I decide I should have taken the still crying kid in about 12 hours before!



Holy Cow is it seriously December already?
I have been such a slacker, I apologize... I'll work on a couple posts for ya, I know you're all waiting on the edge of your seats!

Grandpa Woody & Grandparents Day!


Averys 2nd grade class had Grandparents day, and we were lucky enough to have Grandpa Woody come. The program was so cute, and Grandpa is the best! It's so fun to see how much he loves being with his Great Grandkids.
He went to Averys classroom and saw her desk and had some cookies with her after the performance. Grandpa Woody we love you!



A Few New Recipes to Check Out... Enjoy!

"school" pictures


Miss Attitude...
(image) The 5th Grader...
(image) The Sassy 8 year old...
(image) The Boy...

All my little Stinkers...
(thanks Cecily! :) )

Color Me Mine, Birthday


Miss Avery and Shannia at color me mine for Averys Birthday!
How perfect is that? It was so much fun, and their projects turned out adorable!!

Happy Birthday Avery!!!


(image) My little Artist Avery is Eight!! Holy Cow! She had a lovely birthday full of all her favorites! Her daddy took her and her friend Shannia to Color Me Mine and she got to paint her own piece of pottery. (photo to follow shortly) Shannia gave her a huge tackle box full of art supplies! Heaven!
On Little Miss Averys big day she conned me into a trip to the mall, where she got an array of makeup from her Grandma Robin, and Lime Green Chuck Taylors from her Mommy and Daddy! Not to mention 84 pieces of gel pen bliss her Daddy found for her. I would say she had a great day!
Happy Birthday my little princess. I don't know where the last 8 years have gone. Really, where?

One last Hurrah before school started...






We took the kids to St. George for a few days before school started. We swam in the hotel pool, which was the big hit! Went to a few St. George "hot spots", like Jacob Hamblins home, and Brigham Youngs winter home. The kids weren't so sure it was exciting but we went all the same. We also took them to the historical Tabernacle and the BEST part.... we ate at In n Out! Oh yeah baby!! It was a fantastic way to get ready for school. We actually drove straight from St. George to the school for the "meet and greet" with their teachers the day before school started. We got home set out school supplies and first day of school outfits and here we are 3 1/2 weeks into school. Geez... it's already flown by! right?

DrOp Off IsSuEs, aGaIn!


Okay well it really wouldn't be me if I allowed the car pool situation to pass my by without unleashing me views onto you... my lovely "blog family" :)

So... new school year. New drop off / pick up lane at the elementary school. Oy...

It's a whopping 3 weeks into school and I'm already plotting the deaths of many of the carpool, suv'ers at the drop off! I HATE the drop off situation, I'm using the word hate... about morning drop off!! It's going to be a very LONG school year!

This year we do not have kindergarten, so we have sidestepped that landmine. phew... Although we have now moved onto the "big kid" side of the school and I dare say it might be worse! There are TWO lanes for drop off. TWO! Of course you don't want to actually drop kids off in the second lane because they would have to cross in front of cars to get to the school. So, it would be safe to say that the first lane if for drop off, and the second lane if for PULLING OUT OF DROP OFF AND LEAVING WHEN YOU'RE DONE! Well, that is a complicated task to pull off I guess. So instead people pull up into the first lane... drop off their kids... pull SO close to the car in front of them they can't pull out of line. So they wait, and of course the car in front is on her PHONE, and it's not the perfect spot to drop off her kids so she's sitting and waiting as well. And before you know it... everyone is WAITING and no one is actually dropping kids off anymore, and no one is getting out of the way either!!
And this is even better... then there will be a 3 or 4 car space and the next car has decided to let their kids out at the end of the line, and NO ONE has decided it's a good idea to go around that car and pull into the empty spaces!!
Riddle me this Batman... Why does carpool drop off have to be so painful? And heres another question for the masses... when 75% of the Prom Queens I mean Moms are not even dressed yet WHO IN THE WORLD ARE THEY ALL TALKING TO ON THEIR CELL PHONES?!

Okay I'm done! well... for now... it is of course only the first month of school.
Heaven help us all...

BaCk To ScHoOl... already?


Savannah and her backpack from preschool, and yes she IS using it for 5th grade. She thinks she's hilarious! (I think she's pretty funny too!)I really just can't believe it's back to school already! I mean REALLY, where did the summer go? I'm in mourning over the loss of our Summer... it was a good summer and it will be missed... sniff.Anyhow, the kids started school. Yay!Sammy was a little nervous about 1st grade, but he did just fine. And, don't worry we already suffered the first tragedy... he lost his Lightning McQueen lunch box on the first day! Yes I said the FIRST DAY... so at least we have that out of the way, right?Avery is my little hero. She walked right in and sat down and started organizing her school supplies into her desk. Love her! She has a new girl in her class this year and the little girls Mom asked if she could introduce her to Avery because she looked like she was good and settled. Avery and Sydney are cute little friends already, and sit by each other in class. It couldn't be more perfect.Savannah is the big kid, and I have to say I'M NOT READY!She is hilarious, and she is in fact toting that Princess backpack to the 5th grade. She even made me get her princess folders too. And she laughed at how funny she was the whole time she packed her bag for school. Goof ball! She wasn't so sure about her teacher, because her BFF wasn't in her class. So far it looks like she's going to love her class and her teacher... so all is well... phew!So tonight I'm toasting my diet coke to School. WeeHoo![...]

Cast On... Cast Off...


(image) Avery FINALLY doesn't have a cast anymore! phew....
After a couple attempts the x-rays finally said it was healed!
Thank Goodness!!
She was a good sport, even though it wasn't too hard. The cast was waterproof and she was allowed to swim in it. She still is my daughter, and on nights it was really wet she would get out the blow dryer and dry it off before bed. (I love her)
She kept saying she was afraid it would smell like a foot like Sammys did! (hee hee I wonder where she heard that!)
But it's off now, all is well ~ and we are getting ready for school to start...
Where did the summer go?