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Known is a Drop...Unknown is an Ocean

Updated: 2017-12-16T03:53:18.925-08:00





It is been 2years, since i have touched this blog. I want to come back and write something here. I will come back strong again and start posting on variety of technologies that have been working in the past 2years. This blog will be more of technologies and my personnel sharing from now on.

Thanks for my visitors who have been constantly checking me, i am ashamed of cheating you all without posting any updates here. Hope i will at least post one or two post every week.

Thank you

File Engine



Hi folks,
              After a long time, i have come across a great product. Which is really a wish come true for small office network who are having a vision of making it big. This is more to say likely to be called as a competitor to bigger server giants but i would say or call it a SEVERE THREAT to those money makers. I started getting more information when i got a over view about this product. This is even got a remarkable name called File Engine, the server is affordable to all (by which i mean all, even if you have small office with 2 computers who needs a backup server). This is not like CLOUD where you dont know where your server is but FILE ENGINE would provide you the machine and even there is disaster of data lose they assure you that they will be there to get them back for you. Yes, ofcourse they do it and they have 100's of customers who are already using this product and are happy.... If you want to know about this product, click here FILE ENGINE
or just google it File Engine or filesafe server...

I personally think this is going to be trend setter...


Mozilla Firefox 4


Mozilla Firefox 4
         This browser was awesome for a week from release and i was flying around they have the plugins running separetly to take care of memory issue..They have clearly mentioned saying help us test the beta, they play it safe as usually... Check the eye and mind catching features they offer...

They got lot of customization...blah blah
After a week, i would call this version to be nothing compared to previous one...It is just a hype...
Lets see how manyu bugs they can find in short time...


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Iphone 4


Physical size
The iPhone 4 is 4.5 x 2.31 inches, and 0.37 inch and weighs 4.8 ounces (137 grams).

The brain has an Apple A4 chip inside, just like the iPad. The A4 has few interconnected chips: A Cortex-A8 main processor unit—the main brain—paired with PowerVR SGX 535, handles the high definition graphics of the new iPhone. They are directly connected to each other and two low-power 128MB DDR SDRAM chips. As these components are in the same chip, Apple claims the iPhone 4 can process data more quickly by consuming less battery than ever.

The A4 consumes less power because its sub-components can be switched on and off when they are not needed, saving watts whenever possible.

Battery life
The battery life is 16% bigger now. Fused with the A4 processor and new display, it helps in a longer battery life: Apple says now 40% more talk time.

• Talk over 3G: 7 hours.
• Browsing over 3G: 6 hours.
• Browsing over Wi-Fi: 10 hours.
• Video: 10 hours.
• Music: 40 hours.
• Stand-by: 300 hours.

The display
The 3.5-inch multitouch screen has resolution of 960 × 640 pixels. Apple calls it as Retina Display, and 4 times as many pixels as the current iPhone 3GS' display. The screen has 326 ppi resolution, a higher definition than a magazine.

iPhone 4: The Definitive Guide

Apple says, that this IPS-based display is same technology as used in the iPad—also(800-to-1) contrast ratio which is 4 times better than the 3GS, with a higher viewing angle.

The apps have automatic advantage of the increased relative resolution, That means they will be a lot sharper for text, 3D graphics and vectorial art. However, developers have to include higher resolution bmp images to get the app look perfect.

Similar to iPhone 3GS and the iPad, the display has an oleophobic layer which makes it easier to clean.

The main camera
New iPhone has bigger sensor for the main camera. It has backlit and bigger lenses too. Instead of having a higher resolution, the sensor maintains the same 5 megapixel count. They are bigger dots,so it has a higher ISO—or sensitivity to light. Which means that you would be able to take better photos and video in low light conditions and the pics will look a lot better.

iPhone 4: The Definitive Guide

The camera has a LED flash light, that works both for photographs and video. To focus, both photos and videos, you just need to tap on the screen.

WOW, video conferencing camera at front, there's a video conference camera, with a standard VGA resolution. It can be used with third-party applications, as well as Apple's video conference solution.

 iPhone 4 has a gyroscope built-in. Which means that it can track movement with a very high precision, much higher than accelerometers in previous iPhones. It has 3-axis, so it is capable of detecting pitch, roll, and yaw. Coupled with accelerometer, it has 6-axis motion sensing.


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HP Pavilion dv6500 - fingerprint reader


1. Go to device manager(right click on my computer ,go to manage click,go to device manager)click
2. Check for 'personal identification device' you can find the Authen tech inc..
3. Right click on it,go to properties,go to driver,click Roll back driver.
Else you can find the verisoft access manager
I found the software in the SWSetup folder in the sub-folder VSAM (Veri Soft Access Manager)

After performing just move your finger over the finger print reader you can start the VSAM and start to register your finger....

Download the AuthenTec Inc software from hp...

Hope this helps


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Sony announces death of the floppy disk..Thats sad...


London, April 27 (ANI): Sony is finally killing off the floppy disk.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer, that sold over 12 million of the devices, has made it clear that it will stop making floppy disks from next year, leaving no manufacturer in the market, reports The Telegraph.

"It's amazing to think anyone still uses them, but they are popular still in Japan and India. The last time I used one was when I was at school," said Kat Hannaford, the technology websites Gizmodo' contributing editor.

"Due to dwindling demand, Sony discontinued European production of 3.5 inch floppy disks in September 2009. The last European sale of a floppy disk took place in March 2010," said a spokesman for Sony in Britain.

First developed in 1971, floppies have helped consumers store documents, pictures and data on an easy to use format.

Taken from :


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Delhi Police to get mini robot to tackle terror threat


New Delhi, May 6 (IANS) Ahead of the Commonwealth Games, the Delhi Police is set to buy a mini remote-operating vehicle (MROV) that can detect and defuse bombs and explosives, an official said Thursday.

Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said: 'We had a technical evaluation of the MROV (Wednesday). This is the first step in the procurement process.

'Bidding for the price is yet to be done. We are hoping to get it before the Commonwealth Games,' he added.

Manufactured in Canada, the primary function of the MROV is to detect and disarm hidden bombs and explosives. The robot, which weighs 65 kg, can be controlled by a remote within a radius of 500 metres. It can drag weights of up to 113 kg.

The MROV has arms and shoulders and also four night-vision cameras. It is weather-proof but not fire resistant.

It can operate underwater and over rough terrain, moving at a maximum speed of 8 kmph and a minimum of speed of 3 kmph.

Joint Commissioner (north) Karnal Singh said: 'Although the device is designed in Canada, it is suitable in the Indian scenario, particularly in the national capital where it will be able to help in bomb scare situations.'

Taken from :


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50 Ways to Integrate DE Streaming


Check out this SlideShare Presentation:



1. What is Quick test pro?It’s a Mercury interactive’s keyword driven testing tool2. By using QTP what kind of applications we can test?By using QTP we can test standard windows applications, Web objects, ActiveX controls, and Visual basic applications.3. What is called as test?Test is a collection of steps organized into one or more actions, which are used to verify that your application performs as expected4. What is the meaning of business component?It’s a collection of steps representing a single task in your application. Business components are combined into specific scenario to build business process tests in Mercury Quality center with Business process testing5. How the test will be created in QTP?As we navigate through our application, QTP records each step we perform and generates a test or component that graphically displays theses steps in a table-based keyword view.6. What are all the main tasks which will be accomplished by the QTP after creating a test?After we have finished recording, we can instruct QTP to check the properties of specific objects in our application by means of enhancement features available in QTP. When we perform a run session, QTP performs each step in our test or component. After the run session ends, we can view a report detailing which steps were performed, and which one succeeded or failed.7. What is Actions?A test is composed of actions. The steps we add to a test are included with in the test’s actions. By each test begin with a single action. We can divide our test into multiple actions to organize our test.8. What are all the main stages will involve in QTP while testing?    * Creating tests or business components    * Running tests or business components    * Analyzing results9. How the creation of test will be accomplished in QTP?     We can create the test or component by either recording a session on our application or web site or building an object repository and adding steps manually to the keyword view using keyword-driven functionality. We can then modify our test with programming statements.10. What is the purpose of documentation in key word view?     The documentation column of the key word view used to displays a description of each step in easy to understand sentences.11. Keyword view in QTP is also termed asIcon based view12. What is the use of data table in QTP?Parameterizing the test13. What is the use of working with actions?To design a modular and efficient tests14. What is the file extension of the code file and object repository file in QTP?The extension for code file is .vbs and the extension for object repository is .tsr15. What are the properties we can use for identifying a browser and page when using descriptive programming?The name property is used to identify the browser and the title property is used to identify the page16. What are the different scripting languages we can use when working with QTP?VB script17. Give the example where we can use a COM interface in our QTP project?COM interface appears in the scenario of front end and back end.18. Explain the keyword create object with exampleCreate object is used to create and return a reference to an automation object.For example:Dim ExcelSheetSetExcelSheet=createobject(“Excel.Sheet”)19. How to open excel sheet using QTP script?You can open excel in QTP by using the following commandSystem.Util.Run”Path of the file”20. Is it necessary to learn VB script to work with QTP?Its not mandate that one should mastered in VB script to work with QTP. It is mostly user friendly and for good results we need to have basic VB or concepts which will suffice21. If Win Runner and QTP both are functional testing tools from the same company. Why a separate tool QTP came in to picture?QTP has some additional functionality which is not present in Win Runner. For example, you[...]



Wikipedia def of Bug is: “A computer bug is an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program that prevents it from working correctly or produces an incorrect result. Bugs arise from mistakes and errors, made by people, or a program’s source code or its design.”Other def can be:An unwanted and unintended property of a program or piece of hardware, especially one that causes it to malfunction.orA fault in a program, which causes the program to perform in an unintended or unanticipated manner.The general definition of bug is: “failure to conform to specifications”.If you want to detect and resolve the defect in early development stage, defect tracking and software development phases should start simultaneously.We will discuss more on Writing effective bug report in another article. Let’s concentrate here on bug/defect life cycle..Life cycle of Bug:1) Log new defectWhen tester logs new bug the mandatory fields are:Build version, Submit On, Product, Module, Severity, Synopsis and Description to ReproduceIn above list you can add some optional fields if you are using manual Bug template:These Optional Fields are: Customer name, Browser, Operating system, File Attachments or screenshots.The following fields remain either filled or blank:If you have authority to add bug Status, Priority and ‘Assigned to’ fields them you can specify these fields. Otherwise Test manager will set status, Bug priority and assign the bug to respective module owner. Bug life cycle:The figure is quite complicated but when you consider the significant steps in bug life cycle you will get quick idea of bug life.On successful logging the bug is reviewed by Development or Test manager. Test manager can set the bug status as Open, can Assign the bug to developer or bug may be deferred until next release.When bug gets assigned to developer and can start working on it. Developer can set bug status as won’t fix, Couldn’t reproduce, Need more information or ‘Fixed’.If the bug status set by developer is either ‘Need more info’ or Fixed then QA responds with specific action. If bug is fixed then QA verifies the bug and can set the bug status as verified closed or Reopen.Bug status description:These are various stages of bug life cycle. The status caption may vary depending on the bug tracking system you are using.1) New: QA files new bug.2) Deferred: If the bug is not related to current build or can not be fixed in this release or bug is not important to fix immediately then the project manager can set the bug status as deferred.3) Assigned: ‘Assigned to’ field is set by project lead or manager and assigns bug to developer.4) Resolved/Fixed: When developer makes necessary code changes and verifies the changes then he/she can make bug status as ‘Fixed’ and the bug is passed to testing team.5) Could not reproduce: If developer is not able to reproduce the bug by the steps given in bug report by QA then developer can mark the bug as ‘CNR’. QA needs action to check if bug is reproduced and can assign to developer with detailed reproducing steps.6) Need more information: If developer is not clear about the bug reproduce steps provided by QA to reproduce the bug, then he/she can mark it as “Need more information’. In this case QA needs to add detailed reproducing steps and assign bug back to dev for fix.7) Reopen: If QA is not satisfy with the fix and if bug is still reproducible even after fix then QA can mark it as ‘Reopen’ so that developer can take appropriate action.8 ) Closed: If bug is verified by the QA team and if the fix is ok and problem is solved then QA can mark bug as ‘Closed’.9) Rejected/Invalid: Some times developer or team lead can mark the bug as Rejected or invalid if the system is working according to specifications and bug is just due to s[...]

Recovery Console Commands


The batch command can be used to run a series of other Recovery Console commands located in a text file that you specify.
The bootcfg command is used to build or modify the boot.ini file, a hidden file that is used to identify in what folder, on which partition, and on which hard drive Windows is located.
The chdir command is used to display the drive letter and folder that you are currently in. Chdir can also be used to change the drive and/or directory that you want to work in.
The chkdsk command, often referred to as "check disk", is used to identify, and often times correct, certain hard drive errors.
The cls command clears the screen of all previously entered commands and other text.
The copy command does simply that - it copies a single file from one location to another.
The delete command is used to delete a single file.
The dir command is used to display a list of files and folders contained inside the folder that you are currently working in. The dir command also displays other important information like the hard drive's serial number, the total number of files listed, their combined size, the total amount of free space left on the drive, and more.
The disable command is used to disable a system service or a device driver.
See below for a complete list of Recovery Console commands:
The attrib command is used to change the attributes of a single file or a directory


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What Is the Default Administrator Password For Windows XP?


Knowing the default Administrator password would be very useful when your computer prompts you for the Administrator password and you have no idea what to put!There are a number of high-stress situations when having a default password would come in handy. For example, if you don't know the Administrator password but you're diagnosing a serious problem and are accessing the Windows XP Recovery Console or you're trying to boot into Windows XP Safe Mode, the default administrator password would certainly save the day!

       Unfortunately there is no true default password to the Administrator account in Windows XP.
The closest thing to a default password would be to say that it's "blank." In other words, when the default password is defined during the Windows XP installation process, it is permissible to leave it blank and many people do.While there may not be a surefire default password, there are a number of ways to retrieve the Administrator password in Windows XP. You just might have to work at little at it!


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Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of 'SixthSense' technology


Hi guys,
        I received a mail from friend with this caption, I was wondering what this is all about? this video is amazing. You can find the video from the link given below:



Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010


wow microsoft is offering microsoft office 2010 for free. Yes, it is true. The only thing is you would be the tester, as it is going to be the BETA version of the application. If you wish to test it as developer mode you can do it and just end user as well you can use

Developer download...

to know more.. the link is...


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Resize Partitions with Vista Disk Management



In Windows Vista it is now possible to resize partitions without any data loss in the new Disk Management console.

Resizing Partitions with Windows Vista:

  1. Click on the Start Button and right click on Computer and select Manage.
  2. Expand the Storage section and select Disk Management.
  3. Then just right click on any partition and select either Expand or Shrink to change the size of the partition.

This will allow you to safely resize your partitions without any data loss.

Personas - Mozilla what do u wear?



The way to dress your browser everyday, it is just a plugin for the browser, you get lots of choice to make and dress your browser everyday differently by just click. The best thing about this feature is that even before you select a dress, you can scroll over and see the preview in your browser and then make a choice of yours....You can even create your own browser dress..Create your own.

Get Personas for Firefox

  • Install Now for Firefox 2.0.0.* – 3.0b2pre, Windows/Mac/Linux
    Compatible with the default themes that ship with Firefox

How do I get rid of W32 Gaobotwormgen u Win32 RBot 3euWorm



Please go to :

start > run > then in the open box Type in and enter the following


it will start the windows malicious software removal tool
do a full scan and you run a scan with malwarebytes . you can get malwarebytes here, this is a direct download link so you should have no trouble getting it. click on this link ↓ and then select run.… install it and then update it, then run a full scan and remove everything it finds. some viruses will try to disable it so if malwarebytes will not start up then go into the folder it is in and rename the mbam file to XXX then double click on the file you just renamed to start it up. After you have used malwarebytes then do this online scan.
to make sure you have nothing else hiding away.
preferably in safe mode with networking.

Windows Easy access command....



Maybe a little easier to remember and most commonly used:

Every .exe file can be launched via Start>Run. (.exe)

Any control panel item (.cpl)

access.cpl: Accessibility controls
appwiz.cpl: Add/Remove Programs
desk.cpl: Display properties
hdwwiz.cpl: Add hardware
inetcpl.cpl: Configure Internet Explorer and Internet properties
intl.cpl: Regional settings
joy.cpl: Game controllers
main.cpl: Mouse properties and settings
main.cpl,@1: Keyboard properties
mmsys.cpl: Sounds and Audio
ncpa.cpl: Network properties
nusrmgr.cpl: User accounts
powercfg.cpl: Power configuration
sysdm.cpl: System properties General
telephon.cpl: Phone and modem options
timedate.cpl: Date and time

Management consoles (.msc)

ciadv.msc: Indexing Service
compmgmt.msc: Computer Management Console
devmgmt.msc: Device Manager
dfrg.msc: Disk Defragmenter
diskmgmt.msc: Disk Management
gpedit.msc: Group Policy Editor. (XP Pro)
services.msc: services


How to Activate Microsoft office 2007


DEXTER'S LABOnce Microsoft Office 2007 has been installed with no product key, proceed with the following steps: In Windows Explorer, brose to the following folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en\ Right click on Proof.XML file, select “Open With…” in the right click menu.In the “Open With” window, select Notepad to be used to open the XML file. In Vista, if you can’t see the Notepad option, simply double click the “Other Programs” to unhide it.Scroll down to the bottom of the Proof.XML to locate the following lines: Change the AlwaysInsalled to neverInstalled so that the line looks like following: Save the Proof.xml file. In Windows Vista, you may need to take ownership and grant full access permission to yourself before able to modify the file.You can now launch Microsoft Office 2007 application such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and etc without prompting for activation.Even if these donot work:1. Go to this location:C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE12\Office Setup Controller\Proof.en\2. Find the file named:Proof.XML file3. Then just rename the file to proof1.xml, before doing this make sure you have ownership for the folder completely, right click properties of the folder you can add your name and enter the rights(full rights). This will activate the product.... As usual, as it’s a hack, and before you purchase a valid product key for it, you won’t be able to AND can’t access any updates or Microsoft Office Online.Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only.Technorati Tags: microsoft, hacking, 2007 microsoft word, microsoft word hacking, activate, trial version, evaluvation, ganesh, dexter, laboratory, free[...]

Unlocking an iPhone


DEXTER'S LABIf you’re one of the million people who’ve purchased an iPhone since the end of June, you probably signed up with Apple’s exclusive carrier in the U.S., AT&T, when you activated your phone. That means your iPhone identifies itself to AT&T’s network using an AT&T SIM card, a smart card that’s located in a small tray between your iPhone’s sleep/wake button and its recessed headphone jack. But what if you’re planning a trip to Europe and rather than paying AT&T to use the networks of its European partners, you want to take advantage of the favorable rates and local phone numbers offered by replacing your AT&T SIM card with a pre-paid European card? Or what if you’d prefer to use T-Mobile as your cellular provider, rather than AT&T? In the past month several groups have announced that they’ve found a way to “unlock” the iPhone, allowing it to use a SIM card from any provider. (Keep in mind that this is only half the story: the iPhone uses the GSM radio band for its communications, meaning that it’ll only work with providers that use the GSM network. In the U.S., that means T-Mobile and AT&T.) In August, a group of hackers demonstrated a method for unlocking SIM cards and sold its software to resellers, who in turn began selling it to the public for as much as $100 last week. But another group has came up with its own hack that, with the help of some free, open-source software, lets you unlock your iPhone in about an hour, free of charge. Below, I’ll show you how it works — and it does work, because I’ve used this technique to unlock my own phone. (One important caveat: Certain AT&T-only features, such as Visual Voicemail, will not work when you’re connected to other cellular networks.)Before we get started, you’ll want to disable the iTunes helper application that may get in the way of the installation. Make sure iTunes is not running, then open OS X’s Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder of the Applications folder. Search for or scroll down to iTunes Helper, select it, and then click on the Quit Process button in the top left of the screen. You’ll also need your iPhone, your data cable, and a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. (If you haven’t already activated your iPhone with AT&T—and aren’t planning to—you need to conduct a fake activation. To do this, you’ll need to follow the excellent instructions at ModMyiPhone and download and install a program called iNdependence.) Install AppTapp Apple doesn’t support the installation of third-party applications on the iPhone, but the enterprising developers at NullRiver have created a program called AppTapp that will let you install including chat clients, games, and other pieces of software — including those that are needed to unlock your iPhone. (For more detailed instructions on using AppTapp, see our iPhone Hacking Kit.) Download and install AppTapp. Once you run the program, the first thing it will do is ask what version of the firmware you’re running. If you’ve just updated your iPhone, you probably have Firmware 1.0.2—select that and click on Continue. Assuming all goes well, you should get a screen that begins with the words: “Congratulations! You have successfully installed AppTapp Installer onto your iPhone.” You should then find a new application on the iPhone’s home screen called Installer.The next instructions will require downloading some applications from the Internet to your iPhone—so make sure your iPhone is[...]

AVG LinkScanner real time


I have found this scanner a wonderful tool and i wish you folks would try it out. As it is free and the good news is it will not impact your current anti virus that is installed in your computer.Today's web threats don't just attack your computer, they get into major, everyday websites and then jump onto your PC to go after your identity, money, and digital valuables.(image)
AVG Technologies today announced the release of AVG LinkScanner, a browser plug-in designed to keep users from accidentally visiting sites hosting malicious code and other dangerous sites. In addition to scanning web pages while you surf, AVG LinkScanner evaluates search results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. For each link it adds an icon indicating whether or not the link is dangerous.LinkScanner looks similar to SiteAdvisor and Web of Trust.
LinkScanner download
How it works


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4 Shared Free sharing


Hi Guys,
         This is pretty much very useful site, this gives you option to share your stuff with people and it also helps you to upload the file size of 5GB. You can do music,video,photos being uploaded to it.
If you love music and would like to listen to your favorite songs while browsing 4shared pages, we have really great news for you! Now you can create an unlimited number of music playlists, listen to them online and share them with others. This new feature lets you generate a playlist to listen to all audio files from a shared folder online. As you get to an audio file download page, take a look at the right area next to the number of downloads. In case the folder is shared you will be able to see the ‘Play all mp3s from the folder’ option there. Just click on it to enjoy beautiful music our new feature. By any chance, you might have any suggestions on how we can improve the new functionality. Of course, we are eager to hear your thoughs and make 4shared even more handy!

This is taken from the site :

Just drop us a line to to share your ideas with our Technical Support Team. Thanks in advance!Click here...Technorati Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Metin 2 - Oriental Action MMORPG


Step into an eastern fantasy world with picturesque towns and impressive landscapes.

Dangerous battles await you!Become a master of martial arts and protect the country from the dark influence of the Metin stones.Metin2 leads you into an eastern fantasy world. Become a master of martial arts and fight as ally of the Dragon God against the dark influence of the Metin Stones, which are poisoning the land. Fight in wild battles for one of the three empires, conquer their land and possessions or reunite them and become the new Emperor of the land. Your destiny is in your hands!


A big continent on which many adventurers and brave warriors are waiting.
  • Three enemy emperors which you are able to join.
  • Fight for territory and honour, on foot or on horse!
  • Become lord of a castle and build up your own fortress with your own guild!
  • Learn a martial art and get many destructive special skills!
  • To know more about this fantasy games... click here
  • (image)
  • (image)


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Enovy - Save your Lands


This is a beautiful game and it is very aggressive one of its time. SAVE YOUR LANDS, your properties and your lover now. You have to register to play this game, Click here...

Please do update your reviews, so it will be helpful for others to play...


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Hell Cops Online


Hell Cops on the way for fresh doughnuts. Crash cars, vans, trucks, run over pedestrians. Nothing can stop hell cops from completion of this important mission.(image)

Online Game link:

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