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We LOVE Fall


We are loving the Fall weather around here....We went to Thanksgiving Point with some friends and the boys loved riding the horses. "H Pile" turned 2!! Tough stuff... Look at those lips!Tydon's birthday is coming up this month too. We went to San Diego for Gord's nephew's wedding so we made it a long weekend and went to Sea World to celebrate the boys' birthdays. The boys were exhausted after the fun day :) The next day we went to the beach in La Jolla... It was chilly, but the boys still LOVED it. Typical boy... not afraid to get dirty! Gord and Tydon built a sandcastle  Nice work!I look forward to date nights with my man! We went on a Provo River cruise and they had over 100 carved, lit pumpkins. It was an experience... This guy makes me smile and laugh til I hurt :)We had a family night at Hee Haw Farms. The boys LOVED riding the horses, sliding down the big slide, swinging on the tires, corn maze and picking out their pumpkins I wish this 70 degree weather would last about 1 month longer....[...]

The 4th and Slip n Slide...


 Lunch at the park :)What a fun day in the Sun.By the end of the day the neighborhood kids had joined us :)We LOVE Summer!![...]

Henson's eye...


We have NEVER seen or experienced anything like this before!A few weeks ago I picked the boys up from my sister-in-law's house. They stayed with her while I was in Palm Springs.Trin (Gord's sister) said that Henson had been stung by a bee (or so she thought)a couple days earlier. He was outside and grabbed his eye and yelled "owie!" He never cried though, but she said it looked like he had been stung.He didn't have an allergic reaction or anything and there was a tiny scab left over, but was healing fine.That was on Tuesday...Wednesday afternoon his eye started to get kind of blood shot and redand then we woke up to this Thursday morningDay 1 The Dr thought he had developed Staph infectionfrom the bee sting and gave us some eye dropsand put him on Augmenten (He also had a fever of 103.7)Day 2 Day 3(okay... maybe it is suppose to get worse before it gets better) Day 4(Starting to get worried at this point) That night we stayed with my grandma at Little Americadowntown SLC. Poor Henson didn't get to go to the pool with us...He stayed up in the room with "Great" and took a bath while we played. Dad gave Tydon a few lessons...Day 5Monday morning we woke up and it was even worse...So we headed over to Primary Children's ER.He was admitted...They did a eye specialist was called...he dilated his eyes...we waited...and waited...finally fell asleep...after the exam we were told it was herpes instead of staph infection.Basically a HUGE cold sore on the poor boy's eye.Luckily nothing was on the eyeball itself so we were relieved.We were sent home with 3 different prescriptions (oral, topical and inside the eye)Day 6(Really spreading now- mouth, other eye, chin...) Each day it started to heal...And finally... 2 weeks later...HEALING!!This was definitely scary! I'm so grateful we got the right medicationand his eye is healing.The eye specialist double checked this week and his eye looks clear so there shouldn't be any major damage. Just hoping there isn't any scarring either.Grateful for modern medicine and the right medication.[...]

Back to ID, the new business and more travel...


My parents went to Vegas for the weekendso I took the boys and we went and stayed the weekend withBrody...This was all Tydon could think about while we were there :)Gordon recently started his own business...Wood Works Contracting(We are in the process of designing his logo)He is working on getting his general contractors license,so he is going to be doing remodels, finish work and handyman stuff.He is sooo good at what he does and he is really enjoying it.He is remodeling a home in SLC right now. Here are a few of the most recent pics...Kitchen with new cabinets In the middle of taping before the paint... Bathroom... Hall closet... Laundry/Mud Room to outside back patio Front of the house waiting to be painted...It is coming along... Should be up for sale in a few weeks!!I'm so proud of Gordon and all of the hard work that is going into this home.When Gord was getting started on his house I flew to Palm Springs for a personal development training... what an AMAZING experience!The conference took place at the Grand Champions Hyattin Desert Hills, CAThe rooms are gorgeous... Each one has a step down sitting area with it's own balcony... The grounds are beautiful...Very kid friendly It was great meeting some new people and getting reacquainted with old friends :) Sandy from TX Our trainer and one of my mentors Marc Acetta It was definitely a Journey... Another mentor, Mike Azcue This group from TX knows how to havefun!! Can't wait to see them in Vegas :) This was the view from my condo...13th Green at Oasis Country Club.(Wishing Gord would have been with me so we could have golfed) My rental car!!(okay... I wish... Beautiful Bentley sitting at the hotel) What an amazing trip...I learned a lot about myself and can honestly sayI'll never be the same after an experience like this training provided!I look forward to taking friends and family with me next year.[...]

Lake Powell


One of our new favorite places!!I can't believe we have never been here place before...We had an amazing week with Gord's family.We took the scenic route... not on purpose.We drove by the Manti temple and it was the first time Gord or I had ever seen it.(Beautiful!!)We took my brother with us and the boys made forts uptop on the house boat the first night. Fun little hike a few of us took one evening... Henson went off the slide!(side view) (Top view)Gord tried on Henson's life jacket :) The canyons are so cool! Our home away from home for the week... Gord lounging... Tydon chillin...Henson drying off after swimming :) It's not vacation unless you go fishing...(Byron-Gord's bro) Jake (Gord's nephew-in-law) The boys even did dishes one night :)Tydon LOVED riding the tube with Briggs! Yee-Haw Fun gas station in the side of the mountain We ended the trip home with ice cream...Thank you Tomlinson's for an amazing week!We are so grateful for our families.[...]

Graduation 2011


My little brother graduated...It makes me feel old!It was a good ceremony {short and sweet}Just over 200 in his class... Grandma and Granpa Eaton One of his cute girlfriends Maelyn... Mom & Dad The Fam... Love this kid!! Brody is Justin's hero!! {cousins} This was Brody's girlfriend throughout the year...Love you Bro!!So proud of the person you are and the things you are about to accomplish![...]

A Weekend with Great...


I'm so grateful for my relationship with my grandma.She is someone I talk to almost everyday, if not, every other day.In March she called me and needed a vacation so we booked a weekend getaway!We LOVE having Allegiant Air in Idaho Falls :) We flew out Friday afternoon into Long Beach, CA Took the taxi to our ship... {I think we were literally one of the last ones to board the ship}Getting there later was awesome... we walked right on without any lines!Got settled and then it was time to eat...Cruise ships are literally a floating buffet, right?!{Yummy shrimp cocktail} First taste of tilapia... devine! Our head waiter was the Rockstar of the show :) A taste of Key Lime pie... and Molten Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream...  but my favorite... {I ordered it EVERY night}Can't get enough of this stuff... excited for Summer! And back to the room after a fun night...Not quite sure what this little guy was. Saturday, we hit the beach... yay!! Local resort nearby... Fresh fruit... What a fun day with my grandma!! Perfect spot for a nap :) Don't like the ocean... no problem :) Then we took a walk to find some lunch... I couldn't help but love these! We found the PERFECT spot for lunch... Fresh tortillas... In the most amazing environment... My dream back patio... BEST mexican we have ever had...Best part ONLY $6 Rossy our tour guide... awesome dry humor :) Then back to the ship...These seals were sooo noisy!! Back to the ship for a talent show and yes...more food!This time... shrimp & lobster And a cute elephant waiting for us after dinner :) Saturday night we went to a talent showand these were the judges...This guy played in Seabiscuit and this is his agent.He told us all about the behind the scenes of an actor's life.Wow!! Amazing stories were told and our eyes were opened.{Did you know that only 1% of actors/actresses make a living off of acting alone, all others have a side career that REALLY pays the bills}  Very impressed with this guy. And the WINNER of a vocal contract...She was awesome!! {So excited for her}She lives in LA, so it's perfect :) After the private cocktail party we headed to the Sushi Bar... Atrium {Center of the ship} Salmon for dinner... And a giraffe? waiting that night. I took pictures of the ship the last day... Fun water slide... Miniature Golf... Our ship was parked right next to the Queen Mary... Serenity Deck... perfect for adults only looking to enjoy the sunwithout the busyness of the rest of the ship. We hung out on this sun deck...The weather really was perfect while we were on the ship!It was an amazing weekend!!We soaked up the sun...Read some books...Laid on the beach...Shopped...and slept in!!Thanks GREAT for a fun weekend&Thank you Dreamtrips for another amazing vacation!![...]

Updating May...


And some of April :)Easter was fun this year...The boys loved coloring eggs and got pretty excited whenthey woke up to find that the Easter bunny had come and hid their eggs and left them some gifts. They are best buddies :) All dressed up for church... Then to the egg hunt with Gord's sister's fam... They grow up too fast!We celebrated Gord's 31st birthday! {Happy birthday to John and Cambrey too}Last week Tydon was helping put a folding chair away and he got his finger stuck in it. OUCH!! Mother's Day was perfect...I got to sleep in!!The boys made me pancakes that said "We luv U"and a gift certificate for some pampering.I'm so grateful to be a mom :)  Newest excitement around here besides warm weather...NO TRAINING WHEELS!!Ready Set... Go! So proud :)It only took him a couple hours!What a stud :)Gord is such a good dad. He LOVES his boys and we LOVE having him home![...]

April so far...


I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up these days...We have been busy and loving it!Gordon had a neat experience a couple weeks ago...He reconnected with a family that he taught on his mission {Ft Lauderdale, FL}Their oldest son was leaving on a mission so we stopped and visited with them before he was set apart.It is awesome to see the work that he did 10 years ago continue to bless the lives of people today. We dropped the boys off in ID for about a week and Gordon and I went to Vegas!! Look at this view... We were invited to a VIP party the first night at the Penthouse Suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas...{If you haven't seen this new hotel, it's a MUST} Some of our friends that we met up with in Vegas. Kat from Seattle... love this girl!!We served in an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, MX together.Love my man! I've never seen the Ballagio light show from this view... It was Spring Break so we HAD to hit the pool... Appetizer... Fabulous dessert... Fun evening all dressed up... So yum! Future Millionaires...Entrepeneur conference... Amazing ladies I met who are changin people's lives. It was an amazing weekend!I'm so grateful to my sis-in-law that is always willing to watch our boys for us when we travel.Thanks Teri, we LOVE you!![...]

A few catch up posts...


These boys...
Have so much fun!
**Best Buddies**
I love watching them play and grow together.

The Living Aquarium...


 The boys were excited to see the fish last week...
 Jelly Fish...
 Cool fish tanks...
 Sweet fish!!
 We even pet the stingray...
 Tydon and "B"
And the penguins...

What a fun adventure! We can't wait to go back.



Tydon was pushing a pillow around on the floor...
The pillow stopped but he kept going...

The floor won :(

Little Stinker...


We were making something yummy the other day and we ran out of 
Corn Syrup...

Henson found the bottle in the garbage and decided to see if he could get anymore out...
He knows he's notty...
But so stinkin cute!
After I got the pictures, he was reminded not to play in the garbage ;)



I've just been thinking lately...I've always been someone looking for opportunity...I started young with Girl Scout Cookies...Tried selling friendship bracelets...Loved having garage sales...I was even a "traveling pedicurist" in HS...That led me to Cosmetology School- I LOVED owning my nail salon in Poky...I sold health and nutrition products around that same time too...{then we moved to UT}So I tried being just a mom...But... it didn't keep me busy enough ;)So... then I started my craft business last year...I still have that going, but instead of the original plan of craft nights, I just make things and sell themin stores on consignment. {much less stress}I've been addicted to the gym for a while too so I got certified to teach aerobics...{what a blast!!} *It helps to get paid to work out too*I'm so grateful for opportunities!!January 1, 2011 I challenged myself...If you are looking for a way to create order in your life,accomplish more,and see results!!Try Chalene Johnson's 30 day Challenge{of course it's FREE}--Be prepared to dig deep--The beginning of the year I also joined a Women's Networking Groupcalled The GatherRingI can't tell you how much these women have influenced me in just a few short months!A few of us gathered at the cabin...We meet every Thursday morning to set goals and keep each other accountable.February was an awesome weekend spent withthese two successful women! Yvette's story is truly inspirational...  One last woman of influence... I will be up on stage with Bethany {middle} someday!And I couldn't be more excited to be working with these women!!Some of my new business partners :)The future is looking bright!!I have so much to be grateful for. I love staying at home with my boys,setting goals and working alongside Gord,and seeking opportunities to grow!!I love this quote!“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” -Abraham LincolnWhat is something you have always wanted to do?!What's stopping you??Start creating your Dream Life today!![...]

Today we wore Green...


And woke up to this...
 A trail...
 To the storage closet?!
Whoever it was left us some treats...
And then they escaped!!
What a fun new tradition :)
Happy St Patrick's Day!

Worth the trip...


Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend a couple dayswith some like-minded entrepreneurs in Colorado.We met Gerald Willhite... great guy!He played for the Denver Broncos {the guy that always did the back flip after he scored a touchdown}My dad was jealous I'm so grateful for awesome friendswho want to make a difference :)The highlight of the weekend...We learned how to take $69 cruisesAND Tydon has been asking me for a while now..."Mom, can 4 year olds go to Mexico?"**He even asked for a Dolphin pillow pet for Christmas because he wants to swim with the dolphins**I think he's been praying to go... Gordon and I just found out we might be going back HEREin May or JuneWe can't wait!!And yes... we are thinking the boys deserve to come this time. You should come too!![...]

Some Randomness...


Life has been pretty crazy lately...Gordon took the GMAT on FEB 3rd.I don't think I've ever seen him sooo nervous about something!We are relieved that it is over and the boys and I are grateful to have him back :)Last Friday we went to the Men's/Women's expo in Sandy.It was fun to walk around with the boys and look at things.My boys...Can't...  Wait for Spring!! I'm pretty sure Gordon could have played for an hour if I would have let him :)On Saturday we got up and drove to St George for the weekend...This cute couple got married.Congrats Candace and Chris!!We stayed with Gord's brother's wife's cousin... {hope that made sense}Their home is BEAUTIFUL!! Front entrance into the home Downstairs  Infinity pool... Hot tub Private golf... Gord LOVED it!! Back of the home... It's For Sale if you're interested... dropped from $5 Million to... $3.1 Million -- {wow!}We had to stock up on some snacks for the Super Bowl...These carts are the BEST :) Just like daddy... He LOVES having his picture taken...Gordon is now applying for jobs and school...Life is up in the air right now. Not sure where we'll be 6 months for now!Until then, we are LOVING having Gord home with us.[...]

A Weekend in Vegas...


I've only been to Vegas one other time and it was mostly for business so I didn't make time to see much. So I decided to make time this time. This wasn't really on the list of places to see, but it was worth the stop.We were with a guy that got us in for free so I wasn't going to pass it up.The World's 2nd Largest Gun Show!!{Gord was real jealous he wasn't there}These guns were for sale... only $379,600 for the set of four.{I was scared to even take a picture}This one was just my size :) I met the guy that makes these and he is going to take Gordon and I shooting sometime.They can hit a bullseye from 3 miles!! {wow}Better than fireworks... the Ballagio Light Show  Of course meeting up with friends is always the best!! On the way back to our room one night/morning we ran into this guy doing a random magic showof course he played a few card tricks... either we were really tired or he was the BEST I've seen. Then he hypnotized the guy on the left and played a few tricks on them... We were all LOVING it! I couldn't believe how good he was.So I had to get a picture with him. The ceiling at the Venetian... beautiful. After we got done eating at Margaritaville one night, this bus was waiting outside...We couldn't resist :)Random guy painted like a gold statue... Found some fun shops in hereThis guy could dance!!! Lousy nose job, but he had some moves. This guy was a rappin fool. He asked for my name and made up a song about me.So fun! -- There really is some true talent on those streets. Yum... One of my mentors and someone I can call a friend.He is a true genius! {Wayne Nugent}I have to confess... I played Black Jack for the first time {not with my $$}and I lost about 12 hands in about 5 minutes! $600 gone just like that... needless to say,  I won't be doing that again. I couldn't believe how fast it went!! That is NOT my idea of fun.If you go anytime soon you have to visit the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmepolitan.There are strands of crystals that drape over 3 levels. It was beautiful!!My favorite place to eat... was Jaleo {in the top of the Cosmepolitan}And I discovered that it isn't a place to forget your ID. I got carded 3 times just for water!!It was a fun weekend and I'm looking forward to going back in April.[...]

Beauty Redefined...


Are you one of those women that watches a movie, television show, or looks at a magazine and thinks, "I wish I looked like her... I need to lose some come I can't look like that?"

Two of my best friends {twins actually} from elementary school
have written an article for LDS Living that is something we, as women, all can appreciate.

Beauty Redefined: Rejecting the Media's Impossible Standards

Worth the read...



These boys LOVE bathtime!
Henson eying Tydon's beard... 
Ha! Stole it...
Ha Ha Ha! -- Hey!
 Henson is always laying down in the tub so we have to keep the water level down.
They both come running when they hear the water running.

Our first Sushi experience...


We tried Sushi for the first time over the holidays...

 So yummy!!

2011... CONSISTENCY...


How I'm Starting the New Year...


To be honest I don't remember the goals that I set for myself last year.
I know I had some, but it seems like my goals are ever changing... which often times leads to an unorganized mess of "where do I even start?!"

Well... this year is going to be different.
I've started a 30 day Challenge and you might like to too.

"No matter what your goals are, financial, spiritual, family, business or fitness...when you use a system of accountability your only option is success!" -Chalene Johnson

I'm only on day 2 and I already can tell that this year is going to be different.

So if you wouldn't mind being more organized and really DO want to achieve your goals this year... and stay on track, then create a habit with me. {of course it's FREE}

I'm looking for an accountability partner... so let me know if you are in.

Here's to the BEST year yet :)

A Season of change...


I'll be the first to admit that I've been a terrible blogger lately...I just haven't been in the mood for a few months.I've just had other priorities I guess. Do you ever get that way?!Well... December has been a weird month.Gordon went to work December 3rd and when I called him at 10am to see what time he thought he'd be off for the day he said, "I'll be home in an hour, I just got laid off." {Merry Christmas} They just said it was a trickle effect from the big lay off the company did in May. So... now what?!I have to be honest. Gordon didn't love his job. It was a good "job" that paid the bills, but definately not a career for him. He worked long hours {sometimes between 60-80 a week} and was paid salary for 40. He left before the boys got up and got home an hour or two before they went to bed or sometimes didn't see them at all. I've actually seen some positive changes in Gordon since the lay off and we are optimistic about the future. The boys LOVE having their dad home and it has been so nice not having to worry about rushing back to Utah so he can go to work on Monday. We are looking at this as an opportunity for something better. He is even considering going back to school. He has always wanted to get his Master's Degree, but never could have done it working where he was. So for now he is going to continue to apply for jobs and start studying for the GMAT.I've noticed a change in myself through this time in our lives... it was nice having that security of a weekly pay check. I'm a planner and like to have something to look forward to. I have faith and I know that there is a plan for us, but the unknown for me has been hard. I'm not one to fake it and just put on a happy face.Some of my thoughts lately-I've enjoyed being able to attend the temple weekly... great comfort is found in the house of the Lord.Waking up next to Gordon each morning is the best!Seeing Gordon less stressed and happier... worth it!How are we going to pay all the bills when the money runs out?Should I look for a job?I'm so happy my boys are too young to understand.I've loved going to the gym together :) I'm grateful for good friends and their support.We aren't the only ones facing this challenge right now.Should we move back to ID?What am I suppose to learn from this?I'm grateful that Gordon is positive and optimisic. I'm so proud of him and the amazing father and husband that he is. I'm grateful we have each other to lean on and make decisions with. Yes, this is a pretty big deal, but no it's not something we can't handle. I know that our Father in heaven is watching over us and that he has a plan for us.So... it's a Season of change and we are looking forward to a New Year and a new adventure.We are in ID with family until... well we really don't know when. I guess until we feel like going back to UT :) We hope you are all enjoying your holidays and wish you a Happy New Year!![...]

October to November...


I'll be the first to admit that I've been horrible at updating lately...I still can't believe November is more than half way over.Thanksgiving is next week... really?!So here is a quick recap of our Oct and the beginning of NovLittle "H" turned 1 yr -We love this little guy to pieces and are so grateful for his sweet spirit.    He was battling ear infections all of Oct so he still hasn't had his own Bday cake...Poor kid!Tydon LOVED Itty Bitty Football again this year.He is such a stud! I met up with a friend at a new pizza place in town NYPD PizzaIt was sooo yummy!Tydon loved making his own pizza :)We finished the month off with a fun weekend ALL about Tydon!It started Friday when he woke up to see that Grandpa and Brody had come to visit :){They were on their way to Green River for the weekend} Then later that night we went to a Halloween Party My aunt and her kids showed up later that night to celebrate the weekend with us. Saturday morning Tydon chose his favorite breakfast... Pumpkin Pancakes with buttermilk syrup and Powdered Sugar :)Then we made a quick visit to see G&G Eaton in Riverton.On to Yogurtland... can't tell you how excited I am that this is in town :) The weather was decent for Halloween this year   Then we made our way to Gardner Village to find the WitchesNext stop was Wheeler Farm...I had to laugh because Gordon got more excited to take a picture of this thing than he did his own kids while we were there...Yes... live pack rats... look for them next time you are there!Just as we were leaving it started to rain... perfect time to hit up CHUCK E CHEESEHe's been talking about going there for months!He LOVED it... but said Lagoon was more fun :)Then we headed home for presents...Cake and Ice Cream...And we were so happy the cousins were here to take TydonTrick or TreatingFun way to end the month!!November has been pretty busy so far...I just took the boys to ID for a week and it was lots of fun.The boys always look forward to visiting Great at the mall.One night I got to meet up with several of my HS friends :)It was a blast catching up!I left the boys with my sis-in-law for the weekend and went to Phoenix for the weekend...forgot my camera {so sad} but the 84 degree weather was fabulous... poolside... Yogurtland... yummy food... catching up with friends and some more travel planning... such a fun weekend!Gordon was super excited to have us home :) We missed him lots!This weekend we get to have our cousins over for a couple nights while their mom and dad go to a wedding in Nauvoo. Tydon and Henson are lovin it!We are looking forward to hitting the road again next week to visit our family in ID!Guess it's time to start thinking about Christmas.... crazy!![...]