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Blueberry Picking


Wednesday, June 7thThird annual trip to Persimmon Hill Farm in Lampe, MOTheir kitchen is so neat!Lane was able to go with us for the first time this year.  We had Thunder Muffins and a blueberry cinnamon roll (Rhett) for breakfast before picking.Just a few of the many, many pretty rows of blueberry bushes!Cute berry pickers!We saw friends there, which was fun!  These girls were off to basketball camp right after the trip to the farm.We were happy that Lane could go!They said this was a great crop this year because of all the rain we've had.  They looked really pretty and they taste great!So here was the not-so-fun part of the trip...the big rat snake living under one of the blueberry bushes.  Ahhhhhhh.  I hate snakes, and I hate when they ruin the fun.  It was one row over from where we were picking.  We heard a lady gasp (much calmer than I would have been) and point it out to her daughter.  She and her grandkids had stepped right over it.  The boys were kind of done picking then...they were more interested in watching the snake, but that was fine with me because I wanted to know it wasn't slithering my way.  I'm glad they kept an eye on it for us.  They watched it go into a hole.  I'd like to think that was the only one on the property. a beautiful day at the berry farm!Here's one recipe that I tried with the fresh blueberries:Blueberry Crumb Bars[...]

Memorial Day Weekend


Lane worked evening shifts during Memorial Day weekend so we stayed home Friday and Saturday, all went to church on Sunday then the kids and I went to Mom and Dad's for the night.  We grilled burgers and hot dogs and ate outside.We were also celebrating my nephew's 10th birthday.  They had birthday cake the night before, and my Grandmother made him two of his favorite (buttermilk) pies on Sunday.  Dad and I attempted to make s'mores on the grill, but we burned the graham crackers and melted the graham wrapper to the pan!  Most people chose pie instead of s'mores for dessert!  :)This sweet picture on the left came up on Facebook Timehop for Memorial Day...Crosby at our cul-de-sac picnic in Little Rock, Memorial Day 2010.  And on the right, he's driving around the farm!Happy Memorial Day!We are thankful for our freedom and for those who sacrifice for our country!On Monday the kids spent most of the day playing outside with their cousins.  We came home early enough to swim with Lane before he had to leave.  It was a good day.Can't believe my little nephew is 9 months old already!  We'll be celebrating his first birthday before long!  He's such a good baby.  We always love getting to see him.  We drove out into the field to check on the big kids who were climbing on hay bales.  The catalpa trees were blooming.  I loved these when I was a kid!My Mom got Alexee this pink cat cake because she said that everyone else had had their own birthday cake with their name on it, but Alexee wasn't in Flippin on her Birthday.  She loved this, of course...cake and cats!  :)[...]

Summer Break So Far


Summer break has been nice so far.  Not too busy yet, just some slower days together.I cleaned out Crosby's closet and packed away a lot of our little kid books, which was sad for me.  I've read these with the kids so many times.  The Sandra Boynton books...I think Lane and I both have those memorized.  Many sweet memories represented here.  Kids grow up so fast.  Crosby has outgrown most of his super hero costumes, so he told me I could "put them in a box for grandkids".  :(  He asked my parents for the Wolverine costume for Christmas one year.  Batman makes me think of him wearing it while climbing the Japanese Maple tree in front of our house in Little Rock.  And the Spiderman costume was probably his favorite.  I loved seeing him zoom around the house in it. One evening we grilled hot dogs, swam and had s'mores and watermelon.Crosby did a basketball camp at the school.We popped popcorn and watched E.T. one night.  The kids liked it!Lots of things blooming around our yard!  I love this time of year.  Our tomatoes should be ripe soon. Our Wal-Mart recently started pick-up service.  It is wonderful!  I haven't been inside the store in over a month!The kids took tennis academy throughout May.  We're taking a break in June but plan to return in July.Fun night at the new shaved ice stand with friends.We went bowling with friends...and rode bumper cars there, too!  The cars flipped upside down!We've been seeing these twin fawns in our yard.  So sweet!Momma and babiesSaveSave[...]

Baby Dedication & Mother's Day


On May 14th we went to church with my sister's family for my nephew's baby dedication ceremony.  He is a such a precious gift from the Lord!My sister's sweet family.It was also Mother's Day!  It is a blessing and a joy to be their Mom.And I'm so grateful for my Mom!  I loved getting to spend the day together.Micaela had lunch ready at her house after church, and we opened Mother's Day and Baby Dedication gifts. I'm very excited about my new cookware from Mom and Dad.  The kids were tired from staying up late and playing, so they took naps on the 2.5 hour drive home.  I wish I could have done that too!  :)Alexee cut this pretty bouquet for me for Mother's Day.  She's so thoughtful!  (Maybe it is from Bogart, too?  He seemed to think he should pose for the photo.)And we are also so very thankful for Lane's mother (Grammy) and my Grandmother/"Mo Nina" on Mother's Day...and every day!  We love you![...]

Baseball, Tennis & Swimming


May 4th was opening night at the city baseball fields.  It was so cold and windy, but we had fun and ate the free ice cream anyway!  We're looking forward to the season!Love this picture of the boys getting ready for the National Anthem.This was the night C got to play catcher.  He loved that! And at 3rd base(He got two outs at third!  Way to go, C!)R, A & C have all been doing tennis academy in May.We're loving these summer evenings![...]

Year-End Celebrations


Club volleyball party!  This was a great group of girls and wonderful coaches.  Alexee really enjoyed the season and learned a lot!The NJHS group took a fun year-end field trip to Silver Dollar City!Junior High Honors Night.Proud of Rhett!Intermediate and Elementary awards assemblies.  Proud of Alexee and Crosby, too!First & Last Days of School:  7th, 4th & 2ndThis year FLEW by.The boys had a few friends over to swim after school on the last day.  (Alexee had a friend over too, but they didn't swim much so I guess I missed getting their photo.)  Swimming, pizza, popsicles, ice cream and watermelon...It was a great way to end the school year!  *****Ready for summer![...]

Plants & Animals


The day after Easter we took in a baby bunny.  Our neighbor's dog caught it, but somehow it was not harmed at all (just extremely frightened).  She brought it to our door and asked if the kids would like to care for it.  Of course they would!  It was the cutest, sweetest thing!  We bought puppy formula at Petco and fed it with a syringe.  The first day it was too afraid to eat, and I was worried that it might not make it.  The next day it had calmed down and developed a big appetite.  It took the formula with no problems at all and was so energetic that I could barely hold it.  We fed it formula twice a day for almost a week and gave it hay, clover and lettuce.  Once it started eating those things we thought it was probably independent enough to return to the woods. We let it go in the woods beside our house.  It was really ready to be free, but we were sad about it and a little worried about how it would do on its own. Good luck, Brownie!*****I went to the zoo with Crosby's 2nd grade class.  It was a fun day, and I loved hanging out with him and his friends.The giraffes are very friendly!The petting zoo was very popular too.Crosby had a great 2nd grade year!  This was a sweet class, and he made some new friends.  *****We're attempting to make a butterfly garden with milkweed and nectar plants.  Unfortunately the deer seem to like the plants too, so I'm not sure how well it is going to work.  We've had a few monarch caterpillars.  They ate and ate then disappeared.  We are hoping we'll see them again as butterflies soon.  We had a bluebird build a nest in our birdhouse.  There were three beautiful eggs, but unfortunately they never hatched.  I'm not sure what went wrong. We also have a phoebe flycatcher nest (I think).We had one peony bloom.   I planted a hibiscus tree and several tomato plants.  I love this time of year!Bogart asleep on the couch.  :)[...]

Easter Weekend


I love Easter weekend!  Easter is my favorite holiday!We were out of school on Good Friday, so the kids and I made a quick, one-night trip to my parents' house to see them, my grandparents and my sister and her kids.  The weather was perfect.  We had burgers and hot dogs and ate outside Friday night.  Mom gave the kids chocolate rabbits for Easter.  It was also warm enough for the first swim that weekend!  And Crosby spent the night with a friend/classmate (Thurs. night) for his friend's birthday.  They had a lot of fun coloring Easter eggs and going out for donuts the next morning. Looking forward to a fun summer of swimming.We made cut-out sugar cookies Saturday afternoon.Easter baskets Sunday morning.It was raining and we were running late so our photos were indoors and rushed.  Rhett-13, Alexee-10, Crosby-8.Our only family photo from Easter 2017Church parking lot, only Alexee's bow made it into the picture.Lunch was ready when we got home.  We had pork tenderloin (a recipe my friend Heather sent to me to try), potato casserole, baked pineapple casserole, grape salad, rolls and banana pudding for dessert.  Rhett also made lemonade.  I got these cute blue egg dessert plates at Target.[...]

Kids' School Activities


Things have been busy lately with school activities:On March 23rd, Crosby was one of two class representatives to the 2nd Grade spelling bee.  These kids were amazing--they exhausted the 2nd grade spelling list and had to advance to the 3rd-4th grade list in order to determine the winner!  Crosby did a great job.  He was eliminated with only 5 students remaining in the competition.March 27th was the induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society.  Rhett will be serving as president for the 2017-18 school year!  We are very proud of him!He was thankful to have his grandparents in town for the special occasion.  I know they were proud of him, too.On April 4th, Alexee was in the 4th-6th grade Drama Club performance of Treasure Island.  She was one of the townspeople.  She learned a lot this year and really enjoyed drama club.  It was a great experience for her!  We've loved seeing her confidence grow.The entire cast, along with Mr. & Mrs. B and Mrs. H, the wonderful drama club sponsors.April 12 was Gifted Showcase.  Second graders did a state float parade. Crosby chose to research Arizona.  The float was required to feature several things about the state including state bird, tree, industry, flag, map and interesting facts. Parade time!Fourth grade students did the STREAM challenge.  They did several projects throughout the semester, and chose one to be on display that night.  Alexee chose the "float your boat" challenge.  I think 7th grade had a similar format to 4th grade.  The kids worked in groups on various projects, then chose one thing to test individually and display at the showcase.  Rhett chose to do a paper airplane flight project.Alexee's final boats (thank goodness Lane helped her with these!) and a few pictures from their year-end "Red Carpet" celebration at school.And one more picture of Crosby with his Arizona project and a group photo from their year-end party.This isn't a school activity, but on April 22nd, Alexee's club volleyball team played their last tournament for the season.  She loved playing this year!  (Crosby had fun hanging out with his buddy at the tournament too.)No wonder the days and weeks fly has been a busy school year.  I'm looking forward to summer break with the kids![...]

Crosby's 8th Birthday!


And now Crosby's turn to celebrate!  What a sweet 8 year old he is!  We love you, CGG, and we are so thankful for you.He took cookies to share with his class, and I had lunch with him at school one day!  His birthday was on a Sunday, so he opened gifts before church.His expression was so cute when Lane handed him the toy rifle he'd been wanting:Family Photos with the Birthday BoyWe went to brunch at Keeter Center after church.  Lane's parents came up to visit for a couple of days.  Crosby was excited to have them here to celebrate with him!That evening we went out for Mexican food.  The waiters came to the table to sing to Crosby and it surprised him so much!  They were really loud and stuck this sombrero on his head, which made him laugh.  :)It was a fun night!***EIGHT THINGS ABOUT CROSBY:1.  He loves sports:  basketball, flag football, baseball & tennis. 2.  He currently likes songs by the Christian group Switchfoot.  He knows all the words to Live it Well and I Won't Let You Go.  And Chris Tomlin's song, Home.3.  Likes to play Roblox and FaceTime with Pierson & Grant.4.  Usual school-day breakfast:  pancakes or an Eggo waffle with powdered sugar & chocolate chips.5.  His 2nd grade school leadership job has been sportsmanship leader.  He leads the class in warm-up exercises before P.E.  6.  He learned all 50 states and capitals in school this year, did his state project about Arizona and wrote and illustrated a book about cheetahs (research project).  He's been reading the I Survived book series as well as Amulet and Dog Man graphic novels.  7.  Some of his favorite snacks:  popsicles, apple slices, mango, granola bars, fruit snacks, pretzels & Oreos.8.  He has brought so much joy, fun and laughter to our family for eight years!  We know God has big plans for him![...]

Our Teenager!


I can't believe it, but our first child is a teenager!  How do the years go by so quickly!?  We were just planning his nursery, learning how to put his infant carrier in the car and watching Blue's Clues together.  Now he's my tech support, he can cook a meal by himself and he likes to practice driving when we're at my parents' farm.  Happy 13th Birthday, Rhett!We love you, and we are super proud of you!The day he was born, his 1st birthday and his 13th birthdayWe had cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon for his birthday breakfast.  (I'm terrible about remembering to buy birthday candles, but we happened to have a "3" in the drawer so he added a "1" in front of it.)  :)I let him choose what we had for dinner that night, and he chose shrimp enchiladas with poblano cream sauce.  He even did most of the cooking!  Maybe he'll be a famous chef someday. Alexee had a basketball game that night so after dinner we went out for donuts (instead of birthday cake) before the game.donut decisionsAs it usually does, his birthday fell during Spring Break, so his school lunch celebration took place the following Monday.  He asked me to bring Panda Express.  I loved getting to have lunch with him at the JH campus for the first time.  *****And less than 24 hours after Rhett turned 13, my niece turned 13!  (What a crazy few days that was in 2004...I was still in the hospital with Rhett when my sister went into labor!)  These two have always been super close friends.  They are such special blessings to our family.  We love you both, R & J![...]

Spring Break in Kansas City


March 14-16We spent two nights in Kansas City during the kids' spring break.  It was nice to get away for a little while and spend time together outside of the normal routine.  Unfortunately it turned cold again (and snowed a little bit during our drive) so we stayed bundled up while we were there, and we had to change our plans a little because it was too chilly to go to the zoo.  And I happened to wake up with that weird stomach bug the morning that we left town, so that wasn't great timing but we still made the best of our break.When we got there on Tuesday we ate at T-Rex Cafe and then took the kids to SkyZone trampoline park.  I think they jumped for two solid hours!Crosby wanted his picture made with the pterodactyl in the background because he did a project on pterodactyls earlier this school year.We went to Trader Joe's to restock our cookie butter and coffee.  I love their fresh flower displays, but we're never able to buy flowers because we're traveling.  It would be nice to have a TJ's closer to home.We also visited the College Basketball Experience/Hall of Fame at the Sprint Center.  It was very interactive, and I think the kids really enjoyed it. Breakfast at eggtc. and shopping at World MarketWe'd planned to visit the zoo on Thursday, but it wasn't warm enough so we went bowling instead.  We hadn't been bowling in years!  It was a lot of fun (but so much more difficult than it looks--my score was terrible)!We ordered pizza there for lunch.  Love Crosby's expression on the left.  :)That afternoon I dropped Lane and the kids off at home then I went to meet my parents to get Bogart back.  He does fine staying with them, but we were really missing him!  It was great to have him back. [...]

Snowy March B-Day Celebration


On March 11 we got a spring snow!  Alexee had a volleyball tournament 45 minutes north of here, and by the time we got back home, the ground was covered with snow.  The roads remained clear though, which was great, so we carried on with our plans to go to Flippin for our annual March birthday party.  It snowed on us all the way there, but we had no trouble at all.  Snow on the redbud tree in our front yardIt had snowed a lot more in Flippin.  It was so pretty!  Strange to see it on the blossoming trees though.No coats...It didn't really even seem cold!  I love the tree-lined road by my parents' house.So Saturday evening was our family party to celebrate all the March Birthdays:  Micaela's, Rhett's, Jaiden's and Crosby's.  Mom made chicken tacos, chips & dip and we had cake and ice cream for dessert.  She got these cute little individual cakes for the birthday people and a large cake to share.Crosby--soon to be 8 & Rhett--soon to be a TEENAGER! I can't believe how big my nephew is already!  We don't get to see him enough.  He's sitting up and reaching for everything...he seemed to love C's glasses. :)  He's such a sweet baby.I think Jaiden had one of her "laugh attacks".   :)Happy Birthday to these sweet kids!  We love you all!My parents asked Crosby what he might like for his birthday, and he sent them a picture of a snake rubik's cube.  He was excited to get one (and has spent many hours since then improving his time working the puzzle).SO FUN having a baby to play with!In preparation for swimming season, Crosby also received some pool toys!My parents and grandparents with all the kids.  A fun time together![...]

February Summary


These photos/events probably aren't in chronological order, but I'm just trying to catch this is a summary of what happened in February:Lunch with Crosby.  I'm very surprised that he likes broccoli, but I'm glad he does.Crosby got glasses!  Now our whole family needs contacts and/or glasses.  I think he looks super cute!  They have lime green and blue on the sides.  He was excited about getting them, and hasn't complained at all about wearing them.  Alexee participated in the school dodgeball tournament fundraiser.  The girls chose their team name:  Dodging Donuts.  They made it to the finals of the tournament, but got beat in the last few seconds of the game.  It was an exciting day for them! Watching one of A's ballgames.  Rhett needs a haircut! We had unusually warm weather in February.  One afternoon we went for a hike in the woods.  I just thought this was funny.  He hates baths.We had lots of ballgames in February!  It kept us busy and left zero free Saturdays, but it's always fun to watch the kids play.  It has been a fun season for both Alexee and Crosby.I had this chair recovered at a local upholstery shop, and I repainted the frame (with Annie Sloan chalk paint and dark wax).  I'm happy with how it turned out.  It's a great little spot to sit and drink coffee by the window.  :)A's school had a showcase night for 4th-6th grades.  Alexee showed us her final draft of Agent Cheesy Cheese, Spy Mouse, her group robot and a great piece of artwork!  Proud of our creative girl!Also proud of Rhett, he was voted as a "student of the month".  He and the other student pictured were invited to lunch off-campus with their Principal!We had some stormy spring weather, including tornado warnings.  We spent some time in the basement laundry room waiting out the storm (or so we thought).  We couldn't hear anything in the basement, so I was trying to read the radar on my phone to get up-to-date information about the storm, but it wasn't working very well.  I sent Lane a text at work that said, "I can't really read this weather app."  He replied, "It's over is now", which I interpreted to mean "It's over now" in moved on and safe to get out of the shelter.  So we came back upstairs to (a cold) dinner, noticing that the storm still seemed close by.  Later that night I figured out that Lane meant to type "It's over us now"....meaning the storm is currently right over our area.  Oops!! Glad we were okay.  Bogart was very nervous for a while, but finally settled down for a nap on top of a pile of Alexee's stuffed animals. Crosby had a fun class Valentine party!  This came home in his backpack one day...I loved it!  So precious to me.  Lane's parents came up to visit the weekend before Valentine's Day.  We went out to dinner at the Japanese steakhouse Friday night, and they were able to see A & C play basketball Friday and Saturday.  Rhett took the ACT that Saturday morning, and we took the kids to the indoor climbing place on Sunday.  Busy weekend!Valentine's Day dessert was heart shaped cookie cakes with ice cream.Lane and I had Valentine lunch out and went Target shopping for two new small appliances...practical Valentine's gifts!I drove a group of girls to NW Arkansas for their first club volleyball tournament.  It was a fun weekend!One weekend Rhett went to NW Arkansas with my Dad to see my niece and nephew play basketball. (Unfortunately it was a different weekend from when we were there playing volleyball--wish we could have all been there together.)  Between games[...]

Father & Daughter Valentine Date


Lane and Alexee had a special evening at the Father & Daughter Valentine Dance on February 4th.  Such a sweet time for them! It's always fun to help her get ready.  She was so patient while I struggled to get her hair up. Lane gave her a pretty wrist corsage to match her dress.  She looked so grown up.Love them!  4th Grade, Age 10Father/Daughter DanceLane didn't really take many pictures at the event, but I did ask him to take one of her with her friend, AC.  Sweet girls!***Meanwhile, the boys and I had a relaxing night at home...hanging out in PJs, eating ice cream and playing NBA 2K17.   Love them too!![...]

Alexee Turns 10!


Celebrating a decade with this precious girl!What a gift Alexee is to our family!The Sunday before her birthday we had several friends over for cake and ice cream.  It was cold, but they still had fun playing capture the flag in the back yard.  She asked for chocolate chip cookie cake  with purple and yellow frosting.  :)Lots of laughing, giggling, yelling, singing, etc.!So glad Alexee has these sweet friendships in her life!*****2/2/17She asked for lemon poppyseed muffins for her birthday breakfast, and she opened her gifts that morning because she had both drama club and basketball practice after school!  A busy day for the birthday girl!                                              I took her Freddy's for lunch, and she chose Panera for dinner after ball practice.  I think she had a great day!Alexee, we love you!!![...]

Catching Up


January...The kids had a half-day of school, so that afternoon we went to the bakery for a late lunch, hot chocolate and sweet treats.Aren't these pretty!s'mores cookieAlexee and Rhett both competed in a math competition one Saturday morning.  Rhett rode the junior high bus with friends, and I drove Alexee and Crosby and a few of their friends.Ready to go!It was a warm, sunny day so the younger boys played outside on the school campus.  We are so proud of the kids!  Alexee and Rhett both placed in multiple categories and qualified for the next round of competition.[...]

New Year's Day


Happy New Year!

Last Week of '16


The week between Christmas and New Year is always weird to me.  I laughed when I saw this cat post on Instagram.  I sent Rhett into the grocery store to buy black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year's Day.  The kids had friends here for a sleepover.  Alexee had the opportunity to be on the Court Crew during a game at a local college.  We met friends at the new indoor adventure was a fun week.I was impressed with how well the kids did on the ropes course and climbing wall!We had a quiet New Year's Eve at home.  I think the kids stayed up until midnight, but I didn't.  Farewell 2016, and welcome, 2017! [...]

Christmas in Flippin


The kids and I went to Flippin for Christmas night and the 26th.  My sister's family was there, too.  We loved getting to be with baby J on his first Christmas.Dad's side of the family on Christmas nightthe kids with their Great-Grandparentsand with Mo & GrandadHow are the kids all so grown up already!?Rhett & Jaiden, 12 1/2Jerry & Alexee, 9 1/2Crosby, 7 1/2Jamen, 4 1/2 months (love his polar bear sweater!) :)Biscuits and chocolate gravy on the 26th--always the breakfast the kids ask for there.My sister had lots of help giving Jamen his bath and getting him dressed for bed.  :) A very Merry Christmas![...]

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning


Christmas Eve was a baking day.  We made red velvet cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies and snickerdoodles.  We arranged most of them on a plate for Lane to take to work the next day, but we kept some for Santa, and some for us to eat!Christmas Eve night L had to work, but the kids and I went to the Christmas Eve service at our church.  Well, tried to go.  We got there early and there were very few cars in the parking lot, so we weren't in a big hurry.  We had our family photo made...stopped by the restrooms...then we got hot chocolate in the lobby.  It still didn't seem overly crowded in the lobby, but when we walked inside to look for seats we couldn't find four together anywhere.  We made several laps around the church before deciding we would have to split up and sit in twos.  But that didn't work either, still no seats and really nowhere to stand without blocking views.  So then we were encouraged to try the overflow room, but found it to be completely full as well.  So we finally decided to go home and have our own Christmas Eve service.  We laughed about it because this would have never happened had Lane been with us.  He would have hurried straight to reserve seats without slowing down for the photo, the bathroom break or the hot chocolate.  This confetti picture makes me laugh though, and even though I'm sure the church service was wonderful, I loved the one we had at home.  The kids made a quick slide show containing some songs (Christmas and non-Christmas) they wanted to sing, then they took turns reading the Christmas story from Luke.  And now the fun and excitement of Christmas morning! LOVE THEM!Crosby made a sweet calendar for us at school, and the kids got us a jigsaw!  I'd mentioned wishing I had one recently when I was working on a project, and they remembered.  :)After opening gifts, we cooked our usual breakfast.Lane had to be at work at 11:00, and the kids and I packed up to go to my parents' house for Christmas night.[...]

The Grinch & School Parties


Trying to catch up again...12/16-Crosby's class Christmas party was sweet.  I loved getting to be there with him--he is such a joy to me.  They made cards, played games, did a craft and had a snack.  Second grade is a cute age.  Dec 15 & 19-Drama Club presents How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  The kids did GREAT!  Alexee had a wonderful time doing it.   A huge "thank-you" to the amazing drama club instructors that put so much time into helping the students do this! So proud of Alexee for trying out and getting involved in something new!  It's super fun to watch her grow!Mom & Dad drove up of the evening show on the 15th, then they came over for dinner afterward.  I tried this recipe for a gingerbread cake for dessert.    The second performance of the Grinch was during the monthly awards assembly.  Alexee received a math club award for scoring in the top 50% on a nation-wide, online exam.  Way to go, A!Rhett is becoming a great cook!  I look forward to letting him make all the meals around here soon!  :)  He made these peanut butter bars for a class party with no help at all.  He let us share the leftovers, and they were delicious!   The last day of the semester was PJ day for C & A.  That day was also A's class party.  Her teacher asked all the girls to plan the winter party, and the boys will get to plan the valentine party.  They decided to have a hot chocolate bar, photo booth (Alexee is working at that station in the photo below), paper snowflake craft table and a snack table.  It was fun to celebrate with her class. C's sweet teacher gave each student a Humphrey book for Christmas!   So thoughtful!  It's hard to believe we are half-way through this school year.  Time for CHRISTMAS BREAK!SaveSave[...]

Potpourri, Peanut Clusters & Other December Fun


On December 5th we had our last women's Bible study meeting for the year.  I don't even remember now what I cooked!?  I made these little Christmas potpourri bags for the girls in my group (printable tag here, contents: an orange, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, whole cloves, bay leaves and a dash of nutmeg).  These girls have been such a blessing to me this fall--I always enjoy the time with them.  The potpourri was super easy and made the house smell really good.  Unfortunately my rosemary plant shriveled up and died right after I made these because I let it freeze on the porch.  Sad!  It had been so healthy all summer and fall.  :(  One evening Alexee and I made the annual batch of peanut clusters.  I think of our Little Rock neighbors when we make these because we used to deliver them to everyone on our street.  We still miss them!  This year we shared with the kids' basketball coaches and our next-door neighbor.December 10th we made a quick overnight trip to Flippin to help my parents with a few things.  I went to feed hay with Mom that afternoon.  She has a lot of mouths to feed every day!  This picture on the bottom left is home to me.  I spent so many hours of my childhood playing in that barn that you can see in the distance, and just across the road from it is the house I grew up in.  We lived there until I started 11th grade (then we moved just a few miles down the road).  I'm glad my kids can play in these same places that are so special to me.   Mom had a bottle calf in the barn, and the kids loved helping with her.   They named her Maggie.  Crosby & Bogart tucked in for bed that night.  :)Rhett and Grandad shot this mistletoe out of a tree.We had a COLD few days where the temperatures were in the single digits.  It was miserable!  We got a very light dusting of snow the night of the 17th, but it wasn't enough to play in.  On the 18th we had reservations for the Christmas brunch at the Keeter Center.  The restaurant looked pretty with all the Christmas decorations.  I liked the white churches above the fireplace.  Great holiday meal with my family.That evening Lane and the boys went to see the new Star Wars movie, so Alexee and I had a girls' date.  We did some Christmas shopping and had hot chocolate at Starbucks.  She's so much fun!  The boys all had a great time at the movie, too.  And because it only blooms once a year, here are a few more pictures of our Christmas cactus.  Some of the blooms are a peachy color and some are a pale pink/almost white.   So pretty!SaveSaveSaveSave[...]

Christmas Card Photos


Merry Christmas!
I had a couple of cute helpers with the cards!

Music Program, Tournament & Silver Dollar City


As usual, Cookie the Elf returned on 12/1!  He brought Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate and peppermint sticks to start the Christmas season.  On the evening of 12/1, Crosby had his 2nd grade music program called "Nice Nice Christmas".  They've been practicing for a long time, and he was really looking forward to it.  They did a great job!  C with a few of his buddies after the program.  :)  Sweet guys!On Saturday, 12/3, A & C both played basketball in a local tournament.  They played three games each, and somehow Alexee's team got the 7:45a.m. start time again.  We finished up with Crosby's last game around 3:45.  Fun day.  We're proud of both of them!Sunday evening, 12/4, we bundled up to go to Silver Dollar City.  With Lane's schedule and the kids' after school activities, we decided we might not have another opportunity to go before Christmas.  It definitely felt like winter at 37 degrees, but it wasn't very crowded at all.First stop:  Wassail stand and tree lighting at the Town Square.We all rode the Christmas Sing-Along Train, and Lane and the kids rode a few other things.We ended the night with funnel cakes-Yum![...]