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Fashion Sanity

Fashion, beauty and Project Runway. Hot, Hip, Rock & Roll, High-Design and yes....Plus Size! Fashion and design with edge, for the discerning and hopelessly fierce, unapologetic Gen X-er... Caution...this is a Size-Positive, NO WL Zone! We are also Qu

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Blogging Project Runway: Channeling Bobby DeNiro


There are times I am so angry, despondent, tired and sad I cannot muster the energy to speak in complete sentences. My speech becomes monosyllabic. Me and my personal assistant call that my Bobby DeNiro moods, named thusly after how Robert DeNiro was portrayed as talking in the Saturday Night Live "The Joe Pesci Show" sketches.After writing about high-yield purification methods for DNA and RNA and total protein for use in real-time PCR, RT (reverse transcriptase)-PCR and SDS-PAGE and Western blotting and watching last night's episode of Project Runway, I was square at the corner of "Casino" and "Goodfellows". What happened last night with Gordana's beautiful dress was so FOUL I wanted to tell Heidi Klum off in my best gangster style.So here is what happened ...Please forgive the verbal paucity... I still have 2 more documents to write about that mind-stultifying basic science stuff. These are the times that send me running back to writing about acne and thinking it is "fun". Seriously, there is not enough money and financial security in the world they can offer me that would make 3 or 4 years of writing about lab techniques, palatable. I did the stuff when I did it because it was a means towards an end but this stuff, every day? HELL NO!By the way the challenge (similar to that of past seasons) was to go to the museum (in this case the Getty in LA) and be inspired by something in there or around there and make a great look that would determine who would go to Bryant Park.Here is what happened:Althea:Inspiration: Getty architectureGood inspiration. I like nice building too. Horrible execution, ugly outfit. She goes Bryant Park. WTF? If this go I can too with ugly orange MC Hammer pants I did.Carol Hannah:Inspiration: Baroque bed-decorative artsRococo baroque bed pretty. Dress looked nothing like bed but was pretty and well- sewn, but a little boring. She goes Bryant Park too.Christopher:Inspiration: Rock Fountain with algae.I like unusual too. As much as next dude. I loved Andrae's "Dirty Water" dress. This NO "Dirty Water" dress. This construction paper cone with green crayola scribbles.Nice boy go bye-bye. Nice boy should have gone bye-bye WAY before Epperson and Ra'Mon and Shirin.Irina:Inspiration: Godward’s “Mischief and Repose.”Nice sapphic painting. Ugly, dowdy, randomly, unnatractively styled dress that says nothing. Girl goes Bryant Park.Gordana:Inspiration: "Cathedral" Monet Painting (Thank you Tom+Lorenzo)Absolutely beautiful, soul stirring, "I felt God breathing through me" ,garment with most emotional impact of the whole season in manner of Jay's "Chrysler Building" dress and Andrae's "Dirty Water" dress and Chris and Christian Siriano "Avant-garde" dress. Dress that will be remembered 5 years from now and named with the top creations in the show. Wonderful, talented, admirable woman is unjustly sent home without good explanation or chance or run-off like Chris March and Rami Kashou.Me join choir: FUCK YOU Bunim/Murray.That's all.[...]

LA Opera Costume Sale


This is too fabulous for words!!!!
James St. James from the Freak Show shows off all the goodies at the LA Opera Costume Yard Sale... Drool....the video has surprise appearances by LA glitterati..
God, I miss LA...
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Pride Atlanta 2009 Images and A Little Fashion/Costuming


The Pride Parade and Festival took place in Atlanta Saturday the 31st and the 1st of November in Midtown ( the gay area of Atlanta).I am practicing and learning how to take photographs, especially in motion, and how to edit them and add effects and try to rescue BAD photos through those means.Here are some images from Pride Atlanta 2009... [...]

Gogol Bordello and The Rebirth of Punk Gypsy Soviet Chic


I have been in a funk. And that is a HUGE understatement. The corporate world, recruiters, bosses, PTSD from the constant paranoia of KNOWING that someone is going to backstab you and the threat of poverty and homelessness and the proverbial Damocles sword of losing your day job (which allows you to eat and have a roof over your head) perpetually hanging over you. That is the horrible reality of working in the modern corporate world. 5 years into our careers and we are all like walking Reinfields. The fact that I am not on psychotropic medications and I am free of substances of abuse and I am not compulsively munching on insects is a testament to my strength of character. 90% of people in the corporate world ARE on anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, anxiety medication, sleeping pills, do drugs, drink too much or are sex addicts. And trying to get a new job is worse. You have to submit to proctological, insultingly invasive "investigative consumer reports" where your prospective employers want access to everything in your life from your credit score (why is it any of their business?) to you D in PE (why the hell do they care?). All of these things have turned my nerves into string cheese and completely asphyxiated my creativity and inspiration. And that is not an easy thing to do. That little light of mine sparkles like a disco ball. But lately, I've been feeling like a candle with its wicker about to give out.I needed something to bring me color and joy.So last night I took myself to see Gogol Bordello. I love the hell out of this band.The show was incredible and the music and mood full of energy, theater, and that sad, funny, angry and unapologetically cool vibe that accompanies Eastern European anything.Eugene Hutz is a gifted show man, artist and performer. And he rocks a handlebar mustache like no one's business. In 2009.I love the whole band, the Sergey's absolutely beautiful tzingane violin, the fierce percussion chicks in their guerilla cum Sporty Spice get ups...The Spanish rap by Pedro Eraso brings me back to my Mexico City Latin urban punk roots.I was standing next to two extremely tall Polish guys and we were jumping like crazy dancing, feeling the music, soaked in the energy of the crowd.Here are some photos of the concert and the band:I fell back in love with this band after I saw Madonna's directorial effort "Filth and Wisdom":The idiot critics did not really get it, but I loved this movie because it is all about accepting yourself and your life and squeezing every minute of joy out of it and living without regrets. Self- hate and self-denial in Western culture have become the norm. You perpetually have to wear a mask of conformity and discipline as if we all were some sort of masochistic capitalism zombified Jesuit monks. I refuse to participate and Gogol Bordello joins me as a soundtrack to self-acceptance, hedonism and celebration of the sweet and sour of life.The music of this band inspires me plenty.How about taking your sequined leggings or boyfriend jeans or tuxedo pants and a plain black t-shirt and paring them with this:All spiced up with some of these:(All Loulou de la Falaise at a pair of plain black leggings, these boots by Loulou de la Falaise($109.90 at t-shirt ($20.00 at Mr. Pitt online store: a black leather blazer or shrunk denim jacket and perhaps the Alexander McQueen skull scarf? or substitute the leggings for this skirt by Fashion Overdose:And add a pair of black ballet flats?I think it's absolutely Multi-Contra Culti....[...]

Blogging Project Runway: Knockoff Junction or Wannabe


I have been reading a pretty awesome blog called "Counterfeit Chic" that basically is about the different knockoffs of designer clothing in the market. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Knocking off even your own self is a common practice in the fashion industry. And EVERYBODY does it. One of the most priced pieces of my couture collection is a Vivienne Westwood jacket from her Anglomania range. It is so structured and complexly tailored, with so many beautiful and surprising details and a built-in corset/vest. Here are some photos:Well, she did the exact same jacket, in a slightly different fabric, for her "Black Label" line for probably 3 times the price ( and my Anglomania one was nowhere near cheap... but finding a Vivienne Westwood tailored jacket in a Euro size 50 , like a US 16, is almost miraculous. So I could not let it pass). I know because the "Black Label" one was in the book for her retrospective exhibit at the V&A. The quality in my diffusion piece is comparable to the "couture" piece and since it was done by the same designer no one would call it a knockoff, but Dame Viv knocked herself off.This is so commonplace, it's not even funny and more like SOP. In fashion, you are after all working with a somewhat finite vocabulary and you are always going to find similarities, homages and downright ripoffs. Marc Jacobs has ripped off Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has ripped off Franco Moschino. Everyone has ripped off Schiapparelli and Vionnet and Adrian Gilbert. Then there are the mass conterfeiters who do it shamelessly and commit the sin of not being famous or somewhat expensive. There was a bookstore/ antiquary place/ fashion magazine archive in NYC called Gallagher Paper Collectibles at 126 East 12th Street between Third and Fourth avenues, where EVERYONE in the fashion industry from Galliano to Donna Karan went for "inspiration". Which means they went there to rip off designs. I know because I have been a Gallagher's customer. Not to rip off anybody but because they also sell original sketches at a steal which I use as art on my bedroom wall:Original Isaac Mizrahi Sketch-Purchased from Gallager's in 2005.In this last episode of Project Runway the copycat accusations flew wildly in the workroom. Althea saying that Logan knocked her off. Irina saying that Althea knocked her off. As if ANY of them had come up with something that had not been done before...Seriously...Using zippers as something other than zippers? It has been done WAY before Althea. I have seen this a gajillion times on Moschino clothing ( not to speak of Jeffrey Sebelia's Bryant Park collection). Shoot, I even did it myself on my apparel construction final project. Moschino (Couture, Cheap and Chic AND Jeans) regularly uses notions (safety pins, zippers, hooks and eyes, snaps, buttons) as trims or embroidery or ornamentation. Just saw a dress with a safety pin starburst "applique" at Nordstrom's last week. I even have an Alexander McQueen cardigan in my closet right now from the capsule collection he did for Target where the zipper is used around the collar.The ginormous floppy sweater? Hardly an Irina or Althea original. Donna Karan has done them, Benetton has done them, Ralph Lauren and Valentino have done them. How do I know? Because I have some of those too. And basically the cocoon shape is a Paul Poiret knockoff. Pays off to have listened in Fashion History class.The accusations were all pretty ridiculous I think.But other than paranoia and a lack of self-awareness here is what they came up with this week...Carol Hannah (aka Proenza Schouler cocktail dress)Cute little cocktail dress. That's all.Christopher (aka wannabe Lacroix gown):Puffy gown with decently fitted bodice and train wreck on the skirt. Ugly fabrics. Poor design. To me this was the one that should have been auf'ed. But who listens to me? This was like the dress for a depressed Quinceanera one step away from ECT treatments...Logan (I want to be Franco Moschino or Jeffery Seb[...]

'Tis The Season for Cool T-shirts ... Fa La La La La


Being that I am of the dark love persuasion, this is my favorite time of the year. It is even made better because here in Atlanta, Pride is celebrated Halloween weekend. So this upcoming weekend is like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Plus, I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris and Kelly Armstrong's "Otherworld" books. And right now I am very much in a vamp and werewolf frame of mind...Cannot wait to see who they cast as Alcide in "True Blood" next season.I love t-shirts because it's the simplest and easiest way to add punch to an outfit, you can dress them up or down or transform them in a billion different ways. Put a cardigan on and you have casual. Leather jacket and you go rockalicious. Tux jacket and you are ready for an evening out. A t-shirt can immediately tell the world what you feel, think or love. The t-shirt is an intrinsically democratic garment. They are affordable (unless you go Lanvin or Chanel). They are easy to care for. They look good on everybody and cotton jersey feels good against your skin and breathes.I [...]

Ballyhoo Vintage: Amazing Plus Vintage


I have been looking for the Holy Grail for years. Amazing vintage plus size clothing. I am always looking and sometimes I stumble on treasures.Finding beautiful vintage clothes in larger sizes is exactly like the quest for the holy grail. They have to be out there. There have always been larger people and they did not run around naked. As a matter of fact pre-1920, larger women would have had NICER clothing because being larger was a sign of wealth and lack of major disease.It is difficult. But not impossible. I have found amazing stuff in my hunts. Lots of cashmere sweaters. An insanely gorgeous couture Laura Biagiotti dress from the '80's, a Diane Von Furstenberg maxi dress in one of her archival prints, tuxedo jackets, beaded evening bags. I have been seeking for a vintage store with a good selection of 40's and 50's clothes in larger sizes and I stumbled onto Ballyhoo Vintage.They have a GREAT inventory of mid-20th Century (40's through 60's) clothes in larger (but not above a modern 20W, I would say) clothes.Here are some of examples:1940s Polka Dot Party Dress. Approximately a modern size 12W-14W1940s "Hi Ya Sailor" Cocktail Dress. Approximately a modern size 10W-12W1930s Wool Suit with Dramatic Shoulders and Art Deco Styling. Approximately a modern 14W-16W1940s Fitted Suit. Never worn! Approximately a modern 16W-18W1950s Satin Cocktail Dress. Approximately a modern size 12W1950s Sheer Rose Print Dress. Sheer nylon voile (you'll need a slip) with a soft yellow rose print. Pearly carved plastic buttons. Approximately a modern size 16W to 18 W.Bold Red 1950s Gabardine Dress. Never worn! Approximately a modern 16W-18W.MOD 1960s Cocktail Dress. Bold Black and White 1960s Paisley Print. Rayon acetate. Fun and frisky dress that's just begging to be taken out and, for Pete's sake, wear your boldest red lipstick! Never worn! Approximately a modern day 16W-18WBallyhoo Vintage clothing is patronized by movie studios and stylish celebrities ( the owner mentioned Andre 3000 when I talked to him).You can visit their website at:[...]

"Ghostwhisperer": Doing Curvy Right.


I love anything Gothic and scary and having something to do with the paranormal.And I LOVE fashion more than life itself. Seldom these two things meet and when on top of that we are talking about doing fashion for curvy chicks exactly right, then I become completely addicted.This happened to me with the show "Ghostwhisperer". The wardrobe/costume people for the show,Costume Designer Dorothy Amos and Costume Supervisor Barbara Inglehart, really know how to dress curvy women beautifully. And I am not just talking about Jennifer Love "Your Body is A Wonderland" Hewitt but also true blue plus size diva Camryn Manheim, managing to never making them look vulgar, frumpy or dowdy.The clothes in this show are absolutely lovely and you can see that these wardrobe/costume people really know how to work with curves. Beautiful vintage styles, princess seaming,gorgeous waist and bodice treatments, luxurious fabrics, body-hugging bias cut styles... all the things that show hourglass figures to their best advantage.Here are some gorgeous examples of the clothing on the show: I watch this show 50% because of the clothes....Did you know that the song "Your Body is a Wonderland" was written for Jennifer Love Hewitt? I would think about that whenever some jerk starts talking about my thighs and criticizing my body...I bet no one has said that to Perez Hilton.[...]

Blogging Project Runway: A Psychosociologic Study of the Classes


I am here for my weekly Project Runway recap.It's getting easier because there are less designers and ergo, less photos to find, upload etc...This season has kind of been a disappointment actually and it has little to do with the designers who are all talented and competent people. My issue is with the producers and writers who have come up with nothing but the playbook of my sketching teacher's curriculum for any given semester as challenges.It seems like they are going one by one through all of our assignments. Seriously.We did the movie, we did the sparkly evening/stagewear...And of course Ms. Rhodes (who must be moonlighting as a producer on Project Runway) gave us city or country as inspiration as one of our possible collection themes.Not for one second did I consider St. Tropez, or Palm Beach or Aspen or Hollywood.Why? Because I do not aspire to the life of New Money. Really from far away it all seems very glamorous, but there is a very good reason why the rates for admission into rehab facilities and of depression are just as high among very rich folk and very poor folk. The ones at the bottom are hopeless. The ones at the top are hopelessly bored. How do I know? I grew up around them. I have been to the charity functions. I have been to the galas and polo matches. I have done high tea and cocktails at embassies. And I would rather go to a good gay bar or a Cure concert or a foam party. I hate caviar. Champers? I would seriously rather have an excellent Vodka (Russian Standard from St. Petersburg comes to mind) and a plate of humble Tacos al Pastor. The very rich also tend to be somewhat superficial and somewhat pretentious because I think they think it's expected of them. As I have said before, I believe that creativity feeds on adversity. Not that I do not envy the rich certain things, because I do. I envy them the ability to sleep soundly through the night without erupting in cold sweats as the first of the month approaches because they have to cough up the rent. And I envy them the ability to approach the mailbox without shaking and hyperventilating because they know it is full of bills that they cannot pay. Those are the things that make "wage slave" life and "La Vie Boheme" suck like a toothless crack whore.But that being said, I do not find their lifestyle either aspirational or inspirational because no one is ever satisfied with what they have. The new money (as in movie stars, oil money, tech money ex: The Basses or the Wyatts or The Gates) wants desperately to be old money ( as in bootlegging, war profits, industrial exploitation of the masses ex: The Kennedys and The Astors). Old money wants to be royalty. And royalty is constantly preoccupied with its obsolescence and with finding meaning to life. The result is that no one enjoys the here and now. The wonderful life they presently have. And that is the grossness and lie of "aspirational" everything. It robs you of the beauty you have now in your hand by rubbing in your face all the things that you do not.I know that the last thing people interested in fashion want to read about is a psychological analysis of the socioeconomic strata but you cannot discuss the work of Michael Kors without dwelling in that psychology at least a little.Michael Kors (or as I call him The Duchess of Orange) is, like his colleague Ralph Lauren, a designer whose main inspiration and aspiration is the perceived life of the very rich. The polo matches. Summering in the Hamptons. Living on Park Ave. Shopping on Rodeo Dr. Sunbathing in St. Tropez. Sailing in a yatch to Mykonos.Yes, I read Gloria Vanderbilt's book "Little Gloria... Happy at Last" too. When I was 6. I know that there is a market for that because both Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren have made very good lives for themselves from doing just that and selling that illusion but personally I prefer the work o[...]

Inspiration Boards F/W 2010 : "Circus" and "In The Company of Wolves".


I have this uncanny knack for tapping into the cultural zeitgeist and predicting what ideas are going to be most influential as far as fashion trends for upcoming seasons.If you watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it's kind of what Druscilla did but just with fashion. I am not the only one. The jewelry designer at N2 for Les Nereides almost always releases a line with a theme that is going to be influential years laterand Grace Coddington does a fashion editorial that does the same thing:We are fashion oracles in a way... But hardly anyone notices.Fashion is influenced by everything around us. Although some of the more commercially driven people would like to think that they can reduce inspiration to a simple commercial algorithm or formula, you cannot. Fashion, like any other art is influenced by what the artists (in this case, designers) see and feel all around them. What is happening socially, politically, in other artistic fields such as music and movies. A theme,all of a sudden emerges from the collective artistic unconscious and you can see it everywhere. Lots of people thinking of the same thing.For S/S'10,the release of Tim Burton's highly anticipated "Alice in Wonderland" was a theme that echoed through many of next seasons collections, particularly Kinder Aggugini's:For F/W '10, I am feeling two different strong "ideas" influencing fashion. it all has a very Angela Carter (the writer) influence. She is a writer in the genre of magical realism and was the author of both, "A Night at the Circus" and the screenplay for Neil Jordan's "In the Company of Wolves".There is a movie that opens Friday called "Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant":that I think is going to be a huge inspiration. Turn of the Century Circus/Carnival/ Side Show is a theme that is all over popular culture and has been getting louder... Britney Spears just did a hugely successful tour based on that theme. A couple of years ago, America's Next Top Model did a photo shoot (probably the best in the history of the show, using the Victorian Carnival Side Show as it's inspiration:I think the dark romance and glamour of the Gothic Side Show and Carnival is going to be echoed all over the fall collections of F/W 2010...I also feel a bad moon rising... I also just mentioned Neil Jordan's movie "In the Company of Wolves". In the movie, which is absolutely visually exquisite the story of "Little Red Ridding Hood" is explored from a magical realism, post modernist and Freudian perspective. That pretty much describes all of Angela Carter's work actually...Well, turns out Leonardo Di Caprio is filming a Gothic adaptation of the same fairy tale:( and behold Vogue just did an editorial ( and I can put money down Grace Coddington had a hand in this) for Prada that was inspired by, you guessed it... Little Red Ridding Hood. From what I hear the editorial also inspired the Prada store windows at the recent "Fashion's Night Out":And a couple of years ago, N2 came out with this collection:Double, double toil and trouble;Fire burn, and caldron bubble. The 3 Fashion Divination Witches have spoken... stock up on red gingham and white rickrack...[...]

Designer Plus Sized Finds: La Grande Dame


As plus sized women we have for a long time not been able to find the same on-trend, high-quality designer apparel options that are available for straight-sized women.The tides are slowly starting to turn.A great online boutique called "La Grande Dame" ( specializes on high-end designer apparel for plus sizes with designer offerings including Marina Rinaldi ( the plus size division of Max Mara, often the clothes are the same but sized accordingly), James Jeans, Melissa Masse, David Meister and Central St. Martin's alumn, Anna Scholz. They have great basics and career and special occasion staples, specially for those of us who love luxury materials and great construction standards.Here are some great fall/winter finds from La Grande Dame:David Meister LBD, $308.00James Jeans Hunter straight-leg jeans,$207.00Melissa Masse Lapis Blue Leggings, $150.00Marina Rinaldi Taurus Leather Blazer, $785.00Marina Rinaldi Angora Coat, $869.00 (I have a beautiful Alpaca Marina Rinaldi coat in chocolate brown. It is really luxurious and decadent so I call it "my affluent coat"...LOL. It makes me feel like I am Mercedes Kellogg about to rush off to lunch with Oscar de la Renta)I love the 1920's flavour of this Marina Rinaldi sequined skirt ($440.00) and top ($271.00). The top would be gorgeous if worn with a leather or denim jacket and jeans too..I also really love the 1940's vibe of this adorable sequined Tadashi cocktail dress ($415.00). It would be wonderful with period platform pumps, a great pair of earrings and an Ava Gardner-esque hairstyle...As Tim Gunn said in his book Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style (Tim Gunn's Guide to Style), it is important for every woman to invest in high quality staples that are going to be go-to's in her wardrobe year after year.Even if your personal style runs to the eccentric and super-edgy like mine does, having great building wardrobe pieces allows me to be confident and ready for any occasion since I just have to style those "workhorse" pieces to suit my personality and style.For example this is how I styled a fairly basic body-con Marina Rinaldi LBD a few years ago for a photo shoot:Vivienne Westwood necklace, safety pin instead of an earring, dramatic make-up and a 'fro-hawk and the look was as edgy as the shoot and my punk-goth heart required.[...]

Frontiers Magazine Horror Fashion Editorial With Selene Luna


Frontiers Magazine, Southern California's oldest GLBT publication, recently published a beautiful Halloween-themed fashion editorial spread starring the fabulous Miss Selene Luna.At Fashion Sanity, we aim to promote and celebrate diversity in beauty and we love to see fierce, amazing, confident, incredibly talented, multi-faceted and self-assured women like Selene Luna breaking ground in fashion, entertainment and changing societal perspectives.Here is Selene Luna's bio from her facebook page:Selene Luna is a one-of-a-kind entertainer with a look and style all her own. At 3'10", Luna is a small package with a very big presence. She is a talented performer with timeless sex appeal that makes her equally viable as a vintage Hollywood glamour girl or a modern music video vixen. She is part burlesque star and part rock and roll queen. Luna is a performer who embodies the eccentricities of 1930's screwball comedies, combining a keen sense of comedic timing with smoldering sensuality. She is a larger than life personality, with a body of work as impressive as it is eclectic.Luna began her career performing among Hollywood's eccentric artist community. She cut her teeth performing in clubs and art venues, doing stand up comedy and acting in independent films. She quickly became a darling of Hollywood's underground scene. True to her roots, Luna has built a career performing in cabarets and burlesque, and is a well known performer in this scene. Miss Luna was a featured performer in the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, the internationally renowned troupe, which is the originator of the current burlesque revival. As the world's only little person burlesque dancer, Luna has performed internationally, has been the subject of numerous news features and documentaries, and has shared the stage with legends of burlesque such as Tempest Storm and Tura Satana. Luna's burlesque background has infused her performing style with a strong sense of theatricality, improvisation and comedy.Luna has crossed over to mainstream film, television and print work. She has worked with respected directors including Stephen Sommers, Dean Karr and Peter Berg. Her television work includes national Snapple and Cingular Wireless commercials, and music videos for some of musicʼs biggest acts including Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Crystal Method and Billy Talent.Miss Luna's striking look has taken her to the world of high fashion as well. She has been featured in numerous international fashion editorials. Luna has modeled the fashions of designers such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, and has posed for photographers David La Chappelle, Matthew Ralston and Austin Young, in addition to working on stage under the direction of legendary couture designer Thierry Mugler.In 2007, Miss Luna won critical notice for her featured performance in comedian Margaret Cho's Off-Broadway variety show, The Sensuous Woman. The New York Times called her "a polished spitfire," while NY Metromix praised her performance as "smart and endearing."Last year, Luna could be seen co-starring alongside Margaret Cho in Cho's new VH1 comedy series, The Cho Show. This coming year, Luna can also be seen in a supporting character role in Lionsgate's January release of My Bloody Valentine 3D and has a role in the new Crackle web series, Star-ving, opposite David Faustino. Luna has successfully performed two sold-out solo shows in Los Angeles, Pocket Venus and Say It to My Face! and is currently developing her one-woman and doing stand-up performances throughout California.Selene Luna has carved a niche for herself and continues to break the stereotypes of little people in entertainment. She is a comedic actress with sex appeal and leading lady flair. An up and coming presence in Hollywood, Luna continues to brin[...]

Beauty and the Buzzzzzz


I love honey in beauty products. Little bees gift us with one of the most delicious ingredients known in nature.Honey is composed of sugars like glucose and fructose and minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, iron and phosphate.It also contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3 all of which change according to the qualities of the nectar and pollen. Besides the above, copper, iodine, and zinc exist in it in small quantities in honey. Several kinds of hormones are also present in it. Approximately one half of the human diet is derived directly or indirectly from crops pollinated by bees. Today honeybees are an essential part of a healthy agricultural economy. Honey can also be good for your skin. It has the ability to attract water and is safe for sensitive skin. You can use it as a good and easy straight from the cupboard moisturizing mask for your skin as well as your hair. To use it as a conditioner, mix the honey with olive oil. Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly before you go outside.Famous Historical Honey Beauty Secrets: * Madame du Barry, the infamous last mistress of Louis XV, used honey as a form of facial mask, lying down for a rest while the honey did its work. * Cleopatra of Egypt regularly took honey and milk baths to maintain her youthful appearance. * It was said that Queen Anne of England used a honey and oil concoction to keep her long hair lustrous, thick and shiny. * It was claimed that another famous Englishwoman, Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, used her own secret recipe for a honey water to keep her hair beautiful. * Chinese women have a tradition of using a blend of honey and ground orange seeds to keep their skin blemish-free.There are several beauty products available in the market that contain honey and that I am currently loving:L'Occitane en Provence Honey and Lemon Delightful Cream. $36.00Lush Cosmetics Honey Trap Lip Balm. Honey vanilla buttercream frosting to moisturize miserably dry lips. $6.95 andHoney Bee Bath Bomb. Toffee and honey help calm and nourish skinSensitive skin not feeling so nice? "Oh, bother!" as Winnie-the-Pooh would say. Perhaps a Honey Bee bath bomb can help. With rich, nourishing Rhassoul mud from the Atlas mountains, healing aloe vera, toning sweet orange oil and soothing honey, it has you saying "all better" in no time. $6.15, both available at Lush stores worldwide and online.Softsoap Elements Milk Protein & Honey Moisturizing Hand Soap 7.5 oz. $2.59 at grocery and drugstores nationwide.MAC Naked Honey Moisturizing Body Wash. $19.50 at Nordstrom's and Africanimal Fragrance. Africanimal starts with ‘warm’ intense honey, citrus and a light floral accord; there is also an undertone of ‘spice’ (well-blended) and sheer unidentifiable ‘wood’. Honey is the star of Africanimal. Africanimal is “sweet” (not gourmand) but it’s not too sweet. As the fragrance dries down, there’s a lovely iced-oolong-tea-sweetened-with-honey phase and then Africanimal reverts to pure, piquant honey. $25.00. At MAC retailers nationwide and online at maccosmetics.comAll of this honey talk makes me think of Winnie-the-Pooh:[...]

Spanish Plus Size Fashion: Kanak Plus Sizes y Ole!


From the country that gave us such fun labels as Custo Barcelona, TOUS, and High Street staples Zara and MANGO, comes an edgy, fashion-forward and affordable new label:Kanak Plus Sizes.
They have a great collection of separates and are a wonderful new addition to the roster of labels that offer plus fashionistas the kind of clothes we want to wear.
Here are some examples:


I love this stuff! How come we cannot find clothes this cool in the US?

You can find Kanak on their WORLDWIDE SHOPPING site at:

VH1 Divas: Curves Reign Supreme


I was looking at some of the photos from the VH1 Divas shindig from earlier this year.My TV viewing time has not been focused much on stuff other than True Blood, Drop Dead Diva, Project Runway and So You Think You Can Dance.It was SO refreshing and so delightful to see that most of the divas were beautiful, confident, sexy and fashionable chicks in all colours of the Rainbow.Firstly the adorable former Torrid-model Miss Jordin Sparks:Then the OTHER pride of Burleson, TX (the first one is my beautiful daughter Sarah) the rockalicious Miss Kelly Clarkson:Then the always Fierce Effie of "Dreamgirls", the AMAZING and fearless Ms. Jennifer Hudson:And finally the flawless English songbird, the gorgeous Miss Adele :I love Adele's dress. That 1950's retro chic is just beautiful.It is so wonderful to see something other than the same steady diet of Rachel Zoe-styled, blank canvas, overexposed white skinny chick celebrities.These women truly rock![...]

CHOOSE LIFE or The Appeal of the Slogan T-shirt


A couple of years ago I fell in love with Henry Holland's cheeky fashion slogan t-shirts. I have the one that says "Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey":But the idea seemed familiar... Of course it did! I am a HUGE George Michael fan and I do forget a face and a name but I NEVER forget what people are wearing. What those cheeky House of Holland t-shirts were reminding me of was the "Choose Life" t-shirt that George Michael wore of the "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" video from my High School days:God... George was a sweet piece of delicious baklava...But where did those t-shirts come from? I mean Henners Holland was probably in his nappies in 1984 and Agy Deyn was still performing extremely cool cellular subdivision.Well I am reading this great book called THE FASHION CONSPIRACY: The Dazzling Inside Story of the Glamorous World of International High Fashion by Nicholas Coleridge and the book gave me the answer: it was Katherine Hamnett.Katherine Hamnett (like Henry Holland) built a brand on that George Michael t-shirt,and became the undisputed queen of the protest slogan t-shirt with thousands of imitators and celebrities wearing them everywhere as you can see in this photo of Boy George:The other day I was at H&M and I found a wonderful slogan t-shirt from a line that H&M did to support HIV causes and prevention : Not only is it a wonderful cause, they are right now on clearance for only $5!Here is a little more about Katherine Hamnett from an interview she did about her influence on '80's fashion, her philosophy and her line's re-launch:What was happening in the eighties fashion world?My clothes became unbelievably successful - beyond my wildest dreams. Menswear, womenswear, jeans, watches and of course, my slogan t-shirts.Sarah Mower said I was the most copied designer in the world - to the point where I had to consider designing something I would be happy to see copied.What eighties fashion did you introduce?I made protest slogan t-shirts a fashion, social and political staple.I also invented distressed denim, stonewash denim, stretch denim, parachute silk, garment dyeing, the crumpled look, military inspired sportswear, power dressing, leggings, lycra, jump suits, retro revivals and ethical and environmental clothing.You were a massive influence. Tell us more.I art directed killer ad campaigns. I discovered photographers such as Ellen von Unwerth, Jurgen Teller and Terry Richardson.My eighties fashion campaigns were the first for Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Nadia Auermaan and others.What drove the need for change?By 1989 I was bored with success. Something was missing.Buddhist philosophy talks about the need for 'right' livelihood (making a living without hurting anyone or anything). I thought I wasn't hurting anyone by making clothes but when I did the research I realised I was wrong.I discovered the fashion industry was responsible for a living environmental nightmare. (See 'Clean Up Or Die Essay') Millions of people in the garment sector were working in conditions of slavery.I was horrified and felt a moral imperative to do something.What did you do about this environmental catastrophe?From 1989 to 2003 I tried to change the industry from within. Forget it.From 2003 to 2007 I realised consumers care even if industries and politicians don't. Industries must sell but consumers don't have to buy. I decided to raise consumer awareness of issues in the clothing industry.On return from a 2003 Oxfam visit to Mali, having seen firsthand the devastating human suffering amongst conventional cotton farmers, I knew the solution was organic cotton.I decided to drive demand for organic cotton clothing and help conventional cotton[...]

I want my Shop-TV...


For a while, I have meant to write a blog on shopping for fashion and beauty on TV shopping channels, namely QVC and HSN.TV shopping is not what it used to be. Long gone are the days of just Diamonique jewelry, Precious Memories commemorative figurines and clothes that looked like a roll call of Grandma Agnes closet.Nowadays, you can shop some of the hippest names in fashion and beauty from the comfort of your couch (or bed) and in ANY size (a lesson brick and mortar retailers should take notes on). Another thing I LOVE about the shopping channels is that they use TRUE plus size models along with straight sized models, presented in an equally stylish way, so I can see what something would look like on someone built like me.It is of NO USE for anyone to show me a plus size garment on a size 6 girl because the garment would not look at all similar on a size 16, 20 or 22 woman. This is the reason why most plus catalogs suck. Marc Bower, Bob Mackie, Vivienne Tam, Bradley Bayou, Loulou de la Falaise, Shoshanna, Emmanuel Ungaro, industry veterans like Victor Costa and Nolan Miller and even Project Runway alumni such as Chloe Dao, Rami Kashou, and Laura Bennett are now selling their clothes through QVC and HSN.Accesories span everything from Sam Edelman shoes to Charm and Luck handbags and jewelry offerings feature for example Kenneth Jay Lane pieces at literally half the price of the upscale contemporary boutiques.As far as beauty products, you can find EVERYTHING. From YSL Touche Eclat to Kiehl's body washes.And the prices ARE better than at the brick and mortar retailers too.Here are some really cool examples:Erin Fetherston Blouse and Boyfriend Cardigan $49.50 each at QVC.comLoulou de la Falaise Metallic Foil Ring ($12.95) and Bracelets (29.95) at HSN.comRami Kashou for Curations One-shoulder Dress (on clearance, $69.90) at HSN.comTracy Reese dress, $89.90 at HSN.comKenneth Jay Lane Octopus Ring,$79.90 at QVC.comHello Kitty for Diamonique Deco Kitty Pave Ring (on clearance) 162.60 at QVC.comSam Edelman "Zoe" Leather Stud Boot, $325.00 at HSN.comVivienne Tam Printed Chiffon Kaftan, $49.00 at QVC.comM by Marc Bower Scarf Print Long Sleeved Knit Top, $39.78, QVC.comWD by Whiting and Davis Cinch Paisley Mesh Shopper, $249.90 at HSN.comAs you can see TV shopping has changed for the better. Now you can get an outfit and Xmas shop stylishly from the comfort of your couch. So get a cup of hot cocoa, cozy jammies, the plastic and the remote and avoid the mall crowds this season :-)[...]

Blogging Project Runway: Diamonds (on the Crotch) Are a Girl's Best Friend.


So here I am to dissect last night's episode of Project Runway. Said episode I think, broke new records of "fabulosity" and was exactly what little gay boys growing up in Topeka, KS (or little girls in Mexico City who think and feel like little gay boys) dream of when they fantasize about growing up and becoming designers.My grandma was a dancer. No, not a stuck-up ballerina in tutus. She was a mambo and cha-cha and showgirl type dancer in Mexico City in the 1940's and 50's. She danced with all the stars of the golden age of Mexican movies and even on tour with Josephine Baker. I used to just LOVE to go into her stuff and try on her old costumes of sequins and leopard and stuff when I was a little girl.When people would ask me what was it that I wanted to be when I grew up, I always used to pick the profession that would allow me to wear the largest amount of sequins possible. So my answer would be mambo dancer or mermaid.Later on and through many years of reading fashion magazines, studying fashion and art and through life experience, my taste and design aesthetic have broadened and expanded and I have developed an appreciation for much subtler sartorial statements, but God help me if I don't still swoon at a beautiful, intricately beaded piece of stagewear with feathers, rhinestones and pulling all the stops.My mom kind of favors both Cher and Sophia Loren. We used to watch the Sonny and Cher show in Mexico City at my Grandma Eve's house when we started getting cable TV from the US in the mid '70's.And we positively gasped when we saw the amazing Bob Mackie costumes Cher wore.When I saw the Bob Mackie Barbies, I almost died and went to heaven. Bob Mackie also (along with Robert Best who is a GREAT guy) is one of the best fashion illustrators in the industry. I worship his sketching skills. There was a guy in my class that could sketch almost as good as Bob Mackie. I was always green with envy. I am going to be extremely candid here. Just like with the Drag Queen and Diane Von Furstenberg challenges in past seasons, I think ALL of the designers and ALL of the creations missed the mark and were a missed opportunity to show the world their skills, and let their creativity run wild. NONE of the looks had the element of fierceness, imagination, fantasy and excitement that I look for in an unforgettable costume.Some were less bad than others but NONE told me a story. None made me catch my breath like Cher's Half-Breed costume or Madonna's Equestrian or Disco Inferno looks from her "Confessions Tour" did or her Jean Paul Gaultier finery from the Blonde Ambition tour. Even the costumes from Britney's "Circus" tour (done I think by the Blondes, David and Phillip, and Chris March) knocked my socks off. But last night? None of that. All I could think about was Christ, I wish Chris March would have been there for this challenge. He would have SCHOOLED these people.And Christina Aguilera as fashion ICON???? PUHLEASE!!!!Audrey Hepburn is a fashion icon. Cher is a fashion Icon. Madonna is a fashion icon. Katherine Hepburn is a fashion icon. Christina Aguilera is singer. One that can wail but that is that. She is actually known among other things for her LACK of taste and having to resort to vulgarity, so there you have it.Bob Mackie was a great judge. I think he was disappointed too at how mundane and unimaginative the looks were.But let's take a look, shall we?Althea:In my opinion this look was the best of the bunch as far as WOW factor. It still did not "say" anything and it still was NOT stagewear. This is a slightly over the top, red carpet look [...]

MAC's "Style it Black" Collection


I have been doing make-up for both stage and street since High School.
I have worked on everything from guys who wanted to dress up for Halloween, a cross dressing High School pageant where I made up my drama teacher to look like "Lucky Star" Madonna, impromptu photo shoots, friends going on dates, plays, dance performances, you name it...
How did I learn? Reading fashion magazines like a fiend, becoming friends with make-up artists at cosmetics counters far and wide, reading great make-up books such as Francois Nars', Bobby Brown's and Kevyn Aucoyn's, I took a stage make-up class as a Theatre Arts elective in University and experimenting with stuff. All kinds of stuff from Ben Nye to Wet n' Wild to Chanel to Benefit to Maybelline.
One day I discovered MAC and there was no turning back. MAC is like the perfect middle ground between stage/fashion make-up and everyday/real life product.
They always have and set the latest trends in color cosmetics and have the edgy stuff I love.
Plus there are several other things I love about them, like their awesome and progressive employment policies, the fact that they started out as a Canadian-based company and their commitment to helping people with HIV/AIDS through the MAC AIDS FUND one of the biggest and most established non-profits working on helping initiatives that focus on improving the lives of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS.

As a person, I go several ways with make-up because my life is multidimensional.When I work at a regular office for my day job , I keep it fairly basic, professional, minimalistic and natural. Tinted moisturizer + concealer, mascara, eyebrow wax, brown/beige shadows, light blush and neutral lipstick or lip stain. 5 minutes and I am done.

In my private life I have a lot of fun. Mainly in the form of much more theatrical looks favoring Gothic, Punk, Retro or downright fantasy influences.
I went to a Cure concert once in full Kabuki make-up and created a fairy princess look with metallic greens and blues for a night at the Opera. On most days it's actually Goth-light or some version of a Glam-retro look.

MAC just released a Goth-tastic new line called "Style it Black" collection.

It has beautiful dark metallic shadows, a dreamy black waterproof eyeliner and my favorite: pitch black matte lipstick.

I am taking a make-up class this weekend with MAC to further my make-up artistry skills. Some people just like to tell other people what to do. Others like to know how to and be able to do everything.

You can find MAC products at MAC counters all over the world, stand alone stores and on their website at:

Horror -Noir "Mystery In The Moonlight" Editorial: UK Harper's Bazaar November '09


Just found a fantastic fashion editorial spread on the November '09 issue of UK Harper's Bazaar.
It has an old-fashioned noir-horror comic book flavor and it stars none other than Claudia Shiffer who looks incredible considering she is around 93 in supermodel years.
The clothes are basic 1940's inspired pieces but what makes the shoot are her acting (she would make Mama Tyra proud!) and the graphics work.
I love the "Monster of the Black Lagoon" vibe of it all and the fact that Shiffer, and Linda Evangelista are still getting work and look just as good as they did in their heyday. There you have it for "age appropriateness"...

Urban Dandy Store, Big "A" Style: "The Executive Shop"


I went to meet a friend for lunch in downtown Atlanta and we decided to go to a great Jamaican restaurant on Walton St. called Calypso. The food (I had the coco bread, and the chicken curry with sides of carrot-raisin souffle and plantains) was wonderful.But it was next door that I discovered a jewel box of a men's clothing store.It is a little old fashioned establishment called "The Executive Shop" with some of the most attentive and nice salespeople you've ever met. These folks are real deal old school good people.The store is just plain fun.For a city supposed to be the cradle of Southern Belles and Church ladies, I have not found many places that sell great hats. I am very much a hat person and have a great hat face because I have great cheekbones (thank you Mom!). It is also not a secret that I wear a LOT of menswear. That is a style thing that I have been carrying around with me since my middle school "Seventeen" reading days. They had an editorial with a tall, amazonian, Princess Diana look-alike plus size teen model and a petite Marsha Brady baby clone showing all the trends of the season for both body types and since they could not find cool plus size clothes (surprise, surprise) they defaulted to menswear for the plus size chick. That led to me wearing my Dad's high school Bavarian lederhosen, his sweaters, shirts and especially his exquisite ties which I proceeded to shamelessly purloin. I can tie a tie better than my brother or cousins because I started wearing them younger. I have also a thing for quirky sterling silver cuff links (they smile when I go into the Thomas Pink store on Jermyn St. in London).I have not seen a single retailer of Phillip Treacy, Eugenia Kim or Stephen Jones.I had not even seen a good selection of Kangol or Greek fisherman's hats (a MUST for the yatchrock trend) anywhere.Low and behold The Executive Shop is NOT AT ALL what you would imagine. You will not find a stitch of Armani or Brooks Brothers uptight yuppy-boy tailoring in sight. It's all clothes that channel the inner Shaft, Superfly, Andre3000, Usher, Prince, Michael Jackson, Pedro Navajas and Tito Puente in men. If Andre Leon Talley decided to "butch out" or "go legit", "The Executive" would be the perfect spot.Don't get me wrong. The place is 100% pure old school urban dandy.They have a mind blowing selection of beautiful hats in all shapes and colors of the rainbow. A huge choice of Kangol's and Aegean authentic Greek fisherman's hats.And glorious, glorious men's shoes. They have everything from shoes that ring of Victorian or Vaudeville show spats to pointy brogues with animal prints to shoes with golden Dragons that would make Mark Dacascos, Bruce Lee or any man in a Kung Fu Blaxploitation movie shiver with delight the same way chicks do when they walk into Stuart Weitzman's.The stock is impressive and the prices reasonable. It is an Atlanta institution and has been dressing the smooth men of the ATL since 1965. And as I said the sales people and owner are just such nice people.Notice the sharp display window full of goodies including those spat shoes I fell in love with, the jade Andre3000 get up, the easter egg shades brogues and the of the moment MJ white gloves.The place is definitely a hat paradise. And actually men's hats are more flattering than women's hats...The absolutely glorious shoes...And the only thing that was missing to channel the King of Pop...The Executive Shop is located at 56 Walton Street Northwest • Atlanta, GA 30303.They DO have a w[...]

Vintage Trend: Yatchrock


I was watching Jimmy Fallon's show the other night and he was kind of promoting an under the radar trend that has been a guilty pleasure of mine: Yatchrock and its associated fashions.This might be the first time you hear the actual term yatchrock. But you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.Yatchrock is soft rock music from the late 70's and early to mid-80's exemplified by the smooth sounds of Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald... I am a punk rocker. My family and friends have never been able to understand this proclivity.This delicious retro trend has fashion styles for men and women associated with it.Men in vintage polo shirts, khakis, white linen pants and sports jackets, navy blazers with gold buttons...For women this fashion trend is a delightful throw to the best of the Dynasty-esque, Regan era opulence epitomized by vintage Austin Reed, Ralph Lauren, Escada, Mugler and Montana tailoring, vintage Ungaro, Valentino, Kamali, Fortuny and Halston cocktail and evening wear.... Here are some Ebay examples:Gorgeous Austin Reed Blazer (in a plus size)Vintage Fortuny-pleated dressVintage Halston Dress Escada Slouchy Cardi Montana Orange JacketTo make it fresh and new, this trend needs to be worn differently from in the 80's.The secret to a fresh-as-the ocean-breeze in the Bahamas Yatchrock look is to focus one one piece at a time and mix it with contemporary, minimalistic pieces. For example, a sharply tailored vintage jacket, boyfriend jeans, Repetto ballet flats and a perfectly cut, white t-shirt. All that with large statement earrings, cocktail rings and a glass of Pims and Lemonade or Kir Royale, perfumed with the scrumptious Coco Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique, Beach by Bobby Brown, or "Sea Air" by Demeter Fragrance Library... And "Ride Like The Wind" in the stereo... Cheers![...]

Fashion Movie Review: Chris Rock's "Good Hair".


I went this weekend to see Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair".I am a woman of color. Exactly what color is as much of a mystery to me as to whomever the onlooker is, because I am the definition of melting pot. I think every ethnic origin in mankind is represented in my lineage.One thing I do know. I definitely do not have "good" (see straight, blonde, silky white girl's) hair. And I am VERY self-conscious about it. My body? 100% confident about it. But my hair? The last bastion of something I do not like in my physical self.I have very curly, thick, dark hair.I have colored it in every natural and unnatural shade in the spectrum and have had everything from a Patty Labelle circa Lady Marmelade do, an assymetrical Salt an Peppa, a Sheila E, retro 40's styles, carvings made with clippers, 'fro hawks, A Bow Wow Wow to waist length hair... everything.More than a thin body, all my life I have longed for Marsha Bradyor Laurie Partridge hair. Ok.. Malibu Barbie hair..That cannot take place anymore than I can become thin because relaxing solutions would burn my hair completely and I certainly cannot afford thermal reconditioning.Chris Rock's documentary narrates and tells the story of African ( American, Canadian, Caribbean, British... ) women, their love/hate relationships with their hair and the billion dollar industry steamed by this complex self-image issue.I love Chris Rock and think he is a hilarious, incisive and actually extremely intelligent comedien.In this documentary he visits beauty salons, barber shops, beauty supply stores across the US and faraway locations such as India, where the "natural human hair" used for "weaves" or wigs comes from. He also explores the economic implications of the black hair business and exposes the fact that most of it is not African American but Asian and White owned, sometimes by powerful, multinational conglomerates like L'Oreal or Clairol.Some companies featured in the film such as Dudley and the Atlanta-based Bronner Brother's hair shows are African American owned.The film also explores the extent to which women go to maintain their hairstyles, the mind-blowing amounts of money they spend on it ( and I thought 120 bucks for color and cut was profligate. They have weave layaways and they run in the THOUSANDS of dollars), and the grandiose spectacle of major hair shows as well as the potential health risks associated with hair relaxing procedures because of the chemicals (such as Sodium Hydroxide) it uses.The documentary really made me think and strives to show women that self-esteem, humor and a little common sense would go a long way towards improving their relationships with their daughters, their finances, their men and specially the hair on top of our collective heads. [...]

Steampunk Accesories...


Yesterday I went to this really cool open air fall festival here in Atlanta. I met some really awesome people and was having a blast. Somehow the topic of Steampunk came up.I am a big fan of Gothic, Punk and Cosplay-inspired couture. But I really fell in love with the whole Steampunk aesthethic when I was doing research for one of my design projects in fashion school.Here is the definition of Steampunk Fashion:"Steampunk fashion" has no set guidelines, but tends to synthesize modern styles as filtered through the Victorian era. This may include gowns, corsets, petticoats and bustles; gentlemen's suits with vests, coats and spats; or even military-inspired garments. Often, steampunk outfits will be accented with a mixture of technological and period accessories: timepieces, parasols, goggles and ray guns. Even modern accessories like cell phones or music players can be found in steampunk outfits, after being modified to give them the appearance of Victorian-made objects. Aspects of steampunk fashion have been anticipated by mainstream high fashion, the Lolita fashion and aristocrat styles, neo-Victorianism, and the romantic goth subculture.And here are a couple of photos of steampunk looks:Personally I love the aesthetic. But like all alternative culture aesthetics it is difficult to wear on an everyday basis once one has left accepting open-minded environments such as the fashion industry (up to a point) or college.I think that one of the joys of fashion is injecting your look with your personality and expressing yourself creatively through your clothes and accessories.One of the best ways of marrying both worlds is to add a "teaspoon" of counterculture or trend to a more mainstream look.And the easiest way to do this is through the "judicious use " (I love quoting Tim Gunn) of accessories.I discovered an amazing shoe brand that makes absolutely delicious Neo-Victorian shoes called KronKron. Here are some of the stunning examples:I am so in love... plus the heels are actually reasonable!They can be found at recent Steampunk-ish discovery was Tallulah B. Jewelry...Her stuff is amazing. I had the chance to meet the designer yesterday at the festival and I instantly fell in love with her risque yet ladylike necklaces, earrings, corsage bracelets, sweater clips, cocktail rings...She has these lovely creations made of turn-of-the-century vintage finds and elements including watch casings. I swooned when I found her peepshow necklaces with "sexy" antique burlesque photos inserted into antique watch casings.Here are some examples:You can buy her lovely creations on her website or her Etsy store: how about adding this delicious handbag from Etsy ([]=tags&includes[]=title) to a jeans, t-shirt and vest look?This time of the year Gothic Victorian romanticism just feels so right...[...]