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The Jamison Family

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We're HERE!


We Made it! YAY! We are now officially residents of Dallas, TX! So far we LOVE it! We love our place...its small, but its nice. Brandon is ofiicially done with training and today is his first "real" day of work. Lets hope he likes it..haha! I still have a TON to do...but we are slowly getting unpacked and settled in. I think tomorrow we will venture out and go explore our new surroundings and have some fun! But like the last three days, today we will be sequestered in our apartment  trying to get things unpacked and back to normal! Wait...I have two crazy kids...this might take longer than a day........



in a million years would I have EVER believed that I would actually LIKE to work out.....NEVER!.....BUT ever since Brandon signed us up for a gym membership I have forced myself to go since we are PAYING for it...and I didn't want to waste the money. AND I have never stuck with working out long enough to actually start SEEING I am about a month later....and I LOOK FORWARD to when I get to workout...the kids LOVE the Kid's club......and I am seriously SEEING my body change for the better! I feel like once I started seeing the results I have been addicted! Its amazing to me that once you start working out on a regular basis no matter what you might actually look like you start  to feel SO MUCH BETTER about yourself and the way you look! Many of you probably are already know this, but since I have never stuck with it long enough to start enjoying it I have never felt this way... the light bulb has FINALLY turned on for me and I am loving it!



Here we GO again....

Brandon has accepted a job with Culligan Water and we are moving to..........DALLAS!!! We are so grateful for this WONDERFUL opportunity! It is a great position and we are  looking forward to a little stability in our lives! We will be moving the  second weekend in October....and STILL have no clue WHERE in Dallas we will be living! I am hoping we can figure that out in the next couple of weeks! We were laughing the other day because I was telling Brandon that I was lookig forward to moving.....and he was like "ya...we have stayed put for WAAAAY too long...." haha....I guess we have just become accustomed to moving every 6-8 months that it has been kind of weird being in ONE place for a year. But I think we are finally ready to put some roots down somewhere. The not so fun part?......the packing.......the cleaning.....pretty much ALL BY MYSELF....with two kids. Brandon is traveling to train Monday through Friday from now until we move! Its gonna be a busy...lonely month! AND so it begins....



Cooper Steven is Our little Blessing

We FINALLY blessed Cooper on Sunday. We kept putting it off this summer thinking some of Brandon's family would be here for it, but they didn't end of making it down, so we went ahead and did it Sunday. The blessing was really sweet, and of course he looked very handsome. I think there is just something so special about your baby all dressed in white looking so pure and innocent as of course they are. It is such a beautiful occasion. It also reminds me of how grateful I am that Brandon is a worthy Priesthood Holder and has the abiltiy to bless our children. Later we made a yummy dinner to share with our friends and celebrate having little Cooper in our life! It was a good day!



POP-POP came to VISIT!!!Brandon's Dad came to visit us in June and we had a GREAT time with him, Tessa just soaked it all up! We don't live near any when Pop-Pop came to visit she coldn't get enough of him! She had lots of fun playing with him and gettng lots of extra attention and it was really nice to have an extra set of hands around here to help too!  We had a busy weekend while he was here; Brandon and him worked on his Mustang and got it running really good, he took us shopping, went out to eat, he made us lots of yummy food, and Brandon and him did their FAVORITE thing EVER.....FISHING. We played  and played and played! When he left we felt sad that we don't live close to  grandparents or aunts and uncles. She enjoys it so much when they visit! Hopefully we can SOMEDAY!!! Tessa Opening her gift from Pop-Pop!Its was a manget Puzzle...She played with that thing for DAYS!           Just our little Coop man stretching waking up from his nap to meet his Pop-Pop!    Getting ready to go to the Park with Pop-Pop! She is just too excited!  Playing with Pop-Pop at the park! Swinging is one of her FAVORITES! cream!She just LOVES her baby!Sidewalk chalk with Daddy!She pretty much had a smiled planted on her face ALL weekend!Saying Bye-Bye to Pop-Pop the morning he left! Come back SOON![...]



Tessa turned 2!!!!Her birthday was May14th. I know it was a long time ago...but I got a lot of catching up to do. We didn't have a big party planned...but I wanted to make it special for her. So Brandon took off a day of work and we spent it doing things that Tessa would LOVE. She is really into farm animals...So we took her to a neat place called Oil Ranch. It has farm animals, a train you can ride, and bouncy houses. She had a BLAST!! She got to ride her first PONY, and couldn't get enough of the chickens. She especially loved feeding the Horsies and kept hugging their noses and would say, "oooh...I Love you".Then we came home and ordered her a pizza(her fav) and let her enjoy a couple cupcakes. This girl LOVES her sweets...So she pretty much thought she died and went to Heaven. She opened up her presents..and played with her new toys the rest of the day. It was a pretty low-key birthday, which was nice considering I had just had a baby 10 days before. But I think we made it a special day ALL about HER!A couple days later we had some friends over for cake and ice cream and sang her Happy Birthday... By this time she was getting a hang of the whole blowing out the candles thing...and blew out her candles in ONE breath. All in all I think Tessa enjoyed turning 2...and can't wait to have a birthday again![...]



After Baby......I know that I am a HORRIBLE blogger...I want to be better...but I can't promise I will be:) SO lets get on with the update....Let me preface by saying that I feel really guilty that I haven't taken as many pics of Cooper as I did with Tessa the first couple months of life...I need to repent and do better. Sitting down to do this update has made me realize this I HOPE the guilt and pressure  of this fact will improve my picturing taking skills!I have a few pics of when Cooper was FIRST brought home...but in EVERY pic I look like a WHALE... SO I am not going to post too many of those. I will go in order of the events that I have ACTUALLY captured on camera....First being Tessa meeting Cooper for the first timeTessa was very needy and cuddly when she first came in the room so it took her sec to actually notice the baby. But when she did she was VERY interested!     We were able to capture the look on her face when she first saw him...priceless. Its been a LOVE affair ever since! She sure LOVES him to pieces, She has the typical sibling relationship with Cooper. She LOVES LOVES LOVES him and asks for him every morning and is always saying, "Hewo Bwatha...How are you?" and "Ooooooh...I WUV you Bwatha" He gets LOTS of slobbery kisses and smothering hugs. She likes to help feed him is bottle and play with him on his play mat...and loves to give him his binky(even if that means she has to take it out of his mouth first...So SHE can give it to him.haha) BUT...she also LOVES to pick on him. I think she does that more to push MY buttons! She is my little sassy stinker I shouldn't expect ANYTHING less:)                                                                                                                                                                             It was nice to spend some one and one time with little Cooper in the hospital.  I will cherish those moments when it was JUST him and I and daddy. Here we are taking our little man home....this is when the REAL fun ALL begins..hahaThis is Cooper's first sponge bath at home...As you can see Tessa loved to take care of "her" baby as I took care of "mine". Our first few weeks were kind of rough for me. I had a great delivery but due to some side effects of my fast delivery...I had a REALLY rough recovery. So unfortunatly not a lot of pics were taken. I was just trying to feel better so I could take care of my new baby and hyper toddler. I think I also had a case of the baby blues the first month. But FINALLY after about six weeks things started going great...we got into a routine...Cooper was sleeping better...Tessa was adjusted...I was feeling good.....and life started feeling really sweet. I have LOVED having Cooper in our family...and have so enjoyed watching how he has brought so much love and sweetness to all of us...especially getting to watch Tessa be a loving big sis and see how much fun she has with him. Before you have two kids it just doesn't seem possible to love anyone as much as y[...]

Our little MAN has ARRIVED!!!


Cooper Steven Jamison is HERE!!! He was born Monday, May 3, 2010. I had such a wonderful and easy labor. It all went so was kind of crazy. There really isn't a lot to the delivery story.... I was induced, so I showed up to the hospital at 6:30... and  was already dialated to a 4, which of course helped things to move along so fast.  They started me on the pitocin and then broke my water around 7:15. I had about 5 really tough contractions and got my epidural....which is was PURE heaven. I love that thing! By 9:30 and I was fully dialated. I couldn't push right away because my doctor was in surgery with another patient. He got there  around 10 and after pushing through only 6 contractions Cooper was here at 10:15! He weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. I couldn't have wished for a better labor and I couldn't be happier. 
He is just SO cute has been so wonderful  so far. I am just LOVING having a tiny little baby again! Here are some pics from our little man's  first day!



I decided I needed to post before Cooper gets here...cause then it might be a while! I am being induced on Monday the 3rd!!!! I am so excited to meet our little boy and squeeze his face! April has been fun! We had a good Easter...Enjoyed Watching Conference at home, Enjoyed a Yummy dinner with the Hoopers and TOO many easter egg hunts! It was a great weekend! The rest of the month has been busy preparing for Cooper to arrive! I am DONE with everything I needed to purchase and set up for now! It feels good to know that now I can sit back and relax and look forward to his arrival!This is the best pic I have of my belly..not the greatest..but I am 37 weeks here!Karlee Hooper and Ashley Buchanan threw a SUPER cute shower for me last week! We had a great showing and I recieved SOO many nice gifts! I am too lazy to do the post myself so I just copied and pasted her blog post about it! ITS A BABY SHOWER!!!Amanda is due to have her little man ANY DAY now so of course since its her first boy, we had to throw her a little shower last week. Thanks to Ashley for helping out and also letting us use her house for the night, I think things turned out good!As favors, we set up this candy bar. Let me tell you, it was NOT easy finding "blue" candy but we did it and now have PLENTY leftover!Amanda is NOT allowed to change his name now since we've made it OFFICIAL at the shower!These water bottles were jazzed up a little with a new label.Instead of your normal finger foods, we went for a "mashed potato bar" instead. It was different and fun (thanks for letting me steal your idea Aunt Aundrea).We had all kinds of toppings (i.e. brisket, shredded beef, cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, broccoli, etc) and had them put in these little margarita glasses (yes, I now have a major collection of margarita glasses but they'll be fun for future parties).Then instead of your usual cupcakes or cake, Ashley had the idea of doing these chocolate molten cakes from Costco that she worked her butt off trying to find! We used more than what is displayed here but you get the picture.And OF COURSE Amanda scored with LOTS good gifts for her little Cooper!Now, she's set, ready and now just waiting anxiously for him to make his debut!!!!Thank you so much for all you did to make it so wonderful and so fun! You are the best!![...]

We're BACK!!!


We are BACK! Brandon had an AMAZING experience in Haiti...and I would NEVER do it justice so I will have him post pictures and tell his experiece. I had a really great time back home in Seattle. I did HORRIBLY with taking pictures, so I only really have a few. But we stayed busy and really enjoyed spending time with my siblings and Tessa had a good time with her cousins. The plane ride actually went pretty well. The DVD player was a LIFE saver. I got really lucky and ALL but one plane trip Tessa was able to have her own seat strapped in to her car seat. That MADE all the difference. Since we have been home it seems like we have had one thing after another to deal with, but I think FINALLY we are going to be able to get back to normal everyday life. and  I couldn't be happier about that!!!We have been able to do a couple fun things though since we have been back. Before Brandon left for Haiti he surprised me with tickets to the Houston Rodeo and KEITH URBAN concert! Can I just tell was SOOOO much FUN! I love the Rodeo! We had no clue what was going on at first...or what it meant to be "good" at any of the events....but we caught on quickly! I could totally get used to living in Texas and getting into the Rodeo and cowboy thing! And the Concert was GREAT! I love Keith Urban So i was super excited about it! He did not disapoint! Thanks Babe for such a fun night....Nothing beats a date night with your hubby doing something new and fun! Last night in the spirit of St. Patrick's day I made a "green" dinner and had the missionaries over to  enjoy it with us! I love to be festive and do something that makes holidays like this a little more fun! I did this last year too, and have decided that I will make it a tradition EVERY year! In other good news, I was able to have an ultrasound today...and our tech did it in 3D for FREE! It was SOO fun to get to see Cooper's little face. I think he looks EXACTLY like tessa did as a newborn! Tessa was FREAKING out when the tech was using the wand on my belly. She was feeling VERY protective of me! I though it was pretty sweet....  Thats all for us for now...but I will be sure to have Brandon post soon![...]



 Where in the WORLD is my HUSBAND!!!
I am going through some SERIOUS husband withdrawls! I don't know HOW wives and families of the military do it!!! Brandon is in Haiti with an organization called Hands On Disaster Response. He will be there until the 10th! I am really missing him! We don't get to talk much, mostly emailing and a few texts. Our stinkin' cell phone company charges $1.99 a minute to I don't get to hear his voice! Its pretty hard actually, to know your husband is in a THIRD WORLD country that has been completely destroyed and NOT get to talk to him on a regular basis!
When Brandon booked his trip, I booked a trip back home to Seattle! I leave tomorrow. Its a SIX hour plane trip...I have a HUGE belly and Tessa will be a lap child! Wish me some SERIOUS luck! I will update Next week with pictures from Brandon's trip and mine!!!



Will it EVER end???I swear our family has been sick with 20 different versions of a cold or virus for the last 2 months!!! It all started back in December with Brandon being sick for 3 weeks and then Tessa getting pneumonia...after that is history. So, though I FEEL like I haven't gotten out of this house  AT ALL we have managed to do a couple fun things. Our ward had a fun little Valentine's Party for the play group and Tessa LOVED it. Her favorite part of course was the cooking EATING....I tried to get her to enjoy the DECORATING of the cookies...but that wasn't happening. Another play group activity was going to the Children's Museum here. SO fun. They have a WHOLE floor of really fun things JUST for toddlers. We will DEFINITELY be going back. Because we have been so sick we have tried to have some fun in the house. Tessa has really begun to enjoy dress-up and taking care of her baby. She loves to feed the baby and ESPECIALLY put the baby Night-Night....That feeling can be mutual..hehe. When she is not playing she pretty much just wants to eat her "snacks". I am a little worried...its becoming her obsession. She RUNS to the fridge and yells SNACK over and over again until I get her something. And if I let her stand by the fridge when it is open...I can pretty much GAURANTEE a tantrum because she DOES NOT want me to shut the fridge door. She likes to stand there FOREVER deciding what it is she would like to eat. LUCKILY she is really into Fruit and I don't think she will get TOO chubby from this new habit... [...]




I am so grateful to be married to such a loving, giving, FORgiving, hardworking, Handsome Husband and Father! I look forward to an ETERNITY with MY VALENTINE!! Love you babe!!!! thanks for ALL you do for us!!!



I have a daughter is moving beyond being sassy in a cute braty. I hate to say it but she really is. I am hoping its just her age and that she will grow out of it, but in the mean time I want to rip my hair out! She throws HUGE tantrums over EVERYTHING. If she doesn't get HER way....just like she wants it...look out. You can expect her to begin SOBBING, throw herself on the floor and then she will gets this look on her face of SERIOUS anger. Which she then will walk right up to my face and HIT me. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! I refuse to have the child that thinks she can act that way, and get away with it. I WILL NOT have a spoiled bratty girl. My dilemma is that I don't know the best way to punish her for this behavior. I don't feel like she totally understands time out. When I put her in time out she gets up and if I hold her down it escalates the situation big time. I also don't want to spank her because I feel like that defeats the purpose in me telling her she can't hit me. If i ignore her hitting I fear it will get worse. SO I need some advice on what worked for any of you. She is 20 months going on 16 and I just hope that I can get this all under control, as much as possible, before I have a crying infant needing my attention as well. update


So I am probably the LAMEST blogger to EVER walk the earth...and.....I don't really have a good excuse. It seems a little daunting to think about going back and updating ALL that we have done in the last six IM NOT going to. I will do a quick update of Halloween and Christmas, and thats all. But I will update you on where we are and what we are doing.We have moved to Houston Texas. Brandon has decided he wants to get into Pest Control and eventually open his own. We moved down here to work with a Pest Control company to gain the experience and funds necessary to open our own. We moved down here in October expecting to work for a company called Source Pest Control, but after we got here some MAJOR drama happened and NOW we are working for Kent and Karlee Hooper's new Pest Control company STAMPEDE. We are excited to be apart of their FIRST year of business and are looking forward to what this year will bring our family and what doors will open next.We are expecting our SECOND!!! I am six months pregnant with a baby BOY!!! We are due May 9th and couldn't be happier! Things are getting pretty busy with Brandon starting work and I taking care of Tessa Bessa and preparing for our baby boy! Hopefully I will improve DRAMATICALLY in the blogging department! Here is to a NEW beginning!Halloween Christmas in Maryland [...]



So we have been MIA for a while now....we have A LOT going on that has kept me from really wanting to blog...BUT updates are coming soon.

On the Move again.....


So.....we are leaving Tucson this weekend.....and I must say I am REALLY excited about it! We are going to the Maryland office to sell because it just makes our lives easier. The office we are selling in right now is moving to New Mexico and everyone will be done in September and our plan is to sell through Oct or Nov. We always planned on locating to MD after the summer instead of potentially three moves....we will have just one.....which makes it MUCH better for us. Let me tell you Two cars...a dog and a baby plus all our stuff makes for a BIG move so it will be nice to be able to stay put for 6 months or more. I think we are leaving tomorrow or sunday. I am NOT really looking forward to the 34 hour drive....but I AM looking forward to being on the east coast and out of this INSANE heat. And not to mention trips to the favorite!!!

Oh and we also got to make a little weekend trip to Grand Canyon last week.....and it was AMAZING....when you are there it doesn't even seem real! It was breath-taking....Totally worth the 5 hour drive it took us to get there! We decided that NEXT time though, we are going to come with older kids and go camping and do the whole shebang! There's not a lot to stay and do with a baby. But It was really nice to get to spend some time with our WHOLE family for a couple days after Brandon had been gone for over a week packing up our stuff! .....and I STILL don't have a camera so there are no we had to be ghetto and use a disposable camera to document our trip! I know......lame.....but if I find a way to get them on the computer...I will post them! I better get packing.....

Its official!!


So tomorrow its official that we are No longer residents of Rexburg, Idaho! I NEVER thought I would feel this way but I am REALLY sad about it. I have grown to LOVE Rexburg so much. I am one of the few people who looked FORWARD to the never-ending snow. I LOVED my really was my HOME in every sense of the word. I know in my mind that we needed to move on and start the next chapter in our lives.....but my heart is sad that we couldn't stay. I am really trying to be positive about the future and be excited about whats to come.....but right now its hard. I think what makes it difficult is not really knowing where we are going next. We are looking for a job pretty much anywhere. The areas we are really open to are Maryland, Washington, Denver, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. It's hard to go from having a HOME to feeling transient and not having a CLUE whats next. I have to say though, that I am grateful we sold our house so quickly and that we actually get to MAKE some money.....more than most can say.....and this IS what I wanted.......I just don't think I knew how hard it would be. So this week is going to be hard......its all feeling bitter-sweet. So, I will take a few days to cry about it.....and then I will GET OVER IT and be happy for what our future will bring!!

Fun to be ONE!!!


Our Tessa Messa Bessa is ONE! I cannot believe it! She is getting TOO big! She is walking now, and is ALWAYS on the go! You can tell she feels like a really big girl. When she first started walking she would stop after a few steps, get a HUGE smile on her face and start clapping! We are really proud too! Once she started walking it felt like we went from having a baby to having a toddler! They get BIG so fast! Her Birthday was on the 14th. My mom was able to fly in from Seattle for her birthday, which was really nice since we don't live around ANY family right now, and we are just starting to get to know the people in the office here. I had ALL KINDS of plans for her special day........but Camden(our dog) ran away right as we were leaving to start the festivities. SO we searched for a while and then decided that since we had a micro-chip placed in his back, someone would turn him in and we would get notified. (Some of you already know that camden ran away a few days before that on MOTHERS DAY! and because of that we skipped all our plans to search for him) We decided that we weren't going to let that happen again and ruin Tessa's first Birthday! We went to Lunch, and were headed off to a splash park/toddler pool when we got a call that Camden WAS turned in and that we could come pick him up. BY THE TIME we got him and went through all the stupid steps to get him OUT of there it was 4. SO much to my dismay we TURNED right back around and headed home. We decided to open some of her presents and then we went to the pool at our apartment Complex. Which she still LOVED and we had a great time too. After the Pool we sang to her and let her enjoy her cake! SHE LOVED IT. She seriously ate more than half of it! Brandon took it away from her because he thought she was going to get sick. She would have kept going if she had the chance! Once she was all WASHED up from that mess, she opened the rest of her presents. She was pretty overwhelmed by all the new toys......but after a few days of playing with them has decided she can handle it! Here are some pictures from her special day! Opening Presents: Having FUN in the Pool with Daddy(her favorite person):Having her Cake, and eating it too;) The DAMAGE:Clean UP I decorated Her Corner where her highchair is and had a lot of fun doing it! I loved all the hot pink and I wanted her to feel like a princess while she ate her cake. She also, to my delight, kept her Birthday hat on for presents and cake! She cooperated nicely....which made me really happy! We had a GREAT day all in all, and although things didn't go EXACTLY like I planned, she had fun........and thats what REALLY matters!!!! [...]



We put our house up for Sale in April.....and it SOLD!!! We close on June 5th! Everything is going Smooth so far! We are SOOO BLESSED! Now we are ready for our Next Adventure.....whatever and wherever that might be;)

Trip to Minnes"O"ta


In April I went to visit Jenn, My BFF since 13 in Minnesota where her and her cute little family live now. We had a GREAT week, we did LOTS and LOTS of shopping. Which in my a PERFECT week. I hadn't seen Jenn in over a year, and she hadn't met Tessa yet. SO I thought it would be TONS of fun to make a surprise visit. The surprise went pretty smoothly. Her Husband Adam kept our secret for OVER a month. She didn't have a clue until the night before. Adam told her to have the house clean the next day.....that got the wheels turning in her head and she decided she MUST be getting a VISITOR....but thought it would be her mom. SO at LEAST she was surpised that it was not her mom, but ME and TESSA!!! It was a really fun week, we TALKED and TALKED, ate out, hung out with our girls, and SHOPPED until we DROPPED! It was a blast....I LOVE that girl...and fell in love with her little Sadie that week too! I missed Jenn So much......she is one of the few people on this earth that REALLY know me! So it was really nice to spend some time with her. Thanks Jenn for letting us drop in for a week, and Thanks Adam for putting up with us, and keeping our secret!!!! Here are some pics!!

Trip to Minnesota





So we are back from our 2 week adventure of Visiting Maryland and surprising my BFF Jennifer in Minnesota. But Like I said, we had no camera. BUT the good news is she got one and we were able to take pictures in Minnesota. SO when the cd she sent me with the pictures arrive I will FINALLY be posting something fun! Sorry I've been so lame. But I would say having no pictures to post is a pretty good excuse. So hopefully soon, I will update my blog!

We're OFF!


We are headng off to Maryland today to see Brandon's family! It is ALWAYS so fun to go back east. We love that part of the country, and we are really excited to see some REAL trees for a few days. Tucson is beautiful, but we are really starting to feel a little dehydrated being in the desert surrounded by a bunch of cactus and dirt! I don't think I have SEEN grass YET! Anyways I probably wont have any pictures from our trip because the other day Tessa and I went to the pool and I brought the camera over to the side of the pool and sat it next to the towel because I knew I wanted to take some pictures of Tessa playing in the water. Well I got an important phone call about our house(its for sale), and while I was trying to talk, Tessa kept trying to drown herself by dipping her face in the water over and over. I took her out of her floatie and put her in my lap and before I could do anything about it she pulled the towel in the pool and the camera went with it! Needless to say, I am little upset about it, this is our third camera we have gone through since we have been married(yep..thats about one a year) so I don't know if we are going to get one soon! We are obviously a little irresponsible about cameras. BUT I am going to try and work my magic on Brandon to get one soon! Tessa's birthday is coming up in ONE its kind of a neccesity!
Man that was quite the ramble......MY POINT is that we will be having fun in Maryland and we won't have any pictures to put on our blog to prove it! Sad day:( OH well! See ya'll in a week;)

Tessa's first Easter!


(warning: long post and there are a lot of pictures)We had a great Easter! Tessa had a pretty fun day! I might have had more fun than her, but I think she would say she enjoyed it too! She woke up to a Basket that was filled with the stuff she likes! It took her a while to find it! I wanted her to find it on her own so we just let her take her time until she noticed it! When she noticed it, she had a pretty good time seeing everything the Easter Bunny left her! She got some new board books, a baby einstein video, PJ's, but i think her MOST favorite was her Peeps, and Her BUNNY! She is starting to LOVE stuffed animals. She drags them around hanging out of her mouth as she crawls around the house! Its pretty cute! SO we knew it would be a hit!( I mean the "easter bunny" knew;)) She pretty much devoured the peeps, and carried the chocolate bunny in her mouth as she crawled around the house! It was funny! I though it would be fun to color eggs so we attempted it....but silly me forgot to get vinegar, so only a few turned out! While we were doing that we put Tessa on the table so she could "participate" but she opted for just continuing to eat her peeps! Is that really all it takes to make her quiet and happy???.....I will be buying a stash of those for moments when I need them! And all you mom's know what i am talking about:)We went to or new ward today, and she made it very difficult to pay ANY attention today, she was bouncing of the walls........MY fault, I know! I guess her perfect behavior when she was eating the sugar-filled peeps was just the lul before the storm;) Even though she was naughty She still looked so cute with daddy after church, so I just HAD to take a picture of them. I though she looked adorable in her dress so we took some pics of her so we can all "ooh" and "aww" over her cuteness! or maybe just so I can!Brandon got me these Irises, which are my fav, and I guess Tessa's too. So much so, that she decided she should eat them....mmmmm tasty!Later we went to the park and put Tessa on the swings! She really loved it! Its so much fun to be able to see your kids experience things for the first time! be an innocent little child again! It really is so sweet to see them enjoy the simple things in life!We ended our Easter with a ham dinner and of course funeral potatoes. And finished it off with strawberry shortcake(my FAVORITE summer dessert)! We had a great Easter Sunday, the only thing missing was our extended family! Maybe next year![...]