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Birthday Celebrations


With the arrival of Paxton I wanted to keep things simple for Jack's birthday. We had a little party at his school and then celebrated at home as a family on his actual birthday. A few weeks before his birthday we were facetiming with my mom and nephew. Mason was talking about how he was going to have a ninja turtle birthday party. Jack decided that is what he wanted to. Even though, he doesn't watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I thought he would forget about it, but he was pretty insistent. So, I picked up TMNT plates, napkins, and cupcake toppers for his class party.Jack was so excited about his party at school that he hardly napped and when we arrived for his party he was the only kid awake. We had to keep telling him to be quiet until his friends woke up.On his actual birthday I decorated a little the night before and when he woke up he got to open up a rocket shirt to wear and then we went on a donut date.When Ty got home, he opened presents and had cake. Paxton dressed for the birthday theme! [...]

toddler backpack


Jack was gifted this seersucker backpack for his first birthday by my sister. We keep it stocked with quiet activities and snacks to keep him entertained during church. This has become extremely important to us in the last couple of months as Jack has developed an irrational dislike of bible hour and has been sitting in big church with us. He loves going to class before big church, but one mention of bible hour and he gets hysterical. Toddlers are weird.

The most important thing we put in his church bag is Smarties. There are none pictured above, because I don't dare show them to him. He would eat as many packages as he could. It is the first thing he looks for each Sunday morning.

Other items that keep him quiet, pictured left to right:
And by quiet, I mean they each buy us about 30 seconds of peace. ;)
  • Bible--doesn't really keep him quiet, but he is proud of it.
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow--These are reusable and are perfect for road trips, airplanes, restaurants, church, etc.
  • Melissa & Doug Color Blast--The marker only marks on the paper and not on the church pew, etc. Jack doesn't have markers at home, so I think these are special treat for him.
  • Tegu Magnets--These wooden magnets are so much fun and I love that they come in a convenient carry case.
You can buy an adorable seersucker toddler backpack just like Jack's at Peekawhoo and use the code LAUNCHLK for 20% off. (Code good through July 31.)

Peekawhoo! New website!


I love giving gifts, viewing gift guides, etc. I'm the girl at the shower that genuinely wants to see every present opened. I think it's so fun!My love of gifts (and shopping!) has me so excited for the grand opening of the new Peekawhoo website! I'm even more excited that Peekawhoo is offering all of you 20% off anything on the site with the code LAUNCHLK. (The code expires July 31.)If you are looking for a baby or toddler gift (or even something for yourself!), then visit Peekawhoo!They sell so many of my favorites for Jack and Paxton! We are pretty obsessed with the bunnies, but we also love these backpacks and this gown. Jack has the navy backpack and we use it as his church bag and carry his snacks and quiet toys and coloring books inside. It is adorable with his name on it! I think I'll be ordering Jack the matching dopp kit!Paxton looks pretty cute in his gown! I love gowns for those first months. They make middle of the night diaper changes so easy.How perfect are these scrubs as a gift for your favorite nurse or doctor's new baby?! Kelley, the owner of Peekawhoo, generously sent these scrubs as a gift for Paxton. They are so soft and there are snaps at the neck to make it easier to get the top on.  I'm off to place an order for a dopp kit for Jack and a few special gifts for others! Don't forget to use the code LAUNCHLK for 20% off through next Friday! [...]

Paxton, one month


Paxton,I'll be honest, I was viewing this newborn stage as something we just needed to get through to survive and get to the more fun stages, but you, little one, have made me change my mind. I am loving every snuggle, sound and even little newborn cry, as I know it will all change too fast.You are such a good baby. Since day one you have been a good eater and a calm baby. You rarely cry or fuss. My favorite time with you is right after you have nursed and you pass out on my chest while being burped. You have started to have more awake periods, but mostly you sleep. You like to lay on the ground. You move your arms and legs like crazy. You also love to lay on my bathroom counter top and look in the mirror. You like to be snuggled close in the wrap, which is good, because sometimes wearing you and tending to Jack is necessary. You love to tuck your legs in close like a frog. I love those frog legs!Jack loves you, and asks to hold you, but only for very short periods of time. He has too much energy to stay still long.Eating: every 2.5-3 hoursSleeping: waking every 2-3 hours to eat; you sleep in the rock 'n play in my bedroom; daddy has been working nights, so it's just you and me in there.Stats: At your two week appointment, you had surpassed your birth weight and were doing good. Clothes/Diapers: Newborn for bothLikes, Dislikes, Milestones, etc:You don't seem to like the pacifier. You tolerate it sometimes.You also don't seem to care too much about whether you are swaddled or not. This is way different from Jack who needed to be swaddled and have a pacifier.You went on your first big trip to visit family.You celebrated your first Father's Day and Fourth of July. We can't forget Jack's birthday too!Since I'm writing this a little late, (6 weeks) I already know some of what the next month holds for us and it's all good! We love you and are so glad you are ours!Love,Mommy [...]



Jack,Happy birthday to my big three year old! I feel like I blinked and you became a big boy overnight. The biggest change happened in the last few weeks--you became a big brother! You have adjusted relatively well and love baby Paxton. You give him short spurts of attention and then move on to the next thing. You are a pretty busy boy!You love to be outside and ride your tricycle around the neighborhood. You love, love, love it when Daddy gets home from work. You stick to him like glue and don't give him a moment of peace. And he loves it! You are truly the highlight of every day. You love to wrestle, play tag, and hide and seek. Your daddy will make a bird call when he is hiding to help you find him. You have started doing this when it's your turn to hide. It's hilarious. When you play tag or really any time, you will stick your hands out behind you and yell robo powers or turbo powers or super powers. You use them all interchangeably, but it apparently gives you an extra boost! You have really started pretending and more often than not want us to call you a character from one of your favorite shows. We frequently role play with Mike the Knight, Miles from Tomorrowland, and recently Dash from The Incredibles. Daddy and I are always one of the characters too, and you will ask over and over, "What's your name?" until we say the right character's name.You love to sing and are pretty good at making up songs. You get that from your daddy. He is real witty like that. You like doing art projects and it is so fun when you come home from school with a drawing and there is a little note written on it from your teacher telling us what it is. You have drawn pancakes and circles for Mommy and a rocket ship for Daddy.  You are pretty into rockets and we had a rocket ship birthday party for you this year. You also had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party at school. When you found out that Mason was having a TMNT party for his birthday, you insisted on having that as your theme too. When we showed up at school for your party, you were the only one up from nap time. Your teachers said you didn't sleep long, because you were so excited for your party.You are a cookie monster and your favorite kind is Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. You prefer these over the much superior homemade kind and ask for them for breakfast every morning. We don't indulge you at breakfast, but you do get one every night as a bedtime snack with your milk. You love snacks and would much prefer to snack over eating a meal. You do love pizza, hot dogs, cheese, pork chops, and applesauce. You eat a lot of fruit, but not so many vegetables, although you will eat peas.You also love smarties and we save those for church in an effort to keep you quiet.You moved to a big boy bed several months ago and do pretty good. We are in a bit of a regression now that Paxton is here and your schedule is a little off. You still sleep with bunny and have become really attached to your doggie. Doggie is small and we are constantly looking for him before nap time and bedtime. You do really well with going to the bathroom during the day, but we still put a diaper on you at night and at nap time.Here are some bullet points from notes I have kept on my phone the last six months:You say "Oh dreidels" when something goes wrong. I'm pretty sure you picked this up from Miss Aya at school.Your prayer on 2-18-15: Dear God, Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, and keep monsters out of my house. Amen.Conversation while rocking before bed:Jack: Daddy is texting me.Me: What did he say?Jack: He's on his way.(This would have been when Ty was working a night shift and most definitely was not on his way.) "I have a question for you." He will then proceed to tell you something and not ask a question."I work in Omahoma (oklahoma) City.""What are we going to do today?""Actually""I think so."We use the anatomically correct name for private parts. Jack says "peanuts" instead.One night during bedtime Ja[...]

Paxton's Nursery


I wanted Paxton's room to be soft and peaceful, and to be able to reuse all of our nursery items from Jack's room. We kept Jack's crib, crib bumper and skirt, changing table, and glider/recliner. The big constellation print was my starting point for everything. I had trouble photographing it, but it is navy and not quite as dark as it appears in the pictures. I also made several decorating decisions based on the fact that we won't likely be in this house next year and could be in a small rental during Ty's fellowship. Overall, it turned out exactly like I had hoped!If anyone is looking for a baby book, I'm pretty excited about this one from Lucy Darling. It's adorable and very, very simple. The girl version is even cuter with beautiful floral designs. I bought mine on Amazon, but Nordstrom and SugarBit carry them as well.A girl from church painted this as a gift for us.  My brother recently took up carpentry as a hobby and offered to make something for Paxton's room. I knew I wanted a small side table to sit by the rocker and he was able to make exactly what I had visioned! I love that Paxton has a special piece made by Derek. Jack and I have been hanging out in here in the evenings before bedtime. It's such a relaxing time and I can't wait to bring Paxton home to join us! Jack is really getting into pretending and using his imagination, which is so fun. Paxton's room has been our rocket ship and he is Leo from Miles from Tomorrowland. We have had Peppa Pig and Grandpa Pig visit us to help fix the rocket when it breaks down. It's always interesting! I hope he gets over his "rocket ship" being invaded. Dresser: IkeaGlider/Recliner: Best Chairs Tryp from Buy Buy BabyCurtains: Threshold Blackout from TargetBaskets: Target (star basket from HomeGoods)Pom Blanket: TargetChanging Table Pad Cover: Aden and AnaisSunburst Mirror: Target (no longer available)Jumbo Elephant: Pottery Barn KidsCrib bumper and skirt: Pottery Barn Kids (similar)Crib sheet and blanket: Aden and Anais sheet, blanketConstellation Print: Municipal PrintsRug: Marshall'sGlobe: Pottery Barn Kids chalkboard globe, drawn on by me (no longer available)Big sign above dresser: Frame from Hobby Lobby, board cut by my dad, and DIY by me[...]

Recapping Mother's Day


My Mother's Day weekend was made so special by those that I love! Ty worked 30 hours on Friday/Saturday and another 12 hours on Sunday, so I didn't have many expectations for the weekend. I picked Jack up from school and he was so excited to give me the present he made complete with special wrapping paper! I wanted to make sure to remember the spider stamp he chose to use!   His teacher had snapped this picture on Valentine's Day. I'm not wearing any make-up, as I guess I stayed home that day not feeling well. Jack was so happy to have me come to his class party and I love the way he is hugging on me! So happy she saved this picture and remembered to use it for Mother's Day. I took Jack to a local grocery store after school where they were hosting a grilling roadshow. We went last year too and had so much fun. They have free grilled meats, pineapple, salad (Yes, salad! Who knew you could grill lettuce?? It was delish!), etc to sample. They also had free sno cones from our favorite sno cone stand and a balloon artist for the kids.When we made it home later that evening I walked into a house full of flowers. Ty had a few cases at a hospital closer to our house that morning and stopped by the house to leave me flowers before heading to his main hospital. I was so surprised!My surprise continued later that evening when I finally made my way to my bathroom and saw this mini orchid. It is beautiful! Saturday morning I met a couple of friends for brunch to celebrate baby Paxton. They both drove a couple of hours from different parts of the state to meet up with me. Our lives are so busy and I felt so loved that they gave up a Saturday morning to celebrate this new baby! We got home that afternoon right before Ty. Jack and Ty both took a nap, then I could hear them making plans to give me a present. Ty hopped in the shower, but Jack couldn't wait to give me my surprise. He came out of the bedroom carrying a "Happy Mother's Day" balloon. Ty had a few other sweet gifts including earrings and a "Thank God for Mommy" book for Jack and I to read together. Ty let Jack pick out his own card for me and he chose one of those musical cards, but instead of a song it was of a unicorn farting. Ty said he was pretty insistent that I would like it. Haha. We went to dinner to round out the celebration. It was perfect!I almost forgot! I saw these cute questionnaires last year and decided that the next year Jack would be able to sorta answer the questions. I printed this off for Ty and asked him if he could do it with Jack. Because, really, it's not like he has Pinterest.  My favorite part is the last question: I love my mom because...Because I don't like her. Bhahahaha! I laughed so hard I had to get up and walk around to calm down. Backstory: Jack has been on a daddy kick lately. Ty has been gone a lot and when he is home Jack is all over him. Jack has started telling me, "I don't like you. I do love you though." After the first couple of times, I started asking more questions about where he had heard that. It is a lovely sentiment he picked up from school. It cracks me up that he said it for the questionnaire. Ty said he tried to ask him the question several times and got the same response each time. We talk pretty frequently about our favorite colors, so I was suprised by his answer. Neither are my favorite colors. I also think "the I love it when my mom...hearts" has to do with me cutting out hearts for him to craft with. I wanted the questionnaire to perfectly capture where he is at this stage and it so did! Haha.Sunday morning we went on a walk before church and had a low-key day.  [...]

Coffee Couples Shower


My little brother is getting married in a few weeks and we traveled home to host a shower for him. The lighting made pictures a little difficult and I crossed through most of the invitation, but this will still be good for my memories. :)I timed the trip home with Jack's nap time. Ty had to drive separately, because he had to come back early on Sunday to fly out for an interview.  Both of our parents held Easter celebrations a week later to include us. Jack, Mason, and Blakley decorated bunny and egg shaped sugar cookies. (Jack wore this bike helmet almost all Saturday morning.)  My brother, Derek, recently took up carpentry. He offered to make a small side table for Paxton's room. I can't wait to get the finished product put in the perfect spot in the nursery.  Holding Blakley and Mason's new puppy, Charlie!  Golf cart ride at Ty's parents' houseBetween two egg hunts, Jack came home with quite the stash of candy! It was an extremely busy weekend and I ended up keeping Jack home from daycare on Monday. The boy slept a lot and definitely needed a day of rest! [...]

Easter Weekend


Easter is probably my favorite holiday to decorate for! The springy colors, flowers and bunnies hold so much promise of nice weather and sunshine. I don't think I'm going to take my decor down until the end of the month.We had a nice weekend at home just the three of us. I'm hosting a wedding shower for my brother and his fiancee next weekend, so we ended up staying at our house for Easter. Somehow, it worked out that both of our moms decided to celebrate Easter with us next weekend. Jack will still have two egg hunts with his cousins and I know he will love that![...]

Catching up on Valentine's Day


A little late, but I wanted to put all the pictures in one place to document our Valentine's Day weekend. Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday this year and I loved it! It meant I got to have Jack's presents waiting on him when he woke up, plus themed donuts! I have a soft spot for holiday donuts!Jack was so excited for his class party at school. He had been eyeing these heart shaped cookies at Target for weeks. Every time we would go grocery shopping he would ask to buy them. I kept telling him he could buy them for his class party. The big day finally arrived and he was so happy about those cookies!Jack's best friend, Emma. [...]

Life Update


Just a quick update on our lives right now.Ty is applying for a one year fellowship in minimally invasive surgery. It can be a stressful process to apply, get interviews, decide where to interview, arrange travel and be gone for interviews while working 80 (or more!) hour weeks. I am so proud of how many interviews he has gotten. As it is time intensive and expensive to travel to all of the interviews, he has turned down half of the interviews he has received, and will be or has gone on 12. It is a match process and I'm praying for guidance as we select how to rank the programs. We will find out the middle of June (right around my due date) if and where he matched. If he doesn't match, then we will begin the job search process. Obviously, Ty wants to do a fellowship, but I don't think there will be a huge amount of disappointment about going straight into a job. Either way, he still has year five of his residency training to complete. This means if we are doing a fellowship, we will have a whole year to prepare for a move. We are both excited about the possibility of a year long adventure outside of the state of Oklahoma, where we have both lived our entire lives. I am 29 weeks pregnant. I haven't done monthly updates like I did with Jack. This pregnancy has been so similar to my experience with Jack and in many ways has been easier. I never got sick, just nauseous, with Jack and this has been the same, but better. Maybe because I was more willing to take medications to help with nausea this time around. I have had a good appetite the entire pregnancy which is leading to more weight gain this time. There was some concern with Paxton's growth not being where it should be, but that has all worked itself out and has been attributed to something going wrong with my placenta. But as my doctor loves to tell me the placenta renews like 3 billion cells a day or something crazy like that and has recovered. I'm getting extra ultrasounds just to make sure everything is right on track. I certainly don't mind that! With Jack the 3rd trimester was the hardest part of pregnancy and I'm starting to remember why. It is just plain uncomfortable. I carried Jack really high, but with Paxton everything is really low. Some of my favorite under the belly maternity pants can't be worn this pregnancy, because of how low everything sits. The low bands seem to cut into me. The most uncomfortable thing so far has been a rotated pelvis. It causes a lot of pain in my right groin area and I have to be careful about doing too much physically and then doing something simple like standing on one leg to take off a pair of pants. It's too much pressure and pain.Picture taken at 28 weeks I wanted to document how Jack sits on top of my belly, but the black didn't show it the best.  Jack talks about Paxton being in my belly and we talk a lot about Paxton's room. He definitely notices my growing belly. It's hard to miss these days! Jack is full of energy and is talking so much. He does a good job of using sentences and has been saying the funniest things. He is pretty into telling you that you are his best friend. We have been enjoying the nice weather and are trying to burn some of his energy with walks/runs. I'm trying to soak up the time alone with Jack. Things are so easy with him and I'm relishing in these last months of no diaper bag and being able to leave the house on a whim and without much planning in regard to schedules, necessities, etc.Dinner DateSesame Street Live Zoo visit [...]



I try to keep a running notes page of cute and funny things Jack says or does and do one big update on here every six months or so. This story was one I didn't want to forget.

Jack is now sleeping in his big boy bed. We still rock him at night, but him in his bed before he is fully asleep. (Really, thinking we need to invest in another chair--one for Paxton and one for Jack.) When Ty is home Jack clings to him and insists that Daddy rocks. Ty has been gone a lot for work and fellowship interviews, so when he is home Jack is his constant companion.

Ty rocked him last night, put him in bed, and shut the door. He paused outside the door and immediately heard rustling. He opened the door to have Jack get back in bed and Jack was standing up, leaning against the side of his bed. Ty told him he needed to get back in bed and Jack responded by saying he was just talking to Jesus. Bless his heart! So, Ty told him to finish his prayer. "Dear God, Thank you for Mommy, Daddy and EMMA!" (Emma is his best friend at school.) Then Jack jumped back into bed. Silly, sweet boy!

I don't think he is old enough to be sneaky and use prayer as an excuse, but either way it worked. Haha.

These pictures aren't from last night, but from several days ago. Jack woke up in his bed in the best mood.

Jack is telling Nuts he can sleep on this pillow. 

Jack: March 30, 2015; 2 years and 9 months

Big Boy Room


In preparing for Paxton's arrival, we knew we needed to move Jack out of the crib and transition him to a bed. I was not excited about this. Jack did great in his crib, but we didn't want to spend money on another crib when it wouldn't likely last long with Jack sleeping in it. But the idea of new big boy bedding got me on board!Last weekend, Jack woke up and said that he didn't like his crib anymore. We took that as a sign to switch out beds and not wait any longer. Since we are losing our guest room with the addition of Paxton, Jack got the queen size guest bed. The room arrangement is a little odd with french doors and the short wall behind his chair, but we are making it work. We basically pretend there aren't french doors in the room, so Jack can't sneak outside. He was pretty excited about all the new bedding and new arrangement in his room. He has slept a week in his bed and it is going better than I could have ever imagined. I hope I'm not jinxing us!We still have our rocker/recliner in Jack's room, but it will eventually move to Paxton's room. I also need to move some of his wall decor around, but who knows when that will happen![...]

We have a name!


Or a first name, at least. We haven't chosen a middle name yet, but we have a few family names we are contemplating. Baby boy is now called Paxton! It's a name Ty has loved since the beginning, but we wanted to give it some time and consider other options too. We started using the name at home to be sure and it has stuck. There is nothing sweeter than hearing Jack say Paxton.

We have a deep love of Jellycat bunnies at our house. I put one in Jack's first Easter basket and it is well loved. He sleeps with it and it goes to daycare each day. I also gifted a small one to my niece when she was born. I knew that I wanted to get Paxton one as well. My SIL mentioned that she had recently purchased a couple of monogrammed Jellycat stuffed animals from Peekawhoo and asked if I would like one for the new baby. Then, a couple of weeks later I was chosen as a brand ambassador for Peekawhoo and they sent me one with Paxton's name on it. My SIL joked that she now has to come up with a new baby gift.

These are the softest bunnies and they have the sweetest look about them! I am actually contemplating buying Jack a back up bunny in case we ever lose his. He is pretty attached to it. (That and his recent obsession with a wubbanub with the paci tip cut off. Oh that wubbanub dog!)

Jack has the beige color bunny and now Paxton has the woodland color. I love them both! They are offered in a few other colors as well.

Peekawhoo is offering my friends 10% off your jellycat bunny purchase with the code LKIRK15. These make the perfect addition to your Easter basket! You will seriously consider keeping it for yourself, because it is so soft! Not that I have had those thoughts...

You can also follow Peekawhoo on facebook and instagram for updates on sales and free shipping codes. 

Peekawhoo Brand Ambassador


I'm so excited to announce I have been chosen as a Peekawhoo Brand Ambassador! Peekawhoo announced a few weeks ago that the would be taking applications for brand ambassadors and I jumped at the chance. Essentially, it means I will be promoting Peekawhoo products throughout the year and sometimes sharing special promotion discount codes.

Peekawhoo is an online boutique that specializes in personalized baby clothes and gifts. I have admired their cute monogram baby gowns and items since I was pregnant with Jack. My sister-in-law reminded me of the company a few weeks ago when she purchased a couple of items for her son and to give as gifts.

Tomorrow I will be sharing our new baby boy's name by showing you his first personalized gift from Peekawhoo and a discount code!

Jack: 2.5 year update


Jack,You are two and a half! You are a funny, sweet, loving, little boy! Your speech has taken off and the things you say are hilarious. You talk about our trip to Boston a lot. I love that you have some memories of that trip! Twice, you have randomly said "You're the best!" to me. It is truly the best compliment. The other day you told me I was sweet. You know you will have a baby brother soon, but you have no idea what that really means. I love to make you say all the names on the short list to help us determine which name to pick. You make them all sound so cute that it isn't very helpful! You came with me to a doctor's appointment in early December, because you had run a fever the day before and couldn't go to daycare. You were so well behaved and sat still in a chair while the doctor was in the room. We were able to go to your Daddy's hospital the week of Christmas and have an OB resident determine the gender. As we were walking in you talked about how you were going to sit in your chair. The things that stick with you are so surprising to me.For a while when we would place you in your crib at night you would unprompted (because neither one of us talk to you at this point for fear of getting you riled up!) say "love you too" and blow a kiss. You sleep with your bunny each night and we take it to daycare for your naps. We got rid of the pacifier in September right after our trip to Boston. It went a whole lot better than I thought it would. We cut the tips off of all them and they eventually all made it into the trashcan...except for one. The wubanub puppy dog has stuck around and you have recently become attached to it and like to carry it around and call it Paci. The other night we went to eat dinner with your daddy at the hospital and you told me that Paci was sick and he needed to go in with you. You were very adamant about having doctor Daddy take a look at him.We have a few movies saved on the DVR and you were on a Tangled kick for quite a while. You would pat your hair and say "I've got long hair" or your would touch mine and say "Like Tangled." I think it's a cute movie, so I didn't mind watching it over and over again. I took you to your first movie at the theater while your daddy was out of town at a conference. We saw The Penguins of Madagascar and you did okay. I won't be taking you back for a while though! We went to the theater with the big recliners. You didn't want to stay in your seat and at one point somehow managed to get your legs stuck in the chair. I thought I was going to have to leave you in the theater and go get help just before I finally got you free. You talked about the movie for weeks afterward, so I guess you enjoyed it!You love to sing! Your favorites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABCs. You have learned the words to all of the lullabies we sing you and now it is a sing-a-long at night before you go to bed. You can count to ten, love to color, and use scissors.You love your Batman shirt, any sort of boots, playgrounds, "adventures", and bandaids (ban-ban). You love to play with cars, go on bear hunts and sword fight. You like to say that you've seen a dinosaur or a monster and we run and hide. You also see these things when you are in the car and we pretend to draw our swords and get them. You love Nuts and especially like to give him hugs.You love to go to Target and we let you go down the toy aisle and play. We don't buy anything, but you have so much fun looking. Your newest thing is going to dance class in your room, an idea you got off of Despicable Me and having super powers. Not necessarily connected, although sometimes you do need super powers to dance. :)You like sc[...]



I love my sweet boy! We were headed to pick up some dry cleaning after work/daycare on Monday and Jack kept saying he wanted to go to the store. I finally asked him what he needed to get at the store. He told me, "Flowers for Daddy!" I couldn't say no to that! He then told me, "Blue ones! Daddy likes blue."

I'm not sure where this came from, but I thought it was so cute. Unfortunately, Ty didn't get home that night until after Jack was in bed and is always gone before we wake up in the mornings, so we had to wait until Tuesday night for Ty to thank Jack for his flowers. Jack was so proud of them and just beamed when Ty told him how much he liked them.

There weren't many blue options, but these hydrangeas do have some blue on the tips.

Getting a non-blurry picture of Jack these days is nearly impossible. 



Thanks to a great OB resident we were able to go up to the hospital 
the week of Christmas and find out the gender. 


I am so excited to be having two boys.
 I see lots of trucks, dirt, superheroes, and rough housing in my future! 

I went out on Monday and got a bouquet of balloons to take to Ty's parents house as a way of sharing our news. Jack was pretty excited about the balloons! And I'm sure equally excited about a baby brother. ;)

Our Christmas


We started our Christmas celebrations off by making a trip to see my Grandma and Nanny for a Christmas breakfast followed by a Christmas lunch. It was a busy day with lots of family.The week of Christmas started off by visiting The Christmas Train. It was so fun to visit an old West Christmas village and to ride on the steam engine. We also got to go to a private room and meet Santa. Jack loved every minute of it and kept saying, "This is awesome!" At one point, he said, "This is my favorite. I love it so much!"We had our little family Christmas Monday morning before leaving the next day to go to our hometown. Jack was so excited about each present that he unwrapped. Ty and I loved his enthusiasm!Nuts likes to think the sleeping bag was his gift.Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve with Ty's familyThis was Heather and Jesse's year to be gone, so this is all the cousins except one (and two babies on the way!) I'm so happy that our kids and Heather's kids will be so close in age! A 15 week bump picture by the tree Christmas day at my parents' house.Jack's expression in this picture cracks me up.Next year we will have a six month old to add to the mix! [...]

Christmas Card 2014


The majority of people we sent our Christmas card to already knew about our big announcement, but it was a fun way to tell friends that don't live close by. We are so excited to be adding to our family!

I finally purchased a tripod and we took these pictures using self-timer in a field across from our house. Jack didn't want to sit still long, because when we usually go to this field it is for an "adventure", but we did get a couple of good ones!

Beach Vacation--August


We drove to Orange Beach in August to spend some time at the beach. We took Jack to Galveston last Thanksgiving, but they had a freak cold front and we couldn't spend any time playing at the beach. We were so excited to take him this summer! He loved it! Like most kids, he liked the pool just as much. The kid loved jumping in the water and we let him do it without his puddle jumper. It was probably his favorite part of the trip. We have some great videos of this. On the way home we spent a night in Memphis and discovered a fun playground along the Mississippi River.Riding the Ferry  "Want a bite of cheese, Chase?"  We're going on a crab hunt! Beale Street in Memphis [...]

Wish List


There is nothing like the holidays to get me motivated to blogging again. I hope to get around to posting about some big vacations we recently took. I love having this space to look back on, so I need to get with it and start posting more. I stumbled upon a blog that was hosting a Christmas wish list link up and then a stocking stuffer link up. I love looking at gift guides, so I perused through all the links and got some ideas of items to buy for the people in my life. I decided to make one of my own, even though I'm super late to the link up.

1. Bare Minerals Starter Kit in Fairly Light
2. Kendra Scott Drusy Earrings in Blue
3. Kendra Scott Drusy Necklace in Iridescent
4. Hunter Wellie Boot Socks, size M
5. Taylor Swift CD
6. Kate Spade watch

Travel Tips


I feel weird even posting something like this, because I never blog anymore and comments are rare now that we all read from our phones. But, I thought I would give it a shot. I've always turned to my blog for past travels and gotten great recommendations!

We are heading to Boston (with Jack) and Seattle (without Jack) for conferences and making vacations out of them in the next couple of months. Anyone have recommendations for things to do in Boston with Jack? Has anyone done a touristy duck tour? We are thinking that might be an easy way for us to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time with a toddler. Tours are around 65 minutes. I'm not sure we could do much longer with him.

What about Seattle? Any great brunch places? Anything we must see.

baby shower


I had so much fun putting together a baby shower for a coworker. Maghin's husband started residency two years ago and brought them to this city. We work closely together and have a ridiculous amount of things in common. I'm not sure how I would survive the daily grind without Maghin! I have been blessed to work with wonderful people in a great work environment for so many years. She is due with her second child in August and has a little boy who is three. Claire's nursery is pink and navy with a few elephants scattered about. I love pink and navy, so it was an easy choice for her shower! I tried to keep things somewhat simple, so others in the office wouldn't think I was totally crazy. :) I had so much fun designing all of the paper items.  I snapped this picture before everyone had a chance to add their presents. I had so much fun putting together my present for Maghin and Claire! I couldn't commit to one design for notecards, so I included both.the officeNow we just need baby Claire to arrive![...]

July 2nd


The day my sweet baby was born! I took the day off and planned some fun things for us. Last year, on his first birthday I went into his room when he woke up with a balloon and sang Happy Birthday to him. I wanted to make it a tradition and Jack loved it!We started our day off by going to a berry farm to pick blueberries. It took awhile for Jack to decide to actually pick blueberries. He just wanted to run and go see the cows, but he eventually got the hang of it.Sampling the goods! Got a sour one! As we were walking to the cash register, Jack picked up a big stick. Cooper, the dog, wanted the stick too! They played tug-of-war for a bit.  Saying bye-bye to the big tractor! Decorating birthday cupcakes We snacked on a lot of blueberries. They were so good! Sprinkler fun after naptime I bought these beautiful candles at a boutique in Stillwater. A 2 for Jack and a C for my best friend's birthday, which is the day before Jack's. They are Tops Malibu sparkler candles. Time for presents! You guys, I am beyond proud of the train table pictured below. This was a project I took on by myself and it turned out just like I wanted.  Ended the day with a turquoise bath using fizzies, aka colored bath tabs that we gave him for his birthday. My original present idea was an actual train table, but after deciding that it was just too big and would take up too much room I decided to make one that could slide under our couch and fit on top of our coffee table. I read a few tutorials on Pinterest and asked my Dad for advice. I got lucky and he had a piece of wood that he cut to my dimensions and my Mom brought it to me when she was up here visiting last. I debated on painting it green for grass and making a blue pond, but ultimately decided that I wanted something a little more classic. I used leftover stain from our front door, but first had to use wood filler to fill in a few spots. I taped off the road and used chalkboard spray paint. I bought a spray can of polyeurathene to protect the stain and wood glue to glue down the tracks. The tracks are Melissa & Doug. Jack had a small circular track, but whenever we played with it all he wanted to do was take it apart. I wanted to glue these down, so I wasn't having to constantly put it together. I used a chalkboard paint pen to make the white dashes on the road. Overall, it was actually a pretty easy project! Especially, since I'm not experienced at all with doing this type of thing![...]