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Updated: 2018-02-15T04:17:19.111+05:30


Suzuki launches Hayabusa and Intruder


Just like what I the rumors suggested, Suzuki has finally launched 2 of its newest high end motorbikes – the Hayabusa and Intruder. Both the bikes have been priced at Rs.12.5 lakhs at showroom.

The Hayabusa is a popular one which is a sports and performance oriented bike with attractive styling and great performance capable of crossing the 300 kmph mark. The Intruder is a cruiser type of motorbike for the highway travel enthusiast.


All this has been similar to Yamaha’s strategy to launch the higher end ones first to gain brand hype and then use that hype to launch the mainstream ones at a premium and get a better market share and sales numbers. I think Suzuki is in a similar situation to Yamaha when it was before the R1 and MT o1 were launched. And being similar to Yamaha’s high end offerings, these ones should compete very well with them. Now that Yamaha has turned successful with its mainstream bikes, hope Suzuki too joins the party soon.(image)

Bathroom Accessories


I am currently in the process of designing my bathroom and have started hunting for the various accessories. I like a neat, spacious and modern bathroom and I wanted to accessorize my bathroom as good as those they show on the ads. But the major hinderance was the high cost which was usually associated with the branded good quality stuffs. All I wanted is some good bathroom fittings at reasonable prices.

While searching for the same, I came across this site betterbathrooms that had quite a good collection of bathroom fittings at affordable prices. There is a sale currently going on which can make my purchase much cheaper. I was particularly interested in their bathroom taps, showers and the shower enclosures. The shower enclosure in particular was very good and I was impressed with it. I am planning to buy the components required for one of the bathrooms and then after seeing how good it is, I will decide to whether to buy them again for the second bathroom. The bathroom tiles were also good to my taste but I guess I will purchase those some other time.

After all the accessories have been purchased and delivered, my bathroom should become one where I would love to spend some leisure time.


Mitsubishi's Laser television launched at $7,000


After my purchase of LCD TV, I thought it was the latest tech and I am all set to live on the bleeding edge of technology for a few years. But today I saw what could be the next generation of these TVs. These TVs are said to incorporate laser technology to produce the images.

Mitsubishi has launched its first of its kind of laser TVs called as LaserVue HDTV at a cool $7,000. While its price may certainly be on the higher side, for the first production model of a new technology, it should command a premium price for the early adopters. The display size is 65” and is 1080p capable.
The features and specifications of this TV are quite amazing. It can produce twice the color range of the existing ones and can operate at 120 Hz refresh rate. And the best of all is that with all the improvements in quality, the power consumption is reduced to 1/3rd of the existing ones. The only downside of this should be the thickness of 10 inches but for such quality I wouldn’t mind that at all.(image)

Microsoft giving away free development tools for students


Microsoft has launched a new campaign called DreamSpark which provides the development tools from Microsoft free of cost to inspiring students.

The development tools include :

Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 Professional Edition
XNA Game Studio 2.0
Microsoft designer tools such as Expression Studio
Microsoft platform resources such as
SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Developer Edition
Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Virtual PC 2007

The student has to show his identity card from an educational insitute and has to agree that it won't be used for commercial purposes.

While this is just a trick to get developers use thier own platform, this initiative is quite good too from Microsoft's part.(image)

Power cuts and rains spoil the day


Today, after rains had washed the city for 3 days, I couldnt go out anywhere as there was water logged over all the places. The transport system was not working as normal and I was afraid to take my bike or car outside as water may enter the vehicle and cause some damage.

So while I decided to spend the rest of the day by sitting at home and doing some thing, then the power was cut off. I had nothing to do. Couldnt go out or either do anything at home. It was terrible.

The whole day, I was just staring at the clock and wondering when will the power come on and was sleeping for most of the day. There was no TV, the battery in my mobile had gone down, no computer and without these 3 essential things, I dont think I can spend any day.

Just hoping that the situation tomorrow will be better than this. Atleast the transport system should not be affected or the power should not be cut. Then I could do one thing or the other.(image)

Tire repair kits


The importance of keeping a good tire repair kit and knowing how to do it is realised only when one faces some incident such as a flat tire on a remote area. I too realised this only when I had a flat tire when we were going out on a vacation. It was a nightmare of an incident as it took nearly 3 hours to get help and without proper repair kit it took another few hours to get it fixed.

Soon after this incident, I started shopping for a good tire repair kit and after searching for a while, I found this site which deals with tires and has a good collection of tire repair kits. They are the leading supplier of tire repair patches and I saw a Tire Repair Patch and being satisfied with it, I wanted to buy it. The entire operation seemed to be simple and effective and I guess that it should be an ideal solution in case I was stranded on a highway with a flat tire or some fault. The tire supplies were reliable and affordable and I guess that these kind of repair kits are a must for any vehicle as their importance will be realised only after one gets to face such an incident.


Vehicle reimbursement


Note: This is a sponsored post.

We have just bought a car and it’s an all new Hyundai i20. Although it’s only a small car, since it is my first car, I am pretty much excited. We had previously planned that using public transport would be cheaper as the costs associated with the vehicle maintenance and fuel would be much larger. But recently I was offered vehicle reimbursement services by my company which would cover the fuel and maintenance costs. Hence I decided to take the plunge and buy the car.

I am pretty excited about this reimbursement service as it seems that I am having and running the car for free. I went over the reimbursement company’s website and found about the Fleet Program offered by them. It specializes in providing reimbursement for companies with mobile employees. The vehicle reimbursement programs administered by them are highly flexible and customizable to one’s needs. This reimbursement service has many benefits such as reducing the liability, lowering the risks, managing the costs and being tax free. There are various services offered by them such as driver reimbursement schedules, program management, motor vehicle record checks, driver safety training, employee mobility consulting services and online business mileage logs. The drivers also get benefitted by the program being fair and accurate, tax free and flexible.


Importance of brand image


Note: This is a sponsored post.

For any company to be even partially successful, it requires popularity among the masses and has to make its customer’s believe that the porducts or services from the particular company will be as per their needs in accordance with quality, reliability and price. But building up a good brand name is not that easy as it requires huge efforts in the advertising and building up the trusting customer base. Just for a comparison damaging one’s brand name is much more easier as even the smallest of mistakes can lead to a lose in trust by the customer.

For building up a good brand name there are dedicated companies like Naming Company where they help any business in building a good brand image. These companies assist in many things like marketing strategy, branding strategy, website design, search engine optimization, logo designs and research techniques.

After building up a good brand name it becomes quite easy to achieve greater growth for the company which comes from lesser advertising, greater sales, larger customer base and loyal customers. Hence the importance of brand image cannot be ignored for any company irrespective of its size and products or services offered.


Genuine HVAC repair parts


Ever since the centralized air conditioning came into existence in my work place a few years ago, I have always been impressed by the HVAC parts. It is such a complex and large equipement that it is bound to get repaired pretty soon every now and then. Be it a minor or a major repair, the entire system is brought down. Hence it is necessary to be able to buy repair parts which are genuine, reliable and also for a reasonable price.

Over this website at, they provide genuine Lennox HVAC repair parts, filters and accessories. It is a great internet source for Lennox OEM repair parts. There are products avaiable in various categories such as AC covers, Blower assembly parts, blower motors, blower wheels, capacitors, circuit breakers, compressors, Humidifier Parts, terminal block, tools, transformers, zone dampers and much more. The common repair parts were also available at a reasonable price.

Additonally there are also the service manuals as to how to service those parts and there is a order tracking system where the placed orders can be tracked for their status.

Overall I think buying these genuine and reasonably priced spare parts is a must for any HVAC unit inorder to vouch for their reliability and longevity.

Frequency control devices


Ever since I got into my higher studies, I was fascinated with physics and was curious about the oscillators and crystals. I used to play around with the equipment provided in the physics laboratory and I got to know a few things and my interest in these increased. I then started to wonder about the latest innovations in these fields and how these were manufactured.

As I was searching for a few products to buy for my physics project, I came across this site which manufacturers and sells all the Frequency Control Devices. When I read about the various things on sale, they were more advanced and great products for any physics experiment. They deisgn these products with good quality and reliability. Some of the frequency control devices which are manufactured by them include packaged quartz crystals, crystal clock oscillators, temperature compensated crystal oscillators, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, high temperature quartz crystals and oscillators and a few more as well.

Many of these products are used in areas such as computer peripherals, LAN and WAN connections, optical networks, telecommunication and wireless systems. Some of the products available here can be used for my physics project which I have to do next month.

Plastic surgery becoming common and safer


Nowadays plastic surgery has become very common as more and more people are undergoing such treatments for cosmetic purposes. It used to be tricky and complex a few years ago, but now it seems that it has come down to common levels and is considered as safe. But what I feel is that more than the procedure of plastic surgery itself, the people who do the surgery and the reputation of the place is more important.

As such I came across a few reputed offices which specialize in plastic surgeries such as the Miami plastic surgery in south Florida. These places provide safe and effective plastic surgeries with frank and honest disclosures. This office is renowned for its breast augmentation, liposuction, face and neck lifts and the tummy tuck. They additionally provide non-surgical procedures such as facial fillers, acne treatments and hair removal as well. With the proper resources and commitment to the patients as which is provided for the patients in places such as South Florida plastic surgery , the entire experience with the surgery can exceed one's expectations.

I feel that with a proper consulting and sound knowledge about the various procedures involved, plastic surgery is a safe and good option for those looking to do cosmetic upgrades.

Quality bathroom fittings


One of the most important things that I look forward in a home is that the bathroom accessories should be of good quality with pleasing looks and great aesthetics. It was exactly what I wanted in our new home. I was totally fed up of the traditional and simple bathroom accessories that almost all the builders were having in the newly built houses. So I started to look for various modern and stylish bathroom fittings.

I came across the bathroom suites which were available in this site which is an exclusive one for all kinds of fittings for all bathrooms. All the necessary equipments for a bathroom such as taps, bathroom tiles, showers, mirrors, lightings and all sorts of accessories were available in the site. I liked their good modern and stylish looks. I was particularly impressed by the taps and the shower enclosures which looked simply superb. I was totally floored by the rich looks and feel of these things. These two would most probably be fitted in my bathroom soon enough.

Then there was some good offers on the jacuzzi s but I think these will have to wait for some more time before they get into my bathroom as I am short of some money to buy them currently. Overall I think these quality bathroom fittings should improve the looks of my bathroom by leaps and bounds and make it a pleasant one to spend time in it.


Custom Christmas cards


Christmas is still a well 50 days away but the excitement and eagerness about the festival is slowly starting to increase and by December, almost everything will be associated with the festival. It is such a wonderful occasion that people want to buy gifts and help other and be in a joyous mood. This year the excitement seems to have caught the shop keepers pretty soon as I see a number of shops already stocking up items ready for Christmas.

One such site I came across is the which already seems to be in a full flow to sell christmas cards even now. One think that I liked about the site is that it specializes on only the Christmas cards and as a result it has a huge variety of such cards that one could buy. There are many categories such as fun Christmas cards, classic Christmas cards and contemporary Christmas cards. Perhaps the thing that sets this site apart from the others is that the site provides an option where the users can upload their own photograph and then ask them to create a Christmas card with it. The cost for this can be as low as 85p each. I think this is going to be a popular option this season and I myself am thinking about getting such a one for my loved ones.


Buying baseball equipments


Note : This is a sponsored post.

The physical activities among today’s kids have decreased to a large extent with the advent of television, video games and the internet. One of my friends wanted his kid to go out and play instead of sitting inside the house at all times. Hence we started the search for some good outdoor game equipment.

Since baseball was a popular sport in our neighborhood, we wanted to buy some baseball related things for his kid. After a quick search we came across the site which had quite a collection of sport equipments. There were lots of baseball equipment also such as batting tees, training aids, fielding aids, baseball gloves, baseball bats and balls and some base sets as well. The price and the quality of these goods seem to be pretty good.

There were also the other items that I was interested in buying such as the Disney cars three ball pack which had a kick ball, a soccer ball and a football and was available for 30 dollars. It is a good enough site to buy all sports equipments and especially for kids it is great as it is according to their taste and will be to their liking.


Fashionable lifestyle


Now is a time where the entire world goes by fashion and everyone looks to sport the latest fashion in the market trying to make a statement that they are ultra modern, trendy and cool. One cannot afford not to follow the latest fashion standards as it would look like he/she is from the country side or is from the previous generation.

To get the latest in fashion, celebrity news and similar things many people vouch for magazines like Exolimited where the latest fashion trends and lifestyle advice is given. The younger generation especially likes to read all these magazines to keep up with the latest fashion and behave accordingly. These magazines form the source of all information such as Latino Celebrities and provide all information about the lifestyle for Latinos. This Exo limited magazine also features the Hispanic actors and their lifestyles.

Their website has several sections such as Exo blogs, travel, food, entertainment, lifestyle, beauty and of course fashion. I liked the site very much as the contents were very good and the entire layout was looking good. I read a few things there and I was hooked into it. I was able to get a lot of information on how to do several things such as cooking and travel with style.


Heating and air conditioning services


It is again the time of the year where the climate can change drastically in a very short period of time. It is currently a mixed type of weather with sudden showers and cold breeze in the evenings and nights whereas the mornings are as usual sunny. Due to this shift in the weather conditions, many people in my office have got fever and cold. It is only during this time that people realize the importance of a good quality heating and cooling systems.

These heating and air conditioning services are offered by many such providers such as the AllTemp services Inc. who specialize themselves in such services. These people are the leaders in Atlanta Heating and Air Conditioning and have been around since 1985. They provide services for both residential and commercial operations. The services that they provide range from sales, service and installation of these heating and air conditioning equipments. They also offer a preventive maintenance program which can identify and correct the potential problems even before they occur so as to prevent it from happening.

They claim to provide integrity, reliability, quality workmanship and quick response in their job which in turn results in customer satisfaction. Going by the various services that they provide, I think they will make a good heating and cooling expert solutions.


Environment friendly products for home


I wanted our new home to be environment friendly and one that which serves as an example for the Go Green campaign that is going on in our community. For this I started shopping for ecologically friendly products and then came across this site called which specializes in all green building products.

Apart from being environment friendly these products also help one to reduce the costs associated with other products as compared to them, there kinds have less maintenance. And I am totally against using chemicals as these can cause some harmful effects.

The Ozonators that were available in the side would help to increase the longevity of the produce and fresh food. There were also other products like cistern tanks, storage tanks, integrated treatment systems, ozone generators and residential pool treatments that I was interested in and I wanted to look into them a bit deeper and find out about them before I buy. There are also several accessories available.

Saving the environment and saving my own expenses is a win win situation for both me and the environment. I am very happy with all the products and I hope that the purchase experience and the ownership experience will be as good if not better.


Crowd control solutions


In all my days of city life, if there is one thing that I hate, then it must be the crowded malls, supermarkets, aisles and what not. Almost all the places in a city are crowded and this fact alone is enough to irritate me and makes me wander off to the country side to spend the weekends and vacations.

Recently I had been to a newly opened shipping complex and as usual I expected a lot of crowd and commotion. But to my surprise the entire area was well managed and controlled that even though the place was filled with people, it was well controlled and made to look peaceful and spacious. More than the guards, I would congratulate the good crowd control mechanisms that this place has set up.

Back at home I saw one such vendor called Lavi industries that specializes in Crowd Control , stanchions, public guidance, security products, signage, stainless steel rails and much more. The things that I saw were well crafted thought about products that can control a haphazard crowd. Some good crowd control solutions like retractable posts, electronic queuing and wall mounted barriers were available. The sign stands and message boards were well put out and commands attraction. There were also some good deals going on for products like tulip posts and satin tempo posts.

I was impressed as a good crowd controlled environment is much more peaceful and quieter and makes the entire experience a pleasant one.


Making my old furniture look like new


As we were looking to shift to a new house, we wanted to buy some new furniture and I started shopping for them. While I was looking at some modern and stylish furniture, the thing that came across my mind was if I really need them or I just wanted to buy something irrespective of the use. And the fact that these modern furniture cost a fortune made me make up my mind not to buy them at the moment.

But I somehow wanted a makeover when I get into the new house. While I was thinking about that, I came across this site called which specializes in making the old furniture look like new. I liked this concept as there was nothing wrong with my current set of furniture and they have lasted a lot of abuses. The only thing it may need is some cushions here and there, adding new fabrics, some cleaning and making them look like new.

The things that I have planned to do are to add fabrics that match the wall color and then to buy some comfy and good looking pillows for the furniture. With a little browsing around in the site I was also impressed by the Outdoor Patio Cushions. So with all these accessories and modifications with a few custom bench pads, all my furniture is set to start a new lease of life.


Corporate Reimbursement Service


One of the worries of several new companies that are cropping in and around the cities is that the location of the company should be nearby for all its employees who may come from each corner of the city. The transport then becomes hectic as the employees will have to waste a lot of time travelling to and fro between their house and office. One of the ways to avoid this is to maintain the companies own transport system where the employees will be picked up and dropped at preferred locations and they don’t have to worry too much about the time and resource required to travel to work.

But managing such a fleet of vehicles is not an easy task and to make this convenient, there are sites like which provides Fleet program and vehicle reimbursement programs for the companies with mobile employees. This corporate reimbursement service (CRS) is highly flexible and customizable for each and every need. Using this service the company will benefit by reducing its liability, lowering its risks, better cost management and this service being totally tax free. There are also benefits for the drivers like being fair and accurate, tax-free and flexible. The services offered by CRS are driver reimbursement schedules, program management, motor vehicle record checks, driver safety training, employee mobility consulting services and online business mileage logs.


My mobile signal booster


So it has been quite an achievement for me to actually hold the most desired phone of this time – the Apple iPhone. Buying one of these has cost me a fortune compared to other touch screen phones but the drool factor and hype surrounding the phone is well worth it I guess. As excited as I was using the phone, the problem that I faced beforehand with my previous mobile, weak signals, existed with this one too. The cause can be associated with the fact that my room is somewhat concealed from the outside and world and that my house is surrounded by high rise apartments.

As I did not want this to affect my new mobile experience, I decided to buy some mobile signal booster or amplifier or whatever they call that. As I searched around the web for one of these, I came across this site which claims to provide some high quality Cell Phone Booster. The site has various products like cell phone antennas, cell phone amplifiers, signal boosters and repeaters. These products looked too complex for me to explore them. So I just purchased a basic mobile signal booster and so far I am satisfied with the product as the dropped calls seem to have decreased considerably and my experience with the site has been good as well.(image)

Manhattan lunch


I have always been exited about eating out and I just love those beautiful restaurants. The lovely ambience and the calm and peaceful atmosphere over the few restaurants that I have been is simply the thing that I vouch for. In fact more than even the food and its taste, I value these things to be much more essential whenever I eat out. It is not that I don’t prefer the taste, but that both the food and the environment has to be good in order for me to enjoy a meal.

Recently, due to some official work, I had to go over to Manhattan and stay there for a few weeks. During that period, I searched for some good restaurants over there and then after quite a few visits, I found the Rosie O'Grady's restaurant to be in my liking. It is a legendary steak house and with its lounge, it manages to impress me with its pleasant ambience. Besides the lovely environment, it also had a large selection of delicious foods and I liked quite a bit of those. Compared to other restaurants, I found this one to be better and then after for every Manhattan Lunch, I and my friends always went there.(image)

Debt collection service


In times like the currently ongoing recession, one of the toughest task and the most difficult task is the recovery of money from those who have borrowed from one. For companies this had been a major cause of headache reducing their profits. Traditional collection agencies no longer seem to work well and one ends up with not so good results.

A new agency called American Profit Recovery providing debt collection seems to be very different in comparison to the other collection agencies. They work with clients in almost all the industries and help them in increasing their profitability which is achieved through their operating system which includes a low cost fee structure, customer driven technology and diplomatic early intervention. Their success rate has been far greater than traditional collection agencies and they can help in reducing the overall costs involved with recovering debts.

They currently have a money maker challenge going on which challenges one to see how they will profit from their difference. They operate in a variety of markets such as commercial B2B, financial institutions, fuel, medical/dental, schools and universities, trades and veterinarians. Providing services like tier I receivables solution, tier II recovery solution and legal services this agency is certainly unique in its approach and can be a great solution for debt recovery.


Vehicle reimbursement


The Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) offers a vehicle reimbursement programs that can be used by companies which has a large number of mobile employees. The CRS is a management consulting firm that can administer vehicle reimbursement programs. The entire reimbursement program is highly flexible so that one can adapt to any variations and can suit most of the companies. It is also customizable so that companies can make it suit them according to their own needs.

Their service can be found at their site at The overall advantages of this program are that the risk is lowered, the liability is reduced, costs can be manages and it is totally tax free. The various products and services offered by them are the driver reimbursement schedules, program management, motor vehicle record checks, driver safety training, employee mobility consulting services and online business mileage logs. The employer benefits are those of cost savings, reduced risk and liability exposure and ease of administration. The driver benefits are that the program is fair and accurate, is tax free and is flexible. The client or the driver can login through the home page to see their details. Overall it's a great site for anyone looking for Car Allowance and these kinds of reimbursement programs.


Social media marketing


One of my friends was looking to start an online shopping site and for that he wanted my assistance in creating his website and hosting it. Creating and hosting a site is nothing compared to the successful running of his business. For the first few days till now, our site does not have any exposure and there were very few visitors to our site. So we decided to do some social media marketing to our website and hence gain publicity and more visitors.

While we were wondering about how to do this Social Media Marketing, we saw this website called which had a separate section for these marketing purposes. The process here operates in 4 steps. First these people research the unique situation about a business and then customize a plan just ideal for the particular business. And once the plan is executed successfully, the business grows to a large amount. We were very excited to try this out as if successful; our business will have the much needed growth opportunity and popularity. For more information they can be contacted at 1-(888)-838-8185. This is a good service as the smaller firms don't need to hire, train or pay new employees to do these jobs.