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Brown Family Love. Green RIver 2012


WHat a DREAMY trip.  We just loved it! :)Slot Canyon.  Awesome! We loved it.  (same place where Aron Ralston cut his arm off )OUr first stop! Petoroglyphs[...]

Sunday picnic :)


Our weeks are so crazy, that we MUST take a few hours to spend with JUST us.A lovely day, after church, we took our simple picnic near a creamy, blue water lake and just hung out.The kids loved the tall trees..they ran around, playing games and making small forts.Ry, me, Austin, Ashlyn, Jake and Mace.My little Stott fam.Nice and quiet, delicious food, a little walk around the tall trees and blue lake.It was lovely!Then off to a youth fireside for the twins.A great day.xo![...]

Loving Spring :) Sunday walks


Kids riding bikes down Anthem's neighborhood path..down behind our pretty!Everything is going green! My favorite time of year. The sun was in our eyes! It was a beautiful sunday afternoon! The sun felt so good :)Every Sunday after church we (try) to go for a walk.Our neighborhood is out in the open. We love it.We look down into Boulder and can see the beautiful Rockies winding along the front Range.I have such happy moments here and this is one of them.All the kids still love to "hang out" with Mom and Dad.I always bring drinks and a fun treat and we eat it at the bottom of the pathoverlooking the hills. These are some of my favorite moments with my kiddos and time.and being together.It's what it is all about :)Happy 6th Birthday to Mason! pics to come..xo![...]

Good Friday


Ry had Good Friday off.We wanted to spend the day just playin'! The kids were still in school so we were free to plan a day.Golfing was in order. The sunshine, a beautiful golf course, the greens and fairways...ahhh what a moment. I love to golf with Ry. I get to watch him play and soak up the sunshine all at once. I drive the cart and enjoy the views :) I cracked open a diet coke, put my feet up and enjoyed the moment. The simple moments. That is what life is about.I did have to leave early, walk 1.6 miles to mason's school and drop him off. (Ry felt so bad, but I loved it...a walk in the sunshine..any day!)Then RY and I went to my ALL time favorite restaurant here in Colorado. HACIENDA. Oh I just love that place. Our lunch: Fresh chips and salsa, the BEST chicken tortilla soup, and a slow roasted pork burrito with sweet tomatillo sauce. The best.What a fun day. We picked all the kids up at school and decided to spend the rest of the day outside! (after Jake's soccer academy) We got din din and had a small picnic. We then shot hoops in our yard till dusk. Such a lovely GOOD FRIDAY.I love these days. Life is so busy, so when you get a moment, it sure is sweet.Our weekend was fabulous with Easter, friends, parties, church, walks, soccer games (go jakey, ash, and mace..!) egg hunts, bbq's. I have pics to post...BUT I have to get ready for my Mom and sister Brookie! They are flying in TOMORROW! can't wait!! xo!(pic taken from my android ipad. not the best!)[...]

I don't want to forget...


Bike riding down and Sunday walks down our neighborhood! Any free time...we go!Sunday before Church. Reading, hanging out, enjoying the sunshine :)Kids in jammies eating breakfast :)I don't want to forget.Ever.Moments-Such happy moments.Our little Stott family is extraordinary.Simply extraordinary.Happy, complete, fulfilled.Life is at such a sweet moment.Every day I cherish and think about how wonderful it is.We moved from Utah, left so much behind. I didn' think I was going to "make it." I was so so sad.Didn't think life could go on past cousins, gparents, holidays..etc'I was wrong.I had no idea--I really had no idea how much our Stott family would grow, prosper,and pull together.We have created memories, moments, and happy days beyond I could imagine.I don't want to forget.I am living all the kids ages--twins almost 13, Jake 10, Mace almost 6.We are busy, busy as ever!School, sports, practices, homework, church..etcour days are packed solid. But we have moments--Like Sunday afternoons, Holidays, time that was always spentw Utah family.Now it is OURS-Us Stotts. No cousins, aunts and uncles..nobody.At first I have to admit, I was lonely. Not the kids or RY, but me, my heart.I had to get used to it. Thought it was so hard not to be surrounded.But, but eventually..something happened.My heart began to fill up and be kids: Austin, Ashlyn, Jake and Mace...they became everything.Ryan my companion-my best friend, my hubby-became so important to me.Always was, but this was different. Colorado changed us.It simply changed us.Forever.And I don't want to forget.I love it!I love my CO moments. Yesterday, Jake had his best soccer game, scoring 2 important goals,Ashlyn playing her game in the beautiful sunlight, with the Boulder mountains in the backdrop, her smile at me, her confidence growing...Mason playing soccer, thinking he is SO good, but just prances around the ball, so proud of himself. Austin supporting his siblings, cheering them on. Him just completing a 7 mos bball season. Growing in confidence, in self-esteem, in happiness. My mama heart happy each day, to see the progress, the growth of each child. Each day is focused on my lil family, my little sweet family.I love it.I miss Utah, oh I do,but these moments can't be replaced.ever.We were meant to be here.That I know.Friendships we have made, people we have met, has fulfilled me greatly.Friends becoming family-a church united, supporting one another when needed.I just simply couldn't be happier-and I don't want to forget.So I am writing it down.I want my kids and Ryan to know--they are my joy.They are everything to me.Colorado has been 2 years of true growth-happiness- and love.Thank you.Thank you for the life I have.Love you Ashlyn, Austin, Jake, Mace adn especially and always-Ry.xo![...]

Granby Colorado- SPRING BREAK fun!


OH what a week we have had! From Eldorado Springs, Waneka Lake, a day in Boulder and then to finish it off with 4 days up in Granby (or Sol Vista ) @ a cabinwith friends and family. 8 adults, 17 kids.What a fun fun week!I took 100 plus pics. I want to put a few on here.I just love these top of the mountain pics of us friends.It is simply gorgeous.Colorado is so pretty--it has so much to offer.The weather was great.The kids played adn played the days away.They built teepees, made forts, hiked around, and enjoyed the CO sunshine.We went to the top of Sol Vista ski resort and hiked around,the views were extraordinary!wow!us adults had a great time--they are such good friends.we made lots of good food (cafe rio salads!), played games with the kids, hiked around, went on morning runs (girls!), watched movies (after kids were sleeping!)It was such a great weekend--so relaxing. A well deserved break for all! more pics to come..!xo[...]

~ Happy 16. ~


I don't even know where to begin-16 years.Honestly, I can't really believe it.Ry and I have been married for over a decade and a half--Memories flash through my mind.Newly married, working 3 jobs, college, night shifts,homework, endless testing, Ry's job at Fidelity-the training, the tests, the work,man..the HARD work.Days in and days out of work. The birth of the twins, me staying home, the struggles, the endless hours,but realizing the small joys, watching my babies grow each day. FInding the joy in the journey.Ry always gone w college and work, me, home, caring and nuturing the heart of the home. New journeys, new adventures, new homes, new neighborhoods, new friends.The small progress each year, RY's job, working hard, making goals, achieving new positions, slowly but surely.We buy our second home, then third home...Progressing so happily. Jake, Mason, raising 4 young childrenThe up's and down's, the joys, the trials.I couldn't imagine the happiness motherhood brings.Along with it, each accomplishment of failure--learning from each phase.Trying my best every day-to teach, to guide, to raise my beautiful family.Grateful.just a grateful happy heart.We are blessed. Our Stott family--so blessed.I have a husband who cherishes me, and my role as a mother.Validation every day, he is so grateful I can stay homeand raise our children. I feel so lucky-Heavenly Father has blessed us with a wonderful life. Beautiful, happy,healthy kids, a husband who loves me--all the joys and blessings each day.Happy 16. Yes, happy 16.cheers to more to come..can't wait!xo![...]

Austin's Championship!


Top pic: Austin with his Hornet team. RY co coached the team. He has been playing for 7 months with this team. He has found some great friends from it. They have won some, and lost some. But in the end Aus has improved so much! It has been great to watch him grow. We have had to drive (faaaaar!) for Austin to play on this team. It has been tough some nights coordinating crazy schedules but worth it because Austin is happy :)
Way to go Hornet Champs!

March! Happy Spring Days


Love this guy!Our March has been so busy. We have had so much going on. Our sports has overlapped and we have been doing basketball and soccer non-stop. Ry was out of town for work and fun. I have been teaching Young Women's every week. RY has been coaching Austins bball team (far down South!) I volunteer every week at the kids schools....LIFE is GOOD!RY just getting back from Utah. We MISSED him! Now with no family here, I rely so much on Ryan and the kids. I love it.A week before Easter....Lovin the weather around here. I took this pic on our way home from church. (p.s they split our ward! So sad but actually has been so good. We have met life-long friends out here. We feel very very lucky :) RY was called to Sunday School Pres..A pic of me on sunday too :) I can't believe life has been moving this fast! I am almost 35! Ry and I just celebrated our anniversary.We feel so so lucky to have these 4 great kids.Life is so good to us :)[...]

Life's Moments.


Saturdays-They are always running around endlessly to kid's sports games,finishing up errands, and getting ready for the next week.They are exhausting, but it's all good. We wouldn't have it any other way.I do have to say that THIS Saturday was quite dreamy.We had early basketball games. (like wake up at 6:30 a.m. and head out!)We finished up by noon---and we had---TIME!it was glorious.A sweet feeling--time. The kids could just play, be kids, and hang.Mason played with lady bugs, Jake and Austin--they shot hoops for hours out front. I went on a long runand came home and watched them.They were kids enjoying being kids.I want to soak up all of these moments--I don't want them to end. Austin and Ashlyn will be in 8th grade next year!Ashlyn has size 8 feet (like me!)Austin has started growing--he is 5 foot 8 inches and I believehe has just begun.Mason has lost teeth and is reading,Jake is starting to grow heads above the other kids his age--when did this all happen?And I know--it will continue.Life continues, each and every day.What a gift.cheers to more to come....xo![...]

Happy Valentines 2012. Kids' hearts. Family Home Evenings


Valentines was great. WE had a great/ day evening.I was running all day MOnday and TUesday to prepare.I think being a mom is the hardest job ever, but the most rewarding.I want to write down the list of things I had to do so I don't forget :)Here is just a few!We had to write Mason's Kindergarten class valentines, write Jake's class valentines,make the teachers their vday gifts,I made vday gifts for my friends,go to Target, Hobby Lobby, and costco for all the supplies for Valentines and our candlelight Valentine dinner,organize and plan the kid's candlelight dinnerClean the house and get it all ready!workout and run my 8 miles ( I wake up every day at 5:45 to start my run)Volunteered in Mason's classroom for his Vday party,plan and make Ry's vday gift,plan and make the kid's vday gift,etc.Like I said, it is such a busy but rewarding job.Our Stott life is always going 110%! we never have a down moment-there is always tomorrow's list running through my mind.Between ALL the kids sports (basektball-jake, aus soccer-Jake, ashlyn, mace)and their school and homework, Ry's job, my church callings, cleaning, working out--it's go go go!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ry was so sweet and surprised my with a dozen roses and chocolates. HE also gave me a $100 gift card to the Buckle. Then later that evening, he snuck me another card and it had another gift card. (shopping!) He always writes me the sweetest notes ever.We were simple with the kids and gave them $10 and a big bag of cadbury mini eggs and their fav Dove bar chocolates.Our vday dinner was divine--I made strawberry crepes and all the fixings. (I saved the big dinner for the Elders the next night..we had pork tacos and guac, pico, and dessert pizza!) I twas so fun to sit as a family under the candlelight and share Valentines together. That is so important to Ry and I for the kids to know they are our Valentines. THey mean the world to us and I want then to always know that!That night after we spent the night with the kids, Ry and I hit a movie. The Vow was sweet :)It was a great vday LOVE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WE also did a fun vday home evening where we wrote valentines to each other. The kids love to read the compliments about themselves/ It always puts a smile on their faces :) I know it may sound cheesy, but I am holding on to these moments for as long as I can. Oh yes I am! The twins are almost "teenagers" and I am hanging on to every last moment I can have with these kids. They are still so willing and anxious to be involved with all of our family activities...IN fact, we are off to Boulder to go hiking and then have lunch down on Pearl STreet. Love it.xoxo![...]

Happy Colorado Days :)


We have had so much going on in our life in Colorado. (And....that is an understatement!)I haven't blogged--and it's made me sad.But I want to-I have so much to say---so much I feel about our life.We have had so many wonderful things happen on our lives-The kids have each been so involved, and done well in school,and met good friends--they each have grown SO much while being here.Ry and I have had so much going on too.His job is great! But so demanding. Busy as ever.I have been up to my neck in being a mama :)I gave a lesson to my YW women on "Homemaking."(A word my YW have never heard! funny huh! It's not used as much) BUT it's still such a TRUE word.I love being a mama with all my heart. I would tell anyonethat I choose to stay at home and be a mom. (95% CO women work!)It is a non-stop, 20 hours a day job!I love nuturing my kids, taking care of all their needs, their school,their sports, organizing their lives, cooking, cleaning (!!) driving (oh goodness, I drive!)I have never felt busier in my life with my calling (teach YW every week and Thurs night activity) and taking care of the Stott household, life is GO GO GO!BUT, I have never been HAPPiER and love every.single.second. Life is such a blessing! I know that I am truly blessed every day to life my dream as being a mom.WE must CREATE a life we want. We must create the joy and happiness we want.We must CREATE a home that is happy and safe and warm for our kids to come home to.We must CREATE a life full of love...and joy..and remever that each day is such a gift.I love my life out here in Colorado. IT has been almost 2 years! 2 years! WowWe live in a dreamy area, 10 miles EAst of Boulder and 10 miles North of Denver.It looks just like Heber--wide open spaces! It is just beautiful. Lakes, coyotes, bunny rabbits, views of those Boulder mountains...Ry and I couldn't feel more happy.I do have days, moments where I absolutely MISS my family, my sisters, my bro's.I miss our lunches, our family get oh man I miss it.But I know each day I am creating memories for me adm my little Stott Family.I just try to make the best of each day and remember how lucky we are.Life is going on, each second, each moment--Our weeks already full, the calendar booked.These are the moments.These are the times.I feel blessed.xo![...]

Happy 10th Birthday Jakers! 2012


Jake's party was a blast.14 of his buddies.He had a list of 20 plus, but we had to narrow it down.Jake has made so many good friends in CO.We couldn't of imagined.He invited: Chase, Tanner, Dalton, Brayden, Blake, Brandon, Tate, J.D, Dylan, Jakob, David, Nick, and Gunnar~We did Fat Cat Bowling.The boys got to bowl two games, eat all the pizza and soda they wanted, they each got a bucket of tokens for the arcades, and we ended with cake and ice cream .Jake loved his party.Jake is 10 years, a decade.He has grown so much.Here are a few things about Jake:~Jake LOVES sports. I mean he absolutely drinks, sleeps, and plays sports.If he is not playing sports, then he is figuring out the next time he can get his hands on a ball.~He loves to play team sports. He is currently playing competitive soccer and basketball.He has made some really good buddies through his sports teams.~Jake practices up to 5 times a week in sports and loves every second. I have never had to bug him to get ready for practice.~Jake knows his sports facts. He can recite scores, teams, past wins, coaches, plays..etc. You get the idea. He loves to watch Sports Center constantly.~ Jake does well at school! He took state testing and placed in the 7th grade math, and 6th grade English. I knew Jake was good at school, but this year, he has really excelled. His teacher wants him to do gifted and talented. Ry and I worry with all his sports, his time is limited! But we will put him in next year.We are proud of him for working so hard in life, school. and sports.~Jake is kind, and sweet and sincere. He is good to everyone around him. He lightens the room and brings happiness to every situation. He is always in a good mood! I never want to break that spirit. ~He makes me so happy each day. I feel so lucky to have Jakey boy in my life. He is such a gift.btw, his favorite foods: Jake loves my egg omelettes, homemade pizza, asiago breadsticks, and his favorite: mama's famous banana pudding pie (in his terms..)~Jake loves Jimmer, DWade, Harrison Barnes, BYU, and Miami Dolphins.and North Carolina. ~when Jake grows up he wants to (seriously) play for BYU and be an NBA player. :)Happy Birthday Jake!LOVE YOU, xoxo, Mom[...]

LOVE my iphotos! fun random shots from the android!


Beautiful winter day- Christmas Eve. Ashlyn and I hanging out in the Colorado Mountain High :)(these are all iphotos from my android or ry's iphone)December 28, 2011 BYU game in Provo, Utah. Kids and I hit the BYU bookstore. They all got Christmas money and couldn't wait to buy some great BYU gear! We had such a great night together as a family. We went with Grandma and Grandpa Brown. Sister Love! Utah Dec. 2011 Brown Cousin Party. I so miss my girls! love them so much!Mace playing in the beautiful winter snow! Such a lovely day. In COlorado, the sun is ALWAYS out! Dec. 2011Jake and Austin! Bronco's game! Nov. 2011. Ry and the boys got 12th row seats.They watched Tebow pull out a miraculous :) win.The boys came home soooo excited. A night they won't forget! Colorado FRIENDS! yay. Colorado has been so good to me. I have met some amazing ladies. This is a picture at Bonefish Grill for Jessica's Birthday!Jake's Soccer Team: Dynamite! We played in a tournament on Saturday. We split in 2 and played against 5 teams. It was a 2 hour rally, 9 minute games! We took 1st and 2nd!It is so fun to watch Jakke's team play, they are such a talented bunch. BYU game. We went on the court after the game and got some BYU player signatures. It awesome!ahhh my UTAH girls. 11 years of friendship. priceless! I love these girls! Thanks for planning a dinner around me!my christmas present. love you ryan :)The boys at the Denver Nugget game!The kids got to go on the court and welcome the Denver Nuggets team! it was awesome! Ry and I got to go up on the court as well. I high- fived the Nugget team as well. Bird Man was tall! It was such a fun fun night.Love you summer time. A party at Mary Willis house :) Schramms, Coons, Rennakers, Willis, Stott's,I haven't blogged in awhile! But I am NOT stopping! no way. I am working on a huge project:I am turning my blog into a book! I have almost finished 2008. It will be awesome. Such a great way to keep my families journal. I am so excited about it. Jake's birthday is tomorrow! yay[...]

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day :)


Christmas was magical. It was great. Ashlyn, Austin, Jake and Mace loving the snowy Christmas Holiday.(last year their was NO snow!) Lots of hot cocoa, crackling fires and snowflakes falling in the sky. (we loved it!)Our second christmas in Colorado, it all went down well. With all the Christmas gifts for family, neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, christmas cards, kids gifts, family gifts all squared away, (pheeeeeew!!) we were ready for a wonderful Christmas Eve. And to focus on the true meaning. THis year I tried again to implement in their little hearts about service.And that to give, is far better than to receive.I have traditions in place every year to remind and to teach the kids.Christmas Eve traditions:(Luke 2, I believe in Santa Claus book, Toasts and Compliments by candlelight, gift exchange..and then game night under twinkling lights, waiting for Santa.) We also read 10 plus Christmas books, watch Christmas videos, and did Christmas activities.Our favorite:The Last Straw (book) for Christmas (pick names and do service),and The 12 Days of Christmas.(this year especially, it was fun to watch the kids get so excited to serve eachother. They layed their p.j's out, they would leave sweet notes on their pillows, they would make their lunch, they would put treats on their bed...they loved it this year.)I feel and know that the Stott's have been so incredibly blessed. My life couldn't be any better. I wonder why I deserve such happiness in my life.It was a great Merry Christmas season. So much fun, so many good memories. I loved 2011.Kindle fire for Ashlyn, Kinect Xbox for Aus and Jake, and Nintendo 3DS for Mace. Plus they got Wiii games, BYU clothes, phitens, Jimmer pictures..Ashlyn got cute clothes, jewelry, and hair stuff.Earlier on Christmas Eve day,We went sledding up by our house- the snow was glorious!That evening we went to the Batson home along with 5-6 other families. We celebrated Christmas eve with good food, desserts and the Nativity. It was such a great day!Cheers to ringing in 2012. What will that bring??We have really welcomed Colorado as our new home and it has brought us such joy and happiness. With a little homesickness (from me!)we are doing great. I couldn't imagine we would live at the foothills of Boulder and Denver, have great friends for our kids, love our schools, our ward, and all of our activities.We have just loved exploring Boulder, Estes Park, Georgetown, Granby, Silverthorne, all of the Colorado ski cities. We enjoy the hikes, the views, the fishing and all the wonderful things Colorado has had to offer. WE would never change our course or direction, us Stott's have learned so so much. We left our comfort zone in Utah and we branched out and have seen an entire new world, new cities, met new people, new friends and it has given us so many wonderful experiences and opportunites. Of course we have our miss Utah moments! But we have tried to embrace Colorado as our home and make it just that.Excited for 2012!-LOVED Utah over the christmas break! I have a few pics from that- I am so so grateful for my family and friends in Utah, I could never do this without them.Thank you for all your continual support and LOVE!Love you![...]

Family Colorado Christmas~


This is what it is all about! :)
Love my fam.
Merry Christmas 2011-

Friend Christmas Party-2011


We had our annual Friend Christmas Party. We invited 9 couples . It was such a great evening.Stacie, Mary, Aileen, me, JoDee, Amy, Kaly, Jessica (and Summer not in pic)These gals have become near and dear to my heart!We had a full house! It was a perfect Christmas evening. All the wives with their hubbies. (no kids :)((notice the new kitchen island yay! deep brown with accents of black and reddish ruby's. swirled with flecks of diamond. love love))WE each brought an appetizer and dessert and exchanged white elephants and gifts. We chatted and laughed well into the night :)I loved it.I feel so grateful to have a great group of friends. With leaving my family, I need that for my heart :)Merry Christmas to you all!( I just got back from the Brown adult Christmas party in UT-man it was great!)Feels good to be home to snowy Colorado! loving the snow[...]

Ashlyn's new room :)


Ashlyn has wanted to redo her room since we moved here. She had chocolate brown walls. She wanted the opposite: A beach theme. Blues, whites and accent in brown.Do you like it? Different huh?!I came up with this fun idea for wall's:Pick a color & scheme and put the thick cardstock, colored paper up piece by piece. Then design the color and textures as you go.I think in the end, it turned out good.Ashlyn really liked it, so that is all that matters.Not my favorite colors, but it is not up to me anymore. It was hard to give her the freedom to pick the wall color (ohhh so blue. too blue for my liking) BUT she wanted her beach theme.We hung a cute white ruffle curtain and we switched out the pink. We have hung a few more fun pics on the wall. SHe loves it.I need to post a final pic :)p.s redoing my kitchen as I type. The granite man is late in delivering my new granite island. (I have had NO kitchen ALL week! ugh)Hopefully by redoing this part of the kitchen, I will have more space to COOK! :)[...]

C H R I S T M A S parties, fun, & traditions 2011


OH I love Christmas. It is the best time of the year.I am grateful for:...wonderful Christmas Family Home Evenings.(Christmas Oranges, The Last Straw, Gift of the Magi, I believe in Santa Clause..traditions of books and magical Christmas meanings )I am grateful for great Young Women Christams lessons.(I taught. J O Y. Jesus. Others. Yourself)I am grateful for afternoon Christmas brunch with girlfriends (first pic)I am grateful for traditions with my kids that keep them going.I am grateful for the excitement of buying gifts for one another, and eagerly awaiting to give. I am grateful for notes and gifts that are on the doorstep, exciting to open each one.I am grateful for christmas cards full of photos and notes that catch us up on loved ones.I am grateful the 12 days of Christmas, this year, the 12 random acts of kindness-(the lesson that giving is FAR better than receiving)I am grateful to go to church to remember the true meaning of christmas.I am grateful for Christmas parties to laugh, hang out with good friends and eat lots of Holiday goodies(I invited Mons, Christensens and Rennakers for Christmas dessert :)I am grateful for my sweet family, my kids and Ryan. Every day I feel so so grateful.(So behind on my blog...Christmas is so busy with teaching yw, hosting parties, Christmas lessons, FHE's, neighbor gifts, friends, etc...!)Merry Christmas~ more pics to come..Tawny[...]

Fancy Night ~Buell theater~Lion King


Buell theater above. (photo off my phone) And then I got yelled at for taking the pic. whoops! Ry and I finding our seats for Lion King.It was so so fun to dress up, go to a fancy dinner (at the Denver Performing Arts) and hit a Broadway show.The Lion King.(the most visually stunning production I have EVER ever seen)Ry's work took us (and RY invited some of his clients to go too)It was f a b u l o u s!A night to get away, relax and enjoy time with Ry.(my skirt has the cutest black can't tell in the pic! But oh, it is my new fav skirt. MACEY'S)What a great evening, one I won't forget. I have loved getting to see all the great places in Colorado. Downtown Denver is beautiful. There is so much to offer. We are loving it :)P.S With Ryan gone in UT, I opened my Christmas present early (oops)and wore them to church...I soooo love them :)I love those boots! Oh I want to buy 10 pair! and love my Victoria Secret Lounge wear outfit. (Black). They are so darn comfy and fit so perfectly. I also got my very first Kitchenaid. wahoo! Now I have no excuses to make some homemade bread :)[...]

Colorado Skies ~


I took this pic 5 days ago, outside my back window.THe skies in Colorado are...just beautiful.I had no idea that a sky could be so big. and colorful. and it goes on and on.we have 300 plus days of sunshine here,it makes my heart sooooo happy.(my trade off for leaving my sisters :)(another view out back. The morning sunrise. I get to see this every day!)In Utah, we get those big beautful Rocky Mountains (still my favorite ever!)BUT, they B L O C K the view of the skies.I have the Boulder Mountains to the west of us (10 miles away..) But flat to the East (Kansas)Thus all the views.(and the morning sunrise is early. much earlier than utah.The sun comes off the is SO SO BIG. Nothing blocks the sun. Ry and I's first morning here, we were shocked at the sunrise! loved itI took this pic out of Austin's bedroom window. Jake is playing hoops. I took this a week ago. The weather was beautiful. 69 degrees. When the sun is out so much, it just warms up the air. that again, makes me soooo happy :) NO inversion here![...]

~Christmas 2011~


(image) The tree is up, the time is here.
My favorite.
the traditions in place,
it is beginning.
Christmas stories by candlelight, picking names, straws for service,
the 12 days of christmas (our faaaavorite), music, lights,
happy, wonderful days ahead :)

Silent Night


An evening, with just me and the kiddos-
Ry is gone visiting his parents in Salt Lake.
The night before a magical evening (w/ Ry) in downtown Denver- (post later)
I took over for the weekend.
Jake's birthday party, basketball game..
Austin's basketball tournament in Colorado Springs-
Ashlyn wanting to Christmas shop and finish her room (post later)
Mason always wanting to be with me, needing his individual attention.
By Saturday night......exhausted. But happy.
I decided to shut it all down.
and we had game night.
Under the calming light of the christmas trees,
Alabama's Christmas playing in the background.
The kids loved it, playing games all together.
Quality time. time I get just with my kids.
It couldn't be anymore perfect.

4.0 twinners :)


Congrats to the twins. 4.0'sAustin and Austin have had a 4.0 every trimester (6th and 7th)Ry and I are so proud of them.We couldn't ask for better kiddos. We never have to ask them to do their homework.THey always finish their work, and complete their tests and assignments.WE took them out to get Mile Mud High Pie and bottomless fries.Ohhh divine. (we don't pay for grades. They know we expect their best.)Their incentive: to get into BYU. :)~a few notes about the twins.Austin loves school. He works hard every day. His best subject is Math and Science. But he has a passion for art. He would make a good engineer)He loves basketball and has joined a competive team. The Blue Hornets. He has found so many great friends through the team. (I feel so happy for him knowing he finally found a great group of boys.Austin is kind and sweet. His heart is so pure and he is so good to me. He will always help me,with dishes, putting away groceries, anything. I never ask, he is just always there to help me. I sure love that boy. Ashlyn enjoys school as well. She is shy and a bit quiet but has her little group of girls. They are great and I am so happy she has these friends. She enjoys to write stories, write poems adn illustrate. Ashlyn is a bookworm. I can't keep a book out of her hand. Her Kindle as over 100 books in a year. She loves to learn about the earth, and how things are made. SH e is always asking my so many questions that I can't even answer.Her passion is life are animals. She just loves anything that is on this earth. She wants to be a vet and own a houseful of pets. SHe loves dogs, kittens, bunnies..all the way down to spiders, butterflies and bugs. Anything that is alive. She has a tender heart and loves life.Ashlyn is the secretary in Beehives and LOVES her young women's group. I feel so lucky to be a part of that with her. She loves the scriptures and to learn all the stories.I feel blessed to have Ashlyn, my only daughter :)grateful for my twinners~xo![...]

Thanksgiving 2011 - CO Springs~


Happy Thanksgiving. 2011We went down to Brandon and Em's house inColorado Springs for Thanksgiving.We had such a fabulous time with them. My kids couldn't wait to be with their cousins.Nothing beats that!Emily is amazing. Her turkey and stuffing were so divine. She used fresh Rosemary to flavor her turkey and gravy. Goodness! It was some of the best I have ever had! Look at that spread!My boys. love them.After dinner, my brother drove us around the Army Base. It was really neat to be able to see what a base looks like. It was fun to listen to my bro and hear all his stories. Just amazing. I am so grateful for all the honorable soldiers, officers..etc who serve our country.We can't thank them enough.(Brandon is a General Surgeon :)We then drove to the Garden of the Godswow!Look at this pic I took. It is stunning. It toook my breath away when we pulled into the Canyon. Just amazing! (my brother, Brandon lives about 8-10 minutes away. SO lucky)It was simply amazing-These rock structures coming out of the earth.In the middle of a mountain range, the glowing red rocks soar above the skyline.Just beautiful.(Claire, Ashlyn, Austin, Mace, Jake)Me and my cute bro, Brandon. He is such a great guy.I am so lucky to have him for a bro!Yes! A bear! A big brown bear.. on someone's porch eating a pumpkin! I was so surprised! My bro said it's 'normal' to see bear around the neigborhood!(what??! so crazy :)Do you see my fingers? we were super close to the bear! yikesWe had such a great Thanksgiving with my brother Brandon and Em! We loved it our time together.One more fabulous memory for the Stott's ! We were so grateful to be able to spend the day with family.It makes it so special. We won't forget 2011. All the great times we have had.Love our cousins. Thanks Bran and Em!Now Christmas is right round the corner! xo![...]