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Goodale Family Adventures

Updated: 2014-10-06T19:23:43.654-07:00


Oliver's First Day of Kindergarten


Well, where has the time gone? Kathryn and I were talking last night about that little boy with the big black eyes in the NICU and how it was like yesterday. Kathryn and I dropped Eleanor of at Daycare then took Oliver to school. It is a lot different than dropping him off at Daycare. It appeared a bit chaotic but nothing too stressful (for him atleast). Once we got to the school we stopped at his after-school care room to introduce him to the staff and get to know them a bit. Once that was done we made the long walk down the short hall to his kindergarten class. It seemed to be going okay until we told him we were going to leave. That is when Oliver said he was scared and wanted us to stay. Once his teacher, Mrs. Devlin, came over to get him he was all good.

Here are a few pictures from his first day:

Possession Day August 30


On August 30, 2013 we took possession of our new home. This was not without disappointment. The night before possession we received a phone call from the builder to tell us they did not apply a change order we requested in February. This change order was to upgrade the furnace to a two-stage variable speed furnace and a three zone comfort system. There was a mix up between the supplier and the builder. We were not happy with this and still need to determine compensation for this mistake since it cannot be rectified.After a few days we are getting used to the layout of the house and trying to get a few things done prior to actually moving in. We have movers coming on August 7 to bring all the furniture in and then we will start unpacking the boxes on September 9.Here are a few pictures of the inside at this point.[...]

House Progress June 29


We had a quick tour of the house since we have been aware for a few weeks and wanted to see how much progress had been made.

More House Progress Pics



Seeing Progress


We dropped off Kathryn's car to have an oil change and change her tires from her winter tires to her all seasons tonight. After that we went to the house to see how things were progressing. We were happily surprised when we saw the stonework completed and siding started. 

Oliver at the New House


After seeing The Croods Cory took Oliver inside the new house for the first time so he could see the framing and other construction progress.Front of Garage detail (the trim will be painted a dark brown)More front Garage detailInside Garage doorElectrical and Gas TieBack of the house trim detailPicture from the back of the house looking towards the pondBack window trimFront porch trim detailOliver near the new mudroomInside the mudroomMain floor bathroomElectrical rough-in permitFireplace in living room (framing needs to be fixed)Dining room windowKitchenKitchen window (view out the back)Kitchen cabinet plansOliver and a view out the frontKid's bathroomOliver looking out one of the kids bedroomsEnsuite tubKitchen to the living room view[...]

Progress Update on House


Our house finally SOLD!!! We had an offer on Monday night. The inspection and financing conditions were finally removed on Friday morning. Possession for the Buyer is June 14. We will need to find a place to live for a few weeks and/or go on holidays.Also, last week we had our electrical inspection of the new house to ensure things were installed as planned. Most items were good. With the exception of some of the kitchen light switches. This also gave us the opportunity to see the inside of the house "officially" for the first time since framing was and windows were done. The only framing and electrical that is not done is the basement and that is expected to be done in about 3 weeks. Insulation and siding is scheduled to start next week!!Here are a few pictures of the inside of the house for your viewing.Entertainment Room Window (front of the house)Entertainment RoomKids Bathroom (second floor)Ensuite BathroomMaster Bedroom Window (back of the house)Walk-in Closet Living Room (main floor)Garden Doors (main floor)Kitchen WindowFront Door (inside from stairs)[...]

Framing is almost Done


We go to the house every week, typically Sundays. For the past week it is almost like we go every couple of days. Once they started framing progress on the outside appears to be happening very fast. The have the roof on and all the windows/doors in. Our place has been on the market for about five days and we have had around six showings and one second showing. Hopefully that is a good sign that we will have something in the works in the next few days.

Christmas 2012


Christmas has come and gone. I think Oliver asked about Christmas everyday since Halloween was over. We had a full house for a few days with Grandma and Grandpa Pringle and Auntie Heather staying with us.

Christmas Eve was spent with Grandma and Papa Goodale at Uncle Butch and Auntie Debbie's in St. Albert.

On Christmas morning the kids woke up between 7:30 and 8:00am. It appeared Oliver forgot it was Christmas morning since he woke up and wanted to crawl into our bed to cuddle. He asked if we could check the tracker to see where Santa was and when Dad said Santa was probably at home already Oliver thought Santa did not come.

New House!!


Back in June 2012 we decided to build a larger house in Trumpeter at Big Lake. With the kids getting bigger, the toys getting bigger and in general the extended family getting bigger we thought it was time to build something to better fit our needs. In the past few weeks they have dug the hole and poured the footings. We are expecting to be in the new house by the end of next summer.

Eleanor's 1st Birthday!!!


Well our little girl turned 1 today!!!!She went to the park, went swimming and then smushed a cupcake into her face after dinner. Sounds like a good day to me.Tinkerbell Cupcakes.....this one had no chance of survival.[...]

Oliver's First Hockey Game


We registered Oliver in Hockey this year to see how he would like it. We bought him the smallest hockey equipment and it was still a bit big. Dad tried his best to put in on for the first day and Oliver looked very uncomfortable when on the ice so we called the boys from across the street to give a tutorial. The next game went way better.

Oliver is the little guy in the red gear!!

Oliver's Museum Pictures


It was really tough to slow Oliver down at the Museum so we thought "Lets give him a camera". Well this worked great. He slowed down and took the time to take some pictures. Let us know what you think.[...]

Summer Vacation 2012


We got home yesterday from our family holiday at Dinosaur Provincial Park. We decided to slowly introduce the kids to camping so we decided to go Comfort Camping at the Provincial Park. Comfort Camping is where the Park already has the tent set-up, the tent has a fridge, queen size bed, a pullout bed and dishes, pans and utensils. It also had a BBQ outside for our use as well. Not bad you say? It was great except for the unplanned mosquito attacks we endured the first night!!! They were horrific due to the Red Deer River that we were about 25 feet away from.The first night was a bit of a write off due to the drive to get there and the kids were pretty tired. This was Eleanor's first long car ride. She was really good. She hardly peeped during the trip. Oliver sang songs, watched TV and kept asking if we were there yet.The second day we made plans to be at the Royal Tyrrell Museum for the day. We had Oliver registered in two programs while we were there. The first one was Fossil Casting. This is where the kids learned about fossils and how the museum ensures the fossils do not break and how they are displayed. After they learned all that they were able to do their own fossil casting. Oliver selected a T-REX tooth for his. It was a fossil that was found in 1980 in Crowsnet Pass. He was super excited and kept asking lots of questions about the T-REX and how he did not see one in the Provincial Park yet. The next program was the Dinosaur Adventure Hour. Oliver got to be a paleontologist and go on a dig. After the day was over we headed back to the campground for dinner and a campfire. Oliver helped Dad build a fire then he sat at the fire for about 5 minutes and decided it was time for bed and went into the tent and fell asleep.Since Wednesday was really busy and we did lots of driving, Thursday we decided to stick around the Park and explore the badlands. Oliver and Dad grabbed a few bottles of water, since it was 30 degrees out, then headed for the badlands path. The exploring was going well until Oliver kept hearing Rattle Snakes in the bushes. This stemmed from Dad reading him the safety sign about scorpions, cactus, rattle snakes and black widows. We headed back to the building and tried a different path. That one worked a lot better since there appeared to be no rattle snakes. After exploring for about an hour Oliver was done since he fell on a rock and bruised his knee (dont worry there was no blood, just tears). Thankfully they made it out of the badlands without Dad having to carry Oliver back to the campsite. After all the exploring we headed into Brooks to take Eleanor for a naptime drive and tried to find Ice Cream!!!! Oliver finished his little bowl of ice cream and was good to head back to the campsite. By the time we got to the campsite it was time for dinner and another campfire. The campfire this time was for S'Mores. Mom and Dad were way more excited about the S'Mores than Oliver was. e just wanted to eat the chocolate Bar.The final day of our trip was probably the most exploring we did since the GPS decided to take us on a detour after we left Hanna. It wanted us to go down some bunny trails. Dad was going to head down them but I convinced him that it was not a good idea. We probably drove on gavel roads between Hanna and Camrose for about an hour.[...]

New Yard


Oliver and Dad went for a drive to look at our new soon to be yard. They have put the metal posts up that will will be the back part of the yard. It looks pretty good and gives us a better idea of the size the yard is.

Also Eleanor is really close to crawling.

May 2012


Eleanor keeps growing. She weighed 18lbs last weigh in and Oliver is over 30lbs finally!!!!! Eleanor has started to roll over from front to back and back to front. Next thing will be crawling if she will stay on her belly long enough to figure it out. Also in May we started thinking about finding a bigger place. Not sure if we will build or buy an older home.Oliver really liked looking at showhomes. Most of the upstairs are a lot bigger than ours and actually allow him to run back and forth at full speed. But when we ask him if he wants to buy a new house he says "No". The reason why? He likes our current house because it has toys in the basement.[...]

April 2012


April was a busy month. Eleanor was growing. Kathryn, Oliver and Eleanor visited the farm. Oliver got a new bike. Oliver was introduced to Daddy's old GI Joes. We needed to have some funerals for some of Daddy's old GI Joes.[...]

Oliver's 4th Birthday Party


Today we celebrated Oliver's birthday with a few of his friends, Wyatt and Mason. We had a Batman themed party. We started the day getting the basement ready for him. We first built a Batcave and then put of some streamers and threw some confetti around. Okay actually we started last night by baking and decorating a cake and making Super Hero cakelets.Oliver got lots of nice gifts and had a blast. I think that was the first time we had two of his buddies over at once. Kids are loud!!!!!![...]

Auntie Heather's Cars Birthday and the Kiddos


February was a busy month for us. Maybe it was because we were planning all month for Auntie Heather to come for her birthday. Oliver picked the cake from Dairy Queen.We also tried to get Eleanor to wear the Saskatchewan Roughrider Cheerleader outfit but as you can see from the pictures I think it was burning her Edmonton Eskimo skin:-)[...]

Someone is Testing Their Voice


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Lesson Learned


Do not turn Oliver into Darth Maul with an iPhone app. It may have scarred him for life.

Eleanor's First Taste of Cereal


With everyone in a good mood Kathryn decided to give try giving Eleanor some cereal. She did pretty good. The next night we just gave her a spoon to play with before we gave her cereal. She seemed to like the spoon at least.[...]

My Solar System


Here is a picture of my solar system. I live in Earth.

Happy Baby


Here are a few cute pictures of Eleanor smiling!

Christmas 2011


This year Oliver was way more into Christmas. As you could see by the last post when he decorated the Christmas tree all by himself. Each side had its own theme. On Christmas Eve we went to Aunty Debbie's and Uncle Butch's place to spend time with family. There is ran around with Cousin Kendall and tried to stay away from Cousin Brennen. We left there around 7:30 to head home and get ready for Santa to arrive. We sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer all the way home. Once we got home we changed into pajamas and watched a movie. Just before bedtime Oliver put out Santa's plate and some food for the reindeer. I think Oliver ate more cookies than Santa got on his plate.He got up at about 7:15am and was right under the tree. He was open present after present when we noticed he had opened one of Eleanor's presents. The first thing he saw by his stocking was his new LeapPad. Then the excitement really kicked in when you looked into his stocking and saw a red Lightsaber. He had all his presents opened before Eleanor even woke up I think.We then made our way to Aunty Leslie's for dinner. I think the only thing Oliver did when we were there was play LeapPad games with Cousin Kendall. He also got a Captain America Shield from Uncle Jason and lots of cool stuff from everyone else!!![...]