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Missed Me?

2009-03-14T18:38:26.375-07:00 I never came back after Christmas. Hee Hee. I'm thinking of making a comeback........we'll see......................

Soon...I promise


Hey guys! I'm just popping in to let you know that I promise I will post all our holiday stuff SOON. You've been asking and I've been slacking but I have been SICK! I am halfway through my SECOND round of antibiotics and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Upon full recovery I will take the time to sit down and give you all a full report. I love everyone of you guys and I hope your Christmas was swell! I hope you all have a fantastic, healthy, and prosperous 2009! See ya soon =)

Confession Time


I love the "Free Credit Report . Com" commercials.

They make me wanna dance. Seriously. It's a shame.

And in an attempt to make myself look less ridiculous, I am going to tell you a secret.

My husband goes around singing "Priceline Negotiator" at random moments in our home.

Now that is RIDICULOUS. And I wish I had it on video to share with you all. Hmmmm....maybe I'll make that happen.

Here it is...............................


The following photo HAS NOT been digitally enhanced nor Photo Shopped. It IS an actual true life photo of me less about 8 inches of hair that would normally be there. I post this photo because all of my friends have been asking to see pics of my new do. I think they thought by "short" I meant just above my shoulder blades. Afterall, most of my friends have known me since my hair flirted with my pant loops. And I'm quite sure that some of these friends won't actually believe I went through with this until they see me in person and actually run their fingers through it. I should have probably crossed this bridge a long time ago but as we all know I have a perfectly round basketball face and we do not need to accentuate my cheek muscles ( I have cheek muscles insted of cheekbones...sad but true ) =). (image)

Slow down........................


Thanksgiving is getting so close, I can taste the cranberry sauce.
And I just started to think about everything I do have to be thankful for. Sometimes I admit that I get caught up wanting more, wanting something else, and even envy other peoples STUFF.
It's just material STUFF and it is NOT what matters the most.
I am so thankful for God's blessings and I forget to count those sometimes and give God the glory for his everyday works in my life.
As our world changes, as our human leadership changes, as times get tougher, I am trying to SLOW DOWN and listen to God. And right now, I think he is telling me to be silent, be still, and appreciate what he has given me and entrusted to me.
I am so thankful for my two beautiful little girls that God has given to me to take care of.
I am so thankful for my husband who is my ROCK, my best friend, and my sounding board....God really knew what he was doing when he put Chad in my path.
I am so thankful for my family. My parents are so helpful and such a constant in my life. My little sister always has my back...even if we pick each other to death, we still love each other like crazy.
I am so thankful for a comfortable home, a church that feels like home, friends who surpass all expectations every single time.
I am so thankful for the little daughter's laughing together, the gifts of vision and hearing to take in this great, big world God has given to us, health, hilarity to get through the tough times, God's promise of eternity for those who believe.
What an amazing that's something to be thankful for.
I encourage everyone to take a moment and look around'll notice blessings piled up everywhere!
God Bless all of ya'll. I love you all!

Trick or Treat


SISTERS : The sweet one and the evil one. Guess who's who! Aunt Carly and Courtlyn Bug in front of the Spooky Graveyard Courtlyn, Carly, Taylor and Allie with the Shackled Monster Dee (Tickled Pink ) , Taylor, Me, Allie, Carly, Hannah, Tim and Courtlyn posing in our finest Our beautiful Goblin Girls : Taylor as Spiderella, Allie the Vampire, and Hannah the VERY scary ghost! Spiderella and her mommy. Hanging out in the Graveyard, resting our weary bones. So.......have you been wondering what in the world I am? Well, I am......." A little blue but I'm trying to look at the world through rose colored glasses. " My Underworld Family My cute little ladybug. I'm sure one day, just like Taylor, she will want to dress up as a scary, spooky monster too. So, I am relishing this sweet angel faced baby in her adorable, sweet costume and will remember in about 7 years how cute she was "way back then". My beautiful Taylor all scary as Spiderella. Courtlyn and Tim. She had the best seat in the house.Taylor, Me, and Allie posing pretty! Pa Beck's ANNUAL HALLOWEEN FALL BASH PARTY : Courtlyn and her Papa Bear warming thier hands by the fire. Chad and Dad hangin' out. Courtlyn loved loved loved to hang out by the fire. And the deal was sweetened with this little temporary puppy pal she shared her seat with. Mean old Daddy wouldn't let her take it home. Shame on Daddy. Hanging out : Carly, Kerrigan, puppy breath, and Me( with Allie jumping in from behind to bunny ear us! ) Can ANYONE believe my little Taylor is almost as tall as me and can wear my shoes! And I know I'm her mom but she has turned out quite beautiful...hmmmmm......must be those good genes she's got =) JUST KIDDING! HAPPY HALLOWEEN[...]

Magan's Party and My Cute Kids.


(image) Meet my dear, precious friend Magan - she IS the life of the party. Each and EVERY time. I love her fiercely. She is an amazingly strong female. And we can never have enough of those in our circle =) Right, Mags???
(image) A Jamie Sandwich.
Those two beside me look like they could be related, huh?

(image) Me with Shansheree, Mag's and Steph. We decided our Destin trip should be a yearly gig.
I haven't shared that conclusion with my husband just yet but I'm sure in another year he will agree with me that I am in desperate need of a "Girls Weekend". Isn't that right dear?

Carley, Steph, Me, Cristina, Mags, and Shannon

Just look at my little Titan Cheerleader. We suited up for "Halloween at the Park" on Saturday but we did not last long there. It was HOT. Felt like July instead of October. Where's our cool crisp fall breezes? I'm ready to bust out the long sleeve t-shirts and jeans. Instead I'm sporting jean shorts and sleeveless T's. Unbelievable.

(image) Look at my little hippie. Throwing up her peace sign. Now that is truly unbelievable. Seems like just yesterday I was teaching her to make that sign but it was to tell people she was "2". TWO!!! Plus 7. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

Small Update


Today I took Courtlyn to get some ice cream at Dairy Queen for "Mommy and Me" time. As you can tell by the pictures here....I don't think she enjoyed it very much! Ordinary pic of Taylor eating cereal but looking at this picture, I am struck by how big my baby is and how grown up she is starting to look. S-A-D.My pretty cute them something fierce! We took Courtlyn to the Pumpkin Patch last weekend while Sisser spent the night with Gram. She thought it was FANTASTIC. She picked out her own pumpkin to decorate and once we finished with that she wouldn't let me or Daddy hold it for her. She insisted on carrying it all the way to the car. She struggled the whole time but she smiled all the way! CHEESE FACE. We also went to Liz and Chuck's for a cookout on Saturday night. Amanda, Jason, Gabriel and Adam joined us and that was so much fun! I tried to be creative and make a collage from that night to post on my blog but I could not figure out how to make that happen so......Jo or Liz feel free to send me instructions on how to make that happen! Thanks ahead of time=). [...]

A little bit more everyday.........


(image) Well we're gearing up for the hustle and bustle of Fall Activities so the girls haven't been doing much this past week or two. Prepare for TONS of blogs and pics coming up because we have something planned EVERY single weekend between now and November!

SO......since the girls haven't been too busy I decided to blog about me...again.
But only because I'm so dang proud of me! I have now lost THIRTEEN lbs!
As you can see in the pic above, Chad and I are withering he has me beat at a whopping 25 lbs. but thats alright ( he started out bigger than me afterall ) =)
I say "withering away" lightly. Read into that and it really means : slowly working off fat cells and now not quite as fat as we were yesterday.
We went out for a date last night which is RARE and we ate at Carrabba's!
It was NOT waist friendly but I felt like I deserved a treat! And it was FANTASTIC.
I think Chad would agree....except he tried my Chicken Bryan which is topped with Goat Cheese and he gagged for a good 15 minutes. He said it was "nasty". I said he lacked culture.

I'm gonna keep trucking along and working towards my "Jessica Simpson" goal.
I still have quite a ways to go but I'm thinking its really gonna be worth it when I reach the finish line =) Thanks so much to everyone who has offered me words of encouragement, tips, and compliments. You all keep me going!



(image) August 17th, 2008

(image) September 7, 2008

What a difference 3 weeks make. These pics were taken exactly 3 weeks apart. My changes are definitely obvious! At least to me! And I feel so much better!!!

EIGHT POUNDS and counting..........

Yep - I have managed to destroy 8 wiggly jiggly fat cell circulating pounds from my body.
Good Riddance!!!

I have been eating good and exercising - I even went to the workout center twice on my three day trip to the beach last weekend. And hmmm, anyone who knows ME knows that would have been a roaring joke in the past!!!

My recommendation this blog around:

Write down EVERYTHING you eat. It makes a HUGE difference in success rate!
P.S. Don't forget to write down the exercising you do too - take credit everywhere it is due!

Continuing on...............................

Miscellaneous Moments


Well since I'm behind in posting pictures I decided to throw several things all in one giant blog and kill a few birds with one stone!Courtlyn turned two on August 2nd. I cannot believe my little baby is speaking in complete sentences and making her own choices - she wants to pick out her own clothes and decide what is on her plate!Her favorite breakfast is Pop-Arts ( pop-tarts ) and she likes to wear her bathing soup ( bathing suit ).Taylor and Hannah. Notice my little neices tiara....she is the princess she thinks she is =). Look how serious she is. She can be so intense and then fall over laughing. Shes so cute!We went to the fair Friday night and met up with one of my BFF, Lucy and her husband Chuck and little boy, Carter. In this picture they are stripping corn and grinding it into cornmeal. We decided now was as good a time as any for them to learn a trade and support us when we get old. They LOVED to play with this - it was pretty neat!Daddy and Courtlyn on the Carousel. Daddy had a hard time holding her on the horse. She kept throwing herself backward and laughing hysterically. Taylor and her BFF, Abby jailed with Carter and Courtlyn. Court kept hiding behind the two foot mouse - she said she lubbed ( loved ) her. We put Courtlyn in the pumpkin ride with Abby and Taylor. Court kept hanging her head out the pumpkin window and crying. One minute she would smile like she loved it and the next minute she was reaching out for Mommy or Daddy and crying so sadly. Daddy intervened and told the guy working the ride to make sure he stopped it on Courtlyns car when the ride ended so she could get out first. I think the experience hurt Daddy more than it did Courtlyn~Yeah ~ 9 year old girls are sure something! Never a dull moment when these two are together!Courtlyn is now taking gymnastics. She has such a good time and as you will see below, the Foam Pit is her VERY FAVORITE PART! On the obstacle course :Learning how to do a front roll over :Learning to balance while rolling:Climbing throught the rolling hole:THE FOAM PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Look at her hair!!!She jumps in over and over and over. NO FEAR!![...]

Props to my pal Lucy


A big thank you to my old school BFF, Lucy for keeping me talking on the phone tonight which helped me make it through one whole hour of treadmill torture.
Okay....thats dramatic I admit. It wasn't that bad but if it wasn't for her I would have probably succumbed to boredom at 40 minutes. Possibly 35.
I definitely am going to need a good pair of running shoes if I keep this gig up. I welcome any shoe recommendations since we all know running/jogging/fast walking is completely new to me. I mean really, we are talking about the girl who whines like a two year old when her husband parks too far down the Walmart aisle on our way in to pick up Ding Dongs and Frozen Pizza.
Which are now considered "Special Treats" in my dietary repertoire.
By the way, everyone try the Luna Sunrise Blueberry Bar. I highly, highly recommend this little yummy treat. If you are a Weight Watcher fan just know that is only 3 points. Makes a tasty breakfast treat. I've tried the Strawberry and Lemon Zest too which are also three points but the blueberry blows them away.
Official Standings* :
The Bronze - Strawberry
The Silver - Lemon Zest
The Gold goes to - Blueberry
*** The Olympics do not officially endorse this opinion - just little ( hee hee ) ol'me who knows good food!
Thanks for all your words of encouragement guys - it's been motivating and much appreciated!

My Ultimate Goal


Okay guys. I've had ENOUGH. I need your assistance and I'm clammoring for your support and bold face honesty in accomplishing a goal that is likely to take me down with it.

I am looking to look like this :(image)

Ok so minus the blond hair and camo pants but everything else is a go..... well, I might go blond if I accomplish the rest just to see my husband's reaction =).

Now being as I am edjumacated in Dietetics we all know that I know perfectly well WHAT to eat. And as you all know me you know that doesn't mean squat. I like to EAT. And I like to tell you all about the wonderful new food I try so I can relive the moment and in my head cash the calories in twice.
SO - since we know I know better let's just skip that part and go straight to the "Hey as your friends who like to know we can share a seat with you if we need to could you please drop the doughnut? and the Venti Caramel Frappucino? and the Moo Shu Chicken? When I say " Hey guys, you wanna go out for ice cream?" You all say " No way Cottage Cheese Chicken Flesh Thighs - how bout going for a jog?"

I am 30 - I feel 50. So I'm attempting to do something about it. Last night I put the kids to bed and put my tennis shoes on. My dear cute husband says " Where are you going?" And I say "Outside to run on the treadmill." And he dang near faints.

Then I jog and run for 30 minutes - and I about faint. But I was SOOOO PROUD of me! I am going to make that a staple in my life. I'm hoping I run right out of Jamie and right into Jessica.

More to be revealed...... or less depending on how this goes........

Our Family Vacation


WILDERNESS AT THE SMOKIESWe had a limited amount of time to take a family vacation this year so we decided to try out a new resort in Sevierville, Tennessee. We went to "Wilderness at the Smokies" which has a waterpark on site~ While they are still expanding we had a wonderful time. The current waterpark is not very big but it was plenty big enough for what we needed it for!It was very nice to be able to go right upstairs to our room if we needed to during the day at the waterpark. The server at the hotel restaurant said once they finish the resort completely, it will be the biggest waterpark in the United States. We will definitely consider going back once it is completed. The kids had a BIG time and never noticed how small it was. It kept them completely occupied. We have discovered that Courtlyn is quite the water bug. She would have stayed at the waterpark every second of every day. Taylor had a good time going down the three waterslides. Her daddy and I took a few turns down the slides ourselves. Kids at heart, we are. And don't think for one second that Courtlyn got left out........ Outside The Peddler in downtown Gatlinburg waiting on dinner. Which was YUMMY. Courtlyn and Daddy hanging out with a float? Well yeah! They put it to good use!Taylor's float got plenty of use! Time and Time Again! My cute family watching the Fireworks in Pigeon Forge Taylor single handedly help up the Wonderworks Museum.( Which is upside down! We really liked hanging out here~ ) Taylor and Courtlyn in a SpacecraftTaylor attempting to climb the Rock WallTaylor and I experiencing Hurricane Force Winds Courtlyn showing off her new Princess Bathing Suit and her Cheese Face!Daddy and Taylor trying to lift their own weightMy beautiful babies on the Fourth of July [...]

Summer Is HERE!!!


(image) Taylor participated in our Church's Pinewood Derby for the first time this year. She didn't win but it was fun just getting to participate. In this picutre she's hanging out with two of her closest buds, Morgan and Abby. Her other big pal, Kailey was there somewhere but unfortunately missing from this pic =(
(image) Courtlyn is very independent and is now dressing herself with a pretty good success rate. Even though yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year, she decided she wanted to wear her winter coat over her summer outfit! She was so cute!

(image) The other day we were at Nana's and Courtlyn disappeared for a minute. When she resurfaced she was donning Nana's houseshoes. Her new thing is parading around the house in everyone else's shoes. She enjoys my heels the most and walks better in them than I do!

Our friend, Stephanie gave Courtlyn this ball cap and she LOVES it. I'm quite amazed but she wears it all the time! Isn't she CUTE!

(image) Taylor and Abby played their last soccer game this Saturday. It was HOT! This is a pic of the girls after they dumped water from the cooler all over themselves!

A Night out with My Daddy and John P.


Me, Dad and John....just hanging out !(image) Dad and I had an unbelievable opportunity last week to meet our lifelong favorite musician/songwriter that ever walked on earth. No exaggeration.

For those of you who've known me forever you know what a die hard John Prine fan Dad and I are. So you know I mean it when I say that we were completely and totally beside ourselves in the picture above.

John Prine held a benefit concert last Tuesday night at The Belcourt Theatre for Gilda's Club of Nashville to raise money for Cancer Awareness/Support. I bought us both a ticket to attend the concert and the Meet and Greet afterwards. The tickets were a little pricey but I tell you what - I would have paid double if they'd asked me to. It was for a great cause and I got to touch, talk to and breath the same air as my musical hero. And please notice above that he is touching me too. =)

The concert was AMAZING. Dad and I were some of the first few people in line so we got to choose our seats. We chose the 4th row back square in the middle...they were honestly the best seats in the house.

I'm well aware that most of you reading this have never heard of John Prine. Well let me tell you that you are missing out big time. There's never been another songwriter in history that can hold a candle to his story telling ability nor match the amount of heart he put's into his music or his concerts. My advice would be to look him up and take a listen. Look up "Hello In There", " Sam Stone " , " Angel from Montgomery", "Picture Show" or "Unwed Fathers".

Listen to the words....really listen. He's trying to tell you something.



Here lately I've come to realize just how fragile life is. How quickly it changes right in front of our eyes. How fast our babies grow up. How very unexpectedly tradgedy and devastation can move into our lives and change everything. And again how wonderful things happen every day. How life changes for everyone and affects us all in different ways. In the past couple of weeks I have witnessed so much change. Some wonderful and full of hope and new beginnings. Some sad that make us question life and it's purpose. I have watched my sister-in-law, Dee graduate from college with Honors and start a brand new life for her and her daughter. I have begun to prepare myself to say goodbye to my very best friend, Sarah as she heads off to a brand new start a thousand miles away. It's an amazingly hopeful and refreshing new beginning for her but a truly sad time for me. I have watched my wonderful friend, Magan get engaged and start preparing for her wedding and marriage. I am happy that she is so happy. I have been floored with the unexpected news that another friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. It makes my heart hurt that she is scared and unsure of what is to come. It knocks the breath out of me. I have stood by my husband as he begins a new career. And this change alone evokes so many emotions and feelings.....happiness, pride, fear, and worry. In just a few weeks, I have seen great happiness, unwavering commitment, gut-wrenching fear, unfathomable heartbreak, hopeful giddyness, shining courage, and unsurpassable love. I am a very lucky woman to have each of these people in my life - to share their life changes with them. Good or bad. Easy or hard. Life changes with every breath, with every day, with everyone of us. Life is a gift and I am thankful that my life is intertwined with all of you. I am grateful that we have a just and loving God who is there for every change and for every situation. The fragility of life is something we should all try to keep in perspective. There will be ups and downs and in-betweens. How quickly it can go from one to the other is something we should all prepare ourselves for. And in the mean time remember who to give thanks to for all we are blessed with. Whether it is cancer, marriage, careers, or just everyday life, God is good and is always there to help us navigate our path. I ask that you all keep my family in your thoughts and especially in your prayers as Chad begins his new career with Metro. It is the dawn of a new lifestyle for us - we look forward to it all and are excited for what is to come. However, I cannot help but be worried about my husband and his safety everyday as he leaves our home. Thank you all so much for being there and for helping me maintain my sanity. I love you all very much! God Bless you all =)

March 2008


Our household never stops but I decided I needed to share some pics from this past month because my babies are growing up before my eyes. Its devastating to watch time steal them away from me but it is such a joy to see them together, growing and developing a bond only sisters can share. These pics are not in any specific order and I apologize but it's late and I'm exhausted! In the picture above, Chad was checking Stella for ticks.....Courtlyn was helping =)Chad is teaching Courtlyn all about "hoops" . I told him someday this picture will be framed next to the one of her shooting a three pointer to win the National Championship game. He just grinned and nodded his head.....I'm pretty sure he was holding back a tear. Taylor had her Annual Sock Hop last week at school. Its a HUGE event and the kids love it. Almost every single kid who attends is dressed to the nines...even 1/2 the parents get into it. Its really fun and the kids have a blast. It lasted from 6:30 to 9:00! Whats the big deal with that you ask? Well its way past our bedtimes!!! Chad and I were exhausted when it was all over with! Look at those choppers!Dressed up pretty for Easter in her pretty pink dress. It's a shame it was so cold outside and we couldn't really show it off! Taylor really loved her Easter dress - she said she felt like she should be attending a conference. And she did look that way! It almost broke me down! Just look at her - she is 1/2 grown. I mean seriously....we are 7 1/2 years away from driving! If that times flies by as quickly as the last 8 1/2 years, I'm definitely going to need some nerve pill of some kind. Easter morning - the girls were pumped. And just notice how pumped Daddy looks to be up at 7 a.m. doing the "Easter Basket Thing". This one right here is a CHATTER BOX. I don't think it's normal how much this one talks. She can answer almost any question appropriately and only has to hear or see something once and she has the hang of whatever it is! She LOVES to sing and her favorites right now are "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Happy Birthday to You". She's just learning "Old McDonald Had a Farm" and its so cute to hear her do her E-I-E-I-O! She wakes up every morning like a ray of sunshine. She pops right up in the bed with a "Hi, Mommy" or "Hi, Daddy" and then breaks into a sunrise rendition of "Twinkle Star". I know I'm her Mommy but I don't care who you are that's just stinkin' cute. She just turned 20 months old yesterday. It's hard to believe she is almost TWO! Geez... We had Spring Break / Vacation a couple of weeks ago and the first day and 1/2 of it was decent but the rest of the week was AWFUL. Chad and I had a debilitating stomach bug and it took us a hundred hours to recuperate. We did manage to get to the Discovery Centre in Murfreesboro one day to visit Elizabeth, Carter and her new precious son, Mason ( see above ). Dee and Hannah came along to play too - we really enjoyed that because life is busy and we don't get to see them enough! We met up with Joy, Wyatt and Abigail later at the park. That was fun too but let me tell ya - 7 little kids runnin' around at a crowded park = NERVE-WRECKING. Again, I think Liz and I both could have used a Nerve pill....somehow, Joy was calm and cool as a cucumber....good for her. I, myself was worried sick about everybody getting lost. However, we all made it home with right kids and I can't wait to get together with them all again soon. ( hint, hint ) CUTE - doesn't it look like she has a giant curl like rat tail sticking out of the back of her head? Hannah playing in the Can[...]



(image) I've not posted in a long long time but I have good reason! My computer has the flu. I thought I would try again tonight to post a new blog but everytime I try to upload a picture the computer locks up on me! We need to take it to the doctor. Speaking of the flu my family has all escaped it up to this point (knock on wood). We've had a few sinus infections and croupy cough but so far we've avoided anything severe.
I wanted to post pics to go with my update but I guess I'll have to try that again later!
For starters, my baby ( the big one ) got glasses a couple of weeks ago. They look cute on her but I know what lies ahead for her! Don't worry girls, I didn't get her pink ones!
Last Thursday, Taylor was in the school play. She was Rosalyn Carter ( Jimmy Carter's wife ). She did a great job. I cannot believe she is in the 3rd grade.
Courtlyn has started potty training! We have been working on it for about a month now! I'm so proud of her - she is such a go getter. She is my little motivated peanut...she picks up on things so quick! She can almost count to 10 and she is singing along with us when we say our ABC's. She is speaking in small sentences such as " I gotta go potty" or " Mommy, I'm scared" and " I'm tired, it's bedtime". What a little sponge of knowledge she is. I'm pretty sure we are Harvard Bound.
I'll update more soon - we stay busy, busy, busy and it's a rare moment I get to sit at the computer and work on downloading and posting new info. Spring Break is on the horizon though and I CANNOT wait!
Love you all!

2 Blogs in 1 Day. Makin' up for lost time.


(image) This is a picture of Chad's mom as a little girl. The resemblance between her and Courtlyn is quite unbelievable.
(image) Taylor on the giraffe rocker at "The Discovery Centre"

(image) All 3 of them disappeared from the kitchen while I was cooking. I went looking for them & found all of them on the dog bed. Taylor and Stella were snoozing and Courtlyn was snuggled up sipping on some cold milk. HILARIOUS!

(image) Courtlyn enjoyed painting at "The Discovery Centre". Look how serious she is.


(image) Courtlyn and Stella are the best of friends.

Beware: YUCK-O!!!


As most of my close friends and family know, I am trying to move towards vegetarianism. I know, I know....where in the world did that come from? We're talking about the girl whose own mother gets a kick out of her description of food and has always said I should star in food commercials because no one could sell a food product or recipe better than me. I'm still that girl, I'm just trying to make better choices in that arena! I was always floored by vegetarians. I could not understand why anyone would want to eliminate any food from their diet ( except for beets ). BUT, I have begun to do some research and am making some lifestyle changes to improve my health and well being! I'm certainly not trying to push my (work in progress) lifestyle on anyone but I just want the people who matter to me in my life to be educated about what they are ingesting! In case you've been under a rock lately, I need to inform you that the F.D.A. has decided that food from cloned animals and their offspring is safe to eat and they will be offering it in grocery stores in the near future. The NY Times noted that it is likely consumers won't be privvy to what they are eating - cloned meat most likely won't have to be labeled as "cloned" or "genetically manipulated". WHAT!?!?!?!
Again - I'm not preaching anything...I certainly haven't made any extreme moves myself. However, I am definitely researching and eliminating foods from my diet which seem a little shady.
If you're interested in learning more for yourself regarding cloned meat, slaughterhouse practices, organic food products and a vegetarian lifestyle you should check out these information sources :
1.) The book : Skinny B***h. Quite a harsh read...Rated R for vulgarity and graphic content!
2.) The book: Slaughterhouse. Hmmmmm..... prepare yourself for the reality of the meat industry if you choose to read this one!
3.) - you'll never want your kids to each chicken nuggets again!
4.) Fast Food Nation - Disclaimer : I've never seen this movie myself but it comes highly recommended from my favorite vegetarian friend. I can't wait to see it for myself.

& remember, the bottom line is ...... You Are What You EAT!!! Love Ya'll ! Jamie



We had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was very good to all of us! Chad and I were talking the other day about how lucky we are to have both of our families so close. It's nice to be able to share all the holidays with both sides of our families. It does however make for constant running and rearranging! We spent Christmas Eve day with my family opening gifts and snacking on finger foods - which were yumm-o! Then on Christmas Eve night we went to Nana and Papaw's and had Christmas dinner, which was also yumm-o! We opened gifts there and as usual walked away with the trunk loaded down. Our girls sure weren't hurting for anything after spending 1/2 the day with Gram and Papa, Aunt Carly, Tim and Allie and then the second 1/2 of the day with Pops, Aunt Dee and Hannah, Nana and Papaw, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Susan, Marybeth, Matt & Lauren! Gifts galore. We're still sorting through the goods =).I had a hard time deciding what pics to include on this post because I took about a million trillion! It was Courtlyn's first Christmas where she knew what to do and that was fun to catch on film. And of course, Taylor is getting so big and pretty, I keep turning the camera on her too! Chad and I had a very big Christmas present to share with the girls this year.....I attached a pic at the bottom so we could share our news with everyone! We are all very excited about our new addition...... Taylor at Nana and Papaw's - High School Musical 2 : I guess the motto with that stuff is "the more the better". Courtlyn inside her Dora Fiesta Ball Pit she got from her Gram and Papa. Courtlyn playing with her cousin Xander's new cowboy hat he got for Christmas. Courtlyn's big present from Mommy and Daddy. A Dora the Explorer Four Wheeler. She didn't require any training - she just jumped on, pushed the button, and took off. We think she's a genius.Taylor with her BIG GIFT - An American Girl Doll named Julie. They kinda look like twins don't they? Chad, Courtlyn, Pops, and Aunt DeeTaylor and Mommy on Christmas EveTaylor Abigail Aunt Dee and Taylor Posing again......The Youngs, Christmas Eve 2007 Tim, Carly, Me, Chad, Courtlyn, Allie, Gram, Taylor, and Papa on Christmas Eve It just took one present and Courtlyn had the unwrapping present thing down to an artTaylor and I's Gingerbread HouseOur newest addition : Stella LouElla Young What?!?!?!?! You thought we were pregnant? An 8 year old, a 17 month old, a crazy cat and a brand new puppy rounds us out quite nicely. We have decided we are now the "All American Family" minus the picket fence. We're quite content right where we are right now. We wish you all a Happy New Year! Love ya'll!!![...]

Everyday Moments......


Well.....I haven't posted in a while and I've gotten a few complaints so I decided to sit down & pull together a few moments to share with you all! We've been soooooooooo busy living our hectic lives these days and I just haven't had time to sit down and share it! I suppose that's just part of the chaos of the holidays! Taylor was in the church play last week. She did an amazing job and I was so proud of her for remembering all her lines and speaking clearly and slowly. She's getting so big. Taylor posing with her favorite WebKinz, Pugslee. Courtlyn is learning to feed's a hysterical process! What? Am I doing it wrong? For some reason, I'm still hungry!?!?I thought we'd do a little "Christmas Jammies Photo Session".Courtlyn really didn't agree with my plan. I love wonderful friends.& last but not least..... BATHTIME!!!!!!!!Ooooooohhhhhhhheeeeeeee! Sisssy is naked!Tub Time Cuddlin....... Tub Time Snugglin.......And sweet kisses![...]

Turkey Day


The above picture is a shameless advertisement for my precious friend Courtney and her business...she makes and sells these too cute dresses and many other baby items. Check her out at the link to the left - Maddie Moo's Boutique. She's also on MySpace as my # 8 friend!Today we had a very busy Thanksgiving! We went to Monterey to hang out at Pa Becks - thats up in the mountains for those of you who don't know and it was 37 degrees! Yuck. It started sleeting right before we left. It's hard to believe it was 70 something degrees yesterday. We had a fantastic feast at my Pa's house. We had more food than we knew what to do with. It was so yummy. We went by and visited with my Dad's side and Courtlyn ran around the house the whole time with my Aunt Tina's broom. She's my little sweeper....have to cash in on that when she's old enough to figure out how to use the dust pan!Next, we came back home and went to Nana and Papaw's where we ate AGAIN! And it was fantastic too! My sister-in-law made a CARAMEL PIE!!! I ate a piece even when I didn't need to. Then she let me take the rest of it home...and I've already dipped into it once. I love her for letting me have it but it's gonna put 5 pounds on my backside!We're very lucky to have such wonderful families and fortunate to have them close by so we can see them often.I feel fortunate to have such an amazing husband who is an extraordinary father to our two precious, beautiful, sweet daughters. Life is crazy and busy and overwhelming all the time. But ... at the end of the day there's nothing better than spending time with my family, putting the kids down for the night and snuggling on the couch with my very best friend. I am so thankful for our relationship, our children, our home, our family, friends and church family. We feel blessed to be where we are right now and look forward to the future!Taylor and Courtlyn were kissing each other through the door. It was so sweet!Me and my sweet little neice, Hannah. She says the FUNNIEST things!Taylor and Hannah Isn't she sooooooooo pretty!Me and my favorite cousin, Jennifer.Courtlyn was playing her new favorite game - "Get ( fill in the blank )'s nose.Today the lucky contestant in this picture is Gram!Mommy and her BIG baby. Love her!She says she loves me too. =)[...]

Good Friends and Good Times


We spent this weekend with our friends! Saturday morning I went to Elizabeth's Surprise Baby Shower for lil' Mason who we CANNOT wait to see and hold! I had a great time seeing some friends I unfortunately don't get to see enough! Elizabeth was VERY surprised and she's one of the cutest pregnant people ever. She pulls off baby carrying very well! We had yummy food and played a hilarious paper bag game. I won't tell you about it just in case you ever get the chance to play it yourself! Saturday afternoon, we went to our little friend Shelby's birthday party! We had Happy Meals, cake and ice cream....YUMMY. I even got a little adventurous and took Courtlyn up in the PlayPlace. Once. Because once almost broke me down. She had a great time however sliding down the slide with Mommy! We're very lucky to have such wonderful friends to play with...young and old. Ha! Ha!
This pic looks a little familiar....I wouldn't know why!


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