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Fikri's Blog

This is my blog. From now, I'm free! It's up to me to write anything I want, so don't bother me if you're not feeling comfortable with my blog. :)

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Which writing style should I use?



In this post, I wanna talk about the salesletter writing. If you want to get more information, I suggest you to get a copy of "Salesletter Membunuh'! You'll get many more guidelines in writing a powerful salesletter for your business from that e book.

I'm sure you already know the basis in the salesletter writing. When you're writing a salesletter, you should try to create a situation which when the reader read it, they will feel like you're having a communication with them. Let me repeat and bold my sentence: '... you're having a communication with them.'

Which writing style should you use to create the communication situation? Is it should looks like this? :

"You gonna get a lot of free gifts if you purchase this product coz we really want to help you in the internet business."

or like this? :

"You are going to get a lot of free gifts if you purchase this product because we really want to help you in the internet business."

So, which style should you choose in your writing? Hehehe...

Look at them carefully! The first example will really bring the readers to the communication situation rather than the second one. So, are you going to choose that style of writing?

NO... no... no... maybe the second one because it looks more professional. However, it can't being to a really communication situation.

This problem is getting worst. What should you do? The answer is, you need to combine both styles into a new style of writing.

How is it looks like? Look at this example...

"Earn dollar every day or you are allowed to kick my butt!"

I have combine both styles of writing into a new style. My words still show the people that I'm professional. However, the word 'butt' it doesn't show me that I'm professional. Although that, it's actually used to create the communication situation. When I successful create the situation, I show to my readers that I'm professional by using many more positive words.

Do you see that? If you want to learn more and get more tips for the salesletter writing, have a copy of Salesletter Membunuh from .

Welcome back for a while!



I'm really sorry because I can't update my blog everyday for this month. I'm too busy!

However, I want to spend a few minutes with you by posting this song so that you can enjoy yourself here!

Have a nice day. ;)

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance for Xbox 360



For the first time ever, the world's largest army of super heroes is under your control. Create four-member strike teams, choose from over 20 playable characters, and interact with more than 140 legends in all. Become your favorite heroes and change the fate of the universe.



  • Army of Super Heroes: Choose your favorite Super Heroes from favorites like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Blade, Daredevil, Elektra, and The Thing. There are over 20 playable heroes in all. Create your ultimate dream team and partner, battle, and interact with more than 140 total characters from the entire Marvel universe.
  • Varying storyline: Control the fate of the Marvel universe. The missions you accept, the objectives you complete, and how you interact with other characters throughout the game will have a direct impact on how the story plays out.
  • Online co-op and competitive modes: Converge in battle, online or offline, against the world's most evil super villains. Switch between cooperative and competitive mode to partner or challenge up to three other players.
  • Total team customization: Use a universal team upgrade system to balance your heroes' powers or customize each member to maximize their effectiveness. Create a team name, team icon, and establish your team's reputation as the story progresses.

ESRB Rating: T for Teen (mild language, violence)

Projek 7 Blogger


Hi guys,

Projek 7 Blogger! What is that?

I don't know... I found it in forum. It's not mine...

Take a look at this topic

and if you want to get it for free, click on this link

One of SmartZul's products!

I'm back!


I'm back!

At last, I've finished my job and now I am on my seat. I won't tell you what have I done in the last 10 days. However, I think it's enough for you to know that I had a terrible and happy days. How it looks like? Think it yourself. :P

Now, we talk about internet business. In the last 10 days, my mind was free from everything expecially about business and now... oh man... I'm stuck! What I'm gonna tell you?

Give me a day to think about it and I'll write it tomorrow! See you tomorrow! bye. :)

Mohon Cuti


Oh man... Sorry to say that I'll not make any post started from 5 April until 14 April because I have something to do. Sad, huh?

Don't worry! 10 days only! :)

Cult of iPod



Wired news editor Leander Kahney follows up his bestselling The Cult of Mac with The Cult of iPod, a comprehensive look at how Apple's hit iPod is changing music, culture, and listening behavior. The Cult of iPod includes the exclusive back story of the iPod's development; looks at the many ways iPod's users pay homage to their devices; and investigates the quirkier aspects of iPod culture, such as iPod-jacking (strangers plugging into each other's iPods to discover new music), as well as the growing legions of MP3Js (regular folks who use their iPods to become DJs). Four-color throughout.

About the Author In this follow-up to his bestselling The Cult of Mac, Wired News editor Leander Kahney looks at how Apple's distinctively stylish portable player is changing the way we store, carry, and use all kinds of information—and the way we interact with each other. The Cult of iPod includes the exclusive back story of the iPod’s development and investigates the quirkier aspects of iPod culture, such as iPod-jacking (strangers plugging into each other’s iPods to discover new music), as well as the growing legions of MP3Js (regular folks who use their iPods to become DJs). 4-color throughout.

Arsenal The Gunners



You know what... I'm one of the Arsenal fans! I'm not fanatic but loyal. :)

I have been on of the fans since I was 10 which mean when I was in standard 3. On that time, Malaysian just knew about Manchester United because of the publicity. However, I choose to be different from others. So, I have chosen Arsenal as my favorite football club.

Doesn't mean when I'm an Arsenal fan, I need to hate Manchester United and Chelsea. However, I do! Wahahaha... As what have I told you, I'm not fanatic! I'm only a loyal fan.

That's a little bit about my favorite football club! :P

Barbie: 12 Dancing Pincesses for Game Boy Advance



Actually, I don't like to talk about this... oh man! How can I found this thing. :(

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is the story of Barbie as Genevieve, 1 of 12 sisters who live happily with their father the king. Concerned that the high-spirited, independent princesses need more structure to become proper princesses, the king invites his cousin, the Dutchess Rowena to move into the castle. Rather than help, Rowina forbids the sisters from singing and dancing and squelches their individuality. The princesses discover a magical enchanted world and escape the tyranny of Rowena. But when Genevieve learns that their father's life is in danger, the sisters must unite to save the king and their kingdom.


  • 16 exciting game levels and four unlockable mini games.
  • Use special skills and gifts from each sister to overcome obstacles and save the king from the poison potion.
  • Explore the castle and royal grounds including the Throne Room, Golden Pavilion, Towers and Secret Stairways.

SingStar Rocks for PS2



Become an instant star with a PlayStation® 2 game that turns an average get-together into a rockin' party.

  • Singing game that incorporates songs and videos from chart-topping artists
  • Players perform along with chart-topping artist as song lyrics and the original music video play on-screen
  • Includes 30 hit songs from a broad range of artists and genres including rock/alternative, pop, hip-hop/R&B and legendary favorites
  • Features a variety of game play modes including solo, pass-the-mic, battle and duet
  • Includes two custom, high quality microphones
  • A once-in-a-lifetime chance to sing with your favorite musicians!

3 Ways To Increase Your Blog's Traffic (Newbies Edition)



I just finished my first video! Want to watch it? ok... click on the play button! Actually, this is special for the newbies but if you want, you can also watch it too! Enjoy it! :)

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Blogger New Elements



2 new elements had been launched by Blogger and you know what... these elements must be cool!

Look at the screenshot below:

(image) I have highlighted the elements added by Blogger in the red box. One of the elements is to help you to serve your blog's visitors with videos in your blog. This mean that no need for your visitor to log on to just to watch videos. What they need to do are just stay tune with your blog and watch the video from your blog. You are not gonna miss them after this. ;)

Another element is... what I gonna say about it? eerrmm... yeah! It's similar to the newsletter and you can serve your visitors with a lot of updated news from Google.

Although these two elements are quite interesting, however I don't think I'll use them on this time! Why? Man... I don't need them yet. :)

StreetPilot 2730 Portable GPS Receiver


No Map Downloads Necessary!The StreetPilot 2730 offers real-time XM NavTraffic, XM WX Weather, and XM Radio capabilities. It comes ready to go, right out of the box—there's no need to download maps from your PC. The XM Traffic, Weather, and Audio capabilities give the StreetPilot 2730 great utility, even when drivers know exactly where they are. XM NavTraffic is the first nationwide satellite-based data traffic information service to enable an overlay of current traffic conditions. The StreetPilot 2730 uses this data to automatically calculate and suggest faster alternative routes long before traffic starts backing up.Up-to-Date Traffic Information!Accidents, road construction, or other incidents affecting traffic are graphically represented as icons on the navigation map. Precise information relating to a traffic incident is also available, including the precise location of the incident, the lanes affected, and the predicted duration. Roadways are color-coded to indicate directional traffic flow speed.Instant Weather Info Including Forecasts and Current Conditions.The Garmin StreetPilot 2730's screen can display information from XM weather data, including forecasts for 162 cities as well as current conditions for more than 2,000 locations. United States county storm and flood warnings are also highlighted, allowing motorists to make prudent driving decisions.More than 150 XM Satellite Channels.The StreetPilot 2730 also offers more than 150 channels of XM satellite radio, featuring 100-percent commercial-free music, as well as more than 30 channels of news, sports, talk, and entertainment. Users can send XM and navigation audio to their car stereo through the StreetPilot’s integrated FM wireless transmitter or 3.5 mm stereo headphone/line-out plug.Includes MP3 Player for Musical Entertainment Wherever You GoThe StreetPilot 2730 also comes equipped with an MP3 player that lets users take their personal music collection on the road and browse music by artist, album, song, or genre. Loading music is drag-and-drop easy—there's no need for special software. The StreetPilot 2730 also works as an audio book player, with content available for purchase from—featuring more than 70,000 hours of audio programs from more than 200 content partners.Amazing Innovations in NavigationIn addition to the turn-by-turn voice prompted navigation available in earlier StreetPilot models, the 2730 actually announces the name of upcoming streets and points of interest—letting drivers keep their eyes on the road while navigating through busy traffic. Highly-detailed maps featuring nearly six million points of interest (POIs) throughout the U. S., Canada, and Puerto Rico (destinations like hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and attractions) come pre-loaded on the unit’s solid-state memory. If a driver strays off-course, the StreetPilot 2730 automatically recalculates a new route.With POI Loader, users can also augment the pre-loaded maps with custom POI’s—such as school zones and safety cameras. In addition, a proximity alert option can warn the driver of upcoming custom POI’s. (This safety feature is designed to help reinforce the importance of traveling at appropriate and legal speeds.)Garmin’s GXM 30 antenna, which is included with the StreetPilot 2730, receives and processes all XM traffic, weather and audio data. For maximum portability, the magnetic, waterproof, puck-size GXM 30 can be placed on the dashboard or the roof of the vehicle.The StreetPilot 2730 boasts a WQVGA automotive-grade color TFT display with touchscreen that automatically adjusts the unit’s backlight for optimum viewability in any amount of light. Drivers can also view the map in either a three-dimensional perspective o[...]

Rahsia SaleLetter Membunuh



I don't know what to say about this e book.

To make it simple, it's going like this! Do you know how important a sales letter is? All right... do you know how to write a double killer sales letter?

And do you know tactics and strategies to write the sales letter?

Do you see that? I just wrote tacticS and strategIES... you know what... That mean there are so many things you gonna to learn in writing a killer salesletter.

To have more information about the e book, just click on the picture below!

Hope, you'll become another killer through the keyboard and not the knife! :)


Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island for Nintendo DS



The Nicktoons have been called on to save the day on a mysterious island. An evil spirit plans to destroy the paradise! Can our heroes stop him before he succeeds, saving the island and everyone on it? Play as your favorite Nickelodeon characters combining their unique weapons and powers to battle the newest, vilest enemy threatening to destroy this island paradise.



* Play as SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, Timmy Turner, Patrick Star, Fairly Odd Parents, Sandy Cheeks and Samantha Manson.
* 1 to 2 player gameplay—new players can join in at any time.
* New enemies and villains to be faced with a new combat system.
* Vast areas of Volcano Island to explore - battle though dense forest, treacherous terrain, and climb the dreaded volcano.
* Unlock bonus levels and crazy costumes.

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Mailing List


What is the important thing to success in the internet business?

If other people say the product, I'm not! I don't think product is the important thing in the internet business. Wait a minute... that is just only my opinion and please don't take it too serious. I just wanna share my thought and here I'm.

For me, the important thing is the mailing list. Yeah... I also agree with product but I choose it as number two! If you've a mailing list, you can do anything you want. You can promote your product to hundreds of people with only a few clicks. Isn't it sounds great?

There are so many tactics and strategies to collect the mailing list. The more you've, more chances for you to sell your product. Usually, people love to give their e book or report for free to have the mailing list. BUT, most of them are not doing on the right way and it's sucks!

Their target is just to get the mailing list and you know what... They write a stupid report and ask people to download it. Don't ever do that! If you really want the people to download it for free, give the best product to them so that they'll ask their members to have one and your mailing list will grow, day by day! Keep your reputation clean from the beginning.

There are thousands more ways to collect the mailing list and I also have my own strategies. Do you want to know? No way... ;) think it yourself...

As the conclusion, mailing list is really important in a business. Don't care whatever stuff you sell, try to think of a way to collect the mailing list!

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting



Has anyone ever told you that you should be on radio? While radio can be hard to break into, podcasting lets you put your voice and talents to work to create your own broadcast to be distributed over the Internet to millions of people. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting is the aspiring podcaster's handbook. Authors George Colombo and Curtis Franklin will guide you through creating, editing, and syndicating your podcast, from the kinds of equipment you need to how to design a podcast that will reach the widest audience possible to legal issues faced by podcasters. You'll also learn how to:

  • Design a podcast that grabs - and keeps - an audience!
  • Choose the right tools - recording software, microphones, and other equipment
  • Create an engaging show persona - podcasting is more than just talking!
  • Craft your 'cast into a show worth listening to with post-production secrets of the pros
  • Set up a web page and RSS feed that will allow listeners to subscribe to your podcast
  • Efffectively promote your podcast

The tips inside Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting will guide you towards creating a fun and successful podcast.

Call Of Duty 3 for PS3



The follow-up to the #1 next-generation game, Call of Duty 3 delivers the intensity of being closer than ever to the fury of combat during the Normandy Breakout, the historic campaign that made the liberation of Paris possible and brought the Allies a step closer to Berlin. Through a seamless narrative that delivers the rush of unrelenting battle and breathtaking action, players assume the roles of four ordinary Allied soldiers—American, British, Canadian and Polish—and are thrust onto an authentic, living battlefield for an unprecedented variety of combat, with advanced high-definition graphics, detailed character animations and explosive on-screen action, delivering the most immersive and cinematically intense war experience ever.


* The Power of Next-Gen - Built from the ground-up for next-gen consoles, Call of Duty 3 brings the battle to life with advanced graphics, a new physics engine, a procedural environment and detailed ensemble animations that deliver the most cinematic war experience ever.
* Battle Actions - An all-new close-quarters battle mechanic allows players to fight hand-to-hand, improvise explosive devices, disarm traps and execute a host of other battlefield situations that require cunning and rapid reflexes to survive.
* Branching Mission Paths - Next-generation level design provides multiple attack routes that let players decide how to confront the enemy – flank an opponent, or hit him head-on. Each unique mission path requires special tactics, from sniping and demolition to all-out head-on clashes.
* Nowhere to Hide - Environmental physics allow players to destroy enemy soft cover hideouts, forcing foes out in the open. But be wary, opponents can eliminate your protective cover as well.
* Team-based Multiplayer with Vehicles - Combined arms and team-based combat provides unprecedented depth and variety by allowing up to 16-players to battle it out online with the option of single or split-screen Internet play. Gamers have the choice to play as infantry or commandeer multiple-occupancy vehicles, including tanks, jeeps, and motorcycles with side-cars, leading to unique mobile combat roles for all-out, multiplayer mayhem. Call of Duty 3 also offers soldier classes, each with class specific abilities, and a ranking system for truly diversified squad combat.

First Customer Is The Key To Success


Do you know that your first customer is actually your key to success in the internet business?

My teacher told me before that in Japan, usually the shopkeeper will serve their first customer like a king. I can't guarantee whether it's true or not but from there, you can see how important your first customer is for your business.

I give you an example. If you try to explore the ebay market, you'll agree with what have I told you. It's really hard for you to make your first sale through ebay. How can this happen? It's because every every sale transaction which happen between a seller and a customer, will be recorded in the seller account.

So, people will trust more to the seller who has the sale transaction record. If you're newbie and you've just sign up for an ebay account a few days ago, you'll know how hard to make a sale. That's why I say your first customer is really important. So, give them the best service and they'll give you the best testimony too. :)

That all for this post. :) And before that, I want to ask for your help to pray for one of my friends. She's going to seat for exam tomorrow! I mean 28 March 07. Please pray for her, ok! ;)

Journey To MYR3000.00 A Month


My father told me before that you're not going to survive in the world today if your salary just only 1000 something. I asked him, how much should I have to survive in a month and he said about MYR 3000.00! Forget about him for a minute... Now, we talk about business.

MYR 3000.00. It's sounds such a big amount of money, but if you do same calculations, it's equal to MYR 100.00 a day. Wow! If you use your psychology, you're going to be mad of thinking how are you gonna get MYR 3000.00 a month. BUT if you think it by using the other way, you'll realize that it's actually not a big number.

To reach on that amount, what are you going to do everyday to earn MYR 100.00 a day? I think, if you sell burger, you'll get more than that everyday. Even if you have a business in Pasar Malam in different places everyday, you gonna get it too.

Do you see that? Don't set a target by monthly coz usually, you're not going to get it. Set a target by daily and this will make you easier in focusing to earn MYR 100.00 everyday. Besides that, try to think out of the box. Be unique and you'll be able to get anything you want. :)

Back to the topic... How are you going to earn MYR 100.00 a day? Besides selling burger and open a stall in Pasar Malam, you can also sell drinks! Don't think it'll not give you a great income. Try it first and look at how much you have everyday.

The conclusion from this topic is, I want you to be a unique person. Don't think like other people think. Be your own self! Always be a good planner and make sure to follow your plan. Don't let your plan just play on the paper.

My Ex-Secondary School



Do you know my ex-secondary school? I studied at Sekolah Menengah King Edward VII, Taiping. This is my ex-school logo.


Do you want to know the history of SM King Edward VII which was my school about 2 years ago? Ok! Check it here

And if you want to listen to the school anthem, you can download it from here!


PowerPod - iPod Auto Charger - ALL IPODS



The PowerPod auto adapter allows you to take your iPod on the road and listen to great music while keeping your iPod fully charged. The PowerPod charges your iPod whether it's playing music or in standby mode, ensuring that you'll arrive at your destination with a fully charged iPod.

The PowerPod comes with a charger module and a separate 4-foot, high quality Dock Connector to FireWire Cable. Use the included cable with dockable iPods, or the FireWire cable that was included with all original iPods to connect directly to the PowerPod charger module.

Designed specifically for the iPod, the PowerPod is not only great looking but is also an incredible value at $24.99. The PowerPod is the ultimate accessory for any iPod toting road warrior.

Learn How To Change Blogger Template



I want to share with you something. What is it? A report on how are you going to change your blog template (only for Blogger)! Do you want a copy? Ok! Get the report now by clicking on the link below. ;)

Learn How To Change Blogger Template

Maybe most of you already know the way to do it. However, I still want to share this knowledge and if you want, just click on the link above and save it for free. :)


Web Video Traffic Secret


Watch out this video! I won't tell you the secret now... just enjoy yourself watching this video. :)

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PodSleevz - 4G iPod - 20GB - Titanium



Form-fitting Optex sleeve protects case, display and controls without adding bulk - Provides optimized control sensitivity right through the case!

Product Description: PodSleevz, an innovative protective sleeve case. Made from RadTech's exclusive Optex fabric - super soft and ultra tough for durable, long-lasting protection of your iPod's finish and display. RadTech's signature debossing for control buttons and scroll wheel transmit your touch perfectly, allowing full and optimized control of your iPod directly through the case. Since there are no display or control cutouts like other iPod cases, PodSleevz provide you with an added dimension of protection - without adding bulk!

Ultra-thin and light, form-fitting PodSleevz enhance your grip when handling and provide a snug fit within the Apple-supplied iPod clip cases.
You'll never have to worry about your iPod slipping out of the clip case unintentionally - no more tape or rubber bands!

Easy access: PodSleevz feature a bottom panel, die-cut knockout for sync/charge cable access.


- Super light, form-fitting protective sleeve provides case, display and control protection, without sacrificing useability.
- Allows full and optimized control of iPod directly through the sleeve case.
- Made with Optex - available exclusively from RadTech.
- Fits your iPod like a second skin - device maintains its svelte, compact form.
- Enhances your grip when carrying or handling.
- Provides a snug fit while in the Apple iPod clip case.
- Super-clear, double-polished 8 mil Vinyl display window. .
- Open top allows use of your favorite accessories - Griffin iTrip, iTalk, etc.
Now, there is you can grab it for just only $9.99!
If you want to have one for your own, you can get it from here.