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Those Crazy Dixes

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Finally Summer!


First week of no school. It was glorious. 

Camille's Ballet Recital


 She's probably bossing someone around.  She belongs on top of a music box To Menchie's for frozen yogurt after!Cami did such a great job at her first recital. I accidentally smacked her in the face when turning around right before, and she cried mascara tears. So the day-of pictures look a little rough for the poor girl. Of course we couldn't take any of her actual performance, but there's a few from the dress rehearsal the day before. Love my pretty ballerina![...]

Courtney's Graduation


Party at Uncle Wray's and Aunt Natalie's. We love our cousins! Warren flying a kite from grandma Warczak Post-graduation Nickelcade!! Bedhead awesomeness. Claire loves Uncle Scotty(So out of order!) - Pit Stop on our way TO Utah. Cami sat in 12 different seats during graduation. Including Courtney's lap! Warren and Scotty found other ways to pass the time. CONGRATS COURTNEY!! We missed you, Todd. My cousins and Aunt met up with us in Park City. Love you guys! Riding home...Icee's are delicious. [...]

Phone/Instagram Dump


First PB/Nutella Sandwich. Hooray!  Cowboy Callum and Cowgirl Cami She got sick...poor thing laid just like this alllll day long. Warren's basketball game - he loves to play. His team is pretty good, and he's getting more aggressive. Go Jedi's!  First McDonald's nugget. Don't judge, McD's is yum. Self-imposed haircut. She also whacked our neighbor girl's bangs. Whoops... Yeah, this one did that. Shocking, right? Uncle Wray was in Colorado for a few hours and paid us a visit. We love our Uncle Wray! Reading in his blanket cave. Jokes! All we hear all day is jokes. Luckily this book isn't half bad.  I have not recovered from pregnancy sweet-tooth. It's taking a toll. A delicious toll.  Princess has moves! April fools jello instead of "fruit punch". Cami cried. I made lip balm for everyone who came to my pinterest party. I have enough supplies to make 1000 more. :) Date with Callum to go see Disney on Ice! The babies partied here at home. Grandpa loves the babies. Birthday Girl Anyone else surprised that she was the most well-behaved during general conference?? Court's graduation. ROCK N ROOOOOOOLL! They wanted to watch Charlie Brown Christmas. mmmm...ok! naked babies and melon! Must be feeling like summer! It was Jade's special day. Claire had mixed feelings about it.[...]

Cami's 4th Birthday


Oh yeah, Cami turned 4. Oh yeah, I have a blog. Both things seemed to have slipped my mind.Camille had an art party! (In er...March...) She loved it! We painted some canvases with their names on them, ate rainbow cake, played a few games. It was great. They all took home bags full of art supplies. Fun was had by all.[...]

Happy Easter


Our Easter Sunday included church, a backyard easter egg hunt, and dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Dix. It was a marvelous day. So grateful for my family. And grateful to know of my Savior and have reason to celebrate his resurrection today![...]

Claire's birthday!


My little Valentine is 1!Nothing like a bath with your bestie to end a great birthday![...]

A little of this, a little of that.


 making cookies Dad got a 10 pound chocolate bar from a client. The children were pleased.Except Claire...she didn't get any. snaggle tooth babyCami's first day of Primary. Cute row of Sunbeams!! her main squeeze, CallumBeautiful baby ClaireMessy baby ClaireA smile! From my son! It's a rare sight in pictures...So tired...poor girl. She had a bottle in her hands that I took away before I took the picture. Just so my mom doesn't think I suck.Don't let the face fool you, she loves Tim Gunn and PR.Lost another tooth. In church. Again!3 best kids in the whole world.I have some awesome fort-making skills. My kids were pumped.My naughty, blurry baby LOVES to sneak up the stairs if someone leaves the gate open.She's also a fan of playing with the toilet paper roll. [...]

A few extras from December


 We met up with Taylor's old roommates and their wives in Vegas. This is on a tour of the Hoover Dam. Tyler worked on the bridge project and gave us the HOOK UP when it comes to tours. We got to go everywhere and it was awesome. The rest of the week we ate, went to the spa (the girls did. Boys went and bet on sports), and hung out at a cowboy bar. It was the best weekend. So fun to see everyone.  I took the top picture from a window/vent inside the damn (bottom picture)Then we came home to these cute monsters: [...]

Christmas Photo Dump


All dressed up for Sunday ServiceChristmas Eve with the Cronins and HeinesJammie time.We read the Christmas story by the cozy fire.Watching the big kids open one present of their choice.Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads...Rise and Shine!They got to open their stockings and check out the Santa stuff before Claire woke up.And touch Elvis, our elf on the shelf, since his magic is gone now. (Until next December)She's up! Time to rock n roll.Taylor's parents came for a nice Christmas dinner. And the only picture we took was me finishing all the dishes. Awesome.[...]

Thanksgiving, etc.


Thanksgiving! Scotty and Courtney came to stay with us, and we got to hang out with Wray & Natalie, and Emily & Jared, too. Fun weekend! Claire met uncle Scotty for the first time since his mission! Claire ate her weight in sweet potatoes, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.  The zoo!! Dave & Busters with all the grown ups. We left our kids and Chloe and Caite with a sitter. Fun night! Sunday breakfast: Croissant French Toast! Bye Scott and Court! Cami. Never a dull moment with this girl.  Blurry jumpers Nice weather for swinging and playdates DISNEY PRINCESS ON ICE!! Riding the train home.  What we found when we got back. Santa!! Mobile baby. So cute. So much harder.She also eats elves. Shh...don't tell the kids that Claire "ruined his magic!" (by touching him, of course) His name is Elvis and he was new to our family this year thanks to my friend, Kim.[...]



 Caramel apples with Grandma and Grandpa! (And UNO, apparently)Warren had a good birthday, and we all had an awesome Halloween. The pictures are a little Cami-heavy. But she loves being photographed. Warren has to be bribed or threatened. But I assure you, I love him just as much. :)[...]



We had the best time visiting my parents in Washington this September. We found some ridiculously cheap flights, pulled Warren out of school and got to it! The kids were on the flight. Both girls slept, and Warren sat across the isle and played his DS the whole way there. We played at the "beach" at Point Defiance, did the Puyallup, went to my high school's football game, went to church, met up with Kim and the Ortega's in Seattle and Kent, got haircuts from Grandma Jo, went hiking/walking, celebrated Grandpa's birthday, and then flew home. We had SO much fun. It was the perfect combo of friends/family/relaxing/doing stuff. There are approximately 1.6 million pictures below. I only suspect the truly bored or my dad to get through them all. :) And they were all taken with my phone - so not the best. But oh well, you get the idea. (puffs are delicious, says Claire)The end. Congrats for making it through.[...]

Fall photodump


 Rainy Soccer Game  I refinished my boring oak table. I'm loving the colors. Warren HATES having his picture taken Soccer!! Why is my bathroom so yellow? I think new lightbulbs are in order? "Take a picture of me with this scarecrow!" "And this zucchini" (we forgot about in the garden and it mutated into a baby)Middle-of-the-night husband thief Claire's BFF, Jade. They truly love each other. Getting some hair  "no more kisses, mom!" Fell asleep reading. I LOVE this boy. Nature Center field trip Pumpking carving. Cami likes. Warren no likes. No caption needed, right?Warren chose money over bday party this year. Added it to his already growing stash, and he had one of every bill. This is right before we went to toys r us to blow it all! Fell sleep in time out :) Snake-hunting When the boys go back to school, it's party time for the girls! First week of school.  My twirly blurry girly.  Dog-sitting LouieI could eat her up.[...]

In September we picked peaches


Thanks, Bob and Amy for the plethora of peaches! I tried my hand at being a real mormon and canned a bunch of peaches and jam. Jam is ok, peaches are amazing. Looking forward to next year...

Family Pictures 2012


Taken by the fabulous Rachel Eng. Here's her website, if you live in Denver and need some pictures taken: We knew her a bit from when we lived in Iowa City, and we've reconnected. Good thing, too - cause she took some really great pictures. She's reasonably priced and really talented. We liked working with her a lot.[...]

Instagram/phone dump


 Tay and I went and saw Jersey Boys. 5th Row - best seats we've ever had. It was awesome and I came home wanting to swear every other word like a Jersy Boy. :) I controlled myself.  Warren took a "Crazy about Crawdads" class at the nature center. Gross. Mom and Court came to visit. It was awesome and relaxing and fun.  Hello Miss Colorado at Dairy Queen! Cami picked out glasses for her prize at the dollar store. She was bummed when I took out the lenses. But she still wears them around the house and it makes me laugh.  Men at work and play: cutting a broken tree branch and playing Mario Kart Garden win! My blur of a girl running away on our Sunday walk "Bolting" and watching the Olympics! "How cool am I??" very. Warren lost his first tooth during sacrament meeting. He was stoked! First time in the big girl Costco seat Cannonball! Yeah, I canned those. I am officially awesome. preschool! love this girl. both girls, actuallyI went to check on Cami before heading to bed and found this instead. Creeeepy! She had sneaked into our bed.[...]

End of Summer


First stop on our stay-cation - the Downtown Aquarium! It was cool, but totally overpriced and Cami had 2 (!!!!!!) accidents there. Holy cow, girl. She never has accidents, and 2 in one trip was making both Taylor and I get a little crazy.  It was dark in there and I didn't notice her wet shorts until I took this picture. Grr... Next stop - Spaghetti Factory Claire in a high chair for the first time. Big girl!! Then Cami had another (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) accident in the booth. What the crap?? We were trying not to get too mad at her, but it was crazy annoying and putting a damper on our day big time. Then we went to the hotel, swam in the pool, stayed up late and watched shark week. A trip to the vending machine completed the night!Woke up, had an awesome hotel breakfast and on to the wildlife experience museum. don't stress - not real best baby ever no accidents today. amen."Slumber party" with the Cronins. Only lasted until about midnight when both Carson and Brooklyn wanted to go home. They packed up and left - so sad. But it was a total blast while it lasted. Smores, movies, staying up late and jumping on the air mattress. Maybe next year it'll work out. [...]

Dance Recital


Cami had her very first dance recital. Dance + Brooklyn + Make-up + Stage = a very happy girlMelanie was there, too. But Cami was rude and wouldn't take a picture with her. Poor Mel, Cami is always so sassy to her. Good thing Warren and Claire like her!!So proud of our dancing queen!! allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420"> allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="420">[...]

1st day of school!


Warren, the big 1st Grader!! Things went off without a hitch, and he's happy where he is. They placed him in a 1st/2nd grade split class, which I was having a major cow about. But talking to his teacher and the principal, it seems to be a good fit.  We played in the back while Warren was at school.Then the next week, it was Cami's turn to have a first day. Preschool! 3 days a week and she's super excited to be going.cheesy smiles[...]



4th of July ParadeSwimming with the Cronin kids (our constant companions)Finding creepy snakes in our yardPost-church pictures (on my new porch swing!)Warren's favorite food = RIBS!4th[...]

Before & After - backyard


" the pit" aka "where the giant tree used to be"back left corner aka weed garden back right cornermiddle back left and middle (the new sod is where the flagstone used to be) middle back right - new grass where they leveled things gate pathway - this was all mostly dirt/mud before. bummed i didn't take a picture, it was kind of the worst.They leveled the yard so it didn't slope up. Put in the retaining wall so we have a neat place to plant some bushes and things without the kids disturbing them, moved the flagstone to a normal place and put sod down where our ground was bare (and where a huge, dead tree had been), added an area for a SWING SET, moved our sprinklers to normal places and fixed some broken heads, and mulched everywhere along the borders where fields of weeds once resided. It's epic and we love it.We still need to nurse or existing grass back to health, and add a bunch of plants, but the bulk of the work is done. Swing set comes on Tuesday![...]



I haven't taken many pictures lately, but we've been busy with lots of fun stuff. I'll try to remember to take my camera to all these places we're running around to. Warren took golf lessons (which he LOVED), is in a soccer camp, swim lessons and Tball. Cami has a dance and a gymnastics class and takes swim lessons, too.Good news:Warren is doing an awesome job at his summer reading. That kid is a genius. Tay's boy for sure.Camille keeps us and anyone watching (at the park, grocery store, Warren's practices, church, etc) laughing and happy with her cute and funny performances. This girl needs to be on stage somewhere.Claire is still an angel baby. Seriously, I could eat her up! She's so cute and so accommodating.Our back yard is fixed! I say "fixed", because it was a pit of despair before. So many weeds and lots of mud, the sprinklers weren't getting anywhere and there was a huge void where we took out a tree. Now it is fresh and clean and ready for some bushes and things. That will probably happen next year, but for now we're loving the transformation.Bad news:Cami FLUSHED. MY. WEDDING RING. DOWN. THE. TOILET. So many emotions attached to the whole scenario. But for the record, I handled it well and the girl lives. Also for the record, any future ring which graces my finger will be given to Claire in the event of my death. Just sayin.  I'm just very sad to have lost my ring. In the meantime, I'll be shopping for a sweet cubic zirconium.Cami painted fingernail polish all over my bathroom tile and herself. The floor is now perma-pink.Cami broke one of the shelves on the refrigerator door when she tried to hang on it. It cost $60 to replace.Cami ate a king sized recees pb cup before Tay and I got up on Sunday and then blamed Warren. That went over well with him.When she was supposed to be sleeping, Cami unwrapped a bunch of panty-liners and stuck them all over the bathroom walls and counters and then all over herself.Cami is still awake (it's 11PM) at the top of the stairs whisper-yelling "Mom!" and I am ignoring her.(This is only 1 week's worth of Cami antics. She's going to kill me)now pictures of Claire: Cami @ the top of the stairs right now. "You made me really sad and angry, mom!"[...]

Rock and Rooooll!!


First, pictures of the angel baby:Now a video of the...other one allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />[...]