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Hey All


Just a reminder...come follow me over at the new blog!

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

Sayonara, Pied-A-Terre


Not leaving the blogosphere, but moving to a new location: check it out and follow me! Bonus points if anyone gets the allusion in the title; still a bit under construction, so there should be some posts starting tomorrow.

Ay, Rats


My class got canceled, so that means I'm not teaching for the for the Fall II semester. I still have the tutoring though and some money saved up in case of a situation like this, so all is pretty good (though I need to stop the shopping at J.Crew - I got a bunch of stuff on Christmas Eve day like the vintage matchstick cords for $30 and $100 jeans for $10 - good weekend jeans - and I got RED CANDLE WAX on them Christmas Day! So now I need to take those to the dry cleaners. The Aussie is going to pick up another pair for me in case they are really that screwed up because he is just a hop skip and jump away from the J.Crew store at South Street, while I am in Queens and it's too cold to go out there).

On the bright side, this gives me more time to do the following:

1. Go down to Philly, visit some friends, go to the library and turn my master's thesis into a journal article.
2. Knit.
3. Job search (I'm looking into academic/educational publishing, a la McGraw-Hill/University presses, does anyone have any advice about that? Even entry level is a good start for me).
4. Plan my classes for the Spring I semester.
5. Plan the loooong awaited honeymoon! (Italia-bound! The Aussie wants to go to Rome, Venice and Florence, I just want to chill on the Amalfi Coast, ever have since I saw A Good Woman so I am really looking forward to that. We might also go to Capri for a day).
6. Gym. Gotta look good for that honeymoon, and I still have about 15 pounds to go till I reach my ideal weight. I am eyeing this bathing suit; I really don't like the way bikinis look on me, so I am going to go for the retro-ish tanks.

All is pretty quiet here - Christmas Eve/Day was a whirlwind of events, which deserve another post, as well as me making some kick-butt roasted vegetables. The Aussie's birthday is tomorrow and he already opened up his gift and loved it! I also got him another gift that he doesn't really know about: a strawberry shortcake cake from Ferrara's. Placed the order this morning! He was raving about it alot so I hope its worth it.

Oh Thank The Local Community College Course Assignment Gods


The guy who interviewed me called me earlier today asking me if I can teach a class that they may be tentatively having: a Basic Writing class that is just focused on the entry-level CUNY writing exam. It's for those students who passed the final for the Basic Writing class, but didn't pass the CUNY test. Pretty much purgatory.

I have to cool my heels until December 29, but I am pretty confident that I will be teaching it; all of the students are getting their test scores back (as did mine, I had a 35% pass rate which is normal they say, but one of my students was so upset, I felt really bad for him) and have to take this particular class, known as an ENZ.

This makes me pretty happy because I would have just been tutoring for those 6 weeks (read: not making a lot of money). Even though it's one class, it's double the hours so in essence I get paid for teaching 2, and get the "normal pay" that I'm used to seeing this past semester.

Let's hope it does go through! I'm still praying to the Course Assignment Gods for them to not call me and tell me the class was canceled. As a newbie, this is a pretty good sign (considering that I found out they took that same class - different course code though - that I just got away from a more experienced adjunct...).

In other news, it is FECKING cold out here. Little Sister figured out what I got her for part of her Christmas gift and asked me if I can exchange it for her. Like I am going to schlep all the way to the Club Monaco on 23rd street in Manhattan to exchange the sweater for a trapper hat which is ALREADY wrapped. I'm tired. And it's cold out there. And I think I need my own trapper hat.

This is why I like to internet shop; no crowds, no bundling up, no icky-pooey subway, even though its 3 blocks from my apartment (how DARE they cancel the W line! That's my line!) and more importantly, no crowds.

Although, I have been a saint of a customer this holiday season; I have gone through a ton of shipping snafus and got a TON of price adjustments/sales (20% off Kate Spade, 20% off Club Monaco, 30% off Jack Spade, 15% off Kate Spade online, 15% off J.Crew, 20% off redEnvelope - I was totally rocking that student ID that still has not expired yet and online coupons!), and sales/FedEx/UPS people have told me that they really appreciate how patient I am. I should get an award for that.

Can't Think of a Semi Witty Title


Grading.Grading.Grading some more.Last week, I was the (Not So) Lean, (I Hope Not So) Mean, (But Definitely A) Grading Machine - I graded for 6 HOURS STRAIGHT last week on my birthday of all days. Finals have been given, my Basic Writing Class' have been graded, the Freshman Comp are being cross-graded (I don't grade any of my finals, wierd aspect of the dept. here), and I am going to do the final grading this week.Other things I'm doing this week:1. Giving a make-up final for a student of mine; she is older than me and really sweet but going through a very tough time now (divorce, custody case and her mother died in a car crash), so I am letting her take her time with that.2. Doing my own cross-grading (meaning I get to determine whether other students pass or fail the prof who is grading my student's finals class).3. Going to J.Crew, returning some clothes (finally got me some good jeans! FYI for the 5'9" and over crowd - the tall sizes are awesome: 36" inseam! I still have to cuff them a bit but I do it on the inside and whip a few stitches to keep them in place. Now I don't look like an idiot with too short jeans).4. Going to Jack Spade for a price adjustment - I got an email today with 30% off everything online (the code is TAKE30 in case anyone was wondering) and there is free shipping. I was royally p.o'ed because I got The Aussie's birthday gift (in navy, I have the bigger one in brown) a week and a half ago from the store at full price. I call them up and ask "Is it possible to get a price adjustment, or do I have to return the bag to the store and re-order it online?" I think that last part got them so they made a note to offer Maria M. NewLastName a 30% price adjustment so long as she brings the credit card and receipt. I saved $52.50!5. Gym. gym. gym. And more gym.6. Need to go to the post office. Tons of packages with my name on it and a delivery confirmation slip are waiting.What I have done:1. Decorated our Christmas tree with The Aussie. Pictures to follow as I FINALLY got batteries for my camera!2. Wrapped Christmas gifts and tucked them under the tree. It looks really pretty now.3. Grading. I cannot WAIT until final grades are done.4. Having waaaaay too many holiday parties and going to tons of them as well (not saying that that is bad - on the contrary! - but I cannot remember the last weekend I've had free since before the wedding). Since The Aussie and I have been married we have gone to or had: 1 housewarming party, Thanksgiving Dinner, 2 birthday parties, a dinner party, my birthday brunch, a going away dinner party, and a Christmas party. Coming up: another Christmas party, Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws at our place, Christmas Day gathering at my godsibling's place and we are hosting a small New Year's Eve Party. I'm all partied out.5. Knitting. I just knit a new hat and a coffee cozy, need to do another of each. I plan to do ALOT of knitting over my break; I asked The Aussie for yarn for a sweater for part of my Christmas gift so hopefully we will be seeing the beginnings of my first sweater ever.In other news, I've been reappointed! Got the letter on my birthday, and I got my Spring I 2010 schedule, which consists of two Basic Writing Classes; I'm thinking of using Greek Myths as the readings since now I can do what I want within reason and the textbook I used this past semester was horrible. If I had a Freshman Comp class, I would have gone with some Japanese stuff. I will be teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays, with my first class at 8am. This means I can tutor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and won't have the schedule from hell like I did this semester. I won't be teaching for the short session but tutoring instead, since I am new (and at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of seniority). At least it's only 6 weeks, and gives me time to do my lesson plan (1 lesson plan for 2 classes means waaaaaay less stress).PS. Who saw Prep & Landing? That has to be the best holiday spec[...]

Girl Has Her Scruples


The Aussie got a promotion at his job (YEAH! Along with his brother, the 23-year old CPA genius who works for the same company but in accting - HURRAY!) recently. It doesn't go into effect until February when the training program for his new job begins (10 months) so we wait with bated breath to see if this is actually going to go through.

In the meantime, The Aussie asked me this: "If I was going to make x amount of money, would you want to move into the city?"

Mind you I was half asleep when he was asking me (most days, I get to school by 8am so I can grade/prepare and I leave with him but today is office hours, I go later) so I was like, "hmgpohddspftt."

Translation: "Moving is a pain in the butt. I like Astoria. City is great but too expensive and we need to save for that dream fixer-upper brownstone in Brooklyn." (I'm still holding out on that).

After he left, I did amend that with a text message: "Only if its either a brownstone apt. in West Village, pre-war apt. on the Upper West Side, Park Ave pre war or East Side brownstone."

Girl can dream, no?

Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas...It's the Best Time of the Year


Christmas gift(s) for Little Sister? Check. It's a bit of a big one this year to make up for last year when I was a hella broke grad student. Half of it she knows (kate spade iPhone case, vintage brooch from Club Monaco) but some of it is surprises. Woot.

Birthday gift for The Aussie (December 30)? Check. He doesn't read this blog, but I will say it's a slightly smaller version of my wintertime go-to bag during the school year. Sometimes, he has asked me to borrow mine and I had to say no most of the time because it's the perfect size for those papers that I have to grade plus all my other junk.

Christmas gift for The Aussie? Sorta check...I gave him part of the Macy's gift card that we got back from our registry ($500 free!) so he can get a nice topcoat from Hugo Boss during Black Friday. But I still want to get him something for Christmas.

Christmas gift for parents? Check. My mom does read this blog so mum's the word.

In-laws? The Aussie is taking care of it.

Siblings-in-law? I'm thinking of using my $15 Sephora coupon to get my SIL something from there and The Aussie apparently needs help picking a sweater.

My godmother? Check! Since I was a kid, my mom made my sister and I each get her an ornament for her Christmas tree; this year's is from Paloma's Nest at etsy (she made our ring bearer bowl):(image) I even got one for myself, which leads me to the discussion of my own Christmas decorations. The first christmas is expensive! You want a nice tree but can only get so many nice ornaments at a time; I am going to wait for the after-Christmas sales to get nice stockings and a tree skirt from Pottery Barn unless something turns up in the meantime. The Aussie and I are aruging over white lights vs. multi-colored lights (I'm for white lights he is for multi) so right now the tree is a bit bare. But it smells very nice.

On that note, I wanted to show you what I have placed bids on at eBay: ceramic musical boxes by this Japanese company Otagiri.The first one is a little house that plays Jingle Bells as it goes around (eBay won't let me drag images, so look at the link) and the other is an epic win: not the Looney Tunes box, but the little house with the Santa in the chimney.

My mom got these somewhere over thirty years ago and it's always been alot of fun to play with them. I called my dad up to ask where she got them and lo and behold, I found 2 of them on eBay. Now I wouldn't have to duke it out with Little Sister as to who gets these in the future (they are that popular in our family)

I'm a Quarter Century Today!


And yet, I still have my baby face. Two students in my tutoring sessions asked me last week if I was a college student. Didn't know how to take that.(image) I spent my birthday grading from 8am to about 3pm and them working the night shift from 4:30 to 9pm. I still have more grading to do; gotta love the end of the semester! But if I work my bum off (and I have to) until Friday night I am free for this weekend's birthday festivities: The Cat Empire concert with E on Saturday, then a birthday brunch at Brick in Astoria this Sunday with cake after at my place. I think The Aussie is going to get me a cake from Ferrara's in Little Italy; he's had a cake from there. I haven't but I know their gelato is to DIE for.

I Am Thankful For...


Many things - having a kick-booty hubby, a healthy family, great and supportive friends, finding a decently affordable apartment in one of the craziest rental markets, a job (!).

On a lighter note, I am also thankful for receiving this as a gift:(image) Inside were step-by-step instructions on not only how to make a deep dish apple pie, but to make the pastry for the crust and cover from scratch (I used the food processor method, which was faster and more convenient for my tiny kitchen; I have to say, fresh pastry really does make a difference!).

I may have replaced the crystallized ginger with cinnamon in the recipe (didn't have any of the former) but the pie came out sooooo good. And I have increased my confidence in my baking skills.

Hello Out There...


Wow, I think this has been the longest I have gone without posting! That is a rarity for me.

The main reason was that I have been hiding under stacks and stacks of papers that need to get graded - the way it works in the English department here at Local Community College (LCC - my commute is only 30 minutes max by train which is awesome) is that I give them a prompt, they write a paper and submit it to me, then I grade it (or in the case of my Basic Writing class, they don't get a grade, just comments) and then they revise it, and the whole thing starts all over again. Only twice but it is time consuming.

Sometimes students have to revise it for a second time. Crazy, I know but I've gotten better at the "how to grade quickly and efficiently" thing - and I've become a harder grader! I was looking at some first drafts for my Freshman Comp class and I was thinking to myself, "I let THAT slide?"

My Freshman Comp class is so much fun though (the discussion of my Basic Writing class and it's connection to how the public education system here stinks is the subject of another post) and while they complain and grumble at my policy of "No one gets anything above a B+ for the first draft" they have fun. Some even told me they were going to miss me.

I also got my observation back and I did a really good job! I got mostly E's and G's and the only one trouble area I had was trying to control the class a bit (my Basic Writing class is full of very strong personalities which can be a bit overwhelming).

In other news, I am past 400 posts! Granted, most of those posts were of the wedding sort since my blog kinda turned into my "digital wedding binder" I am kinda hoping to change up the blog a bit in terms of content (maybe try to make my posts a bit shorter, for starters!) - and already have in terms of layout...again. Maybe when I get the chops to ask someone to make me a custom layout then I'll keep it permanently that way.

Off to finish up Thanksgiving preparations...The Aussie and I are hosting our immediate families (10 people total) in our apartment's living room. I will definitely get pictures of it later (we are using our china set for the first time which is fun, though The Aussie is paranoid about using our nice wine glasses so those are still kept away).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Help! A Monogramming Question


I have been lusting after a gold monogrammed pendant - the one with the script monogram that has the last name initial in the center. Kinda like this:
(image) But that is on shell. Even silver would be nice. I have googled, I have etsy'ed, but I still cannot find it. My 25th birthday is coming up, and while I did have a few things on my wish list, if someone can help me find an affordable monogram pendant it would trump everything. Thanks in advance!

I May Be Developing an Addiction to Pretty Tshirts, and an Allergy to Over-Priced Jeans


I sorely need semi-business casual clothes for work and haven't done a proper "back to school"/Fall shop since Fall of 2004, just before I went to London .After that it's been piecemeal, especially since when I was in Japan the clothes just did not fit me and I bought whatever fit (which was still a bit frumpy). New dark jeans are an absolute must - bonus points if they are in trouser style as well as decent shoes - all of my flats from J.Crew except for 1 pair are totally shot and I need to take my Torys to the shoemaker.I went to the Century 21 in Brooklyn yesterday while The Aussie picked up a few things from his parent's place (they only live 3 blocks away) and was sorely disappointed in the denim selection - how in god's name can a size 31 in Seven for All Mankind/Rock & Republic/Joe's Jeans/other kinds of overpriced jeans in the bootcute style NOT FIT when I fit quite nicely into a size 30 in Levi's? Screw the fancy jeans. I'm going to get very very dark jeans in extra long, trouser style (they didn't have those either) at the Levi's store on Lexington.I was reading my blogs on my Google Reader today, when something caught my eye: a free shipping code from J.Crew with no minimum purchase, courtesy of the J.Crew Aficionada (I only read it for the coupon codes, really!).As some of my students would say, "Baller!" A shipping code that pretty much allows me to shop online like I do at the store; I quickly went to the site and surveyed the sale section (ONLY - that's my modus operandi. Good things come to those who wait).Even if there was a minimum, I needn't have worried. I scored:the cafe capri in both navy and papaya:the Ruffle front vine-print shirt:the Carnation cluster tee:the Tissue posy v-neck tee:and the Textured Jersey Satin Trim tee in warm blush and deep rose:along with 3 basic white tanks/undershirts for my button down and semi-sheer shirts. I went through my dresser today while putting away laundry and chucked 5 year old polos that have seen better days (out of 8 I think I only kept 2) and some really ratty tshirts, hence all the replacements above.In case anyone is wondering, there is going to be a sample sale at J.Crew this week. Again I got the info from J.Crew Aficonada:It's located at 261 West 36th Street, 2nd Fl between 6th and 7th Aves. in NYC. There have been 5 others before that and general reviews have been mixed (as in, the prices really should be much lower) but I'm curious (and really really need good pants) - I pushed my office hours back till 1pm on Tuesday and plan to be there bright and early so that I can get there for the 10am opening.[...]

Say a Little Prayer


To my fellow teachers and those who know teachers,

Anyone know of a prayer they can say before having their first observation done? Mine is tomorrow and my observer is a doozy. And the class that I am observing? Well had I not stepped in, a catfight just may have broken out (it was in the verbal stage) before the start of class. Right in front of me.

Help. Me.

Over the Top!


Thanks Melissa! I just won the "Over the Top Award":(image) So here are the rules:

You Can Only Use One Word!
Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers!
Alert them that you have given them this award!
Have fun!

1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Your hair? highlights
3. Your mother? crafty
4. Your father? jolly
5. Your favorite food? mac'n'cheese
6. Your dream last night? forget
7. Your favorite drink? greek cherry juice: visinatha
8. Your dream/goal? teacher
9. What room are you in? bedroom
10. Your hobby? knitting
11. Your fear? stairs
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? homeowner
13. Where were you last night? bareburger
14. Something that you aren’t? mean
15. Muffins? chocolate
16. Wish list item? dunno
17. Where did you grow up? astoria
18. Last thing you did? blog
19. What are you wearing? Pjs
20. Your TV? grey's anatomy
21. Your pets? cat
22. Friends? fun
23. Your life? lively
24. Your mood? stressed
25. Missing someone? friends
26. Vehicle? bicycle
27. Something you’re not wearing? socks
28. Your favorite store? J.Crew
29. Your favorite color? green
30. When was the last time you laughed? morning
31. Last time you cried? dunno
32. Your best friend? husband
33. One place that I go to over and over? school
34. One person who emails me regularly? little sister
35. Favorite place to eat? bareburger!

I pass the award on to:

1. Tina at with this ring, I thee obsess...
2. Teresa at Diagnosis Deferred
3. JLC at French Kiss
4. J at Girl from NYC
5. Red at Go Red Go
6. Ladybug's Picnic

We're...Going to the Church and We Finally Got Marri-ee-ee-d...


Onwards, to the church ceremony:Next up are the various portraits done at my house and elsewhere; can you guess where this was taken?[...]

In Which I Return, Bearing the Gift of Wedding Photos!


Helloooooo out there...miss me?It's been a bit awhile and teaching college is kicking my booty - thanks for the award, Melissa! I'll get to it promptly. In the meantime, I have previews of my photos! There are alot of them (over 200 just in the preview!) so I'm going to break it down: today, I'm going to post "getting ready" photos - not too many of those at my house per se since I had my hair and makeup done for the most part (I did my makeup myself!) by the time the photog came, so these might be a bit blah. The first four photos are courtesy of Bridesmaid D, who is also a photographer - her and Little Sister made some amazing "2nd/3rd" photogs for the night, while the last ones are from our photographer. Enjoy!Tomorrow I will post photos from the church and some portraits done at my house (warning: photo heavy!). Here is a sneak peak:[...]

Did You Know...


...that we share our wedding date with the Obamas? Awesome!

In the meantime, I wax on rhapsodically about wedding food here.

Chop, Chop


Bumble and Bumble has this thing called a "Model Call" where you go get your hair cut for free. I went to one on Monday and was an alternate for the "short layers" cut this past Tuesday. Luckily, there was a chair open and after some snipping from this great hairstylist hailing from Vancouver Island, et voila! The post-wedding chop (a longish/shaggy pixie):
I luuuuurve it. Of course it looked better on the day of, but it's alright. I am scheduled for another cut in about three months. I took this picture with Photobooth on my brand new MacBook Pro! I just got it yesterday as a wedding gift to me (The Aussie got himself an HP Desktop with a 23" screen). Being back with a Mac is such a good feeling.

"Yesterday, I got my nails did. Today, I'm going to get my hair did and then go get married-did."


That's what my Facebook status said all day yesterday. I got married! Woot!All in all, everything went pretty smoothly. I actually ended up cleaning my apartment before my mom came to take my to the hairdresser because I had nothing better to do; my parents house was somewhat controlled chaos, I was able to do my makeup and that of Bridesmaid D and while it rained (as in a proper pissdown just as we were getting ready to leave), I didn't get wet at all because I really hiked up my dress.The only snafus was that the priest was late - it ain't a Greek wedding without someone important being 20 minutes late - and my sister's flowers were roses and calla lilies as opposed to dahlias and ranunculi, but our florist was great and nice enough to go over to the church with a replacement. The original bouquet came in handy when my fake toss bouquet went MIA so we used the roses/calla lily one instead.Since Little Sister got a new iPhone, she was uploading some photos of the wedding during the course of the day:One of the three flowergirls at my parent's houseMy mom on the right, and the mother of the above flowergirland a ringbearer (her brother and my mom's godson) on the left at the churchNom, nom, CAKE...the baker at The Yale Club didSUCH a good job, we gave him a photo and he copied it exactly!Our first dance. We didn't take dance lessons (The Aussie knows how, I just follow him) so I had a bit of a hard time letting him lead. So he had to give me a bit of a impromptu dance lesson in the middle of our first dance, which was cause for a good chuckle.Me in my parent's kitchen. Little Sister needed some good light.What do you think of the makeup - I did it myself!I might have had a bit too much on here, but as the night wore on it faded nicely.At the church, waiting for the priest to come. My bouquet was kick-ass. A lot of people were really impressed by the whole thing and enjoyed themselves alot. More pictures to come - Little Sister actually proved to be a good faux 2nd photographer; we went through her pictures this morning and she got a ton of stuff. [...]

Kate Spade at It's Preppy Best


WANT. And it's in navy/golden yellow too! And I love the name behind it: the Radcliffe collection. Preppy, academic-y and chic - what more can one ask for (I really really like the first bag)? I would totally rock that skirt in the classroom, with a basic white T and my pearls.(image) (image) (image)
PS. There is a 30% off sale off everything at Kate Spade, in case anyone is wondering.

How to Cheat When Choosing Wedding Music


Remember how I really really wanted "Loving Wings" to play as I walked up the aisle and I couln't do it because my church has that stipulation "classical/ecclesiastical church music only"?Well when I asked my priest, he said it was more so that they don't have things like Barbra Striesand wailing at the top of her lungs. To which I agree to - "Loving Wings" is a quiet song. I am not so big on fanfare but still, it sucked a bit.Choosing music for the church was the least of my priorities, simply because it was the most annoying thing. I knew I wanted Bach's cello suites to play while guests were strolling in, but when I tried (and I really did) to search iTunes for "wedding music" I actually gasped aloud in shock when that song from the ballet "Midsummer Nights Dream" was the one that goes: "da da da-da-da da da DA! da da da-da-da da da DA!" That just wasn't me or The Aussie for that matter.Then I thought about the Vitamin String Quartet: they take rock/pop songs and rearrange them into a classical format. No wailing, no singing, just violins. They had a tribute collection to Snow Patrol (one of my favorite bands) and on it was "Chasing Cars." Win! The church gets no wailing and "classical" music, and I get a song that I really like from a band I love.In case it wouldn't fly, I thought of other alternatives: movie soundtracks. They are instrumental, right? One of my favorites is the soundtrack to House of Flying Daggers because I like traditional Chinese/Japanese music, but I really couldn't find one that had me "imagine" me walking up the aisle to.Another soundtrack I love is the "Pride & Prejudice" (Kiera Knightley version) soundtrack. I downloaded it off iTunes and was flipping through the songs on my shuffle. And then I found it: "A Postcard to Henry Purcell," which was played during the dance between Elizabeth and Darcy at the Netherfield ball.I'm pretty sure that is the one because I have seen the movie a bajillion times (and I am a bit of a sucker for P&P and any incarnation of it, including the so-called sequels) and since my iTouch is broken, I can't exactly see the song on my shuffle:The interesting thing is, Henry Purcell was an actual English Baroque composer (that coupled with early 19th century music is the kind of classical music I like) from the 17th century and the P&P song is based on some themes from a song this guy composed. So, in a roundabout way, it definitely qualifies and I liked this one better than "Chasing Cars." Since the aisle is pretty short, I think we can walk everyone down to it and when timed correctly, I can go down in the part where things sorta pick up. I knew that this was the one when I kept seeing myself while riding the subway home.Maybe we can use "Chasing Cars" for the recessional.[...]

So in the Midst of all This Last Minute Wedding Planning...


I started a new blog, where I am going to talk about how I am trying to learn how to cook better and deal with counterspace in the amount of 1 foot by 6 inches. I love the banner of The Foodista blog, and am trying to find out how I can get a simple banner for my new one. Any suggestions on where to get one?

My Mom, The Queen of Wedding Crafts


The cake topper (that does not go on the cake) is done! Pipe-cleaner Ollie didn't come out correctly, so he will be there in spirit. Seriously, my mom is the queen of the glue gun. The fabric that pipe-cleaner me is wearing actually came from the scraps of my dress:
(image) This was the cake topper as of Sunday, when The Aussie, his family and bridesmaid D came over for a quick Greek Dancing 101 lesson; since then, there is now more flowers on the bottom and a flower in my hair.

Let's see - the bulletin board is done, as well as placecards, menus, programs, and the last thing that needs to be printed are little cards giving guests instructions on how to email their photos to Flickr (which is easier than having them go directly to Flickr).

Need to make a playlist on an iPod for the cocktail hour and um, oops, still need to choose music for the church. Help! Any suggestions? The general rule of thumb is instrumental/classical music - though I do know I want Bach's cello suites (played by Yo Yo Ma) for when the guests are milling about.

I just need ONE song for the whole processional (the aisle in our church is really short, and my "arrival" is punctuated when the candles, which are electric are lit all the way when its my turn to walk up the aisle, so no other song is needed. Keeps everything alot simpler).

God Bless Photoshop


The Aussie wanted to change the "look" of the bikes in the bike image we created to something that was a bit more vintage. After a search on Flickr for old bikes, which resulted in tons of old German and Dutch bicycle ads available for download in their original size (woot!), some photoshopping of our little heart to make it look more grainy, and he came up with this:

(image) Waaaaay better. I love how the one on the left looks almost like my mama-chari from Japan and the one on the right is the precursor to the modern day fixie bikes.

We are going to get the programs printed today, so this little image is going to go on the back page and like I said before, on the bottom of our placecards, underneath the guest's names.

My Wedding Ring Is Here!


As well as my own ring bowl from Paloma's Nest, ordered at the verylastminute. I am sooooo happy about that. The Aussie is slaving away at snafus in the program for the church ceremony (our description of the ceremony is 2 8.5"x5.5" pages long!) right now, so while I wait for the new image he created for it, here are some pictures of our rings and the ring bowl:
(image) My wedding ring, The Aussies man-gagement/wedding ring, my engagement ring:(image) In the ring bowl:(image) The wedding rings on my left hand:(image) Both of the wedding rings in the ring bowl:(image)