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Bits and Pieces

Updated: 2018-03-06T05:06:40.195-06:00


No words necessary!


(image) (image)

Please pray for my friend


My friend Lauren from childhood/teen years (her dad is actually the one who baptized me when I was 13!) just had her baby a week ago at just 25 weeks along. His name is Kynian and he is just as precious as can be!! (image) He weighed 1 lb 10 oz and was 12.8 in long...just like a real live baby doll! They are all doing well considering all the ill effects that having a baby 3 months early can have. Go here to read her story and give them words of encouragement. God can do anything and we are praying that he heals baby Kynian! Thank you all!!



I love to send out Christmas cards every year but with all the hussle and bustle now-a-days having two kiddos, my days are planned out just right. I wish part of my day consisted of enough down time to sit and write all our cards by hand, but let's face it, that's never going to happen again!!
I could go to Walmart to print them or even to, but why would I want to do that when Shutterfly has such good deals and not to mention the best quality prints!! I have never used them for Christmas cards but I have friends who have and I love how they look. They have such cute designs! Click here to take you to their website to pick out your favorite design I will definitely be using them this year though!! Here are some of my favorites... (image)
I love the quality prints I get when I use Shutterfly for my regular pictures so why not use them for my Christmas cards as well!?! I'm so excited I have already started working on getting them together!!

sneak peek of our 2010 fall pictures


Oh my word!! We just had our fall family pictures taken last night and can I say how amazed I am with them! I had Lauren Ames do them this year and she just did a fantastic job! These are the only ones I have seen so far so I will post the rest when I get them.
(image) (image)

Please pray for this family

2010-10-03T22:02:54.666-05:00 My friend text me today and told me she found my missing younger sister. I then clicked over to the blog her family has started on her behalf. This has touched my heart and has been on my mind all day. I can't even imagine what this husband/dad is going through. (you should read the whole blog to catch up. It's only like 5 posts and they are short. Just to see what this dad has been through already) This family is going to be in need of our prayers. If you can stop and say a prayer that would be great! God is so good! So I have been M.I.A. for almost two months!!! Longest I have ever been out of the blog world, but I promise to be back soon. I am just going to have to do a make up post for August and Sept...A LOT has gone on! Hope everyone is doing well! :)




making it from scratch


So it just bothers me to know that I am feeding my baby preservatives in his jar baby food, so I thought I would give "making it on my own" a try! It's soooo easy and so much better for them!
I mainly try to feed him the stuff that I have made while we are at home and then for convenience reasons, I grab a jar food for when we will be out and about during a feeding time.
For the chicken, I ALWAYS buy the Smart Chicken even for us to eat.
Boil it, cut it up...

Put it in the nifty little food processor I bought at a garage sale for $5 (LOVE this thing!!) AND...

(image) I have chicken baby food!

(image) I then put it in ice cube trays and freeze them.
(This is broccoli)

(image) Then after they are nice and frozen I put them in freezer bags. They are ready to go now! All I have to do is pull out however many I want and warm them up and we're good to go!

Each cube equals one oz. of food. So it's easy to tell how much they are getting!

(this is sweet pots)


I also get the bag of frozen peas and carrots and do those together.

So easy and so good for them!

a visit from Grams


My grandmother came in town to visit and came over and spent the day with me and the boys. We had such a wonderful visit together! Sterling enjoyed her company and kept her extremely busy! Grams is extremely creative (I think Sterling gets some of that from her! And how come I couldn't have inherited more of that gene I don't know!) and she and Sterling made a bug catcher like she had made for herself at home. He also kept her busy playing games, reading, and telling stories. He has quite the imagination! I know Grams enjoyed every minute of it! And, of course the, day wouldn't have been complete without playing play-doh for about an hour! Judson was getting a little fussy so she picked him up and rocked him for a just a bit and he fell right to sleep! This NEVER happens like that...must be a great-grandmother's touch! :) The next night my mom decided to treat us girls to a movie! We saw "Love Letter's to Juliet"...perfect girl's night movie!The 3 generations Oh my word, it took us like a million tries to get this picture just right!! It was pretty comical! Good thing there was only like 5 other people in the theater and they were teenagers! And what night would be complete without some ColdStone Creamery! MMMM!! She missed the silly face memo! Wait, now I missed it! We love you Grams!![...]

Sunday school sweetness


Sterling cracks me up sometimes! This is what he drew in Bible class.
Let me interperet for you.
Him and his Daddy in the water with the boat next to them and the best is what he had to say! What a sweetie! :)

Look what this little fellow can do!


He did this all by himself! My days of "takin' it easy" (if there is such a thing!!) are about to be O.V.E.R.!!

8 months


Eight months old has proved to be a turning point in my little ones tiny life! He has started so many new things it's incredible! Here are the ones I can remember right now! wrestling with monkey! About to crawl!! sitting himself up while making the clicking noise with his tongue...quite talented! weighs 22 lbs wears size 4 diapers in a 12-18 mon or 18-24 mon...depends on the brand clothes can sit himself up from tummy rolls all over the place has learned to click his tongue still loves to be in his monkey bouncer is just about to crawl...gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth scoots backwards while on tummy starting to try and pull up on things what a little explorer gets up on feet and hands for a few seconds then drops still has two bottom teeth still loves to blow bubbles gets up at least once a night to eat and goes back to sleep has such a little attitude and is very impatient most times will sit and play for hours can be pretty mellow though most times loves his big brother so much says "mama" and "dada" while fussing but still doesn't know what he's sayinggrunts or squeels loudly to get our attentionloves to wrestle with Daddy and brotherhas had 4 hair cutswhen he throws fits he stiffens his whole body and sticks his arms and legs straight out and grunts really loud and his face turns bright red...little toot!started crawling everywhere at 8.5 monclaps hands at 8.5 monclicks fingernail on bottom teeth at 8.5 mon [...]

some of the fun things we did this summer


We are having such a great summer! We have stayed very busy (and my cleaning duties have gone a little out the window since) but have been having a blast! As we wrap up the summer (cause school starts in three weeks!!!) I thought I would put up some pictures to remind me of some of the fun things we did! Sprinkler fun with friends (Sterling is wearing a shirt because he was sunburned from the day before hangin out poolside) Playin' in the dirt Playing "American Idol" in the backyard with friends the judges (how cute is that!) Judson hanging out inside with his friend (believe it or not these two are 8 months apart!) while the big kids play outside Hanging out pool side with friends Jenn trying to teach Sterling to float Judson and Avery hanging out watching everyone in the pool This is the face of the biggest water baby I have ever seen...he LOVES the water!! Going to our friend Brad and Maria's to their annual Pope Dock party! Brad and his friend's hilarious costume for the best costume while ramping into the lake on the bikes...too funny! Sterling and Daddy enjoying the cool lake while the rest of us roasted outside! Boy it was a hot day! Judson enjoyed sitting on the boat putting everything in his mouth. This is where Sterling decided to sleep for a good three weeks ...on the floor, in his fort he made Judson is getting really good at pulling things out of drawers and off shelves...time to baby proof! You can find us a lot at this pool!! Thanks Suz for letting us come swim all the time! Kyah and Judson waiting to get in the pool Sterling and his best friend Lexi (our next door neighbor) have started their little business of shoulder massages! Too cute! Here are Grandma and Grams getting theirs! Play dates with friends Sterling and Josh having fun at the park Sterling and Ethan maxin and relaxin I have spent most my summer with these gorgeous ladies! I am so grateful for all my friends...God has put us all together at just the right time and I just love them all to death! You can also catch us at this pool hangin out with these lovely ladies! Sterling and KB Kyah and J-dog...she was just about to give his feet some lovin when I took this picture! SOOO precious! We took the in laws boat out (thanks again Keith and Becky!) last weekend and had an absolute BLAST! We all were sunburned but it was worth it! A day with no kids and fun to be had is always a good thing! And this is how most days end on our way home...I'm not even kidding! Hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and can enjoy the last few weeks! [...]

Crazy Bands, really?


(image) Ok, I had only heard of this phenomenon called crazy bands, but Sterling had never said anything about it and I had never seen any kids with them (or at least hadn't paid attention to the massive amounts of rubber bands on some kids arms!). So when Sterling came home from playing at the neighbor girl's house with this I was completely astonished!!!
Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees something other than a man playing a guitar!?! (image) Apparently it came in a set with musical instruments and she didn't want these...wonder why! haha (image) Do your kids love crazy bands?

July 4th weekend


We had the best July 4th weekend! We went to visit my family and had the best time! Saturday we met up with my friend Jill at the zoo! We ended up leaving Judson with my step mom (thanks again G-mom!!) and were able to enjoy our time with ONE kid again!! We felt kind of like we were forgetting something but it was kind of nice to just keep up with one again! Sweet Emerson! Sterling's favorite thing to see was the penguins! They had an inside walk through exhibit that was FREEZING but one of the neatest things to go through!! Someone was getting tired and grouchy...he wanted to take a picture in front of the giraffes but I said no since there was no shade...this is what I got! Little toot!! It was a hot day, but not as hot as it should have been for July, thank goodness for that! So to beat the heat we ended up with snow cones...yum-o!! And of course the cooling station with a misting fan! Wishing I was this little guy right about then...snoozin in the sun! This was Sterling's other favorite thing to see...Zaboomafoo! (It's a show on one of his channels) This little guy was really friendly...he kept putting his hand up to ours when we would touch the glass. LOVE this!!!! This little boy is attached at his Daddy's hip...I think he literally would be if he could! This boa constrictor was ginormous!! Yet another place I wish I was right about then! This poor thing was 38 yrs old and she was pregnant!! I don't blame her for being right where she was! Sterling was falling asleep towards the end of our visit! Heath got a good workout, that's fo-sho! So, he got a little nap in on our way back to my dad's and then it was time for some more fun! My uncle and aunt came over for a BBQ and Sterling enjoyed playing with the cousins! G-mom grillin us some ribs! While the kids played horseshoes! Sarah, Sterling, Katie and only 1st cousins! Katie was the flower girl in our wedding when she was Sterling's age right now. Wow, time flies! Rick (my uncle), Denise (my step mom), my dad, and Teri (my aunt) Judson had such a big day that he fell asleep on my shoulder while we were all standing there talking! Happy 4th!! Enjoying my step-sis's pool! Jamie (step sis) and me Sterling and Gavin playing hockey Gmom having fun bouncing in the jump house with the boys! Judson and Colby- just 4 months to the day apart! The grand kids minus Noah...we missed you guys!! We left a spot open for Noah in the middle! :) And we ended the day in the hot tub watching all the neighborhood fireworks...perfect!!!Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! [...]

7 months


Even though he is almost 8 months I am still going to post this so I don't forget! And one day I hope to make my blog a book so I gotta keep up with the month birthday's...anyway!
    (image) (image) (image) (image)
    • weighs about 21-22 lbs
    • size 3 diapers
    • 12-18 month clothes
    • when he is fussing he says "Da-da", "Ma-ma" but doesn't realize he's saying it
    • still wakes up at least once during the night to nurse and goes right back to sleep
    • loves all baby foods except beef and gravy
    • does not eat table food yet
    • has had three hair cuts (trims)
    • loves to blow spit
    • loves to spend time playing on the floor
    • starting to show signs of wanting sit up from laying on tummy
    • likes to raise up on his hands and is showing signs of starting to pull knees under him
    • the way he communicates is by spitting and grunting
    • is developing his fine motor skills very well

    Another birthday


    Last weekend we went out and celebrated my sweet friend Keely's birthday and we had an absolute blast!! It was also a time out with Heath and I and NO KIDS!! That is something that is few and far between so we take advantage of it whenever possible! My mom was so sweet to come over and spend the night so we didn't have to come home at any certain we didn't come home until almost 2 am!!! We felt like we were in college and dating again! So fun! Me and the gorgeous birthday girl!! Silly girls...Suzette and Keely Cheers to Keely's birthday! about to watch the show at Shogun! I put this one up here to show you how bad my freckles have decided to be this year!! They are in full force and I haven't even been in the sun that much this summer! Ugh, so annoying! When we got home this is what we walked in to...Sterling asleep under the end table by my mom asleep on the couch! He said he got scared so he snuck in there and fell to sweet! [...]

    Father's Day fun


    I can not even begin to tell you what an awesome Daddy Heath is to our two precious little boys! God has blessed our little family immensely and I thank him for that all the time! I could not ask for a better example for my boys to grow up with. I hope that they turn out just like him! Here is Heath's father's day in pictures! I snapped this picture a few months ago...soooo precious!! He got some shirts that he can wear to his new job and a framed picture of the boys since he has a desk to "decorate" now! Us at church Heath and his Dad. A girl could seriously not ask for a better father-in-law!! I am blessed beyond belief with my in-laws! They would bend over backwards to help any and all of us, or anyone for that matter. Keith is the prime example of what the Lord wants us to be. He is one of the most unselfish, patient, kind Christian man I know. Thank you Keith for everything you do! little photo shoot in my moms new backyard! Then it was home for naps all around! Heath can seriously sleep example...on the floor! Then I cooked him one of his favorite meals...Raspberry Chipolte pork loin with salad and his favorite...'Em's Good Taters! (there is a funny story behind that! My step mom makes them and they are called Snowy Potatoes. Heath said out loud one time, "wow, em's good taters"being totally serious...yep that's my hubby the redneck!! :)) We ended the night with a buy one get one free shake from Sonic! Yum!! All decked out in his St. Louis gear! Thanks Dad and Denise for the pants...he loves them! Happy Father's day Dad! I feel so blessed that we have been able to become so close. I wish we lived closer together. I could not ask for a more perfect dad. You are one of the most patient, sweet, giving man I know. I know you would do anything for me and for that I love you! God has truly blessed me by bringing you into my life at just the right time! [...]

    another give-away


    So another one of my friends Jenn is doing a give-away! It's for an awesome monogrammed keychain. SOO cute!! Go here and enter!

    Wish I had...


    These eyes (image) And these dimples

    (image) (image)

    J-dog is 6 months


    So, I'm a little late seeing as how he's almost 7 months, but I have to do pictures and an update so I don't forget!

    • sits up on his own
    • left, bottom, front tooth is in and the right one is just about to pop through
    • rolls over both ways
    • size 3 diapers
    • eats baby food and loves all of them so far...still no table foods
    • got his first hair cut
    • still doesn't make any syllables
    • still wakes up at least once during the night to eat
    • no set schedule
    • very happy baby
    • depending on the brand...9-18 month clothes
    • blowing spit bubbles is his favorite thing and does it a little extra when he gets excited
    • weighs 20 lbs (82%) 27.5 in long (70%) and head is 48 (90%)
    • still LOVES the monkey bouncer
    • still has nose issues
    (image) Love this face! (image) giving monkey kisses (image)

    give away


    So my friend Suzette is doing a give-away for an awesome portrait session of your choice! Make sure you sign up because today is the last day!! Just click here

    You know your child watches too many commercials when...


    I find this laying on the table after school one day and ask why it says "cox" on it...
    "Because we're a cox family"
    Our cable company is cox and on their commercials they say they are cox families or something like that? Have I ever mentioned how observant this child is!?!

    (Oh, and btw, that yellow thing is the tv!)

    MUCH needed night out on the town!


    A few weeks ago, one of my good friends Ashley had a birthday, and it was a well deserved girls night out for all of us! We had such a blast! We ate at a fun little restaurant and then went dancin and had an absolute blast! (not to mention had a great workout!)
    The birthday girl...isn't she so pretty!!

    Me and the birthday girl!

    (image) All of us minus two that went to take the gifts to the car and plus some random guy! Weird... (image)
    (image) I'm not sure how I am the tall one in this picture because Dina (the one on my left, is like three inches taller than me!...course I did have on like 3 inch heels!) (image) (image) A MUCH needed night of fun with the girls!

    Gotta love a good deal!


    So me and my good friends Suzette and Keely and their adorable kiddos went to a neighborhood garage sale a few weeks ago (yes I am just now getting around to posting...I'm a little behind! ha) and I found this bargain that was too good to pass up! Check this out...
    (image) Unopened, date still good, great brand of formula...and even better was what I paid! (image) Yep $.25...too bad I had to end up giving it to Suzette because J didn't like it. :( He is used to drinking Enfimil...oh well, it was only $.25!! So afterwards we went to the park and let the kids play before heading to lunch. (image) Beautiful Suz and precious K! (J's girlfriend and future wife! haha) (image) Pretty Keely and KB! (S's future wife! haha) (image) Awww...aren't they cute together! :)

    J's new do


    So the time had come for J to have his first haircut...well trim. Now I am no beautician but I wanted to be the one to cut those cute little locks. It was very hard to cut it (emotionally I mean) but it was long overdue! He has the best hair...if he was a girl! But he's not so the time had come... :( The "comb over" LOVE those little curls!! The next Einstein?? I just had to stick this one in there cause of his facial expression! He looks funny because he was in the process of turning his head but I love it when he looks at me like this! Here we go!! The first snip... So sad... of course I saved it!!! We had to distract him with food cause he was more than done with the whole haircut thing! Sniff sniff Now that's a lot of hair for a 6 month old...funny thing is that there is still a lot left! The final product...remember I'm no professional and it's hard to work around the balding spot in the back! No more rat tail!!! And the comb-over is still there! That's even harder to work around! [...]