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My Life As A Mommy

Updated: 2018-03-05T14:07:47.024-08:00


New Blog


I will no longer be posting to this blog.. I have a new one!! Please leave a comment so that I can follow your blogs!!! Thanks!!!


New Blog:

we went to st louis


So we went to st louis, my hometown, for the weekend. We did so many things in such a short time, but I wished it was warmer so I could take Jayla to the zoo to see the animals. My daughter is truly an outdoor baby. She doesn't care how cold it is she just loves to stand outside, but I was not willing to let that happen and have a sick baby.

We did go out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants and they had an aquarium. Jayla just looked at all of the fish and the only word that could express her absolute joy at that moment was "Wow!" She repeated it over and over again. This was after she ate half of my dinner. Overall the experience was a great one, but I just wished it wasn't an 8 hour drive each way. It really annoyed my very active 22 month old. I can't believe Jayla will be 2 next month.

It's been like forever...


I haven't updated in so long and its not because I haven't wanted to I just don't have the time like I use to... I'm currently working full-time and taking a class online and I just am too tired to sit down and type anything... Jayla is getting so big and its weird that in about four months she will be two... Time has flown by so fast... We have been introducing the potty to her, but need to get on a more consistent schedule since she seems to be doing well with it... Jayla is also teething like crazy now... She has about five teeth trying to come through at one time... It's so crazy because her teeth never did this before... I have been getting no sleep due to this teething as well... Well I'm off to look up some stuff for school... Hopefully I can get back into the swing of trying to update this...

Jayla's First Trip to Chuck E. Cheese


Jayla before we left the house....

Jayla on the Clifford the Big Red Dog Ride
(image) Jayla watching Chuck E.... She loved the songs and videos that they played
Jayla with her sunglasses on...

So this weekend was one of the first times that we have actually gotten out with Jayla and took her to a kiddy place. She loved it even though she didn't interact with any of the other kids. She loved the stuffed Chuck E that sang songs with kids. She rode on the kiddy rides and had fun with that sucker the entire time. I didn't realize how much my little girl was growing up until I saw how I did her hair for the first time ever. I absolutely love my little girl and can't believe how much she has grown in the past three months.

Jayla can sing along to songs (not the actual words, but she can get a beat down pact and knows her favorite songs rhythms) and she dances all the time. She brings you her shoes when she is ready to leave the house and can walk up and down stairs. She talks all the time and although it doesn't make sense Brett and I find ourselves holding conversations with her all day long. She also just runs up to you to give you a hug or grabs your face to give you a kiss and it's the most adorable thing ever.

Updates Coming Soon


I know I haven't been on here updating as I should, but I promise in the next week or so I will start updating more...



Jayla and I
So I have been so busy lately with school and with taking care if Jayla that I haven't had the chance to even try to do anything like updating this blog... We haven't forgotten about those of you who read this and comment and I try to stay up to date on everyone's blog, but sometimes it is difficult to type with a little girl who is constantly trying to pull up on me and write everything that has been going on... Jayla is such a independant little girl and she likes to pull pillows off the couch... She also says tank you when you give her something or when she gives you something... She is teething really hard but only has five teeth to account for and we are still working on the sleep training, but I have pulled back on putting her in her crib because she wakes up and then decides to be up for like three hours and I need sleep...

Sleeping is a virtue that I kinda miss...


This picture was taken shortly after Jayla's first birthday when I was in the process of getting her to sleep in her own crib... And yes she has a hand-me down beanie baby collection that she would hate to not be in the crib with her since she needs to feel something against her to even sleep... I am still in the process of getting her to sleep through the night in her crib... It is definitely a challenge for the both of us because her daddy works nights so its just me by myself... I hate the fact that when I'm too tired I just break down and let her sleep with me in the bed, but I think its because I fall asleep faster than trying to keep her in the crib...
Last night she decided to wake up at 10:30pm and stay up until 2am.... How did she pass the time... By reading to mommy off of Moe's Southwest Grill Menu... It was cute but oh so tiring... I realized then that the virtue of sleep is something I miss when my beautiful daughter doesn't want to sleep and feel that her time is better spent reading me stories... Needless to say we both slept until 11:30am and now I am wondering what the schedule will be like tonight...

Picture of the Week


I think this is the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen Jayla do... Normally I can't catch pictures of her like this, but this was priceless... Have fun with this one and comment away...

Our Lives This Week


So I am in the process of trying to get Jayla out of our bed and into her crib... I have started the process with naps, but I definitely haven't been keeping that up as much as I would like... So yesterday I am starting the process of having Jayla sleep in the crib until she wakes up and then sleeping with her in the same room (we have an extra bed in her room)... Yesterday she slept in the crib for two hours, but thats a start considering she use to wake up everytime you put her down in the crib... I will continue to do this because I don't want to do the cry it out method... Its simply not something I can do with Jayla or any child for that matter...

Last Friday I watched my nephew... It was definitely a new experience because I'm not use to having two kids here under the age of one... Jayla loves her little cousin, but everytime he cried she cried... It was like she didn't know what to do with him and his crying because she barely cries now... She kept trying to take away his pacifier which was weird because she has never even used a pacifier (not that we didn't try to get her to use one)... It was cute but tiring and I'm glad that I wasn't here alone to take care of them...


Jayla and Christian


My beautiful nephew, Christian

I will try...


I haven't been on the computer lately so I haven't been able to update any of my blogs really... I can update from my phone though so when I am able to get on the computer I will do a picture update...

Jayla has been fighting her sleep which I'm not sure if its teething or what although the past 2 days she has been going to sleep at 11 and waking up at 6... That definitely takes some time to get use to, but its something I have to get use to all over again...

That is all for now... I will try to read some other blogs sometime today when Jayla is taking a nap...

My Little Girl Is One


A little over a week ago my baby girl turned one years old... It was a milestone in life that didn't affect her in any particular way, but overjoyed me so much... She had officially been on this Earth for a whole year and we had our ups and downs but not one second would I trade in any of the time that we spent together...

On May 21st 2007 at around 12:30am I was sitting watching tv eating my usual late night bowl of cereal... I felt something strange and something told me to get off of the bed... As soon as I got up my water broke... It was a huge gush of warm liquid that no matter the amount of squeezing I couldn't get it to stop... I went to the bathroom to make sure it was what I really thought it was... I went to the hospital that Saturday due to the fact that I thought my water had been leaking and was sent home with the same old same old that I was fine... Anyway after getting the carpet wet and noticing that it was indeed clear fluid I tried calling Brett because he worked nights... His phone kept going to voicemail so I called his supervisor... Luckily Brett was walking past him at the time so he quickly gave the phone to him...

Brett asked me several times was I sure that my water had broken since we had gone to the hospital about four times prior to this moment... I was pretty sure since everytime I stood up a gush of liquid would come flooding down my legs... So he said he would come right home and take us to the hospital... When he came in the house and noticed all of the wet spots on the floor he was sure that I knew what I was talking about... He changed clothes and we left for the hospital.. The entire time I never felt a contraction or anything... We got to the hospital and the nurses remember me from that Saturday night... They asked me what did I feel when my water broke and I said a huge gush... The nurse who took me to my room didn't even check to see when I left a wet spot on the floor to go change into my hospital gown... I was then hooked up to the monitors to see if I was having contractions which I wasn't and then told that they would start the pitocin...

I was on pitocin for the entire laboring time which was about eighteen hours... Jayla's heart rate dropped after each contract and they put me on oxygen and kept flipping me over on my sides to try to get her heart rate steady... They also put an internal monitor on her head.. They were kinda worried because I wasn't progressing past 4cm... At about 5:30pm the doctor came in and told me that they were probably gonna do a c-section... At that point I already had an epidural and justed wanted my baby girl to be healthy and safe so I told them to go ahead with the c-section...

Jayla Marie Boston was born on May 21, 2007 at 6:18pm... She weighed 6lbs 2ozs and was 18 and a half inches long... She was so little compared to what she is now... She now weighs 20lbs 14ozs and is 29 and a half inches long... Wow how the times fly... My baby girl is no longer a baby... She's been walking for a good three months and she looks so much like a little girl and less like a baby...

Birthday pics are coming soon

Bubble Fun


Jayla really loves bubbles... So much in fact that you can't blow them fast enough... So we bought her a bubble gun and everytime that she hears it working the bubble solution through the straw so that bubbles can come out she gets super excited... She loves to just put her hands up and try to catch them... Its really cute...


Popping the bubbles that land on the ground

(image) Running to the bubbles


Such a beautiful smile

Our Visit To World of Coke


Over the weekend we took Jayla to the World of Coke for the first time... Although she wasn't able to test all the different types of sodas she did enjoy herself... The movie that they show in the beginning she liked, but she hated the fact that it was so loud and dark and she was crowded around a bunch of people... She did good for her first time though and I like the fact that we were able to adventure somewhere as a family...

(image) Jayla and her daddy

(image) A family pic


Jayla stuffing her face during the testing of cokes

Its been awhile....


So i know that i have completely neglected this blog, but i promise that i will try to update it today when i get home from school or tonight... i've been pretty busy trying to get jayla's first birthday in order that i don't really have the time to just sit down and type updates, but i promise that new updates are on the way!!!!

Jayla is official walking!!!


So its been official for about two weeks... There is no way to bring back my little baby girl that use to love being held by her mommy... She has been replaced with a little girl who must explore every single thing in the room and then continue her way down the hallway to explore everything else....

I thought that our house was fairly well baby-proof, but boy was I so wrong because the things that a 28 inch baby can reach when standing up on their tippy toes is far more than I ever thought was possible... She does enjoy pulling things down on the floor for no reason and then see if you notice that it is in her hands... That is her new game of the week...

This is a video of her walking down the hallway of our apartment... We've cleared things out, but yet she always finds something new to get into.... I still must take my little one's 9 month pics but I have yet to do it... So busy doing everything else....

allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

This is a picture of Jayla and her twin... She is such a Daddy's Girl!!!!


So we're walking now????


Late last night Jayla decided that she would make her first steps to the tv stand from Daddy's shoulders (he was laying down on the floor) without holding on to a thing... She almost lost her balance but quickly caught herself... Since then she has still been walking holding on to things but this lets me know that she is starting to get the courage to start out on the adventure of her moving into a different catagory.... And that is she is becoming a big girl and there is no way for me to slow her down... Brett and I thinks she will be walking by the time that she is 10 months because she turns 9 months this Friday....

Cranky Girl....


I believe the title says it all.... I have gone from having a baby that takes 2-3 naps a day taking a total of 1 nap... She fusses until she is too tired to stay up and then makes some noise with her mouth while I am holding her and falls asleep.... I think she considers the 3 hour sleep that she takes in the morning after waking up at 6am as a well rested nap of the day... I consider it as she woke up to spend some time with her daddy and then we go back to sleep... Today she woke up at 10:40am instead of 11:30 and now finally at 3:00pm is settling down for a nap... She has been whining at me for the last hour and I have new found respect for those who chose the crying it out method but I can't make myself do that one bit.. I haven't done it in the 8 months that she has been alive and I won't do it now... So I picked her up and rocked her and then she would fight to get out of my arms to go play on the floor... Gotta love her for her new found independance...

She cuddles under me at night when she goes to sleep and when she is so tired that I have to shush her to sleep and she finds me wherever I am at in the house... My little fussy crank pot.... Gotta love her though....



So I've been thinking to myself that this blog hasn't been updated in awhile due to the fact that I have had a sick family on my hands. Last Sunday I was feeling sick but just thought I was coming down with my 15th cold of the season like always. Then Monday Jayla broke out in hives and it was the first time that I literally felt bad that I couldnt do more for her than offer some nasty dye-free benadryl that tasted like bubble gum medicine.. She hated it of course and fought me all the way and I know she hates bubble gum flavored anything since she refuses to drink the pedialyte that is flavored this way... Her hives finally went away on Wednesday where I encountered a new problem... Brett was sicker than I was and was walking around hacking up cold... Thursday morning Jayla and I awaken to him laying on the floor saying that he felt like he was gonna pass out... Took his temp and he had a 101.5 degree temperature so I took care of both of my babies..... I have been exhausted....
(image) (image) (image)

Jayla has grown so much in 8 short months.... She's a crawler and she's a talker and she is definitely a gemini.... She has two sides... One minute she is so goofy and wants you to tickle her and throw her in the air and the next minute she is seriously focused on everything and doesn't want to be bothered... She is friendly to almost every person she meets and is always smiling.... Jayla's favorite word is mama.... She says it when I walk out of the room and when she sees me on the computer.... Brett says that she is just like me... She is definitely a talker and wants to do it all the time like me... She is an indepent person and is definitely into music... She's been holding her own bottle for almost 3 months...


This blog turned into a week's worth of writing... lol

8 Months Old


On Monday Jayla turned 8 months... Did she care about this time in her life??? Not really... She had a new toy and ended up getting some late christmas gifts but nothing phased her because she really just wanted to eat everything that mommy and daddy ate all day... Cant complain though, but i wish that she was the cute small little baby that i had that would sit still whenever i brought the camera out, but now she's a crawler and rather focus on other things... Gladly though she did sit still today in order for me to get some cute pics and i was grateful, but later i had to fight to get her to go to sleep!!!

I will post pictures later!!!!

Jay-Jay'a FIrst Snow


So it actually snowed in Atlanta and that is a first for us since it almost never snows here and they are talking about it snowing tomorrow.... but we actually took pictures of her and i must admit i dont look so hot holding her while she is trying to figure out what in the world is going on
So here are the pics:


Jayla looking at cars driving by in the snow.... Can you see the big snow flake?


Jayla and I watching the snow fall down

We had a fun time in the snow.... And if it snows again tomorrow we will take more pictures... Better ones at least since I have my hair done now... lol

baby bumps


So yesterday Jayla scared the crap out of me....

She has been crawling and pulling herself up on everything now and she has an obsession with the tv stand... The tv is pushed to the back of the tv stand so I'm not afraid of that falling on her but I am afraid of her pulling herself up on the tv stand and then falling. I however cant keep her away because she loves anything that is on the tv so yesterday she did what I had been hoping she never would... She slipped and fell face first into the tv stand and has a huge welt on her head... How do you put ice on a baby's boo boo to make the swelling go down??? Well..... you don't... She wouldnt stay still in order to even work that out... Of course she didnt climb on her walking toy that time, but you never know with this kid of mines

My 1st blog!!!


Ok so this is officially my first blog on this site.... I am use this as an outlet to discuss my life as a mommy... I am a first time mother of an almost 8 month old daughter... I havent had the easiest life with her being here and it takes a lot to adjust to.. I have to get use to the fact that there arent enough hours in the day to please everyone at everytime... I use to be the girly girl that gets up everyday and do their hair and pick out outfits and I realize now that I dont own that time anymore...

There are many days when I stay in my pjs or dont do my hair, but that time and energy goes to my daughter... I am a stay at home mom right now and I go to school part-time... I struggle with trying to make a relationship work and trying to keep up with a child who is constantly on the move... I just want a place to describe how things are going in my life and to document the times (good or bad) and hopefully it can help others out!