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Where in the world has the time gone?!


I randomly have thoughts of this blog, maybe once a year. Honestly I wish I was better at keeping track of all the fun and crazy we have going on, but in reality, I'm not good at it. I don't think its possible to 'catch up' on the last few years, but I will say what we are up to at the moment... Boyscout- is still working as a Chiropractor! He enjoys helping others and seeing results with

Spring already?


As most of my posts begin...WHERE has the time gone?Its nearly April and I haven't blogged since before Christmas. :( Our holidays were delightful! We had a lot of fun with all of our family. January was a little blustery, but I can't complain since we have experienced MUCH harsher winters in the mid-west. Then February was much of the same, as well as March has been. So see, you haven't

Kids and Christmas


Boy howdy! Its been a LONG time since I posted. Yes, there have been ongoings here, just not enough time and energy to fill you all in...since September. Neglect. Yes, I'm aware.So, as I'm sure your aware, I failed on the aforementioned Christmas cards & the professional photo. BUT, we haven't been sitting on our cabooses either :) We painted our living room, rearranged the hearth area, Buzz's

Fall is fast approaching!


I'm happy to report that we are back in school and I am secretly LOVING IT!!! Maybe its not really a secret, except from my kids. They like to know that they are missed and that I did nothing fun without them :) Apparently I am to stay home, clean and cook, maybe grocery shop, but that is it. Nothing FUN without them :)Our summer was pretty darn fun. But my favorite season is upon us and I am SO

The countdown is on


We made it through summer school!!! We are SO glad to be done and have all our time to ourselves!!!Since last post, there hasn't been much lounging here. :( It seems that we have been on-the-go, especially on the weekends. In July, we have enjoyed the following:The 4th with Tracie & Jay's clan!Grandpa Read's birthdayMy sister came to visit and decided to stay!(as in she is moving here!)

Summer {2010


Its here already. Its not our typical summer as of late, but we are getting in the swing of things. Buzz & Peanut have summer school. Peanut has it Mon-Thur. She rides the bus, gets breakfast and lunch, and really enjoys herself :) Buzz on the other hand, has his 2.5 hour sessions on Tues & Thurs, and is about 50% enjoyment, 50% sheer terror. If he isn't laughing and having a good time, he is

Hot Bread


Mmmm. I love me some Banana bread.

While lurking, I found inspiration


{Today}Today I was complaining to Boyscout how tired I am of having to remind my kids to obey. I am tired of asking at least 4 times before anyone moves, reacts, or acknowledges that I have spoken. I am frustrated that I am constantly doing laundry today. I have straightened, tidied, fixed, and remade almost every surface today. Its still messy.So selfishly I decide to take a break {for only

Our Nut


Sunday morning we were having the primary president and one of her counselors over to talk about integrating Buzz into Primary.If you have ever been to our home, whether here or in Iowa, you know that Peanut has her way of monopolizing the conversation. any conversation. SO, we told her some adults were coming over to talk to US (Boyscout & myself) and that we would like her to play in her room.

April's 1/2 over???


I think time has hit warp 3. Scotty, slow us down! :)Time is FLYING here at our house. I can't believe we only have about 8 weeks of school left! I can't believe how nice our weather has been! Today its about 80. So nice to feel the sun!We really haven't been up to much lately, but I wanted to post so you know we are still kickin' it. The kids are growing like weeds, life is moving forward. We



There is nothing like a giveaway to get me back to posting...Go Here to enter to get a free photo shoot with Lee Ann! I am totally in need of this!

March ramblings


Wow! its March already! How did that happen?Yesterday was my brothers b-day! Happy Birthday Derek!Today, I heard from a friend I haven't talked to in months. So glad she is doing well :)We have lived here for 7 months now, finally starting to feel like we are in our groove. Its nice.I have been planning Relief Society meetings, and enjoying it.Boyscout has been working, seeing new patients and

I'm a winner!


I LOVE these cute valentines I won today!I'm not usually the luckiest, but am SO glad I entered!



This is a GREAT giveaway! If any of my out-of-town friends win, I would love to get to see you!Go HERE to enter!

Love at first sight!


There is another little man in my life! I don't know all that much about him, except that he is ADORABLE & today is his birthday! He has dark hair, and I am all but sure he has a great personality...I know his parents and they are great, so he will be wonderful!I already bought a plane ticket to go meet him. I fly out on Thursday! I get to stay for a whole week!Oh, He is 8 lbs. 8 oz. & 20 in.

Speaking of a New Year...


Aren't we all looking for ways to SAVE money? As a SAHM, there are limited things you can do to make money, and trying to save it, for me, well, lets say DIFFICULT.So I came across this website here. She makes it look SO easy. Not only to SAVE, but in some cases she MAKES money. All at the grocery store. A place I find myself at frequently.In fact, she is so savvy, she spent $3029 and saved $6539

New Year, New me?


So lately I have been thinking, maybe 'Adolescents' isn't quite the right name for us anymore? We are finally done with school, have a real job, live in a nice town, etc. Maybe we are grown up now? (not really, but we try to act that way!)So, in an effort to NOT go private, I need a catchy name. A clever name. Something spectacular! ok, just a cute one will do :)If i don't figure one out, I

Holiday recap}


We are back to the daily grind here, but first I should catch you up on our holiday happenings. They were...eventful I guess you could say.{23rd}Mom & Dad returned from their travels; I convinced them to stay by promising cinnamon rolls.{24th}Mom & Dad were REALLY wanting to go home to their own bed, so we all decided to pack up the gifts and take them to their house.We got settled; opened up our



I wasn't really interested in seeing this movie, but if you know Boyscout, then you know where we would be on opening night. I agreed, but said it would take a chick flick in return to make up for it ;)On the way there he informs me that its in 3-D. WHAT??? WHY?? Now, in my opinion, I really don't like 3-D. Its way over rated and kinda annoying. Not to mention you have to pay MORE for the ticket

December Ramblings


WOW. It can't be! I'm pretty sure December just started and here we are scrambling to get all the shopping done, goodies made, decorations in place, etc.I didn't do Christmas cards last year. And I vowed to do them this year. I know, you still haven't received yours yet. I am doing my best. But this year my best still isn't enough to get those cards out. I was thinking I would send a New Years

New Moon!!!


Tonight I got to see lots of old friends at the showing of New Moon! I really enjoyed seeing everyone AND the movie!I will try not to give it away, cause it doesn't officially come out till midnight, but it WAS REALLY good! New Moon isn't my most favorite book of the series, but this movie made me love it more!I am definitely team EDWARD, but I have to say this movie made my Jacob meter jump. In

4 days till New Moon!!!


So, here in our town New Moon is making its pre-screening appearance on Thursday!!! I am SO excited! I am nervous at the same time because of the disappointment I experienced with Twilight. But it can only get better, right?I watched Stephanie Meyer on Oprah the other day and enjoyed it. I was hoping that they would reveal if she is going to make that 5th book for the saga, but I don't think they

Fall happenings


Its amazing to me what a vacation can do. ~I am sick~I am tired~My house is a messThe list could go on. But let me recap how I got this way...Boyscout and I flew out to IA a couple weeks ago for his much anticipated graduation day! We had a blast seeing our friends and him becoming an official Dr. :) We then took a little vacation, just the 2 of us. We had a great time. Hopefully now we don't

Fall is here


It is defiantly Fall. Its cool, rainy, and time to make soup. Not a whole lot going on around here. Looking forward to a couple things...Boyscout's Graduation!VacationNew Moon Movie ( I get to see it early!)HalloweenThanksgivingChristmas (its been a while since we have spent holidays with our family:))Oh, and soup! I am in a soup mood in a really BIG way this week! I've got Chicken and dumplings,



So we finally got to go see WICKED!!! For me it was the 2nd time :) For Boyscout, mom and GG, it was the first.We enjoyed ourselves! I enjoyed going with them and being able to see their reactions and excitement at such an amazing show. We had tickets on the main floor and about 18 rows from the front. Right in the center. Sweeet!I wish that my sister could have been there. I would love to be