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Lina - Love Is The Greatest

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Whew! We're caught unaware as time runs so fast.Probably, everyone feels the heat and the beat of the holiday rush.Mature and adult alike may celebrate Christmas in the name of Christ.
I was once branded with my cousin as anti-social, naive and irrelevant and some family members bacause I don't see anything special in any occasion such as this.I consider everyday as equally important for everybody. Infact in the Bible there was no exact date when Christ was born. It remains a mystery until today.Why is it that the world is celebrating December 25 as Christmas or Christ and Mass.Certainly, we differ in perspectives.!! But for me the real essence of this event is his birth wherein the sins of mankind was totally forgiven and we are free from condemnation if we accept and receive Him as our personal and only Savior. God reighs in our hearts forever.

The Benefit of Giving


I remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that he said," It is more blessed to give than to receive"( Acts 20:35)
In our school where I am teaching needs a pretty good amount of money to have a better school improvement for our learners but the department can't afford to shoulder the expenses so teachers are oblige to contribute to realize some of the school's goals.
Many teachers murmured with another burden to carry for infact our salary is not enough to supply our daily needs.But it is blessed to give than to receive. The Lord Himself humbled and carried the sins of many because of His great love and mercy towards us. In like manner God wants us to follow His footsteps. The decision lies in our hands.



It's said that education starts at home.And probably the first lesson we had from our parents is about discipline. They taught us how to behave properly and to have a good manners. The result of this training taught us how to pray, respect adults, and maintain proper hygience.

A bright future awaits people who maintain discipline in their lives.And they can serve as role models for the younger generation.If we don't have enough of it yet in our lives, I think now is the right time to make adjustments as we enter a new millenium.

Heaven and Hell-The Real Difference


A man spoke with the Lord about heaven and hell.The Lord said to the man'"Come, I will show you hell."They entered a room where a group of people sat around a huge pot of stew.Everyone was famished, desperate and starving.Each held a spoon had a handle taht reached the pot, but each spoon had a handle so much longer than their own arm that it could not be used to get the stew in their own mouths. The suffering was terrible.
"Come, now I will show you heaven," the Lord said after a while.They entered another room, identical to the first- the pot of stew, the group of people, the same long-hnadled spoons. But there everyone was happy and well-nourished.
"I don't understand, said the man."Why are they happy here when they were miserable in the other oom and everything was the same?"
The LORD smiled. "Ah, it is simple," he said. "Here they have learned to feed each other."

Light the World with Hope


Someone said you can live for 30 days without food, eight days without water, and about eight mnutes without air, but never for a second without hope.

Hope is essential to life, to physical soundness and sanity, and to a balanced outlook in life.Apostle Paul called this the "blessed hope of the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ"(Titus 2:13) Christian hope looks to the future, centering its focus of expectancy on the appearance of the King of kings, and the Lord of lords, who will reorder society and creation, and usher eternal peace without pain as well as eternal life without death.

I watched and listened news with the "hello Garci and Abalos corruption.Million of pesos is lost, and the search for peace in Mindanao as rare as chicken teeth.The litany of bad news seemed endless, and I am tired with my grade one pupils' behavior. But I need not to fear for God is always there to rescue me everytime I'm down and drown with pain.I hope you value this and start to share the gospel to others.

An Unforgettable Vacation


I spent lot of vacations but this one is very unforgettable to me. For more than ten years

my cousin and I haven't seen each other for she's working abroad and raised her family in Florida.

Just last summer,May 2007 her family decided to have a vacation here in the Philippines and took the oppurtunity to have a big reunion with the clan.

My cousin's family spent a pretty big amount for this occasion.A tour in Chocolate Hills,Sagbayan Peaks and going to nice beaches. My 3 kids, my husband and I really enjoyed their stay.What a great reunion and fun vacation!!! Hope to see you next summer.

A Love That Won't Let Go


As a Christian I loved to read religious books. Allow me to share to a humorous story with a good lessons I get.An elderly man lay in a hospital,with his wife of 55 years sitting at his bedside."Is that you,Ethel, at my side again? he whispered"Yes dear" she answered.You were with me when we lost everything in fire,you stuck with me when we were poor.Then he sighed and said," I tell, you are my bad luck!"
It is only a humorous story, but it reminds us how we can twist the facts and fail to recognize the love and loyalty of someone who cares about us.
We can read in Hosea 11 that God's people had spurned the love that gave them birth as a nation and cared for them through many crises.Instead of loving Him in return ,they burned insense to carved images,refused to repent and were bent on backsliding.But even in his anger, when discipline became necessary, God did not stop loving them. He said" My heart churns within Me;My sympathy is stirred"
If you have strayed far from God, ypu may wonder how He can keep loving you.Admit your waywardness and remember that God's love will not let go. A child of God is always welcomed home.

Stay In The Sunshine!


This is my first time that I write a blog. Many things crop up in my mind but God guide me to write this one.Today I do me meditation and read John 15:10"If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love."This passage reminded me of Durrbanville's story of the life of a little girl who won at a flower show. Her entry was grown in an old cracked teapot and had been placed in the rear attic window of a rundown tenement house.She was asked how he managed to raise a lovely flower in such an unlikely environment, she said she moved it around so it would always be in the sunlight.
I believed that God's words are true and keep me countinually in the warmth of Christ's love. He has paid our sins in full at calvary.We abide in Christ's love if we show our love to others for our love of God is seen in our love for others.We must spread the Gospel and people will be saved. I love in the Lord.