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today's shopping trip $10.49


(image) 12 boxes hamburger helper, 10 cookies, 3 grands bis, 2 chex mix, 2 toaster strudels, 3 frozen spinich

Today I bought all of these items....30 in all for $10.49,, could have been $96.00 before coupons. Plus I received $10.00 in catalinas which is just like $10.00 cash!!!! WOW!! And I got 150 box tops!!!!!! Just like $15.00 for Kinsie's school!!



Second attempt:

Total before coupons :......$190.46

Total Paid............................$42.50

Total Saved.........................$147.96




My Frist time Couponing at Albertsons!!!

Total before coupons.. $161.90
Total After Coupons... $35.33

Total Savings ..... $126.57



New pictures



A Christmas Miracle






For those of you who didn't hear we had our little baby girl early, only being 35 weeks along Hallee Elizabeth Jensen was born Dec. 8, 2009 at 11:25 am in Boise, ID. Even with being early, and my doctor telling us she would be in the NICU,she is healthy and doing very well. She was able to keep her own body temp, eat well and breath without oxygen. Jessica is doing well and still recovering. Hallee weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and was 18.5" long. When we were about to return home Hallee had lost almost 10% of her body weight and they told us she might not come home with us. But she was able to sustain body weight and come home with mommy. Since then she has dropped down to 5 lbs 10 oz, but now being two weeks old is now 6 lbs 7oz. Thank goodness for mommy's milk! After being home for just a couple of days Jessica developed Masstitiss (sp) again....she gets this with every birth. She is still recovering.
Thank you for all of the phone calls, prayers and many other helpful services everyone has given. We are VERY blessed this year to have Hallee here and have her healthy! We know that Heavenly Father has been watching over us and protecting us through this pregnancy.


Fun at the pumpkin patch


This weekend grandma and grandpa took us to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins to carve....the girls had a great time although it really wore me out!




Here is Kinsie's first day of preschool....I love this time where she is learning so much! Since we've found out that the house is ours we've been decorating and changing things like crazy! This was the wall before and then the red is turned out great!! we love it! This is one of the 6 "lovies" that my friend and I made for baby gifts, and one for Ella and the new baby..cute right?? I also made this apron for my sister Shandi...which I made one for all of my sisters and sisters in law but didn't post the picts yet...if you'd like to see them just ask. I made the girls matching pj bottoms representing boise state of course!!! I only have Ella's on picture though.Then I made this dress for Kinsie for summer...way cute and easy..I also made the bow in her hair.This picture is just because she's do darn cute!! She'll find CLEAN ear swabs and put them in her mouth and then go about her buisness...what a funny girl. :)[...]

Thank you Make it and Love it!!



Here are two things that I've done today so far...Credit goes to make it and love it...crafted by me! Arent' they cute!!!!

A fun questionaire for Kinsie


I asked Kinsie these questions...remember she's 4!

1. What is something mom always says to you?
k- You love me
2. What makes mom happy?
k-Going poo poo in the potty
3. What makes mom sad?
k-when I don't go poo poo in the potty
4. How does your mom make you laugh?
5. What was your mom like as a child?
6. How old is your mom?
7. How tall is your mom?
k-5 inches tall
8. What is her favorite thing to do?
9. What does your mom do when your not around?
10. If your mom becomes famous what will it be for?
k-Having a boy
11. What is your mom really good at?
k-soccer and volleyball
12. What is mommy not very good at?
k-sports. (because you have a baby in your tummy)
13. What does your mom do for her job?
k-Cleaning all day long
14. What is your moms favorite food?
k- mac and cheese
15. What makes your proud of your mom?
k- changing diapers
16. If your mom were a cartoon charater who would she be?
17.What do you and mom do together?
18. How are you and mommy the same?
k- Same eyes, we're both tan
19. How are you and mommy different?
k-Your big and I'm little
20. How do you know your mommy loves you?
k- she kisses me all the time
21. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?

At Home Preschool Anyone??


I wanted to share a few websites that are great for begining preschoolers...or if you just need some ideas to keep your children busy! :)

Everything is free...there's tons of printables...chore lists bingo cards memory games, activity calendars and more....check them out!

It's finally ours!!!


Well for those of you who have needed an update on our house it is.
We Finally signed on our house this last friday!! Whooooo...After 7 months of waiting it's finally ours!!! We've been painting and going crazy trying to finally figure out what we want to do to it's so exciting!!!

What are we having??


So we went in today to find out what we're having...Kinsie from the very begining has said that it was her brother "Charlie" and ever since I have felt like it was a boy. They say that if your first two are of the same sex, then you have a 75% chance that your third will be the same.....


Its a good thing that we make beautiful girls because we'll be blessed with one more!!!

I have to say that Josh is feeling a little left out :)

So any suggestions on names??

6 years and counting


6 years ago Josh and I were married the the Logan Utah Temple. Who knew that in those 6 short years we'd have two beautiful girls and a baby on the way. WOW 6 years and three kids!!! Well for our anniversary we were able to spend 2 nights and 3 days camping up at Red Fish Lake. We took the kiddos and we had such a great time! Heavenly Father has sure blessed our family in so many ways. Even allowing me to feel good enough to go with Josh and the kids! Our family loves camping and I think that we'll make it an annual trip to go camping...maybe trying some place new every year.The pictures are mixed sorry for the confusion.One is of Kinsie trying out our new solar shower...good fun! Another we took a paddle boat and paddled around the lake for an hour...trying to catch little fish with Kinsie's net. The one of Josh and I kissing is at the exact time 6 years ago when we were married!!!!Then there's the AWESOME fire that I built BY MYSELF>>> way to go girls camp! And then a friendly chipmunk eating a nut out of Kinsie's handEnjoy![...]

Pregnancy update


I first have to admit that I HATE being pregnant...I love it when I can feel the baby move, that is such an experience that you just can't describe. BUT For me I get so sick that it's just 9 months of torture! :) When I was pregnant with Kinsie I was pretty sick, needing to go to the hospital to have iv's to stay Hydrated...then with Ella it was more a breeze than anything. This time around
I have pretty much been bed bound for the last 4 weeks. The last week 1/2 I've been at home hooked up to a constant IV to keep my hydrated and to give me meds through...I finally got the iv taken out last night and I'm so happy to not have it in me!!! Josh and I have pretty much decided that this will be our last baby, unless otherwise instructed by Heavenly Father. Thank goodness for my wonderful mother and mother in law who have been staying at our house to take care of the children. I don't know what we would do without them! Hopefully the weeks to come will be great and I can feel like a real person again! Wish us luck!

What can you see??


Can anyone find anything special???

Ramblings from Kinsie


Here are a few of our conversations from today...
Kinsie: Mommy, can we buy an arrow??
Mommy: What for Kinsie
Kinsie: So I can Shoot a bear!!!
Mom I don't like this know why??
Because it doesn't have stairs.
Here is Kinsie's version of The LADY BUG song....
Lazy butt lazy butt fly away home, your house is on fire and your childrens will be burned.
hahah pretty cute huh??

What our adorable girls are up to today!


I'm going to start writing down funny things that I want to remember that happen during my crazy day with the girls. I'll be posting them hopefully as often as I can so you can enjoy the funny stories as well. Here's what happened today:

Kinsie was sorting the laundry all by herself.....(She's doing chores around the house to help earn money to fix my dad's explore....Look at the previous post to find out what happened.)

Mommy: You're doing a great job Kinsie!

Kinsie: This is a smelly Job!

Then we were doing dishes...We loaded the dishwasher but had a bunch of dishes to wash by hand...I washed and Kinsie dried...

Kinsie: You're the best mom ever!!

humm...just for letting her do the dishes??? score for me!!

Kinsie swallowed a plastic pearl bead.....she comes out and said...guess what mom!!!! I swallowed a whole bead!! Isn't that great??

Then..she just got her hair cut..but apparently it wasn't the way she wanted...she decided to fix it herself...

yeah she cut her own hair...first time for that and hopefully the last!

She did come up with a good joke today

"Why did the tomato cross the busy road with all the cars??

"He wanted to be tomato sauce!!"

Then lastly..Josh has a bottle of AquaDesio (sp) my FAVORITE colongue(sp)...lets just say it's all gone now :( But Kinsie smells great!

Is it time for an update???

2009-03-26T21:58:19.266-07:00 do I have a reason for not posting in two months??? well no not really, but things have been mad crazy around here in that time. First of all we moved into a rental house only a couple of blocks away from the last....a three bed two bath, HUGE Kitchen dinning room, family room with fireplace..oh and did I mention a HUGE fensed backyard??? Oh yeah and theres a playhouse for the kiddos!! YEAH score!! And only 25$ more a month then the last Yippee!! So with josh working full time and going to school, me with young womens to plan...activities ect...two small kiddos and bizzars, I managed to pack the house by myself...and cleaned it with my awesome young women...and settled right in even hanging up pictures the next day! We absolutly LOVE this house... We signed a year lease and thought everthing was working out perfectly..... Well Four days after the move in we recieve a letter on our front door stating that the house is in foreclouser and will be auctioned off on June 1st....ummmm did I miss something???I thought we were safe for a year....Well guess not!! So we talked with the management company and the owener gave us all of our money back and told us for the inconvienence that we could be rent free until may 31st...OK that works...:) So since it's in forclosure....we're doing a short sale and we've put an offer on the house...Now we're just waiting to see what the bank thinks of our low offer and hopefully we'll know by the time we're supposed to be outta here!!!! Right now is the best time to buy with the 8 thousand Obama passed for first time home buyers...Next...Our new ward we love....there's a funny story to go with it. On our Seconed Sunday in the ward...we were giving callings....Did I mention I was 1st counselor in the the Young Womens in our last ward?? And that Josh taught the Valient 9 in Primary....Yeah Well I thought that I would have a good break from Young Womens....Not that I didn't love it...but I was super busy all the time....but NOPE!!! I guess Heavenly Father had other plans for me as now I'm the Secretary in the Young Womens..and Josh...he's teaching the same class....:) Oh and they also called me to be the camp director.. Are you kidding me??? How am I going to be able to do all of this?? WEll I guess I'll be able to or else I wouldn't have been given the callings...Wish me luck?? I know I'll need it!!Ella is now 11 months....holy cow it's gone by super fast this time...she's not crawling yet which I'm more than happy about since Kinsie was walking by this time...She's still the best baby, I don't know how we were so lucky to have her in our lives,,but lets pray that the next ones will be this good! Still no teeth which isn't a surprise as Kinsie didn't get her first til after she was a year old. I love making bows to put in her hair....piggies or the sumo-tail...I just can't believe that she's almost a year old...and wow now I have to plan a birthday party.... :)Kinsie is getting smarter by the day. This little girl keeps us on our toes! She wants to go to school so bad but won;t be able to until she's almost 6...what am I to do?? Good thing there are tons of free pre k activities and lessons on the internet or I'd be lost. She loves having a backyard to play in..if I can't find her in the house it's because she's in the backyard digging in the dirt..Man I don't know why we didn't have one of these before!! :) It really has been a sanity saver for Josh and I. Lastest things that Kinsie has done or said : Kinsie looking at a lady in a store.. "Why do you have a beard???""Nev[...]

Kinsie's Four!!!!!


Kinsie turned four on October 29th!!! She was able to have a birthday with three friends...which was a lot easier then the last year when she had 13!!! Josh and I wanted to make things a little easier for us so we told her she could invite three of her closest friends....Addi Powell, Raelyn Cummings and then man she's going to marry....which she tells me almost everyday...Jack Cutler. They all had a good time playing games and eating spider cupcakes which Kinsie helped me make... Then on her actual birthday we invited our family over to come celebrate with us. It was a princess birthday and mostly everyone dressed up...Including my parents who came with sashes and all saying prince Grandpa and Princess Grandma...and Grandma Dorothy who came in all her best was a lot of fun!! And check out the cake!!! Decorated my the one and only...ME!!! That's right I did it on my own,...there were some minor adjustments throughout the process but it turned out pretty cool. I decorated it during Kinsies nap..when she came out the cutest expression filled her face as she said...."It's just what I wanted mommy!!!1" A pretty good feeling after cursing the cake for a couple of was all worth it!!![...]

The Latest On Ella


Ella has been such a blessing for us to have in our family...she's the best baby~ Always happy never complaining, will eat whenever I can feed her, loves toys and her big sister. We love having her here and don't remember the times when she wasn't! She is almost 9 months old!! I don't know where the time went and I'm starting to tell Josh that I need another one....but we'll wait I guess :) She is such a joy to have and we love every minuet we get to spend with her!


Can you find Ella??? She's Hiding!!

(image) Ella in a New Bow I've made just for this outfit!! :) Isn't it fun having a girl!!!!
(image) Another Bow for the pretty baby girl

(image) Ella in Her cousin Conners new toy....she loved it!


Gotta Love those Toes!!! One of her favorite toys!!!

Sportting the new she needs a hair cut!!

Where's Ella and Ella's hats


The Jensen's



Get your own Family Sticker Maker & MySpace Layouts.



what we've been up to!


Well I guess I haven't posted in a while...all of my nice friends are telling me that I have needed to post for some time now...we here's what we've been up to. Kinsie has been going to playschool..which is put on by nampa high where she attends every "b" day for all of October..she just LOVES it! She can't wait to go and I don't know what I'm going to do when it ends!!! She will be turning 4 on the 29th I can't belive she's been a part of our lives for four years! Ella Is 6 Months old time flys! I think that I am in denial..I just want her to stay little!! But since my last post of her rolling over....yeah she hasn't done it since! :) She isn't sitting up or even eating rice cereal..I gguess she'll stay little for awhile longer! :) Josh has been accepted to George Fox University here in Meridian, so I guess we'll be sticking around for a bit longer..I love it here though! He will start in Jan to get his masters in secondary education YEAH!! he's finally decided what he wants to do! I have to tell you that it has been super stressful the last two years while we've been waiting for an answer to our prayers...and we think we've got it! As for me I have been a little busy! I started selling AT Home America home decor you can visit to view...I've lost all of my pregnancy weight!! Plus Three extra pounds!! YEAH!!!! And I have to say that I've probalby only worked out about 7 times YES! I'm still the 1st counselor in the young womens here and that keeps me on my I've been making jewlery and hair bows up the wazoo for a bizzar I'm doing on November 8th in Ontario~. Also I've decided to make my own bread instead of buying every week in a half I bake 5-8 loaves depending on which recipe I is super busy for us right now but we're loving every min! Thanks for all of the comments we love them! Kinsie's going to a princess birthday party!The HUGE cinnamon rolls that I madeElla in her new toy at almost 6 months!Kinsie on her first day of play school[...]