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a computer system or an application program

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Google Sharing Proxy [Firefox]


Google has the means to track users even if they are not logged into one of the many services provided by the company. Several options are available to create user profiles based on the searches conducted. This includes tracking IP addresses, analyzing Google Analytics data and cookies to track a user’s searches and activities over a period of time.

Google Sharing has been designed to protect users so that Google is not able to track their activities on the Internet. The concept is simple. Google Sharing uses a series of proxy servers that have been specifically designed to work with Google services that do not require a login. Every access to such a Google service, like Google search for instance, will be routed automatically through a Google Sharing proxy server that will replace the identifying data of the user with its own.

This means that Google will not be able to identify the user based on cookies or the IP address as those are substituted by the proxy server.

The GoogleSharing system consists of a custom proxy and a Firefox Addon. The proxy works by generating a pool of GoogleSharing “identities,” each of which contains a cookie issued by Google and an arbitrary User-Agent for one of several popular browsers. The Firefox Addon watches for requests to Google services from your browser, and when enabled will transparently redirect all of them (except for things like Gmail) to a GoogleSharing proxy. There your request is stripped of all identifying information and replaced with the information from a GoogleSharing identity.

This “GoogleShared” request is then forwarded on to Google, and the response is proxied back to you. Your next request will get a different identity, and the one you were using before will be assigned to someone else. By “sharing” these identities, all of our traffic gets mixed together and is very difficult to analyze.

The proxy code has been made available by the developer’s so that it can be analyzed by security experts and installed by webmasters who want to run the proxy on their own web server.

The Firefox add-on provides access to a button to quickly disable and enable the Google proxy server. The options also provide the means to change the proxy server used (e.g. switch to a custom one installed on a web server), exclude Google services from being routed through the proxy and to exclude languages from appearing in the search results.

It’s Friday


I love Friday this is the day that always makes me so happy, usually I spent my time playing a game with different title and do you believe that I can spent almost whole day playing all my favorite game. Sometime because of so many features that need to understand the behaviors, did you realize that when we play it there is an important file called File Extension META

I am not a programmer or people with a good knowledge about this File Extension META but this file is usually paired with a SAV file and Its contains a lot of the data that tells a creature in the game how to behave and interact with its surroundings.

Anyway what I am understand about this File is not important just do what you want to do and enjoy your game and do not forget you can not play your favorite game all day long, since we have thing to do next day, well enjoy your week end.

Multimedia in my mobile phone


It’s been two year since I buy my mobile phone with top branded with all the features, but some problem occurred when I try to capture my special occasion using my mobile phone video, because I always having problem when I try to synchronized it with my desktop, File Extension 3gp doesn’t work.

What I understand File Extension 3gp also compatible with my desktop, make me so confused and frustrated as far as I concerned these files are multimedia files used in the creation and distribution of multimedia on mobile devices across 3G networks.

Well rather then confusing with my mobile phone I bring my mobile phone to the cellular provider and connected it to my desktop to synchronize it Understand that this file has structure's container system that will reduces bandwidth and storage usage, which is can making them perfect for use in mobile communications applications.

Third Proxy Adviser Backs Co


Federal Signal Corp. (FSS) shares rebounded Tuesday as an independent proxy advising firm became the third in two days to give the company's management a vote of confidence in its battle with an activist investor.

Federal Signal, which makes a variety of products ranging from fire trucks to sewer cleaning systems to precision tools, said that Proxy Governance Inc. recommended Federal Signal shareholders vote for the company's nominees at the annual meeting set for April 29.

The company is being challenged by one of its largest holders, Warren B. Kanders, who has nominated himself and two others for the board, urging "new blood" to turn around the company.

Proxy Governance is the third group this week to back Federal Signal, which analysts said appears to be giving investors renewed confidence in shares.

The shares were recently up 15% to $6.97 after earlier climbing as high as $7.08, a 17% gain. Tuesday's move all but erased a 17% fall Monday, when the industrial sector plummeted along with the general market.

"People are optimistic that maybe the Warren Kanders disruption for over the last couple of years is maybe going away," Next Generation Equity Research analyst Ned Borland said. "Maybe it gives people a little more faith in the management team."

The tussle between Kanders and Federal Signal has been long running. Kanders spent much of last summer trying to force his way into the chief executive position, pumping up his desire to make acquisitions and propel shareholder value. He also has claimed that the company has covered up alleged insider trading at the executive level.

Federal Signal denied all charges and in September named William Osborne as chief executive. Kanders subsequently nominated himself, Steven R. Gerbsman and Nicolas Sokolow for the board.

Kanders said in a statement Monday his group's interests are "aligned with shareholders," promising to work constructively with management and "provide them with the guidance and experience they lack."

Kanders wasn't immediately available for comment.

Federal Signal said in a Tuesday release that Proxy Governance, the independent firm, recommended the company's nominees because "the board has demonstrated appropriate oversight and a commitment to accountability to shareholders" and adding that Osborne, who is among the nominees, has the necessary experience.

Monday, RiskMetrics Group and Glass Lewis & Co., two other proxy advisers, sided with Federal Signal and said the board members have sufficient backgrounds.

Barrington Research analyst Walter Liptak said it appears "it's just too early for the shareholders to give up control."

Preparation for my presentation


Presentation is one of the key success for my works and it always connected to the File Extension PPS that it’s why I always maintained this File Extension PPS.
People trust to our product because of my presentation and the way I bring my presentation will reflecting my capability to process my product, now days so many tools that help me gaining my profit

The success of my presentation is depending on my overall presentation. And sometimes I lost some File Extension PPS, which is I don’t understand why it happen. Although I have back up file that support my presentation still need to be more careful on it

Last presentation that I present end up with success story, my customer very interest with my product and gaining more profit understand that, people will do business with people that they know, and from this experience I always planning and provide my presentation with maximal preparation.

Corrupted file on my PC


Not long ago I have problems accessing certain types of files in my PC, and finding my computer to be unstable and slower than it should be. The fragmentation and corruption of my computer’s Windows registry seems lie at the heart of a whole range of PC security. The stability and performance issues that I have unstable, seems the problem occurred from File Extension WPS.

I have a solution for this File Extension WPS problem, first I really confused With this File Extension WPS luckily my friend ever facing the same problem and he informed my to check it at a website that he recommended.

And I find out for certain exactly what is wrong with my system’s registry and know for sure whether I need to fix invalid file associations, corrupted software settings, and not only that the amazing is, it make my PC run smoothly.

The press: proxy for the public


It’s fitting that the latest effort to strengthen Missouri’s Sunshine Law hit the papers this week, just as our region’s editors and publishers began to gather for their annual convention.

The Northwest Missouri Press Association is meeting in St. Joseph, keeping intact a 119-year tradition. Programs at the Holiday Inn will focus on legislative issues of importance to the press and our region, and how community newspapers can stay afloat during a recession.

It’s notable that the largest crowd in years is expected — registrations were received from more than 80 newspaper owners, staff members, educators and friends of the press. It seems that a lot of people want to see local journalism survive this downturn.

That prospect is a lot more likely when the public understands why newspapers are important. They provide information, we all understand. But in many instances, public and private, they also stand as our indispensable proxy:

n We think of the many nights area editors and reporters have attended school board or council meetings, then waited outside during secret “executive sessions” hoping to corral someone who would answer their questions and provide credible information about what went on.

n We think of the occasions when an area reporter, at the end of an already long week, has traveled halfway across the state to cover a town’s sports team as it competed for state or regional honors.

n We think of the nights — too many of these — when these same reporters have been rousted out of bed to report on fires, traffic accidents and worse. Someone must tell these stories, and it falls to newspaper folks.

This newspaper, like others, has a vested interest in attracting and keeping readers and advertisers. Information is our lifeblood. But we also do what we do because we believe in it. That’s why, to a person, you will find newspaper people advocating for more openness in government.

This session, legislators will debate giving the public more notice when governmental bodies will be discussing tax increases, zoning changes and use of eminent domain powers. They will be asked to narrow the definition for when a public meeting can be closed to discuss potential litigation. They will be challenged to make the workings of the Missouri Ethics Commission more open.

Good Presentation


My works is always has a connection with people who want to buy my product and it’s sometime very demanding and in a last minute. I have an experience while I need to do a presentation to their group. The success of my presentation is depend to my overall presentation. And sometimes I lost some file extension PPS, which is I don’t understand why it happen.

Several days ago I try to download a free software that I need urgently, but in this process the software did not work properly, I am wondering what cause of this problem. Maybe what basically happens is that file extension TORRENT splits the file up among multiple nodes and the nodes then download the pieces from each other while it work maybe some missing file is occurs.

File extension DLL is also important file that need to run smoothly for web pages with DLL file extensions are typically hosted on Microsoft IIS Web servers; the DLL extension must be mapped to the correct scripting engine on the server in order for the page to be processed correctly.

Digital (SLR) photo


When we talked about digital camera, last thing that I remember is when I buy my new camera was really disappointed me, I never realize that knowing detail of the specification is one of the important thing to buy a digital camera.

For the second time I buy a new camera but this time I Follow my instinct and I asked a several question about Canon EOS 350D, Nikon D80 and Sony DSC-S730. I mention thre of different type of the digital camera because I know the information about it from here and I decide to buy one of my favorite Nikon D80 and it help me much for my works.

Well I did not made a wrong decision when I chose Nikon D80 all the specification is amazing, I can use long lenses to bring that distant person. The picture is seem really look closer and for the result I am really satisfied using this digital camera.

Midwestone to receive $35 million from bailout program


IOWA CITY — MidWestOne Financial Group Inc. has received preliminary approval from the U.S. Treasury Department to participate in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Capital Purchase Program, a voluntary program designed to increase the flow of credit to support the economy.

MidWestOne Financial is the parent company of MidWestOne Bank. MidWestOne Financial has been preliminarily approved to sell to the Treasury $34.925 million of senior preferred stock and warrants to acquire shares of its common stock.

The Capital Purchase Program, announced in October, is a voluntary program that encourages financial institutions to build capital to help increase the flow of financing to businesses and consumers in order to support the economy. Under the program, Treasury will purchase, on standardized terms, up to $250 billion of senior preferred stock and warrants in U.S. financial institutions.

“We are pleased that MidWestOne has been selected to participate in this voluntary program. In addition to our strong capital position, which is evidenced by the fact that our capital ratios currently exceed those required to be considered well-capitalized, this new equity investment will increase our capacity to lend and enhance our ability to support economic activity in the local communities we serve,” said Charlie Funk, President and CEO, in a written statement.

“We believe that participating in this program presents us with an attractive opportunity during this uncertain economic environment, as it will provide us with capital to be used in implementing our strategy of supporting growth in our communities through smart, responsible lending,” said Funk.

The company intends to hold a special meeting of shareholders in mid to late January, 2009, at which shareholders will vote on proposed amendments to the company’s articles of incorporation to authorize preferred stock that may be issued to Treasury pursuant to the Capital Purchase Program and to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock. The company has filed preliminary proxy materials with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding the special meeting of shareholders, and intends to file definitive proxy materials in the near future. Upon filing of definitive proxy materials, such materials will be mailed to the Company’s shareholders. The materials will contain specific information regarding the date, time and place of the special meeting and voting procedures.

Protect our belonging


GPS tracking if I heard that words I always remember about one of my favorite film, the title is “Enemy of the state” maybe you all already watch this movie and so many question will come up, we feel that the personal live will no longer belong to us, every single movement always still can be track.

Understand that GPS tracking will help us to track our belonging or to track our family, our pets or anything that we need to know. Now days this technology already used worldwide since it was found and really help for mankind. Although so many pro contra with this stuff, but still mostly said that this is a wonderful tools that can help the world with all their consequent

If we talk about GPS tracking 4 year ago it seems that this is the high end stuff and only limited off people that really need this, military the one that always using this stuff, they can put at car, airplane, etc. Also it can track people without realizing it, for me this kind of stuff we need it as long as we used it as in good purposed.

Web Hosting Service


Everyone knows the Internet. Adult, Elder, Kids, Teenage, and everyone using internet to find information and knowledge for daily purposes. Some might say that Internet has a great wisdom. But do you know about the process…? About the internet? Or even about web hosting service?

First of all, a website needs webhosting service to store files and programming language. So webhosting is a vital for a webmaster. A webhosting service provides a service that allows webmaster to store web pages. Many webhosting providers sell or giving a free service, they provide the technology and servers to view and store website on the internet. They store website (also called web pages) on a dedicated computer called a server. The server is a small part of a huge network of computers on the World Wide Web that allows internet users from around the world to access your site at anywhere and anytime. The internet is never sleep, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you’ve got the idea.

Most hosting companies require that you buy your own domain name before purchasing hosting service. But worry not because many webhosting providers also includes free domain on their packages. You can buy the domain name and hosting at the same time. Internet is easy, if you know how to use it. Host computers are configured so that when your URL or domain name is typed in, the address will use a pointer routine (look for the address from terminal to terminal) until it reaches the computer that hosts your web-site. Then, if all is okay, your web site should display itself on the users screen.

Next, let’s talk about the domain name. A domain is a unique name that identifies IP addresses on the World Internet. For example, the domain name represents about 15 IP address. If you are planning to use a web hosting provider service, you can always check on webmaster customer review to help you decide on which one you will use.
Happy playing Internet.

Confusing me, which one to buy


I’ve been walking under the street this afternoon, they called it kapas krampung street and try to find my shopping list for my new server project link which is already 2 hours I put in my pocket, and by chance my eyes is stand out to a small store that selling several type of digital camera, well actually my destination is not really want to buying a digital camera.

Follow my instinct I asked a several question about Canon EOS Rebel XSi, Nikon D40 and Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 well as a person that has a limited budget I try grab all the information in details. Although the answer was not really satisfied me still I try to asked the brochure and manufacturer description and I decide not to buy the camera right away.

Back to my house and comparing all the detail information that I got still not really understand and I am still not yet decide whether want to buy Canon which has a good image quality, or Nikon which is the seller said “natural color” or just to buy Sony which I had no information clearly about this. Well still confusing me …..or maybe you just need to browse here, so hopefully your decision will not wrong.

Five ways to lose a proxy fight


A proxy fight is akin to a political campaign and getting the message out and the votes in are tantamount to shoring up a win, says Stuart Morrow, senior partner at the law firm Davis LLP in Vancouver, who specializes in disputed shareholder meetings and proxy campaigns.

"Proxy contests are ultimately won and lost at the ballot box:Whoever has the most shareholder support gets the prize at the end of the day.

"It is very much an exercise in persuading shareholders that the dissidents have a more effective plan for maximizing shareholder value than do incumbent management."

Or visa-versa.

Mr. Morrow wrote a paper outlining the fine points of conduct and related case law surrounding proxy contests and shareholder meetings and offers up the following five, sure-fire ways that can see an otherwise worthy proxy challenge go off the rails:

1. Fail to sell your vision and message A message needs to be clear, forward-thinking in its outlook and disseminated to as many shareholders as possible.

2. Lack of financial resources The formalities associated with a proxy battle can be very expensive, Mr. Morrow said. Parties rarely want a protracted battle so most proxy campaigns are settled prior to the shareholders' meeting, when the parties either reach a compromise or a negotiated settlement.

3. Underes timate your opponent Never underestimate the dissidents and don't take major shareholder loyalty for granted. Your opponents may be more credible than you anticipate. Parties rarely want a protracted battle so most proxy campaigns are settled prior to the shareholders' meeting, when the parties either reach a compromise or a negotiated settlement.

4. Distress, distraction and disorganization A sudden challenge to the incumbent management and board can result in shock, panic and an inability to mount a rapid and credible counter-attack, contributing to a market perception of weakness, adding momentum to the dissidents' campaign.

5 . Ignore the technical details The devil is in the detail. Slip up and you can be on the wrong end of a proxy fight. Count on rigorous scrutiny of technical details related to your campaign and shareholders' meeting, including the overlay of applicable corporate and securities laws, stock exchange rules, company bylaws, articles. Overlook one little detail and you will create a compliance minefield for opposing counsel to exploit and undermine your campaign.

CSX Capitulates In TCI Proxy Fight


Ending a long-running and ugly battle, U.S. railroad CSX Corp. will seat two director nominees whose victory over management candidates it had disputed.

The move to add the second pair of nominees proffered by activist hedge funds The Children’s Investment Fund and 3G Capital Partners comes after a federal appeals court upheld a lower court decision allowing the two funds to vote their 6.4% stake in CSX. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals refused to overturn the June decision which found that late disclosures by the hedge funds did not cause the irreparable harm to CSX shareholders necessary to strip them of their rights.

CSX said TCI chief Christopher Hohn and London Underground managing director Timothy O’Toole will join the company’s 12-member board on Sept. 24. Two other hedge fund nominees, including 3G’s Alexandre Behring, were seated in July. The Jacksonville-based company refused to seat Hohn and O’Toole at the time because their margin of victory was small enough that a CSX court victory could have kept them off the board.

Miner Gets Proxy Nod in HF Battle


Proxy advisory firm PROXY Governance Inc. (PGI) is siding with the management of mining company Cleveland-Cliffs in its battle with hedge fund Harbinger Capital Partners.

Harbinger, which owns about 15.6 percent of Cleveland-Cliffs, has sought permission to increase its stake to more than 20 percent of the company. Even if the fund does get approval, it will still not be allowed to hold more than a third of the company.

Last month, however, Cleveland-Cliffs asked shareholders to reject the proposal. Management has clashed with Harbinger over the company's bid to acquire Alpha Natural Resources, a move Harbinger opposes. Instead, the fund has suggested Cleveland-Cliffs should consider putting itself up for sale.

On Friday, PGI backed management, issuing an 11-page report on the matter. The proxy advisor noted Harbinger has not proposed to pay any control premium as part of its acquisition of more shares, and yet the fund would effectively gain the ability to block the Alpha deal.

"Because the proposed control share acquisition could give Harbinger effective veto power over certain corporate strategies and strategic transactions, but offers shareholders neither a control premium not a discernable economic or strategic advantage they would not otherwise realize, we recommend shareholders reject the proposal," the PGI report concluded.

In its own letter to shareholders on Friday, Harbinger in essence agreed with the idea that its proposal is about the Alpha takeover. Harbinger called the deal with Alpha "too much, too fast." The issue will be resolved at the company's shareholders meeting on Oct. 3.

Legendary investor Philip Falcone founded Harbinger in 2001. The fund has more than $21 billion in assets under management. It has recently disclosed stakes in RTI International, AK Steel Holding Corp. and Media General Inc.

Internet as primary demands


Are we live on a small world? No we don’t, the earth is as big as we know it contains 5 continent and 7 seas. Is it hard to communicate over the seas? No, it is not, because of advance communication technology we have, communication between 2 person no matter how far they are, can be established as they are facing each other. Maybe most of you know this and maybe each of you have been surfing the Internet via mobile broadband, and maybe you have a cell phone on each of your pocket. For a personal need cell phone or communication gadget main function is to communication, but as businessman communication is a vital that can be denied at any cost.

When money is involved, a businessman will fulfill any requirements to enhance their performance and of course their credibility. Fast service, minimum claims and good marketing can be achieved through good communication. But today, a businessman doesn’t have to stay in the office to do their work. Just take the laptop, plug the mobile broadband, finding the hotspot that provides 3G signal and voila…they have the world in front of their vey eyes. Conduct a speed test to make sure your connection is stable and trustworthy.

Having a sophisticated gadgets make our lives easy. Download or stream a movie is just like playing from local computer. Broadband connection is providing us a high speed connection, that won’t make you wait any longer to open some web site. If you are dial-up users, migrating to broadband is recommended. Faster connection potential will stands out when:
  • Playing game Online
  • Upload or download a big file
  • Streaming a video online
  • Chatting and using a real time webcam
  • And still many more…

Broadband connection advantages


People are getting used with Internet today, as communication technology is advancing more beyond that our can imagine. High speed Internet is more common for every house. Internet Service Provider is growing rapidly, and we can choose the one that fit us well. When choosing broadband connection you should really consider about the reliability, connection speed and the pricing. You can do your broadband speed test to know how fast your connection now. Broadband is faster than dial up connection, making surfing become more comfortable, cutting the waiting time loading picture and webpage. Reduce the possibilities your download progress being cut off.

Peoples who work from home may only need some reliable internet access, if they just sending documents, graphics or letters for their clients. But for high density factory or companies, high speed internet is one of crucial aspect for transporting large amount data from affiliates, selling report or even having a teleconference between branch and main office. They will need bigger bandwidth to upload and download purpose, and broadband speed is perfect for fulfilling this condition.

Personally I too have been using broadband connection for 2 years. Because I need high speed and constant connection to make me business to roll. About the pricing, I think even broadband is more expensive than dial up, but the advantages is unquestionable. This is the benefits of using a broadband:
  • Fast download
  • 4.5 to 140 times faster than dial up connection
  • Always on connection
  • Telephone and Internet access can be used together.
  • No telephone charges

What kind of PC do I need to run broadband?
  • The following minimum is, however, recommended:
  • Processor 200 MHz (or better)
  • Operating System Windows 98SE (or higher)
  • RAM (memory) 32 MB RAM
  • Free Disk Space 125MB
  • SVGA monitor
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket

Tips for starting you home page


Home page is very common in these days. Lot of people stared to think to create their own website. I want to write about how to start a homepage from the very beginning.

How do you choose a hosting provider when there are thousands of hosting companies available online? There are lots of them. You must consider few things to choose. The higher the downtime of a server, the lower the potential for traffic at your web site. You can find any article that cover about web hosting on the net. Another consideration is how much space is provided for the files that will make up your web site. How much bandwidth is in your package? Monthly bandwidth is the amount of data transfer allowed for visitors to view and use your web site. More bandwidth equal more visitor, that sure a good news. But please remember if many programs such as proxy server is making your bandwidth exhausted but you only have few unique visitor. Proxy is a service to cache some ip addresses to display on another ip that request the same page. This is making your unique visitor counted as 1 even you have dozens reader. Proxy is like a coin, having 2 sides. On one side it may proven useful, but on the other side it cause bad result, unavoidable.

It is important to get as much server space and bandwidth as you can. This will allow for necessary updates and increased traffic to your site as it becomes more popular. Because of this issue you have to find a perfect web hosting that meet your criteria, and of course suit you perfectly. Refer to this page to find your upcoming web hosting. You can have your question answered there.

Obtain a domain name that will help you in your marketing niche and strategy. If your business name is already taken by someone else then get a URL name close to what you are doing. Purchasing a business name domain name isn’t the only way to go, and when a keyword domain name could do just fine. If you experiencing trouble for finding one you can always refer the Internet for additional information about domain names. Keep it Short & Memorable – Don’t get a URL that uses all 26 letters of the alphabet. Remember, your domain name is an extension of your business and your brand of product or service.

Proxy firms disjointed in support of Yahoo's board


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Investor advisory firms are split on whether to partially furtherance the re-choice of Yahoo Inc's (YHOO.O: Quote, Profile, Research) refreshment of employers ahead of its every twelve months encounter, but their reviews have less authority since Yahoo struck a deal to avert a proxy battle.

Proxy adviser Glass Lewis & Co has recommended that Yahoo shareholders vote against Chairman Roy Bostock and two extra directors in rally over the company's road record on policymaking pay, and the firm expressed fretfulness over a deal to site militant investor Carl Icahn on its panel.

Glass Lewis noted that Bostock, Ron Burkle and Arthur Kern were on Yahoo's compensation committee in 2007, when the company increased pay for executives even as it performed poorer than rivals, according to a July 23 report obtained by Reuters on Thursday.

Separately, ISS Governance Services, a unit of RiskMetrics (RMG.N: Quote, Profile, Research), recommended in its own report this week that investors vote to re-designate all remaining Yahoo timber associates, including one, Robert Kotick, who asked to step down on Sunday from the boarding.

ISS differed with Yahoo management on a non-binding proposal to be put reticent at the August 1 twelve-monthly consultation, recommending its base of institutional investors vote in favor of a "pay for recital" proposal that Yahoo management has opposed.

"We suppose that Yahoo's compensation practices, in unique the freshly-adopted severance pay plans, as well as the way the sustenance handled negotiations with Microsoft at the first rostrum, are concerning," the ISS report concludes.

Yahoo reached a deal with Icahn earlier this week to make bigger its slat to 11 supporters, agreeing to let him and two of his nominees join to avert a proxy battle at the once yearly engagement. The pact takes drift after the business meeting.

ISS recommends that Yahoo investors desist from voting for Icahn's alternative slate of nominees, but struck a confident note about the force Icahn and his outside nominees can have on the plank in the wake of the proxy settlement with Yahoo.

"We have faith in the settlement appointing Mr. Icahn as a paltry owner representative as well as two of his selected nominees with pertinent industry experience have achieved what most shareholders known as for," ISS said.

But Glass Lewis said the fact that Icahn by this time serves on seven civic company boards was a cause for unease.

"We imagine shareholders would television Mr. Icahn's capacity to offer adequate time and attention to the company," the report advised Yahoo investors.

Icahn launched a proxy battle against Yahoo in May to take along it back to the negotiating slab with Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research).

At minimum one minor Yahoo stockholder, Legg Mason fund leader Bill Miller, declined to back Icahn.

While many Yahoo shareholders sought a deal, Microsoft has cast off interest in obtaining all of Yahoo since talks over a $47.5 billion bid collapsed in May.

"It (a merger deal) didn't work out," Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said at the company's annual meeting for Wall Street analysts on Thursday. "Fine, we're done. We can move on," he said. But he also said parley could restart later.

Pakistan's proxy war


For the country, and the Congress-led Regime especially, it was a Disgraceful Weekday: Its Governance in Jammu & Kashmir vanish; the Tract withdrew its connection; it mislaid a few legislators in Mysore to the BJP; and horror of horrors, Pakistan official its proxy war against India in Afghanistan through a slayer knock targeting the Indian Embassy in Kabul. The car bomb suicide flack, the deadliest in Kabul since 9/11, marks the closing of the decade-long India-Pakistan surreptitious tweezer war in Afghanistan. The Pakistan ISI-sponsored excise is the clearest sign that the handwear are off: Islamabad is reasserting the construct of strategic depth in Afghanistan and difficult trespasser Metropolis's incursion into its authorized domain of work.After the dismantlement of the Taliban programme in Kabul, Pakistan has constantly feared encirclement by Bharat especially after the Amerindic Air Cause's new air compound at Farkhor in Tadzhik and through its small force: Economic and benefactor aid which has prefab a scholarly incurvation on Afghans. If the theory of strategic action is a viable one, Bharat deserves ascribe for it conferred it does not mortal close borders with Afghanistan. India's strategic objectives in Afghanistan are superior met with a pro-India Regime in Kabul possession an eye on Pakistan and operation to resource-rich Work Asia.Islamabad's whimsey of strategic depth in Afghanistan is a keenly debated somebody in Pakistan. Few experts, including previous Blue Supervisor Gen Jehangir Karamat, say it is an superannuated thought, a relic of the Wintry War. Others, including the new Government, dissent. It has, thus, reinvented a author combative variant of countering India's development persuade in Afghanistan which it believes has been encouraged by the Karzai Government to wheel Pakistan.The Amerind presence in Afghanistan, through its old and new Consulates at Metropolis, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad and City, has stoked Pakistan's fears that India's R&AW had set up these outposts, especially the net two, bordering Pakistan for functioning backstair dealing against Islamabad. It has supposed that R&AW is assisting the Baluchistan Accomplishment Blue with accumulation and funds to stimulate the ongoing rebellion.The logic and theory of the India-Pakistan disagreement in Afghanistan is contained in a past document publicized by the US Displace for Strategic and Worldwide Studies, entitled Bharat and Pakistan in Afghanistan: Opposing Sports. Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan person never been worsened than now with Kabul accusing Islamabad of cross-border terrorism in the comparable music as Metropolis has been doing for decades. That makes both India and Afghanistan victims of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism.It is not retributive in Afghanistan where Pakistan is search strategic depth but also in Jammu & Cashmere, though the strategic think has shifted from easternmost to westernmost with nearly 100,000 troops deployed on the Pakistan-Afghan border. Bulk of these forces were affected low US persuasion after 9/11 and included key strategic force earmarked against Bharat. One of the reasons the Pakistan Grey is reluctant to fisticuffs the soul war in the westward is to acquire the effective equilibrise against Amerind forces in the eastbound.Other cerebrate is to see the warmth of the killer attacks off Pakistan and learning it to Afghanistan. That is the explanation of the peace deals with the old and new Taleban. That the initiate for the new proxy war between Bhara[...]

Microsoft Joins Icahn in Yahoo Proxy Battle


Icahn's proxy push to succeed Character's inhabit got a new perversion of clean this forenoon, as Microsoft declared that "after the shareowner election Microsoft would be fascinated in discussing with a new inhabit a leading transaction with Yahoo!, specified as either a dealings to get the "Hunt" role with colossal financial guarantees or, in the choice, purchase the unit affiliate."

Microsoft's abbreviated evidence, available via Character Economics news (yes, I apprise the witticism) follows a statement this forenoon from Icahn to Yahoo shareholders. In it, he writes that if his fight succeeds, "I strongly believe that in real low organization the new table would, matter to its property duties, be presenting to shareholders either a purchase engage for the entire circle or a real winning furnish to purchase "Hunt" with feature had visit conversations, several of which "tally lasted as monthlong as an distance."

Yahoo's greeting? "If Microsoft and Mr. Ballmer really poverty to acquire Character!, we again invite them to work a proposition instantly. And if Mr. Icahn has an very idea for Character! beyond hoping that Microsoft power actually masterly a transaction which they hump repeatedly walked away from, we would be rattling interested in hearing it.”

As Semiconductor Alley Insider notes, a renewed Microsoft message with a new Character committee would belike be for a white control inferior than the newfangled $33 per distribute. Microsoft isn't providing any specifics on what a muckle mightiness face suchlike, let solo a new live or CEO (which the Insider says would be a operative next propose.

As of 1:54pm oriental, Character shares are up 9.84 pct after this current brouhaha.

Three Dollar Tree proxy


A proposal for annual elections for directors at Dollar Tree Inc. Stores by the California Public Employees' Retirement System has been endorsed by three proxy advisers.

The proposal is on the proxy card for the discount chain's annual shareholders meeting June 19. Supporting the CalPERS decision are proxy advisers Egan-Jones Ratings Co., Glass Lewis & Co. and RiskMetrics Goup.

Dollar Tree (Nasdaq; DLTR), based in Chesapeake Va., has three classes of directors, with each class of director serving three-year terms. CalPERS' proposal seeks annual elections for all board members.

CalPERS owns 377,600 shares of Dollar Tree.

As of April 30, Dollar Tree's financial results have underperformed the Russell 3000 index by 47.4 percent and the Russell Peer Index by 13.9 percent over the past five years.

Over the years, CalPERS has been critical of public companies whose directors have long and staggered terms because it reduces accountability of directors to shareholders.

The pension fund last year put Dollar Tree on its "focus list" of underperfoming companies, primarily for its board structure. With its board structure, the company can entrench management and stymie takeover bids or proxy contests, RiskMetrics said in a prepared statement.

With more than $243 billion in assets, CalPERS is the nation's largest public pension fund.

Investment Group Vows Proxy Fight


Three investors has disclosed in a long storage with SEC that they play to step? phase a proxy struggles to get three Napster (CARD GAME) board seats. Trio enters in it Perry Rod, what elaborates himself as one self-supporting investors and president from Market Rap LLC, a bevy developing one investor public locations, like also leader The Paradise Project, “ an nonprofit religion organization;” Thomas Sailors, from investment company Cloverdale Investments, and a former managing director in Bank from American Securities; and Kavan Singh, who owns 10 Cold Stone Creamery franchises and other business interests.

Where's Carl Icahn when you requires him?

Trio makes points some interesting, what summarizes to the fact that Napster trades at one particular market cap from $707 million, or almost exactly number of from cashes above of balance. Equally, market ascribes duck's egg to business Napster. “We believe this discrepancy is a result of negative sentiment surrounding almost all music content businesses due to the unresolved effects of piracy, but also due to a lack of confidence in the way the company is governed,” they give voice by writing name of storage of their SEC. They refer that In May 2007, CBS pays $280 million for LastFM; investors quarrels Napster “ may hold considerably more value.”

The three men together hold 648,100 Napster shares, or about a 1.4% stake.

Napster today unchanged close at $148.

Proxy war in Red zone


ELPAHARI (WEST MIDNAPORE): Ripples of Nepal politics seem to have reached the shores of this “not-so-developed’ district of South Bengal. Even as the Indian Maoists have repudiated Prachanda’s tryst with multi-party democracy, persons having strong Maoist links are contesting the panchayat elections on various party tickets. And this, despite the Maoists’ vote boycott call like in the earlier elections.

Kajal Sardar is a case in point. Sardar’s name was on the West Bengal Police’s “list of most wanted” till a few days ago for her Maoist activities. The same is true for Kalachand Kisku, who served a seven-month jail term for his Maoist links. They are contesting the panchayat elections on Congress ticket. Kisku is fighting from the Bhulabheda gram panchayat.

Instances are galore. Ananda Mura of Banspahari was put behind the bars for nine months for his involvement in violence triggered by the Maoists. Dipak Sardar — another known Maoist activist now out on bail — is the Congress candidate from Banspahari.

There are at least three suspected Maoists on the Jharkhand Party (Naren)’s list of candidates. Even CPM, the worst victim of Maoist actions in the district, has fielded a woman from a family with Maoist links from the the Velaidiha panchayat samiti seat.
According to intelligence sources, the sudden surge in the number of Independent candidates also explains the phenomenon. In Bhulabheda block alone, there are 48 candidates contesting for 10 seats — nine from CPM, 10 from Jharkhand Party, nine from Congress, one from Socialist Party and 19 Independents. PCC member and Belpahari block Congress president Subrata Bhattacharya said, “This is the first election where several victims of state terrorism are contesting. We are giving them full support. They should protest and tell the world how they are living. We are trying to keep them in the mainstream.’

Amiya Sengupta, CPM’s Binpur zonal committee member, said, “We have checked the profiles our candidates. If some family is recorded to have Maoist links, that is police’s fault.’

The Binpur MLA, who is a leader of Jharkhand party (Naren), said, “I have said earlier that it is a joint conspiracy by CPM and police to label our workers as Maoists only to weaken our party.”