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Updated: 2016-10-28T10:44:52+00:00


tritor2011 on “silverorange pitches in with Firefox”


I have read all about your project. And I'm admired by your work.

Mike Gauthier on “Smart Text Trimming”



That function will work but doesn't do what the function I posted is supposed to do. For example, if the sentence being ellipsized uses really long words or really short words, your function will produce strange results.

Nicolai Staurvik on “Add some Ambiance with Firefox 3.5”


This renders perfectly in Opera 10.70 to, except for the box-shadow.
You should not use the vendor-specific "-moz-box-shadow", just drop the vendor-sign and use "box-shadow" instead.

Pradeep Singh on “Smart Text Trimming”


Friends use this works

function limit_text($text, $limit) {
if (strlen($text) > $limit) {
$words = str_word_count($text, 2);
$pos = array_keys($words);
$text = substr($text, 0, $pos[$limit]) . '...';
return $text;

Mike Gauthier on “Private RSS Feeds: Support for security in aggregators”



The feeds are fixed now. Thanks for noticing the problem!

John on “silverorange pitches in with Firefox”


The functionalities, plugin support and innumerable plugins with firefox are awesome and make life so simpler. Nothing comes close to even second. I have few of my own plugins for firefox, will post about the same later.

Eric on “silverorange pitches in with Firefox”


Great work by silverorange group. I really like this design of mozilla firefox. Certainly brings together the world wide web.

K Workman on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


I am also new to css and valid xhtml. I needed a tabbed nav and after a rather exhaustive search found this to be a very elegant solution. I am very pleased with the sub nav menus. It appears easily customized and have found that this is exactly what I needed. Thank you for making it public.

Sin on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


What adjustments would be needed to make it work like

On top level navigation hover, it will reveal the sub navigation. This approach is more intuitive as it allows you to reach a destination with one click. Any help is appreciated.

Johann on “Add some Ambiance with Firefox 3.5”


I think I could use that -moz-box-shadow thing in my app to Convert WAV to MP3 Online to make the radio buttons easier to hit.

Jim on “Private RSS Feeds: Support for security in aggregators”


It looks like the authenticated-but-no-SSL URL isn't requiring authentication:

I do not get prompted for credentials.



Johann on “How to Include Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) In-line”


SVG, a blast from the past.

I wonder if I could turn the output of my QR Code Generator to SVG and have zooming and so on. Hm.

Johann on “Compressing JavaScript with ShrinkSafe”


I used ShrinkSafe before, but then switched to YUI (easier to use and also works with CSS) + gzip.

The latest thing I'm using on my QR Code Generator is to asynchronously load the JavaScript with a small (243 B) loader at the bottom of the page.

Makes performance absolutely awesome :-)

Sarah Harvey on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Well this is the first step for me when it comes to CSS in general. I have played around with CSS styles, but it is still a learning curve. Now if I can integrate this information with my site I am working on, then it will be great.

Thanks for the great post.

Luis on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


i was looking for some tabs like this in the past ... i have used javascript code instead css

jquery-1.26 and jquery.tabs ui.core ui.tabs

:S .. i think this solution is better than mine ..

keep the good work!

Thomas on “Add some Ambiance with Firefox 3.5”


Some good stuff :)

Wisiow on “Add some Ambiance with Firefox 3.5”


Jonas, it won't work unless you have Firefox 3.5 which has yet to be officially released.

Johnston on “Getting Up and Running with the Swat Demo”


Hey, thank you for this timely tutorial. I was just about to give up on SWAT, not being able to understand it. But this tutorial explains it very well, and to be honest, SWAt seems quite simple now.
Regards, Johnston from rocky point auto insurance

Jonas on “Add some Ambiance with Firefox 3.5”


Why it doesn't work at my firefox?
there is any error appear.

Srihari Padmanabhan on “May I Take Your Photo?”


Thanks for sharing this tool. Works great. It was something that was looking for quite a few days back.

Skateboard Forum on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Hm, I should really incorporate more css into the things I do.

Tech-digit on “silverorange pitches in with Firefox”


Well I heard they have problem in latest version of Firfox 3.5.1. I read story here:

Srihari Padmanabhan on “Add some Ambiance with Firefox 3.5”


Wow. That's something i never knew was possible with Firefox. Does this feature also work for embedded video or flash content ?

Srihari Padmanabhan on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Thanks for this post. Please post more about CSS tabs as it would help me in my ongoing projects.


Stirlyn on “Photo Gallery Bulk Uploading”


I think I came across a small ajax type script a few years ago that went some way to getting this but cannot for the life of me remember. I think the FTP/Iframe idea isn't too bad either, however the zip/ftp is a good starting point for a pro snapper site, they are usually very techie so understand. I want a solution for backing up and want to link in with AWS for storage of the RAW and hi-res images

Brett Alton on “Free and Open Source Software at silverorange”


Just out of curiosity, are you guys still running Fedora or have you switched to Ubuntu or another distro? Maybe it's time for an update article! :)

Mike Gauthier on “Generic Web Style Guide - free for the taking”


pingdee, Tony, thanks. I've fixed the link in the post.

Jon on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Thanks so much for sharing these tabs. They seem to work really well. I like the simplicity of the code. Very elegant.

pingdee on “Generic Web Style Guide - free for the taking”


The link to the Generic Web Style Guide is 404 - not found ... Can you please post the correct link? Thank you!

Mike Gauthier on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”



That is a bit off topic. Probably all you'd need to do it extract the provided ZIP file. Good luck!

AW on “How to Include Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) In-line”


There's a very good reason to use an SVG inline image in a web browser: graphs.

Suppose I have a set of financial data, poll results, etc., from which I generate a graph server-side. That image could be rendered as a png or an svg. If it's an svg and I can display it inline, it will print and scale nicely. When my user prints the page, it'll look good by virtue of its resolution independence -- without having to resort to the pain, irritation, and general overkill of pdf.

Zain on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”



I have one question.Probably a off topic.

How would i host this easily.

as a sub domain.

obviously modify it and give you the credit.


Awaiting for your feedback. :)

Nestor on “Private RSS Feeds: Support for security in aggregators”


Thank you kindly for the test feeds

Hoessel on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Great work!

Regards from Germany!


Mike Gauthier on “Tip: View Selection Source with Mozilla & Firebird”


Sadie, I have FF 3.0.5 and it works just fine. You have to select text on a webpage first for it to work.

Peter Fagan on “Private RSS Feeds: Support for security in aggregators”


> not enough people use private RSS feeds to make it worth worrying about

The entire LiveJournal community is a gated community because there's no open standard that would let us blog privately to our contacts in the same timeline that we do public blog posts.

We talk *a lot* about leaving.

steev65 on “Generic Web Style Guide - free for the taking”


A great resource for us budding designers. Thank you very much.

Reda on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”



I am trying to use your tabs with master page in but I only get one tab selected all the time even when i click on a different tab. Because I am using a master page, I don't want to repeat the list on all of my pages. Has anyone tried this with master pages?


bala on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


This is one of the best tabs I've seen. Thank you for the inspiration

Ritchie on “Looking for a Designer”


Have a look at my website

gtucker on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


clicking print preview in firefox only displays current tab content. is it possible to print all tabs in print preview one after the other?

Peter on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


is it possible to store the tabs inside a database table and create a user management for the tabs? or this tabs are
only exclusive for hardcode variables not dynamic stuff?



Daan on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


I am trying to implement this script into my website Some tabs like the holidaycars tab have a iframe which points to a car rental engine. I wonder whether it's possible to have a script remember the search results from the holidaycars tab when you go to a different tab and switch back to the holidaycars tab?

Alexander on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Hello all
First of all thanks for this menu. But after i read last comments i'm a little afraid. As i'm going to use this menu need to clarify does this menu work well on IE 6 and IE7 browsers?

thanks in advance

Sadie on “Tip: View Selection Source with Mozilla & Firebird”


I don't have the view selected source option in my right-click menu. I have Firefox v. 3.0.3, and I wonder if any of my add-ons have gotten in the way?

Mike on “Updated Simple CSS Tabs”


Perfect. Just what i was looking for. Thanks.

joan vermette on “Employee of the Year, 2007”


There's still a fruit fly outbreak at Queen St. Commons, guys. It was there in August. It's still there in October. When do these little buggers die? Do I have to leave an open beer there so they'll all climb in and drown themselves in drunken ecstasy?

Mike Gauthier on “Compressing JavaScript with ShrinkSafe”



Performance of compressed JavaScript should be roughly equivalent. The file size is not the most difficult part of the JavaScript interpreter's job.

You will, however, notice improvements in download speed which translates into page load times.