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Mods - Right Behind You!
It's Pumpkin time in the FilePlanet office! While we head off to do more tricking then treating in our Wolverine outfits, here are some mods that will creep up on you while you're sleeping. Err... We mean mods that you can play over the weekend! Here are the most soul-corrupting ones we could find. The Haunted by Michael HegemannDon't cowardly hide under your bed - take a stand and stem the tide of evil. Featuring intense survival horror action along with cooperative multiplayer, The Haunted will turn you into a stoned-cold warrior. Half Life 2 - Nightmare House 2 Mod by Hen7Keep the lights on as you play this. Waking up alone with no idea how you got there, you must venture through this adandoned hospital to uncover the truth of what happened in the original Nightmare House. Elder Scrolls IV - The Heart of the Dead Mod by BFreyermuthThis will keep you up all night not just because it's scary but due to how long this epic nightmare is. Search the land of Cyrodiil for the rare Ayeild artifact but you may find out it isn't the treasure you wished for. Left 4 Dead - Dead Before Dawn Mod by Dead Before Dawn TeamFight your way through the Crossroads mall and encounter a support character, CJ. Featuring full voice acting, this security mall guard will guide you to the end of this nightmare based off Dawn of the Dead. Fallout 3 - Rad Overdose Mod by spammsterWe all fear it - waking up as a Ghoul one day. Watch your radiation intake carefully as once you hit 1,000 you will transform into a Ghoul! Though you do get some perks for no longer being a smoothskin. Half Life 2 - Attempt To Survive Mod by AspikAfter a nuclear holocaust you are left isolated and alone, with anyone you knew being long gone. Travel through a vast, empty world to find survivors, if there are any survivors left that is. Fallout 3 - Firefly Ranch Mod by Kodiak888A nice home awaits you featuring all the advanced goodies that one can not find in the slums of Megaton. You must earn this house though through a quest designed to scare and test you. Are you ready? Left 4 Dead 2 - Haunted Forest Mod by Dr.BooThe Left 4 Dead 2 survivors have landed in Transylvania! Like always, they must trek through through a dark, very eerie forest in hopes to find a rescue boat. Look out! They are under your bed.If you enjoyed these scary mods, try checking out ourLeft 4 Dead Unsuitable Skins FileBlog! [...]

5 Unsuitable Left 4 Dead Skins

With Halloween approaching, we know everyone is preparing themselves for the terrible horrors that await them. Sterotypical fear is something FilePlanet was never a fan of, we like our fear to twist our way of thinking and leave us an empty shell of our former selves. To express our fear to others, we found some rather disturbing Left 4 Dead skins.

Boomer Thong Skin by darksider1972
What has been seen, can not be unseen. With this skin you will never be able to take the Boomer seriously again. You will also no longer be able to dream.

Miku Witch Skin by MIKUiqnw0
If you had a slight crush on the Witch, it will become a bigger one now. This skin will make the Witch into a cute anime character, so inviting with her voice over that you won't mind being killed by her.

Left 4 Bill Hunter Skin by Samm5506
Bill on Bill action? Wait, no - Bill fighting Bill? Everyone's favorite 'Nam Vet has become a hunter. Bill can finally make Francis shutup - once and for all.

We Are Venom Tank Skin by goshyn00
The ultimate Spider-Man nemesis is now in Left 4 Dead as the tank. Remember your Spidey-senses won't work against him, so you better start running.

The Incapacitating Hulk Skin by Archanor
Tank smash! Tank incapacitate! Another skin that turns the Tank into The Incredible Hulk. Or should we say The Incapacitating Hulk?

We are not responsible for any nightmares.

If you enjoyed these Left 4 Dead Skins, try checking out our
Left 4 Dead Skins Section!

5 Epic Oblivion Bazaars
Stores in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion tend to be very bland, and their wares also happen to be as well. It makes the journey to save Cyrodiil a dull one as if you don't look cool, it doesn't matter how strong you are. With 'phat loot' in mind, we set off to find some of the most epic Bazaars a player could download. Goddesss Apachii Store by ApachiiMostly intended for the female characters, this store will expand your wardrobe like you never imagined. Cowgirl? Check. French Maid? Check. What more do you need? Download Goddess Apachii Store Mod! Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store by Pizz and LeraSo you do need more, huh? Well the Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store has some unique outfits to offer! Want weaponry from Final Fantasy? You got it. How about White Mage gear? You can get that too. Download Lera and Pizz Hiyoko Store Mod! Heroes Apachii Store by ApachiiDesigned more so with the male characters in mind, this store is also usable by females. Offering weapons and shields all the way to wigs and piercings. Customize your character like never before. Download Heroes Apachii Store Mod! Latexshop Store by Wilgarth Inc.Incase you are looking for outfits that a bit more...tight and showy of your lady-features, the Latexshop is right for you. Choose from a variety of colors and styles as we all know fashion is what counts in Cyrodiil. Download Latexshop Store! Enchantment Store by Th3uNKn0wNLast but not least, great gear is nothing unless it's enchanted gear. Buy from a various sort of clothing, armor, weapons and jewelry. Spend to your hearts desire. Download Enchantment Store Mod! If these mods were not for you, try checking ourOblivion Mods! [...]