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By: Jon Udell

Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:42:32 +0000

"It needs a more flexible attitude to content from the content holder" It's hard, though, given the fragmentation of media technologies, formats, and standards. There's the downloading vs streaming axis, on the one hand. And even within streaming, there are multiple technologies. An earlier comment referenced the chunked videos at Here's the actual request for one of those chunks: GET /asx.php?url=mms:// That's for Windows Media. Analogous mechanisms exist for QuickTime and Real and Flash. Supporting mixtures of these mechanisms requires heavy-duty centralized infrastructure that will inhibit the grassroots spontaneity and vitality we've seen at the intersection of blogging and podcasting.

By: Mary Branscombe

Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:12:58 +0000

chunking means indexing and transcribing; blinkx is doing this for video and sound for search purposes and it would be entirely possible to 'start play 2m 18 sec in and play the initial ad at this point'. It needs a more flexible attitude to content from the content holders. Until we get that level of flexibility, audio demands too much attention and work to be easily referenced.

By: Jon Udell

Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:22:23 +0000

"I’m not going to spend the energy it takes to get all my friends on that service and then get them all to do the cool stuff." Exactly. I've been using, and even creating, niche solutions for a long time. I love them but, as you say, network effects are a challenge. The easiest way to get network effects is to use/create a tool that simply lives in the cloud. Much harder to get a terrestrial tool (if that's a valid analogy) to cooperate with the cloud. But I think it's well worth trying.

By: Michael Cullina

Tue, 27 Feb 2007 05:07:01 +0000

WordPress munged my URLs. I guess I can't end a sentence with a period if the last "word" is an URL. Corrections if you didn't figure it out:

By: Michael Cullina

Tue, 27 Feb 2007 05:03:38 +0000

I agree with Toby that Vodpod is interesting. In particular, the ease of publishing a play list or "theme thread" in a widget is critical. I have enjoyed listening to music that Fred Wilson [the VC] likes by clicking on the StreamPad widget on the left side of his blog at I got to hear three great versions of "North Country Girl" that way a couple of months ago. Also, he used to have a podcast and he included those mp3s in his StreamPad playlist. I really liked that. A very interesting ongoing experiment is In particular, they are making the extra effort needed to "chunk" their videos. See Then, it's easy for one of the regulars, Mickey Kaus, to link to a chunk; as he does at: --> control-F to "blurted". An individual podcast is linear. In contrast, even a single blog entry is usually densely hyperlinked and thus non-linear. It is important to get the bits of a podcast chunked, and thereby made at least somewhat less linear. The YouTube experience suggests that 1-3 minutes is preferred for a chunk. In the short run the content creator will need to "chunk their own sound". However, I can think of partial automations that will permit easier "social chunking". A podcast capture program with Speech to Text could capture the ASCII of the podcast. The content creator or helper makes a fix up pass on the text and adds paragraph delineations. The podcast capture program is smart enough to note the timestamp of the paragraph delineations and the podcast is chunked and "search tagged" or "literal tagged" after a small effort by the creator, helper, or maybe, the Mechanical Turk. This pass could be fast. If the Speech to Text is "pretty good" the speed of fix up would be quick and I know that if it was me editing, I could add the paragraph demarcs while doing the text corrections "at the same time".

By: Toby Getsch

Tue, 27 Feb 2007 03:28:28 +0000

Have you looked at Vodpod yet? It looks like they do parts of what you're describing. I don't think they do quotation of audio/video. I don't think they do audio at all, for that matter. I found them via a widget provided for free w/ blogs. And, right now I just used them to quickly share videos that I like in the sidebar of my blog. I don't think I'm leveraging the power of what Vodpod offers, nearly as much as I could. But, I'm not going to try either. Why? I'm not going to spend the energy it takes to get all my friends on that service and then get them all to do the cool stuff. It's the same reason that MySpace is popular, because everyone is using it. It certainly is not because of their features or smooth way "everything just works". Heavens no! MySpace totally sucks that way and I would never use it, except that I find many other people there and there is an existing network of people. This brings me to my long-winded point. Many cool ideas like two-way media make a ton of sense, and I really hope they succeed, and I think they will. But, it will take the strength and power of monopoly technologies forced on us, or really popular but pretty sucky ones that we end up using just because that’s where everyone else is already. For that matter, go Windows Media! (no comment on former/latter there) ;) Clearly there is plenty of work to be done.