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Elliptic Tales (Avner Ash, Robert Gross)
Curves, Counting, and Number Theory

Music, Language, and the Brain (Aniruddh D. Patel)
links in rhythm, melody, syntax, meaning, evolution

The Empress of Weehawken (Irene Dische)
an acerbically funny German-American life

Approaches to Teaching The Story of the Stone (Dream of the Red Chamber) (Andrew Schonebaum, Tina Lu)
historical + cultural contexts, intertextuality, afterlives, pedagogy

Travel Fast or Smart? (David Metz)
A Manifesto for an Intelligent Transport Policy

Fractals: A Very Short Introduction (Kenneth Falconer)
the obvious starting point for lay readers

Fractals (Hans Lauwerier)
Endlessly Repeated Geometrical Figures

Another Man's City (Ch'oe In-ho)
is K stuck inside a virtual reality?

Finnish Lessons 2.0 (Pasi Sahlberg)
What can the world learn from educational change in Finland?

Fractal Geometry (Kenneth Falconer)
Mathematical Foundations and Applications

Fractals Everywhere (Michael F. Barnsley)
the power of iterated function systems

A Tale of Two Fractals (A.A. Kirillov)
the Sierpinksi and Apollonian gaskets

Chinese Rhyme-Prose (Burton Watson)
Poems in the Fu Form from the Han and Six Dynasties Periods