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Over 900 book reviews, covering most subjects and genres.


Outwitting History (Aaron Lansky)
How a Young Man Rescued a Million Books and Saved a Vanishing Civilisation

Wayfarer (Bruce Fulton, Ju-Chan Fulton)
New Fiction by Korean Women

We, the Navigators (David Lewis)
The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific

Spell It Out (David Crystal)
The Singular Story of English Spelling

Missing (Walter de la Mare)
three modernist short stories

Projective Geometry (H.S.M. Coxeter)
an elementary approach emphasizing geometric intuition

Projective Geometry: An Introduction (Rey Casse)
a formal, coordinate-based approach

Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club (Esther Averill)
stories about a little black cat who lives in New York

The Vital Question (Nick Lane)
Why is life the way it is?