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Last Build Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:00:13 GMT


Aura One - Terrible Quality Control?

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 10:18:43 GMT

The Kobo Aura One is by far the best e-reader I've used. But it's terribly let down by the QC. I'm wondering how it can be so bad: Of the five I've used, only two worked as they should. First one worked great for a couple weeks, then the screen froze and it was dead, never to return to life. Two have light issues: In one, even at the end of the night slider, the light is very yellow, as opposed to the nice red it should go to (as it does in the others); in the other, the light has the right color, but there is totally, distractingly uneven, with big dark shadows covering the lower corners. (Even more annoying, customer service just told me to reset it, and that would solve all my problems. I wonder if I was communicating with a chatbot. Sure felt like it. Generally does when I chat with most customer service reps, which is why I always try to email, thought it's less and less an option.) Two have worked just as they should with no issues so far. I don't get how it can be that bad. Still. I want to give these as gifts. I want to send one to a friend in Australia, for example. But I can't just order it from a retailer there and have it sent. Rather, I have to have shipped to me in the US, where I am now, make sure it works properly, then send it along. It's already not cheap, and that just adds too much to the expense. With a defect rate as high as it is, it seems they need to have someone physically inspect each screen before it goes out. That would surely be cheaper than paying the shipping for all the returns, having so many duds, and giving so many customers bad experiences.

KAE2: Missing the ability of clearing the recent search list

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 08:35:29 GMT

There seems to be no function to clear the recent search list for a book: At least, I could not find it :chinscratch: I checked FW 4.6.9995 and FW 4.7.10413: both seem to lack this feature. The only options I could think of are * to remove the book, or * to hack the .conf file. Does the clear search list feature really exists?

PW3 Where is the LOCAL collection setup info stored on the device?

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 08:11:10 GMT

I've learned from the following post how to apply a fake registration to a jailbroken PW3 (and KT3, too) that is only used offline (in airplane mode). BTW: A really cool feature! :cool: - :thanks: @knc1, what a great tip! The fake registration opens the door to create and manage local collections. Interesting feature for me, as I've roundabout 1000 books/documents stored on my device... :bookworm: Thus I created 10 different collections - locally only, as mentioned. Works perfect. Feels really like a new device now: Much more clarity in the library view possible. :thumbsup: But here starts my problem: *Where is the informaton about the _local_ collections setup stored?* I didn't find any traces in the user visible storage, not even in /mnt/us/system/ ... :blink: I ask this question as I want to backup my current collection setup besides the documents themselves, thus being able to restore all of them to a replacement Kindle without needing an Amazon account and/or the cloud. Any suggestions are welcome! :help:and :thanks: in advance!

[Browser User] How to refresh GUI language

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 07:45:23 GMT

Dear Kovid, I have contributed translation to the Content Server, which has been included in the latest Calibre. But the existing Browser Viewer doesn't get the updated translation (though the new feature is there, such as Metadata under Go To). I tried a new session in Incognito mode, and the new translation is there alright. :thumbsup: What should I do? Clear site data and start from scratch? :chinscratch:

New Feature : cut and paste book metadata

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 07:43:01 GMT

Thanks for this - been wanting it for ever. One suggestion, a tweak to exclude a set of columns. If empty copy and paste all, of course. I would want to exclude pubdate. Fortunately I wasn't using Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V for anything, so I made them Edit metadata->Cut and Paste - wonderful. If anybody's wondering, Paste works on multiple books. Best Enhancement since . . . :chinscratch: let's say '-' and '=' to clear and set dates to now, and ' ' to clear ints and floats (I regard those as a boxed set) BR

I am the new member

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 03:53:27 GMT

I am new to the site here. My wife has a PocketPC and is an avid e-book reader. I have a Palm Device that I purchased used from my company and am just getting in to reading ebooks.

My Oasis has one dead LED

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 03:43:29 GMT

I only just noticed tonight, after using it for three weeks! I'm planning to return it and buy another one. I never thought this would happen to me, I've always been so lucky with the lighting on my kindles. Wish I could upload a photo from my iPad. It's really obvious between brightness 4 and 7. :( I mean, this is not just a matter of opinion, I can see the LED is missing, so that is a faulty device.

You broke my kobo

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 02:17:40 GMT

You broke my kobo mini. I installed the firmware 4.7.10364, which your stupid wiki says is mini only, and the downloaded file says it is a limited edition firmware. now my kobo does not work. i hate u guys. you also broke my kobo aura h2o. i installed the firmware 4.7.10413 on it, and now that wont turn on either ..... YOUR WIKI IS STUPID FIX MY KOBO NOW

What does saving a "poorly formed" epub do?

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 02:11:16 GMT

I was working on an epub. Making a lot of changes. Doing the 'mend and prettify' option and saving a lot. Everything going along nicely. Then when I went to save one time I got a warning window saying the epub was not properly formatted (or something like that, maybe 'properly formed') and it said somethig about fixing it etc. and that I might lose some data. I Xed out of the window, thinking that would give me time to see what the problem was, but when I did, the bottom of the screen said something like 'epub saved but you may have lost a small amount of data.' Questions: 1) Why did it save it when I just Xed out of the window? 2) What should I have chosen to not save it if I get that window again? 3) If I get that window again and get out of it without saving it, will checking the Tools>'Well-formed check epub' tool tell me what's wrong? 4) (and i realize this is unanswerable in a concrete way) What are the chances I lost a lot of data? 5) What is the typical data loss in that situation? Thanks.

Calibre suddenly won't load, Linux Mint

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 00:37:36 GMT

I'm running Linux Mint Cinnamon v17.3. I've had Calibre running on this machine for some time, last using it just a few days ago. Today I go to load it and nothing. I get the initial splash screen and that's it. I don't believe anything significant has changed on the system since the last running of Calibre. I rebooted, same result. I upgraded to the most recent version of Calibre, same result. I upgraded Linux, same result. I uninstalled and reinstalled Calibre, same result. I used calibre-debug -g from a console and got the following: Code: --------- $ calibre-debug -g calibre 3.13 embedded-python: True is64bit: True Linux-3.19.0-32-generic-x86_64-with-debian-jessie-sid Linux ('64bit', 'ELF') ('Linux', '3.19.0-32-generic', '#37~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 22 09:41:40 UTC 2015') Python 2.7.12 Linux: ('debian', 'jessie/sid', '') Interface language: None Turning on automatic hidpi scaling devicePixelRatio: 1.0 logicalDpi: 96.0 x 96.0 physicalDpi: 81.5518394649 x 81.6428571429 Using calibre Qt style: True Starting up... --------- It sits there until I kill it. I'm out of ideas. Anything I can try or options I can use to get more info about what's going wrong?

K3 Missing Update Files

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 00:09:53 GMT

Due to some error on Amazon's part, the complete set of K3 update files is no longer complete. Discovered by: rcentros The complete file set, as of May, 2017 - which should include the March TLS updates are now mirrored here:

Not all characters of embedded font displaying

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 00:08:10 GMT

I have embedded a font specifically to add some Wingding-like characters into my ebook. The font is a Unicode TTF developed by Google. When I type in the Unicode character codes into Sigil, most appear as expected. But when I open the ePub in ADE, only one of five are displaying; the rest are the typical empty boxes. When I convert to Kindle, all appear. However, I then tested some other characters but they are not displaying in Sigil, ADE, or Kindle. I'm stumped. I thought the point of embedding fonts was to work around the character limitations of ebooks/ereaders. I also assumed -- clearly wrongly -- that if a character appears in the embedded font itself then the character will display in the ebook. I have checked the ePub in IDPF's online ePub check to be sure I didn't mess up the code; all passes. Are there limitations to embedded fonts that I am not aware of?

CSS files not always "recognized" in tolino page

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 23:51:24 GMT

I have edited two books using calibre (Add books -> add empty book), both of them use a .css file where I define all styles. The problem is that in only one of the two books I actually see the effect of .css in my tolino device. Here are the two metadata files: 1) WORKS Code: --------- Nutritional quality of organic food: a systematic review utente01 690c02b0-b093-469c-852d-8915d18625f2 calibre (3.13.0) [] 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 it 090c685a-44c6-4720-98ff-72bbf3111266 --------- file tree: ./ titlepage.xhtml start.xhtml style.css 2) DOES NOT WORK Code: --------- Sconosciuto Science 2e744e7a-1da6-4e68-86d3-c2f521141b67 calibre (3.13.0) [] 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 it 37adb220-f728-4596-b297-40a6c094dc8a --------- file tree: ./ titlepage.xhtml start.xhtml article.xhtml style.css In all xhtml files I include the style.css! Please, can you help me?[...]

Add large files to calibre database

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:24:37 GMT

Hey there! Just migrated my calibre-server from calibre 2 to latest 3 and I noticed that I cannot directly add with "calibredb add" if I already have a running calibre-server. So I used and that worked except for by large CBR files. These give HTTP 413 (entitiy too large) during adding, so I bumped up --max-request-body-size=1024 but that doesn't fix things, I still get a 413. How can I add large files? - Nadya

Can I get metadata from cover image? The image is correct but all other data is wrong

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:05:34 GMT

Can I get metadata from cover image? The image is correct but all other data is wrong?