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Free (Kindle) London: A Concise History [Vintage City Building & Inhabitants History]

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:47:33 GMT

*London: A Concise History: From the Romans to the Twentieth Century* by the late British author Geoffrey Trease (Wikipedia (, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature who was known for his meticulous historical research and contributions to children's literature, is his vintage place history of England's eponymous capital city, from its earliest days as a Roman town, and continuing construction and expansion onward through the centuries to modern times (only as of WWII though, according to a customer review), touching upon its various distinguishing attractions and notable inhabitants, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press. This was originally published in 1975 by Thames and Hudson. Currently free @ Amazon ( (available to Canadians & in the UK and pretty much everywhere else Amazon sells worldwide, since this is being done via their KDP Select exclusive-or-else program) *Description* Before the Romans crossed the Thames in AD 43 London was barely a cluster of mud huts. With a bridge and a radiating network of roads, the Romans began creating Londinium. It grew and developed and spread. From then on the city took on many forms. The Anglo-Saxon Lundeneric The London Town of Mayor Walworth and Wat Tyler Dunbar’s ‘flower of cities all’ Spenser’s ‘most kindly nurse’. To Dr Johnson, London had ‘all that life can afford’ Whilst Shelley thought Hell ‘a city much like London’. It is an enduringly fascinating story, with ‘a cast of thousands’: Fitzstephen, friend of Thomas à Becket, to whom ‘the only inconvenience of London is the immoderate drinking of foolish persons’; Burbage the actor-manager and his fellow player Will Shakespeare; clever, amorous Samuel Pepys; Boswell, whose London Journal is a mine of good quotes; the Prince Regent and John Nash who designed Regent’s Park; and many, many more. The story is taken to the lurid, heroic days and nights of the Blitz, the Second Fire of London, and the period of reconstruction that followed. Geoffrey Trease’s knowledge of London is extensive and peculiar. Many a native Londoner will find unexpected things in this survey of London’s rich and varied past.

Free (Kindle) Three Great Impresarios [19th-20th C Opera Company Founders Biography]

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:37:44 GMT

*Three Great Impresarios: Emperors of Song* by British author Freddie Stockdale (Wikipedia (, the founder of a small opera touring company as well as a pseudonymous crime novelist, is his historical musical arts figure biography, centred around three colourful impresarios—private businessmen who established opera companies and employed the great stars of the day—during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press. This was originally published in 1998 by John Murray. Currently free @ Amazon ( (available to Canadians & in the UK and pretty much everywhere else Amazon sells worldwide, since this is being done via their KDP Select exclusive-or-else program) *Description* Great impresarios are an extinct breed. Grand Opera today is presented either by the state or by major corporate trusts. Yet, in the Golden Age of Verdi and Puccini, Wagner and Richard Strauss, opera in Britain and the United States was almost exclusively the preserve of individual private businessmen — the impresarios — who made (and lost) fortunes by personallv employing the great stars of the day. The king of bombast was Colonel James Mapleson, child-star, wiliest of agents, then grandest and finally most unlucky of showmen. Obsession ruined Oscar Hammerstein I. not once, not twice but three times bankrupted by his determination to conquer Broadway. Great wealth protected John Christie, soldier, schoolmaster and heir to Glyndebourne Manor and estates, when his love for his wife led to his building up the largest private opera festival since Bayreuth. Patti and Melba, Caruso and Tetrazzini — those legendary super-egos, with their jewels, parrots, castles and private investment accounts at Rothschilds — were the raw material these enterprising men tried to turn to gold. This book, concentrating on the period 1860-1939, rediscovers their spectacular successes, and their even more spectacular disasters.

Free (Kindle) Goughie: The Life of General Sir Hubert Gough [WWI Military Biography]

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:28:55 GMT

*Goughie: The Life of General Sir Hubert Gough* by the late British author Anthony Farrar-Hockley (Wikipedia (, obituary at The Guardian (, a distinguished British Army general turned military historian, is his historical military figure biography, about the titular British Army general (Wikipedia ( who played a prominent role in a number of important battles during World War I but later fell prey to controversy, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press. This was originally published in 1975 by Hart-Davies, MacGibbon Ltd. Currently free @ Amazon ( (available to Canadians & in the UK and pretty much everywhere else Amazon sells worldwide, since this is being done via their KDP Select exclusive-or-else program) *Description* The Generals of the First World War have generated much debate and controversy. General Sir Hubert Gough is no exception. Some thought him callous, a butcher among generals, while many believed him unusually considerate, thoughtful of his soldiers within the demands of war. First gazetted in 1889, Gough’s military career spans the bridge between the Imperial conflicts of late-Victorian rule and the modern warfare ushered in by the twentieth century. From India to South Africa his early career marked him for greatness, yet in Ireland the so-called “officers’ mutiny” of March 1914 almost brought it to an end. Within months of the incident war was declared, and on the Western Front Gough’s talents saw his rapid rise to the head of Fifth Army, the youngest general in the British Army. However, in spring 1918 he became one of the war’s political casualties, a scapegoat for a government who wished to avoid admitting the Army had been deprived of resources. Despite some less successful forays into business and politics in the following years, Gough was a soldier’s soldier, working for the welfare of the soldiers he had commanded. Written by an acclaimed military historian, ‘Goughie’ is the remarkable story of General Sir Hubert Gough’s long and adventurous life, filled with adversity, loss and triumph, and is as impressive as it is moving.

Does note taking with a tablet make you more productive?

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 17:26:56 GMT

Aside from portability, does note taking with a tablet make you more productive especially if you are a student or an office worker? Or does it have its own problems that you wouldn't have with a traditional pen and paper?

Touch Lux 3 - something similar to Vocabulary Builder?

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 17:03:29 GMT

I bought my Touch Lux 3 few days ago but unfortunetly i missed one thing when i was comparing it with Paperwhite 3. Does the Pocketbook Touch Lux 3 have possibility to install something that works similar to the Vocabulary Builder? If someone does not hear about it yet, Vocabulary Builder is a list of words that is generated from the words checked in the dictionary during reading. I hope I will not have to return my Pocketbook and buy a Kindle to have this feature. ps. sorry for my english, this is why i need this feature :)

Help a newbie: how do I expand the synopsis?

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 17:02:01 GMT

I've just got a Kobo. I've loaded a dozen books into it for my wife. How do I expand the synopsis? She wants to choose what to read! I: 1. Hold down a finger on the book title in "my books" 2. Chose "view details" 3. Choose "synopsis" But then what? Every synopsis is cut short and ends in an ellipsis. How do I expand them out? Thanks in advance.

Need a new ereader

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:45:42 GMT

I need help trying to figure the right ereader for me any and all help is greatly appreciated! Here's what I want: Paperwhite no glare screen Backlit for nighttime reading Capable to download ereader apps such as nook kindle and overdrive Thank you!

Kindle 3 WiFi+3G Eu unable to jailbreak

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:26:12 GMT

I am completely aware there have been posts about this before on this forum but I believe they are outdated I want to jailbreak my kindle 3. I have confirmed what model it is and I am using version 3.4.2. I followed the guide for the jailbreak and screensaver hack on this forum but I received an error, unsure what this meant I tried the screensaver hack and got the same error. I am unsure what to do at this point and I'd rather someone else who knows their way around jailbreaking kindles to give some insight into this problem. Thanks -Marcus

Commonwealth, The K'Soth War, Book One (Progenitors Universe)

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 15:01:12 GMT

Hello all, Hello all. I am pleased to announce that my new novel, Commonwealth, is now live in the Kindle Store! Commonwealth, the K'Soth War, Book One, is a prequel to The Progenitor Trilogy series of novels that I released a few years back. [Deleted - MODERATOR] Other formats to follow Thanks! It is half a century before the events of The Progenitor Trilogy The newly formed Commonwealth has united the disparate colonies of humanity into one interstellar union. After making first contact with the ancient and sophisticated Arkari, mankind has discovered that the galaxy is teeming with life. A new pioneering age of prosperity, discovery and progress now beckons. Yet already the Commonwealth is imperilled. The rush to the stars has created undreamed of wealth for some, yet there are many less fortunate have been left behind, alienated by the rapid pace of change, exploited or trampled underfoot by ruthless corporations and left to fend for themselves in frontier systems where death or destitution can come quickly to the unwary. As resentment grows beneath the surface, there are those who would exploit the forgotten and the dispossessed for their own ends. However, there is a much greater threat from without: the K’Soth Empire. Ruling over a vast domain, the reptilian K’Soth have conquered, exterminated and enslaved all in their path in the name of their all powerful Emperor and their fanatical religion. Their legions and fleets are almost without number, their methods brutal in the extreme, and their authority maintained by oppression, terror and force of arms. In a desire to avoid a conflict, the Commonwealth concocts a secret diplomatic mission to initiate contact with the K’Soth using their one ace in the hole, Doctor Marcus Cuvier, the very man who was the key to humanity’s successful encounter with the Arkari.

Duplicated IDS when "mobi-asin" replaced by "amazon_fr"

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 13:57:21 GMT

Hello ! Hmmm... that's weird... I meet a strange behavior either with books stored years ago with Calibre v2 either with new books added today. As soon as the Ids "mobi-asin:" is replaced by "amazon_fr:" in the metadata, now in the rightmost panel it appears twice (and incidentally both are active the same way): Oversized image (>600x600) deleted. Please read and heed our posting guidelines.

How to install KUAL on PW 1?

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 13:44:20 GMT

Hello mobileread community, i install KUAL before ( but my mate enabled wireless and Kindle make upgrade to version and remove third-party launchers. How to install KUAL now? Image:

Good afternoon from a new member

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 11:49:16 GMT

Hi all - looks like a great site. Having just finished the first of a series of novels, I'm now commencing the journey of ebook publishing and getting to grips with Cailbre and Sigil. Despite some background in IT, I have little doubt I'll be needing to post some questions soon. Slàinte

Add Content Server as a library ?

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 11:47:16 GMT

i want to add a open calibre library IP address deleted by moderator and switch my local library on my calibre application. is it posible? if it is, how? thank you

Advice on software

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 11:27:38 GMT

Hi all, I've recently bought a kobo aura edition 2. I found the latest software to be a bit buggy (4.4.9349 i think)- there was a lot of battery drain and i'd sometimes wake up to a completely drained device due to it. I ended up sideloading 4.4.9298. It's still got a few bugs-namely, the light doesnt turn off when i put the device to sleep (i have to manually turn it down first). Also the light keeps turning on when i turn my device on even when i've previously set it to 0. Are there any other previous software versions you could advice? I only really sideload books on my device so i don't need the greatest functionality in terms of the kobo store etc. I just want a working light and a good battery life Cheers all

[Android] CC filetypes accepted by device

Sun, 25 Jun 2017 11:14:02 GMT

Hello! First thanks for this software. :thanks: It's ideal to get my calibe managed books synced to my tablet. I'm going to get the pro-version today.:thumbsup: I've a question - or possibly a feature request: Although calibre can't display MHTML-Files, it's possible to import such files. I use them to archive webpages (with FF and palemoon using unmht on Linux). It's very handy to import them to calibre adding metadata so I can search within my calibre-book-library and display them by klicking within the palemoon browser on my notebook. But - I can't transfer them using CC (and possibly launch the MHTviewer for those files) to have the same feature on my Android-Tablet :help: So it would be nice to have the filetype MHTML added to the setup list of bookformats to sync these files as well. Can that be configured or is this "hard coded" Cheers Knut