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PDF to EPUB problem

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 07:23:42 GMT

I recently tried converting a pdf of a book into an ebook and when I did, the result was that every page of the pdf appeared in the pub almost like a picture, then the text was poorly copied into choppy lines of text in the pub. How do I fix this?

What Jailbreak is best for my kindle?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 05:34:26 GMT

Hi! I have a kindle at FW-version 5.6.5 with serial-number prefix "90C6" A.K.A. Kindle Basic (2014), KT2, BASIC. I got my ads removed by amazon and the fun thing is: I switched Wi-Fi on and got the message of ads being 'removed' and I still had time to go airplane mode before the kindle had downloaded any new firmware. Just something that can be good to know :D I want to Jailbreak my kindle but I am not sure if I should go with the Jailbreak for FW 5.6.5 ( or if I should update my kindle and use the Jailbreak for any FW version. ( Are there differences in what 'programs' you can install for the different jailbreaks? Pro's and Con's for them both? Which one is easiest to maintain?

calibre to Kindle Cannot write to file error

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 05:06:05 GMT

Kindle Fire 5th Gen running Fire OS calibre version 2.70 (64-bit) Windows 10 Cannot write to file: hr=2147500037 facility=0 error_code=16389 description: Unspecified error Traceback (most recent call last): File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 88, in run File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\", line 506, in _books File "site-packages\calibre\devices\mtp\", line 218, in books File "site-packages\calibre\devices\mtp\", line 190, in get_driveinfo File "site-packages\calibre\devices\mtp\", line 180, in _update_drive_info File "site-packages\calibre\devices\mtp\", line 151, in put_calibre_file File "site-packages\calibre\devices\mtp\windows\", line 37, in check_thread File "site-packages\calibre\devices\mtp\windows\", line 441, in put_file WPDError: Cannot write to file: hr=2147500037 facility=0 error_code=16389 description: Unspecified error I have un/reinstalled calibre. I have done a factory reset on the Kindle. Why does it still continue to give me this error? The Kindle is new. The version of calibre is new. Until recently, it worked perfectly. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

MobileRead November 2016 Book Club Vote

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 03:57:29 GMT

*November 2016 MobileRead Book Club Vote* Help us choose a book as the November 2016 eBook for the MobileRead Book Club. The poll will be open for 5 days. *There will be no runoff vote* unless the voting results a tie, in which case there will be a 3 day run-off poll. This is a *visible* poll: others can see how you voted. It is Image: You may cast a vote for each book that appeals to you. We will start the *discussion thread* for this book on *November 20th*. Select from the following *Official Choices* with three nominations each: *(•) Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East* by Scott Anderson Goodreads ( | Amazon US ( Print Length: 618 pages From Goodreads: NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY New York Times • Christian Science Monitor • NPR • Seattle Times • St. Louis Dispatch National Book Critics Circle Finalist -- American Library Association Notable Book A thrilling and revelatory narrative of one of the most epic and consequential periods in 20th century history – the Arab Revolt and the secret “great game” to control the Middle East The Arab Revolt against the Turks in World War One was, in the words of T.E. Lawrence, “a sideshow of a sideshow.” Amidst the slaughter in European trenches, the Western combatants paid scant attention to the Middle Eastern theater. As a result, the conflict was shaped to a remarkable degree by a small handful of adventurers and low-level officers far removed from the corridors of power. Curt Prüfer was an effete academic attached to the German embassy in Cairo, whose clandestine role was to foment Islamic jihad against British rule. Aaron Aaronsohn was a renowned agronomist and committed Zionist who gained the trust of the Ottoman governor of Syria. William Yale was the fallen scion of the American aristocracy, who traveled the Ottoman Empire on behalf of Standard Oil, dissembling to the Turks in order gain valuable oil concessions. At the center of it all was Lawrence. In early 1914 he was an archaeologist excavating ruins in the sands of Syria; by 1917 he was the most romantic figure of World War One, battling both the enemy and his own government to bring about the vision he had for the Arab people. The intertwined paths of these four men – the schemes they put in place, the battles they fought, the betrayals they endured and committed – mirror the grandeur, intrigue and tragedy of the war in the desert. Prüfer became Germany’s grand spymaster in the Middle East. Aaronsohn constructed an elaborate Jewish spy-ring in Palestine, only to have the anti-Semitic and bureaucratically-inept British first ignore and then misuse his organization, at tragic personal cost. Yale would become the only American intelligence agent in the entire Middle East – while still secretly on the payroll of Standard Oil. And the enigmatic Lawrence rode into legend at the head of an Arab army, even as he waged secret war against his own nation’s imperial ambitions. Based on years of intensive primary document research, LAWRENCE IN ARABIA definitively overturns received wisdom on how the modern Middle East was formed. Sweeping in its action, keen in its portraiture, acid in its condemnation of the destruction wrought by European colonial plots, this is a book that brilliantly captures the way in which the folly of the past creates the anguish of the present. *• Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind* by Yuval Noah Harari Goodreads ( | Amazon US ( / Overdrive search ( Print Length: 414 pages From a renowned historian comes a groundbreaking narrative of h[...]

Linearize Tables option

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 00:45:58 GMT

I've been reading a lot of LitRPG's lately, some from online forums, some published books. Both seem to have a similar issue, the tables they tend to have. When reading on my kindle some of these tables are so huge they take multiple pages - and because it's all one table it's really difficult to deal with. Thus, I've turned on linearize tables option and it mostly works. The problem is the tables which May be something like this (in a real table not makeshift I've done below, I'm not sure if a table can be placed in a post) |--------|---------|--------| |Name | Race | Sex | |--------|---------|--------| |Racer | Gnome | Male | |--------|---------|--------| Into something like this: NameRaceSex RacerGnomeMale If that's not clear enough, its running every row together... Is there a way to create a separator when using the Linearize Table option? Even adding a space between the words would be wonderful, but making an option for a separator (such as " | " or " : " ... maybe give an option?) I've looked to try and find a way to do it, and can find nothing on the forums or within the options.

Kindle PaperWhite 2 won't factory reset - every reboot brings back old config

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 23:52:41 GMT

Please help! I have a Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) WiFi (U.S., Intl.) which until yesterday worked great. Now every time the device is reset or rebooted, it comes back to an old config that has the same 14 books on it. I have tried formatting the drive which appears in Windows/MacOS and after reboot it just comes back with the same files. i have dealt with Amazon support and they just tell me to buy a new Kindle. Is there any way I can fix this? I have tried updating it (it has version on it) but it won't update. Update your kindle is always grayed out and after a reboot it just comes back to that same old config. I really just want to wipe this thing completely.

can i update a JB PW2?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 23:07:28 GMT

Hi, i got a PW2 last year and jailbroke it, it is running KUAL 2.6 and FW v5.6.5. Can i update the FW version to the latest? Is it worth it?

Modify indent size just on indented paragraphs

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 21:22:46 GMT

Hi, I've been trying to solve this issue for a while but I can't find the solution. I know how to change the paragraphs' indent size converting the books. My problem is that usually the first paragraph on the books' chapter is not indented. I would like to set up the size of the indent without indenting the paragraphs that were not. Is there a way to do this? Example: Original: This is the first paragraphThis is the second paragraph After conversion:This is the first paragraph. This is the second paragraph. How I want it: This is the first paragraph.This is the second paragraph. Thanks in advance.

Help with .cbr and .cbz on Aura One

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 20:50:00 GMT

Hello, I'm a new happy owner of KA1 since few days. Before I had an Aura HD and was happy too,but new size convince me to change. Well I want to know if there is any possibility to change width for cbr and cbz comics archive,cause it seems to not take all the possibly space. Of course I saw it is possible for epub,but comics? Thanks in advanced for who will try to help me :thumbsup:

calibredb listing authors that begin with a certain letter

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 18:39:10 GMT

I am trying to search through my books and print out only books whose author begins with a certain letter. So for example if I run something like: *calibredb list --fields authors --search authors:A* It would return a list of authors whose names start with the letter 'A'. I tried the above method, but that returns authors whose name HAS an 'A' I also tried: *calibredb list --fields authors --search authors:=A* But this returns authors whose names are 'A', which in my database are none so that is no help. Any ideas??

Living Room Computer

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 17:40:43 GMT

I have an extra HDMI port on my new giant Ultra HD (4K) TV set (, and am thinking about a small (~<$300) Windows 10 computer to use both as a streaming device and a bit of browsing on the big screen . So far I've looked at the Intel Compute Stick, Kangaroo, and Shuttle Nano in both the Atom/Celeron versions and the Core i3/m3 versions and see pros and cons to all. I am conversant in IT at the enterprise level but my skills at the consumer level are woefully outdated. So... Knowing there are folks here who have the skills that I've let atrophy, what say you?

Is there any way to create an ebook with chapters directly from .rtf?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 15:17:30 GMT

I'm trying to convert a light novel in e-book, but would like a way to make the Calibre or another program allow me set the chapters or identify text in bold as new chapters. I tried to add html elements in the texts and did not work. I have low knowleddge about this area, so if possible I'd like something pretty easy. Something that allow me to jump directly for a chapter using Kindle chapter menu. Sorry for anything, used google translator.

iPad What data survives a restore from old to new device

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:48:19 GMT

Well, my iPad 2 is old, and I was fortunate enough to be able to get an iPad Mini 4 with points. I wanted to transfer my data to my new iPad, and hopefully not have to redownload entire book libraries. (Yes, I realize some on this board do not have their entire libraries on their devices. I like to have it all there. I travel, I do not always have internet available, and I like to have my library at my disposal at such times.) My new mini has 128 Gb, so lots of room for my stuff. My iPad 2 did have all my ebooks on it. So I backed up the iPad 2 to my Windows PC, having it encrypted so that everything would get backed up. Now Apple claims that all the data on your device is on this backup. Nope. First of all, the apps had to all be downloaded again. I was pleased that the contents of an app I used for journaling did survive intact. To me, that and the pictures meant the most, and all the pictures and albums made it. Yes, I do have the pictures backed up to my PC, but I like having the albums organized the way I do on the Apple device. The contents of my Bluefire library did not make it. Nor my old Sony Reader app. Most of that was duplicated to my Kobo account, but there were a few books that were not. I have a Sony reader, and the items might be there. I would guess, though, that these were not paid for items, and if I haven't noticed them in the past few years, I likely don't need them. The Kobo library had to be downloaded in its entirety, which is super annoying on a satellite internet connection. The 'download all' option did not go smoothly. I have a generous data plan on my iphone, and I ended up using the hotspot. I have 3 days left in my billing cycle and at nearly 6 Gb in, I'm not quite half way into the plan limit. :thumbsup: The Kindle library appeared to be OK. The checkmarks were in the books, but I didn't scroll all the way down in the 'device' part. It turns out that a good chunk of my library did not make the transfer. Those that did had to be manually individually removed from the device and downloaded again. What a nuisance. Each book has to be dealt with on an individual basis. I guess on the positive side--I did have some books there that were freebies and whose subject matter no longer holds my interest, so this may be a good way to do some housecleaning in my Kindle library. And I have some .mobi ebooks there that I got free from a non-Kindle source, and those books did survive the transition. (I have backups of those files on my Windows PC, I could just use dropbox to put them back in the Kindle app if I needed to.) All iBooks and music had to be downloaded again, but Apple does say the backups do not back up that data. I took spouse's hotspot bandwidth for the music, he had used less than 100 Mb of his plan. :2thumbsup I have less than 50 songs in my purchased library, so not bad. Re the iBooks, remember when Apple had all those freebies a while back? I would like to get them back, at least. I don't have a lot of purchased content there, I can do better price wise with other vendors most of the time. So, this was my experience changing devices, if it helps anyone to know what data gets backed up and what doesn't. I'm not sure why the data from my ebook apps didn't get backed up. Maybe it's a copyright protection thing.

Editing Table of Contents

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:39:15 GMT

Is there a way to use the latest release of Calibre's Edit Table of Contents tool to correct the NCX without it also reformulating my nav.xhtml file at the same time? My nav file is used as an inline toc and contains two-way hyperlinks that enable linking back and forth between files and the toc. If I utilize the editing tool to adjust the NCX, it automatically edits the nav.xhtml, destroying all of the linking code.

PRS-T1 Reader freezes in home page

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:36:53 GMT

A friend is having some problems with his Sony PRS-T1. Sometimes, when in the home page, the reader freezes. Reset and power buttons are unresponsive. The only workaround to recover control is to connect it to a PC, wait a few seconds and disconnect. * The reader was bought in the UK * It came with Firmware and was never updated * No SD card is installed * All books are in the internal storage, which is mostly free (only some 200 small size ePubs) * The problem is not related to a particular book Any ideas?