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Manual Library Backup Questions

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 05:14:11 GMT

I backup my Calibre Library to external drives once a week. I dont want to drag the entire library over each time so am I correct in thinking I can just replace/add the author directories that I changed or are new along with the new metadata.db and metadata_db_prefs_backup.json? Will doing it this way mess up anything later? I have seen some people mentioned you should't mess about inside the Library directory.

Adding Books to Hyphen reader

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 00:26:18 GMT

I need some help please, I just started using Hyphen on my iPad Pro. When I tried to add books by clicking on Add Books>More>Calibre Companion; the error message comes up ""Failed to launch Calibre Companion" The document picker "Calibre Companion" failed to launch (4099)". This is also happening on my iPhone 6S Plus. I am posting this in both Calibre Companion and Apple Devices for Hyphen.

Windows Store to sell ebooks (again)?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 23:05:30 GMT

Speculation is that the addition of ePub support to Edge browser (still only in preview build I think?) has paved the way for this. Wonder if Edge offers (or will offer) offline mode for this content (as Kindle Cloud Reader does). I am not willing to install preview build of Windows 10 to find out, however. I just removed preview build from my Windows 10 Phone as half the apps I wanted to use stopped working...

Onyx Boox Max --- PDF reader with multiple tabs?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 21:34:41 GMT

Hi all, Does anyone have a suggestion on which PDF reader has a good support for reading multiple PDFs on Onyx Boox Max device? I have tried Xodo PDF reader, but my first impression is that it does not work well on Onxy Boox Max device. In particular, the text in PDFs in not crisp/sharp. Is there a way to improve this in Xodo? Or are there alternative PDF readers that allow multiple tabs? Thanks!

Aura One Firmware 4.2.8283

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 20:34:56 GMT

It was just released; I don't know anything about it.

Add books _ duplicate options

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 19:52:12 GMT

So far the only options I have found when adding books and duplicate title are found is to either add them anyway, or not. Is there some option somewhere which would work like a Windows copy hat would let you replace an older copy with a new one so you don't end up with duplicates? Thank you......

Download from Kindle Reader to Calibre stopped

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:49:45 GMT

Hi, As of 9 am Pacific Time, all my downloads from my Kindle Reader to Calibre have stopped converting and opening. The error message at Calibre is: Code: --------- Convert book 1 of 1 (B00HST8JT0 EBOK) Resolved conversion options calibre version: 2.77.0 {'asciiize': False, 'author_sort': None, 'authors': None, 'base_font_size': 0.0, 'book_producer': None, 'change_justification': u'original', 'chapter': u"//*[((name()='h1' or name()='h2') and re:test(., '\\s*((chapter|book|section|part)\\s+)|((prolog|prologue|epilogue)(\\s+|$))', 'i')) or @class = 'chapter']", 'chapter_mark': u'pagebreak', 'comments': None, 'cover': None, 'debug_pipeline': None, 'dehyphenate': True, 'delete_blank_paragraphs': True, 'disable_font_rescaling': False, 'dont_compress': False, 'duplicate_links_in_toc': False, 'embed_all_fonts': False, 'embed_font_family': None, 'enable_heuristics': False, 'expand_css': False, 'extra_css': None, 'extract_to': None, 'filter_css': u'', 'fix_indents': True, 'font_size_mapping': None, 'format_scene_breaks': True, 'html_unwrap_factor': 0.4, 'input_encoding': None, 'input_profile': , 'insert_blank_line': False, 'insert_blank_line_size': 0.5, 'insert_metadata': False, 'isbn': None, 'italicize_common_cases': True, 'keep_ligatures': False, 'language': None, 'level1_toc': None, 'level2_toc': None, 'level3_toc': None, 'line_height': 0.0, 'linearize_tables': False, 'margin_bottom': 5.0, 'margin_left': 5.0, 'margin_right': 5.0, 'margin_top': 5.0, 'markup_chapter_headings': True, 'max_toc_links': 50, 'minimum_line_height': 120.0, 'mobi_file_type': u'old', 'mobi_ignore_margins': False, 'mobi_keep_original_images': False, 'mobi_toc_at_start': False, 'no_chapters_in_toc': False, 'no_inline_navbars': True, 'no_inline_toc': False, 'output_profile': , 'page_breaks_before': u"//*[name()='h1' or name()='h2']", 'personal_doc': u'[PDOC]', 'prefer_author_sort': False, 'prefer_metadata_cover': False, 'pretty_print': False, 'pubdate': None, 'publisher': None, 'rating': None, 'read_metadata_from_opf': u'C:\\Users\\SHARON~1.SGB\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\calibre_7e5vyq\\rpaszu.opf', 'remove_fake_margins': True, 'remove_first_image': False, 'remove_paragraph_spacing': False, 'remove_paragraph_spacing_indent_size': 1.5, 'renumber_headings': True, 'replace_scene_breaks': u'', 'search_replace': '[]', 'series': None, 'series_index': None, 'share_not_sync': False, 'smarten_punctuation': False, 'sr1_replace': None, 'sr1_search': None, 'sr2_replace': None, 'sr2_search': None, 'sr3_replace': None, 'sr3_search': None, 'start_reading_at': None, 'subset_embedded_fonts': False, 'tags': None, 'timestamp': None, 'title': None, 'title_sort': None, 'toc_filter': None, 'toc_threshold': 6, 'toc_title': None, 'transform_css_rules': '[]', 'unsmarten_punctuation': False, 'unwrap_lines': True, 'use_auto_toc': False, 'verbose': 2} InputFormatPlugin: MOBI Input running on C:\Users\SHARON~1.SGB\AppData\Local\Temp\calibre_7e5vyq\a0avpy.azw Python function terminated unexpectedly Unknown book type: '\x81\xc4\xde\x02|\x8c"\x08' (Error Code: 1) Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 132, in main File "", line 109, in run_entry_point File "site-packages\calibre\utils\ipc\", line 195, in main File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\", line 33, in gui_convert_override File "site-packages\calibre\gui2\convert\", line 26, in gui_convert File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\conversion\", line 1064, in run File "site-packages\calibre\customize\", line 245, in __call__ File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\conversion\plugins\", line 34, in convert File "site-packages\calibre\ebooks\mobi\reader\", line 81, in __init__ Unknown book type: '\x81\xc4\xde\x02|\x8c"\x08'[...]

Free (Kindle) Sixgun Showdown by A. A. Glynn [Homestead Acts Historical Western]

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 18:25:22 GMT

*Sixgun Showdown* by British author A. A. Glynn (ISFDB (, SFE (, is his standalone western historical action adventure novel, set in the aftermath of the US Civil War and making use of the tensions arising from the historical Homestead Acts (Wikipedia ( as homesteaders are beginning to move into droves into the more southerly portions of the once Wild West, which a retired former major objects to and begins to bushwhack perceived newcoming encroachers upon his territory, and a man he calls upon for help with this has to find a way to put a stop to the violence perpetuated by the rancher who would have once been his father-in-law, free courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press' Pioneering imprint, who are e-printing it from its 1994 edition originally out from Robert Hale's Black Horse Western imprint under the Art Flynn pseudonym. Even though it's probably all just a backdrop for a rollicking gunfight story, I'm impressed that the premise hangs so strongly on actual historical stuff that did cause significant amounts of murderous tension, and not just the usual “wandering cowboy returns to place he once knew that has now gone wrong, shoot-out with them varmints who've been corrupting ye olde hometown now ensues” sort of setups for most of the blurbs I've seen so far. :cowboy: :2thumbsup Currently free @ Amazon ( (available to Canadians & in the UK and pretty much everywhere else that Amazon sells worldwide, since this is being done via their KDP Select exclusive-or-else program) *Description* A showdown for the south… Dan Herrick hasn’t ridden through Arizona in nearly six years. A Texan man himself, he’s been wayfaring north. But then a letter came from ‘Major’ Cal McDade, the owner of the Walking C Ranch and Herrick’s father-in-law. Or he was to be his father-in-law, if Elizabeth, the love of his life hadn’t died from Typhoid those six years previous. At the time, McDade had cursed his name but now he’s asking for a favour – in the form of a gun. Before he even gets there, Herrick has an idea of why. McDade, after all, is an old-school free-range beef rancher and a former Confederate Major. But the once wild west is dying and its borders are being tamed. The government has passed the Homesteader Act and once free land is now being fenced off. McDade’s type won’t hear of it – especially from Washington ‘yankies’. His land is his and he’ll see no homesteader take it from him. On his way to the local town of Centro, Herrick witnesses a man being bushwhacked by two strangers. His only clues to go on are a strange impression of a longhorn in the dust and some broken matches. Unsure if the law has got to Centro, he hides the body; his fears are founded, as the town is even more dilapidated then it was six years ago. Most of the good folk have already left northwards, and it seems that McDade has made the mistake of hiring some suspicious gunslingers. Herrick takes an instant disliking to one – a longhaired gunnie, with a smooth Mid-Eastern accent and a navy Colt at his side. The violence has got to end and Herrick knows that he’s the man to wrangle the last remnants of both the Wild West and the confederate south in one big Sixgun Showdown…

How to create virtual library for comic files (with different extensions)?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:55:50 GMT

I'm trying to figure out how to create a virtual library for files ending in .cbz AND .cbr. But for the life of me I can't see how to do it. I can create a virtual library for just .cbr or just .cbz, but not both. Is there a way to do this? Sorry if it's a stupid question, I really have tried to figure this out on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks in advance!

How do I merge two libraries?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:52:18 GMT

I have Calibre libraries on two different computers and want to merge them. I have no idea how. I've searched the thread for guidance, but the most recent posts I can find on merging two libraries say: ---Quote (Originally by eschwartz)--- Select books ==> Right-click ==> Copy to library ---End Quote--- Except when I right click, I don't have an option that says Copy to library. I don't care about duplication at this point; I just want to get everything on one computer. Please help!

Onyx boox m92 and m96 broken screen

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 17:11:32 GMT

Hello everyone. I have two onyx boox readers with broken screens - m92 and m96 universe. The distributor says that the damage is way beyond warranty and they won't replace the screens. I live in NY, United States and can't find any office that would replace the screens for me. I by myself can open reassemble the readers and order the screens, but by far I couldn't find the information of how to replace them. The most confusing part is whether the cables that connect the screen to the reader's body are just attached to it (so i can just pull them off with my bare hands and attach the ew screen the same way) - flex cables. or those cables are soldered to the reader's body so i will have to solder them back which is not doable for me. Also the model and voltage of the screen. I've encountered a few posts that stated that the model of the screen must be very particular and the screens on the same models of readers vary significantly. is it still up to date? Can i use the same model of the screen on both m92 and m96 ? May be I may use screen from amazon dx that seems the same? Still can't figure many questions. I would appreciate any help on the subject.

How to remove wifi password from Paperwhite 2?

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 15:57:08 GMT

Hello, I would like to stop this Kindle automatically connecting to wifi if a button is accidentally pressed (eg on suggested Wikipedia lookup whilst reading). It seems to be very easy for that to happen with this model - you don't have to go into the menu and make several choices before it connects (as with older models, which I'd prefer.) A while ago, as there seems to be no "forget" button for networks on it, I tried to change the password to one that didn't work with the network, and save it, but it looks like that didn't work as it accidentally connected again. Aside from changing the router password itself, is there any small hack that can be done for this? Would prefer not to jailbreak it fully (never done that before) and leave it in a state where it could potentially be resold if I ever needed to do that. Is

Dedicated ereader

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 12:39:08 GMT

I am rather curious if you read with a dedicated ereader, why use a dedicated device when your smart phone can do that as well? I can see several reasons for this: no distractions of the smart phone, the ereader's epaper screen does not reflect sun light, dedicated ereaders have larger screens.

Other Fiction D., Frau von: Die bestrafte Untreue. V1. 17.1.2017

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 12:15:07 GMT

Diese ›galante‹ Erzählung wurde anonym — nicht einmal der Verlag wird genannt — 1763 veröffentlicht. Es ist ein burleske Geschichte, obwohl das Handlungspersonal überwiegend dem spanischen Hochadel entstammt. Bei der Verkostung von Stil und Syntax ist zu bemerken, dass die Schriftsprache um die Mitte des 18. Jh. doch noch ein Stück weit von unserem Gebrauch entfernt ist. Akkusativ und Dativ scheinen syntaktisch noch frei flotierende Größen zu sein. Der Text, aus dem Deutschen Textarchiv mit Dank übernommen, wurde anhand des PDF-Scans vollständig korrekturgelesen. Variierende Schreibweisen sind beibehalten, ebenfalls die syntaktischen "Besonderheiten". Nur offensichtliche Druckfehler habe ich berichtigt. - Der Buchschmuck aus dem PDF-Scan ist in das eBook integriert. Das Cover stammt ebenfalls aus dem 18. Jh.: "Der sanfte Widerstand." Farbiger Kupferstich von Tresca, nach einer Zeichnung von L. L. Boilly. Paris 1786. Die Standard-Version des eBooks kommt mit dezenten Seitenzahlen.

Aura Sleep cover and time of book cover viewing delay

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 10:52:22 GMT

Hi, When I open the Kobo sleep cover, it wakes up and show me the cover of the book but it is very very fast, I can't really see the cover itself. Is there a parameter somewhere to modify in order to say to the Kobo the delay to show the cover before to access the content of the book ? I think that 2 or 3 seconds may be a good choice. Thanx