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Pagination problem after EPUB to PDF conversion

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 05:59:05 GMT

Hi I have converted a number of Mobi books to EPUB and then to PDF to read them on my PC with the Sumatra reader because I don’t like Adobe. For all the books, the conversions worked well except one, where the lines have annoying spaces between them. More precisely, every second line ends half way and continues as a new line …The pattern is :1 full line, 1 half ( or 3/4) line , one full line, etc, etc These books belong to a collection of the same publishing house ( Delphi Latin and Greek Classics), therefore I don’t think that the problem was with the original book, because the pagination lay-out should be the same for all of them. I don’t understand why I get this problem only with one of them after the conversion. It is even more puzzling, because I seem to recall that when I put the book through the reader the first time after the conversion I did get the proper pagination., with no spaces between he lines. Any comments? How to correct the problem? Thanks Ittiandro

flatten file browser?

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 03:19:42 GMT

Hi! First of all, thanks so much for the hard work done on the file manager UI ( I think it is a great improvement to have metadata and covers available there: it really improves the display and usability of the file manager. I still think some improvements would be necessary before I completely ditch the old Nickel interface from my Kobo. The problem that remains for me is that when I browse the root of my Calibre-managed Kobo directory (*/mnt/onboard*), I get presented with a list of authors. That's the way Calibre does thsi by default, and I'm not sure I know how (or even want to) change this pattern. Compare this with how Nickel works: when I browse books, I have a flat list that I can sort by last added, author, etc... Would it be possible to have an option to "flatten" the directory hierarchy the same way? It seems that the file manager already "knows" about all the books in the subdirectories: it's telling me how many there are in each of those. Couldn't there be an option to just show all the files within all the directories in my home? This would be the cherry on top that would make koreader finally usable for my use case, and I believe it would complete the UI redesign work ( started months ago. Thanks!

Tools KOA2 jail break

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 02:41:01 GMT

The preliminary jb instructions: mostly works as written *IF* your device is registered. I.E: you can do #1.1 because you do not have to do #1.2 But it does not work on an un-registered Kindle. Being unregistered prevents you from exporting USB storage, which prevents you from doing #1.1 So your device is wide open to OTA update attack by Amazon while you do #1.2 Phooey! Those 'beta' grade instructions will have to be rewritten to cover the non-registered Kindle case. The people testing this stuff did not notice the problem because their devices where registered. Mine, being a 'gift', arrived unregistered - so I got to discover this problem myself today. Should have it worked-around tomorrow, and a 'release' copy of the directions the day after. Or so I hope.

Oasis 2 vs Voyage dark room screen comparison

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 01:38:16 GMT

I've made 11 pictures of a Voyage and an Oasis 2 in a dark room at brightness levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24. Code: --------- File name Exposure Time F-Number voyage_oasis_dark_b00.jpg 1 sec. f/2.8 voyage_oasis_dark_b01.jpg 1 sec. f/2.8 voyage_oasis_dark_b02.jpg 1 sec. f/2.8 voyage_oasis_dark_b03.jpg 1 sec. f/2.8 ---------

Online Black Friday sales = early Christmas for my daughter!

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 23:10:37 GMT

I don't know where to post this, I hope it's an appropriate forum. But this black Friday sale with the Canadian Paperwhite being $99 (the lowest I've personally seen it in Canadian pricing), enticed me to buy it. I then instantly de-registered my current PW and gave it to my adult daughter (adult high functioning but on the autism spectrum, among other milder disability) along with a starter budget via gift certificate so she could buy and download whatever books she wants on it, and she is having the time of her life. She likes it better than the other e-reader I had bought for her many years ago (A sony prs-t2) she loves how convenient it is to buy books and to be able to send herself some other ebooks she happened to have from other sources (MR library, Gutenberg and Smashwords etc) by mailing them to herself so she doesn't have to plug in a USB each and every time. She loves the lighting so she can read at night, and the cover she has on it is "auto sleep" so its opened up a whole new world for her. I appreciate Kindle for making nice quality kindles in the "lower end" accessible to those of us who have to make a small budget stretch.

Free (Kindle/Kobo/iTunes UK) Love & Other Wounds [Literary Crime Thriller Collection]

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 21:11:39 GMT

*Love and Other Wounds* by Jordan Harper (Fantastic Fiction ( is a collection of his literary thriller short stories, mainly exploring the human condition via crime themes with an occasional touch of romance gone wrong, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Simon & Schuster UK. This is the featured Free Book of the Week in the iTunes UK store. Currently free @ Amazon UK (, iTunes UK (, Google Play (, Kobo ( (available to the UK only when I spot-checked assorted regional stores, YMMV) *Description* From the acclaimed author of A Lesson in Violence, comes a blistering collection that unsparingly confronts the extreme, brutal parts of the human heart. Hard-edged but with the fresh, complex humanity of Breaking Bad and Reservoir Dogs, this is an unforgettable debut from an electrifying new voice. A man runs away from his grave and into a maelstrom of bullets and fire. A Hollywood fixer finds love over the corpse of a dead celebrity. A morbidly obese woman imagines a new life with the jewel thief who is scheming to rob the store where she works. A man earns the name ‘Mad Dog’ and lives to regret it. All are thirsting for something seemingly just beyond their reach. Some are on the run, pursued by the law or propelled relentlessly forward by a dangerous past. Others are searching for a semblance of peace and stability, and even love, in a fractured world defined by seething violence and ruthless desperation. All are bruised, pushed to their breaking point and beyond, driven to extremes they never imagined.

Action Abelsen, Olaf K.: 25 - Heimkehr zu dem Toten. V1.0 [German] 20.11.2017

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 21:07:14 GMT

Dort, wo der langgestreckten Halbinsel Niederkalifornien, diesem wenig bekannten Landstrich, etwa in der Mitte der Westküste die Cedros-Insel vorgelagert ist, schneiden zahlreiche Buchten mit felsigen, bewaldeten Ufern in diese Heimat der endlosen Kakteenfelder ein. Eine der Buchten war seit Monaten Zankapfel und Schauplatz erbitterter Kämpfe um drei Erdölquellen gewesen, bis schließlich das Recht auch hier gesiegt hatte und eine junge Niederlassung entstanden war, in der fleißige Yuma-Indianer friedlich mit Europäern und Mexikanern das Erdöl in ferne Gegenden verschickten. Der blutige Streit um die Eugenia-Bucht und ihre Umgebung hatte zarte Beziehungen zwischen den weiblichen Teilnehmern und ihren kernigen, straffen Helfern angeknüpft. Mein Freund Taskamore, ein Halbblut von hervorragenden geistigen und körperlichen Eigenschaften, war genau wie ich durch Rosenketten an diesen einsamen, weltentlegenen Erdenfleck gebunden. Aber das abenteuerliche Blut, das heiß durch unsere gesunden Adern rann, lechzte insgeheim nach neuer, nervenkitzelnder Betätigung. Ich war Wanderer abseits des Alltags, – Taskamore war es nicht weniger. So beginnt das 25. Abenteuer abseits vom Alltagswege von Walther Kabel. Text und Cover stammen von der Walther-Kabel-Seite (, vielen Dank dorthin.

Free (Kindle/Kobo) Bridal Blessings [Xtian Interfaith & Historical Romance Omnibus]

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 21:00:14 GMT

*Bridal Blessings* by Tracie Peterson is an omnibus edition containing two f/m historical romance novels in the Truly Yours 2-in-1 Romances aka Inspirational Book Bargains series of reprints, comprising a cross-contintental romance starring an English lady on holiday in Colorado, and an interfaith one starring a Jewish seamstress in New York, free for a limited time courtesy of Christian publisher Barbour Books. This reprints Logan's Lady and My Valentine, both originally published in 1997. Currently free @ Amazon ( & Kobo ( (neither available to Canadians) Price-drop-check linkage for B&N (http://#f) & ChristianBook ( if you're feeling optimistic. *Description* Journey to Victorian America alongside characters from bestselling author Tracie Peterson. Two impossible romances ignite when Lady Amelia of England goes on holiday and is inspired by both the Colorado mountains and the rugged trail guide, and when Darlene, a Jewish seamstress, becomes indebted to the son of a prominent New York family. But are the walls of social status and differing faiths too solid to breach?

Free (nook/Kindle/ePub) Your Marriage, God's Mission [Xtian Relationship Advice]

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 19:44:01 GMT

*Your Marriage, God's Mission: Discovering Your Spiritual Purpose Together* by Cliff & Penny A. Bragg is their inspirational relationship advice guide for couples, free for a limited time courtesy of Christian publisher Kregel. Currently free, probably just for one day @ B&N ( & Amazon ( (available to Canadians & in the UK) & Google Play ( (available to Canadians) null *Description* Discover the unique mission God has for each marriage--and how to achieve it There are countless marriage books telling couples how to be married--but where are the ones teaching them how to seek and serve God together? Clint and Penny Bragg believe that, just as every individual has a calling from God, every marriage has a specific mission. In Your Marriage, God's Mission, the Braggs demonstrate how to discover that mission by discovering more of Him. In this weekly guide for couples, the authors help couples begin a spiritual journey over an extended period of time. Readers will learn to engage together by writing a joint marriage mission statement. They'll examine the seven pillars of marriage, learn to safeguard their relationship from division, and awaken to the need for humility and servant leadership in all facets of their marriage. The Braggs help readers to implement innovative ideas to deepen the intimacy in their relationship and to recognize how God's mission unfolds over time. Informal and practical, with stories from hard-won experience and links to videos of the authors and other couples teaching the content, this book is a fresh look at how couples can learn to intentionally seek God and encounter Him together.

PRS-T1 Text To Speech Reader

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:43:02 GMT

Hello, a few years ago I got one of the last Sony PRS-T1 devices with a built-in headphone jack. I've rooted the device and installed Cool Reader along with Ivona Text To Speech when the app was still free*. So I can enjoy acoustic reading while riding my bike. Ivona allowed 1 voice for free so I installed a German voice named Marlene. Now I'd like to read some English books but I didn't manage to install a different voice. Replacing the Ivona data files wouldn'd do the trick. Should I install another reader or TTS engine? What's recommended? Google Text To Speech would be great but that's not for Android 2.3, unfortunately. Best regards, Hein B *) It still works if I set the system date back back to, say 2011. If the PRS-T1 Android OS would allow to go back to 2006 even the weekdays would match but next year, 2018 will match with 2012 ;-)


Mon, 20 Nov 2017 17:57:39 GMT

I have an older Kindle ereader and find a lot of the library books are not Kindle format--they are Axis 360 and Epub--so I downloaded the Calibre and tried to download an (several) Epub book--it didn't work--so what am I doing wrong--I made a folder -- a few bytes went into this folder but it's not the book--is my device too old? Am I doing it wrong? Help!

Pocketbook 626 weigert sich zu speichern

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 17:19:24 GMT

Hallo E-Book-Gemeinde, ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen. Ich lese seit Jahren gern mit meinem E-Book-Reader. Seit knapp zwei Jahren ist es ein PocketBook 626. Meine Lieblingsbücher sind Sachbücher rund um Wissenschaft und Kommunikation sowie Thriller aller Art. Aktuell (seit ein paar Tagen) nun macht mir mein kleiner Freund Sorgen. Er speichert nichts mehr. Ich kann zwar jedes Menu aufrufen (gespeicherte Bücher aufrufen, löschen, auf Werkseinstellungen zurück setzen, formatieren, etc...) Ich habe das am Reader selber probiert und auch über USB angeschlossen an den PC. Habe den internen Speicher gelöscht und sogar "geschreddert". Mache ich den Reader aus und wieder an, ist alles wieder da. NICHTS gelöscht! Und es öffnet automatisch Seite 14 aus "Helix" von Marc Elsberg. IMMER!!! Egal welches Buch ich zuvor geöffnet hatte... Kann mir das nicht erklären. War schon soweit den Akku ganz raus zu nehmen (Hat beim Notebook bisweilen Erfolg, wenn NIX mehr geht). Aber das gelang nicht, da der Akku verlötet ist und ich mir nicht zutraue, den nach dem Abtrennen wieder anzulöten (ist alles so fitzelig klein...). Auch das Starten im abgesicherten Modus (beim Start beide Blättern-Tasten gleichzeitig gedrückt halten) bringt keinen Nutzen. Muss ich das Teil wirklich wegschmeißen? Oder hat jemand irgendeine Idee???? Viele Grüße Blue.Fly

Custom text for virtual libraries.

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 16:17:09 GMT

When you set up virtual libraries and have them displayed as tabs, it automatically creates a tab called "All Books". Is it possible to change the text of this tab at all in the advanced settings area? Admittedly I'm using Calibre for something other than it's intended purpose. I made a second copy of the portable version of the program to use for tracking crafting tools with empty book entries. I'd like to be able to change this tab to "All Tools" if possible. If it's not doable, I can live with it, but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks in advance for any help.

How to name institutions as authors (i.e. NO name division')

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 16:16:19 GMT

Hi there, It seems to me that Calibre always assumes that 'author' is a physical person and applies divisions of names (e.g. "*Black & Decker*" becomes "*Decker, Black*"). For institutions and corporations, this makes no sense and differs from standards (see for instance examples 3 and 4 in this citation guide ( Do anyone have any idea how I can impose correct naming standards in my Calibre library? If this is currently not *easily* possible then I suggest a feature whereby - for instance, single quotation marks around a name - will treat it as an institution/corporation. Thanks!

annoying popups

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:48:41 GMT

good morning all, is there any way to disable the popup boxes that show up when reading? a quick search in this forum didn't yield anything but discussions of the various dictionary languages...I have unchecked all the languages and now the popup tells me that it has no dictionary, which is just as annoying as when it was offering me unwanted definitions for common words... any help appreciated, thanks, rikm